01x21 - The Rising

Episode transcripts for the 2002 TV show "John Doe".
A mysterious man wakes up on an island off the coast of Seattle, Washington, and seems to know everything apart from his own name helps police solve crimes as he searches for his identity.
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01x21 - The Rising

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There are people trying to manipulate me.

Use me. Phoenix group.

Karen is d*ad because of them.

The Phoenix group is a possibility.

Work for the NSA.

How is it who claims to be?

Do not know. Not know.


You blind. How do you see that?

Who are you?



They were performing an experiment. A form of remote viewing.

Those who were secretly selected had symptoms of innate psychic abilities.

They were using their gifts, to obtain secret information.


Where is Michel?


I just want to find Theresa.


I have read many reports, to get to see movies.

Come on. That would have been a Freddie Kruger or a "Godfather" if there were silent movies a road open to families.

Did you know that the first movie theater New Orleans was open to families in 1896.

And do not forget that the average budget a film in 1913 was of thirteen thousand dollars.

Hey, just thought you'd like information while they saw.

Well, I think the audience did not like. I have yet popcorn in my throat.

For a silent film. Health Are you okay?

Yes, I thought I saw something.

Like what?

I do not know.

Probably peanuts hurt me.

Are you sure?

Yeah yeah Well, I have a turtle waiting for me. I'm going.

Well, me too. Parent Breakfast in school tomorrow.

Until later.

Well, give you a ride. Clarify ideas.

Are you okay?

Yes you tomorrow.

"They are not seeing it."

"Increase the dosage."

What the hell happened? Are you okay?

I had visions like last night.

I knew it was not for fun. What kind of visions?

I do not know. I do not understand.

What? Do you think you can be memories?

This is different. Looks like some kind of force. I knelt.

Hillman appeared in the park.

They sure have not drank more elsewhere?

Digger... I do not know how much can handle.

Every day is something new.

See that?

You feel that?

Can not you be sure?

If you fall, you have my hand.

If you lose, you have my hand. Understood?

Yes, thanks.

Go to bathe. You smell like hell What's happening?

What is this?


Mechanical valves.


"Topographic Map Symbols"

Power line.

Yes John, I'm Frank What do you get when you mix the face and hands the victim with an acid?


An identifiable victim you need your brain.

Sure. Where are you?

Palmer and Winchester. near power lines.

Power lines.

Hydrofluoric acid appears to trade.

He did a good job. Neither face nor impressions Digital to determine the identity.

The pervert even took the teeth.

Without dental records to compare.

What do you think? It is not material for all day.

It makes no sense.

Can not find Clocks or mechanical valves here?

I suppose you have a good reason to ask.

Not really. He just came to mind.

Do you fell a ray again?

So what is the house of horrors for us this time?

Well, what we seem a man of thirty years.

No trace or tracks.

Whoever did this knew what he was doing.

Do you have the cause of death?

Well, the acid is a good candidate.

Wait. Look.

It seems that you found it.

s*ab in the neck, about 3, 4 cm deep.

If you hit the spine, We have a winner.


Doe, are you okay?

I had visions.

I saw the power lines before I called.


Yes Psychic Visions?

Are you okay, John?

Yes, I think.

Power lines. Did you see anything else?

Nothing can describe.

Okay, this review, I will not leave anything behind.


"They'll find it".

"I sense it."

"And then?"

"And then it begins."

Tell me, Nance.

I wish I had something to say.

I can confirm the cause of death. Severing the spinal cord.

Was there something wrong with the body we can give an address?

Do not call it unusual?

Both wrists were red, probably a residual effect of the acid.

The right shoulder has signs of bursitis.

The man probably did pesos. A mouse gym.

Your Doe, did you answer?

Not even the question.

Well, we'll keep looking. Stella is working in facial reconstruction, we see that appears.


Hide the identity of the victim priority was the m*rder.

Should be very valuable to hide.

And it was discreet. The w*apon may not exceed a Swiss Army knife or a small knife.

Attacked from behind, with concealed w*apon As k*lled her Say that again.

The Phoenix Group.

It is their way of k*lling.

Do you think this has to do with people who are behind you?

Dermatitis on the hands, Bursitis in the shoulder.

What to do with clocks or mechanical valve?

"Clock? What clock?

Bursitis is common in the shoulder heavy machinery workers.

Sure. Workers in the industry.


A piece of skin?


A scale.

Wait. Canning workers.

Bursitis. Repetitive cans on the assembly line.

Valves. What if I'm valves are seeing the assembly line?

I do not understand.

I think we found them.

Wait, let me call Avery.

The death of this man got involved, I can not thr*at another person.

Wait, is not your decision.


Power lines.

Do not move!

Go I had to guess.

So, you work for them.



Come on. We are following a track.

Not very good, apparently. These guys are like bin Laden.

Do not spend a night at the same store.

You have a gift to appear on the site wrong at the wrong time.

We lost contact our man infiltrated.

I knew about this place. It was pass as a man of Phoenix.

Men, thirty, 1.88 m.

Yes Was found d*ad four hours ago.


No! Live!

The needle will be injected.

And the bird falls from the sky.

Does he want a cinnamon bun?

I think he wants this. Liquid cyanide.

Who taught the Phoenix knew what he was doing.

Who trained them, are best games of Uncle Sam.

Not so. When are we going to be on the same side?

Once you have something tangible to believe.

Look, you're in a web imprecidible Not knowing where to go or who to trust.

But it seems if you put in my place?

Think I've got problems for you.

My bosses were determined to enclose until someone knows who the hell is.

And guess who's convinced otherwise risking his career?


Because my heart tells me.

Which is what your heart tells you, John?

I just want to find people who k*lled Karen.

Finding Theresa if that is his name.

The woman who abducted you think.

I find it, and disappears.

I did not ask these people's lives were destroyed because of me.

The question is ...

If you disappear, How many more will be destroyed?

John, you have something they want.

Like it or not. Like it or not.

But we are one step closer to knowing why.

Let's do it the right way. Together.

Your full name is Samuel Donald Clarkson Social Security Number 844-60-9943.

Hadden Avenue, number 1246.

Mildren Mother, Father Joseph, Jeane daughter Hallie.

If you shake hands, You have my word.

But if you betray me, Remember one thing.

What would that be?

Be all you can hear from you.

Is it a thr*at?

Not if your word is worth something.

What do you say let's have fun?

Just had to ask.

Good afternoon. How's that hand?

My name is Sam, I think you know who he is.

So how should I call?

t*rrorists. m*rder. Choose one.

Well, let's begin.

I guess he can read lips.

Cairo. London. New York. Seattle.

Was seen SedinaTokla Also known as Catherine Vista, Also known as Cassandra DeBourne.

Former nun with degrees in Theology, Anthropology in the Middle East until it disappeared in 1989.

Since then, many reports are involving extremist groups.

In Cairo, London, New York, Seattle.

We are also aware contact with this individual.

The "Balaclava" as we call it by chemical.

Now, we expected you to clarify one or two things about it.

And they both serve the organization. Phoenix.

Do you understand why this stopped? "Over the next few hours? Days?

Do you think the same questions as usual, will serve with a piece of garbage like him?

Who are you? What makes Phoenix group?

What do you want from me?

Come on. Now.

What the hell was that?

So get nothing.

You have to trust me.

You can not force things like that.

He is not deaf.

How can you say?. No one has said word since we arrived.

It will dilate the pupils with questions.

Blood vessels in the brain Espand with noise.

What volume can reach these speakers?

Well, I can give ...

T-sonic 3200. 1000 watts. I?

Reverse the wave amplitude modified.

Mr. Trenchcoat, did you know that the human ear is more sensitive to 400 Hz?

Best off the microphone.

Now, this will make a big noise.

Number one.


Number two.



Doe, not even blinking.

And number four.

Doe, turn it off.
And the walls came tumbling down.

And if we save time and effort and begins to speak.

Will not know anything about me.

Really? we know something, right?

Language is a kind of code among you "phenomenon."

You are one of this "phenomena", John Doe.

Compare your voice to the database.

I'm not one of you.

Do not know what you are.

Of course, I am Phoenix. Is not it so?

"You have been chosen."

"When it is time, you will complete our destiny ."

The ancient dialect of Sanskrit.

"Suppose we are all gonna put on some purple tennis shoes..."

"...fly off in a spaceship."

"You know so much."

"And yet are still so naive."

English and Sanskrit Pasar?n a. ..

Latin. I know.

Who are these people?

"This all could have been so much easier."

"If only you had been presented with the truth."

"She was warned."

"But failed to listen."

"I will listen."

"It's too late."

"You are no longer predisposed to believe."

"Try me."

Nothing to do, nothing I go to change things to come.

I do not care more than Karen you cared.

It was your responsibility. You had the opportunity to meet.

Now you have the opportunity to fulfill!

Where is Theresa?

Never find, we are invisible.

I found you.

I saw the room. The clock on the wall. Valves. Here.

I'm getting closer. It seems I'm not naive, after all.

Cunning is to a teenager.

It's just a matter of time before that this "Balaclava" in that chair.

Just find the crumbs.

I go!

The two will be d*ad before the encounter.

Do both?

Who else?


Who else?

"I am deaf and mute."

Yes. So I heard.

Great show. Missed the popcorn.

He said "both." Who else can have?

No matter whether not found.

He said something to follow.

Let's look.

Just find the crumbs.

Find the crumbs. Would you say something?

The manufacture of cans. I have visions, pictures in the head.

I think I know who else they have. Michael.

NT62 file. Surveillance of the motel.

Michael? "Seneca Institute? But he's d*ad.

Yes, I also thought, but never found the body.

They just wanted us to think I was d*ad.

We have to see together To view the full image We need them all. centrarmos our energy, each who draws a part of the objective What purpose?

Whatever you are looking for. They can be people, things.

Change objectives Who selects the targets? Who are they?

Phoenix, they are.

Doe, have to Theresa and Michael in remote viewing.

Trying to find something God knows what.

The baculovirus. Looking an artifact.

Once you find him, Will fulfill my destiny.

Of course, and true love exists.

If Michael and Theresa are watching The staff, why do I have visions?

Look, I'm not much on this, The old school is not in my time.

But there are theories of remote vision can send information to certain recipients.

Ask for help.

Could be.

There is a man who debmos see. Taking our project for distance vision.

Return it. I want to hear all about skills.

We have to see together To view the full image Required at all.

We focus our energy, each who draws a part of the goal.


What ...? There might be released of those those wives.

What the hell?

Is not there.


I told you not by phone.

Listen. Want to participate in this.

I have a candidate 've ever seen.

It is a kind one.

Class one?

There seems to be a Class One Too normal.

Trust me. He is anything but normal.

More or less.

John Doe, meet Lucas Doya. 20 years in Langley founder of the remote viewing program Department of Defense.

And now operator You keep well, we'll see who is right at the end Lucas has retired to the sanctuary Based on that civilization by I fight this damned without remedy Civilization is an understatement.

The "Core of Discovery" the path of Louis and Clark.

Good vision.

Two centuries, but still we are still children.

Maybe call it infanticide when they do explode.

These are made of wills, Why fatalism?

The prisoners took the asylum.

The day a young man with dreams of the 72 virgins in paradise come through Times Square with a b*mb will be the day of birth.

It's time to build a boat.

We are more into it.

You are not your wife or over.

Allow conoscan. I thought I saw a blackjack table.

Samuel talks a lot about you.

Are you as talented as he says?

You have to judge.


h*m* sapiens, 2003 USA, uses 10% of the brain at any given time.


To be exact.

So, forget God. The real mystery of life is what is asleep in the other 90.7%.

What are you doing?


There are some among us including you.

Who have had the opportunity to see some of that mystery.

Open your hands.

I have a stone in each hand. One is cold and one hot.

Choose a hand.

Do not know.

So think about it.


If you have to ask, you can burn.

Your right hand.


At least it would have been, if you really have seen.

Mixing paint me with my right hand.

The logic would say that would take hot stone with the same hand.

Therefore, through a process elimination of the cold was in the other.

If I show you what I know I have to have all your dedication.

Nothing less than truth, We will make fools of them.

Do you understand?


For the facts on the table, it is clear that possess the ability of a receiver.

They told you where they were.

They put the images there.

But why stand up?

Think it's too late? Do you think they found the staff?

Or worse. Found themselves trying to contact you.

If the return time, this is true.

So do not waste any more time.

This is your brand.

Somewhere in these civilizations.

Will be encoder.

While waiting to find it.

The mud is your material.

Each viewer needs an escape.

Concentrate on your mark.

Every detail, every fading.

Watch it and translate it into your hands.

Search the depths of your mind. Get rid of everything except the mark.

Yo, I can not.

You can.

Put your thoughts into a tunnel. Concentrate on the finish.

Go ahead.

I saw it.

The pharaohs would be proud.

I could really see that pyramid.

Scary, huh?

Now let the pyramids and start out as adults.

Found you. Now is the time to find them.

Tell me exactly what you saw when you were blindfolded.

Color Tell me, do relate a certain color Theresa and Michael?

Turquoise. She had a turquoise scarf.

And Michael, green eyes, brown hair.

I want you to use your colors.

Watch it. Show on your mind.

This time, the painting is your medium.

How I can paint ...



As simple as that.

"Without brushes?

Remember elementary school? well maybe not.

Just start.

Para. Stop thinking. No have control. Let yourself go.

Calling you hears colors.

No limits. Without orders. No longer distances.

Tommy!. Tommy!


I can see.

It is a ..... .....

Pain is good. It means you're getting close.

It is the entrance of a tunnel.

I listen.

I see.

Listen, what I saw.

The tunnel. The copper mine.

Near water.

That's where they are.

She's alive.

Well, you ....

You are a Class A What? How?

One lesson at a time.

I know where they are. I saw them.

And are you sure?

As sure as a copper penny.

We have the best team Uncle Sam can offer.

You will not regret of this decision.

I made a call. I do not want insurance.

What the hell is this all about?

Nance informed us.

You look at all canneries in the city.

Detective Hayes, Lieutenant Avery Meet the NSA.

Doe is not a normal procedure.

As I've said, nothing is normal for me.

They are within, or am I out.

Well, are in my command.

Do not expect otherwise.

Really you think you found Phoenix?

I know where to find them.

Attention everyone.

Operation "Sleuth."

We are on track Phoenix organization John Doe has discovered the location, in a copper mine in the harbor.

We planned a tactic of att*ck.

I also do so We need a team here.

And a team of perimeter containment here, here and here.

It is essential that the att*ck fast and efficient.

The main objective, this individual is our escape artist.

From personal experience, act with extreme care.

On the right, the individual we believe is the leader.

Seen once in the profile. We do not know his face.

However, clothing is characterized by seen here.

We want him alive.

These are the two civilians. Possible names: Theresa and Michael.

Remember, it is an operation Rescue and capture.

Eyes open. Carefully. Questions?

Well let's do this.

"They are onto something."

"An image is emerging."

"Shut down the stimulus!"

"Halt all activity!"

"I want silence!"

"My God...It is the Vatican..."

"It's upon us."

"Everything we have been working toward."

We have been betrayed.

"Are you out of your mind?! They could be listening!"

Already I have heard.

They communicated with him. They told him where we were.

Everybody down!



On her knees, now!


Help me.


Theresa. Theresa!






Do not let go.

No, never will.
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