01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for this 2015 3-part TV drama series.
Three-part drama based on real-life events that took place in an ordinary North London home in 1977. During the autumn of that year, novice paranormal researcher Maurice Grosse hears of a family reported to be terrorized by supernatural forces. After the recent death of his own daughter, Maurice gets drawn into the family's story, which also involves a young girl at the center of the bizarre happenings. The researcher enlists the help of experienced investigator Guy Lyon Playfair, who at first believes the case to be a scam - that is, until he comes into contact with the malevolent presence himself.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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This is a house of death for you.

This is real and it's powerful.

This is monstrous!

There you are... old man.

Janet spoke to me. Our Janet.

We need the SPR.

She can't breathe!

Well, I've come to care for this, Janet.

Our friends Gregory and Beloff want exclusive access.

Oh, she squeezed my hand!

I felt it!

She's alive!

Oh, Janet!


Betty. Betty...

Well, she can't be brain-d*ad if she can squeeze my hand, can she?

Can she, Maurice?

Betty, she's gone.

Do something, Maurice!

Janet, can you come here, please?


Mr Mainwaring.


Oh! Janet!


What are you up to?

Something burnt me.

I can smell matches.

A tissue - it got burnt too.

It's this circle of light.

Like Tinkerbell.


Where did it burn you?

My hand.

Looks all right to me.

What did you do to the camera?

It wasn't me!

Funny how they always go off when the poltergeist is active.


Everyone was so kind. At the salon.

They were fussing round me like I'd just come out of hospital.

Then the questions started.

How's Mr Grosses? How's he taking it?

Did he know all along?

Was he in on it?

They're laughing at us, Maurice!

They're laughing at you.

Beloff's blind-sided by it.

He's livid.

The one thing he does know how to do is cover his back.

He's going to prepare a paper for the journal, 'which will basically say we took a couple of excitable young girls and whipped them into a frenzy...'

Have you spoken to Doug or anybody at the Mirror?

They came here of their own accord.

Their own free will - that's what he claims.

Guy, I'll have to call you back.


Your hair looks nice.

I only said it to get rid of them, so we could have you back.

They was horrible.

They wanted to do all sorts of tests on Janet.

Wires and things.

And they wouldn't let us watch telly.

They were the experts.

They didn't believe us, anyway.

That you were faking it?

That we was telling the truth.

Even when I was covered in bleedin' ant stings.

They think we're doing this to each other.

Oh, my...!

What about your mum? Oh, my God!

She wants you back too.

She's still worried about what Mrs Craine said.

That it's a house of death here.

These experts...

Load of old rubbish, aren't they?

Joe Watson asked for his ashes to be scattered at Highbury.

His son didn't even pick them up from the funeral parlour.

So we take them to Highbury and he leaves us alone?

It's not quite as easy as that.

But it does put us in a very strong position to be able to try and drive out his spirit. An exorcism?

It's not an exorcism. It's a disobsession.

With a priest? Not a priest, no.

Is it going to hurt?

If we get this right, you're going to feel light and free afterwards.

We'll be right here.

We need to tie her arms to the chair. What?! Really?

For her own protection.

He really knows what he's doing?

He's done it before.

In Brazil - where the nuts come from.

Now, we must pay no attention to whatever the spirit says and on no account address it.

The only voice it must hear is mine.

Are we clear about that?


Is that all right? Is it hurting?


If you drop that... Janet, behave!

Sacred Principal of the universe, infinite are your powers, absolute is your science.

Grant me the power to reflect your divine will.

Grant me, Divine Father, the delegation of having power over malevolent spirits.

Make me, Absolute Lord, a vehicle of your infinite love to those who deserve it.

Hello, Joe.

You recognise this?

It's your ashes, Joe.

It's what's left of your body after cremation.

They're in here because you're d*ad.

Not my ashes.

But they ARE your ashes, Joe.

You know that. So what are you still doing here?

It's time for you to go.

If I go, I'm taking her with me, you filthy old eunuch!

What do you want with the body of an 11-year-old girl?

This is not you. THIS is you.

This is what's left of what you were.

Bye-bye. Psst.

Be at peace... I've got to...

Want to know what it is?

You won't believe it. Proof.

Why do you stay? Are you afraid of moving on?

Whatever you did, whatever you were, it doesn't matter now.

All is forgiven. Doesn't that sound good?

Mum. I need to go to the toilet.

I really need to go, Mum.

Stupid bitch! I'll make her pay!

There is no hell.

Is that what you're afraid of? It doesn't exist.

But there is an afterlife where all is forgiven.

God forgives all, and you know that, Joe.

You have nothing to be frightened of.

You can go. Grosse!

Oi, Grosse - don't you want to talk?

I've got someone here who wants to talk to you.

Can you guess who it is?

Old man? Dad?

Dad, I can't take it.

He's hurting me!

Just shove that bag in her mouth.

So many in this one.

Spoiled for choice.

I like this one. At the back of her head.


Do you repent, Joe?

Is that why you're here?

Because it's not too late.


Dad, why won't you help me?

It's not her, Maurice.

All those wrongdoings.

Dad, are you there?

Let them all go. You can be your true self again without that awful burden, Joe.

You have a question. Ask me.

You know the one.

Yes. That's enough, that's enough!

I order you to go out! Go out and leave her now!

Don't you want to know the answer?

Yes. For God's sake, Maurice!

I don't forgive you.

Are you all right? Take this.

No, no, it's... thank you. It's gone.

You could feel it too?

Joe Watson has passed over.

How do you feel?

Bit funny.

Yeah, lighter.

Maybe I should have some chocolate.

Is that it, then?


I might sign off, old chum.

All right. Have a good evening.

No, I mean call it quits.

It's been days now.

We did it, Maurice. We won.


We won't know what to do with ourselves.

All this quiet!

I'll send you a draft of my book before it goes to the publishers, make sure you're happy with everything.

It's not going to have all that language in it, is it?

What come out of Janet's mouth?

Oh, gosh! Oh...

That's Joe Watson. That's marvellous.

I was rather worried it was me!

Billy did the blood.

Thank you all very much. Not me.

Of course, it isn't really goodbye.

I'd very much like to come and visit. I dunno. We might be busy.

You're always welcome.

Look after yourself. Keep taking them pills.

Yeah, well...

What's this? Nothing.

Well, it's not nothing, is it?

It's ashes.

Who is it?

Don't worry. It's quite harmless now.

What's it doing here?

It's a memento.

Maurice, this is not a museum of the d*ad.

Isn't it?

Get rid of them.


I'm gonna have a heart att*ck!


Maybe the poltergeist did it.

Maybe it's because I can't remember the last time we changed the water.

We should tell Maurice.

Let's see how we go, eh?


He's not gonna believe any of it.

He'll go, "It's so boring here!"

It'd be nice to have him home.

Doesn't feel the same without him, does it?


Oi, let me in! Stop messing about!

I don't know what time we'll be back.

Well, I've missed him.

I have.

You have missed him. I haven't!

Dad, where are you?

I need to tell you something.

Listening to you moaning on and on and on!

All the f*cking time!

Wait a minute...


She's broken her thumb.

Otherwise unscathed.

They're keeping her in. Right.

They think she's been doing it to herself.

We should tell them. We have.

Had trouble persuading them it's not a criminal matter.

I thought Joe Watson had gone.

She's been talking in voices.

More than one. Not Joe's.

A poltergeist is not just one spirit.

Perhaps in removing Joe Watson, we allowed something worse in.

Not just one - scores.

It's my fault.

I didn't want it to be over.

If I said it was a poltergeist, would you pay me some attention?

I think that you think that...

I've left you.

But... I'm right here.

Just wish it was enough.

It is enough. It is.

I... No, I can't.

Not now, no.

It's back.

She's in hospital, all alone.

She needs me.

I need you.

She's a girl.

But she's not our girl.

Ring... My ring!

They had to cut it off. No!


They've done the best they can.

I'll be back to dress it again this evening.




That's just...

Get some sleep.

Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Please help me!

Help! Help!

Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived a perfect life. A mum and dad who loved her and beautiful gardens around a big house. Everything was perfect. Except every night when she went to sleep, she had this nightmare. She was chained to a wall in a dripping dungeon. She'd wake up crying and her mum would tell her, "It's just a dream." But night would come and she was back in the dungeon. And now she knew why she was there. They were gonna burn her. As a witch. Being awake was such a relief. But it got harder to forget the dreams. And finally... the night came. And they carried her out to the stake. And as the skin started to blister and crack and the smell of it filled her nostrils... she knew it was the other life that was the dream.
Dosing Janet correctly has been a challenge.

She has a surprisingly high tolerance to a lot of the benzodiazepines.

That's why we're keen to get her started on ECT.

You can't just fry her brain.

It's barbaric!

What's barbaric is treating her with mystics and mediums.

This is Enfield, not Africa.

You cannot medicate away what is happening in that house.

You're guessing that this is caused by neurological factors.

But there is an abundance of evidence that something external has been afflicting Janet for months.

And yet, the president of your society, the very expert you call in, assures us there is no such thing.

This man is an expert.

He knows how dangerous a poltergeist can be.

Tell them about the boy in Brazil.

He was k*lled. By a poltergeist?


Mr Playfair, how exactly did he die?


Oh, he hanged himself?

It was the poltergeist. Tell them.

There was a note?

Yes. It said, um...

"I can't go on any more. I'm sorry."

And that's precisely what we're trying to avoid with Janet.

I'm sorry. I'm...

I'm not good with fancy words.

Janet's the clever one. She'd know what to say.

Um... when... when their dad left, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to cope.

Not with the others so much. Well, Johnny's a bit wild, but...

Janet... she can run rings round me.

And then this started and Mr Grosse and Mr Playfair come and they was a match for her.

They've been so kind to us and... and...

I feel bad saying this, I really do, but it was... nice for all of us having men around the place.

And that's what this has all been about.

It's just been a bit of fun that we got carried away with.

Now Janet, she's took it too far and I should have told her that, but we was all so... happy to have them there.

Now she's wasted people's time and she's made things up and she's hurt herself, but... she doesn't need electricity through her brain.

All she needs is for her mum to sit her down and say, "Enough."

Let me talk to her and it will stop.

Peggy, I'm as opposed to ECT as you are, but... we can't pretend that this was just a fiction.

I'm not pretending. Not any more.

You saw it. Sofas overturning, objects flying about... There were four of us and only two of you.

The voice!

Her nan's good with voices.

Maurice! Maurice.

Janet wouldn't do that!

With respect, Mr Grosse...

She's not your daughter.

There you are!

I've been looking everywhere.

Come on, let's go and...

Come on, old man.

What are you doing here?

You're not welcome.

I said you're not welcome!

Marilyn and Richard are coming over for dinner.

I told them that you were working away.




Oh, no, please, Maurice, that was Mum's!

Why didn't you tell me?

He had a motorbike.

Oh, Maurice.

She told you everything. You're her mother!

Why did you let her get on the back of his motorbike? Maurice...

Please don't upset...

You have the nerve to blame me!

I don't! I never...

I don't blame you.

That I let it happen.

That we weren't there.

That I didn't go and k*ll the little swine before he k*lled her!

Our daughter...

Our precious little girl.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I thought Janet was her.

Our Janet.

But she wasn't.

It's over.

No. You have to save that poor girl.

I've seen it.

I've seen what it does.

You don't believe it. I do.

I always believed it.

And I believe in you.

Morning. Oh, Mr Grosse!

Hi, Janet. Do you remember me?

Is he the... milkman?

No milk today, thank you, Maurice!

What's that?

What? Is it a love bite?

I've got bruises all over from the poltergeist.

That don't make you blush!

I had it repaired.

Any... activities?

Just these voices.

Over and over again!

Come on! Come on.

Come on. Come on.

I not having her go back there.

Do we do another disobsession?

And another and another? How many voices have you counted already?


It's the relentlessness that gets them in the end.

That's when Braulio hanged himself.


I'm sure that won't happen here.

Shall we get out of here?

When I told you about my angina, you said that you get a tightness in your chest, like there's a scream that you can't get out.

And then when the voices came, the tightness went away.


Well, some people think that... that poltergeists happen when people are repressing their anger.

You can't push it away, the anger.

It's like air under the linoleum - it pops up somewhere else.

And that's the poltergeist?

Are we running away?


We're gonna stop running away.

Say what you really feel, here.

Where no-one can hear you.

Are you kidding me?!


Shut up, you horrible big plane!


That's it!

Go on - put it into words.

I hate you, Professor Beloff, because you stinky old...

You think you know it all!

I hate you, Professor Beloff!


Because you were mean when the ants stung me and you didn't let us watch telly!

I hate you, motorcyclists, because you're not safe!

And I hate the doctors and nurses at the hospital, specially the Irish one with the onion breath.

And I hate Johnny for calling me a moron.

Well, he's the moron!

And I hate Mum for being stupid and old and letting Dad leave.

And I hate Dad! I hate him!

Go on!

I hate Maureen cos she's a slut!

And I hate the poltergeist for smashing my head in and burning me!

I hate it!

I just want to make it go away!

I want to smash the stupid f*cking little poltergeist...

Oh, sorry, sir... Ow!

Oh, my God! Oh, I'm so sorry.

It's all right. We were just having a bit of fun.

We'll move on.

Sorry I hit you.

It felt good, though, eh?

What's wrong with me?

There's nothing wrong with you. You've just got a poltergeist.

No, before that.

Everybody goes - Dad and Margaret and... you.

Your dad going is not your fault.

Him leaving is about him and your mum. It's nothing to do with you.

Margaret is a good sister.

She'll always be your sister.

You'll have a bond like no-one else, but she'll meet a boy some day who she'll spend her life with.

And so will you.

Not someone silly and unreliable like your dad, but someone who will see what a special girl you are.

Why is there stones on it?

Well, it's a Jewish tradition.

Can I put one on?

Course you can.

That's it now - you're family.

We can get rid of this poltergeist, but me you're stuck with.

That question you ask her...

It doesn't matter.

I'm never going to get the answer.

I'm just going to have to live with that.

Janet, are you all right?


It's been going crazy.

What have you two been up to?

It's Maurice.

What? He's the one keeping the poltergeist here. It's him.

What's going on?

Um... Look, old chum, I think there's something we need to try.

No Mr Craine?

He didn't want me to come.

And he was right.

I said the first time was a mistake.

I said, "Don't make contact," and you did.

I can't control any of this, and I won't be responsible for the death of a child.

If you don't do this, you will be responsible.

Shouldn't we listen to what...?

We know what we're doing.

And it has to be done.

Isn't that right, Mrs H?

Are you sure?

It's the only way.


Can you see me?

f*ck off!

We had ox cheek.

First meat I'd had in two weeks, so at first I thought it was that.

Then I was on the street, home from the shop.

I had to go to the toilet.

Out it come like water.

You are children of God. You are children of God.

Go towards the light.

Piss off! Why don't he go towards the light?

What's the light doing?

Don't you know there's a w*r on?

Lindy. I want to speak to Lindy. Is Lindy there?

Lindy, you said this was a house of death for Maurice. Is it still?

It is a house of death for Maurice.

Not his death.

There's someone here. Someone wants to tell him something.


They gave me an emetic.

What do you want to give me that for, says I?

It's keeping it down that's the problem.

Every night. Every bleedin' night!

Janet, I don't understand. I... can't hear you!

And your brains will spill out and I'll throw my head back and I'll laugh!



Hey, old man.

Is that you?

Yes, Dad... it's me.


Are you all right?

It's been a bit bumpy.

But it's fine now.

I've been wanting to get through to you.

But it's so hard.

All this noise.

I wanted to answer your question.


I don't forgive you.

Because there's nothing to forgive.

I'm tired.

Is it OK if I go?


We love you, me and your mum.

I know.

It's time to go.

Janet... can you take everyone with you?

I'm doing it. We're going now.

It's beautiful, Dad.

Goodbye, Janet.


Thank you.

She's gone.

Thank you.

All right, old chap? Yes, Guy.

Thank you.

Thank you.

What will you do?

I've got all this stuff to write up.

Of course.

First of all, I'm going to set my mind to a bloody good rebuttal of Beloff's hatchet job.

Come and help me if you're at a loose end.

I like that, thank you. Yeah.

Well, you'll have to come to dinner again.

Yes. Betty's been going on about it.
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