01x03 - Season 1, Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Spotless". Aired: November 2015 to April 2015.
Set in London, "Spotless" is the story of a troubled crime scene cleaner, Jean, whose tidy life is turned upside down when his outlaw brother Martin crash lands into his world, entangling them in the deadly dynamics of organized crime.
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01x03 - Season 1, Episode 3

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Previously on Spotless...

Why is he here?

I've got a little problem.

You brought drug from France inside a girl's corpse?

That's what they say.

But why would I give them their dr*gs back with all they owe me?

We found him.

I'm under investigation.


I know a lot of stuff, John.

Damaging information.

Life's for f*cking living.

Drag your tools out of storage, and make wonderful things.

I don't see how I could let such a talent, slip by me.

I'm not who you think I am.

I think you are.

But you don't know yet.

My brother's my partner.


You said 6, but I only see 5.

Look at the bottom.

This could k*ll you.

Where is it?

I flushed it down the toilet.

I believe you know DCI Tom Kendrick.

I believe you know DCI Tom Kendrick.

Barely knew the man.

You frequently bribed him, with envelopes of cash, ranging from £1500 to 3 grand.

He put work your way, and preferred better status.

You gave him one such envelope a few days ago.

What? You k*lled him because he took my bribe?

He took bribes from me too, countless dozen others that I know.

With his investigation, and with his suspension...

I acted in the common interest.

Well, I think the word you're looking for is "thank you".

First of all, that's two words, mate.

And you, don't touch anything, 'cause that's a setup.

If we remove this d*ad cop, from his f*cking d*ad cop house, they will hunt us down.

No one would know.

Yeah, you would know.

He would know.

Him, and him.

I don't want the body removed.

That would draw attention.

I want you to make it look like su1c1de.


Is it possible?

I... I would like to have a word with my brother, right now, please.

Nobody touches anything.

Can you do it?

I don't know.



d*ad bodies is not your thing, you said it!

You know, I... I sit down in post-mortems sometimes every couple months.

Well, if I know these things, I can read a scene, I can do a better job cleaning it.

Your job is pretty f*cking creepy.

Yeah, no shit.

And you pay bribes?

Yeah, that's how it works.

Who do you bribe?

Cops, paramedics, counselor officers, concierges at hotels.

500, 200, 20, 50... whatever it takes.

That's business.

I never thought you'd do something like that.

I would, but not you.

Time is getting on, ladies.

Is this the best time to talk about it?

Julie: Where are you?


It's Maddy's school interview today.

I gotta be there.

Who sh*t him?

I did.

It was, uh, Joey's g*n though.

OK, show me.

Just calm down.

OK. Be the victim. Stand where he was.

The barrel was in his mouth when you pulled the... the trigger?

We were trying to scare him.

He refused to be scared.

He h*t you?


Uh, it was a bit of a scuffle, it was nothing.

There's no bleeding.

It's a tissue for your nose.

I need everybody off the property.

What? No. No chance, mate.

If there's the smallest suggestion this wasn't su1c1de, they're gonna trace every print, hair, bead of sweat on the carpet.

I need space to work.

Joey stays.

Stay vigilant.

The wife is with her family down in the South Coast, she'll be back tonight.


Look at the f*cking state of you. What have you been taking?


If you come in to work like that again, he will notice.

Tell you what, f*ck him.

Do you need me?


What, you got a pressing appointment?

What, do you need me to hold your hand or something?


Don't worry, they're not gonna k*ll you.

They think you're like f*cking crime scenes' Picasso. more useful to found out about them.


"Know your opponent", The Art of w*r, Sun Tzu, chapter 3.

What the f*ck you're talking about?

I'm talking about what I bring to the table.

She doesn't give up.

Julie: You better be on your way!

No, she doesn't.

It's about Maddy?


Well, I'm gonna go to w*r.

May I step out?- Hm-mm.

You trust these boys?

Time will tell, Victor.

Time will tell.

Hey guys, my brother doesn't need me.

Do you wanna go get a drink?

A drink?

It's 7 in the morning.

That wasn't my question.

Be smart.

Yeah, all right.

I know a fantastic little spot.

That's your car?

This, is my car.

Jesus Christ!

Fat bastard!

No, wait, wait, wait. Wait.

We shake him.


We shake him side to side.


We can still move the blood around the body.

We don't want a pathologist wondering how come all the blood is pooled on the right hand side.

Come on!

You're pretty sick, you know that?

Are you calling Dad?

Is he at work?


But he's not picking up?

He'll do what he always does, promise to be there and promise again, and not show up, because work gets in the way.

Work is God in this family.

Hey, he'll be there.

That was the last thing he said before he left for work, to earn money, to pay for everything that you eat, and wear and shelter beneath.

Sure he will.

I'm not loving the cynism, Maddy.

Stick with hypocrisy, Mom.

Wait, wait, wait.

Yeah, yeah, that's good.

Gimme his g*n.


Grab his head.

So, why are we sh**ting a d*ad guy in the head?


Well, the blood splatter is a little high, but, but if we get our angles right, it's gonna make sense that he sh*t himself at his desk.

Then why don't we just sh**t straight into the f*cking wall?

The b*llet has to pass through the existing hole.

This is a larger caliber w*apon than the one Frank used.

It's gonna create a larger exit wound.

That's what's gonna sell it.

Get it?


Any more questions?

No, I'm done.



I've actually never fired a g*n before.

I'm just a regular guy, you know?

Yeah, I can see that.

You ready?


One... two... three.

It was the hardest part.

I did two tours, Rwanda, Somalia.

I saw death, and waste, genocide.

The worst humanitarian crisis in our generation.

And I never talk about it.

What unit?


Special Forces. '95 to '05.

You're full of shit.


You were never in the army.

I don't believe in borders.

What the f*ck would I be in the army for?

Leave the bottle.

Your turn.

I am... a widower.

My beautiful amazing wife d*ed nearly five years ago.



I'm sorry.

I've never seen anyone drink scotch like that.

It's not scotch.


Single malt.

I hate the taste.

Love the impact.

Are you a bad drunk?

Oh, I am terrible.

There is no telling what I might do.



What were you doing before you came to London?

I worked in Saint-Nazaire for some guys.- More than just dr*gs?

Anything that comes off and on a boat in a harbor.

From where?


And sometimes...

South America.


You guys just wasted a pretty senior cop.

And it doesn't seem to affect you.

Are you protected?

We are like the banks.

Mate, we are too big to fail.

Property, security, narcotics, import-export...

The day we go under, half the men will have to sell their holiday homes.

Nobody's too big to fail.

All right, my turn.

Your brother, he's different than you.


I'm cooler than he is.

You get on?

Like brothers.

Does he ever humiliate you in front of other people?

Not really.

You hate your brother.

No, I love my brother.

It's all the other f*cking c**ts I can't stand.

They hush when I walk into a room, they laugh behind my back when I leave.

f*ck them c**ts.

Yeah, I will man.

One day, I'm gonna do some real f*cking damage, you know mate.

Every door and doorframe, clean.


Do you... want me to dry the rug with that blower thing.

No, central heating will dry the rug.

And speed up decomposition of the body, which is gonna lead them to the right conclusion.

Two exams on Friday and my dissertation is due in a week on Monday.

What's it about?

"Do complementary therapies have any role to play in the management of third trimester pregnancy?"

Do they?

Nurses are pretty sexy.

You'll be a good nurse.

You are creepy, you know that?


I walk the line.

My man!

Have you been drinkin'?

You're not the boss of me.

What was that for?


And I want me pen back.

Hello, Clear Sky.

Hey, Maureen.

It's me. Is he there?

No, uh, he's still not back.

Well, he's been gone since 3.

We've got 4 jobs on the heat, it could be any of them.


Middle of the night, one of the vans clocked out at 3.15am.

Well, Maddy's interview's at 11.

I know, how's she doing?

Same as always.

Not giving anything away.

She's a brilliant kid, Julie, she'll be fine.

Maureen, he has to be there.

I'm sure he will be.

I'll send him another reminder. Thanks.


Pants on f*re.

I'd buy it.

Well, let's hope they do.

Julie: I'm on way. Meet me at the school.

Ah, shit. I gotta go.

I don't think so.

It's a family think. It's my daughter, it's important.

Mr. Clay, wants to see you.

Well, I don't care. Not now.

It wasn't a f*cking request!

Now imagine how strang it would seem to clean your own blood off this rug.

I'll see you outside.

I hate London.

It's a sh*thole.

I love it!

Hey, it's me.

I'm finished with the battle.

I think I won.

Uh, just wanted to know how you were in the field.

And I hope everything's OK.

Call me back.

I'll give you 9 and 10.

How long?

One week, maybe longer. I'll let you know.

Leave the phone.

Over there.

Towards the bushes.



You can go, Denny, thanks.

This is not what I expected.


What d'you have in mind?

Severed horses' heads?

Fistful of sovereign rings on my fingers?

Pictures of my granny surviving the Blitz?

I'm not the type, my friend.

Silver tip white tea from South China. Don't need milk.

Don't you have someone who can do this for you?

I've got purple sprouting broccoli over there. I got sprouts, kale, fresh wet and wild garlic, It tastes like nothing else, because it's grown here.

I got peas, peppers, runners.

Apple tree.

Goosegogs down the end.

I've got a beautiful house, land and s*ab.

But this is my place.

You understand?


Walk with me.

Emma can show Madeleine around for a bit.

It's a nice day, perhaps take in the grounds too.

30 minutes?

Better make it 45.

Have fun.

Sorry. I'm... I'm sure my husband will be here any minute.

I saw you noticed young Frank this morning.

f*cking cocaine, and pills.

His judgement is off.

And I believe he is selling very sensitive, very commercial information to another group.

Turkish crew, very... rough types.

What should I do with him?

Why are you telling me this?

I'm interested in your opinion.

You have a natural sense of justice.

You know what's right and what's wrong. I understand that.

No, I don't think about these things.

Let me tell you about my first wife.

Maggie. She was the most good woman that I ever met.

And after she passed away, I became very concerned about what I was... gonna do to other people, what I was capable of.

Then I met Sonny.

Now, she, is a force of nature.

She lives life on her own terms. Very powerful woman. And I learned from her.

What did you learn?

Not to be afraid of what I was capable of. And I think that you need to learn that too.

Why am I here?

We k*lled a man last night.

And you're a part of that, whether you like or not.

And I want you to understand that any sense of badness or guilt is a f*cking waste of energy.

What I feel or think about these things, that's my business.

Your tea tastes like shit.

Hey, Jean?

This is my place.

What's yours?

It's not so much a place, more a circumstance.

What's going to happen to him?

Mussels will eat him. He can f*ck off.

We're gonna go to jail.

If someone learns of this, we'll rot in a dungeon, forever. With rats, scorpios, and rotten meat to eat! You got it, now?

Yes, I do.

Come on.
You understand that we have an ethos at Kings Gate. That school years are about more than just passing exams. That's why we insit on commitment from the whole family.

Of course.

Not that we're passing judgement on single parents. I mean, after all, this is the 21st century. Actually, Mrs Bastière, you... I'm sorry, you're not a single parent, are you?

Mr. Bastière.

Thank you, Dee.


I do apologize.

It has been a bitch of a morning.

Well, I'm just glad you finally made it, Mr. Bastière.

In truth, there wouldn't have been much point continuing without the two of you.

Oh, no, sorry, he's not..

Usually that busy, but but I like to make myself available for the kids.

And Julie, of course.

We're a very close family.

We've been together for twelve years now.

Yes, fifteen.

... teen years now.

And, all we care about is the kids.

So Mr. Bastière, you are...

French, yeah.

And I do reassure you I shower more than once a week.

Well, what I was going to say, you're a director of your own company...

I am, uh, aren't I?



Yes, uh, Jean started out when I was pregnant with Maddie. It was just him and an old Ford Transit.

But now he has twelve full-time staff, and twenty or so occasional, a fleet of vehicles.

I have, uh, achieved a lot.


Hey, it's me.

I'm sorry I couldn't get away.

Are you in the middle of it?

Did you delay?

Should I come?

I'm sorry.


You look terrible.

What have we got?

Um, five crews out, three straightforward: hotel room, inside of train carriage, school spillage.

High rise, low nothing dirty protest/su1c1de at Wormwood Scrubs, are our bigger jobs.

Why is the prison a bigger job?

Venue, did it in the canteen.

Two on backup to be confirmed, nothing major.

I gotta rest my head.

Anything I should know?


Oh, and your wife called.

I got it.

There's your copy and your receipt.

Just pull when you get to the barrier, and I'll raise it for you.

f*cking thieves.


Nothing, just his personnal shit.

His board, dirty clothes, f*cking books, nothing.

What now?

We need wheels.

We're not going to use this?

Maybe you want to hang a tricolore out the window, wear a béret, eat a f*cking baguette?

We're supposed to be inconspicuous.

You don't think there's a chance he recognizes the van?

OK, OK, I love car-jacking!

We used to do it on weekends, for fun.

What do you wanna drive?

One of their f*g car these f*g drive.

Perception is everything.

She lost her family, her home, her cat.

Wrongly convicted.

It was pretty tragic.

We cleared the scene.

And a new family moved in, the following month.

That is... it's fascinating.

I know, but, it's just a job.

Oh, I... I think we can forgive him the occasional "bitch of a morning", don't you?

But don't get me wrong, it is usually, very dull.

I find that very very unlikely.

Look, just give me a minute, I'd like to take you on the tour personnally.

Oh, lovely.

Thank you.

Thank you.

My pleasure.

Oh, can I please ask what the f*ck is going on?

Jean is stuck at work.

But this is really important for him.

He asked you to come?


I went to the house, you weren't there. I tried to warn you so you could delay this.

So I came.

That's Jean's.

Yeah, I don't own that kind of clothes.

I thought I should look smart for Maddy.

Looks good.

Mr. and Mrs Bastière, when you're ready.

I think this is going very well.

You can take your hand off my ass now.

Of course.


Get out!

Get out!

Get out!!


Do you want to meet up?

When can you get free?

We'll keep Maddy with us for another half-hour or so, let her sit in on a course with her peers.

If you wouldn't mind waiting in the great hall.

That's wonderful.

Jean and I are so grateful for your time. Thank you.

Not at all.


Again there, hand off the ass.


Maybe he lives in another street, and just parked the van here.

If he did, it'll be a long week.

Nice houses.

Squats and crackhouses.

Hundred years ago, they were all merchants' homes.

Now most of them are broken up into apartments, or bedsits.

10, 12 bedrooms in each house.


There's no crackhouses here.

This is a nice place.

Don't contradict me.

I know stuff.

He's around here.

Some place.


I can smell him.

f*cking his whore.

Spending our money.

You think, people f*ck the same way in England?

How would they f*ck different?

I don't know. Maybe with good manners or something.


You wanna calm down.

Girls in this city are filthy.

Maybe I like filthy.

I have to go.

I've got class.

See you later.


My brother came to stay.


I haven't seen him in 7 years.

We don't get on, he's a... he's difficult.

Or maybe I'm difficult.

Always been trouble.

My kids love him.

My wife wants him out, and... it's just... I don't know, it's more pressure.

How old are your kids?

Girl's 13, boy's 10.

Do you like him?

Your brother.

Not much.

I learned more about you in the last 60 seconds than in the 5 months since we met.

Is that what we're doing now?


I think I need to.

My mom has cancer.



About a month ago.

Cervical. We don't know if there's any secondary yet...

I'm sorry.

If you wanna talk, or f*ck, call.

In English words of "a clowning", "pansies".






"Hyacinths". Can't say that.

Hey, can... can you give me some money so I can buy some rollies?

Hey, my board, boy.

Let's go to the hotel. Come back tomorrow.

It's only our first day. Get used to it.

There's like 300 people named Bastière in this f*cking town.

Do you think he's even using his real name?

I'm f*cking bored.

What are you doing?

I didn't come to London to sit in a f*cking car.

That's exactly why you came to London.

We don't know if it's that one or that one, or any of these places you've been staring at all day.

He got the ticket here. That's all we've got.

Don't touch my keys.

Your keys?

Who's the boss? Who's the boss? Who's the boss?

Who's the boss?

Who's the boss?

You don't have f*cking keys!

Which house is it?

Which one, this one? This one?



Open! Come on!


What's going on?

Where is he?

I'm sorry, I've got no id...

Where the f*ck is he?


Nico, come on!

My God...



Push it!

Where are the kids?

Oliver's playing football. Maddy's, I don't know. Somewhere.

She's a bit hurt. I'd give her some space.

I'm really sorry.

I know.

Martin and I winged it.

I think she's got a good chance.

Where is he?


It smells good.

Where you going?

I'm leaving.

You don't have to go.

Sure I do. You know that.

Just like that?

Well, excuse me, I forgot my manners. Thank you for your hospitality.

You've been a wonderful host.

Not everything is a joke.

It's a matter of opinion.

Nelson Clay thinks I'm an idiot.

And yo'ure the golden child, as always.

Oh, come on!

You gotta be smart.

You keep your head down.

Plan an escape.

Some time, some way, it will... it'll go wrong.

I know.

30 000.

Can you afford this?


This is for mom.

It'll buy her a nice dress, and a decent meal now and then.

It'll be the last time I see her.

When is your last time gonna be?

Her funeral?

Don't do that.

Thank you.

Come here.

You're needed.

Give it to Efe.

They've asked for you personally.




What is it?

Nobody's talking much.

I think he's a cop.

Have you been drinking?

One pint.

You're on call.

Come on, man.

Just stay out of the way.

I had a single f*cking drink, I can still do my job.

Then how come you stink of rhum?

What's going on?

Tom Kendrick, John.

Put a g*n in his mouth.

Wife found him.

The department will cover the bill.

Of course.

How did it happen?

You know he was under investigation.

I had heard.


Couldn't face it.

Word is, then man may have had something to hide.

f*ck, man, he could have retired, and avoid the disciplinary, hid behind a lawyer.

He sat here?

CID have took his computer, files.

It's tragic, isn't it?

It can be a brave way out, su1c1de.


It's selfish.

We'll be done in a couple hours.

So, who's gonna deal with The Met contracts, now this guy is d*ad?

I don't know.

Somebody new.

Will it affect what contracts we get?

It's possible.

It's weird, isn't it?

That one person's death can affect so many other people.

Oh, you gotta be f*cking kidding me! What the f*ck is wrong with you?

What the f*ck you think you're doing?

What's going on? What's going on?

He's drinking Tom Kendrick's booze.

I'm parched, I was looking for a drink.

Vodka and coke!

More vodka than coke.

That wasn't my glass. He's topped it up.

You're fired.


You're disrespectful, you do a bad job, and you need help for your drinking.

Look, I'm not sure f*ring him is the answer...

Stay out of it please.

It's not the first time.

Could you go to the van with him, make sure he returns all his equipment?

Don't be stupid.

Please go with him, all right?

Of course.

I'll finish up.

Why is Maureen lying for you?

What's she covering?

He's desperate.

Give me that before you hurt yourself.

Did you forget something?


What are you doing?

I'm living in the moment.

You should try, it's liberating.

Did you break a window?


The little.

I've just fixed that.

I know.

But second time's a charm.


You don't know these people like I do.

I would feel bad if something happened.

I'm tired.


How did it go?

Fine, it was OK.

The story was accepted?


If they've had any doubt, they wouldn't have allowed us to clean the scene.

I heard there was some trouble, with one of your guys.

I took care of it.

It's complicated, isn't it?

All of this.

Is your family awake yet?


Get some rest while you can.

Come on!

I'm trying to f*cking sleep!

You like it?

Who's the best?

Who's the best?

Who's the best?


You're the best!


You're the best!

I'm the boss!

Who's the boss?

You're the boss!
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