02x13 - O Brave New World

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Helix". Aired: January 2014 to April 2015.
A team of scientists are thrust into a potentially life-or-death situation in this thriller, which begins with the group being deployed to the Arctic to secretly investigate what could be a disease outbreak.
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02x13 - O Brave New World

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Previously on Helix...

Do you know the way to San Jose?

I don't understand.


I'm already dying.

TXM-7. I thought you were...

Immortal, not indestructible.

I guess the sword works.

There's no going back now.

What has the world outside ever given to you? Nothing.

I wanted to be a healer.

You look nervous, Olivia.

Why did he k*ll my mom? Now I'm all alone.

I'll be your family now.

Why don't you come with me?

I can't. I have to finish what I started.


I still gotta turn you in.

First Bank of Atlanta. Safety deposit box 274.

The Mother Tree. Michael must have had some way to access its roots.

That thing is not a child.

Shut up.

Keeping it like that is cruel.


You are my son. My family.

They became pure vessels.

Release them. All of them.

Its Mothers... she's everywhere.

We can create widespread infertility without any mycotic effects.

You have to let me go.

I can't.



You sh*t me!

Well, you were gonna sh**t me.


Stay with me, Alan, okay?

Stay with me, Alan. Alright?

You have a son now. You think about that. You're gonna pull through this.

Think about that.

No sign of that lunatic Peter.

Thinking he's crazy is your first mistake.

What do you call f*ring at a US Navy helicopter?

Aggressive. They're gonna think twice about a second evac.

We gotta keep trying. There's no telling how far the mycosis has spread.

Mayday, mayday, this is Dr. Kyle Sommer with the CDC.

We have the cure for mycosis. I repeat: we have the cure.

Kyle, we need to be smart about this. We have to find another way off this island. The longer we wait, the higher the rate of infection.

If one of those ships gets to the mainland...

We need as much of the cure as you can carry.

Can you handle that?

Absolutely. Where you going?

To make a deal with the devil.

(woman screaming)

What have you done?

Save... Amy.

For what?

To look like this? (sobbing)

Look at the two of us.

What a pair we make.

We're absolutely hideous.


I'm not beautiful anymore.

You know what I am, Landry?


Free to do whatever I want to whoever I want.

And right now...

I'd like to thank my immortal sisters for my new face.


(baby cooing)

Two parts cannabis indica. One part capsaicin.

When it came to pain management, my mother was a genius.

Someone has desecrated the council hall.

One of the others saw Jerome...

Thank you, Carson.

I thought it was a fool's errand, but an outsider found what's been beneath our feet for centuries.

The Mother Tree?

What remains of her, anyway.

Eli... her roots may still be viable.

How does that help us?

Dr. Walker said Ilaria wants Mother. Why shouldn't you be the one to deliver it?


We can bypass the Navy and CDC.

I'm sure they'll pay handsomely.

It's not just about money.

Ilaria has power and influence.

Anne, you and I are gonna be heard around the world. Those 200 followers...

Imagine two million.

I would follow you anywhere.

I need to get underneath the tree and access the roots.

There are blocked stairways behind the council hall.

We were always told they were d*ad ends.

Another one of Michael's lies.

For us, I'll always find a way.

Hey, buddy, why don't you rest for a bit?

If I gave this much blood, you'd have to scrape me off the floor.

I'm fine.

When we get back, first thing I wanna do is order a pizza from Fellini's. Thin crust, sausage and mushroom. Two pizzas, one for each of us.

Then... glorious sleep for a week straight.

That's a long time.

We'll take breaks, of course.

Gotta make time for PlayStation.

What's that?

You mean you've never played Call of Duty 4?

Aw man, you are in for a treat.

Hey... I know we were real close to getting out of here. I'm disappointed too.

But nothing's gonna stop us from going home.

Us, maybe.

But not my mom.

I know, Soren. I wish things were different.

It's not fair. Peter k*lled my mom.

Someone should k*ll him too.

Whoa, hold on, now.

It may not be perfect or fair, but there's a system in place to punish people like Peter.

And I promise you I'll do whatever I have to.

Peter is never gonna hurt you or anybody else again.

(sighing) Now what?

Let me find a flashlight.

Soren? Come back here! Soren!


How long have I been here?

Five days.

It's strange how the tables have turned.

How's that?

I was here 30 years ago.

But I wasn't the one in this bed.

It was Alan.

What happened?

I sh*t him.

That doesn't make any sense.

(She chuckles.)

Love rarely does.

I haven't completely been honest.

Thirty years ago, I was here too.

You've k*lled my mom!!


Soren, you really shouldn't have done that!

What do yo mean you were here 30 years ago?

Who are you?

At least tell me why you stole my father's sword.

You know what it means, don't you?

I can read it. It's a string of letters.

Dozens of them.


That's an RNA code. Each letter stands for a nucleotide.

It's a recipe for a virus.

Like TXM7.

But he said it was his legacy.

Why would my father create a virus to k*ll immortals when all he ever wanted to do is spread immortality?

Maybe someone changed his mind.

Goddammit, Caleb, I'm dying!

I don't have time for games, just tell me!

I wanna tell you everything.

First you have to answer one question.

Do you know the way to San Jose?


(bells ringing)

(creaking sound)


(baby cooing)

Hello, mother.


Is something the matter?

Amy, your face... you're hurt.

Since when do you care how I feel?

Of course I care. You're my daughter.

Oh, really?

You didn't seem to care that much when I begged you not to let my father have me.

I couldn't admit I was wrong about Michael, because that would mean my entire life was a lie.

I told myself laying with him was a privilege.

But it was no honor.

It was abuse.

So deeply rooted that I accepted it like the air we breathe.

I am so sorry, Amy...

No! No, no, no, no!

You don't get to do this!

Not now.

It's too late.

Look at me.

Look at me!

Look at me!

There's still hope for us.

Oh no, mother.

There's no hope.

And no amount of distance will allow us to escape what we are.

You may not look like us, but inside...

You you're a monster.

A freak. Just like me.

Please, give me another chance.

You don't deserve another chance.

And I won't allow you one.

The baby.


Give me the baby.


I won't let you make him like me!


If you follow us, I'll make sure he never cries again.

(baby crying)

Goodbye, mother.


Constructive symbiosis.

The union of two species in a single body. That's Mother.

The root is the host, but the fungus causes the infertility.

Luckily, she's also disjunctive. She doesn't need the root for survival.

She can survive in any genetic environment.

You should really stop talking. I barely had enough thread to suture the wound.

Jules... I said no talking.

You can't give Mother to Ilaria.

We can control it.

Like Michael?

Mycosis spreading through bees...

Even Ilaria can't control nature.

Can't you see that I don't have a choice?

You do.

You do, you have a choice.

You know what I have?

I have less than 12 hours to stop the release of NARVIK.

What happened now?

She... sh*t me.

And he's still talking.

I don't wanna get in the middle of this. Can I have a minute?

Look, I know you need to get back to Paris as soon as you can and I wanna know if that job offer still stands.

Yeah. Yeah, of course it does.

I need to get my son off this island, along with the rest of my team.

OK, done.

Look, joining us at Ilaria's in the best interest for you and the baby, okay?

Where did Alan go?

I don't know, but he has Mother.

This will do nicely. Give it to me.

He's... my... friend.


You... you think it likes you?

Let me show you how much.


Cry really loud so all the sisters can hear you. Good baby.

You have no friends.

(baby crying)

Alan is here.

We're running out of time. If we don't find...

We will.

What if we don't? He has Mother, he has a sat phone...

I should've just let him bleed out.

Maybe you should've. I know it sounds callous, but he put himself in this position.

Let just focus on finding him.

And then what?

Are you prepared to k*ll him? Because he's not gonna stop.

His hatred for immortals... he's obsessed.

It can't help you and I being what we are.

It's not our fault.

You know, for the past year I've been jumping into every hot zone I can find.

You've probably done a lot of good.

I wish it was that. Truth is, if I stopped to think about what all this means, I'd lose my mind.

(baby crying)

Did you hear that?



Oh, my God.

Who would leave a baby like this?

I don't know.


Let's just take it and go.


Sarah, they want the baby.

No, no, no! Be careful with that!

No, don't! Don't sh**t. Don't sh**t.

Alan could be bleeding to death. We don't have time for this.

Trust me. Please, please...

Please, he's my son.

Amy ripped my baby out of me.

And I'm guessing that she was responsible for what happened to you.


But please don't hurt him because of what she did.

Thank you.

Soren? Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you.

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

What were you thinking?

You had me worried sick.

I'm sorry.

I was just following my path.

From now on, I need to know where your path goes at all times.

Look, this is kind of new for both of us, so we gotta figure it out together.

It's just... no one ever cared where I went before.

All right, let's get back to work.

(g*n clicking)

Drop the can.

Do you even know how to operate that thing?

I don't need to.


Is that all you got?

Two weeks ago, I would have had a completely different answer to that question.

You know, I should be thanking you.

When you left me down there in that hole, I thought it was the end.

But it was just the beginning.

See, that's the thing about... hitting rock bottom.

It gives you a lot of time to reassess what's really important.


Not so fast.


You know, I used to think that I... I didn't deserve to be happy.

That I'd never... really find love, get married, have children.

But I've learned that family is not what you're born with, it's what you choose.

Family... stands by you no matter what.


That is why...

I know, Alan... that you... are not my family.

You really mean it?

Sure I do.

Who ever makes the cure gets to name it.

But didn't Alan make it?

I'm sure he wouldn't mind if we named it after you.

How about, uh... Sorenol?

How about...


I think that's a great idea.

Smell that?


Yeah. Smells like smoke.

USS dependence. We have a visual. f*re on ground. Do you copy?

Heck yeah, we copy.

Standing by with the cure.

Be advised we're sending in another chopper. Evac at 0400. Over.

We gotta go find Dr. Jordan.

I'm not letting you out of my sight. Come on.

We need to get out of here.

Not until I get my bag back, and Mother.

How are you gonna do that? You have no idea where Alan is.

I do now.

Who do you think started that f*re? He's trying to destroy Mother.

Come on.

No, Julia, I can't.


I have to get my child to safety.

OK, I'll meet you outside.

(Amy laughing)

Dr. Walker?

(singsong): Dr. Jordan...


I can't wait to see what the ladies have done to you.



What are you doing? Let go! Let go!

Let go of me! No!




(sobbing) Landry...

Help me!


Landry! Help! Help! No!

Landry! Landry! (screaming)

No! No!





Alan! Alan!





Alan? Where's my bag? Where's Mother?


OK, come on.

Come on. Come on. Let's go.

I'm going back for our baby.

No, Eli.

It's too late.

I'm his father. I have to try.

Please, don't do this. I can't lose both of you.

I told you. I'll find a way.

Sarah! Sarah!

You oughta keep that kid on a tighter leash.

That little shit s*ab me. Someone needs to teach him some manners.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is that true?

Did you s*ab him?

Don't ever do that again.

Don't ever do that either.

About time someone did that. Let's go.

Landry, stop. Where are you going?


(helicopter whirring)

Come on, Julia, where are you?

Before I show you something... do you know the way to San Jose?


Yes, I do.

We were running late on our way up north, to where Alan's family was.

We blew a tire on the 101.

The car swerved across four lanes of traffic.

We got a tow to a repair shop in San Jose.

City hall was just down the street, and in the time it took to patch the tire, we got married.

And I'll never forget what he said.

Your love is gonna k*ll me.

I do know the way to San Jose.

Who are you?

(helicopter whirring)


I haven't heard that name for a long time.

♪ The moment I wake up ♪
♪ Before I put on my makeup ♪
♪ I say a little prayer for you ♪
♪ While combing my hair now ♪
♪ And wondering what dress to wear now ♪
♪ I say a little prayer for you ♪
♪ Forever, forever, you'll stay in my heart and I will love you ♪
♪ Forever and ever, we never will part Oh, how I love you ♪
♪ Together, together, that's how it must be ♪
♪ To live without you would only mean heartbreak for me ♪

Dr. Sommer, you have something for us?

17 vials of mycosis cure.

We're not gonna have time to run this through the normal drug testing protocol.

You don't have to. This is the real deal.

Can you stake your life on it?

I already have.

If what he's saying is the truth, we are gonna save thousands of lives with this cure.

It's called Olivia.

Okay. We'll take good care of Olivia.

Peter, you opportunistic prick.

I know you have Mother. Where is she?

Why, right here, Julia.


What are you doing here?

When we got word of a rescue from St. Germain, we came as quickly as we could.

But I didn't call you.

That doesn't mean we weren't listening.

Dr. Farragut has shared how instrumental you were in securing the Mother fungus.

How very thoughtful of him. We'll have to make sure he's properly compensated.

No need.

Madame Wallenberg has been... more than generous.

What about NARVIK-C?


Please, tell me you haven't discovered a new strain.

But you and the board told ME about it.

I... don't seem to recall that.

Nor do I think would anyone at Ilaria.

Wow, Dr. Kyle...

I've never seen so many lights.

(door opening)

Dr. Sommer.

You've brought in Dr. Farragut?

Yes, ma'am.

I have your man.

Do we have enough to make an arrest?

First Bank of Atlanta. Safety deposit box number 274.

(Julia grunting)

It was Alan, wasn't it?

Why else would my wedding story be the answer to your question?

It was Alan and your father.

They created TXM-7.

They were always at odds.

They found common ground.

After Ilaria used the fungus to gain control of human procreation, they engineered a virus to k*ll immortals.

But they also came up with a cure.


You're the cure?

Alan said my blood was special.

That's why he hid me on this island.

And I'm gonna stay here until...

Until TXM7 wipes out the entire immortal population.

Take it.

Maybe I don't deserve it.

You came here looking for a cure!

I came here looking for time.

That's the thing: the more you have, the more you want.

I can save your life!

If the plague is immortality... then there's only one cure.

I wish you'd change your mind.

And I wish I could see Alan one more time.




(I Say a Little Prayer playing)

♪ I say a little prayer for you ♪
♪ Forever, forever, you'll stay in my heart and I will love you ♪
♪ Forever and ever We never will part ♪
♪ Oh how I'll love you ♪
♪ Together, together that's how it must be ♪
♪ To live without you ♪

Where is my food come from? Is it safe to eat? Is it natural?

Ilaria Fresh means no harmful pesticides.

Each seed is specifically designed with you and your family in mind.

When you shop Ilaria Fresh, you're pledging your commitment to the stewardship of the future... their future.

So come, join us at the dinner table. Together, we can brave the new world of sustainable resources, from our family to yours.

Ilaria Fresh.

Nicole Wilson?

Ilaria, living life, living longer.

How many women do you normally see?

These days, most of them.

It's just... I have everything else. A great job, a wonderful husband... but it feels like one thing is missing.

A child, I mean. I want to start my own family.

I saw a little girl the other day, about three, maybe four years old.

I thought I was dreaming.

I've heard that your program has a 98% success rate with live births.

It's a nine month commitment, very rigorous. You need to be aware of the restrictions.

Of course. I'll do anything.

Go ahead and get dressed. The doctor will see you now.

(mechanical sounds)


I'm Dr. Jordan.
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