01x10 - Episode 10

2014 Japanese mini-series. "Family Hunter" (English title) "家族狩り" (Japanese). Westernized English episode transcripts.
A dark m*rder mystery with brains; based on the 1885 novel "Kazoku Gari" by Arata Tendou.
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01x10 - Episode 10

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Now we'll start the ritual for ending a family.

Yamaga Yoko and the guy from termite extermination?

No mistake. They are targeting my student's family.

There's a possibility that Hizaki-san was captured.

Isn't it Yuko-san? You need to call her by her first name.

Yoshizawa-san - Yoshizawa-san Yoshizawa.

Did you truly love your child?

What about you?

Endure the pain.

Show Ai-chan.

The time to show your love for her is now. Do your best.


If you're going to k*ll, then k*ll me first.

Just now, when I tried to s*ab your mom you said, stop.

Why is that?

I don't know.

But ... stop torturing my parents, because it's painful to watch.

This house lost its balance.

It was warped.



Eventually ... love turned into restraint.

I'm in my own home, but was suffocating.

The longer I lived the uglier it became.

I ... can't endure it anymore.

So ... this might be a good thing.

If I committed su1c1de, my parents would have knelt and said whatever about me.

If I'm going to die I want to see them die first.

The person who caused sadness for both of them was only me ...

I understand. I'll make it less painful, and "send them away".

Yoshizawa! That's different.

That's definitely different!

There are many painful ways of being alive, but it doesn't necessarily mean there are zero good things.

As long as you're alive there's something.

There's definitely good.


What do you mean there's something!?

Don't say optimistic crap!

It may sound optimistic, I don't know, but please don't die.

I ... didn't want to feel how I did with Sanemori-kun.

If you died, it will be painful for me.

I'll be suffocating.

That's your problem!

That is not this family's problem.

You don't understand a thing. You don't understand anything!

This family aren't the only three here.

They were involved with friends, coworkers. Many others while living.

This family's problems ... you don't get to decide that.

Sanemori-kun was k*lled by the both of you?

We "sent them away".

Sanemori-kun and I promised we would send emails.

Thanks for listening to what I have to say. Tomorrow I'll email you.

He couldn't keep his promise.

Sanemori-kun said goodbye while he was crying, and left a voicemail.

Is it OK if I make a call, To Sudou-sensei?

I thought I needed to refuse.


I promised.

Goodbye ...

That promise, Sanemori-kun's future, you both severed it.

He went to the afterlife with no regrets.

That cannot be.

I don't believe it.

Hey, Yoshizawa.

This morning, you emailed me, right?

Isn't it because you didn't want it to end like this?

Once you die, it's over.

If you currently don't like yourself, then you change yourself.

You can change.

You can even start over.

You should remain alive because there's much more life ahead.

Since we were born, you can't ...

For you a person that will cry exists here.

The person you falsely accused to the police for fun is crying for you now.

You cannot die now.

That's the meaning of living up until today You lived up till now and you encountered a lovely thing.

Is that not good enough?

What you are saying is whitewash.

The true meaning of suffering in hell. You don't know ...

Real suffering is k*lling within a family.

Family members left behind experiences more pain and suffering than death.

Showing affection and raising an important individual ...

Do you know the despair of k*lling with your own hands?

Ono-san, you have that kind of experience?

That picture displayed on the altar perhaps ... is that of your child!?

You both ...

Your own son ...

You k*lled him.

I don't know how much you regret k*lling your own child.

But pressing your values onto others is wrong.

You will understand, the more you accept family hate and suffering If you wish families to be happy then eventually you'll follow the same path.

Subtitles by sky_fish Stop Stop. Stop!

Stop. Stop!

Don't move! Drop the knife, it's over.

Can you not hear me?

Drop the knife.

We really just ... wanted to save a lot of families.

Don't get conceited because you massacred multiple families.

Multiple families ...

The order of magnitude is different.

Stop talking nonsense.

I'm going to take the place of the k*lled families and f*cking k*ll you.



Stop right now!



Thanks for your hard work.

Can I have a word with you?

There's more than one smell.

A sweet smell of perfume and something like a chemical. Two types of smells ...

It was the smell of shampoo and the sterlizer for termites There are records of families that were hunted by the both of them.

Hizaki Yuko's cellphone number being left in the victims' contacts, was because of those two.

If something happened they were going to frame her for it.

If we only could have figured this out sooner.

Yes, It's Shimura.


It seems they found Ono's car.


They were able to make it here in such condition ... I wonder what drove them to come this far?

Here is the w*apon.

Where was it?

By the entrance of the sea of trees I guess to let us know they went in.

What about their bodies?

Right now we have all of our search units and police dogs, but if we go any further it's dangerous even for experienced guides.

I guess they figured they couldn't run anymore and decided to die deep in the woods?

It's not over.

There are lots of families waiting to be saved.

We might be unable to find their bodies.

One week later -

Ono m*rder company.

Sorry to call you out here.

I want to know the truth.

Most of it was as you thought.

During the interview, what you said was right.

This is a picture of Yamaga Yoko and Ono Koutaro's child.

They were married.


This is our new home?

Yes, it's newly built.

They used the best materials, so the house will last until Kouichiro's grandchildren's grandchildren.

An admirable house.

You're over exaggerating.

At the time Ono was an advice manager at a child advice center in Kagawa-ken.

Yoko was a care taker.

Both were passionate about family matters and personally counseled many families.

They earned a lot of respect from people surrounding them.

From here, I investigated based on Ono's court records.

While the couple counseled other kids the time they spent with Kouichiro gradually decreased.

One day, one of the children Ono worked with at the child center k*lled a young child in the neighborhood.

Why did you let him be!

We are very sorry!

Because of that incident, Kouichiro was beaten at school, and thr*at for money.

Eventually Kouichiro started to lock himself in his room.

You won't listen to my problems?

Stay back.

If he's so important, then why don't you adopt him as my replacement?


From that day on, Kouichiro became violent.

As each day passed, he become worse.

It's dangerous, so hand the knife over.

Shut up!

I would feel better if this rotten house burns.


I'm tired of living.

If this goes on, I might k*ll someone.

Help me.

Then tragedy occured.



I'll k*ll you!

I'll k*ll you!

I wish I could save you I wish I could save you. I wish I could ...

Kou-chan, Kou-chan, Kou-chan!


Please, let me die.

If you die now, you'll be a coward.

Like Kouichiro, in order to prevent more kids becoming like Kouichiro, I'll turn myself in.

In addition I'll pay the price with my death.

Both of them were prepared to die.

Yet as the media reported details of the incident, there were people who sympathized with the two.

Their child was very violent, and the parents endured so much.

As a result, for extenuating circumstances they received lesser sentences.

On the other hand, it must have been hard for them.

It was their fault as parents that their child became insane.

They k*lled the child they loved.

Requesting the death penalty to pay for his crimes, Ono raged and tried to commit su1c1de mutiple times in prison.

It must have been suffocating.

They divorced and changed their names.

While acting like they didn't know each other, they looked for families with problems and hunted them.

With their own hands, they k*lled their son they loved the most.

That's why they reached that conclusion.

I feel I understand them.

Somewhere, if I had something that was off I might have done the same thing as them.


I know too you have the same smell as those two.

In order to save kids, you seemed like you could have k*lled people.

I don't understand.

I don't understand anything.

This couple lost a child, by k*lling him themselves.

They lost a part of themselves.

Physical handicaps are accepted by society.

But for those who lost something important, It's hard for others to understand.

For instance, you lost a family or are being betrayed.

Maybe their personality isn't one that can belong to the family system.

Even the two that were here, if someone had noticed their emotional scars or talked to them about them, perhaps both of their lives could have been different.

Because ... I met you and was able to change.

There's no need to sympathize with those two.

Involving other people's lives, is not allowed, no matter what the reason.

Your own family ... you must take responsibility for it.

Isnt' keeping your family to yourself like that the beginning of most tragedies?

Wouldn't it be better to be open about your family?

Even if it was already open ...

Open family?

Being alive is tough.

I think just being alive, doesn't cause good things to happen.

That's why you have to make good things happen with your own hands.

Then share with families and friends, and spread to other people.

Instead of bottling up sorrow and pain, ask others for help and to extend a helping hand.

Isn't that the reason for having family and friends?

I like that.

Oh, yeah.


We should make a promise?

Let's go eat some delicious ramen.

If that promise exists. I shall work hard until then.

No matter how tough it gets I can live on.

Making a promise about eating food with Hizaki-san gives me energy to live.

Because to me, that is an important future.

Open family, huh ...

Even though it's just a promise for eating ramen, I have one condition.
Don't you also have to face an important problem?

How did you figure it out?

You were b*rned severely and it was on the news, Yet your family didn't even contact you, am I right?

I heard from Keitoku.

His intelligence network is great.

It's not intelligence network, but love.

To Keitoku you're family to him in a sense.


I can't promise when but I'll face my family.

So after that ramen ...

Yes, promise.

Komada Reiko's mother as an excuse that she's building a new family refused to take in Reiko.

Instead of blaming her, by having us support her someday, in a real sense she has to wait until she becomes a mother.

You've gotten stronger.

When I see you again I'll knock you down.

I'll be waiting.

I'll always be waiting.

Ah Hizaki-san, I am troubled.


Children like Reiko-chan are homework for everyone who live in society.

Big homework that the two left behind.

It's over now.

One more time!

What's wrong?

I came here to make it the last time.

Me too.

I came here with that intention also.

I think "One more time, this'll be the last time".

Kenji and I have been taken care by you, Mamihara-san.

It's because I wanted both of you to be taken care of.

Then what are you going to do? From now on?

Hurry Hurry!

Wait a bit.

Today Kenji and I will be going back to my home town by train.

Is that so?

While he is facing the other way ...


If I see his sad face I might be discouraged.

I understand.

I shall disappear.

I wish you well.

You too, Mamihara-san.

Please take care of your family.


I wish you well.

Where's Dad?

From now on mom is dad.

Mom is dad.

Dad is mom.

The game is going to start.

Kenji, here here.

Let's work hard.

Come on. Come on.

You know what, it was a bit complicated.

I didn't properly tell you, but let's break up.

Ahh, over here.

Hey hello. Sudou-sensei long time no see.

Haa. We got engaged!


Sorry. I became plundered love.

No plun ...

I thought it was creepy having you drag me along.

So I'm informing you.


Hey you, muscle-kun.

We got engaged.

What was that about?

So uncool. You got dumped.

What happened Yoshizawa-kun?

I'm going to Hokkaido tonight.

Eh, vacation?


My parents are going to start over.

We don't have any money so we're going to live at my mom's parent's house.

At Kushiro?

That's rather sudden.

What will you do there?

I'm thinking of working.

I'm gonna work and understand my shitty father's feeling of needing money to live. By seeing reality through my own eyes.

Is that so?


Mail Yep?


Those kind of things are important.

If I didn't get mail at the time.

I could have k*lled my parents and myself.

From now on, work hard.


What happened? I'll be waiting to hear from you.


Abusive language till the end?


Hey, class is about to start!

Hurry, get in your seats.

Today we're going to draw something avant-garde.

The theme is Family.

Then I'm going to finish your hospital check out.

What are you doing here?

I'm came to pick up Sawako.

I'll never hand mother over to you. The same thing will ...

The same thing won't happen.

I'm thinking of quitting my job at the police department.


Up until now my life has been directed towards my work.

But from now I would like to make up for lost time.

Please let me think about it.

Yes, I understand.

For the time being, tomorrow evening would you like to go out to eat?

If it's a meal then Mom, Mayumi Ishikura-kun can I have a word with you?

About this. When I was about to get married with Sawako Sawako's father gave me this.

He told me "please take care of my daughter"

At that time I thought marriage was accepting someone's important child, raised by their parents.

Although I thought that I couldn't even do that one thing.

Although it's late now.

From now on I buckled my belt to make sure she will be a little happier.

Whenever the time comes for Mayumi to get married I was thinking of giving this to her husband.

Will you accept it?

For me.

She was raised by me for 15 years.

Only until she was 15 years old but she's my priceless daughter.

Please take good care of my daughter.

No, please raise your head.

I love you For now, I don't want to hear a sad song Why are you up so early?

Stupid, today is the day mother gets out of hospital.

Eh today?

Was it today? I forgot.

Hey hey you were late last night so I had that skinny sensei and Keitoku pick her up.

Eh, is that true?

Geez you have worse Alzheimers than I have.

Mother is going to have to fight a lot more illnesses from now on.

I have to be the reliable one Yes.

I'm home.

Welcome home.

Welcome home.

I'm home.

Welcome home ...

Yuko-san why didn't you come?


It's very heavy.

I can calm down at home as expected and I already said goodbye to cancer.

Ahh, what happened with the termite extermination?

It's alright now. It's completely sterilized.

Our home will be fine until grandchildren's grandchildren.

She said grandchildren. Sensei, you have to get busy.


What are you saying?

I can't die until I see my grandchildren's face!

You too Seitaro-san. Sensei should we eat meat and have grandchildren?

You, what are you saying?

Old men should eat long onions.

Old men? What are you saying?

Here, I haven't met my parents in 16 years.

We couldn't talk much but ...

Is that so?

I can't say anything arrogant but I think it's OK to take your time.

Take your time and open up.


How was it?

98 percent.

Well above the passing grade.


So next time it's Hizaki ...

Yuu-chan, your turn to recommened a place, please.

Promise me.

I don't want to.

Make a promise with me.

[TV] - Last night in Minato-ward East Azabu a family su1c1de occured.

The deceased are the parents and eldest daughter in high school.

It seems the eldest daughter k*lled herself after k*lling her parents.

It has been pointed out that this is related to the series of family m*rder.

Hello. Your child is acting violent at home?

Please calm down and tell me the details.

Yes ... yes.

I understand how you feel.

Kazokugari - Family Hunting
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