01x10 - A4U

Episode transcripts for TV show, "Eye Candy". Aired January - March 2015.
A gifted 21-year-old hacker teams up with a police cyber-crimes unit to bring down a serial k*ller. Based on the novel by R. L. Stine.
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01x10 - A4U

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Previously on "Eye Candy"...

Tessa has been going out with all of you matches from Flirtual.

This girl has got a death wish.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


We found a girl buried on Hart Island. I need to know who this girl was.

The island will be deserted. All you need is some DNA.

Did you see the person who attacked you?

Now you listen to me, okay?

You're gonna be fine.

You're not gonna make the same mistake I did.

One day you're gonna find her and she'll be beautiful.

And she'll be perfect.

Now you be a good boy now, okay?

Just sit tight and someone will be here soon.

Just don't come in the next room, okay?

♪ Don't be a kid ♪ ♪ Or a weeping willow ♪
♪ Close your eyes ♪ ♪ And say a prayer ♪♪

(g*n f*ring)

(Water dripping)


(Cell phone beeping)

(Cell phone ringing)

Hey, lovers, leave a message.


(Beeping continues)

(Beeping stops)

(Door creaking)




Stay behind the g*n.

Oh, I intend to.

That's blood.


A lot of blood.

Uh, that's Tessa.

Is that a d*ad body?

I've never seen a d*ad body.

It's a d*ad body.

Okay, I'm just gonna stay over here.

You coming?

Yeah, I'll be right up.

(Seagulls squawking)

Let's find your sister.



There's blood on the kitchen floor...

So he k*lled her there, and then he placed her here.

Someone stumbled upon Tessa's m*rder, locked themselves in the bathroom as he smashed his way through.


He has Sophia.

Call her.

I tried earlier, it keeps going to voice-mail.

Call her again!

(Cell phone ringing)

Wait, do you hear that?

Yeah, it's Sophia's phone, I know the ring.

Where is it?

(Cell phone ringing)

Where is it?!

I'm looking.

(Cell phone ringing)

Oh no.


It's coming from over there.

Hey, lovers, leave a message.

Get me a towel.


I think I'm gonna be sick.

Got it.

"Follow us and they die.

Call the police and they die."

I think this is it.

These burial markers must signify plots, not graves.

If we're right, my sister will be buried here.

What's the map say?


Over there.



(Birds squawking)

(George screaming)

You're just in shock, George.

Of course I'm in shock. She's d*ad! Why is she d*ad?!


I liked her.

Why isn't this place crawling with cops?

I'm the only cop you need to concern yourself with right now, okay?

What?! But she's d*ad!

Jake has Lindy and Sophia.

He said he'll k*ll them if we get the cops involved.



What is happening right now?

Chase the k*ller?

Just in and out.

Oh, I don't like the way I feel right now.

You know, like I'm hot.

Just pouring sweat...

It's okay.

I can't breathe. I'm sweating and the walls are just... they're closing in...


You're in shock!

What the...

Breathe, just breathe!

And that's supposed to help me?! Oh, breathe?

That's a good idea. I should've tried that first before you slapped me, Connor!

The police know Jake's the k*ller.

They're on their way over.

Great. (Exhaling)

Two... four... eight.

It should be around here.


It's gonna be okay.

I know this is hard but it's gonna be over soon.

Hey, over there.

Someone's already been here.

What's going on, Jake?

I don't know. But we've come this far. We should dig.

Can't do it alone.

I can't find Tessa's phone anywhere.

It's not on her body. He took it.


Phone's off the grid.

Look, I don't know how Jake compromised the Cyber Crimes Unit but he's known things he shouldn't know.

Whether it's bugged or he has someone in there, we can't tell anyone about Sophia and Lindy.


Yes, really. That means it's up to us to find them, you hear me?

Find them, right.


I'm not gonna let anything happen to them.

I need you to be the best journalist you can and find out who Jake Bolin really is.

You need to scour the city, find any clues.

You want me to hack the city?


I don't have the hardware software to pull that off.

I'd need access to the entire Cyber Crimes Unit.

I'll get you what you need.


♪ ♪

Did you ever meet Sophia's friend Tessa?


No, I don't think I did. Why?

Sophia found out that she was dating my matches on Flirtual.

That sounds weird. Why would anyone do that?

I don't know, you tell me.

Were you seeing her?


It's a simple question.

I'm not sure I like what you're suggesting.

I found Tessa's phone in your bag.

Were you seeing her?

What are you doing?

Ruining my gift to you.



I just wanna take it.

This moment will make it special.

Make it just right.

I'm gonna fix this.


You're the kind of girl that you like to control everything that everyone fixes!

Oh God. It's you.

Eye Candy?

How did you know where I lived?

Creeped you out, didn't I?

It's the pillow.

I feel hungover but we didn't even drink.

I'll go with you to the end of the line, Lindy.


You're him.

Him who?

The k*ller.

Hello, Eye Candy.


Why what?

You k*lled Ben.

Yeah. Yeah, I did.

I've k*lled a lot of people, all for you.


Now don't you wanna open it?

See what's inside?

You open it.

Don't want the thrill for yourself?

Open it!

Suit yourself.


What is this?

There wasn't much left inside.

The girl who was buried here was not your sister.

How do you know?

Because on that tablet, there's a video that will tell you exactly what happened to her.

Go on, pick it up.

Pick it up!



I didn't wanna have to do this but I guess we're gonna have to go back to the beginning so you can understand everything.


We all have to die to be reborn, Lindy.


♪ ♪

(Door knob rattling)



Where you been?


Where are you taking that case? I can't let that leave the building.

It's probably better if you don't ask me anything else.

Don't try and catch this guy on your own time...

I don't have a choice. Now get out of my way.


Then I'm sorry.


(Dialing cell phone)

(Cell phone ringing)


You're in. I'll be right there.

Private enough?

It'll do.

Let's see if Tommy delivered the goods.

Shall we?

Hello, Cyber Unit.

Okay, accessing the city security cameras.

Working the search facial recognition.

Credit card transactions, train stations, airports.

Do you know how dangerous it is for a person like me to have access to this kind of stuff?

It's like giving crack to a baby. It just won't end well.


(Gasping) Is that what I think it is?


What is that?

Oh, something we can thank the NSA for. Something...

No one talks about.

Uh, ah, ah, ah, ah, not yet.

Tell me what you got.

Okay, Jake did his undergraduate in Australia.

He majored in computer science with a focus on artificial intelligence.

From the papers he wrote, he seems like an extremely smart individual.

Someone with that kind of skill could've pulled this off.

Yeah, but from where?

It gets better.

While he was studying, there were four unsolved m*rder in the town surrounding Sydney.

They match the k*ller's MO.

Like he was warming up.

Bolin was the last name of the aunt who raised him after his parents died.

There's no US birth certificates with that name.

Probable he deleted it.

But I crosschecked with his age and NYC hospital records...

Bolin was his mother's maiden name.

Father: Leo Langley. Both US citizens.

Father had a record.

He was imprisoned at Rikers for violent as*ault.

Guess it runs in the family.

♪ ♪

(Door knob rattling)


♪ Good night children ♪ ♪ Everywhere ♪
♪ Your mommy thinks of you ♪ ♪ Tonight ♪
♪ Lay your head upon ♪ ♪ Your pillow ♪
♪ Don't be a... ♪♪

I've checked Jake's cell phone activity.

There are big gaps in time where he just disappears in the network.

Disappears? Where is he going?

Somewhere that isn't getting cell service.

Looks like the mother's cause of death was a drug overdose, not a car accident.

She was court-ordered to receive treatment at Mercy Shores Women's Recovery Center on Hart Island.

That's it.

Rikers island prisoners bury unclaimed bodies on Hart Island.

That's where his parents met.

He's taking them where it all began.

That's where they are.

George, you stay here. You're gonna be our eyes and ears... let's go.

Wait, wait, I checked, there's no phone service on the island.

Here, take my satellite phone.


Oh boy.

♪ In a little while ♪
♪ You'll be tucked up ♪
♪ In your bed ♪
♪ Here's a song for baby ♪
♪ Dear ♪
♪ Goodnight children... ♪

What took you so long, sweetheart?

♪ Everywhere ♪

(Birds squawking)

Sit down.

Sit down!

I need to tell you a story about how it all began.

This is where they met... And fell in love.

He believed he'd found the perfect girl.

I'm getting released at the end of the month.

I'm gonna come back and I'll break you out of this place.




And he did exactly as he said he would.

Let's go away.

They were in love. Just like us.

And it was... it was perfect, like you and I could be.

I told you I'd come back.

(Door closing)
He thought it would stay that way.


He thought it was gonna be forever.

But he was wrong.

Am I wrong about you, Lindy?



You promised you wouldn't anymore.

You disgust me.

Look at what you've done to yourself.

You used to be so beautiful and you have ruined yourself.

You have ruined everything!

I work all day and this is what you do in front of our son?!

And that's when he did it.


k*lled my mother.

(g*n cocking)

And then he k*lled himself.

(g*n f*ring)

Why are you telling me this?

Because you need to know, Lindy, monsters are made.

Pain festers and... Makes monsters of us all.

Why me? Why'd you do this?

I've spent my life looking for the right one.

So many people have lied to me, that have disappointed me.

And then I found you.

An end to my search.

What kind of end?

And then you're gonna find her and she'll be beautiful and she'll be perfect.

You're the one.

You're my perfect one.

I'm not perfect.

I never was.

Looks like he set up a self-contained network on the island.

It's protected by one of the most sophisticated firewalls I've ever seen.

I can't break it.

There's 130 acres out there, George, they can be anywhere.

I need you to find their location somehow.

Sophia was worried about Tessa.

She had Lindy load malware into Tessa's phone.

He took it.

We use Tessa's phone.

George, I need you to break into the network and find out where that phone is.

Do you know how hard that is in this amount of time?!

I trust you, George.

Don't let us down.

And, George...

You can use it now.


Oh... come to papa.

No. No, no, see...

Unlike the others, I can fix you.


Your floor is your sister, it's like a scar that needs to be healed.

I made you a gift.

To relieve that moment you couldn't save Sara.


What are you doing?

Now you can relive the moment and save her.

(Sophia coughing) Help!

She's gonna die.

Go look, go look out the window.

Look out the window.


Run. Go, run.

Run, save her! And save yourself.

Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!

♪ ♪











It's okay.


I am so sorry.

He k*lled Tessa.

Oh God.

We need to get the hell off this island.

♪ Goodnight children ♪
♪ Everywhere ♪
♪ Your mummy thinks of you ♪
♪ Tonight ♪
♪ Lay your head upon ♪
♪ Your pillow ♪
♪ Don't be a kid ♪

You be a good boy now, okay?

♪ Or a weeping willow ♪

The boat was here.

We're trapped?

We're just gonna steal a boat?

Yeah, you got a problem with that?

You're the cop.

(Motor revving)


Hello, George.

Hey, buddy, what are you doing here?

Why do you have your hands on that?

My new girlfriend.

(Chuckling) How'd you find us?

As soon as you activated it I knew where it was.

The k*ller has Lindy and Sophia, doesn't he?

He said he'll k*ll them if we get the police involved.

So where are we going?

All right.

Okay, so Jake set up a private network on Hart Island.

But we need to find a vulnerability in the firewall and see how we can geolocate Tessa's phone.

Okay, her phone will show us where they are.

Doesn't sound so hard. All right, now let me on that...

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What do you think you're doing?

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

See, this... this right here is the Ferrari of Hackdom.

Okay, do you know how long I've waited, how I've wanted to drive a Ferrari?

Sorry, no can do.

No, no, I'm sorry, Yeager, but last time I checked, you have no power here.

You take orders from me, okay?

Captain... first officer.

Destiny's child... Beyoncee.

You, one of the other two.

You wanna find them or not?

Of course I do.

Now get to work, "single lady."

We have to get a message out somehow.

We have Tessa's phone.

Oh my God.

Call someone.

I can't. There's no service here.

(Cell phone beeping)

But look. The phone's picking up on a private network.

He's created his own network somewhere on the island.

If I'm right... We should be able to get a message out from there.

I found a vulnerability on a remote management system that appears to be randomly opening and closing.

Good. Easy. Easy does it.

Give me the codes.


Okay, b*mb the port, rerouting the firm wire.

Okay, baby, speak. Come on.

It's happening.

We're in!


Can't you do the message thing from out here?

No. I have to get to his computer.

It's this way.


Here, look.

Power and antenna cables.

You know this is a really bad idea, right?

This is gonna work, Sophia.

All right, so...


Oh no.

Tommy, I'm on the network.

I found Tessa's phone using the malware Lindy loaded.

The problem is, Jake's phone is converging on it.

Where are they?

They are at the abandoned fort on the southeast side.

Got it.


This is it?

This is where he's been doing everything?

There's no keyboard.



Hello, Lindy.

Nice to meet you.

♪ ♪

What would you like to know, Lindy?


They're all liars.

So delicate... You know I have to k*ll you...

I need someone...

Oh God.

He's been watching me all along.

... taste your fear.

You're perfect, the one...

It's like some sick and twisted love letter to you.

They don't love you. Not like I do.

Play first entry.

This was the day it all began.

She was sick and twisted and it destroyed my father.

And destroyed us.

That's enough. We're leaving.

I'm leaving you!

Do it. Do it, Jake.

End it.

End her pain.

k*ll her.

It was the only way.

Hey, sweetheart.

I just wanted her and her sickness gone.

I always think about the number of hair follicles on my mother's wrist before I k*lled her.

All it took was one air bubble.

What are you doing?


No, no!

No, no, no, no... oh God, no...

It was all her fault.

No, no...

She ruined everything.

Oh my God.

Jake k*lled his own mother and then his father k*lled himself because he thought that she died from a drug overdose.

Is there anything else, Lindy?


Show me entries for Sara Sampson.

We should go.

Just give me a minute to get this.

Teller log to USB drive.


Come on, come on, come on.

Lindy, we have to go!


You shouldn't be here, Lindy.



Sophia, no!


No one should be here.



Hey... hey...

Your friends are here now.

Come with me now and maybe they can save her.


I'll go around back.


(Sophia whimpering)

Sophia. You're okay, I got you. You're okay.

What took you so long?

You know me. Always fashionably late.

You are not gonna die. Come on.

I got you.

(g*n cocking) Stop!

Tommy, listen to me.

I need you to save Sophia. You need to do this for me.

Too many people have died because of me.

It has to be this way.


The only way I can forgive you for what you did is to save Sophia.

I'm not leaving you alone with him.

Sounds like you're left without a choice.

I love him, Tommy.

No, you don't. You don't mean that.

She chose me. Go.

Lindy, no.

Please, Tommy.



I will never stop looking for you, Lindy.

I know.



All right, what do we got?

All trace of Lindy and Jake Bolin has been wiped from the Internet.

Their identities have been completely erased.

It's been 12 hours.

Any hits in facial recognition?

Come on, people, find me something!

(Cell phone beeping)


Tommy, I need your help.

Open it.

It's everything I found out about your sister.

Where are we going, Jake?

To find her.

Attention, passengers.

Train three to Utica will be departing in four minutes.

This is going to my hometown.

We better get going, the train's boarding.

It's gonna be perfect.

Inbound train from Yonkers will be arriving in five minutes.



One, two, three.


(All cell phones beeping)

(All murmuring)

What did you do?

They know who you are.

There's nowhere for you to go and nowhere for you to run.

Hey. Don't move, man.

Get back! Get down!

I said get down! All of you, get on the ground now! Ahh!

Ahh! (Trigger clicking)

(Crowd screaming)

(Police radio chatter)

(Crowd shouting)

Get your hands up!


Move in!


Freeze, don't you move.



Don't move, don't move.



You don't know where she is, do you?

Guess she set us both up then, didn't she?

Looks to me that she set you up.

Go on. Ask me what it was like to be with her...


Who operates this m*rder?

Maybe someone sicker than me.

Where did she go?


I think I've said enough. I wanna talk to my lawyer now.

(Siren blaring)


Now, where was I?

I was thinking that we could start in Mykonos and then...

Then of course we need to head down to Santorini. And you'd love Sicily.

You have to go there.



Thank you for saving Sophia.

What are you doing, Lindy?

I have a lead on my sister.

Whatever you're gonna do, let me help you.

No. I can't put anymore people's lives at risk.

Lindy, please.

I'm gonna be okay, Tommy.

I have to do this alone.


I'm sorry.


♪ so I went out ♪
♪ to find everything ♪
♪ I thought I needed ♪
♪ everything I thought ♪
♪ I couldn't find in you ♪
♪ and the things you ♪
♪ never let me do ♪
♪ bars full of people ♪
♪ can't believe who ♪
♪ I'm talking to ♪
♪ everyone here ♪
♪ is just a bad version of you ♪
♪ now I've got you close ♪
♪ I want you to know ♪
♪ I'll cut off my legs ♪
♪ so I could never leave you ♪
♪ I'll cut out my tongue ♪
♪ so I won't never... ♪

Oh my God. This is from the night Sara was abducted.

♪ I'll cut out my eyes ♪
♪ so they will never wander ♪
♪ I'll cut off my hands ♪
♪ so there's no chance ♪
♪ I'll ever touch another ♪

At least now they'll be safe.

Lindy will be safe.

♪ I'll never touch another ♪
♪ another ♪
♪ I'll never touch another ♪
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