01x02 - Part 2

All episode transcripts for the TV mini-series "Catching Milat". Aired: May 24, 2015.
"Catching Milat" is loosely based upon the true story of how NSW Police Taskforce Air tracked down and caught serial k*ller Ivan Milat, who was responsible for the infamous backpacker m*rder.
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01x02 - Part 2

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Let me guess.

You're lookin' for a lift, right?

Yeah, that'd be great.

Reporter: Mr Small...

Small: Given the similarities of the m*rder sites and the fact that we have now recovered seven bodies, I do think it is fair to say that there is a serial k*ller at work.

Clive and I thought you might want to take a look at this.

A lot of these Milats, they have records, they live in the area, and they all love g*n.

Yeah, Paul, I don't want gut feelings, I don't want hunches.

I want a case that is provable in the Supreme Court.

Over 2,000 people were put forward as suspects last night.

And if we're lucky, one of them will be guilty.

So, our biggest problem is information overload with what is a very old and overmatched computer system.



The new computer, it's not gonna find anyone.

We are.

Small: How's Paul Gordon going?

He's working hard, Clive.

I'm not sure he's a team player.

We weren't supposed to get a list of his friends.

We were supposed to get the timesheets.

Not make waves - that was the brief.

We'll be OK.

Do you have any suspects yet?

None that we're prepared to share with YOU, Ms Kilmartin.


What about all their gear?

Packs, sleeping bags?

Godden: He would have got rid of them if he had any sense.

The m*rder w*apon is a Ruger 10/22.

It has a 10-round rotary box, which means the k*ller emptied a full magazine into Ms Clarke.

(FIRES g*n)


Oh, sh... shit...


Stop the car! Stop the car! Get back in the bloody car!

Gordon: What if it's got nothing to do with backpacking?

What if it's just simpler - hitchhiking and Liverpool?

December 30?

Ivan was on holidays.

January 20?


December 26?

Off again.

April 18?


It's Ivan Milat.


Where you headed?



Where you headed?


I build these bloody roads.

Relax, will ya...?

It's a short-cut.


Hey, um, I'm Mary.


How are ya?

Both: Good.

Jump in.


Therese: Are you going to Canberra?

Goin' that WAY.

Oh, thank you so much! No worries.

Ah, it's a bloody terrible world, though, isn't it, you know?

Tch! People dyin' in wars, people dyin' of starvation, all over the world.


Jeez, mate.

Lighten up.

So, um, what are you doin' in Albury?

I'm, um, goin' sh**t' with me brother.

Thanks again for driving us to Canberra.

We were waiting for ages.

Yeah, no worries.



Where are you going?

This is not the highway.

Won't be a sec.

I'll just have a piss.

Mary, I think he's going to get a g*n.

No, it's OK...

Alright, girls.

Who wants to do me first?

You've got to be joking, right?

No, I'm not jokin'.

Come on, come here! Hey, settle down! Relax, will ya?

Relax! Come on! Oh, shit! Oh! Aagh!


Run, Therese! Shit, you bitch! Come back here! Come back here, you bitch! Come back here!


You f*ck' bitches, get back here! Come back and get back in the car, you bitches! I'll bloody find ya!


Woman: (ON PHONE) I knew you'd panic, Mum.

We're nowhere near the earthquake.

Man: Ring us when you get there, Joanne.

Woman 2: I really don't like you hitchhiking, OK?


Woman 3: Grape picking.

Can you imagine ME doing that?

Man: So, um, anyway, give us a call.

Woman 4: You're keeping safe, aren't you?

Woman 5: I miss you.

Woman 6: And we'll send money.

If you need money, we'll send money, but no hitchhiking, alright, darling?

Godden: Right.

Harris - he has a history of sexual as*ault.

He's known to frequent the Belanglo Forest and he owns a Ruger .


He's currently serving time for armed robbery, but was not in jail at the time of the m*rder.

Let's talk to his cell mate.

Find out what stories he's got to tell.

Small: No.

No, absolutely not.

Not until we get more evidence.

We don't want to alert him to our line of inquiry.

That goes the same for all our persons of interest - all 150.

We keep our distance, alright?

How are we going on that Milat file?

Well, we have the work records back for both Richard and Ivan Milat.

Now, it turns out that Richard was working on most of the key dates, but not Ivan - he was off every one.

He was also working on a road g*ng around Galston.

And the same time, that Gibson boy's backpack was found.

I mean, he could have stashed that there, run us off the scent, keep us away from Belanglo.

Small: What's Ivan's form?

Gorman: Nothing that stands out.

Just a bit of petty crime as a kid.

No, no, that doesn't sound right.

Not from what I've heard about that family.

The profiler reckons they're a fit.

Now, who did the background on this?


Right, well, get him to go back and do it again.

Who's next on our list?

Bruce Pryor.

Bloke who found the skull?


We still haven't eliminated him?

Alright, get Gordon to do it and get him to do it properly.

I'll do it now.

Thanks, Royce.

The boss wants you to go back and check Ivan's criminal history.


What'd he say?

He wants to know you got it right.

Of course I got it right.

And we also need you to go and re-interview Bruce Pryor.

Oh, come on, Royce.

You know nobody thinks that Pryor did it.

It's about doing due diligence on every lead.

You know that.

I thought we were going off the idea that the k*ller was a local.

Now, all the victims, they were heading south from Sydney.

Why is that, Royce?

Because our guy lives in or near the Liverpool area.

That's why.

I'm not gonna argue your logic.

The potter needs to be interviewed.


So, I go out there and find us the best lead and you want me out there, ticking boxes.

Are you with us, Paul?



Bruce Pryor?


I'm Detective Senior Constable Paul Gordon.

This is my colleague, Detective Senior Constable Mark Camenzuli.

Go inside, love.

What's this about?

Gordon: Do you pick up hitchhikers, Bruce?


What are you saying?

Is there something that you want to tell us?

Like what?

Like why you were wandering around on that particular f*re trail.

I just hadn't looked at it before and I was kind of drawn to it.


Drawn to it - what do you mean?

Well, I thought I might find something there and, so, I went for a walk - that's all.

Look, I've got to ask you, Bruce - are you in any way responsible for the death of Deborah Everist?

What?! No! Or responsible for the death of James Gibson?


I was just trying to help! I've got two daughters.

You think I could do something like that?!

Camenzuli: Where are we going now?

While we're here, I want to check the crime scene.

Are you thinking one or two killers?

Does Ivan smoke?

I don't know.

I'll go ask him, shall I?

No, there were cigarette butts found at the Clarke and Walters scene, right by the shell casings.

And Gabor was a big guy.

He wouldn't have been easy to deal with.

Not if you're dealing with Anja.

And if someone else was with him...

I'm such an idiot.

Wha... what's happened now?

When I first checked the microfiche, I didn't check all of Ivan's records.

Wait, wait, wait...

Just... back up.

Back up.


Ivan was charged for r*pe at the Supreme Court in 1971.

I think that Ivan's our k*ller.

Tell me more about this r*pe charge.

What were the circumstances?

The microfiche file, it didn't contain a lot of detail.

But you went and cross-checked court records, right?

Not yet.

Not good enough, Detective.

I'll chase up the detail of the '71 r*pe trial.

But I really think Ivan's our...



Carry on.

See if you can find a reason why Ivan CAN'T be our k*ller.

Thank you.


Here we go.

You're gonna love this.

Picked 'em up hitchhiking from Liverpool to Melbourne.

You're bullshitting.

It says hitchhiking?

It's no bullshit.

Come on.

Their names are Greta and Margaret.

"He picked us up on our way from Liverpool. We were hitchhiking to Melbourne. The driver said he was going to Canberra. We said the Canberra turn-off would be fine. I had a bit of a doze. Woke up in the car. We say..."

Where are we?

"What are you doing?"

What are we doing?

"He says... 'I'm gonna have sex with both of you. If you don't, I'm gonna k*ll you.' I tried to make a run for it."


"'Are you gonna r*pe us? And he says... 'Yeah, you could call it that.'"


"And then pulls a knife, and then two lengths of pink nylon cord."

You're right, Paul. It's Ivan Milat.

It's... it's all there - what he said, how they got away, his arrest, how he absconded from bail...

He was found not guilty.

Milat's solicitor ripped into the girl on the stand.

By the time he was done with her, she couldn't say for certain if the sex wasn't consensual.

The fact that he was never convicted doesn't help our case.

No, a good defence counsel would use it against us.

With all due respect, I think the main point here is that he pulled a knife on them, he tied them up with a cord, just like with Everist, Clarke and Walters.

It's exactly the same M.O.

It's Ivan Milat.

He's our guy.


Thank you, Detective.


He wants us to go and arrest Ivan.

We're both up for a Commissioner's commendation.

Everything I suggest, he looks at me like I'm an idiot.

Small: You know, we keep trying to exculpate Ivan, he keeps jumping back into the frame.



He let the girls live.

Oh, yeah.

They were still his c*ptive when he arrived at the petrol station.

If one of the girls hadn't raised the alarm, who knows what Ivan would have done with them?


He let's these two tiny women get away, and we're gonna say he took out this big German bloke and his girlfriend.

Well, it was 1971.

Maybe he was, you know, still starting out.

You know, this k*ller is... he's more than covering tracks.

And what he did to those kids... he's enjoying himself.

That's why he kills.

Rod, I'm thinking... we keep Royce's team focused solely on the Milats.


Get 'em to work up a family tree - girlfriends, wives, friends of the family, jobs, car regos... (VOICE FADES) .. cover all bases, eh?

Roger Climpson: (ON TV) A leading Australian criminologist has warned that the backpacker serial k*ller will keep on k*lling.

Dr Paul Wilson says the m*rder has an insatiable urge for sex and v*olence, and won't be put off by the publicity about his victims.

Minister: We've come here today, where something wicked has happened, to show the world that evil cannot have the last word.

So that one day, this place will be peaceful again, and its memories be put to rest.

I'd like to call, now, for two minutes silence.

Thank you, all.

You know, this is a big international news story now.

It opened on the Berlin news.

I hear the Tourist Commission is concerned with the impact on travel numbers.

Show some respect.



It was a... it was a nice... service.

It was good to meet Pat and some of the other parents.

Got any leads yet?

Oh, Ray, he can't talk about that.

We're making some headway.

If you find him, you promise me...

Ray... you call me.

Ray, please.

I want five minutes alone with him first.


I used to think... the most dreadful thing was not knowing.

But it's not.

You alright?


I reckon it's time we have a chat with some of Ivan's workmates.

We don't have the clearance.

Paul, we can't do that! You know that! f*ck it, alright?

It's time we rattled some cages.


Man: You've gotta be bloody jokin'.

They were great.


Artie Bigman?

Who wants to know?

Did Ivan ever bring a g*n in to work?

Come on, Artie.

It's a simple question.

You ever see Ivan bring a g*n in to work?

He used to pack a .


Used to keep it in a bag on the front seat of his car.

I think it was an ex-security g*n.

What was he doing with it?

I don't know.

Didn't ask.

Why not?

You don't ask - not with Ivan.

He couldn't have done that to those kids.

He's a good bloke.

He's a good bloke but he's got an unlicensed .

38 under his car seat.

Ivan thinks he's one of those soldier-of-fortune types.

If the world turns to shit, he can look after himself, with his g*n and his knives, livin' off the land, like Rambo.

You ever seen Ivan f*re the g*n?


I saw him use a .

22 r*fle once, though.

He put a sil*ncer on it.

I think he made it himself.

And you think you'd be able to show us where he fired it?

No, it was too long ago.

Oh, there is one thing.


One day, he came in to work.

He parked next to me in the car park.

He was all excited.

He showed us this b*llet hole in the door of his car.

He reckons he was putting his g*n in and one of 'em went off.

I thought it was a bit strange, a bit out of character, 'cause he's always been such a careful bastard.

When was that?

Oh, '92.

Early January, '92.

I don't suppose you remember what kind of car Ivan was driving at the time?


Robert Marko Milat.

You don't?

Well, can you check again for me, please?

Roads and Traffic have no record of Ivan owning a Nissan 4-wheel drive.

There's no record of him owning the car, period.

Um, thank you.

Thanks for your time.

I need a real drink.

Reporter: (ON TV) The search is every bit as determined behind the scenes of Australia's largest ever homicide inquiry.

Around 40 police make up Task Force Air.

Behind them are teams of scientific officers and intelligence analysts.

Man: (ON TV) These are the people.

These are the sh**t clubs here.

In front is a man regarded by his peers, sometimes grudgingly, as one of Australia's sharpest investigators, Superintendent Clive Small.

Well, we're prepared for it to take as long as necessary - to follow up every lead, do everything we possibly can to ensure that the person or persons involved are brought to justice.

Reporter: So, you're in it for the long haul?

Yes, the... the long haul.

For this earlier stage of the inquiry, police have adopted what they call a bottom-up approach.

They've dug into the forest of paper, the mountain of clues, looking to extract the most promising leads.

Investigators are well aware that the k*ller is unlikely to have been always successful.

Can you believe that?

'Milat' on the whiteboard, for the world to see.

Woman: (ON TV) We had no money to catch transport...

Camenzuli: Oh, shit... back to Canberra.

So, we decided to hitch.

Reporter: A man picked them up and, claiming he knew a shortcut, turned into bushland not far from Belanglo.

There he stopped and began his att*ck on the young woman's friend.

He said, "OK, girls, which one of you wants it first?" At that point, Mary, she had her arms like this and she just... punched him the face and screamed at me to run.

Who the hell is she?

Reporter: The two women escaped into bush near here and lay hidden, while the assailant drove back and forth, looking for them.

Now, uh, some of you may be aware that some sensitive information was made available on the ABC Four Corners program last night.

I have contacted the producers.

They have assured me that the Milat name will be pixelated out of all future broadcasts.

His shit doesn't stink.


Sir, with all due respect, I want to know how come no-one bothered to tell me about the 1977 abduction attempt.

How come the first time I hear of them is when I switch on the telly?

You know how many thousands of leads we got in November.

They were hitching from Liverpool.

He takes them to Wombeyan.

That's Milat's country.

Did no-one think to share this information...?

The information was available.

Yeah, on the computer, only if you punch in their names.

I mean, how am I gonna be across everything if nobody tells me what's going on?

You don't need to be across everything.

That's my job.

f*ck it.

You know this happened 17 years ago.

I'm not sure I'll remember.

I was sitting in the back.

I only ever really got to see his eyes through the rear-vision mirror.

There's no pressure to pick anyone out.

Those eyes most closely resemble the man who attacked us.

This fella here?


It's bullshit, alright?

It's time that we brought Ivan in, put some f*ck' heat on him.

Royce: That's not gonna happen.

You know how Clive wants to play this.

Come on.

We've got two separate cases of Ivan abducting hitchhikers in the '70s.

Birse: It's too old, Paul.

We can't use Therese's I.D.

The defence team will cut us to pieces.

Why is everyone so obsessed about a possible trial?

We've gotta catch the guy first.

I just got a lead on that car.

Ivan had it registered under his brother's name, Bill Milat.

Shit! Are you guys gonna pay for that?

Hey, just take it easy.

There's our b*llet hole.

Look, here we go.

Repairs to paintwork, passenger side door panel, January 10, 1992.


That's not long after Gabor and Anja went missing.

You think he sh*t at Gabor?

It's at thigh height.


Warning sh*t, maybe.

You know, "Don't do anything stupid."

Ivan: There you go, Artie.

Get yourself a beer into you.

I've been meaning to tell you, some cops come to see me the other day.

They were asking after you.

Oh, yeah?

Wanted to know about you and your g*n.

They haven't come to see me yet.

From that Task Force Air.

The one set up for the, uh, backpacker killings.

What's goin' on?

Mum's good plate.

Don't drop it.




Chalinder: Ivan?


Are you coming to bed?




You know, I've typed about 100 different ways of entering "Silver 4-wheel drive" and drawn a blank every time.

I thought that this system was meant to spit out links.


Doesn't even recognise 'hitchhiker' when I type it in.

Here, give me a look.


Now what are you doing?

The best leads are always in the first day's running sheets.

There's, like, thousands of entries here.



If you can't b*at 'em... let's join 'em.

I got us some Chinese.

Look at this.

A Pommy guy called Paul Onions rang the hotline in November last year.

Now, he said that he was held at g*n while hitching somewhere on the Hume Highway, near Bowral, in 1990.

He sh*t at him.

Yeah, broad bloody daylight.

Now, look, there was a witness, right?

Some woman from Canberra.

Now, she drove him to Bowral Police Station where he made his statement.

So, we should call Bowral Police.

I rang Bowral.

They have no record of it.

So, it's just another prank call then.

No, no, no, no.

You see, Onions mentions making a statement to a Janet Nicholson.

Now, she was the constable manning the desk in Bowral.

That part checks out.

So, if this is true...

If this is true... we've found one that got away.

Woman: Yeah, I remember it all quite vividly.

Did he give you a name?

He said his attacker said his name was Bill, that he had a moustache like that cricketer, Merv Hughes...

Onions: He stole everything.

He got my pack, he got my plane ticket, he got my passport.

f*ck! Slow down, slow down, it's OK.

Do you remember anything about him?

He said he was Yugoslav and divorced.

Anything else?

Yeah, he worked on the roads near Liverpool.


Um, here.

These are my initial notes as I took them down when Mr Onions first came in.

What did you do after you took his statement?

I circulated a description of the offender and his vehicle on police radio and then I wrote up a report.

These are all good leads.


A more thorough investigation, they might have had him.


"I suspect the indictable offences of m*rder, attempted m*rder, armed robbery, abduction and as*ault have been committed by Ivan Robert Milat, and I believe for the purposes of investigating these offences the use of listening devices is necessary. In a statement given to Constable Janet Nicholson from Paul Onions concerning his attempted abduction on the 25th of January 1990, it was recorded that during the trip from Liverpool, the offender stated his name was Bill, he worked for the RTA, he was divorced and of a Yugoslav origin, with a Merv Hughes moustache. A passport photo lodged in 1989 "shows Ivan as having dark brown hair and a Merv Hughes moustache. When taken with other information, the 1971 r*pe charges of Greta and Margaret, the 1977 attempted r*pe of Mary and Therese, and the b*llet-hole in the door "of the previously owned 4-wheel drive..."

Small: Where does this take us?

I need evidence to go to a magistrate for a listening device.

With all due respect, Mr Small...

No, it is not going in.

You keep going on and on about listening devices.

How are we going to get into Ivan's house?


You've seen his security system, his alarms.

How are we going to get them in his house?! I'm just saying that right now, Ivan's probably with his brothers...

Correct the report, resubmit it, taking out listening devices.

Was there something else?

Thanks, Rod.

Thanks, mate.

Some of the best people are difficult to manage.

Birse: No, we don't want to push too hard on Ivan yet.

Look, that is exactly what we should be doing.


That's when people make mistakes.

We've just gotta go for it, alright, Neil?

We can't sit around, waiting for Ivan to call all the shots.

Clive is a f*ck' p*ssy.


I'm calling from Australia.

I'm with Task Force Air.

I'm working on the backpacker m*rder investigation.

Hang about.

I called you blokes last November.

You're only just getting back to me?

Yeah, look, I do apologise Paul.

We have had a lot of other leads to follow up.

Well, how do I know you are who you say you are?

I mean, you could be anyone.

Yeah, well, I have the copy of the record of your call to the hotline.

Uh, the name of the constable who took your original statement, her name is Janet Nicholson.

The name of the woman who stopped to pick you up was Joanne Berry.


So, you have everything you need.

I'm afraid your official statement's been misplaced.

You're kidding me.

We're gonna need you to come back out here and make a formal statement in relation to the man who tried to rob you.

You want me to go back to Australia?

I can't.

I've got a job.

Look, we'll fly you out.

We can cover you for the period that you're off work.

I dunno, mate.

There's seven d*ad kids here, Paul.

Help us put this bastard away.

Onions called the hotline in November.

So did Joanne Berry.

She was the woman driving the Tarago, who picked him up.

It's all there.

The computer missed the link, I guess.

This is the best lead we've had so far.

Right, well, we need to bring this Onions bloke out.

What time is it in England?

I've already called him.

I've told him that we'd cover him for his time off work.

That... that wasn't your call to make, Detective.

I was just doing my job, that's all.

Alright, Paul.

"Nice job, Paul."

Well done, Paul.

I'm thinking it's time we organised surveillance on Ivan.


But I want 'em set way back, right?

I don't want Ivan getting an inkling.

So, you don't want the surveillance squad to be seen.


I'll be sure to tell 'em.

Rod, I mean it.

Ivan cannot know we're onto him.

Ivan: Wally?

G'day, it's me, Mac.

Listen, mate, I'm gonna need a hand to move some gear.


Oh, yeah?

What gear?

Just some stuff.

Where are we moving it to?

Your place.



Is that alright?

You know that Chalinder has never ever seen me with a g*n in my hand?

Well, why don't we get her down the block, stick an SKS in her hand?

Come on, mate.

She's not that kind of chick.

Alright, so, what do you guys do for...

You know, what do you do for kicks?

Well, we spend a lot of time at home, watching movies, reading.





f*ck me! What?

I read novels.

f*ck' hell.

Ivan's reading.

Ivan's p*ssy-whipped, mate.

Shut up, will ya?


Alright, boys, let's get this show on the road.


Godden: So, we just got a tip-off from the AFP boys.

Harris was under surveillance at the time Clarke and Walters went missing.


And these are the latest from the surveillance team on Milat.

We think he's moving gear.

Small: Well, who owns that truck?

Walter - his brother.

We could apply for a search warrant.

No, no.

What if we find nothing?

We'll have shown our hand.

No, we'll just wait and see what happens with the Onions I.





G'day, mate.

You're lookin' for a lift, aren't ya?


Gordon: Just in your own time, Paul.

Take us through what happened.

Well, that's the shop.

That's where he picked me up.

You do know where he is, don't you?

I hope he doesn't live anywhere near my hotel.

You'd check that, wouldn't you?

You guys, uh...

You guys feel free to talk.

It'd make me feel a little more comfortable if you did.


Ivan: Do you, um, get any special forces training in the navy?

Onions: I'm an engineer.

Engineer, huh?

How long you been in Australia?

You meetin' anyone in Melbourne, are ya?

You look a bit tired, mate.

Why don't you have a sleep?

I'll look after the drivin'.


Stop the car, stop the car.



Yeah, it happened here.

Ivan: No, what are you doin', mate?

Stay in the bloody car!

Onions: I'm just stretching my legs.


Stay in the car! The b*ll*ts in the chambers, they had, um...

They had... they had copper tips.

Ivan: Get back in the car and put your seatbelt on.

Then he pulled out these ropes.

And that scared me more than the g*n.

I just scarpered, mate.


Get back in the f*ck' car, you prick!


That was it, I...

I was that close to him.


You're one lucky Pommy bastard, you know that?

Birse: I want you to go through the video slowly and see if you have any reactions to the faces.

I mean, it's been a long time.

You know, if... if I can't I.D. him, you've got other stuff, right?

There is no pressure on you, Paul, to make a decision.

Yeah, I don't know about that, mate.

Alright, let's do it.

Take as much time as you need.

As you'll see, the photos are numbered from 1 to 10.

So, if you see the person who as*ault you there, if they're depicted in it, you can pick them by number.

Alright, can I see, um, number 4 again?


Yeah, that's him.

Are you sure?

Yeah, that's definitely him.

It's number 4.

His identical face - I seen that approaching me at the newsagency.

Got him.

You know, this happened in 1990, four years ago.

Ivan had only k*lled two people by then.

Five of those kids would still be here.


I thought I told the dog squad to keep their distance.

I'm not sure we can blame this on the doggies.

Paul Gordon's running sheet since February.

Paul Gordon?

What's he got to do with it?

He's been talking to Ivan's work colleagues and known associates.

Your job was to obtain work records, times and dates - not talk to Ivan's work colleagues.

I was following leads.

Yes, well, you went well beyond your brief, Detective.

Now you've given Ivan weeks to start getting rid of evidence.

Well, maybe if we had listening devices, we'd know what he's up to.

Do you actually know how to get listening devices?

You've got to prove to a judge that you have no further means of investigation.

We could not have done that at the time.

So, now all we've got him for is armed robbery of Onions.

I've got no evidence to charge him with the m*rder, and now you've given Ivan the heads up, I've got even less chance...

It wasn't me who plastered Milat's name all over the bloody telly.

Well, we were playing the long game, son.

I told you that.

You wouldn't listen...

I just want to catch this maniac! Is that right?

Anyone in this room not want to catch this maniac?


Does anyone not want to catch him?! I don't think so! Congratulations.

You might have just completely stuffed this case, son.







We have to go in, Al.

We've got to raid Ivan.


He knows we're lookin' at him 'cause of that... goose.

But if we go in and we find nothing...

You've still got the Englishman's statement...


No, no, no, no.

That alone is not enough to convince a jury beyond reasonable doubt that Ivan did the m*rder.

If we don't find direct evidence linking him to the m*rder... we're all screwed.

Because of Paul Gordon, we're forced to move sooner.

So, Neil...

I'll need SPG.

20 men armed with as*ault r*fles, another 20 investigators on the ground for the search.

No, you've got that.

Uh, and Bob, you'll be in charge of south team.

You'll be coordinating simultaneous raids on the target's family members, including Richard, Walter and William and, also, the family sh**ting range in Wombeyan.

Now, we're looking for any evidence associated with the seven backpackers, plus cartridges, g*n...

We also need to be mindful we are yet to locate Anja Habschied's skull.

Any questions so far?

When do we go in?

May 22.

Two weeks.

Yeah, obviously, we don't want that information getting out to the press.


Royce, we want to go and pay a visit to Karen Duck, Ivan's ex-wife.

You two should be keeping your heads down low.

That's what you should be doing.

Onions' statement needs corroboration.

Karen and Ivan have been estranged for years.

She's not gonna be telling Ivan we came knocking.

I'm figuring Karen might be able to shore things up - his car, g*n, Belanglo?

Dotting the i's, crossing the t's, Royce.

I just want to get this bastard, like anyone else.

I'm not here to f*ck things up.


He r*ped me on our, uh, first date.

And he gave it to me up the Khyber on our wedding night.

Little trick he learned inside, he reckoned.

Don't see you puttin' that in your book.

Why'd you stay?

He was good to my kid.

Can you tell us anything about the car he was driving in 1990?

The Nissan?

Any detail you remember?

Yeah, um...

I remember he had... he had these, um, woolly seat covers.

I need to ask you some details.

I need some... help...


That's rich.

You blokes weren't around when I needed you, were ya?

He held me prisoner in my own home.

What's this?

What's your problem, Karen?



Ivan ever take you for a drive to...


One time.

Karen: Put it out of its misery, Ivan.


Ivan, please...

(FIRES g*n)

You blokes better look after me.

I'm gonna need protection.

We'll make sure you're looked after.

He burnt my folks' garage to the ground.

You know that?

Camenzuli: Why'd he do that?

'Cause I left him.

Ivan doesn't like it when people leave him.

Well, I've gotta be honest with you, mate.

We like it.

But I'm wanting the V8 3-door.

Can you do that?

I can do that.


What colour was it, love?

'Epsom Green'.

'Epsom Green'.

Not a problem.

So, we have a deal, then?

Oh, yeah, sure.

You do the right price for me on the trade-in, we've got a deal, mate.

Bring your car round, I'll see you're looked after.

Nice doing business with you, Bill.

Why did you tell him your name was Bill?

Put the car in my brother's name, get a little bit of a cheaper deal on the rego 'cause he lives in the country.

That's naughty.


It's naughty.


So, you happy?

I love it.

What's the latest surveillance report?

Oh! You're gonna love this.

He's just put a deposit down on a brand-new Land Rover Discovery, worth about ¤50,000.

What kind of man buys a car while he has half of New South Wales Police on his tail?

The kind of man who's confident he won't be caught.

Well, if you want to call this off, I mean... you have to wear this decision.

You want to call this off?


Raids will be executed on a number of properties, but the primary target being 20 Wattle Grove Eagle Vale.

Once the perimeter has been secured, the negotiator, Detective Sergeant Wayne Kingston, will make contact with the SPG in position to apprehend the suspect.

Now, once the suspect and the house have been secured, the arrest team of Detective Neil Birse and Royce Gorman will move in, followed by the search team.

Where's Royce?

Uh, Royce just called in sick.

He what?

Uh, I know.

We have to find someone to take his place on the arrest team.

Alright, Detective Gordon will assist Detective Birse.

Lynch: Uh, now, warrants have been obtained for various items, including clothing, camping equipment, cameras, ropes, amm*nit*on, and a Ruger 10/22.

This building is to be searched from roof to floor.

I want every detail logged, every item recorded.


One more thing.

There is a large media presence expected.

No-one is to speak to the media or say anything that may jeopardise this case.

Is that clear?

All: Yes, sir.

Man: Yes, boss.


OK, everybody.

Let's go! Congratulations, mate.

You just made arresting officer.

No, no, Clive's just looking for a patsy in case it all goes pear-shaped.

Clive chose you because you deserve it.

Godden: Richard Milat.

Richard: Yeah?

Detective Godden.

Good on ya.

We have a warrant to search your premises.

Walter Milat?

Detective Senior Constable Mark Camenzuli.

I have with me a warrant to search this property.

Get the f*ck off my property.

Alright, let's go, guys...

No, you get the f*ck out of here! No, get off my...

I pay my taxes.

That makes me your f*ck' boss!


Are you gonna get that, David?


It's those Christians again, Mum.

Man: (ON RADIO) Number one in position, ready to go.

(r*fle CLICKS)

I tell ya, we better find something there.

We don't want to come out of Ivan's with our dicks in our hand.

We will.






Kingston: Mr Ivan Milat, is it?


Unfortunately, Mr Milat's not here at the moment.

Is that the premises at 20 Wattle Grove, Eagle Vale?

That's correct.

Detective Sergeant Kingston's my name.

I'm a negotiator with the State Protection Group.

Now, police are around those premises.

They're in possession of a search warrant to search those premises in relation to an armed robbery matter.


Now, I want you to come outside, for the safety of yourself and whoever's in the house with you.


Can you tell me who else is in the house with you?

Yeah, just me girlfriend, mate.

Righto, mate.

You come out the door now.

I'll tell you what - I'll just put me pants on first, OK?




It's the police.

They want us to go outside.

You better get dressed, love.

What - the police?


Ivan, where... where are you going?

What are you doing?

Ivan, what are you doing?

Man: (ON RADIO) Alpha One, we have movement in the garage.

Go again.





Chalinder: Ivan, the phone...

Tell 'em somethin'.


Come out.




Kingston: Hello.

Is that Miss Hughes, is it?


Miss Hughes, we have armed police waiting outside the premises and have requested for yourself and Mr Milat to leave the building.

Chalinder: Look, no, there must be some mistake.

There is no mistake, ma'am.

Now, can you tell me what's going on in there?

He... he's just trying to find his... keys.

He's always losing them.


Ivan: Alright.

Tell 'em we're gonna go out now.


We're... we're coming.

We're coming out now.


I just want you to know, it's gonna be OK.


Man: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Police! Get on the ground! Police! Get on the ground! Police! Get down! Get down! Get down! Alright! G'day.

I'm Detective Birse.

This is Detective Senior Constable Gordon.

Are you Ivan Milat?


This is a warrant to search your premises.

This is in relation to the armed robbery of English backpacker Paul Onions on the 25th of January, 1990.

We'll also be asking questions in relation to your knowledge of the deaths of seven backpackers whose bodies were found in the Belanglo State Forest.

You don't have to answer, but anything you do say can and will be used as evidence against you.

Do you understand?


Thank you, Mr Milat.

Alright, come on.


Richard, what's in there?

Nuts and bolts and stuff.

Like camping gear.

Camenzuli: That r*fle belong to you?

Wally: Nuh.

Well, who's it belong to?

Someone give to me to look after.





Who was that?


That's all.

Who else lives in this house?

There's me sister, Shirl.

She owns the place.

Do you have any firearms in this house?


Well, we've been informed that you own both g*n and r*fles.

Well, tell whoever told you that to come down and give 'em to ya.

Detective Gordon?

Take a look at this.

You said you don't have any firearms in the house?

What are these for?

Ah! I forgot to tell ya.

I used to go out sh**t' with me brother out in Buxton.

Which brother?


He's, um, moved to Queensland now.

So far, other than little bits of currency, foreign currency, we've got sweet F.


Man: (ON RADIO) Detective Birse, please come to the garage.

Birse: Yeah, bring him round.

Just there, thanks, Ivan.

Who owns this?

I don't know.

Have you ever seen any of this before?


Man: It appears to be a homemade sil*ncer.

And this?

Never seen it before.

You store anything in your roof?



Ivan: G'day, girls.

Hi! Jump in! Thanks!


Ivan: No, don't move...

Hey, no! Stay in the car!

(FIRES g*n)


It's gonna be great, Jo.



Just here, thanks, Ivan.


Got it.

Birse: So, what's this?

Well, how would I know, mate?

It looks like something out of a g*n.

Have you ever seen this before?


This was located in your ceiling.

Have you any idea how it got there?


Who else has been in your ceiling?

Well, obviously, you blokes.

And just the builders.

What have we got?

A complete breech and trigger assembly for a Ruger 10/22.


(g*n CLICKS)

Man: Look, there he is!


Officer: Move back.

Reporter: Detective?


Shirley: Ivan?




Shirley: Ivan?


Ivan, it's Shirley! Can you tell me what's going on here?

This is my brother.

It's my brother.

Well, can you tell me what's going on?


Detective, where are you taking him?




Aagh! Don't touch me!

English newsreader: Police in Australia are questioning a 49-year-old man in connection with the m*rder of seven backpackers, including two British girls.

Australian reporter: After a six-month investigation, the task force struck with raids across Sydney's south-west and the Southern Highlands.

Reporter 2: As Ivan Milat was being questioned, scientific police carried out a painstaking search of his Eagle Vale home, seizing a truckload of possessions.

Reporter 3: Through the night, a constant stream of police vehicles arrived at Campbelltown Police Station, bringing hundreds of items of evidence from several properties south-west of Sydney, including r*fles and a number of backpacks.

Can you believe how much evidence we found?

Are we going after one or two Milats?

Over 100 potential exhibits.

It's amazing.


Look, let's just go through all the evidence and then we'll see where we stand, eh?

Birse: You'll be given a copy of the videotape if you require it, if your legal representative would like to view a copy.

Do you understand that?

Right, so, I just have to say "Yes" to everything that you blokes say.

Is that it?


If you understand, the answer might be "Yes".

If you don't understand, you just let me know and I'll explain it again.

Yeah, no worries, mate.

Do you agree we showed you certain items that were located at your premises, including a tent and parts of a r*fle?

Well, yeah, you showed me things, but I don't got no clue where YOU got 'em from.

Well, our conversation was recorded in Detective Gordon's notebook.

Hang on.

We didn't have a conversation.

What conversation?

Would you like me to get Detective Gordon to relay the notes in regards to our conversation?

Well, I never saw him writing any notes.

Did we talk together in the house?

Very rarely.

"The suspect was shown parts that belonged to a g*n. They were taken from the ceiling and wall cavity. The suspect was shown those parts by Detective Birse, who says to the suspect, 'What's this?' and the suspect then replied, 'It looks like something out of a g*n'." Shall he keep reading?

Well, youse can do whatever you want, can't you?

Is there anything further you can tell is in regards to our inquiries in the Belanglo Forest m*rder?

I told you already, I don't know anything about it.

I don't have a clue.

I've been telling you and telling you.

I said that from the beginning, mate.

How do I know where you got the stuff from?

That bloke that came in with the plastic bag and the g*n parts, he was laughin' his head off, mate.

And I presumed because it was his own stuff.

Because you guys planted it.

He's gonna fight this all the way.

He'll have to - the amount of evidence that's starting to turn up.

Chalinder: Um, we've been seeing each other for around 18 months.

Gordon: What about this?

When was this photo taken?

I'm not sure.

Some time in the last 18 months?

Can you tell me about the top you're wearing?

The jumper?

Was it yours?


It was Ivan's.

Then it's Ivan's jumper?

It might have been his sister Shirley's...

But Ivan made you wear it.


I was cold and Ivan lent it to me to put on.

Do you still have it?

The jumper?


Why do you keep asking me questions about the jumper?

I'm just asking you questions.

He couldn't have done those things.

Not Ivan.

He just couldn't have.

Shirley: What have they got on ya?

Those pricks haven't got shit on me.



When is that bloody lawyer gonna get here?

I don't know.

He's supposed to be here.

Listen... I need you to look after Chalinder, OK?

I don't want her to worry.

You know?

Yeah, alright.



Margaret: They went through my underwear.

Richard: I told you the cops are desperate.

Did they find anything at your place?

No, they got worked up over a couple of tent poles, Ma.

That's it.

If they're gonna stitch me up for that, good luck to 'em.

They've got nothin'.

It's a f*ck' disgrace! Cops are trying to fit us all up.

They've been doin' it since we were kids.


We're on speed dial.


I got your tea.

I don't know if you wanted sugar in there.

It's OK.

Margaret: The important thing is we're all there for Ivan.

We've got to stay strong for Ivan.

What do you want to do, Clive?

Charge him with the Onions robbery.

That's enough to have him locked up.

Gives us a week to get together a brief of evidence to lay m*rder charges.

And pray we get a match on the b*llet casings.


(FIRES g*n)



The markings are an exact match.

Godden: No, we got enough to convict Milat several times over.

Small: A long way to go to trial.

A lot of work to do yet.

Oh, come on, Clive, you cracked it.

And under seven months.

Gotta be a record.

No, no, no, look, it was a team effort.

Uh, I've got BBC London on the phone.

Alright, I might take that.

Thanks, boss.


Godden: Well done, mate.

I'll catch you up.


What did you guys find in his home?

Go away, Ms Kilmartin.

I saw you with your evidence bags.

What'd you get?

Completely off record.

Does that 'come f*ck me' smile still work with the younger cops?

My! I thought we'd all be happy little Vegemites.

It's not every day you catch a serial k*ller.

So, is there something you want to tell me?


Clive: (READS) "A lone investigation by a young detective has led police to believe the Belanglo Forest backpacker m*rder could be linked to a r*pe case more than 20 years ago. Gordon pursued a theory that Liverpool, the exit point from the city for hitchhikers heading south, could be the key to the Belanglo slayings mystery."

Clive wants to see you in his office.

"Gordon was one of the actual guys on ground level - the trench-fighters, who come up with some clever lateral thinking. What Paul Gordon has come up with is not the obvious."

I didn't say anything...

Are you denying that you spoke to Ms Kilmartin.

She approached me...

You were forbidden to speak to the media.

All I said was I got lucky.

So, you're saying you are not the source quoted.

"Police say further investigations have revealed clues that while no-one was convicted, a man accused of r*pe in the 1970s could be connected with the backpacker m*rder."

It doesn't mention Ivan Milat.

Ohh! For Christ's sake! Paul, you don't need to be Einstein to work out who you're talking about.

This is why I said, time and time again, you do not speak to the media! Ivan's legal team will now use this as a reason to argue that he hasn't got a hope in hell of getting a fair trial.

And this "lone investigator" business! I mean, that is just insulting, Paul.

It's insulting.

Do you know how many people we have on this task force?

Do you think we've just been sitting here, twiddling our thumbs.

You're off the task force, effective immediately.

Pack your bags.

Get out.

Now! Get... out.


Going to the press?

Jesus wept, Paul...

Look, we're on the downhill run.

All you had to do was keep your head down.

This investigation could have gone so much better.

We got Ivan.

And we wouldn't have got him without Paul Onions.

And you found him.



Reporter: Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC has been preparing for this day for months.

The trial of Ivan Robert Marko Milat began with the selection of the 12 jurors who will decide his guilt or innocence.

Milat is charged with the m*rder of seven young backpackers whose bodies were found in the Belanglo State Forest.

Milat's barrister asked the jury to pay close attention to his address because his client is facing the worst possible charges imaginable in Australia's history.

Judge: Foreman of the jury, how did the jury find the defendant on the charge of wilful m*rder of Deborah Everist?


On the charge of wilful m*rder of James Gibson?


On the charge of wilful m*rder of Joanne Walters?


On the charge of wilful m*rder of Caroline Clarke?


This is f*cking bullshit! On the charge of wilful m*rder of Anja Habschied?


On the charge of wilful m*rder of Gabor Neugebauer?


On the charge of wilful m*rder of Simone Schmidl?


Small: We knew right from the start that in order to convict Ivan Milat, this case was always going to be about the minutia.

We didn't need hero cops - just diligent ones.

Kilmartin: Mr Small, how do you respond to Justice Hunt's remarks in his summation that there was a high probability of there being a second k*ller?

For legal reasons, I can't comment on that.

Now, if you'll excuse us, uh, my team and I are going to go for a well-earned drink.

It's a victory for the parents.

Man: Congratulations.


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