06x13 - The Promise

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An old-fashioned U.S. Marshal with a fast g*n is reassigned from Miami to his childhood home in the poor, rural coal-mining towns in Eastern Kentucky. Based on the stories by Elmore Leonard.
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06x13 - The Promise

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Previously on "Justified"...

Markham: Ava Crowder stole my money.

Stole it from the man who stole it from me.

That man being your new business partner, Boyd.

Stiles: Let's go.

All right, now you're gonna have to make this look good.

How about you hit me? [grunts]

Carl: That look good enough to you, you son of a bitch?


Zachariah: [grunts]

Boyd: Where is she?

Zachariah: She ain't here!

Boyd: Ava? You need to get me to that money before I get to her.

Zachariah: I'd sooner die than give you anything you want.

[siren wailing]

Ava: There's a million dollars in there! You let me go, you can have it.

Crosley: I do not know what Mr. Markham has got planned for you, but I don't want him to do it to me.

Tim: Looks like we can't keep the whole "Raylan Givens gone rogue" thing in-house.

Vasquez: I'm gonna need a bolo issued for Raylan Givens.

Tim: I just heard him tell the FBI ballsack to issue a bolo.

Art: Well, shit.

Lappicola: Raylan Givens?

<b>6x13 - "Promise"</b>

[police radio chatter]

Raylan: You're making a mistake.

Lappicola: You know how many guys have said that to me when I put the cuffs on 'em?

Raylan: About the same amount that have said it to me.

Lappicola: [sighs]

Guess you think reminding me you're a fellow lawman's gonna draw you some water.

Fact is, you having that badge to hide behind just makes it worse. Watch your head.



Markham: [scoffs]

Where's the rest of it?

Have a seat.

Ava, you remember the first day I laid eyes on you?

Told you that for a woman to survive in this line, she had to be tougher than the men?

Hell, any woman who kills her husband and puts a b*llet in her new fiancé... [laughs] my compliments on your grit.

I'd say you had a bright future... assuming you have a future.

Your man Boyd stole my money, and you stole it from him.

Were you just gonna give it back to me?

Ava: It's up the mountain. Little cabin there ... belongs to a fella called Grubes.

It's buried on his property.

That mountain's crawling with federals.

Markham: How'd you get the money up there?

Ava: I dragged it on a sled.

Markham: All by your lonesome?


I'm gonna ask you just one time. Ava.

Who helped you?

Ava: My uncle.

But he didn't have any part in the taking.

He just didn't want to see me d*ad.

Markham: Is your uncle still up there?

Ava: [sighs]

[title music]

♪ On this lonely road, trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I'm fighting for my soul, god, get at your boy ♪
♪ you try to bogard, fall back, I go hard ♪
♪ on this lonely road, trying to make it home ♪
♪ doing it by my lonesome, pissed off, who wants some? ♪
♪ I see them long, hard times to come ♪

Tim: All right, for those of you just joining us, we have one male and one female suspect.

You should have mug shots on your phones.

It's multiple agencies, so all communications will be on the common frequency.

Rachel: We've got air support covering the mountain from the back, but anyone gets a visual, call it in and the choppers will maneuver to that area.

Tim: All right? All right, gentlemen.

That's it. Let's move it.

[helicopter blades whirring]

Costanzo: Marshal.

Something here you're gonna want to see.

Dog team on Ava tracked her scent to Tates Creek bridge, half a mile away, then it ran out.

Well, maybe she got a ride.

Rachel: Or maybe she went into the creek.

Tim: What's that?

Costanzo: Well, I don't know.

But apparently the dogs went apeshit when they hit on it.

Either of you know if it's hers?

Radio dispatcher: All units, be advised ...

K-9 team found an animal-tooth necklace at the Tates Creek bridge that may belong to female fugitive.

Raylan: Ask if the necklace is gator ... alligator.

Lappicola: Sit back from the partition.

Raylan: Please.

Lappicola: Dispatch, unit 17. That necklace ... any chance the teeth on it came from an alligator? Over.

Radio dispatcher: Unit 17, all we'll say at this time is that the teeth are about an inch long and sharper than shit. Over.

Lappicola: Understood, dispatch. 17 out.

Raylan: Okay. Listen to me.

Lappicola: You listen to me.

This is the second time I'm telling you to sit back. ain't gonna be a third, so you keep your ass planted, your mouth shut or you're gonna ride the rest of the way in the trunk. We clear?

Raylan: Yeah.

[car door closes]

Art: I'll take it from here.

Lappicola: Excuse me?

Art: Your prisoner.

Lappicola: This fella's on an FBI bolo.

Art: I know.

I'd like to be the one to take him in.

Lappicola: Uh, not that your likes aren't at the top of my priorities, but until those creds say "FBI," I believe I'll hold on to him.

Art: Well, you're right. They don't say "FBI."

But they do say "chief deputy," Officer Lappicola, so you can either change your attitude right quick or I'll tear you a new assh*le that you can carry a watermelon in.

Lappicola: Look, chief, if it was up to me, you could take him right now.

Art: Well, who's it up to, then?

Lieutenant Mathis is the duty officer.

Art: Well, lead the way. Let's go see him.

Boyd: [panting, grunting]

[shovel clacks]

[breathlessly] Come on. Come on.




[distant telephone ringing]

[breathing heavily]


[ringing continues]

Ava: Uncle Zachariah?

Uncle Zachariah?

Boyd: He can't get to the phone right now.

Ava: Thank god you're... okay.

I was worried Boyd might've gotten to you, put a b*llet in you.

Boyd: He did.

But believe me, it was meant for you.

Ava: Uncle Zachariah, I got some bad news.

Mr. Markham has hold of me at the old Bennett drying shed.

He doesn't get his money back, he's gonna k*ll me.

Boyd: Tell me why I should give a shit.

Ava: I told him you and me are the only two living souls know where that money's hid.

Without one of us alive, nobody'll ever find it.

Boyd: That's the only reason I ain't hung up yet.

Ava: So, you on your way?

Boyd: You tell him to send an unarmed man, meet me at Compass rock...

Ava: Compass rock.

Boyd: ...two miles East the trailhead.


Markham: Compass rock?

Birch: We know where that is.

Markham: Good. You can draw Boon a map.

Boon: No need. I'll take my girl along.

Crosley: You don't trust us?

Markham: I don't trust anybody. Not anymore.

Except Boon here.

Make sure that old man's got my money ... all of it.

Boon: Yes, sir.

Markham: Then k*ll him.

Art: I told you I'd get you.

Raylan: KSP found Dewey's necklace. But no Ava.

Which means Markham's probably gonna get to her, sweat her into giving up his money, then sweat her some more for taking it in the first place.

And now Boyd's at large, too.

Yet you're still gonna take us both off the board while driving me back to Lexington for some bullshit that you know ain't true!

[tires screech]


There, you dumb son of a bitch.


All right. Where do we start looking for her?

[indistinct shouting]

[helicopter approaches]

Tim: Clear!

Rachel: Clear.

Boyd: [breathing heavily]

Rachel: We've got one body in a shallow grave.

Tim: Another went boom outside the door.

Rachel: And neither one of them's Crowder.

Costanzo: We got a runner!


Tim: Boyd Crowder!

Boyd: [groaning]

[dogs barking in distance]

[barking continues]

Boyd: [panting]

[helicopter blades whirring]

[fuse sizzles]

Tim: Go, go, go, go!

[fuse sizzles]

Man: Get down!


♪ voodoo woman put a spell on me ♪
♪ rattle my chains, but I'll never be free ♪

Raylan: That gash on your forehead must make you deputy Stiles.

Stiles: Uh, is that supposed to be a question?


Leon: Sorry, fellas.

You want to drink in here, you need a badge or a pair of tits.

Raylan: [clicks tongue]

Art... show 'em your tits.

Art: Let's start with the badges.

Leon: Sure, you can stay, long as you check your g*n.

Art: Say what?

Leon: Few years back, we had a couple of guys get loaded, open up on their fellow officers.

Art: Mnh.

Leon: Since then, I've been having everybody check their sidearms at the door.

Raylan: You got a bunch of Eastern-Kentucky lawmen to give up their g*n?

Leon: Nice thing about running a bar in a mostly dry county ... long as you don't water down the booze too much, your customers will put up with anything.

Plus, I'm known for what you'd call my "powers of persuasion."

Raylan: Is that a Henry Aaron?

I wouldn't know. Never cared much for baseball.

Art: Me neither.

You know, the only sport I ever cared about was target sh**t'.

Now, I know there's not that much benefit exercise-wise, but it will keep you from getting concussed.

Raylan: You know who could tell us a little bit about that feeling?

Deputy Stiles.

Styles: Aah! Jesus Christ.

Raylan: Smarts, huh?

Stiles: God damn it.

Raylan: Yeah, the doctor said you might be sensitive to light and sound.

Where's Markham?

I don't know what you're talking about.

God damn it! [groans]

Art: Look, we don't have a lot of time here, all right?

We know you let Carl into Boyd's room, so you know where Markham's got Ava Crowder.

Raylan: You are going to tell us where he is, and you ain't gonna tip him off.

If you do, we will come back here, and we'll bring a jackhammer.

[Cellphone vibrates]

If he's at the Bennett shed, it means that Loretta is either partnered up with him, or ...

Art: Let's cross that bridge when we come to it.




Anybody hurt?

All right. Just sit tight. I'll be right there.

Crowder started throwing dynamite.

[chuckles] Jesus Christ.

Art: Rachel's set up a perimeter and pulled everybody back, but nobody has eyes on Boyd.

I'm gonna have to get up there before it turns into ruby ridge.

You take the truck. I'll have Nelson come and get me.

Hey, and, Raylan,

no matter what you find at the drying shed, whatever they've done to Ava or Loretta, you...


Raylan: I understand.

Markham: What do you mean, he's not at Compass rock?

Boon: No, sir, Mr. Markham.

Markham: Son of a bitch!

Crosley: This is bullshit. He should have been here by now.

Markham: I don't pay you to talk, son.

You know, it's occurred to me, you sittin' here waitin', that you're one of the few people that knew Katherine played me.

Maybe you think you can do the same and I won't realize till it's too late.

Ava: Zachariah is an old man.

He's got to haul all that cash and avoid the cops.

That's gonna take some time.

I know you've had a lot of violent men in your life, so this ain't the first time you've had a g*n pointed at you.

You ever had one stuck up under your chin...

Ava: [grunts]

Markham: ...felt that steel against your neck?

Gonna make a big mess of your beautiful head, Ava.

I want you to tell me what exactly was said on the other side of that phone call. And I want you to tell me where you and your uncle buried my g*dd*mn money!


[chair scrapes]

Boyd: Ah.

Keep those g*n hands where I can see 'em,
lest I be forced to send this corrupt little piggy to the morgue.

Markham: I suppose this means uncle is d*ad and you don't have my cash.

Boyd: For a bona fide stoner, you awful quick.


Markham: Don't you move.

Last time you took a hostage to force my hand, you chose wisely.

This time, not so much.

Boyd: Oh, you think I'm bluffin'?

Markham: You think I am, hillbilly?



Crosley: [groans]

[g*n clatters]

Boyd: I wouldn't do that. Look at me.

Look... at me.

Boyd: g*dd*mn, Raylan! Your timing sucks!

Raylan: So I've been told.

Boyd: I'd ask you the number for a couples' therapist, Raylan, but I don't think you're any better at this than I am.

Raylan: I don't suppose that's your blood on you, there.

Boyd: That please you?

Somebody show up, do your dirty work for you?

Raylan: Well, Boyd, I don't care how it gets done as long as it gets done.

Boyd: Well, I guess in that case, you ought to pick up where we left off in the woods, Raylan.

Raylan: There is another way.

Boyd: What's that?

I pull, you put me down?

Raylan: Either way, I am gonna put you down.

Boyd: Well, Raylan, here's the problem.

See... I don't have any more b*ll*ts in my g*n.

Raylan: Try that one.

Ava, now would be a good time to get out of the way.

Boyd: Raylan, you mind if I ask Ava a question before we do this?

Raylan: Knock yourself out.

Boyd: Why?

We had the money. We were home free.

Ava: Honestly, Boyd... ? I put myself in your shoes.

I did what I thought you would do.

Boyd: I ain't doin' it, Raylan.

Yeah, you are.

Boyd: No, I ain't.

You are gonna raise that g*n, and we are gonna end this.

Ava: Raylan!

Raylan: You stay out of this.

Boyd: I ain't gonna pull on you, Raylan.

So you go and do whatever it is you're meant to do.

'Course, someday, I am gonna get out.

And when I do, I'm gonna k*ll her, Raylan.

And then I'm gonna come and I'm gonna k*ll you.

So what's it gonna be, Raylan?

[helicopter blades whirring]

[police radio chatter]

[car door closes]

Tim: The boys out at Compass rock haven't found Boon and the girl, but they'll keep looking.

Someone's gonna have to drive him.

Raylan: Probably shouldn't be me.

Tim: You want to rock-paper-scissors?

Rachel: I'll take him.

You follow.

Tim: Done.

Art: Looky here.

Raylan: You shouldn't have.

Art: Found it in the barn. asked Ava if that was all of it,

but she didn't seem to be in a talking mood.

Raylan: Well, it's a long way to Lexington. I'll see what I can do.

Art: And if Ava knows where the rest of it is and tries to use it as leverage?

Raylan: What, you don't trust me?

Ava: You know I'll never make it inside.

I can tell you where the rest of the money is ... almost $9 million, Raylan.

Raylan: You trying to bribe a federal officer now?

Ava: I'm just wonderin' if there's still a deal to be made.

Raylan: No. No deals. No outs.

I'm sorry, Ava.

Ava: Why didn't you just k*ll him? You heard him.

You know there ain't a cell can keep him.

What's it prove, letting him live?

Raylan: Maybe nothing.

[Darrell Scott's "You'll never leave Harlan alive" plays]

♪ In the deep, dark hills of Eastern Kentucky ♪
♪ that's the place where I trace my bloodline ♪
♪ and it's there I read on a hillside gravestone ♪
♪ "you will never leave Harlan alive" ♪

[tires screeching]

Raylan: Stay down.

[car door closes]


Boon: I'm sorry about all that, marshal.

But I pulled up to the barn just in time to watch you two pull away.

Seemed like maybes youse was gonna leave without saying goodbye.

Raylan: No. We had every intention of finding you.

Boon: [sighs]

Guess I saved you the trouble, then.

[g*n clatters]

[tires squeal]

Raylan: God damn it!

Raylan: [sighs]

Art: When's your flight?

Oh, a couple hours.

Art: Well, I wish I could drive you.

You're not gonna get all sentimental on me, are you?

Raylan: [chuckles]

I was just thinking.

Ava's still out there. Maybe I should stay a couple days, help run her to ground.

Art: She's not gonna get far, running without money.

Raylan: $9 million in those hills still unaccounted for.

Art: You really think she's gonna be able to find that?

Place is crawling with L.E.O.s.

Raylan: It's just... something feels somehow incomplete. [sighs]

Art: I asked you,

"come to Kentucky and help us get Boyd Crowder."

Now, it took a little longer than I originally anticipated, but you did it.

You got Boyd Crowder. And you got him right.

You tell Winona I said hey. I still don't know what she sees in you.

Raylan: It'd be weird if you did.

Art: Hold up!


Raylan: [sighs]

[bottle thuds]

Nelson: Got the Seattle chief on the line.

Art: Well, where's Rachel?

Nelson: She'll be here in two.

[glass clink]

Mm. [glass thuds]

Nelson: Gonna miss you, Raylan.

Raylan: No, you won't.

Tim: You can mail it back from Miami.

Raylan: Well, I hope you get someone at this desk that's less of a pain in the ass.

Tim: Not likely there's someone who's more of a pain in the ass.

I just hope it's someone who can keep up.

[drawer closes]

Tim: You read that a bunch, or you buy it used?

Raylan: If I say I've read it 10 times, I'm low.


Tim: Still want my bag back.

Rachel: Nice hat.

I tried it on, and it fit.


Nelson: You gonna read that book, Tim?

Tim: [scoffs] No, Nelson, I'm gonna eat it.

Nelson: I read fast. Have it back to you tomorrow.

Tim: Keep talking, I'm gonna throw this stapler at you.

Nelson: You know, I think I saw...

Raylan: [sighs]


Raylan: Worst possible flavor.

Willa: How bad?

Raylan: So bad, I wouldn't eat it.

Willa: [chuckles] Fish guts!

Sounds delicious.

Willa: Sand ... from a playground.

Raylan: Close. Very close. But no.

Willa: That a dog pooped in.

Raylan: [laughing] Oh!

That's a good one. We have a winner.



Tell your mom I gave you that for reciting the alphabet.

Willa: Can I go play now?

Raylan: Sure.


Winona: So much for the kale salad.

Calcium is very important for young bones.

Winona: Yeah, that's why I give her kale... jerk.

Oh, thank you.

They got the model right when they made her at the factory.

Willa: Mom, Dad, gave me a dollar for saying the alphabet!

Winona: Wow!

You'll thank me when she gets a gold star.

Willa: Can Daddy come for dinner?

Would you like to join us?

Richard's parents are in town, so he's been cooking up a storm.

Raylan: Oh, I should take a rain check.

Sutter called as if the office was on f*re.

No telling how long it'll take me to put it out.

Hey, Richard.

Richard: Raylan.

Willa: Richard, my Daddy and I found a baby frog.

Can we take it home? [chuckles]

Sure, punk. Y-You found a name yet?

Willa: Not yet.

Richard: Hmm? Okay. We can do it in the car.

Nana and grandpa are coming over. Want to say goodbye?

Willa: Goodbye, Daddy.

Raylan: Bye, Willa.

Ah. Frogs are her new passion.

Afraid I'm going to find one in her bed instead of Mr. Bear one of these nights.

Raylan: Why does he call her "punk"?

Winona: Oh, don't start.

Raylan: I could explain what I do for a living.

I run into punks all day.

Winona: It's short for "punkin," Raylan.

Raylan: Nonetheless, it has other connotations.

Winona: Oh, my god. You're the most stubborn man I have ever known.

Raylan: Beats angry.

You know, you gave her a dollar for reciting the alphabet, which is something she's been doing since April.

I love the way she says "W."

[laughing] Oh, man. She really knows how to play you.

Raylan: Mm.

Winona: Can you pick her up on Wednesday after school?

I can and I will.

Winona: See you then.


Raylan: [sighs]


We get a line on Brancato?

Sutter: Nah. Still watching the mother.

Raylan: What, then?

Sutter: Bennett has food poisoning, so you're gonna transport a prisoner to Glades.

Raylan: You can't do it because...?

Sutter: I'm on the Brancato hunt.

Raylan: You're a dick. [chuckles]

A dick that doesn't have to drive to Glades!


Sutter: Right, Charlie?


Ava: [sighs]

Raylan: You ain't gonna invite me in?

Ava: All I got's water and... water.

No Coca Cola or RC?

Raylan: Coffee?

I have a hard time sleepin' as it is.

Raylan: I imagine.

Ava: I would invite you in, but the place is a mess.

'Sides, I want to enjoy being outside. We can walk if you want.

Raylan: As long as you leave behind what I assume is a r*fle in your hand.

Ava: It's an old family ranch, broken up 20 years ago in what I understand was bitter acrimony.

I'm stayin' in the caretaker's house.

Raylan: Well, it is spectacular.

And while I'm curious as to how you got here, what I'd first like to know is, who helped you get out of Harlan?

Ava: Who says anyone did?

Raylan: When they found my car, engine was warm.

They'd have found you if you were on foot.

Ava: I was hitchhikin'.

Raylan: Lucky you, getting someone who doesn't mind picking up a woman in handcuffs and can also get you past roadblocks.

We went down the list, trying to figure out who helped you. thought for a while it was Ellen May, but her witsec marshal could account for her that day.

We looked at Limehouse, but found he'd left Nobles the day before.

My best guess has always been Wynn Duffy.

He gets you out of Harlan in exchange for the location of the money.

[van door closes]

And if there's anyone who could get you by a roadblock, it's Wynn Duffy.

Ava: If I give you a name, I'm betrayin' a trust.

Raylan: If it is Duffy, don't worry.

He's vanished from the face of the Earth.

Rumors of him surfing in Fiji, but that's it.

Ava: How did you find me?

Raylan: A junior deputy in the Seattle office scouring local newspapers West of the continental divide.

Saw someone looked maybe could be you in the background of a newspaper picture about a pumpkin patch.

Ava: Shouldn't have gone there.

Pumpkins were expensive, even for California,
and the one I bought had rot.

Raylan: How you making ends meet? Cutting hair?

Ava: I done thought you'd be looking for that, so, no, I haven't held scissors and a comb in my hands since I left Harlan.

Connie, the lady that owns the parcel, she uses horses to work with special-needs kids.

I help with that ... mostly hand out helmets, do some side-walking.

And I look after the big house, muck and feed when she's not around, and I-I... I... work at the school in town, and I also ... I-I volunteer at the church sometimes ...

Raylan: You trying to talk me out of taking you in, or are you sh**t' straight for sainthood?

Ava: You gonna take me in?

You ran on me, Ava, three times ... once at g*n.

It's not like you find me here runnin' whores or robbin' banks.

Raylan: Every long-time fugitive I've ever run down expects me to congratulate them for not doing what no one's supposed to be doing anyhow.

Ava: [sighs] I'm gonna show you something. But you got to promise me you won't breathe a word to Boyd about it.

Raylan: I don't intend to see Boyd again in this life.

Ava: Promise, or you can cuff me now and put me in the back of your car!

Raylan: So, what's the big secret?

You got a bear chained up back here?

Ava: It's okay, honey. You can come out now.

It's just an old friend.

Raylan: Of course.

We were looking for a woman, not a pregnant woman.

Ava: Now you know why I made you promise.

I can't have Boyd even knowing he exists.

I'm not saying he'd cause him harm ... he'd just ruin his life.

Raylan: What's his name?

Ava: Zachariah.

Only man in my life never wanted anything from me.

If we're gonna take this to the next step, I need to know that he's set up.

Now, there's a couple two ranches over ...

Raylan: Ava, stop. [sighs]

Raylan: I ain't gonna take you in.

Ava: Oh.

Looks like you feed him well. [chuckles] Put clothes on his back.

You play with him? You read to him?

Ava: Mm-hmm.

Thank you. [sighs]

Raylan: I said you'd be fine.

Now, hopefully, you can sleep better. [chuckles softly]

You're not the only one I've been afraid to see at my front door.

Boyd: There I was, in the middle of the Mexican desert, driving a truck filled with the bodies of m*rder men, followed by a car with a trunkload of heroin.

I know what you're thinking. I see you nodding.

You're thinking, "g*dd*mn, Boyd!

How many times I got to listen to this story?"

Well, as many it takes.

'Cause if that's what you thinking, you missing the point.

I had to lose it all before I saw the light.

And do you know why?

I succumbed to temptation.

Now, any man can walk towards temptation, but it takes a real man to walk away from it.

And when I say "walk," I mean keep on walking!

Turn around! Walk in the other direction!

Climb up that ladder!

Say, "get behind me, devil! Get behind me, devil!"

Don't look down! [chuckles]

I'm gon' keep climbin' that ladder!

I got wind in my face!

Officer Cregger: Crowder!

You have a visitor.

Boyd: Well, today ain't visiting day, Officer Cregger.

Officer Cregger: Not that kind of visitor.

Boyd: To be continued.


Raylan Givens.

To what do I owe this unexpected surprise?

Raylan: I hear you're preaching again, gathering a flock.

Just spreading the word of my calamitous fall and subsequent rebirth in the light of the Lord, Raylan.

Raylan: You know you're repeating yourself, right?

Boyd: [laughs]

Raylan Givens, I know you have never believed a word that has come out of my mouth, though I have harbored the secret hope that you have nevertheless enjoyed hearing them.

Raylan: Well, of all the nonsense I've heard you spin, such as, "the blacks are the problem,"

"the jews are the mud people,"

I will grant you one thing.

I do believe you loved Ava.

Boyd: [sighs] Did you find her?

Raylan: We did.

Boyd: Where?

What is that, uh...

Raylan: Her death certificate, Boyd.

Boyd: Well, it says "Caroline Dean," Raylan.

Raylan: Name she was using at the time.

Her Oklahoma driver's license.

Boyd: Well, a lot of people can look like a lot of people.

Raylan: We matched the DNA to a hair from a brush in Harlan.


Boyd: H... How, uh...

How did she, uh ...

Raylan: Three years ago.

Car crash in West Texas.

We barely missed her in Tulsa. She was likely driving all night, trying to, you know, put some miles between us.

Fell asleep at the wheel.

We only found out two weeks ago when the other Caroline Dean discovered someone had used her name, raised a fuss.

Boyd: W... Was she alone, Raylan?

Raylan: As far as I know.

Boyd: Well...


Okay, then. [chuckles softly]

Maybe it's for the best.

Raylan: For who?

Well, she was trying to get out... but I just don't think that's possible.

It follows you behind somehow, Raylan.

Hell, sometimes, I think the only way to get out of our town alive is to have never been born there.

But then, of course, there's you.

How's life in Florida?

Raylan: Pretty much as advertised.

You wouldn't like it, though. A lot of jews.

Boyd: Raylan Givens, if I didn't know better, I'd think you're trying to provoke me.

Now, you know Jesus Christ was a jew.

Raylan: I've heard.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to, uh ...

Boyd: Look for a reason to get off the phone?

Can I ask you one question before you go?

Raylan: As long as you understand if it annoys me, I'm just gonna hang up.

Boyd: Scout's honor.

Tramble penitentiary is a long way from Miami, Raylan.

Now, you could have called the warden.

Could have sent word through my lawyer.

Raylan: You asking why I came?

Thought it was news that should be delivered in person.

Boyd: That the only reason?

After all these long years, Raylan Givens... that's the only reason?

Raylan: Well, I suppose if I allow myself to be sentimental, despite all that has occurred... there is one thing I wander back to.

Boyd: We dug coal together.

Raylan: That's right.
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