02x12 - Endgame

Episode transcripts of the TV show, "Transporter: The Series". Aired: January 2013 to February 2016.
Frank Martin is an ex special ops, who now spends his life as a transporter on the other side of the law. With three rules, he always completes his contracts. One way, or another. Based on the movie series.
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02x12 - Endgame

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Tell me about the client.


Mr. Martin.

You know him?

He's a transporter.

Why two transporters?

I need to be sure at least one of you will succeed.

The man now living in my house ordered Miss Knight's abduction.

She was a UN diplomat. I think they were in love.

No one knows.

She simply vanished.

You go with it. I'm staying.

To find Kundst?

You know whose plan this was, Frank?

It was outside the peace conference.

Zara Knight, is she alive?

[Sound of a*t*matic w*apon being fired]

The minister wasn't involved in the disappearance of Zara.

Dassin was.

He was there the day she disappeared.

[Sound of car crashing through gate]

[Sound of Frank's car accelerating]

- _


[Sound of Frank's tires screeching]

[Police cars skidding]

[Sound of car accelerating, honking vehicles]

[Sounds of wild traffic, sirens, screaming tires]

[Sound of sirens closing in]

[More sirens]

[Sound of skidding tires]

[More screeching tires]

[Sound of sirens closing in, screaming wheels]

[Sound of bumping cars]

[Screeching rubber]

Move it!

[More screaming tires]

[Thundering sirens]

[More sirens sounding, a closer range]

[Sound of violent crash, gnashing metal and glass]

[Sound of sirens, Frank's car accelerating, wild honking]

[Screeching tires]

[Sound of wild g*n]

[More rapid g*n]

[Sirens coming to a stop]

[Sound of Dassin accelerating rapidly]

[Sound of Frank accelerating rapidly.

[Dramatic music comes up]

[Sound of car running full speed]

[Racing motors]

[Sound of both cars at top speed]

[d*ad silence]

[Sounds of city]

Did you drop in at the gallery, darling?

Yes I did. There was a problem with the new girl.

Is there?


She's just not who she said she was.

Very disappointing...

Brandon and Veronica Miller.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Miller.

Please sign in.

I'll let Mr. Darcy know you're here.

... Left-handed, Frank.

And your photographs, please.

Is that necessary?

I'm afraid it is, ma'am.

- There's no privacy anymore.

Don't worry...

I'll erase the jpegs as soon as she prints them out.

[Sound of clicking camera]

[Sound of Jules typing on computer keys]

There they go.

There you are.

Thank you.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller?

That's right.

Oswald Darcy. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

How was your flight from Zurich?

Sorry, Mr. Darcy, but we're on a very tight schedule.

Of course. Please, this way.

Okay... you guys are lookin' good.

[Sound of footsteps on stairs]

Mr. Miller, I need your hand scan.

You don't take any chances, do you, Mr. Darcy?

No, we don't.

[Sound of scanner]


A hangnail...

[Sound of scanner approving handprint]

[Sound of metal security box sliding out of vault]

Here we are, Mr. and Mrs. Miller.

May I offer you some coffee, tea?

No, thank you.

I'll leave you alone.

Thought he'd never leave.

They're stunning.

Client will be happy to see them returned.

Good fakes.

Let's hope so.

[Sound of tugging drawstrings on purse]

[Sound of approaching footsteps]

May I help you?

Mr. and Mrs. Miller.

Mr. Darcy's expecting us.

Mr. Darcy?

Oh shit!

Now what?

Chip a tooth?

No, no, no, they're not supposed to be here for another hour.


Where are they?

At reception... by the manager.

This is awkward.

♪ [Dramatic music comes up]

May I see their IDs, please?

Silencing the alarm.

Cat's taking the emergency exit.

Aren't you coming?

Then they'd follow both of us.

I'll keep them busy.


I'll improvise.

Okay, you're clear. Cat?

Yes, Jules, I heard you, Jules.

C'mon, c'mon!

Get to the vault.

Be careful.

I say, you couldn't point me in the direction of the restroom?

[Sound of hard punches, body slams, crunching blows]

[Sound of powerful punch]

That way? Much obliged.

Elevator's just there, to your left, Frank.

[Sound of rapid g*n]

[More g*n]


How does it look?

Not good.

They've pushed the call button for the 16th floor.

You've got 9 more floors.

When those doors open, Frank, you're toast.


The elevator shaft goes nowhere, Frank.

You don't say?

[Sound of elevator doors opening]

[Sound of f*re extinguisher going off]

[Sounds of hard blows with f*re extinguisher]

[f*re extinguisher hitting ground]

[Frank's footsteps, then door slams somewhere]

[Muffled footsteps of security force]

How's it looking?

Not great.

[Sound of emergency exit opening.

Roof's a d*ad end, Frank.

[Sound of stairway door opening]

Good thinking.

Shit, shit, shit...

[Sound of Frank landing on rooftop]

[Sound of security guard forcing exit door]

What have you got for me?

I'm sorry, Frank. I got nothing.

[Sound of exit door giving way]

[Sound of Frank buckling on window-washer gear]

[Sound of security guard climbing ladder]

[Sound of cocking p*stol]

Oh my God!

Holy crap!

♪ [Dramatic music comes up]

[Knife opening]

Go, Frank, go!

[Sound of knife slicing rope]

[Sound of rope falling to ground]

He made it!


What do you even need us for Frank?

All good?

Tutto bene.

[Sound of Frank's car accelerating rapidly]

[Sound of Frank's wheels screaming]

♪ [Sound of piped-in cocktail lounge music]

Here's your drink.

♪ [Mysterious music comes up]




Feel like talking?

I want to.

Don't know where to start?

I'm not convinced it will end up right.

Take your time.

If I never gave you the reason I left, would you let it go?

Is that what you want?

Right now, yes.

What're you afraid of?

Was it me?

Of course not!

Not of you, never of you.

I can't say right now.

You want me to let that go, too?


For now.

I can help you if you'll let me.

You always think you can fix it.

But some things can't be fixed, Frank.

[Cell phone ringing]

I have to go.


You'll never change, will you?

Well, I won't be looking for you anymore.

I consider that a change for the better.

8 o'clock.

The Weslodge Saloon.

I'll be there.

I'm glad you found me.

Have I?

See you tonight.

♪ [Playful music comes up]

[Sound of door closing]

♪ [Music evolves into darker melody, with mysterious b*at]

[Cell phone ringing]

It's Frank.

Where are you?

Is Jules there?

Right here, boss.

I need to locate a vehicle using police CCTV.

Can you do that?

Yeah, of course, what's the plate number?

It's a New York license.

November Uniform Victor 648 Echo.

I recognize those plates, Frank.

You do?

It belongs to my old boss, Olivier Dassin.

Frank, you saw Dassin?

Just tell me where I can find him.

♪ [Dramatic music comes up]

[Clicking sound of camera]

[Clicking sound of camera]

[Clicking sound of camera]

Can you identify those men?

I can try accessing the FBI's Facial Recognition Database.

Oh wow, not nice guys.

Armand Burton, ex-military contractor turned arms dealer.

And the other man?

Looks like he's Burton's muscle.

A mercenary by the name of Calvin Pettit.

And Burton's client list?

All the worst.

Authoritarian regimes from Syria to the Sudan.

What about the Ukraine?

Yeah, that too.

Dassin led you to the former Ukraine.

To Crimea.

Promising information on Zara Knight.

Is that her with her back to camera?

I have to go.


I have an appointment.

I'll back.

You didn't answer my question.

I'd tell you if you needed to know. You don't.

[Sound of door closing]

♪ [Soft restaurant music in background]

I'm sorry I ran out on you.

You're never late.

Well, I had to be careful getting here.

Afraid Dassin might see you?

You followed me this afternoon.

Of course I did. You knew I would.

So stop lying and tell me why you're afraid of Dassin.

I'm not afraid of him.

Lie to me again, I'll walk out the f*cking door.

You're hurting me!


I'll tell you everything.

When I met you, when we fell in love... you know I was negotiating a peace settlement.

What you don't know is that an arms dealer was selling to both sides.



Peace would've cost him billions.

You never failed in a negotiation in your life, so he got to you.

He said he'd k*ll me.

And you.

Why didn't you tell me?

If I'd told you, you would've fought him with everything you had.



You know you would.


I made a decision.

I had to protect us.

All of us.

So you been working for Burton ever since?

I help him sell w*apon to dictators and thugs.

It's a dirty business, Frank.

So what do we do?

I don't know.

If Burton knows you found me, he'll use me to blackmail you.

And if you don't play along, he'll k*ll you.

Try to k*ll me.

You should've told me all this.

Told you what?

Don't tell me.

Let me guess.

Miss Knight is confessing her deal with the devil.

Mind if I join you, lovebirds?

He's working for Burton.

I'm sure he has already figured that out.

I could see something was bothering you.

I just didn't realize that something was Frank Martin.

This is quite a pleasant surprise.

Pleasure's all yours.

Let's make things easy, shall we?

You're much more valuable to my employer alive.

I understand the food here is quite good.

And I'm starving.

Here you are.

And which of you gentlemen would like to see the wine list?

He'll take it.

[Sound of punch, table falling, screams from patrons]

Go that way, take the exit!

[Sound of hard blows with iron fry pan]

[More powerful blows with fry pan]

[Sound of hard punches and kicks to midsection]

[Sound of more violent blows]

[Sound of hard head butt]

[Sound of kick, punch, breaking plate]

[Sound of one final, violent kick]

♪ [Sound of hard-driving music comes up]

[Sound of powerful punch and kick]

[Sound of Frank kicking open f*re exit]

Game over.

Hands in the air.
♪ [Dramatic music comes up]

Frank Martin.


Take a seat.

No, thank you.

I'm not in the mood for a movie.

I told you, Mr. Burton.

He's quite a contrary fellow.

I promised Zara I wouldn't come looking for you.

But now it seems you've come looking for her.

Question is, what to do with you, Mr. Martin?

Now that you're here in New York.

Well, you could let me go.

Oh, but you're quite a valuable resource.

And I have leverage.

The life... of lovely Miss Knight.

But I'm a business man, Mr. Martin, I prefer a deal to v*olence.

So do I.

But no deal.

You haven't heard my terms.

I don't need to.

Just take a look.

Sorry I can't offer you any popcorn.

This was actually a job for Monsieur Dassin.

But since you're here, so much the better.

Doesn't look like much, does it?

But it's the future of warfare.

Also known as the TH-961.

A cyber b*mb.

Developed by the government, right here in the good ol' US of A.

Purely for self-defense, you understand.

It can bring a country to its knees by destroying its infrastructure.

Electricity, water, gas...

Hospitals, police and f*re departments, all dark.

And I happen to know it's being moved tomorrow morning from a black site outside New York.

I'm sorry, but I don't do terrorism.

Who says anything about terrorism?

This is simply a w*apon.

And from what I hear, you're very good at stealing those.

I know about the sarin gas in Libya.

And the w*apon you destroyed in Chicago last month.

Well, I'm flattered by the interest.

But as I said, no deal.

You know why I'm so good at what I do, Mr. Martin?

Because I don't take no for an answer.

[Sound of p*stol cocking]

You're either going to get that w*apon for me tomorrow, or Zara's brains are going to be splattered all over my very expensive rug.

In that case, I accept.

Frank, you can't.

I think this is the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.

You do jobs for me, Mr. Martin, and I...

Well, I don't k*ll your girlfriend.

Here's everything you need to know... including the location where Monsieur Dassin will take delivery.

Let's go.

We could run, Frank...

And spend the rest of our lives looking over our shoulders?

Then what are you going to do?


You know him best.

We have him.

You seem awfully confident, considering he outsmarted you last time.

But this time we have Zara, his Achilles' heel.

What about her?

What do you mean?

What makes you so sure she won't say anything?

She's played along this far.

That doesn't reassure me.

It's obvious how much she cares for him.

She may.

But she has much more at stake than just Frank Martin.

Frank Martin is a loose cannon.

He's caused a lot of trouble for my associates and me over the years.

I'm well aware, Mr. Burton.

I promised them you'd take care of him in Crimea.

Your failure caused me great embarrassment.

I won't fail this time, Mr. Burton.

I'll stake my life on it.

Oh yes, you will, Monsieur Dassin.

Yes, you will.

Cat and Jules.


Miss Knight...

Glad to see you're alive.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Logistics for the transport of the w*apon.

I'm gonna need you both on it.

Where did you get this?


Wait, the arms guy?

Same Burton.

You want to steal a w*apon for an arms dealer?

If Frank doesn't, they said they'd k*ll me.

I'm going to need hard copies of the route, as soon as you have them.


♪ [Dramatic music comes up]

Okay, this place is 30 minutes outside of New York.

It's a top-secret research facility belonging to the NRO, the National Reconnaissance Office...

The most hi-tech of the government's 16 intel agencies.

They developed this w*apon.

Who's transporting it?

A half a dozen soldiers billeted from Fort Dix.

They depart the facility at 0700 hours.

Then take it to a facility 45 minutes away.

You intend to take out six American soldiers?

Not with lethal force, obviously.

What about the rendezvous point with Dassin?

Right, it's right here. A parking lot.

0800 hours.

He wants to fly it out of the country, before anyone has time to find it.

Doesn't give you much time, Frank.

Then I'd better go.

Don't you want support?

No this time.

I'll be right back.

You're going through with this?


If you steal that w*apon, you're gonna be behind bars for the rest of your life.

Obviously not.

And if you succeed?

You know what kind of man Burton is gonna sell it to.

Hand me the T-shirt.

I can't go along with this.

No one's asking you to.

I mean I can't and I won't!

You should know by now. I always find a way.

Yeah, you always did. It doesn't mean you always will.

This is a su1c1de mission, I'm not gonna stand here just watching you...

I've made my decision.

Then I've made mine.

I'm resigning.

I have to go.

You won't be able to get hold of me until this is done.

If anyone comes to that door, you don't open it, understand?

Yeah, got it.



What the hell was that?

[Door closing]

I'm resigning.


I'm so sorry, Miss Boldieu. This is because of me.

It's not your fault, I have to go.

Cat, you can't leave!

He doesn't need us, remember? You said it yourself.

No, I meant he doesn't need me.

He definitely needs you.

He doesn't think so. And neither do I.

Where are you going?

There's a noon flight to Paris.

Good-bye, Miss Knight.

Good luck.


You're incredibly annoying, you know that?

I know, you've told me.

Many times.

Right on time.

[Sound of Frank's car accelerating]

Any word from Frank?

No not yet.

I keep trying to call him, but he won't answer his phone.


I'm going to try to get a little sleep.

Would you mind handing me my bag?

Yeah, sure.

Shit, I'm sorry!

I'm so clumsy.

It's okay!


I've got it. It's okay, I've got it.

♪ [Eerie music comes up]

Thank you.


I'm sorry about that.

[Sounds of city traffic, cell phone ringing]

Miss me already?

You've gotta get back here right away.

I'm not coming back, Jules.

I'm heading to the airport.

No, listen to me. You don't understand, okay.

She's setting us up, it's her.

What are you talking about?

It's no accident we're in New York City.

It's no accident Frank saw her at that bar.

She drew us here.

What on earth are you talking about?

Zara! Zara Knight!

What about her?

Okay, I saw a card from the bank with the diamonds in her purse.

I knew that it couldn't be a coincidence, so I checked.


The client that we recovered the diamonds for, for Frank.

It's a holding company, Cat.

In New York, Zara Knight goes under the alias of Ashley Worth.

I know that name.

Yeah, you know that name because Ashley Worth is on the board of directors for the company.

She hired Frank to recover those diamonds.

It was all a set-up.

She must have followed Frank from the bank to that bar.

Yeah, she wanted him to see her there, to make it seem like it was a coincidence.

This isn't about getting a w*apon.

This is about getting Frank.

Look, Cat, you've gotta get back here.

I tried to reach him, but I can't, his phone's off.


I'm on my way.

Driver, I need you to turn around.

♪ [Dramatic music comes up]

[Sound of cell phone connection]

Where is she?

She's in the bedroom, she's taking a nap.

I'm gonna wake that bitch up.

[Sound of bedroom door opening hard]



I'm sorry, I didn't hear her leave!

I want everything you can find on her...


Yes! Right!

[Sound of cell phone ringing]

What do you want?

Have you left the hotel?

I just snuck out...

Like a rat.


Everything's going to plan then.

I stuck a knife in Frank's back.

And he's going to know it.

What choice did you have?

You've kept your end of the bargain?

- Of course.

Where is he?

Where else would he be on a school day?

I'll go see for myself.

You do that.

Turn around. I need to go downtown.

What have you got?

Not much.

We need to find her, Jules.

Yeah, I know, okay?

You're making me nervous.

Well, you should be!

Frank is stealing a w*apon from the U.S. government in 15 minutes!

Will you stop for a second?

She just left the hotel, right?


I think I know how I can find her.

♪ [Strident music comes up]

[Sound of Frank's car accelerating]

[Sound of Frank's tires screeching like banshees]

[Sound of Frank's car speeding up quickly]

[Sound of skidding armored vehicle]

[Sound of violent crash]

[Sound of armored vehicle flipping over and settling]

[Sound of doors opening on armored truck]

[Sound of hard kick to body]

[Sound of powerful punch]

[Sound of tear gas cannister hitting truck]



I was able to track her using Police CCTV cameras.

She got in a cab and then headed downtown.

Frank's delivering that w*apon to Dassin any minute now.

Where is she?

She's at Fun With My Friends Nursery.

Nursery, like plants?

No, nursery like kindergarten...


There must be a mistake.

There isn't. She's there right now.

Fun With My Friends Nursery?


If this is a wild goose chase, Jules, I swear to God...

It's not, I swear.

Better not be.

[Door slamming]

[Car trunk closing]

[Sound of Frank's car starting and accelerating]

[Cell phone ringing] Ohhh.

Tarconi on his day off.

Sorry to bother you, Marcel.

Oh, Caterina, what a pleasure.

If you insist on dinner tonight, who am I to say no?

I wish this was a social call.

- It's Frank?

He's gone too far.

He often does. It's part of his charm.

This time it's different.

Zara Knight has surfaced.

I see.

When I looked at the files at your place, I saw she took a medical exam a few days before she disappeared from Marseille.

Yes, I remember.

There's a hormone I want you to check for: HCG...

I need the level.

Seven thousand, two hundred.

Caterina, what does it mean?

I'm going to find out.

[Sound of connection ending]

[Sound of cell phone connection]

Right on time, Frank.

Do you have it?

I have it.


See you at the drop point.

♪ [Tender music comes up]


She's here.

Great, what did she say?

Nothing. I haven't talked to her.

Why not?

Now I understand who she's really been protecting all this time...

And why she disappeared.

- It wasn't for Frank.

Then who?

It's their son.

Their what?



Cat, are you okay?

Cat, are you okay? Cat!


♪ [Tender music comes up stronger]

[Cell phone dialing]

[Sound of cell phone ringing]

You're supposed to be here.

Change of plan, Frank.

Is that right?

This was never about a w*apon.

This was about you.

It's a set-up.

You cost Mr. Burton and his friends a lot of money.

His friends?

They're very powerful friends.

Either working for them, or against them.

And what?

Now you expect me to spend the rest of my life behind bars?

Is that it?

Courtesy of the U.S. government.

There is nothing anyone could do to help you, Frank.

You're guilty.

I'm not going to prison.

You confess to the crime you're charged with.

Or we will k*ll your girlfriend.

You won't get to her.

And she won't stay silent about this.

She has another life to protect.

Not just yours or hers.

[Sound of approaching police siren]

Sir, you're under arrest!

You're under arrest! Put your hands on the wheel!

Shut off the engine!


Shut off the engine!

[Sound of Frank g*n his car]

[Sound of police sirens]

[Sound of car crashing through gate]

[Sound of pursuing police sirens]

[Sound of screaming tires on police car]

[Sound of crashing police car]

[Sound of Frank accelerating, honking cars, sirens]

[Sound of Frank's tires screeching]

[Sounds of police g*n]

[Sound of more wild g*n]

[Sound of Dassin's car accelerating]

[Sound of Frank's car accelerating]

[Dramatic music comes up stronger]

[Sound of cars accelerating to top speed]

[Sound of gnashing metal, shattering glass]
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