01x02 - Harry

All episode transcripts for this TV show, . Aired: November 2011 to November 2011.
"The Slap" is a complex family drama that explodes from one small incident where a man slaps another couple's misbehaving child. This seemingly minor domestic dispute pulls the family apart, begins to expose long-held secrets, and ignites a lawsuit that challenges the core American values of all who are pulled into it.
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01x02 - Harry

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Everyone has to be able to afford this kind of money to be able to put them in good education.

f*cking animal! Don't touch my kid!

I'm not scared of this f*g.

You're a f*cking bastard!

Get out of here, eh!

Rosie's called the police, says they're gonna press charges.

No-one deserves to be hit. Let alone a child.

Well, we all wanted to slap Hugo that day.

Can you do me a favour and watch the kids for an hour? Please?

I suppose. Have to go to the police station to tell them what happened.

Narrator: The cross around Harry's neck had belonged to his mother.

The wedding band around his finger had been his father's.

Harry knew they would have been proud of what their son had made for himself.

Their heads would have been raised so high, they would have been in the clouds.

King of the world!

Starving. Oh, that looks good.


Narrator: Harry hated it when the world intruded on him.

Let the towelheads and the Jews b*mb each other.

Let America and China fight it out.

Just don't involve him.

Where's the Prince?

He's coming.

Rocco? Come down. Now.

I am. f*ck.


Mate, aren't you hot?

What's to eat?


Steak and chips?

No, steak and salad.

You eat too many chips.

You can never eat too many chips.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

Why does she call you that? You're not a king.

Yes, I am a king.

This is my kingdom.

That's my queen.

And you, my young prince, one day all of this is going to be yours.

(Door buzzes)

Relax, I'll get it.

Alright. You want a drink?


I'm just about to have lunch with my family.

My name is Constable Lions. This is Constable Rucker.

Do you mind if we have a word with you inside?

Narrator: Harry was not surprised that Rosie and Gary had called in the law.

That was exactly the kind of people they were.

They were the kind of scum who would always whinge, always cry victim.

They did not know work, they did not know family.

And you were in attendance at your cousin's barbecue a fortnight ago?

What I said.

You were there?


He hit that kid because he was scared he was going to hurt somebody.
So he didn't hit the child?

Are you arresting me for being at a barbecue?

Constable Lions: Is Daddy nice to you?

We've had a complaint made by a person who was also in attendance.

Sandi: Hey, you leave him out of this.

It's resulted in the as*ault of a minor.

Is this familiar to you?

There was this kid who was out of control.

He came at my son with a cricket bat, so I stopped it.

How did you stop it, exactly?

I got between the other kid and my son.

I protected my son from potential injury.

♪ Dance music ♪

Ela re gamoto. Are you serious?

What, man? What?

You think I want your hairy arse crack as my shopfront window?

You checking out my arse now?

What am I going to do, not look at it?

It's hairier than last time.

So what? Who do I have to impress?

Come on, mate. Impress me. Right? Please.

Man: Harry?

What are you doing here so early on a Monday?

I just came to check out the books.

Yo, boss.

Clock's dirty.

Yeah. I'll clean it today.

Good. Do the whole office.

How's Sandi? How's the kid?

Yeah, good.

That's good.

(Mobile phone buzzes)

Take the call.

(Hang-up tone)

What's, er... What's the problem, boss?

You're my problem.

I'll clean the clock, boss. I didn't know it was that big a deal.

Don't f*cking dance with me, shitbag.

Jesus, Harry. Sit down.

Now, there's no way that I'm going to figure out exactly how much you ripped me off.

Kolo pousti.

But let's start with you giving me some kind of figure.

I did something stupid, I know. I'll pay you back. Every cent.

Give me a figure.

I don't know.


20 grand?

Double it.

Look, Haz - I don't have it, man.

Where is it?


Expenses, huh?

OK. You know what?

I'm going to take a third of your wages every week and I'm going to start calculating interest on 40 grand, starting from today. You got that?

And, Con...

Malaka, if I ever, ever catch you trying to pull this shit again, I will stick a f*cking wrench up your arse so hard that I'm going to be tuning up your tonsils.

You understand me?

Now take your scumbag arse out of here now.

Thanks, Harry.

I will shake your hand when you're ready to be a man.

Now get the f*ck out of my office.

Sure, boss.

Hey, hey.

What are you up to?

Oh, really? She's sick?

That's no good.

Yeah, when I come round.

(Speaks Arabic)

OK, Ma.

I told you, I'll bring them over!


What do you keep asking me for, Ma?



Oh, who's a little sick girl? Hey?

Did you get me a chocolate?


I can't give it to you because look how sick you look.

What kind is it?


I'll put it in the fridge for you for later, OK?




I understand now.

You want it on Sunday, you don't want it on Saturday.


Why, what did he say?

Hey - what the f*ck?


No way, Mum.

Tell him that's what you've done.

You've made the arrangements and that's what we're going with.



Alright, Mum.

(Speaks Arabic)

Alright, Ma.

You spoke to a doctor?

Look at me.

Look at me!

Yeah. That's good.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Oh, yeah!

You're a pig.

Kelly: Do you want coffee?

Harry: Yeah, sure. Why not?

Oh! God.

(Mobile buzzes)

You should answer it, it's your wife.

(Kelly chuckles)

She went through my books last week.

Found out one of my boys has been ripping me off for the past 18 months.

What? No way.

I know. Can you believe it?

I confronted the little prick about it.

He admitted it.


Unbelievable, that chick.

She doesn't miss a thing.

You're very lucky, Harry.

Hey, cuz.

Hey. What's going on?

I've been calling you.

Where have you been?

I had to deal with Con.

Oh. And?


Well done, mate.

Hey, let's go outside.

Get some sun.

Aish is upset with me? What for?

All I did was get up and stop it.

I know.

I know.

What if somebody came at her kid with a wood bat, hey?

At Melissa. You know? Like this.

I don't know, mate.

Why don't you put it into perspective?

Aisha's pretty upset.

We're all upset, OK? Not just her.

You know what?

Greece'll fix all that.

We'll sit down, the three of us.

Ouzaki, oktopodaki, kefi.

You're coming to Greece?

We're all coming.

Your mum didn't tell you?

We're going to be there together.

Hey, Roc, European holidays.

Right, buddy?

Aish is coming, right?

Yeah. She moved things around at the clinic. So yeah, she's in.

We'll have a holiday together, everything'll be sweet again.

Trust me.

Yeah. Look, Harry... cops said I'm their best witness.

Best witness? For what?

You know, in court.

No, no, no.

We're not going to court.

They're just asking questions.

If it goes to court, I have to take the stand.

If, if, if.

What are you going to say, if it does?

I have to say what I saw.

What'd you see?

Hey, Roc, get us some beers, will you?

I thought we were going for a swim.

Your uncle's thirsty.

Get us some beers now.

Let me get a couple things straight.

Can you not take this personal?

My own cousin is taking the side of some f*cking skip degenerate and I'm not supposed to take it personal?

If we reverse the situation, I would do whatever it took for you.

(Phone rings)

Who's this?


Phone: Sand? It's Gary Bryant.

Oh, right.

Are you there?

Yeah, I'm here. Hi.

I was calling up to say that A Current Affair are interested in this.


I called the whole Nine Network.

They're going to do something up about it... a television special exposing your husband smashing my child in the head.

A special what?

I don't know what you're saying.

Who is it?

Who's this?

It's Gary Bryant, just calling up about Channel Nine.

Mate, you realise what time it is?


Do you know what time A Current Affair is on?

Check your guides 'cause you'll be on the f*cking show.

Go f*ck yourself, mate, OK?


Are you thr*at me?

Don't call here again, you drunk piece of shit, OK?

I'm the f*cking piece of shit?

I'm the f*cking piece of shit?


I'm not the one who bashes f*cking children, alright?

You want to meet up somewhere and we'll sort this out man-to-man? Huh?

'f*cking meet somewhere and f*cking do it man-to-man?'

Narrator: His eyes were his father's.

His chin, his brow.

Pano Apostolou was a genius with cars.

Pano lifted the hood and possibility shined up at him.

It was only when working on a car that Harry ever saw his father at peace.

Phone: Andrew Petrious' office.

Sarah speaking.

Hi. Can I speak to Andrew, please?

Mr Petrious is busy with a client.

Oh, yeah?

Why don't you tell him it's Harry Apostolou calling and we'll see how busy he is.

Is this about an appointment?

Andrew knows what it's about.

OK, Sarah?

(Transferred line rings)

Hey. How's it hanging, doggy dog?

Over your lips, bitch.

What are you doing for lunch?

When did you start hitting kids?

Hey - I didn't.

I don't.

Relax. OK.

What happened?

So we're at my cousin's barbecue, OK?

Nice day.

Everyone's getting along, beautiful.

This kid's running around like a maniac.

He's breaking toys, terrorising the other kids.

He's a nightmare, this guy.

Anyone that will verify the kid's behaviour?

Everyone saw what was happening that day.

OK, good. Then what?

So we're having lunch, and you know, the kids are playing a game of cricket.

This little shit comes at my boy with a cricket bat.

So you acted in defence of another?

Yeah. He was about to strike my child.

Heat of the moment?


Your Honour, my client is an exemplary father, husband, successful businessman, bastion of the community, who on the occasion was availing himself by trying to protect that which he values most in the world, his family. Blah, blah, blah.

They're not going to hang a guy like you for belting some shithead kid.

How will I know when the cops come and press charges?

I'll find out. My girl'll find out.

So it's actually real?

This court case thing is real?

What do I do?

You don't do shit, Harry.

That's why your pocket bleeds, to see me shine.

You know it's my second conviction, right?

Shut the f*ck up, Apostolou.

You got into a fight when you were 16. Who the f*ck didn't?

Know what the judge will have seen before you?

Two-year-olds with their jaws shattered and their skulls caved in from some drug-f*cked,

16-year-old bitch.

Or some sick pig who f*cked his daughter in the arse so much the poor girl can't shit for the rest of her life.

Has to wear a f*cking colostomy bag.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Spare me.

I get it.

Alright. Well, what happens if they favour the kid?

If I do half my job, most you'll get is a good-behaviour bond.

What does that mean?

Possible community-service order.

You're sorting rubbish at the Salvation Army 15 weekends in a row.

f*ck, you should see your face!

Imagine that?

Harry f*cking Apostolou scrubbing the toilet block on all fours.

You're the one who likes it on all fours.

Relax. It's not going to happen.

It's not going to happen.

Stop moaning like some old bitch.

Know what else happened?


Cops came around that day, right?


Now the neighbours won't look at me 'cause of one lousy cop car.

I'm sure that's what they expected the moment wops moved in to the neighbourhood.

Harry, you want to be besties with your next door?

You shouldn't have bought land across the road from Brighton Beach.

f*ck 'em.

Hey, I got it. Keep your money.

I'll call you.

Malaka, I got it. Keep your money.

(Music box plays waltz)


Do you want a massage?

Come on, let's go upstairs.

Let's go to the bedroom.

No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.

Did you talk to Andrew?

Yeah, I spoke to him. It's all good.

What did he say?

He said it's all good, nothing to worry about.

I swear. He said it'll get thrown out of court in one minute.


What did he say about A Current Affair?

He said that Gary called up the network and they laughed at him 'cause he was drunk.

Andrew heard that? How?

He found out for me.

He finds out anything, this bloke.

Trust me.

Gary's just going to go somewhere else.

He's going to get the same answer everywhere he goes 'cause the guy's a deadshit.

Someone will listen to him.

Someone will smell the story.

What story, babe? What f*cking story?

So I slapped a kid.

Big deal. No-one's interested.


How was school?


Yeah? What'd you get up to?

Oh, we watched a video.

What kind?

It was on Eskimos but they were called this other thing.

Any good?

It was OK.

The girls liked it.

It looked really, really cold.

There was this family who had to live in an underground icehouse for months and months. Ages.

And all they had to eat was seal blubber, which is gross.

Narrator: Three b*ll*ts, that's all he needed. Bang.

One for that Rosie bitch.


Another for that loser husband.

Bang. The final one to put that poor doomed kid out of his misery.


(Sandi gasps)

(Music box plays)

Sandi: Oh!

I love you.

It's beautiful. Thank you.

Do you like my music box?

I do.

You like my music box?

No, come here. Come here.

Let me, let me, let me.

Babe, I want to put it in your p*ssy.

Next time.

We need to be trying.

I know, but I want you to come in my mouth.

I want you to f*ck my mouth.

Oh, yeah.

(Both moan)

Hey. Rocco ready?

He said he's not playing soccer unless you take him to McDonald's after.


That's what he said.

Does he want to be fat like Hector's kid?

Hey, come on.

Give him a break. He's been a good boy through all of this.

Through all of what?

Through this.

It's affecting him.

He feels it all too.

Rocco's fine, OK?

I know when he's not.

Pass me a knife, please.

I want to get the girls over on Saturday just to go through some DVDs.

Do you reckon you can get Van to come? Yeah?

And I thought you should give Hector a call.

We haven't seen Aish and the kids for ages.

Yeah, sure. I'll call him.

Good, I'll get him.

Hey, Rocco, are you getting ready?

Oi! How the f*ck are you?

Yeah, OK.

I'm having my Asian guy coming around on Saturday with some DVDs.

Cheap, alright?

You should come round.

Yeah, bring Aish and the kids.

OK. After netball, then.

Alright, sure. Done.

Oh, hey... can you text me Anouk's number?

'Cause I want to be a f*cking TV star. What's it to you?

Just text me her number, will you?


And suck my nuts.

OK, he's coming.

I'm going to Pilates.

What's wrong?

Aish can't make it.


She's working on Saturday and she can't get anyone to fill in.

Right. She works too hard, that girl.

We'll see her in Greece anyway.

Don't worry about it.

Everything's good.

Alright. Bye, babe.

(Text message alert)

Thanks for meeting me.

Anouk: Yes.

Why am I here, Harry?

Oh, you know.

You and I get along at barbecues.

So I figured why not a bit of one-on-one time, hey?


And why am I really here?

This slap at Hector's house.

Oh, yes.

Hugo came at my boy with a cricket bat.

I know.

You saw what he was like that day.

The kid was a monster, right?

You think I did the right thing, right?

Where is this leading, Harry?


If it went to court...

Oh, no.

No, no, no. Hear me out, OK?

If, right, and that's if they called you up...


What do you need, hm? New car?

I could look after you.

I don't need a new car.

Well, you do now.

No, Harry.

I'll have a beer with you.

I like you. I enjoy your company.

But I can't do that.

Not to Rosie, or Aish.

But it's what you think.

Sorry, but no.

Guess I had you pictured wrong.


I thought you were a woman of her own mind, somebody who spoke up.

And I thought you were a man who understood loyalty.

♪ Hip-hop ♪

Hi, mate.

Hey, what do you think of this chick?

Hey? You reckon she's sexy?

Black chicks are hoes.

Everyone knows that.

Don't talk about your auntie Aisha like that.


She's not a whore, mate.

Don't let her catch you saying that.

You understand?


(Turns music up)

(Door buzzer)


Man: Yo, open the garage.

Park on the street like everyone else.

Just open the garage, you f*cking wop dog.

Watch your language.

I've got f*cking kids here, idiot.

Hey, you like Adam Sandler, don't you, Rocco?



Take these.

Malaka just escaped the halfway house or something?



There's single girls here, mate.

Why do you think I invited your dumb arse here? As my waste-disposal unit?

Which one?

The blonde one's a kariola.

You won't even have to take her to the movies, nothing.

Just buy her a DVD.

That's about right.

(Hector speaks indistinctly)

Sandi: It's ridiculous.

(Hector speaks indistinctly)

Van: Now, this is the king of p*rn.

Van: This shit is wild, man.

Hey. What's going on?


I was thinking about what you said the other day.

Me too.

You know what?

I said some pretty harsh things.

Ah, it's all good.

I just want to know that you're on my side.

Of course I am. You know that.

We're like brothers.

I agree.

We've been through too much.

We can't let this bullshit get in the way.

That's why I want to propose something to you. Suggest something.


I think you should go and meet Rosie and Gary and have a talk.

f*cking... Hector...

Hear me out, OK?

You want me to get down on my knees in front of that pisshead skip and his dirty wife?

You're f*cking dreaming.

Sandi and Aisha have spoken to them about it and we all agree it's the best way to put this thing to rest.

Charges dropped, fly to Greece, happy days.


Whose idea was this?


Who came up with it?

Everyone's worried, Harry.

Sandi have something to do with this?

She and Aisha have spoken this week on the phone.

Is that what you were talking about?

She thinks you're not handling it.

I'm handling it, OK?

I'm handling it just fine.

She's the one who's not handling it.

That was a fantastic day, wasn't it?

Why did you go and talk to Hector behind my back?

I was going to tell you.

How f*cking dare you?

How f*cking dare you?

Please don't.

Don't talk to anyone about our business, OK?


Deal, OK.

I'm sorry.

What happens if he tells that stuck-up, f*cking black bitch our business?

She's going to run straight to that Rosie slut and tell her everything.

Isn't she?


Yeah, that's f*cking right.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


Please stop. Just stop.

Look at me. Look at me!

I'm sorry.





It's OK, it's OK. It's OK.

It's OK.


You're beautiful. You know that?

Thank you. Sorry.



Ela, Rocco mou.

How's the soccer going?

Hey, you not talking to Pappou Manolis today?

What's the matter, Roc?

Pappou's talking to you.

(Speaks Greek)

If someone says sorry, it should be them to this family.

I'm just saying.


You know what he used to say to me?

A good engine is like a good woman.

You got to love the sound of it even when it roars.


He taught you a lot, eh?

Kai o Rocco.

Then ksero.

I don't want to pressure him.

I'm angry, Theo.

I'm angry at these people and what they're trying to take away from me.

Panos, he went to his grave angry.


I'm going to go and see Rosie and Gary, OK?


Harry: Mate, how much you pay for this piece of shit?

Go easy.

Transmission's f*cked. Six months, you're up for two-and-a-half grand.


I've got a car for you at the Altona shop, alright? '91 Merc.

Goes nice.

Is it manual?

'Cause Aish doesn't drive manual.

Relax, mate. It's auto. OK?

Yeah, I don't know, mate.

It's yours.

Don't even think about it.




Hey, Gary.

Come in, then.

Come on. Come on.


(Clears throat)

Thanks for seeing me.

I didn't want to see you.

How are you, Hector?

Me? All good.

Hugo, do you remember this man?

It's the bad man who hit me.

He's going to go to jail.


So why are you here?

I've come to apologise.

Not f*cking accepted.

Rosie, just hear him out.

I have.

OK? I've come to apologise, alright?

I shouldn't have hit Hugo and I'm sorry.

But please understand that I was concerned for Rocco.

Your son is twice his size.

Harry's really sorry, Rosie.

This is none of your f*cking business.

No, no. Harry's my cousin, you're my wife's best friend. I am involved.

Gary: No you're not, Hector.

It's between me, Rosie and Hugo.

You know what? Not even Hugo.

This is between me, Rosie and this f*cking arsehole right here.

That's it. Simple. It's between us.

Yeah? What about Sandi?

Yeah. Sandi, of course.

We don't blame Sandi. It's not her fault she's married to an animal.

Hey, whatever you think of me, OK?

That's besides the point.

Sandi is shook up by all this.

Now can we just put it to rest, please?

It's a waste of money, it's a waste of time.

Hey? For her. What do you reckon?

Do you hit Sandi?

This is not helpful.

Shut the f*ck up, Hector.

Excuse me?

I bet you hit her.

What about your kid?

How often do you hit your kid?

Come on.

I hope all this makes her leave you.

I hope she sees sense and gets out now before you crush her completely, you disgusting, sexist, f*cking pig.

(Hector cries)

Gary, call the police.

Gary, call the cops.

He's just...

He's thr*at us!

Call the f*cking cops or I f*cking will!

You can wait for the coppers outside!

(Hugo whines)





Hector: Harry!

You can't smoke in the car, mate.

Aisha doesn't like it.

f*cking sorry.

Forget it. It was a stupid idea to talk to 'em anyway.

Hey, you want to come in?

Can I have one?

I don't give a f*ck anymore.

I just got off the phone to Rosie and she said you attacked her.

That's not what...

You broke a chair.

No, Aish. I was there, OK?

I'm talking to him.

Hector: Excuse me?

Aisha: Did you att*ck Rosie in any way?

I don't believe you.

Don't walk away from me.

Listen, I did nothing to those f*cking animals.


Next time you go and organise something like this, make sure people know about it!

(Tyres screech)

(Mouths silently)

(Mobile phone buzzes)

Ssh! Angela's sleeping.

Baby, what's the score?

Girl: Mum, who is it?

(Harry whispers indistinctly)

Wait! Wait!

Mum, who is it?

Angela, honey.

Can I have some water?

You scared her. Are you drunk?

No. Just come on.

Angela: Mum!

Just let me settle her.

I'm thirsty.

I'll settle her.

OK. Hurry up.


I feel sick.

Lie down, baby.

You've got to go to sleep.

Shh. It's OK.

Give it here.

Baby, go easy.

Harry, f*ck!

What the f*ck?




What? What's up?

What's going on here?

f*ck it, I'm not into it.

Here you go.

I'm not a whore, Harry.

Here, take it.

Sorry, babe.

♪ Dance music ♪

(Mobile phone buzzes)

Mr Apostolou, please.

I'm sorry to interrupt but I do not know if you read this note in office?

No. What note?

Saying I would very much like to not work this Saturday night, please.

Are you scheduled to work?

Yes, Mr Apostolou.

Well, then, you work.

Count yourself lucky that you've even got a job.


(Mobile phone buzzes)

Yeah, babe?

Harry, Rocco's gone missing.


I have called 600 times.

When? Where?

Shall I call the police?

Where'd he go?

I don't know.

Calm down.

Listen to me. Where'd he go?

I heard the door slam.

OK. I will find him.

Alright? I will find him.

Stay calm and stay near the phone.

I'll call you back.

I'll find him, babe. Trust me. OK?



(Traffic light beeping)


What are you doing?

Mate, you got your mum very, very worried.

Rocco: I...

I was going to the police station.

I was going to tell them it was all my fault.

Hey. Hey, it's not your fault.

I got him out LBW. I bowled it.

Oh, no, no.

It's OK, it's not your fault.


Sandi: Is Rocco asleep?


I'm sorry, baby.

I'm so lucky to have you.

(Door buzzer)

Who's that?

I don't know.

(Door buzzer)

No-one's behaved very well in any of this.

Harry had no right to slap him.

He's unbelievable saying he's not guilty.

It happened, didn't it?

Everybody saw it.

How did it go?

She said we definitely have a case.

I'm sorry this keeps happening.

Voicemail: You've called Hector Sossidis. I can't take your call...

Are you off tonight, Connie?

Yeah, I'm going to a party with my friends.

I want tonight to be perfect.

There's not a boy on this Earth who could resist you in that dress.

Connie, are you OK?
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