01x12 - Time Out of Mind

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Open Heart". Aired January - March 2015.
In the wake of her father's disappearance, a 16-year-old girl falls in with the wrong crowd, gets arrested, and earns court-ordered community service volunteering at Open Heart Memorial, the hospital where her mother and sister are doctors, where her grandparents are board members and benefactors - and where her father was last seen the day he vanished.
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01x12 - Time Out of Mind

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(Richard sighs)


It's time, Dylan.

Dr. Acosta: Dylan has had a lot of rest.

I've prescribed her a low dosage
of anti-anxiety medication, to be taken only if necessary.

Dylan and I should meet once a week for the next few months.

Any questions?

Are we almost done here? My shift starts soon.

Dr. Acosta: Well, that might be the best thing to do, jump right back into the normal routine.

Let's head to reception, and sign the discharge forms.

Hey, I am so sorry about the fundraiser.

No, it was a crazy plan, I shouldn't have dragged everyone I loved into it.

Did it ruin things with you and Seth?

He made the deal with the Maras anyway!

Dylan: What?

London: He sold the painting!

I have $250,000 dollars stashed in my locker, what am I supposed to do with it?!

No idea!

There's no kidnapping, no ransom.

I just have to focus on what's in front of me, and right now, that's my volunteer hours.

Time to move forward, Dylan.

Dylan: Absolutely.

Dr. Acosta: Great.

(London sighs heavily)


(Unlocking click)

(Heartbeat pulses)

Hud: So we're gonna keep you for another 24 hours for observation, but things are looking pretty good, Taylor.

Did you get any sleep last night?

Barely, this thing in my chest is the worst!

This tape's really itchy.

You know what, screw it, let's just take it out right now.

Can you turn on your side for me?

You ever see "Alien"?


Hud: "Alien," it's a movie, it was made way before you were born.

When I was a kid, my dad only had me a couple times a month, we always used to watch movies together.

Just so you know, I'm not distracted by your little story.

Hud: Oh! Oh! Damn it! Uh...

(Taylor whimpers)

Uh, Scarlet!

What are you doing?!

This patient is on blood thinners, Hud!

Hud: I didn't know!

Scarlet: Did you look at her chart?!

Scarlet: Okay, just maintain pressure, you're gonna be okay, Taylor.

I'm gonna take over, and you just get some more gauze.

Okay, just take some deep breaths, Taylor, you'll be just fine, okay?

Just hold it right there.

(London pants heavily)

Okay... morning java, huh?


Okay, I hate this so much, I need you to talk to me!

I know I screwed up, calling Donnie behind your back, I don't know what I was thinking!

You were thinking about your sister.

I should've been thinking about you, too.

London: I'm so sorry.

Seth: I forgive you.

But what did I walk in on that night?

You and Hud?

Huh? That was...

I was falling over, he caught me.

I was having another vision.

Those things are terrorizing me, Seth.

I know they are, but...

No, no. This conversation wasn't supposed to end in us breaking up.

That's not the way I planned it out in my head, everything is supposed to go back to normal, I love you!

I do.

I love you.

Damn it.

I love you, too.

Oh... okay, good!

(Both laugh)

Ooh wee!

Good for you. Good for you.

Glad you two kids worked it out.

I told you never to come back here.

Sethy, unclench, okay? It's personal business.

I lost my phone somewhere here in the hospital.

Get a new phone!

Well... I'm hoping to hear from this Chiquita.

You're unbelievable.

You should retrace your steps.

What? I don't like losing things, either.

Okay, when do you last remember having it?

Oh, you know what?

I think I shoved it in the duffle bag with the cashola.

Oh, well that bag is in my locker.

Wait, you left all that money in your locker?

Yeah well, what was I supposed to do with it?

Literally, anything else.

Unclench, Sethy.

But the only person I told was Dylan.

And you really think it's still there?

Of course, why wouldn't it be?

London: Oh.

Seth: Yeah.

Uh oh.

Wes: Why didn't you let me know you were out?

I've been freaking out since you got carted away, and then you reappear, and completely blow me off?!

What did I do?

You sold me out by telling everyone I dreamt the ransom video.

That was part of the plan.

Dylan: That was not part of the plan!

I had to improvise!

And if you didn't like it, why did you tell everybody you lied?

I had to improvise!

Getting everyone involved at the fundraiser was a mistake, so I undid it!

Hey, what's in the bag?

Seth sold the painting to the Maras after all.

You're walking around with $250 g's on your back?!

I have to go meet Veronica.

Oh my God, you are out of your mind!

Just like dear old daddy, huh?

Wes: Stop it.

You are just like my family.

Do you have any idea how lucky you are, to have this huge family that cares about you?!

I haven't had anyone love me like that since I was five years old!

Not one day since!

I love you.

I wish that were true.

Dylan: Wes!

Wes: Don't go see Veronica, please!

You can't ask me to choose between you and my dad!

I'm only asking you not to go.

(Dylan sobs)

Mikayla: Oh no!

What happened?

Did you guys break up?

Hey guys, uh, where's Dylan?

Seriously, tell me where she is!

(Cars rumble, siren wails)

(Cell phone buzzes)


Veronica: Behind you.

Who are you, and why are you staying at my dad's loft?

Veronica: Oh Dylan, it's not what you think.

The day your dad disappeared, he told me to stay there while...

Blackmailing to kidnapping's a big step, Veronica.

Veronica: I had a little help.

I want you to have your dad back, believe me.

No, don't! Stop that.

Don't pretend you care, we are not friends.

Let's just do this.

The alley.

Hud: Is Taylor okay?

Other than a little mental trauma, she'll be fine.

It won't happen again, Dr. K.

Can you promise me that?

I'm thinking about suspending you.

What? Come on, I...

I'm concerned.

You don't read patient charts, you jump to conclusions too quickly, and you never ask for help.

So I'm a bad doctor?

Dr. K: Your head isn't in it, your head is...

Your head is back there!

Hud: That was years ago, I'm over it.

Dr. K: It's part of you, Hud!

(Groans) Okay.

I won't suspend you, but you need to start mandatory counseling sessions, through your veterans' support, or an HR referral!

Just give me a break, Dr. K.

Dr K.: This is your break!

Because if you don't start talking to someone, you are not working here anymore!

Oh my God, Veronica!

Goodis: Dylan!


Your boyfriend called me, he said you're in trouble.

Are you okay? This isn't safe!

I'll take care of this for you.

Come on, give me the bag.

I didn't tell Wes where I was going.

That's your problem, kid.

You're just too smart.

(Phone buzzes)


(Dylan grunts)

Goodis: Shh! Ssh! Don't make a scene!

Dylan: No! No! (Screams)

Ms. Rykov there, she tried to make a scene.

Dylan: No! Don't even think about it!

(Lid slams)

Dylan: Let me out of here, Goodis, I swear...

(Cell phone rings)

Please, please, please, please, please!



Hud: London, I wanted to tell you...

No, no, no, not now, sorry!

Mom! Mom!

Jane: Yeah, one second.

London: Mom!

Jane: What's the situation?

Head injury, bystander heard screaming, found this woman unconscious in an alley.

Hud: That's Veronica Rykov!

London: Mom, Dylan was just meeting her!


London: To pay the ransom!

I thought that was just a story she made up!

No, Wes and Mikayla said it's true, Dylan went to meet her, but they don't know where.

Jane: Call her.

London: I did, she's not answering.

Okay, find Dominic, her friends, we need to figure out what everyone knows, get the police! Try her again!

London: Okay!



I know where Dylan is.

(Car engine shuts off)

(Keys rattle)



(Car starts)

Get out of the car, Dylan!

You drive away now, you never get your dad back.

(Sighs heavily)

Okay, Dr. K, Hud, and Wes went to look, Seth is giving the details to the police, are you ready?

No, he didn't answer.

Dr. Andrews? This is Dr. Jane Blake.

I need you to come to Open Heart.

I have a patient with a surface clot in the brain, the result of a traumatic injury, and I need you to come here right now, to do the operation.

(Sighs) Damn it!

London: Will she die if we don't get another surgeon here in time?

Jane: Do you think I care if she dies?!

Oh God, I've gotta go look for Dylan!

My baby!

Hey, hey.

A lot of people are looking, and they will find her, I know it, but if we let Veronica die, and everything she knows dies with her, Dylan is gonna be really pissed off at us.

(Both laugh and sob)


All right, let's scrub in.

We do this together.

It was you at the diner.

Veronica said she had help.

I thought we were friends, you were helping me.

Then your family screwed me over.

My career is ruined, my life!

I didn't do anything to you.

I don't want to hurt you.

I just wanna get as far away from this as possible, with the money.

So... pop the trunk, grab the bag.

You show me the money is there, and I'll tell you where your dad is.

No! No!

Dr. K: Hey!

(Dr. K. Grunts with effort)

Wes: No, no!

(Fighting grunts)

(g*n booms, casing clatters)

(Landing thuds)

(Dr. K. Grunts with effort)

Dr. K: Hud?


It-it's not me.

(Dr. K. Sighs)

Oh no!

No, no, no, no, no! He can't, he can't!

He's the only one, he knows everything!

(Dylan sobs)

♪ Does it feel enough such a heavy rush ♪
♪ for me♪
♪ and the whispers calls out ♪
♪ holds on 'til I'm listening ♪
♪ there's a wild f*re♪
♪ set to blaze♪
♪ undiscovered♪
♪ here to change♪
♪ there's a wild f*re♪
♪ f*re... f*re... f*re...♪
♪ Oh... whispering♪

(elevator door dings)

(Wes sighs)

You okay, son?

I will be, eventually.

I know you don't have the perfect family.

The family that you wished you had.

But what you did today, saving my granddaughter, my Dylan, that is a debt that I can never repay, but I'll try.

You're part of my family now, Wes.

And if you want anything, anything, I will make it happen for you.

♪ And the whispers calls out ♪
♪ holds on 'til I'm missing you ♪

Thank you, Edward.

♪ It's a wild f*re♪
♪ set to blaze♪
♪ undiscovered♪
♪ here to change♪

Jane: Veronica's in an induced coma until her brain heals.

When she wakes up, we'll find out what she knows.

And what if she doesn't wake up?

Right now I'm just really glad you guys are safe.

(London and Dylan sigh)

London: Hey! Hey...

Make a wish.

(Small chuckles)

You're okay?

Yeah, thanks for everything.



Sorry, be back in a sec, okay?

♪ I can't stay far from me♪

The loft!


Hey, that goodbye in there didn't sound like a "see 'ya later," are you okay?

Come on, talk to me!

No thanks.

What, you think I won't ride without a helmet?

I'm not letting you leave until you talk to me.

What do you want to hear me say, London?

That I'm a bad doctor, that I'm quitting?

That everyone I know dies? That I let my friends die?

They died, Hud.

You didn't let them!

What about all those patients?

What about today?

Today? Today you were a hero.

You saved my sister's life, and I refuse to let you feel one single bit of guilt about what happened to that piece of human garbage!

Hud: Give me my helmet.

London: I'm not letting you quit!

Give me my helmet.

Do you remember telling me that we had each other's backs?

Well, if you bail on me now, you're breaking that pact, London: Our pact!

Hud: I don't care about our pact, London!

Just give me my helmet!

Just promise me that I'll see you tomorrow.


Just promise me you won't quit, Hud!

♪ There's a wild f*re♪
♪ set to blaze♪
♪ undiscovered♪

I promise I won't quit.

♪ Here to change♪
♪ there's a wild f*re♪
♪ f*re... f*re... f*re...♪

(Sighs heavily)

(Motorcycle rumbles)

♪ Is what's plain♪

Oh no.

Richard: (Yelling, muffled) I'm here! I'm here for you!

I'm here! I'm here!

Helena: London, honey...

You're so upset, it's okay, Nana's here, trust me.

Everything's gonna be okay.

Edward: London bridges... You give her to me.

It's all right, let me have your sister.


Seth: Whoa, what's wrong?

My family...

I think we did something really bad.

(Sobs brokenly)

(Glass shatters)

(Sighs heavily)

(Dylan gasps)

Dylan: Daddy?

Richard: Dylan!

Dylan, you're here!

Dylan: I was here not that long ago, but you weren't.

Dylan, look at me.

Oh honey, I'm so sorry.

I am so sorry, I was so lost.

No, it's okay, it's okay, I found you.

I found you!

Richard: We have to... the key-the key.

Get the key there.

Good girl! How did you know I was here?

Um, it's a long story, but it it...

It started with this, and then it kinda snowballed from there.



Dylan, you shouldn't be here.

You're in danger.

No! No, dad it's okay, everything's fine.

It's okay, it's time to come home, we'll get you better.

No, I can't!

I can't go home.

You have to, a lot of people think you're d*ad!

Good! Good, Dylan, listen to me.

You have to convince everyone I'm d*ad.


Because... It's the only way to protect you.

From what?
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