01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Gracepoint". Aired: October 2014 to December 2014.
When a young boy is found d*ad on an idyllic beach, a major police investigation gets underway in the small California seaside town where the tragedy occurred. Soon deemed a homicide, the case sparks a media frenzy, which throws the boy's family into further turmoil and upends the lives of all of the town's residents.

Gracepoint is not to be renewed but you may like to follow Broadchurch.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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Emmett: Previously on Gracepoint...

You have to change all this.

Emmett: I can't.

You don't, you'll end up d*ad.

It's like he was in a boat, or he was put in a boat.

Ellie: There's Mark's boat straight ahead.



Danny wants you to know that he's okay.

Don't look for who k*lled him, because he knew this person well.

He doesn't want you to be upset.

Did you k*ll Danny?

Babe, how could you even say that?

You need to tell me who gave you that cocaine.

Jack: I saw him with someone. Backpacker.

He had a bandana on.

Danny... he looked far more interested in talking to him than he did in counting whales.

Hugo: Evidence Control found this in the lining.

Whose number is this?

Lars Pierson, 24, Afghan w*r veteran.

He got a general discharge.

We're looking into why.

He lives in a cabin outside Palmerton.

Neighbors haven't seen him in more than a month.

His property is now sealed off by the county sheriff, who insists he needs a court order to search it.

A boy is d*ad, but he needs a court order, so we're trying to get one.

Pierson's cell phone number was found in the lining of Danny's jacket.

I want to know why.

I want to know if Pierson is linked
to the $500 found in Danny's room.

I want to know if the $500 is linked to the dr*gs found in the Solano house.

I want to know if Pierson has Danny's skateboard and cell phone.

Re-interview everyone. Show them this picture.

Do not show or give it to the press.




Detective Miller.


Chloe Solano to see you.

Dean's a good guy.

He's getting his G.E.D. while he works two jobs, his uncle's restaurant at night, on the docks in Winstead during the day.

Plus dealing dr*gs.

No, he doesn't.

Chloe, what did you just tell me?

I... He got it for me as a favor.

He didn't even want to.

How long have you known him?

Four months.

Well, I've been with him four months.

I met him before that.

Is he older?

He turns 18 in August.

His uncle's pushing him to enlist, but he doesn't want to.

He likes...

Chloe, I don't need
his whole life history.

But this can't ruin his plans.

He's gonna apply to Eureka Community College, then try to transfer out.

It's a...


Chloe, listen.

If Dean is such a great guy, how come your parents haven't met him yet?


Mark: Oh, my mom wants to book her flight.

Is Sunday okay?

This Sunday?

Yeah, she doesn't have to stay with us.

I can get her a room at the Inn.

Course you will.

What do you think?


Why don't you ask her to wait?

Mark, I know she wants to help.

'Cause she's his grandma. She's grieving too.

Have her come for the memorial.

But we're not having a memorial.

Well, actually we never decided that.

Paul has offered to help us arrange one.

I would like to do it.

At the church.

Will you just think about it?

We should be having a funeral.

I mean, if they would just do their jobs and find out who didn't...

Well, they haven't yet.

[Solemn guitar music]

Ah, just the woman I'm looking for.

Your keys to the hut on Harvey Ridge.

Better have you sign for 'em.

I wouldn't want trouble if they go missing.

You recognize this person?

Could do with a bath.

I'd scrub him clean, he was my boy.

Do you know him?

Never seen him before in my life.

Why did you lie to me about giving Mark Solano these keys?

You not only gave them to him, you handed him a check for the work he did.

Did I?

Are you lying to me about recognizing this person?

Not that I recall.

Come on, I'll sign you back in.

Quick question.

Do you recall ever seeing this man?

No. Who is this?

Well, I can't really say at the moment.

Okay, is he a suspect?

Well, we're calling him a person of interest.

Is Beth still running?

Yeah, I think so.

What's a person of interest?

When do you expect her back?

That's the one.

That's the hiker who was up on Osprey Point that I was telling you about, the one that was with Danny, about... what, three weeks ago now?

You sure about that?

I've been thinking about him ever since we spoke.

He had a bandana on.

But that's the fella.

Like I said, I wish I'd said something at the time.

Hiya, Jack.

Hey, Ellie.

Ready to go, sir?


Let me know if you see him again.

Take my card.

All right.

You call me right away.

Yes, sir.

[Knock at door]

He said it was someone Danny knew.

By "he," you mean...

Raymond, the psychic. I talked to him.

All right, I thought you might do that.


Sorry. Can I come in?

Of course. Of course.

80 miles an hour.

Aren't you the eager beaver today?


What did you just say to me?

Did you not get the sexual harassment booklet they hand out at work?

You should see your face.

I'm totally kidding.

But seriously, "Eager Beaver"?

I mean, what decade are you living in?


Excuse me?


You're very peppy.

Oh, I'm sorry, sir.

Forgive me for feeling optimistic that we're finally getting somewhere.

After a week of nothing, we finally have two solid leads.

Two solid leads not from your town.

That's not true.

Isn't it?

No, Dean grew up in Gracepoint.

He just happens to live up the road now.

He said Danny was on a boat and that he wasn't in any pain.

That must've been comforting.

He also said that I should stop looking, because whoever it is, I wouldn't want to know.

And t-this is a, um, a telephone repairman...

I don't care what he does, Paul.

I only care what he's telling me, if there's some truth to it.

You think there might be.

I don't know. I mean, you talk to God, right?

He talks to whatever he calls it, his spirit guide.

Isn't that sort of the same thing?

Who decides that his messages are any different from yours?

Of course, if you ask your husband, both of us are deranged.

Ha. I can't even imagine.

Look, you're so vulnerable now.

Anyone who seems to have answers...

Yeah, but no one does. The police are nowhere.

They tell us nothing.

What if he's right, Paul?

What if it's someone Danny knew?


Why is there so much damn water everywhere?

It's called the ocean.

We live on a coast, which tends to be connected to a lot of water.

Emmett: Is that him?

Yeah, I think it is.


Dean Iverson?

Dean. Dean, stop!

[Dramatic music]

[Boat motor sputters]

Jump out of the boat! Now!

Onto the dock! Onto the dock now!

Now! Put your hands behind your head now!

Sir, are you all right?

Hands down.


[Discordant music]

Ellie: You almost got yourself sh*t, you know that?

Why were you running from us?

Maybe 'cause I didn't want to talk to you.

Look at Detective Miller when she's speaking to you.

Dean Iverson, how well did you know Danny Solano?

Not well.

He was Chloe's brother, so I saw him around, but hardly at all.

Did you give Danny $500?

What? No.

Did you give it to Chloe?


To your knowledge, was the $500 we found in the Solano home in any way linked to the cocaine...

No. that you gave Chloe?

No, absolutely not.

Do you know this person?

Why? Who is he?

Emmett: Do you know him?

Where'd you get the cocaine from?

I don't sell dr*gs, okay? It's important you know that.

I only did this once 'cause Chloe asked me.

I never do this.

Dean, Dean, where did you get the cocaine?

From a guy who works here.

What's his name?




Mickey Felton.

Is Mickey Felton here today?

Can you tell us where he is?

That him in there?

[Clears throat]

Come out, douche bag!

Hey, okay.

You guys got here faster than I thought.

What, you knew we were coming?

You're not here to take me in, are you?

He's the one you oughta be...

Why don't you just let me decide that?

One simple question: Did you sell Dean Iverson a gram of coke?

One time only.

And I hope that he's not telling you otherwise.

And when was it exactly?

Two weeks ago yesterday.

I went to Reno to help my granddad.

By the time I came back, it was all over the news.

I'm sor... what... what was all over the news?

What do you mean "what"? The d*ad kid.

Detective Carver.

Do you mean Danny Solano?

Yeah, I saw his picture. I recognized him right away.

Okay, Mickey, I'm gonna have you start over again, and I'm... I'm gonna want you to be very clear here.

You met Danny Solano.

Did you meet him through Dean?

I wouldn't say that I met him.

He came with Dean for the coke.

He stayed back on the bike.

The two of them were fighting about something.

Kid pissed Dean off big time.

Isn't that why you're here?

You're coming to dinner tonight.

Didn't I tell you to stay away from me?

I got the menu all worked out.

You need to eat.

Think I'll survive.

Let's hope so.

What the hell does that mean?

I don't want anything to do with you.

You don't have a choice, Vince.

You and I need to talk.

We have to work this out... together.

I'll see you at 8:00.

That was a long run. Where were you?

My mom just called me.

What's this picture they're showing around?

Why haven't we seen it?

Well, we have seen it.

No, I've seen it. It's right there.

Right where? Did Ellie bring it?

No, Pete did.

Well, this is from Chloe's school.

Why can't they tell us anything?

It's right here.

They're saying that Danny had his number in his jacket.

I mean, you think that they would tell us more than just that, you know?

Where you going?


Raymond Connelly.



You're not a congregant, I know, but I was wondering, could you and I talk a moment?

Uh... sure.

It's from a place of concern.

Beth Solano came to see me this morning.

Oh, I hope I didn't upset her.

I never meant to.

I think she didn't quite know what to make of what you told her.

A lot of it wasn't very specific.

Like, I wish I could've said more.

No, better you said less.

Listen, I have a name here of someone you might want to speak with instead.

Gina Weston's a friend of mine.

She's in Kinnelon, highly regarded, discreet.

She's a psychiatrist.

The choice is yours, of course, but I'm sure you know that hearing voices...

The voices I hear are different.

You should get that, I'd think.

Some things are spiritual.

Yes, I know.

Then why did you give me the card?

The fact is, I find it inappropriate...

I find it inappropriate for you to harass a grieving woman, someone you don't even know, pretending to offer guidance.

If the Solanos need help, they've got me to turn to.


You leave them alone.

I'll let you get back to work.


I'm... very glad that Beth has you.

I know how close you used to be.

Emmett: Did you fight with Danny Solano a lot?

No, I did not.

Do you want to revise your earlier comment that you hardly knew Danny?


And yet, though you hardly knew him, Danny found himself on the back of your motorcycle a couple of weeks ago.

You were on your way to buy dr*gs for your girlfriend, who happens to be Danny's sister, and your dealer sees you...

He's not my dealer.

Outside his house yelling at Danny.

I wasn't yelling at him.

That doesn't sound like someone you hardly knew.

Danny was a lonely kid, all right?

He was always looking for a friend.

Sometimes he'd ask me to hang out, take him for rides, play video games.

He was my son's best friend.

Well, I never saw them together.

After Danny quit his dad's soccer team, he spent a lot of time alone.

Said Mr. Solano was disappointed in him.

He told me one day, "Nobody knows me.

Nobody has any idea what I really think."

What do you think he meant by that?

Ellie: You didn't ask him?

How did Danny end up on your motorcycle?

After Chloe asked if I knew where to get this tiny amount of coke, I was driving up the 101, and I see this kid.

It's Danny, so I pull over.

Ask him if he's okay.

Tell him he shouldn't be walking out of town like that.

Did you ask him where he was going?

He just started begging for a ride, so I gave him my helmet.

I figured I'd take him home later.

He'd be safer that way.

What were you arguing about in Winstead?

I stopped for gas at the station up the road, and when I went in to pay...

Danny followed me in.

And then when we got off the bike at Mickey's, I saw he had this new crossword book and, like... like, a souvenir pin.

He said he swiped it like he was proud.

I was telling him not to do that, not to steal stuff.

Teaching him the Eighth Commandment while you're buying cocaine.

Where were you last Thursday night, the night Danny disappeared?


I was working at my uncle's restaurant, all right?

He lets me live next to the place as long as I work three shifts a week.

I clocked in. I clocked out.

Go check.

And he'll probably freak out on me for bringing the cops around, maybe even kick me out, but what do you care?

I'll take the uncle. You take the gas station.

See if anyone remembers them.

See if they have cameras.

Sir, what happened earlier?


On the docks, you looked...

Woman: Detective Miller?


Beth Solano... she's been sitting there for an hour.


Beth, I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Were you talking to him while I was sitting here?

No, we weren't talking to him.

Well, who were you talking to?

Why don't you come in here? We can talk privately.

I'm sorry, Beth.

I'm not at liberty to say.

Then what else are you sorry for, Ellie?

Are you sorry you haven't told us what's going on in three days?

Are you sorry you haven't told us who the hell this person is?

Why you're asking everyone about him, everyone except me?

I told Pete to show you and Mark his picture.

I don't want Pete to show us the picture, Ellie. I don't want to talk to Pete. I want to talk to you, but you avoid us. You tell us nothing.

I am truly sorry, Beth. I...

And you should be talking to us, especially about this, because I have met this person.


I have met this person! He came into the visitor's center. It was my Wednesday shift three weeks ago.

And you're certain it was him.

Yeah, no question. He had this gigantic green backpack. He had short... really short hair. A beard. He smelled like propane. Asked about campgrounds. I gave him the map, then he asked about hunting permits, and I-I told him it was off-season.

Did he say anything else?

He was strange, Ellie. Perfectly civil, but odd. He also...


He noticed a picture of Danny and Chloe on my desk. He asked if they were my kids.

Ellie: So he asked about Danny. He said that I had a beautiful family.

Beth, it's all right. Okay? We will find him.

Will you?

[Ominous music]

[Honk honking]

Mark: I just drove by our savior, and there's a picture of Danny in that little display thing.

Paul must've put it there.

Oh, yeah, you think?

And there's a little quote that says something about lightness and dark and that it's okay that Danny's d*ad because God's gonna make it okay.

I doubt that's what it says.


Can you tell him to take it down?


What... it's not gonna stay up there.

I almost ripped it out myself.

Why don't you call Paul and talk about it?

Because I want nothing to do with him.

I never have, not for Christmas, not for Easter, not for freaking Sunday school, which you know Danny hated, and especially not now.

Where you going?

I'm getting dressed.

[Sighs] God.

You should see what he's doing.

He went on TV twice, talking for the family, pushing this memorial service.

He's not pushing it. It's something I want.

Well, I don't want it.

You know what he's doing?

He's trying to get in between us.

Do you see that?

Are you gonna leave so I can change, or should I go into the bathroom?

You can't be naked in front of me?

Not right now. I don't feel like it.

(Owen) Aunt Ellie.

Oh, my God.

You are stubborn. Don't even ask.

It's not about the case.

Well, I'm sure it can wait.

It's about mom.

I checked in with her support group, and she hasn't been there in weeks.

And I talked to her.

She said she's been out most nights at some knitting club.

Well, tell her I could use a new hat.

I went to the bank machine yesterday.

Cleaned me out.

I thought she was getting better.

Yeah, so did I, but I tried to talk to her about it.

She either denies or... hangs up the phone on me.

I know you're busy.

I just... I don't know what else to do right now.

I'll go see her. I don't know when, but I will.

Hang in there, okay?

Emmett: I checked with the uncle.

Dean was working in the restaurant that night.

What have we got here?

Um, it's Danny in the gas station, just like Dean said, but it's like I...

I don't recognize him.

I... It's Danny, but I...

I don't know this child.

Our angel wasn't such an angel after all.

What does that mean?

What, that he got what he deserved?

Please tell me that's not what you're saying.

It's just that this fills in the picture a little more clearly.

What did his mom want? You talk to her?

She said she met Pierson at the tourist office the day before he talked to Danny.

He came in looking for a hunting permit.

We... we really need to find this guy.

Yeah, I'm aware of that.

And she also was very upset about the fact that we've been keeping her in the dark.

Okay. They want to know everything, we'll show them everything.

No, I...

Let's send Dean on his way, go show 'em the tape.

No, no, no, no.

In this case, I don't think that is a good idea.

They don't need to see this sort of thing.

Beth is disturbed enough as it is.

Follow the evidence. Inform the family.

Don't get emotionally involved.

We'll visit the Solanos tonight.

Emmett: All right, you can go.

Hope you're happy.

I'd be happier if you could give us fingerprints and a cheek swab before you go.

Do I have to?

Well, strictly speaking, it's voluntary, but we'd advise it; It's a big help.

Then you'll file that away, and then ten years from now when someone thinks my fingerprints look a tiny bit like someone else's, I end up in prison.

No, thank you.

Just trying to fully eliminate you from the picture.

You talked to my uncle, didn't you?

Doesn't that fully eliminate me from the picture, or are you having a hard time believing the ethnic folk in town?

Dean, don't.

I have to go home and deal with him now.

Thank you for that.

Susan: I'll take the dark one.

It's a good-looking bird.


I'll bring him out back, then deliver him to you.

No, it's all right. I'll take him now.

Got a special guest coming to dinner tonight.



You're a good one.

[Bones snap]

A d*ad 12-year-old boy had Pierson's cell phone number stuffed into his pocket.

You don't think it's reasonable to take a look around his property, find out if he's got something of Danny's, maybe?

His cell phone, which we're still searching for.

I want to take a look as much as you do...

Don't bet on it.

But the judge doesn't believe we've got reasonable cause.

Find a new judge.

Carver. Emmett Carver.

Please do not call me Emmett.

Please don't walk out on me while I'm talking to you.

Pierson's discharge from the army... pretty impossible to break through m*llitary confidentiality, but Palmerton Police spoke to a pharmacist near his home.

Eight months ago, he renewed a prescription... risperidone.

What's risperidone?

An anti-psychotic.

[Somber music]

They made me tell them.

I know, I know.

Please don't be mad. I'm so sorry.

I know.

It's all right, okay?

[Metal grinding]

[Knock at door]


Vince, it's Tom.

Hey, what's up?

Your mom said you were back here, and I was wondering if you'd help me fix my skateboard.

The wheels have been sticking, and I can't figure out why.

Yeah, just put it top-down right here.

So how you been, Tommy?


Sorry about your friend. How you holding up?

I'm okay.

Your mom figure out what happened to Danny?

I don't think so.

Well, she have any ideas?

I don't know.

I hardly ever see her anymore.

She even know you're here?


[Soft dinner music plays]

Something came for you today.

[Package rattling]

Some goodies.

Oh, thanks.

You're not drunk-dialing, are you?



Oh, well, no, of course not.

I mean, you wouldn't drunk-dial, would you?

You wouldn't drunk-dial anybody.

You're so... you're so even-keeled, not like me.

I mean, that was a nightly occurrence when my ex left.

I had score me some of those little happy pills to get me through that down spell.


You want to know a little secret?

[Whispers] I still take them.



Although, I mean, I shouldn't say secret, should I?

It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Everyone's got something going on.

Listen, I hope that you don't judge me.

I made a mistake with Mark Solano, but I'm a decent person, actually.

Impulsive, yes.

Lonely, for sure.

But I'm decent.


[Bell dings]

Oh, I think that...

I think your food's ready.


Oh. Ha.

How's he doing in there?

Good, I think.

He seems awfully quiet. Is he mad at me?

He might just miss you.

God, I know.

I know.

It's k*lling me, but what can I do?

I mean, I have to go out again tonight, and...

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

I'm not criticizing you.

I just know how he feels.

I miss you too.

Uh... how about some chocolate ice cream, honey?

Uh, sure.


[Ellie sighs]

He and my boss should get together.

They can just grunt at each other.

Oh, tonight's gonna be a lot of fun with my pal Emmett Carver.

Joe: Hey, you know what?

Why don't you invite him to dinner?


Even just to make sure you get another meal at home.

Invite who to dinner?



k*ll him with kindness.

I mean, I don't have anything against the guy, except he makes you so miserable.


Let me help you out.

And then maybe he'll be so grateful, if it goes well, that, you know, you can help me out.

Ellie: I see what this is all about.

Joe: That's what everything's about.

[Ellie laughs]

[Low conversation]

[Mouthing words]


Should I rewind?

You want to see it again?


I don't understand it.

He forced Danny to go with him.

He says Danny asked to go, begged.

No, Danny would not have done that.

What did we just watch?

I am saying that wasn't him.

Danny was innocent.

I know that he never did dr*gs.

We can't know for sure.

No one is saying he did.

What we still want to know is whether this incident connects to the money in Danny's room.

We're hoping maybe you know something.

Well, you should've asked us about the money when you found it.

You wait this long to tell us?

When did you get the tape?


Beth was very clear this morning,
and we can understand how frustrating...

No, yeah, that's one word for it, yeah.

We want to be as open as possible from now on, and we want to explain everything to you.

Except you're not, Ellie.

Nothing you are saying is making any sense.

Today, there was this backpacker.

Now you're showing us someone else who took our son to buy cocaine.

I mean, who... who even is he?

How did he meet Danny?

That's... that's Chloe's boyfriend.


I saw 'em together.

They were... they were together.

Is that true, Chloe?

Is it?

He didn't hurt Danny.

Oh, my God.

You knew this?

When did you see them, Mark?

This afternoon, right off Main Street.

And you say nothing? You are worse than they are.

No, no, I'm trying to protect you.

I knew that it would upset you!

And this wouldn't? This wouldn't, Mark?

To find out this way from them, that my daughter is seeing a drug dealer?

No, no!

[All shouting at once]

No, I can't... I can't do this anymore.


Damn it, get back here!

Nice work. Nice work.

Beth: Damn it!

[Door clicks]

No, not now. I don't want to talk about it.

I do.

Did you really not know about it?

What else don't you know?

They're telling me that he's 17, almost 18 years old.

He is.

Dating a 15-year-old.

Sound familiar?

No, no, don't give me that.

Go ahead and ask, Dad.

I know you're dying to.

Are you having sex?


Except we're using condoms, which is more than you and mom did.

You know what? You can't talk to me like that.

No, I can, actually.

I got you out of a holding cell, because I saw how you and Gemma Fisher were looking at each other while I was working at the Inn.

It makes me sick to even think about it.

I probably changed your sheets.

Do you want to talk about that too?

[Suspenseful music]


I hope you're happy.

Why is everyone saying that to me today?

I'm never happy.

Well, you deserve to be as miserable as you make everyone else.

I didn't say I was miserable. I just...

Do you know what you just did?

All that family had left was the memory of their son, and you just shattered it.

Maybe it deserved to be shattered.


Who says such a thing?

How can you even justify...

Because they wanted to know everything.

'Cause I turn over every stone, maybe I find something.

I have one goal. One goal.

To find Danny's k*ller.

Now, maybe you don't share that goal.


Maybe some things are more important to you.

Nothing is more important to me than finding Danny's...

You know, I just can't... I cannot... I just...

Why don't you come for dinner?



No, not now.

Another time.


Because you are new in town.

Because that's what people do when someone is new in town.

You invite them over to your house for dinner, especially when that person is your boss.

That's what people do.


I don't know.

I didn't ask. My husband is inviting you.

So why don't we say tomorrow?

What will we talk about?

I have no idea. Hopefully not work.

Could you just say yes? Please just say the word yes.


Okay, excellent.

It will be so nice to have you in my home.

Good night.

Right. Good night.

[Knock at door]



It's you.

Now, that's what I call a welcome.

Feel all warm and special inside.

No, I-I wasn't... I wasn't expecting you, sorry.

You okay?

Yes, why?

It's just I saw you at the police station around lunchtime talking to Detective Miller.

You looked really upset. I got concerned.


Well, you know, Ellie's my aunt, so...

We were talking about family stuff.

My mother is having problems, financial and otherwise, so...

Well, we've all got our problems.

Me... I'm trying to decide if I should stay here or leave.

Leave? Leave, like, Gracepoint?

No one seems to want me around.

I can't tell what you want yet.

Feel like forgetting your troubles for a while?


Come on.


All yours.

I'm sorry.

What for?

I should've told you about Chloe.

Can we... [Sighs] Can we please try to stop fighting?

Every morning I wake up, I... [Sighs] I think maybe... maybe they'll tell us something. Maybe... I don't know... they'll call or show up or, God, tell us what happened to Danny, and instead, all we find out is... how little we knew him.

That's just one day.

And now Chloe...

It is too much for me, Mark, how you can spend your whole life with people, devote every waking second, and... God, I feel like such a fool.

Come on, Beth.

I don't even know my own family.

That's not true.

It isn't? Promise me there's nothing else I don't know about.

[Phone line trilling]

Hey, this is Julianne. I know you're desperate to reach me, but you're gonna have to wait. Leave a message, and we'll talk soon, maybe. Bye.

[Somber music]
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