01x06 - Back to the Start

Episode transcripts for the Australian mystery-drama-thriller TV show, "Winter". Aired: February 2015 to March 2015.
Eve Winter investigates a m*rder in a coastal fishing town, south of Sydney.
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01x06 - Back to the Start

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Karly: Please, no! Don't do this!


Woman: Karly Johansson, mother of two.

Mrs Johansson, I'm Detective Sergeant Eve Winter.

Can you think of anyone that would want to harm your sister?

(SOBS) No. Everyone loves Karly.

There's Karly's sister. Is that her husband?

Travis McIntyre and his son, Sam.

Indiana's toxicology report.

The hit-and-run might have been an accident, but someone did try to k*ll her.

Indy, what's wrong?

Your dad r*ped me.

Bjorn followed me into my room.

I didn't scream or do anything.

He took a phone call from the phone used to call Eddie Duca.

I need to eliminate you as a suspect.


Don't do this to me again.

I wasn't planning to.

I need to get lost.

Well, I can get you to Laos.

You can disappear from there not a problem.

Send me a postcard.

So, you could have gone back to Rocky Point with Karly?

I need to take her to Rocky Point.

Just give me 24 hours.

Are you sure you're OK with this?

Going back?

If you think it'll help.

I can't believe she's gone.

I just found her again.

Did they bury Bjorn here too?



I hope he's still burning.




I'm really sorry about Karly.

It's still so hard to believe.

Who's this?

This is my son, Sam.


He has his appendix out last week, so he's still recovering.

Aren't you, my little man?

The detectives said that you were in a car accident.

Are you OK?

But you lost your memory?


We think Indiana may have been down here the day Karly was k*lled.

If there's anything I can do to help...

Thanks. We're about to head up to the house.

Are you still right for the press conference?

Yeah, I'm fine. I just need a few minutes.

Indy... it's so good to see you again.

I've already lost one sister.

It would be really nice, if you want to, if we could catch up sometime.

I'd like that.



Indiana, can you give us a sec?

Alesia, can you stay with her, please?

Yeah, sure.

Has she remembered anything?

No, not yet.

Any news on Wheeler?

Well, last movement we've got is paying for a rental car.

Wherever he's driving, he's not going to get far.

Yeah, well, let's keep an eye out for him anyway.

Are you ready to go?

The camera's set up. Anyone in particular you want me to focus on?

Well, the logical suspect's the husband.

He still doesn't have an alibi.

Just keep the camera angle wide.

We can look at all the family members later, see what they react to.


Still could be someone outside the family - a workmate, neighbour.

Well, then the press conference will do what we're actually pretending it's doing.

Scare up a witness. (COUGHS)

You sure you're OK to be back?

Well, it hurts as much here as it does sitting at home and watching TV.

At least here I'm doing something.

I'll see you inside.

You OK?

This where she died?

Do they know about Bjorn - what he did?

Good morning, everyone. Thanks for coming today.

As you know, four weeks ago, a task force was set up to investigate the m*rder of Karly Johansson outside her home, this home.

Progress has been strong, but we are now appealing to members of the public who may have witnessed anything to please come forward.

Lauren: Mm.

My sister, Karly, was only 23 years old.

She had her whole life in front of her.

She was my best friend.

She didn't deserve this.

If anyone has any information or knows anything, please, please tell the police.

I just hope that someone out there can help.

Karly was the love of my life.

I have two daughters and it breaks my heart to think that they're going to grow up without their mum.

Judith: We need your help.

I can't bring Karly back.

All I can do is hope that someone out there knows something... so we can find out why she died so my daughter can rest in peace.

Luke, is this connected to your drug arrest?

Man: Do the police have any suspects?

We're following a number of leads.

Luke, did you get your wife k*lled?

Man 2: Luke, are you involved with organised crime?


She wanted to have a look around to see if it jogged any memories.

Whose bedroom is this?

It's Faith's.

This was my room.

This is where Bjorn came.

He was drunk, laughing.

At first I thought he was joking.

But no.

Hi, Indy.


We can make another one, if you like?

That would be nice.

Are you looking for the monster?

Yes, we are, sweetheart.

Do you know where the monster is?

I'm thirsty.

Why don't we get you something to drink?

It's Faith. Look, she might just respond better to you.

Oh, sorry. I know it's a drive.

OK, thanks.

My sister's on the way.

It's so good to see you again.

You too.

I don't understand how we didn't stay in touch.

You and Karly were so close.


Let's go to the motel.



See you there.

What are you doing here?

Jake: What?

Did you just think I was going to let you roam around the South Coast with a witness without checking on you?

Good place too, Eve. Classy.

Well, we don't have your budget and Indiana is fine.

She remember anything?

Not yet. We've only just got here. Give it time.

Hey, I don't have time, do you understand?

I've got to prep her for a committal hearing.


Well, take the room next to us.

Reception is that way. Get yourself a key.

Indy, come with me. Come on.

OK, what have we got?

Footage from the news conference.

Luke seemed pretty tense.

He didn't react well when the journalist started asking him about his drug involvement.


There's someone else who stood out nervous, sweaty, guilty as hell.


Yeah, you're right.

Missing something here?

I mean, he's been with Lauren a long time.

They've got a 10-year-old.

He would have met Indiana.

Affair with Karly?

Can't rule anything out, I suppose.

Where was he the night Karly was k*lled?

At home in bed with Lauren.

So, they alibied each other?

Not the strongest defence in the world.

Maybe we should have a chat to both of them.

Sam: The fish will still bite, hopefully.

Dad said he could...

Lachlan: Going fishing?

With my dad.

Yeah? Where is he?

I'm not sure.

He was dropping past work and then he was supposed to meet us here.

We'd like to talk to him.

About what?

Sam, can you go inside and get your backpack, please?

What's going on?

Travis seemed a little unsettled at the press conference.

Well, we're all under pressure.

He didn't want to be seen on camera.

Why is that?

He thinks it'll affect the business.

Look, I don't know why you want to interview Travis.

He can't have k*lled Karly.

What makes you so sure?

Because he was in bed next me the entire night.

That's if you're telling the truth.

Why would he?

What reason has he got?

Got it.

Good job.

So, is Dad coming?

Yeah, he'll be here soon. He's just running a little bit late.

Could you please get him to call us?

Of course.


Oh, OK. Thanks.

Travis is in the local hospital.

Been in a fight.


Come on, Travis. What's going on?

Why did you leave the press conference early?

When Travis dropped by his workplace the plumber started making jokes about his wife.


You'll see.

So, what's the joke, Travis?

It's not a bloody joke!

My wife's having an affair.

So, who's she having the affair with, Travis?

I don't know.

Well, if you don't know who she's seeing why are you so sure she's having an affair?

Come on, Travis. It's not looking good for you.

If you know something, you'd better tell us.

She goes out, makes excuses.

I can tell she's lying.

How can you tell?

The night Karly was k*lled, she says she was at the school, marking exams.

Are you saying she wasn't?

I checked.

The school was being fumigated that night.

You'd better not be lying.

Karly was k*lled around 10. Where was Lauren then?

Back home.


What, are you mad?

All this has got nothing to do with Karly's m*rder.

I don't know where Travis got this crazy idea from, but I'm not having an affair.

So, where were you the night Karly was m*rder?

Travis is right, the school was getting fumigated, but there's no big conspiracy.

A couple of us went to another teacher's house, a female teacher.

And no, I'm not having a lesbian affair.

We'll need their names.

Of course.

Look, I don't know where Travis got this idea from, but he's wrong.

What do you think?

Well, even if Lauren is lying about the affair, she was still back home with Travis when Karly was being m*rder.

According to him.

Yeah, we got them all, I think.


Man: .. fungus was introduced from Africa back in...

Indy, we need to go through your statement.


I know it backwards.

That's good, because Penny Bartok's defence solicitor, she's going to know it backwards and forwards and upside down.

I'd probably have some more energy if I had some chocolate.

You sound just like by daughter.

Yeah, right. Like you actually have human relatives.

Are you serious?

You have a daughter?

What's her name?

You don't need to know anything about me, Indiana.

Why not? You know everything about me.

Abby. Name's Abby.

She lives with her mum in Victoria.

Goes to university.

Alright. Can we get back to this?

Hey, look.

.. since young mother Karly Johansson fell to her death at picturesque Rocky Point just south of Sydney.

Luke, is this connected to your drug arrest?

She's pretty, isn't she?

Man: Do the police have any suspects?

Luke, did you get your wife k*lled?

You two would be good together.

Police believe her k*ller brazenly entered the young woman's house and are now appealing to the public for help.

Eve: (ON TV) Progress has been strong.

We are now appealing to members of the public who may have witnessed anything to please come forward.

Meanwhile, police are still looking for Detective Steve Wheeler, wanted in relation to a number of offences.

The former detective is still at large after his suspected involvement in a number of recent drug-related homicides in the city.

He's believed to be armed and considered dangerous.

Police warn he is not be approached under any circumstances.

Anyone sighting the suspect should contact Crimestoppers or their local police station.

We will get him.

He's got no contacts, no money.

There's nowhere he can run. He'll serve time.

I don't want him to serve time, I want him d*ad.

Jail's too good to him.

Eve, we got something back from toxicology.

You know we've been trying to identify the cocktail of chemicals in Indiana's tox report?

Yeah. These are the latest test results.

There's some hospital-grade narcotics and old-school barbiturates.

It's an unusual combination, one that's hard to find, apparently.

The chemist says that it's likely our poisoner just went to the bathroom cupboard and mixed together whatever they could find.

Hospital-grade narcotics. What sort of bathroom would you find that in?

The bathroom of someone dying of cancer.

They're consistent with Bjorn's pain meds.

Which puts it back on the family.

They all had access.

She wanted chocolate.

Listen, we think you might have been poisoned with Bjorn's pain medication.

I know you were at the house that day.


Could you have taken it by accident?

I don't see how.

I've got to take this.

Wait! Can I get a soft drink?

Yeah, get five.

You guys seem to be getting on a bit better.

Now I know he's got a daughter it just makes him seem more like a normal guy.

Less 'bad cop', more 'boring dad'.


Can I have a word?

You've got a daughter?

Does it matter?

Well... you never mentioned it, that's all.

Well, we spent one night together, Eve.

What do you want, me to tell you my life story?

I just...

Lachlan: We got something.

There's been a call in to Crimestoppers, a woman about a block down from the Johansson house.

She did see something that night.

She was putting the garbage out when she saw a vehicle driving away at speed from the Johansson's house about midnight.


Didn't need to. She knew the vehicle. It was Travis' work ute.



Melanie: Hey.

Thanks for coming down. I really appreciate it.

Oh, it's nice to be asked. What's the story?

Well, I think Faith actually saw who chased her mum out the house, but she clammed up when I started asking.

OK. Let's see how we go.

OK, so this is you... Mm-hm.

And who's this?

The monster.


Do you remember where you were when you saw the monster?

In my room.

Do you remember anything else about the monster?

It was chasing Mummy.


You think she saw the k*ller?

I do.

And she recognises them?

Well, that's what we don't know.

Is she in danger?

Luke, until we find Karly's k*ller, everyone's in danger.

Hey, baby girl.

Did you have fun?

What is it?

Well, she knows who the monster is and she wasn't scared, because she's always known.

So, it is someone in the family?

Apparently they used to play the monster game all the time, chase the kids around the house, like hide and seek.


No. Lauren.

So, you really think Lauren m*rder her sister?

She had access to Bjorn's pain drugs.

So, what, she meets up with Indiana the day she was here with Karly and poisons her?

She must have.

How and why?

I don't know.

It's time we formally interviewed her.

(SIGHS) Go and play, darling.

Hiya, Mum.

What are you doing here?

I thought you'd be with the police.

I spoke to them earlier.

Since the psychologist spoke to Faith?

No, I didn't know that.

What did Faith say?

I don't know.

They keep wanting to know what she saw that night.

She didn't see the k*ller?

Only a figure.

You know how she keeps calling it 'the monster'?

But she calls anyone who chases her a monster, like that game you play with her.

Anyway, they talked to me about it and they wanted to ask you.

Honestly, the things these detectives waste their time on.

Um, I have to go. Would you look after Sam?




What date did you start working for Penny Bartok?

Can't we get a sandwich?

No, you can't get a sandwich, alright. You just had a chocolate.

You can have lunch when Eve gets back.

I can't wait that long, I'll die of starvation. (PHONE RINGS)

You're not going to die of starvation!

Jake Harris.

We can at least get some chips from the machine.

Do you want some? Salt and vinegar.

Wait a second. Wait.

Yeah, no. I'm here.

What? What do you mean?

No, you're... No, no.

I handed those in over a week ago, alright, and your office signed off on it.






You OK?

Not really.

Can we talk?


Do you want to get a coffee?


I thought you meant somewhere close.

Oh, it's only a few blocks. It's quicker if we drive.

Indy, I have to show you something.

I think I know who k*lled my sister.

Our sister.

So, go to the police.

I will, I'm scared they're not going to believe me.

If I could just show you, then maybe we could go to the police together.

(SCOFFS) Please. Please.


Um... you said a few blocks.

It's just a bit further.

Gone? Well, when did you last see her?

She was in the room. She wanted some chips.

She must have taken off.

You were supposed to be looking after her, Jake.

You know what, she shouldn't even be here, alright?

I shouldn't have listened to you. Yeah, well, that's helpful.

She was out of my sight for five minutes, Eve.

She's not answering. Have you still got the tracker on her phone?

Yep, she's here, right. She's on the outskirts of town moving fast.

She's in a car. You drive.


Judith said that Lauren left the house 15 minutes ago.

She would have driven past here.

Lauren, where are we going?



What's going on?



Lauren, talk to me!

What's wrong? What have I done?


Which way? Which way? Which way?


She's still heading south.

Picking up speed.


Slow down.

What are you doing?

Lauren, you're not going to make the turn!




Indiana, are you OK?

Don't move. We'll get some help.


I don't know why I'm here. I haven't done anything wrong.

Lauren, you kidnapped Indiana.

I took her out for coffee and a chat.

You tried to drive the car over a cliff.

No, I was driving normally. Indy grabbed the steering wheel.

Why would she do that?

I have no idea. She's crazy.

You drove the car 10 K out of town and pointed it towards a cliff.

She was distracting me.

Lauren, we know everything.

We know that your father r*ped Indiana.

She made that up.

So, you knew?

I didn't believe it for a minute.

When did Karly tell you?


She invited me round for lunch that Sunday.

She told me she had a surprise guest.

It was Indiana.

And then they told me that ridiculous story.

So, you didn't believe Indiana?

My dad, a r*pist?


But Indiana's always been trouble.

She's always had Karly wrapped around her little finger.

So, what happened?

They wanted to go to the police.

They wanted to make formal complaint and they wanted my support.

And you obviously weren't prepared to give it.

Support a lie?

My dad was sick. He had two weeks to live.

Why didn't you tell us any of this before?

Because none of it is true!

Why would I support such a vicious story?

So, what happened then?

What you mean?

Well, Indiana and Karly came to you with the story about your dad, you said you wanted no part of it.

What happened then?

I went home.

Karly and Indiana had lunch or whatever.

I didn't hear another word about it.

And the next morning, my sister was d*ad.

So, who do you think k*lled her?

Isn't it obvious?


God, she's good. She almost makes me believe it.

You do realise that was all a lie, don't you?

Convinced me. It'd convince a jury.

Indiana can't have k*lled Karly.

Time line doesn't match.

She was already back in the city when Karly was attacked.

Time of death is never exact.

Defence will push and poke your time line around till it snaps.

Lauren is the only k*ller that makes sense.

She had access to her father's medication, she didn't want anyone knowing he was a r*pist, so she poisoned Indiana to cover the story.

And then she k*lled her own sister?

I mean, who does that and why?

I need a motive, Eve.

I need a story that I can sell to a jury.

This one's got too many holes in it.

We have evidence. We've got the husband's car outside the house that night.

It's all circumstantial. I can't take any of it to a jury.

Get me a confession or let her go.

You're a teacher at a small school, small town.

I guess if it got out that your father had r*ped Indiana it wouldn't down too well, would it?

I didn't care about that.

Who would believe her, even if it went to court?

A Kings Cross slut versus my father, a pillar of the community.

A cocaine importer.

I don't condone his little business on the side, but my father was a good man.

He was a good father.

Your father r*ped your foster-sister, Lauren.

He conspired with a crooked police officer to import drugs.

If Indiana went to the police, it was all going to come out, wasn't it?

The truth about your dad.

He wasn't a pillar of the community, he was a drug-dealing r*pist and you didn't want anyone to know that.

Whatever you think about my father, he would never have r*ped Indiana.

Do you know how I know that?

Because you only met him when he was sick.

When he was healthy, he was handsome.

He had charisma, taste.

Women would throw themselves at him.

He could have anyone he wanted.

She was just a whore.

He would never pick her.

She was 15.

I just heard on the police radio Wheeler's rental's been spotted near Penny Bartok's house.

The Feds have been called.

I thought you'd want to know.


What do you think you're doing?

What's Wheeler doing?

He's after money.

He can't leave the country without a lot of help which has got nothing to do with you.

He tried to k*ll me, Jake.

I just want to be here when you arrest the prick.

Right. Well, that's not going to happen, Lachlan.

SRG's on its way. You shouldn't be anywhere near here.

(g*n) It's a g*n!

Hey! Lachlan!

(RADIO BEEPS) Shots fired.

41, The Point Road.

Wheeler: I want my money!

2 million should do it.

Police! Don't move.


Drop your w*apon, Wheeler.

Lachy, mate.

Drop it!

You wouldn't k*ll me.

Drop your w*apon, Wheeler. All the way to the ground. Come on!

You're one of the good guys, Lachy.

You wouldn't k*ll a fellow detective in cold blood, would you?

Put your g*n down or else I will sh**t you, Wheeler.

Jake: Don't do it, Lachlan.

Don't do it!

Penny: sh**t him!

He tried to k*ll me! Just sh**t him!

Get her out of here!

Move! You, go.


The SRG's on its way.

You heard him, Wheeler. There's no way out.

Now, put it down.

I didn't want to sh**t you, Lachlan.

You were closing in on me.

It was self defence. You or me, I had no choice.

And what about Janet Pagent? No choice either, huh?

Or her husband or the rest of them?

I didn't plan any of this.

Oh, we've all got choices, Steve.

I can't do jail.

Not my problem, Wheeler. Put the g*n down.


That's the Feds. You sh**t me, they'll sh**t you.

Now, come on. Put your g*n down.

There's no way out.

Yeah, there is.



You're going to jail.

Eve: Why would Lauren do it?

s*ab your sister to death is a crime of passion, fury.

What could Karly have done to provoke that level of intensity?

I don't know. We're missing something.

There is something at the heart of this family I'm just not getting.

Bjorn raping Indiana.

But why would Karly believe Indiana and Lauren refuse to?

Siblings handle things in different ways.

When Dad died, I started acting out and you became the bossy one.

That really how you see me?

We continue to play out these roles we've actually outgrown.

It's OK for me to be responsible, and it's OK for you to go crazy once in a while.

So, what role is Lauren acting out?

The dutiful older sister.

Sensible, responsible.

She was the good girl.

So, is that a role she's trying to protect now?


Look, what I'd be asking is what does Indiana challenge?

Lauren's tried to k*ll her twice, so it must be something absolutely core.

Mm. But this time Lauren tried to k*ll herself as well.


Why would she want to wipe herself out?

Well, if you figure that out, you'll probably figure out why she k*lled Karly as well.


I don't have to talk to you without a lawyer.

Well, why do you need one? You haven't done anything wrong.

Did Lauren tell you why we questioned her?

You pick someone, you go for them.

Last week it was Luke, this week it's my wife.

I guess that's how you lot work.

Did she tell you she was at Karly's the night she was m*rder?

Your ute was parked out the front.

The neighbours saw it.

Did you drive it there?

Of course not. I was home with Sam.

Lauren wasn't.

She was marking papers and then she went to see Karly.

Did Karly know who Lauren was having the affair with?


Do you?


Come on, Travis.

How can you be so convinced if you don't who it is?

I don't know. Then why are you so sure?

Because Sam's not my son.

Alright? Are you satisfied now?

So much for our happy little family. Sam's not even mine.

How do you know that?

Last week, Sam had his appendix out and he needed blood.

I was the obvious donor... so I thought.

He didn't match?

Sam's AB positive.

I'm an O, so he can't be mine.

Did you ask Lauren?

She won't say.

Says... it doesn't mean anything. That I'm the dad.

Travis, the night Karly was m*rder, you said Lauren was home by 10.

Is that true?

She didn't get in until closer to midnight.


I know everything, Lauren.

It all goes back to Sam, doesn't it?

Your son.

YOUR son. Not Travis'.

The blood tests.

Who's his father, Lauren?

Bjorn didn't just r*pe Indiana, did he?

He did it to you.

I don't know what you're talking about.

A secret you've been keeping a very long time.

Your father r*ped you, didn't he?

It wasn't r*pe.

It wasn't r*pe. He chose me.

I was his special little girl.

And what about Indiana?

She wasn't special.

Why would he choose her? She was nothing!

But she was going to tell everyone, wasn't she?


And if Indiana went to the police, and you questioned my father...

Then everyone would find out and it wouldn't be special.

No-one would understand.

Everyone would think it was dirty and ugly.

They would look at Sam like there was something wrong with him and there's not.

So, you poisoned her with Bjorn's medication.

I had to.

And what about Karly?

I don't think you meant to k*ll your sister.

I think it all got out of control, didn't it?

What happened?

What happened, Lauren?!

She was going to tell Mum everything.


Everyone was going to know.



I couldn't let her do that. I couldn't let her tell.


(WHISPERS) Stupid.

Selfish cow.

It had nothing to do with her life.

It had nothing to do with her.

This is my life. This was my son's life!

I couldn't let her tell.

Do you understand?

I couldn't let her tell.



Mum, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.


So, what do I do now?


(WHISPERS) He's not mine.


I'm here, mate.

It's alright.

Everything's going to be alright.

Tammy: As the new Director of Public Prosecutions...

Got to love ambition.

.. I'm now able to reveal that one of the state's most notorious drug dealers and human tr*ffick has been committed to stand trial for a number of offences arising out of an extensive federal investigation.

My department has been working very closely...


How did you go?

She did great.

I'm just glad it's over.

Well, we've still got the trial, Indy.

(LAUGHS) More quality time going over my statement.

Which reminds me, I've got some paperwork to fill out.

(LAUGHS) No wonder your daughter lives in another state.

Alright. Come and meet me when you're finished.


Anyway, thanks.

Stay in touch.

Call me anytime.

I will.

And thank you.

I can't believe what you guys have done for me.

It's a pleasure.

You've got the same thing in your eye as Indiana.

Oh, go away.






Wants to take me out to dinner to apologise.

Of course she does.

She can't be using me to get to the top, she's already there.


You once said we were good working together... but not anything else.

I disagree.

And I'm prepared to wait.

I'm just not prepared to be a monk while I am.


Jake: Eve Winter.


Want to get a drink?

Is this a 'drink' drink or a mate drink?

I've got mates. (CHUCKLES)

You wanted to know more about me.

We'll get a drink, go and have dinner.

You can cook for me this time.


Alright. So, I was the youngest in kinder class, stepmum's German.

I've got this birthmark on my hand...

Oh, I hope you've got wine at your place.
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