01x22 - The Last Death of Henry Morgan

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Forever". Aired: September 2014 to May 2015.
A 200-year-old man works in the New York City Morgue trying to find a key to unlock the curse of his immortality.
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01x22 - The Last Death of Henry Morgan

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[Camera shutters clicking]

No I.D., so we got a Jane Doe.

Vic's in her 20s.

Nice clothes... Mostly thriftstore finds.

Her purse and her pockets have been emptied.

She was mugged.

Simple. I like simple.

Check out her hand.

You k*ll her, rob her, but you forget the diamond?

There's nothing simple about that.

Lucas: I have a theory!

I have a theory.

What the hell's around your neck?

It's a cravat.

It's a hankie.



[Sighs] Okay.

The victim fell from the bridge.

The k*ller pushed her and then fled...

Check out these footprints. Pretty deep in there.

I have a revised theory.

The k*ller pushed the victim and then leapt sort of ninja-style, landing thusly.

You guys should be writing this down.

I think I'm gonna wait for Henry.

Where is he?

I don't know. He said he needed some time off.

He is at a funeral for Abe's mother.

You didn't know?

No. It's no big deal.

I'm glad he has somebody to talk to.

Abe: Abigail Morgan was a mother...

A wife... a nurse...

A friend.

But more than that, for me, she was...

She was an angel.

She found two lost souls and turned us into a family.

Thank you, mom.

I love you.

Do you want to say anything?

She, uh...

She saved me.

And I couldn't save her.

Easy, Henry.

Try to think of the good times.

That's what she'd want.

have you anything to say to me?

Where did you get this?

Stray b*llet, early in the w*r.

A b*llet?

It should have destroyed your heart.

Well, the sn*per missed.

You didn't know?




[Baby crying]


Oh, Abraham. [Chuckles]

I'll go. I'll go.

No, don't go. Don't go.




What's this scar?

It's a burn. It's nothing.

Cooking accident. I've had it for ages.

Not on the back of your neck.

It's a cigarette butt.

Why did I fall for a brilliant man?

Plenty of dumb men out there.

Abigail, who did this to you?

Must we know everything about each other?

Can't our past just... stay behind us?

Not if it continues to haunt you.

Let me protect you.

You okay?

I can't help thinking about her last moments.

She was alone...

With him...


[Abigail panting]

And I wasn't there.


Adam will pay for this.

There is no making him pay.

He's immortal. You can't k*ll him.

Henry, there's no revenge.

Revenge is a long game, Abraham.

And all I have is time.

Spinal damage and cracks to her occipital bone point to the fall, while the bruising on her torso is from the initial fight.

That concludes my report.

I will be fielding any questions.


Henry? You all right?

Look, we don't have to do this with you.

You can be with Abe right now. We can just...

No, that's okay, Jo.

That won't be necessary. Thank you.

Lucas, what did Mies Van Der Rohe say?

Uh, "the goal of all life is death."

That was Freud.

That was Freud.

Mies Van Der Rohe was an architect, and he said, "God is in the details."

You see this bruising here?

Our k*ller used a small, compact w*apon.

What about that?

It's shallow and serrated, as if it were done with a bread knife.

Something's in it.


Run a test on this, would you, Lucas?


We also have this wound, which was made at least a day before the m*rder, and it became infected.

And according to the report...

It was infected by microscopic shards of illyrian iron.

Very old.

And the powder here on her fingers...

A drying agent usually found inside nitrile gloves, the kind used by someone who handles old artifacts.

Hanson: Jo.

Guy just filed a missing-persons report for a woman who matches our vic.

Blair Dryden, age 27.

Does she work in a museum?


She's not missing anymore.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Device warbles]

Excuse me. Everyone needs to go through security.

NYPD. We're looking for a miss...

Thank you, Ken.

Detective Martinez, I'm Diane Clark, head curator of the antiquities department.

Ms. Clark, this is Dr. Morgan.

He's assisting me with this case.

Can you show us to Blair's office?

Of course. This way.

This is our collection of uncataloged antiquities.

Do you know what Blair was working on?

Fired clay objects from the Roman era.

Yes, sometimes we use black light to...

Detect organic material, yeah?

Do you mind if we turn off the lights?

It's okay. He loves a black light.

[Switch clicks]

Blair had a cut on her hand.

She was cut here.

But it wasn't from a pottery shard.

We found particulates of iron.


Not in this collection.


You think whatever she had was wrapped in that?

Metals, unlike pottery, mineralize over time.

They literally shed and, therefore, leave a mark.

Do you mind awfully turning on the table light?

[Switch clicks]

Looks like a knife.

Incredible. A dagger.

A pugio, to be exact.

I was s*ab with one in the stomach 2,000 years ago.

This was Roman.

What era?

Between 50 and 40 B.C. Maybe later.

I believe that the only thing that can k*ll us is the w*apon that made us this way.

Jo: Is it valuable?

An authentic pugio? Certainly.

But [Scoffs] who would do this...

Would k*ll someone for an ancient dagger?


Abe: There is no making him pay.

He's immortal. You can't k*ll him.

I'm sorry, Jo.

I need to see Abe on a rather urgent matter.

Excuse me.

[Door opens]

Henry: I may have found a way to stop Adam.

It's a 44 B.C. pugio.

It's the knife that k*lled Adam in his original death.

He believes it's the only way to end his curse.

That means that you can k*ll him.

And he can k*ll you.

What are you doing?

What do you think I'm doing?

This g*n can end your life.

[Dial turns]

But you knew that.

I didn't want you to worry, to think that someday I might...

Test the theory on yourself?

Abraham, I would never do that to you.

But one day, I'll be gone.

We're not having this conversation.

But whether you ignore it or not, it will happen.

I'm not gonna be here forever.

Don't you understand me?

Y-you need somebody.

S-someone to be there for you, someone to share your secret with.

What's Blair Dryden doing with an ancient Roman dagger?

She worked at the national museum.

Checked it out that day.

We believe she may have been k*lled for it.

Hanson: The pugio is a really remarkable w*apon.

Not as effective as a gladius or scutum, but...

Oh, I watch a lot of history channel.

Cellphone records have her making one outgoing call after she left the museum to an Aubrey Griffin.

Record's clean.

Author of a book...

"Edged w*apon of the ancient world: Swords, daggers, and pugios."

I'm gonna kindle that.

Uh, Griffin's address is also two blocks from the crime scene.

Great. Take Henry. Go.

Henry? I'm practically an expert.

I prefer a real one.

[Piano playing]

Was this woman here the other night?

She was.

Did Mr. Griffin leave with her?


How can you be so sure?

Because Mr. Griffin never leaves.

[Motor whirring]

How may I help you, officers?

I'm Detective Martinez.

We're just here to ask a few questions about the death of Blair Dryden.

Anything I can do to help this senseless tragedy.

Why was Blair here?

Blair often came here with artifacts to authenticate or discover provenance...

That sort of thing.

What was it that she had found?

A dagger from 44 B.C.

You seem fairly certain of the date.

I can be more precise, if you like...

The 15th of March.

What am I missing?

The Ides of March.

The m*rder of Julius Caesar.

You're saying this pugio Blair found is the same knife that k*lled...

Or one of them.

He was s*ab 23 times.

No one knows how many knives.

Through history, some objects gather lore.

The Hope Diamond, the Kusanagi Sword.

Caesar's dagger is equally cursed.

Some say that where the pugio goes, death follows.


Thank you, but I-I don't think an ancient curse followed Blair into Central Park and k*lled her.

I should never have let her go alone so late.

Late? What time?

10:00 P.M.

So Blair left work at 5:00, only to meet you five hours later?

She said she had dinner with her fiancé.

Thank you for your time.

Do I need to see a lawyer?


Dwayne, we're just trying to figure out who did this to your fiancée.

Jo: We found a cut in her neck made from a bread knife.

Our lab said the white particulates in the cut...

They were from styrofoam.

You know, like the kind they use to package gifts in from, say, a wedding registry.

We'll get a warrant for your place.

You can just relax.

I have a feeling you're gonna be here a while.



Blair told me about the dagger.

She found it in a box, and she thought it could be valuable.

So I took a photo of it, and I posted it online.

I figured, "she's a curator. I'm a drum teacher. Weddings are expensive."

But you knew Blair wouldn't agree to sell it, and that made you angry.

No. No! [Sighs]

My buddy Xander was over. We were playing Xbox.

We were...

Can I say "pot" in here?

[Inhales shakily]

Anyway, Xander thought that he could pretend to mug her, so he grabbed our bread knife and he followed her into the park.

So you're saying Xander k*lled her?

No! He was going to be the best man at my wedding!

He threw her off a bridge, Dwayne.

He didn't do it!

Xander called me right after.

He said he had the dagger and that Blair was fine.

All right, where's Xander now?

He's hiding out.

[g*n cocks]

Xander de Soto! NYPD!

Hanson: Aw, geez.

He's been tortured.

Somebody got here first.

Jo, his blood hasn't congealed, and his body's still warm.

This happened recently.

The k*ller may be close.

Okay, you take the front. I'll clear upstairs.

Henry, stay right here.

[Gasps deeply]



Xander. Can you hear me?

Stay with me, Xander! Stay with me!

You can't save him, Henry.

He's too far gone.

[Sighs shakily]


You did this.

He told me he didn't have my dagger.

Silly me. I didn't believe him.

Turns out he's telling the truth.

Someone else b*at us here.

Hanson: Front's clear.

Jo: Upstairs clear.

You'd better stay away from my dagger, or there will be consequences.

Henry, we're all clear.

What is it?

No. Jo, wait.

Please, Jo. Don't go in there!

No, Jo. Wait. Jo, wait!


Wait. Please don't.



Henry, what the hell is the matter with you?!

I could have sh*t you!

Uh... I'm sorry.

I guess, uh...

I guess I got a little bit spooked by the lore of the knife.

Are you kidding me?

You don't believe in some mystical knife!


No, of course not.

He was gonna k*ll her, Abe. I'm sure of it.

Further proof... Adam is a complete psychopath.

We know this.

If only Jo did.

She thinks I'm completely mad, and I don't blame her.

She has no idea the danger she's in.

Well, there has to be a way to protect her.

[Sighs] Perhaps I can slow down the case, keep her off the scent of the dagger and then find it myself.


k*ll Adam?

What other choice do I have?

Henry, listen to me.

You're a kind, gentle, moral person, but a k*ller, you're not.

Don't let rage cloud your judgment.

You'll lose.

[Door opens, bells jingle]

Henry: Abigail.

Let me protect you.

[Big-band music plays, indistinct conversations]

Johnny Haygood?

You must be Abigail's new bloke.

Stay away from her.

Or I swear... You'll regret it.

[Sets down glass]

[Chair slides]

Let's chat about this outside.

[Indistinct shouting]

Abigail: Henry!


[Knife plunges]

[Abigail gasps]


Someone help!

[Groans] Get a doctor!

[Breathing shakily]

Don't worry. We'll get you to a hospital.


You won't understand.

You won't understand. I'm sorry.

Oh, no, don't be sorry. You're going to be fine.

Someone's going to come, and we'll get you to the hospital.

I'm sorry.



[Bell tolling]


Henry, I'm shocked.

We have a case with a dagger that was used to k*ll Julius Caesar, and you haven't stormed up here till now?

We've been looking at the case all wrong.

There's the Henry I know.

I think that tracking the pugio is a distraction.

At the end of the day, it's nothing but a weathered, old piece of iron with some supernatural nonsense attached to it.

You're suggesting we don't go after the dagger that k*lled Julius Caesar?

Who are you, and what have you done with Henry Morgan?

Xander's k*ller was a professional...

An expert in t*rture, a true sadist...

Whereas Blair's k*ller was nothing of the sort.

We need to separate the bodies and focus on the original victim, Blair.

You're wrong, Henry.

This case is all about that dagger.

That's what links the two victims.

There's simply no connection between...

Doc! Doc!

Not now, Lucas.

I found a connection between the two bodies...

Xander and Blair.


Lucas, please demonstrate this connection that I was unable to find.

If... if you look past all the damage done to Xander's body, you start to see signs that he was actually attacked before he was tortured.

Yes, that tends to happen.

Okay, but... but look right here.

You see these long, thin contusions?

These match exactly with the compact bruises that were found on Blair's body.

I also found some white powder on his arm where he was grabbed.

I tested it... It's the exact same powder that we found on Blair's hand.

From nitrile gloves that she wore at the museum.

Come on, Henry. We're going to the museum.

Are you sure that's a good idea, Jo?

Shouldn't we wait for backup?

It's a museum. We don't need the national guard.

Come on.

So, these are all the employees that handle the artifacts.

Policy is everyone uses gloves.

Jo: Well, then, we'll have to sit down with everyone.

Okay, let's start at the top.


What's up? Did you see something?

No. No, nothing.

Oh. Okay.

Well, come on. We got a lot of people to talk to.

Yes, why don't you, uh, go on ahead?

I'll be right with you.

[Device warbles]

[Baton clicks]

[Thump] Aah!


The dagger... Your life's in danger.

Jo: Drop it! [g*n cocks]

Drop your w*apon. Turn around.

On your knees.

[Baton clatters]

All the way down. Hands behind your back.

Thank you, Jo.

That was rather unpleasant.


Don't mind me. I'll be fine in a minute.

[Handcuffs click]

The hell is going on with you?

It's like you're trying to sabotage this case.

Look, I'm sorry. Occasionally, I happen to be wrong.

I was uncertain about the guard.

No, you knew. You lied to me, Henry.

I deserve the truth.

I believe the lore about the pugio.

Death follows it, Jo.

I was trying to protect you.

Forget I asked.

Recognize this girl, Ken?

She was a colleague of yours at the museum.

You know what did that?

A telescoping baton to the back of the head.

Reece: He's not gonna break.

We're gonna need DNA from the baton to tie him to the m*rder.

May I suggest we focus more on motive, perhaps tying him to the missing pugio dagger?

Julius Caesar's m*rder w*apon?

I thought you were off of that.

I just can't see this man acting alone.

What's the value for him?

How about some quick cash?

Check out his hands. They're shaking.

Maybe he's feeding a habit.


They're muscle spasms.

Swollen fingers, bruising on the arms.

They're not narcotic withdrawal symptoms.

He has kidney disease.

Maybethat's Hanson's strategy - keep him in there until one of them passes out.

I love the silent treatment.

You know what this moron doesn't realize is I got nowhere to go but home, and I never want to go there.

How long might this w*r of attrition take?

Hours, days.

Legally, we can keep the guy up to 72 hours, so better juice up.

Perhaps a, uh, gentler approach might yield quicker results, detective.

Jo, you want to take a crack at the guy, be my guest.

How old are your kids?

I saw their photo on your phone.

14 and 16.

He speaks.

Jo: Everyone loves to talk about their kids.

And they're also crazy-expensive.

You don't strike me as a k*ller, Ken.

You strike me as someone who is willing to do anything to provide for the people he loves.

I want to see my lawyer.


Well, we'll work on that.

While we do,
let's talk about what you were doing in central park.


I'm not saying another word... until...



Jo: Ken?

He's having a heart att*ck.

Call 911.

You're feeling weak, dizzy, like your heart is about to stop.


I can help you.

But you need to tell me where the dagger is.

I-I don't know.

There's no time to waste. You're dying.

[Groans] Where's the dagger?


Coming through!

He swallowed an antacid.

He's experiencing hypermagnesemia.

Hook him up to an I.V. of calcium.

That should do the trick.


All is fine here.

Terribly sorry. Have a dinner engagement.


What happened?

Maybe something he ate or drank?

We'll take him in, but he should be fine.

[Ken groans]

What am I looking for, Jo?

Right here.

I want to see what happened when Henry came in.

Blow that up.

Do we have audio?

Let me see what I can do.

You're dying. Tell me where the dagger is.

I need to see all the footage that happened outside this precinct in the last five minutes.


Who we after?


The museum guard told you?


Where's the cavalry?

Just me.

I never meant to harm Blair.

She just...

Wanted to return the pugio to the museum.

But you wouldn't have that.

So you paid the guard to stop her.

Why was it so important to you?

It's because of this.

This ledger belonged to Dr. Josef Mengele.

Adam: You remember the camps, Henry.

It's the smell that I remember most...

The smell of death.

Its pages are filled with experiments too horrific to imagine.

One detail caught my attention...

About a patient.

No matter what Mengele did to him, no matter the t*rture...


No matter the death, he always managed to return to life.

He would disappear and then be reborn in a nearby river.

The patient revealed the source of his affliction.

The dagger.

The Caesar dagger.

Legend has it that death follows the dagger, but I wonder if death really follows this man, this immortal.

Well. It's quite the tale.

[Ledger closes]

Bit fantastical for me.

I think the opposite.

You do believe me.

I wonder why that is.

Well, if what you say is true, the man will come for it.

He'll k*ll you.

I will gladly trade my life for proof of the existence of something else out there...

Something bigger than our mortal lives.

Can you imagine?

[Door opens, creaks]

[Footsteps approach]



Oh, God. Thank God it's you.

Give me the knife.

No, Jo. I can't let you have this.

You have to trust me.

Not anymore, Henry.

[Engine shuts off]

What did you do to that security guard?

Did you put something in his coffee?

I simply raised his magnesia levels.

I gave him an antacid.

No, you didn't, Henry.

I gave him the coffee. You put that on me.

I'm sorry.

What am I to you?

You're my friend...

My partner.

You're someone I care very deeply about.

But not enough to trust, huh?

Here's what you've been to me.

You are someone who has frustrated me and confused me and made me look at life in a different way.

And, most importantly...

You have made me feel again.

For that, I will... always be grateful.

Get out, Henry.


What happened?

[r*fle cocks] Hold it!

What the hell are you doing with that?!

I'm guarding the safe.

We got a psychopathic immortal out there.

Have you been sitting there all day?

Yes. [Clears throat] Mostly.

I took a few bathroom breaks, and then I had lunch with Myron.

Other than that, I've been a hawk.

Did you find that, uh, that pugio dagger?


Only problem is, it's now with Jo and the NYPD.

Oh, good. Maybe it's safer that way.

No one is safe with Adam out there.

He'll come looking for it. And he'll hurt her.

[Sighs] All this would be so much easier if I didn't...

You're emoting, Henry.



Whatever feelings I have for Jo are not relevant.

I have to protect her from Adam.

I know what I have to do...

Whether she hates me for it or not.

Lucas, there's a knife in evidence lockup.

I need to do a metallurgy test on it.

Could you fetch it for me, please?

No can do, doc.

Jo came down. She said you'd ask.

She also said if I gave it to you, I'd be fired and possibly prosecuted for evidence tampering.

Case is closed.

Guess it's back to your old day job, right?

Might want to get started with the stack of paperwork in your office there.

Lucas, this is no time...

Do paperwork!




They're going to know it was you.

When I started here, I...

I just thought it'd be cool to work around d*ad bodies, you know?

Truth be told, I snuck in here a few weekends and made some short films.

I'm sorry.

But working with you...

I-I now know what's possible with the living.

I mean, how many people can say that they've truly witnessed greatness?

Besides, commands are no constraints.

Right, Henry?

Did you just quote Milton?



Actually, I looked it up in anticipation of this conversation.

I wanted to sound smart.

You are smart, Lucas.

I'm proud of you.


[Tone rings]

Man on P.A.: Next stop... Fort Hamilton.

Next stop... Fort Hamilton.

[Rats squeaking]

[Train rolling in distance]


I was happy to receive your call, Henry.

You know... I was like you once.

Perhaps not quite as dapper, but a decent man.

My first death also came trying to save the life of another.

Alas, I failed.

So, take a good look, Henry.

This is what a decent man looks like after 2,000 years.

Are you not feeling chatty today?

Oh, I don't blame you.

You're here to k*ll me.

You're not the first.

Maybe you'll be the last.

Goodbye, Adam.

Game's over.

What? That's it?

You don't get to not play, Henry!

Do I need to recount the final agonizing moments of dear Abigail's life?

Have you seen this?

She had it on her when she died.

Sentimental till the end.

I can make you play, Henry.

[g*n cocks]

[g*n echoes]

[g*n cocks]

You have my g*n?!

Was this the point of your game...

To test a theory?

"Does the g*n work? Does the dagger work?

Can we die?"

Do you think I'm afraid of death?!

No, but you're afraid of something...

Something you fear far more than death.

Did you know that your partner followed you down here?

You stay away from her.


Oh, you're not thinking, Henry.

What you fear more than anything in this world is someone learning about your secret.

I assume she heard that last sh*t.

If not...

She's sure to hear this one.




In a few seconds, your partner will come in here and one of two things will happen.


She'll either find you d*ad...


Or she'll watch you disappear.


Either way, Henry...

Your life is over.

[Gasping, choking]



Now, now.

What is it?

[Inhales sharply, gags]

[Weakly] I'm... I'm...

I'm not a k*ller.


I'm a doctor.

[Air hisses] [Grunts]




[Exhales deeply]

Come on, come on, come on.

Where are you?


Come out.



[Gasps deeply]



[Indistinct talking on P.A.]

[Crowd gasps]

Man: Somebody call an ambulance!

[Monitor beeping]

Doctor: He suffers from a condition called lockedin syndrome...

Complete paralysis of his body and muscle functions, but his brain is still active.

The result of an air embolism in his brain stem.

So he can hear me? He's just... frozen like that?

I'm afraid so.


How long will it last?

I wish I knew.

Could be a lifetime.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry.

We'll find a way out of this.

We've got eternity together.

Henry: None of us can make it through this life without suffering some kind of pain.

Having lived through my fair share, I can tell you the most difficult to endure is loneliness.

Bye, Abraham.

♪ Turn ♪
♪ take these eyes ♪
♪ and all I want ♪
♪ my disguise ♪



You mustn't misunderstand what you think you saw.

There's a perfectly logical explana...


You poor man.

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ oh, oh, oh ♪
♪ oh, oh, oh ♪

Hey, Methuselah. Your move.

Not all of us can live forever.

Apologies, Abraham.

Henry: Adam was right.

is a game... And one that we must play.

[Sighs] Right.

Where were we?

No matter how careful we are, there is simply no way to go through this life unscathed.

But, fortunately for us, it's a game we don't have to play alone.

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

[bells jingle]

Hello, detective.

Do you have a new mystery for me to solve?

Yeah, I think, uh, you could say that.


Thank goodness. [Chuckles]

It was just stolen.

I was about to file a police report, and...

Well, here you are.

You know, I figured you'd say that.

I... also found this.

I was hoping you could explain it to me.

Tell her.

It's a long story.
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