02x10 - Day One

Episode transcripts for the 2014 TV show "Remedy". This show was cancelled after 2 seasons.
Remedy is a unique, high-stakes medical drama that goes beyond the operating room and the ER, to reveal a compelling community of hospital staff who make the healing happen.

The series follows Griffin Conner who comes home having dropped out of medical school and gets a job as an orderly at the hospital where his father, is Chief of staff, and his sisters, are a nurse, and a surgeon.
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02x10 - Day One

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Previously on "Remedy"...

I just gotta keep him close.

If I can do that, I have a chance to help him.

Griffin, what are those? Griff had track marks. We need to talk to him, as a family.

You're talking about an intervention.

What haven't we done for you?

We've supported you, we've given you money, we've bent over backwards for you!

Let's talk about the good things. What we love about Griff, what we value...

I gotta go, Mom.

I know, sweetheart.

Tell them I'm sorry.

I'm the new you.

She's not your patient...

Stop it! I'm senior to you, You can't just ignore my opinion.

Dallas is happening.

I have a job, and it looks like you have a job too, if you want.

Maybe I don't want it.

I can't believe I have to ask, but...

Do you love me?

Yeah. I do.

I love you.

Whatever you're doing right now, don't. Griff!

Where are you?

Trauma now, call Dr. Conner.

Head-on collision.

A truck hit her vehicle.

Sandy, can you hear me?

Excuse me, we've been waiting forever.

Sorry, name?

Lewis Murdoch...

She means Trevor. Trevor Murdoch.

He's our son.

He b*rned his hand. It's been a couple of hours...


Not that badly. But this one wanted it looked at.

Give me a second.

Trevor. The nurse wants to talk to you.

Sorry, we're short staffed and Trevor's quite low on the list.

He spilled hot oil on his hand.

Making French fries.

It's not the end of the world.

Trevor, show her your hand.

Please don't.

Have a seat. We'll call you.

Great. Can you give us any idea how long...

AH! Hey you, did you just touch my butt?


For God's sake, Trevor.

I didn't.


What's going on? Where is she?

Trauma. They're prepping her for transport.

Out of the way, move!

Sandy. Honey.

She's out, Dad.

What the... what the hell happened?

It was a truck. Hit her head-on.

Significant internal bleeding. We've got an OR waiting.


Wasn't in the car.

Oh, thank God.

Also pretty bad tibial fractures. Displaced, bone's in a lot of fragments.

That's going to have to wait.

What the hell was she doing?

What do you think? Driving around looking for Griff.

Your mom's on her way. I'll wait here, we'll be right up.

Keep it.




Oh my God.

Griff? Griff?

Oh, hey there.

Get up!

Just five more minutes, Mom.

This isn't a joke. Your sister was in an accident. Griff!

You're just trying to get me to go to another stupid intervention.

Sandy's car was hit by a truck, she's in emerg, you have to get down there. Get up!

Make checking for arterial bleeds your priority.

Yes. Good. Thank you.

Be prepared for significant hemorrhage when you access the peritoneum. Have abdo packs on standby.

And thank you for that.

And pay special attention to the small intestine. If you miss a perforation, she could develop peritonitis, and an infection is the last thing we need.

Dr. Conner, please, I think you should wait outside.

She's my sister. My sister is in there.

Which is my point.

I don't know your work, Jake.

I prefer Dr. Reuben, and you should really wait outside.

Not gonna happen, Jake.

I understand that this is an emotionally challenging time for you, but you can trust me, Dr. Conner. I'm really very good at this.

Thought you'd be upstairs. Any word?

No, nothing yet. Still waiting on the ex-wife.

Well, we've got two ambulances out front. You're gonna want to see this.

That's my song. I sang it in my special, he had no right to sing it.

Bay 4. Go.

Nobody owns Blue Suede Shoes, man, you know what I'm saying?

That's a classic. My fans, they expect the classics.

He did it better in the '68 special. It had more energy, it was raw!

It didn't even make the original telecast.

Devi, Bay 2.

Might want to keep those two apart, ma'am. They don't like each other.

Oh, thanks. Have a seat.

We'll get that eye taken care of.

Allen Conner! Any Conner!

Becca, I'm here.

I told you. You didn't listen.

I said interventions only work on TV and in Europe.

OK, we're gonna go upstairs...

My beautiful boy. Was it an overdose?

Griffin isn't here. Didn't you listen to the voicemail I...

I stopped as soon as you said hospital.

Sandy was in a car accident, on her way to see Griffin. She's in surgery.

Griffy hit Sandy with a car?

OK, come on, let's get you a cup of coffee.

How badly is my baby hurt?

It's not good, Becca. Come on, let's go.

OK, get her packed up and keep suction going.

I need a clear field and we've got to control blood loss.

Dr. Gordon, how's her blood pressure?

Holding at 85 over 60.

Is she gonna stand there all night?

More suction. Right in there. Call down to blood bank and get two more bags of O negative. And ask them to keep four more in reserve.

I guess I can expect an appearance from the father soon.

Two docs second-guessing me from the other side of the glass. Oh joy, oh bliss. Act like they're the only doctors in...

You don't want to finish that.

Why? Can you read my mind?


Because that'd be remarkable.

OK, well, whatever you were going to say, say it later, to someone else. Doctor.

All right, ready to begin ligation.


How is she?

What are you doing here?

I went and got him.

How is she?

Grade five splenic injury.

Significant blood loss when they opened the abdominal wall.

BP's s*ab. Good sign.

They had to call down for more blood, so.

I always thought that'd be me on that table.

So did I.


Griff, if you're gonna be in here, you're not allowed to talk, OK?

I'm not ready.

Look, just for a sec.

My baby girl is being cut up...

We'll find a place to wait.

And put back together, and I need you. So just tonight, can you be a dad and not a doctor?

Or just at least an understanding ex-husband.

I have to check in, Becca.

Fruit salad and club soda.


What I need. Coffee is a myth.

How long have you known me, and you don't know that.

Removing the spleen, prepare ties for suture and ligation. Get a clamp on the splenic artery.

I'm gonna go now.

Can you take Griffin downstairs and get him... something?

His shirt smells like, I don't know, rancid compost.

I don't need a babysitter.

Yes, you do.


Alright. I'm going.

There's my Griffin!

How are you?

I'm OK.

I was so worried.

What are you doing here?

I brought him here.

How's Sandy, have you seen her?

Are you drunk? Is she drunk?

Of course I am.

Are you high?

I'm going to go get changed.

It is not your fault, Griffin.

Becca, stop it.

I am going back downstairs, where I will await further updates.

Zoe, what the hell were you thinking bringing him here?

I saw Sandy being rushed into the ER, I thought you'd want your family here. I was doing you a favour.

It's just another problem that I'm gonna have to manage.

So thanks, but don't do me any more favours.

Rebecca, wait.

Zoe, I'm done. No more drugs, no booze, whatever. I swear.

OK, Griff, whatever you say. You gotta get changed.

Kanaskie cut off the lock. He probably threw it all out.

OK, well, you can't go upstairs looking like that.

Lost and found is closed, so...

I gotta get it together.

I'm serious.

Did you see Sandy in there?


Put 'em on.

I can't wear doctors scrubs.

I have to go to work in the morning. I'm gonna go.

Don't. Stay.

Your family... I got reamed out for bringing you here. Mel thinks that I'm your babysitter.

I'm leaving. And Griff...

Don't be an ass tonight. Your family can't handle it.

You didn't touch your fruit.

I'm working my way up to it.

I'd like to get back upstairs soon.

What's stopping you?

I can't leave you alone, Becca.

What are you afraid of, Allen, that I'm going to embarrass you?

Alright, OK.

You're gonna put this whole thing on me, aren't you?

This whole fiasco. The original sin.

What are you talking about?

You blame me for Griffin's addiction.

OK, it's gonna be a long night and you're not going to sober up anytime soon. I'm gonna get you a cab.

Fine, but I wanna go... Give them Sandy's address.

I want to see my granddaughter.

Becca, you know you can't...

Be alone with her? God forbid. The nanny's there, so you can breathe easy.

Sorry. Thank you.

Are you a doctor?

Yeah, but I'm not on shift right now.

We should just go home...

We've been waiting all night.

He said he's not working.

What? Maybe he can help us, tell us how we can speed things along.

Pretty busy.

I can get your son a stretcher to lie on, make him more comfortable.

Other than that...

That's something.

OK. What's your name?

Lewis Murdoch. This one's Trevor. Whitney, my wife.

Alright, nice to meet you. Just give me a minute.

Thank you.

If Dad sees you wearing those scrubs...

You do know it wasn't me driving that truck, right, Mel?

No one said you were.

This isn't my fault.

No. No one will ever say that.

No one will ever say it's your fault.

No. They'll just think it.

Sandy was out looking for you.

I have to call Peter. He doesn't even know about any of this yet.

Get Dr. Guerra on the phone, get more blood stat. Get the clamps back on there, get a second suction...

Mel? Something just happened.


She's down to 65 over 40.

Oh no.

No, no, no...


It looks like... there's blood rising in the cavity, fast. There must be an arterial bleed. Dammit!

Update. Now.

When I removed the clamp on the celiac artery, it dissected up into the descending aorta.

So fix it.

I've called Dr. Guerra.

It can't wait. She could die.

Don't even think about scrubbing in.

I'm gonna do a lot more than just think about it.

Go find Dad. Now.

They'll help take some of the edge off the pain.

I ain't takin' any pills.

Never touch the stuff.

Hey, Dev...

Hold on. If you come back, complaining...

I'm looking for my dad...

I'm free to go?

Yes, but Elvis present and future have to stay.

Thank you. Thank you very much.


Your father was putting your mother in a cab.

There he is.

How's Sandy?

Not great.

Devi. Murdoch family, find them a stretcher?

They took him home.

Dad, Sandy's in trouble. There's a bleed.


Nobody move.

I'm suturing the dissection in the celiac artery in advance of implanting a synthetic graft to repair the descending aorta.

More suction, right in there.

Someone please gown me! Now!

Guerra wants to talk to you.

Conner. You gotta stand down.

It isn't illegal, Sam.

It's unethical.

I don't care.

You'll regret it, Conner, trust me.

The celiac artery repair is complete. Sponge.

And prep the graft.

Don't do this.

Listen to me, Conner. If your sister dies on that table with Jake's hands covered in her blood, it'll take you a long time to recover.

OK, stop it.

But if Sandy dies and it's your hands covered in her blood, you'll never recover.


Are you hearing me, Conner?

Yeah. I hear you.

Listen, we got this.

Reuben, ready with the graft?


OK, so what you wanna do is extend the dissection...

A clamp nicked the descending aorta. They've stopped the bleeding, but...

You shouldn't be wearing those.

I'm quitting.

Today. I promise.

And all it took was your sister being hit by a truck.

Hey. What are you...

You're here.

Yeah. Caught the first flight back.

How's she doin'?

They had to implant a graft in her abdominal aorta.

We'll know more about her leg later this morning.

She's going to need help. With Maya.

I know.

It'll take some time to get her back on her feet, and when she is, Dallas will still be there.


Griff's a mess. And my dad... he'll pretend to be OK, but he's not.

I'm not suggesting you leave them high and dry while Sandy is in an ICU bed. But eventually, at some point, you gotta make a break, right?

Do I?

We talked about this. Distance can be healthy.

Do you even like my family, Peter?


You just said yourself they're a mess...

Yeah, well, they're my mess. And I need to deal with it.

I'm not going to Dallas.

Mel, we can talk about this later...

This isn't gonna work, Peter.

I'm sorry. I'm staying here.

♪ In Dublin's fair city ♪
♪ Where the girls are so pretty ♪
♪ I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone ♪



Hey, it's Griffin. Can you let me out of here?

I'm locked in here.

There's a little wooden thing in the latch right there. Just open it, pull on it and let me out.

What the hell, Conner?

Thank you, thank you.

I made Marla lock me in there overnight.

You know what?

I don't want to know. Keep your kinky sex practices to yourself.

It wasn't like that, I just wanted to make sure that I didn't use.

So what's this mean, you're coming back to work then?

Not today, Frank.

Oh, 'cause you can. Anytime you want. You're a made man.

What's that supposed to mean?

Innocent little flower, like you don't know.

Know what? Seriously.

Your dad.

Pulled some strings. Do me a favour, lose the scrubs. You're not a doctor.

Shouldn't you be wearing a cowboy hat in Dallas?

I came back for...


She's lucky to be alive.

University swim team.

Someone spiked the chemicals in the pool.

Chlorine burns?

Peter, Allen can't make his shift.

We could use your help to clear some charts.

I'd love to, but I'm not covered.

I haven't processed your resignation yet.

OK. Yeah, I'm in.



I knew you wouldn't leave us.

Hey, Bruno.

What's with the scrubs?

Forget about it, it doesn't matter.

You look like crap, man.

Yeah, um...

I was kinda hoping you could help me with that.

Trevor, get up. Doctor's here.

How's your hand?

I wrapped it again this morning.

We came back because he has a fever now. He threw up too. Everywhere.

I'm sure it's just a bug.

All he does lately is sleep.

She thinks I'm paranoid.

Because you're paranoid.

Why don't you both go grab a coffee and I'll check him out.

OK, Trevor. Up and at 'em.

Where are my parents?

I gave them two minutes for roughing.

Thank God. It's nonstop with them.

They just want you to be healthy. How's your hand?

Whitney's right. It's not that bad.

You feeling nauseous now?

A little, yeah.

How long how have you been feeling like this, tired all the time?

A while, I guess. I don't know.

OK. I'm not worried about the burn. Your mom did a good job...


Well, she did a good job. But I am going to order blood work and a urine test.

See if we can figure what's making you feel so tired and lousy.

I'm starved. Can I get a snack?

Looks like repairing the internal bleed was the easy part. I spoke to Dr. Bernstein this morning. Sandy's fracture is very... complicated.

I know that.

There's significant soft tissue and vascular damage.

How significant?

Significant: important or of consequence.

How significant?

Bernstein says he can handle the fracture reduction with internal fixation, but the blood flow to the leg is very compromised.

The tibial artery...

Is it blocked or torn?


Multiple sites. The tears are...


There's a 50/50 chance your sister could lose her lower leg.

I'm going to reach out to my mentor in Montreal. I've never done such a complicated...

No, you're not.

Yes, I am.

Apuzzo at Memorial is the best in the city.

I'm going to reach out to her.

I'm the staff surgeon...

You've been on call for 24 hours. I don't want a tired doctor "learning" on my sister.

I'm not tired.

I never get tired. You're the one who is tired.

I will discuss this with my patient. Excuse me. I have a consult in ER.

But... no. There has to be...

Maya can't even walk yet.

You're not gonna lose your leg. I promise.

You don't... you can't know that.

Reuben doesn't have the experience. Our best bet is to wait for Apuzzo.

Dad? Is that what you think?

If we can get her.

Where is this Doctor, Doctor...


Haven't been able to reach her yet.

(light knock)

Sorry. Can I talk to you for a second, please?


And Griff?

Is he...? Any word?

Let's just worry about you right now, OK? Griffin, he's not a priority.

Maya. She... she's never been away from me this long.

Can you...

I'll head over there right now, alright?


Mel will stay here with you.

Thanks, Dad.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.


Nothing to be sorry about. Nothing.

Thanks, Bruno.


It's not what you think.

I don't care.

Nothing to do with me.


You're his dealer now? I thought that was PJ's job.

It's clonidine.

It's for withdrawal.

It helps with anxiety, agitation, muscle aches.

Sure. Whatever.

Look, it's true. It's the truth.

That's a first.

How is Sandy?

I'm just gonna go check on her now.

Tell her hi for me, OK?


Blood work looks clear.

Oh, thank God.

See? A bug.

I'd like to keep Trevor for a bit, do a head CT and a lumbar puncture.

Since when do you do a CT scan for the flu?

I'm concerned about his nausea and fatigue.

I'd like to rule out meningitis and encephalitis.

Encephalitis, isn't that fatal?

I shouldn't have let him go to that concert last month.

It was raining.

Try not to worry.

We'll get to the bottom of this.

A porter will be here soon to take him up to imaging.

I'll meet you up there.
Just did a follow-up on your Elvis.

Oh, he's not mine. Pretty sure he belongs to the world.

Need a CT to confirm, but I think we'll need to operate.

No problem, Colonel.



You and Melissa Conner, you're a thing, or something, right?

It's complicated.

You need to tell her to let me do the vascular repair on her sister's leg. If she waits too long, we could lose it. And nobody wants that.

How did he react when you said you were staying here?

Mmm. I don't think he understands.

Peter isn't close with his family.

Tell him to go away.


I don't wanna see him right now.

Hey. Just thought I'd say hi.

Maybe later. She's tired.

I'll text with updates.

I... I don't have a... I don't have a phone right now.

Someone will find you and check in.

You gonna be downstairs, or...

I don't know.


Did you get the clonidine?


It'll help a bit with the physical, but not the psychological.

Yeah, I know.

Thanks, Mel.

Hey, PJ.

Oh, hey brother, what's going on?

I just heard, your sister, is she OK?

Uh. She's...

You know, I haven't got a chance to talk to her, so I don't really know yet.

Alright, well, when you do, you let me know if she needs anything.

Y'know, green Jell-O, fresh linens.

Flowers from the dementia ward, you name it.

Yeah, thanks. Yo, listen, you got anything?

Brother, to be honest, I got nothing.

I'm dry this week.

Just like, hash or something, man?

Dude, to be honest, I got some wine gums that I took from the kids at PAEDS.

Other than that, I got nothing.

I know you got something.

Brother, I got nothing...

Let's go, man, I know you're holding.

I don't have nothing!

Relax, get off me, bro.



What the hell...

PJ, get out of here.

This cat ain't right, yo.

I know.

What are you doing, Griffin?

Nothing, man, I just asked him a question.

Come on, what do you want from me, man? This is hard.

Maybe you need to go somewhere.

Nah, it's OK, I got this.

The chapel.

It's quiet.

The God thing?

Nah, man, that's not really my thing.

Maybe you should try again.

(cell phone ringing)

Yeah. No.

I got a call.

Suit up. I'm putting you to work.


I'm not leaving you alone.

Is it gonna hurt?

Nah, it's pretty cool, actually. You'll hear some whirring and some buzzing.

Can we go in there with him?

Lewis, honestly.


What? What is it?

He just grabbed my breast!


What? It wasn't on purpose!

Are you OK?

Not really.

We are so, so sorry. Maybe you should step out.

Yeah, maybe.

How many times...

How many times are you going to let this happen before you finally...

What do you want me to do about it, Whitney?

I want you to raise your son properly!

I didn't mean to!

I just... did it!

Hey, hey, everyone. Hey!

Trevor, you sit tight. We'll get another tech to come in there, we'll get this done.




It's unbelievable.

Maya's asleep.

And so is the nanny whose name for the life of me I cannot pronounce.


Atalunia. What are you doing?

Looking for Sandy's breast pump.

Oh, darling.

What? She's going to need it. Here it is. What's it doing here?

Don't let me forget this.

(sighing) We need to talk about Griffin.

You think?

Becca, I think... This isn't easy for me to say, but I think you need to... stay away from the family.

Because I'm a bad influence.

Because you have sabotaged every effort this family has made to help our son recover...

Pot calling the kettle black.

You hijacked the family meeting yesterday...

Hijacked? How did I do that?

You let him run away.

What was I supposed to do, Allen, tackle him on the back lawn?

Becca, he thinks you approve of drugs.

I concede that I have not...

How is someone supposed to move on with a mother who...

I'm not going down alone!

Who uses their addiction as a way to bond with her son!

OK, stop!

Just go away.

Deal with your own issues and let me deal with this.

My issues?


For such a smart man, you are such an idiot.

The last thing you want is for me to stop drinking.

Oh, that is not true!

Because the more I drink, the better you look to our children.

You use my drinking as a way to bring them closer to you.

You always have. And I let you.

I'm going to the hospital.

No, you're not.


We're not finished.

I have an illness, Allen.

And so does your son.

Griffin is in the clutches right now of something that eats away at him every day, and you need to show some compassion.

You need to love him not for who he was, or who you want him to be, but for who he is right now.

And until you do that, he will spend the rest of his life thinking that he failed you.

And hating himself for it.

Now you can go.

Mel, there you are.

Shouldn't you be on a plane back to Dallas?

Do you want me to be on a plane back to Dallas?

I'm helping out in ER. Those Sandy's?


Dr. Reuben told me you want to go outside Beth-H for a surgeon.

The tibia's broken in five places.

And all those fragments? Sharp. That one totally transected her tibial artery.

We won't know the extent of the damage until a surgeon is in there, and you think I'm going to let a first-year staff who I've known for less than 48 hours give it a sh*t? On my sister? Yeah, no. Not going to happen.

Aren't you at risk of making the surgery more complicated by waiting?

Let Jake do the surgery. He's good.

Help yourself to cake.

I think we should have a longer discussion, don't you?

About what?


I don't know. Sometimes a little distance is healthy, don't you think?

Y'know, I was a '68 Special Elvis once.

Yeah, I had the leather pants, I was cool, man.

And then one day, I woke up and I was Fat Elvis.

How does that happen, man?

I mean, one day you got a wife, a family, and the next day, you need a sh*t of vodka before your first cuppa coffee and you're getting the crap b*at out of you.

Hey, is that a restroom? Gimme a hand.

I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere.

It's my destiny to die on the crapper. I hope it doesn't happen today.

What's wrong with my boy?

Common flu and raging hormones.

Trevor's tests came back clear.

We've ruled out mono, encephalitis, meningitis...

Like I said.

With respect, his symptoms tell me that your son is ill.

We just haven't been able to figure out the cause yet...



What's going on?

Need some help in here!

Help him.

We've got you, buddy.

Hang in there.


No signs of swelling.

No visible obstruction.

Prep the O2, get me a laryngoscope.

Any allergies? Food, medication?

No, nothing. Is he... Oh my God, please...

There's a foreign object just above the epiglottis. Grasping forceps, now!

It's... purple.

Oh, my God, please!

Got it.

(moaning in pain)

I've been calling forever. Giving birth was painful, but this...

My pump's not working. It's my leg, it's... it's...

OK, Sandy. Try to take deep breaths.

It's k*lling me.

Oh my God. I'll get a Stryker.

I need a pressure monitor now!

What's happening?

There's no pulse in your foot.

It's cold; poor cap refill.

(screaming in pain)

32 millimetres. Critical pressure.

You've developed compartment syndrome. It means that your muscles...

I am a nurse. I know what it means.

You have to do a fasciotomy.

I need your consent.

She told me you couldn't do it.

I didn't say that, I said Apuzzo...

Can you do it?

Yes. I can do it.

[Both]: Do it.

Good. I'll clear an OR.


That's Trevor's stomach.

Is that a... car?

Yeah, and a bunch of paper clips.

That's a pen cap. And some paper.

There's a disorder called pica. The patient is driven to eat non-nutritive substances.

I'm not trying to piss you off.

I don't know why I do any of it.

I'm tired, you guys are always fighting.

I'll do whatever Dr. Cutler says. I don't care.

One step at a time, Trev, OK? Another doctor will come and talk to you, and then we'll all try to figure out what's best after that, OK?

Excuse me. Allen.

Peter. Thanks for covering my shift.

I know you wanna get upstairs, but can I get your eyes on something?

What is it? Pica.

Maybe, but the kid also has fever, nausea, he can't stay awake. When he can, he can't stop eating. He just seems out of it.

Has he displayed any hypersexuality?

Uh, yeah, actually.

I've never seen it in person, but it could be, um...

Oh, what's it called?

Starts with a K. Ke... Ke...

Sounds like...?


No, that's the one with brain lesions. Kugelberg-Welander is...

Kleine-Levin syndrome! Wow. I knew it was in there somewhere.

Oh yeah, KLS. It's rare, it's hard to diagnose.

Patients sleep so deeply they have trouble with reality, plus polyphasia, hypersexuality, pica... it all fits. Most cases resolve themselves by the early twenties.

You're like a walking medical dictionary, you know that?

I have to get upstairs to see Sandy. You should come visit later.

Y'know, if you can stand being in a room with us.


I didn't even know this place existed until this morning.

I am gonna feel this later.

(grunting) Sciatica.

Conner, you're a crummy porter.

Not really what I need to hear right now.

We're standing, we're gonna stand? OK. Alright.

OK, just hear me out, would you, please?

You're a lousy porter, but I've always been glad that you're on my team.

Alright, thanks for the pep talk, Frank.


Bruno, he's worried.

And PJ, he's worried.

I don't want you sleeping down here, so now I'm worried.

Sandy's going into OR. It's serious. You should go see her.

Yeah... My family's pretty much done with me.

I don't believe it.

Believe it.

One day, you wake up and you're...

Fat Elvis.

Fat Elvis?


Conner, don't let 'em.

They close the door, you go through the window.

You have to make the extra effort.

To show them that you want back in.

If you want back in.

Oh, hey Zoe. Just need some more saline, those swimmers cleaned us out.

Any news on Sandy?

I was just up there.

Her leg's bad.

And Griff?

I thought you weren't working here anymore.

I'm not. Just today. Helping out.

Can I ask you a question?


You ever feel like you're caught in...

Like you're...

I don't know. Forget it.

This about Griff?

I don't know.

The whole thing... I don't know...

I like the Conners.

They're nice.

Sandy's great, actually.

But I...

I feel like I'm caught in something that I can't get out of.

Because you're part of the family.

No, that's the thing. I'm not.

You are if you're in love with Griffin.

Zoe, addiction is a family disease.

There are lots of issues there.

So you're saying I should stay away.

I'm saying that if... you love someone in a family like that, it's always gonna be messy.

I should get back.


Positive visualization.

Think of playing badminton with Maya.


You have to be in great shape.

She's on her way to OR.

It's OK, Mel.

It's not your fault.

It is, actually.

No, I shouldn't have been driving around like a crazy person.

Looking for me.


When this is over, whatever happens, I don't want to see you for a while.

OK, Sandy...

No, it's not 'cause I blame you. It's because every time you're in trouble, I want to take care of you. I want to save you.

I never asked you to...

I have a baby now. And I have to take care of her. And myself.

Hey listen, Sandy. It's not going to happen again, OK? I promise.

I know that you believe that...

It's time.

Griffin, I love you.


I love you, Griffin.

Can you irrigate the area for me?

Double approximator clamp, please.

And let's give it a sponge.

Good. Great.

How's Maya?


She was sleeping when I left.


Some work needs to be done there.

Prep sutures for anastomosis.

Dammit. Dammit.

What? What's happening?

What? Damn what?

There's too much tension in the artery, I must have...

I resected too aggressively.

I can't reconnect it.

Are you sure?

I need a second set of hands.

I can do it. I'm right here.

OK. Bad idea. I'll try and find the senior resident.



It's a good idea. I need you to do a vein graft quickly, if we're going to save her leg.

Scrub in.

Right, OK.

Prep for a saphenous vein harvest.

I have to scrub up.

That's not a good idea, Mel.

Dad, I'm doing this.

What happened? I went to go see Sandy and they said she was in surgery.

She lost the blood flow to her foot.

They tried to restore it by relieving the pressure in her leg, and it didn't work.

They're... Mel is trying to fix her.

Oh. OK. I brought her chocolate.

I'll make sure she gets it.

I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier, Zoe.

I was... overwhelmed.

I know.

Look at it this way: it means you're part of the family.

Allen, can I say something?


With Griff...

I know you mean well.

But I think that when you guys try and help, it only makes things worse.

I think...

I think you're right.

Proximal end of the graft is secure.

Those are the cleanest lateral sutures I've ever seen. Very impressive.

I love my job. Why don't you take the distal end?

It would be my great pleasure to do so.

Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey...

Excuse me?

What? Nothing. First suture is in place.

Did you say righty-tighty lefty-loosey?

I might have. Dr. Conner, could you rotate the clamp to give me posterior access?

It's a mnemonic device. To help me remember which way...

Never mind. Anastomosis is complete.

Removing the clamps.

We have a pulse. Blood flow has been restored.

You did it. Her leg...

Why don't you let me take it from here? I'll close up, and we'll meet you up in ICU in a little while.

Let's quickly confirm pressure in the compartments before closing the incision.

Stryker pressure monitor.

Thank you.

(light cough)

(clears throat)

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I let you down.

We let each other down, but...

I'm your father and I know you deserved better.

I love you with all my heart.

And I want to help you and I know that I can't.

Not now.

But I want you to know that I love you right now.

I love you.

As who you are.

And who you will be.

And... no matter who that is, right?

You don't have to be a doctor. You don't have to be anything.

I will still love you. OK?


(cell phone vibrating)

(exhilarated laugh)

Sandy's out of surgery.

Her leg's gonna be fine.

Kleine-Levin Syndrome.

Oh my God.

I feel terrible.

I mean... he's sick, right?

I've been so hard on him...

Thank you.

Trevor's in good hands.

Mel. So she's OK?


Peter, I know my family is screwed up.

I know I'm screwed up.

But I don't think the answer is to move thousands of miles away.

I love them too much.

I know.

I want to be close to them.

And I want to be close to you. That's what I want.

I want it all. What do you want?


It's too hot in Texas anyway.

You cut that one pretty close, Dr. Cutler.

I don't know what that anesthetist gave me, but I am feeling so good...

(baby cooing)

Baby! Honey, hi!

Mommy missed you! Hi!

We've been bonding over game shows. Daytime television is terrible.

I have news.

Peter's decided to stay.

What happened to Dallas?

It's too hot there.

Dr. Summers hadn't processed my paperwork.

So you have me for another year at least, Allen.

I can live with that.


What do you think, Maya?

You want to keep Auntie Mel and her baby apps?

Hey, there's a lot of...

Just teasing. We'll be fine.

Where's Griffy?

In the chapel, the last time I saw him.

Finding God. Oh dear.

Nah, I think he was just... thinking.

I feel badly. I asked him to stay away.

I think he's going to be OK. A little distance wouldn't hurt.

Mom, can you put her in bed with me?

OK, baby? Oh boy, it's time to cuddle with Mommy.

(all laughing)

What's so funny?

PJ was just telling us how he kicked your ass.


I'm sorry about that, PJ.

Hey man, it's all good.

I was just telling the boys how Dr. Byrd, y'know, wanted to make a couple adjustments on your face.

How you doing?

I've been better.

Is there anything we can do, compadre, or...?

There's this rehab centre I heard about, about an hour away from here.

Middle of nowhere.

Apparently there's a lot of fresh air, green stuff.

I don't suppose any of you guys would be interested in taking a drive?

Road trip?
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