01x13 - Real World

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "American Odyssey". Aired: April 2015 to June 2015
The Odyssey is a Traffic-like global conspiracy thriller centered on three families whose lives are torn apart when a stranded female soldier, a disillusioned corporate attorney, and a disrespected political activist are pulled into the same shocking international military conspiracy.
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01x13 - Real World

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We need someone to investigate Osela.

Maybe if you guys didn't sh**t Ruby you could be talking to her right now.


Peter's been trying to expose SOC for weeks.

He got fired.

Everything you need to destroy SOC and Baker is on this drive.

I thought you understood that you can't go back.

woman: You're the American woman soldier.

[camera shutter clicks]

[text message whistles]

Where did you send that?

Great. Now it's out.


I am going.

Oh, my God. Odelle lives! [phone swooshes]

Glen: Are you sure it's authentic?

Where in Spain? I'll leave immediately.

female reporter: Continuing with our top story, multiple sources claim Special Ops soldier Sergeant Odelle Ballard is now alive.

Military analysts are investigating the legitimacy of these reports and, if true, Ballard's exact whereabouts.

As with all of us, they're anxious to hear her miraculous story of survival.

[classical music]

Sophia: Are you sure it's authentic?

Of course. My source got it from the teenager in Algeria who saw her.

She was with her when... Am I keeping you from something?

There are several of your diplomats and congressmen waiting to hear how I intend to deal with my country's debt crisis.

Odelle. That's the answer.

When she comes forward SOC and Baker will be prosecuted.

Cancel tomorrow's meeting.

I would like to, but...

But what? You've got your proof.

No, you have a photograph, nothing more.

Well, what do you need?

I would need to know what she is going to say.

She'll tell the world what she saw.

What Alex Baker did to her.

I wish I could share your optimism, but the deal Baker offers is a good one.

[Peter sighs]

Much better thanks to you.

Oh, so that's what this was about?

Getting a better deal?

Madam, they are waiting.

Right away, Kharon.

You're better than this.

Find more than a photo.

Tell me Odelle Ballard is going to tell the story we need her to tell.

If so, I will walk away.

Alex Baker m*rder my husband.

It sickens me to be in business with him.

Find me a way not to be.

[dramatic music]

[phone line rings]

[cell phone ringing]

[keyboard keys clacking]

[cell phone clicks]

[keyboard keys clacking]

man: "Death of Ruby Simms: Osela, Societel and the Hunt for Odelle Ballard."

It's good.

You're an excellent writer, Harrison.

Thanks. And it's all true.

Every... every... everything in there's happened, so...

Well, full disclosure, I'm already working on the story.

Um, my colleague, Isabel Rainey is meeting with Odelle.

So you know it's true then?

But we've got people working on background material on Alex Baker, SOC, Osela, Black Sands, and your stuff fits right in.

Gives us fantastic personal context.

I mean... I mean the...

The depth of collusion between SOC and... and Osela.

I think Michael Banks was... Was he...

Oh, he k*lled... He k*lled my... my father.

I just need to... I need to find proof.


[clears throat] Tell me about your sources.

Uh, what do you, um... What do you need to know?

You're bleeding.

So you gonna run my story, or what?

On its own? Probably not.

But you can contribute.

Is that a joke?

[laughs] You just blow sunshine up my ass...

No, no, no, Har...

I'm just gonna turn everything over to you.

Is that... Is that what you think?

To hell with that.

Wait, wait.

Harrison. Harrison, wait!

If we use your stuff you'll get a credit.

We're not stealing.

This thing has bulldozed my life.

You want my research? You want my sources?

I want a byline.

A byline or I walk.

[sighs] All right.

If we use it, you get a byline.

A New York Times byline.



Okay. [cell phone vibrates]

[ominous music]

You are here.

You're Odelle.

I recognize you from your picture.

I'm Christina Callo.

Luc never mentioned you.

I'm Aslam.

Come on.

That means "peace", right?

Luc said I'd be meeting a colleague?

You thought maybe one of his thugs?

A drug dealer perhaps?

But you did not expect his ex-wife.

You and Luc were married?

[speaks native language] Right?

I'll set another place. You must both be hungry.


Can I, um, can I please use your phone?

Yeah, sure.


[cell phone rings]

Isabel Rainey. (Odelle) Hey, it's me. I'm here.

You made it.


When are you coming?

Tomorrow morning.

Are you both okay?

Yeah, we're fine.

You know where to meet me? At 11 AM?

Yeah. I... did you... did you... Did you talk to them?

My family?

Of course I did.

And? What... what did they...

What did they say?

Isabel: There were a lot of tears and relief... and joy.

Odelle, I am so honored to have been the one to make that call.

But what...

My little girl, what did... what did she say?


That she never gave up.

That she always knew.

She knew?

That you'd come home.

[soft music]

Oh, God, I need to see them.

Is tomorrow soon enough?

The New York Times is flying them into Barcelona.

We've arranged for a meeting at the airport.

Really? Tomorrow?


Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

Good. I will see you tomorrow, then.

And, Odelle? We're going to get your story out. You did it.

You're going to be a hero.

Thank you.

What's the matter?

[sighs] Nothing.

[sniffles] For once, absolutely nothing.

My family's coming...


You're gonna get to meet them.

But do they know about me?

No, not yet, 'cause the reporter's gotta talk to them first and make sure it's safe.


They'll love you. Just like I do.

Dinner is ready. You should come.


[Peter sighs]

Where the hell have you been?

I've been waiting for over two hours.

What are you, my mother? What do you want?

You sent that photo. Odelle is alive.

That changes everything. I need your help.

Oh, really? [chuckles]

You don't remember when I was trying to figure out who k*lled my father and then you wouldn't even return my calls?

Hey, you walked away from me.

You know, whatever. You can read about my story when it comes in the New York Times. Ow!

What happened to you?

Nothing. I'm fine.

So you write for the Times?

Yes. They picked up my blog.

I'm on the Odelle Ballard story and I'm getting my own byline.

The Ballard story? She's talking? To who?

To us.

To who? You?

No. There's... Ow!

Listen to me, you idiot.

SOC and Alex Baker are about to make a deal with the Prime Minister of Greece that I need to stop.

Now I've sacrificed everything...

I need you to tell me right now.

Who is Odelle talking to and what is she going to say?

I don't know. All right?

All right, listen, all I've heard is that she's meeting with a reporter named Isabel Rainey.

I don't know where. I don't know when.

That's all I know.

Where are you going?

The Times.

[laughs] Well, what makes you think they'll tell you anything?

Odelle: How long were you and Luc married?

[laughs] Too long.

Well, not long enough.

He's a dazzling habit, but...

You know that already.

What do you mean?

You've been out in the desert with him for, what? A month?

Odelle: Yeah, almost.

How was it?

It was hell.

I mean, yeah, he's charming, but he's also a conceited, selfish bastard that almost got me k*lled.

Christina: See, you do know.

Know? Know what?

Luc called me out of the blue to ask me to help you.

Why would he do that?

[soft music]

I don't know.

The answer is simple.

He cares about you.

Maybe even loves you.

And if Luc loves you, you know it.

But now it's time for bed.

You have your husband and daughter coming tomorrow.

You must be so thrilled.

Peter: Thanks for seeing me on short notice.

Hey, happy to do it. I remember you from... the Justice Department. You made...

Quite a few headlines.

Well, this is another one.

Right, Odelle Ballard.

You have information?

I do.

But first I want to know if Isabel Rainey has spoken to Odelle yet.

I know they're meeting. What has she told her?

Well, I can't divulge that.

[Peter chuckles]

Did she mention Societel? SOC?

Anything about how they gave millions to Abdul Abbas?

I can't discuss anything that Odelle may or may not have told us.

[Peter laughs]

You just did.

I mention one of the biggest companies on the New York Stock Exchange doing business with an Al-Qaeda t*rror1st and you didn't even bat an eye.

Ballard talked. Gave you broad strokes at least.

When do you go to press?

Look, I thought you were here to give me something.

I am.

The information on this drive will support everything Odelle Ballard has to say and more.

SOC funded terrorism. They've been doing it for years.

To secure markets or gain an advantage.

They've also conspired to m*rder dozens of innocent people to cover it up.

Where'd you get this?

They used to be my client.

This is whistle-blower stuff then.

You're taking a very big risk bringing this to me.

[chuckles] Don't I know it.

How did you get this?

It doesn't matter.

What matters is that it's real, it's credible, and when you publish it I'm going to jail.

[dramatic music]

Joe, it's me. What's going on?

Joe: Hey, Sophia Tsaldari's on her way.

Everyone's headed upstairs.

I just came from the New York Times.

I need you to get me into that meeting.


It's good to see you.

What... what do you want?

I mean it, you know. It is good to see you.

None of this is personal.

How dare you?

This is nothing but personal.

I'm gonna tell the world what you did and nothing that you can say can stop me.

I'm not here to stop you.

Then what?

What do you want?

20 minutes right now.

I have a meeting.

With Isabel Rainey of the New York Times. I know.

And Ron and Suzanne are flying in today.

It's 20 minutes, Odelle.

It's in your best interest. Please.

[dramatic music]

You got ten minutes. There. Now.

Whatever you have to say is irrelevant.

And the fact is, you k*lled all 12 of my unit.

12 brave soldiers. My friends.

There is no answer for that. You k*lled them.

And in six minutes I'm gonna walk to that café and I'm gonna tell my story and the whole world is gonna know what you did.

I think you're smarter than that.

Yes, you can tell your story to the New York Times,

The Washington Post. You can even write a book.

But what do you think will happen?

Who do you think will listen?

Who do you think will believe you?

I have evidence.

Off a t*rror1st's computer.

And bank statements.

That can be buried.

Odelle, do you honestly think that we will just sit back and do nothing?

That your story will be the only version of what happened?

There are many questions about you right now.

Questions we will answer in one of two ways: We will either say Odelle Ballard is a brave hero, a valuable covert operative who was performing a dangerous and important mission in service to her country, or...

Odelle Ballard is a calculating and brutal traitor who turned on her unit, conspiring with t*rrorists to ensure their deaths.

The military has now succeeded in capturing her and will ensure that she spends the rest of her life in prison.

And that she will never, never... see her home or family again.

How much are they paying you?

This isn't about money.


This is about the truth.

Not the truth we all want so desperately to believe in, but the truth that actually is.

People like me face that truth every day so people like you can live the lie.

The lie that life isn't, at its core, unforgivingly and profoundly brutal.

This is the world we live in today.

Nations have no borders.

Our interests are global.

And we're all fighting for world dominance.

That is why we fight and, yes, we fight brutally.

Well, I feel sorry for you.

I mean, this battle of yours is worth more than life itself.

You once considered me a... a daughter.

Yo... you don't think I suffered making that decision?

It was the most painful moment in my life.

It broke my heart!

Then why do it?

So America can win?

Who gave you the right to play God?

To decide who lives and who dies?

Because I didn't vote for you. Nobody did.

You're doing this because you can.

Well, I'm sorry to hear you feel that way.

Because it means Suzanne will grow up without a mother.

How could you?

It's not up to me.

Odelle, you have the power in your hands to walk to that café, tell Isabel Rainey you're sorry, but this has all been a terrible mistake, and go home.

And knowing you as I do, you know what I think?

I think you'll make the right decision for Suzanne.

You'll go home.

[dramatic music]

Please don't do this.


Peter: Hey, we good?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're good.

Come on.

The meeting's about to start.

Hang back. I have to talk to Sophia.

Wait, wait, Woah, hang on, hang on.

What just happened?

I gave it to him.

What? You gave the drive to the Times?

Peter, someone got k*lled over that.

Use it and you go to jail.

I know.

I can't figure out whether you're a saint or a fool.

I don't know what I am. A fool, a criminal... maybe I'm just like anybody else trying to do the right thing.

Peter, one thing I know, you're not like anyone else. [elevator bell dings]

Hold it right there.

It's a private meeting.

I need to speak with Sophia.

I'm sure you do.

But that's not going to happen.

You think you've won? You couldn't be more wrong.

I just came from the New York Times.

Everything you've done, the m*rder, extortion, it's all coming out.

Only if they print it.

Oh, they will.

Once they get a look at what's on that flash drive.

I gave it to them.

Whatever you say, Peter.

Even if for some reason they don't print it, they're not gonna ignore her.

Odelle Ballard.

It's awkward to be the last one to know something, so I sympathize.

What are you talking about?

We are acutely aware that Odelle Ballard is speaking to New York Times, but I wouldn't be in my position if I didn't know precisely what she's going to say.

She wants her life back.

She's choosing to keep her family, not destroy them.

She won't say a word about SOC, nothing about t*rrorists or the tragic end of her unit.

You see, unlike you, Peter, Odelle understands the value of her family.

She'll play nice.


Goodbye, Peter.

You might as well join him, Joe.

Your services are no longer required.

Harrison: You sure that's the right account?

I'm positive.


You ready?


[keyboard keys clack]

There's nothing there.

There wouldn't be.

Everything's in the drafts folder.

[suspenseful music]


They never send anything over the internet.

It kept them from getting hacked.

Until now.

"Operation Beautiful Mind."

That's what they called me?

Harrison: Offer showed strong, but non... drugged...

That's what happened that night?

Why you deleted that email?

She tortured you?

Why didn't you tell me?

'Cause she thr*at my mother.

I'm, uh...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Search, uh...

Search for Randall Walters.



[keyboard keys clack]


Bob: "Run, rabbit, run."

Harrison: Click the second one.

The hotel plans.

It's where your father was m*rder.

Finally. The proof she k*lled him.

"Celebrate"? "Celebrate"?

You know, I don't need to see anymore.

Just send it to the cops.

Oh, no, not the cops. The FBI.

They get all googly-eyed over doc dumps.


There's this guy over there who checks his email every 30 seconds.

[keyboard keys clacking]

[outgoing email whooshes]


Now what? Hmm?

Now we wait.

I've got a better idea.
man: Sgt. Ballard made contact with US forces at approximately 10:30 local time in northeastern Spain.

We are as stunned as everyone to learn that Sgt. Ballard was alive.

We are curious about how she spent these last few weeks.

We have heard...

Just give me a second.

Unsubstantiated rumors that Sgt. Ballard has been colluding with the enemy, but nothing is confirmed.

No charges have been filed against her at this point.

We're not sure what to believe about Sgt. Ballard.


My God.

Isabel Rainey. New York Times.

I must say, you look good for someone who has been through hell.

Would you like something to eat?

A coffee maybe?

I think I would have missed coffee the most had I been...

No, I'm fine. Thank you.

Is this uncomfortable for you?

We could skip the lunch part and go right to my office.

It's literally across the square.

We could dive right in, you talk, I type.

We could even get a preliminary piece out online today.

What time, um... do Ron and Suzanne get in?

Uh, American Airlines 1138.

Arriving at 4:42.

So, your story...

Are you ready?

What the hell do you want?

I know about Operation Rabbit Run.

I found your emails.

That account you shared with Ruby.

You don't get to talk about her!

You were nothing. A distraction.

You told her what to do.

[car doors slam] How to k*ll my father.

You thought she loved you?

She pitied you.

Then you told her to k*ll me.

I found her when she was nothing.

I trained her.

What did you ever do besides give her a b*llet?

A b*llet? [footsteps approaching]

Wait, wh... (woman) Michael Banks?

We have a warrant here for your arrest for the m*rder of Randall Walters.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say...

What do you mean, "a b*llet"?

woman: Can be used against you in a court of law.

You have a right to an attorney.

Hey, I didn't k*ll Ruby. The police did.

They sh*t her!

You k*lled her in cold blood.

I didn't k*ll her.

Keep telling yourself that.

I didn't. I didn't.

Ruby had so many chances to k*ll you, but she didn't and now I know why.

You're a child. She felt sorry for you.

There was no way you got the drop on Ruby Simms unless she let you.

Get in the car, sir.

You m*rder her.

Get in the car her!

You're lying! It was the police!


Ruby: The future is jail or death.

I'm not going to jail.

No, not like this.

[dramatic music]

You, get in the car.

You m*rder her!



Exit the house with your hands in the air!

Michael: You m*rder her!


[cell phone rings]


Peter Decker?

Kevin Saunders, New York Times.

Peter: Yeah.

I just wanted to let you know that we made contact with Odelle Ballard.

She just interviewed with my colleague in Barcelona.

[sighs] Okay. [car horn honks]

What did she say?

It is with great pride that the IMF approves of this debt restructure.

Baker: Thank you for the support of the IMF, Monsieur Giroux.


I think we're ready.

Thank you.

Is there a problem, Sophia?

What are you waiting for?

I was just... hoping for better.

Trust me when I tell you, Prime Minister Tsaldari, that this is the best it will ever be.

[cell phone beeps]

Alex, may I have a word in my office?

[cell phone vibrates]

[cell phone vibrates]

[cell phone chimes]

What is going on here?

[cell phone vibrates]

It didn't work out, Alex.

You failed.

You underestimated her and now it's out to the world.

Everything Odelle Ballard knows about you and SOC and all you've done.

My company cannot be associated with your transgressions.

You know that.


You could...


I'm afraid you're on your own.

[door opens, closes]

She has proof?

A flash drive like yours, but hers is taken from Abdul Abbas' computer.

It covers every transaction.

That's... that's unbelievable.

She... she survived all this with proof?

We're planning a number of articles including one based on the information you provided.

Your name will be out there.

Uh, that's fine. The feds will find the same information.

I'll try to get immunity from the Justice Department.

Great, Peter, and thank you for this.

We'll be in touch.

No. No, thank you.



[dramatic music]

male reporter: Showing a history of Societel paying off t*rror1st groups for almost two decades.

No word yet on the future of CEO Alex Baker.

The question now is not whether he will resign, but when?

This breaking news coming just weeks after Baker signed a four-year contract extension valued at over $100 million.

The stock price of SOC...

[bus horn honks]

[screams] [bus brakes screech]

[tires screech]

[indistinct chatter]

[cell phone rings]

Sophia. - I-I-I just heard the news about Alex Baker.

Peter: Yeah. It's over.

How are you doing?

I don't know. A little numb.

Peter, I'm calling to tell you the IMF has already taken action.

All of what my country owes to Societel will be written off.

We owe them nothing.

Huh. Congratulations.

Not a bad first week as Prime Minister.

My country has a new debt to pay... to you for your sacrifice.

I am leaving first thing tomorrow, but I was hoping to begin to repay that debt.

May I bring you to dinner tonight?

[sighs] I don't know.

Is there anything left to say?

There is always "good-bye."

One dinner. It would mean a lot to me.


I'll see you tonight 8:00 in your hotel.

[police siren wails]


I was hoping I might have a word with you.

Shall we walk?

Such a tragedy, don't you agree?

So, why are we talking?

You're a valuable asset, Peter.

You're smart, resourceful.

How you took down a Goliath organization like SOC...

I've got good aim.

Precisely why I want to keep you.

No, you don't.

You knew what Baker was up to.

That makes you just as guilty.

There's no evidence of that.

So you're smarter. Still don't wanna work for you.

Look, stop fighting, Peter.

Join me.

I made that mistake once.

I can't.

Yes. Peter Decker.

The man who never met a wrong he didn't want to right.

You want to go back to the Justice Department.

[chuckles] That's not gonna happen.

What I had to do, even if I get immunity, the federal government is not forgiving.

I'm very close with James Sanchez, your old boss. I could always put in a word.

It's good to have a friend at the Justice Department.


I'll be in touch.

So we're right on schedule.


Odelle should be downstairs waiting.

Are you excited to see your mom?

Yeah. I'm not sure why you're here, though.

Uh, to capture the moment for millions of our readers.


I don't see her.

Okay... Keep looking.

Is she here?

There's a holding area. Look around.




Mom? Mom!

[camera shutter clicking]

[both crying]

Oh, my God. I love you.

I love you so much.

I love you, too.

I missed you. I never believed them.

[camera shutter clicks]

I love you.

I love you, too.


Did you speak to Isabel?

I have. Everything's all set.


What's all set? What's happening?

You're, um... You're gonna go with this man and he's gonna... He's gonna keep you safe. Okay?

What's going on?

It's okay, honey.

What do you mean keep us safe? What's happening?



I can't stay.

What? Why not?

There's gonna be an article written by a woman called Isabel Rainey.

You have to read it and believe it because it's the only truth.


You're gonna hear a lot of lies...

They're gonna say I'm a traitor, and...

And that I'm a liar.

Lied about what?

Oh, God, they're coming. They're here.

I've not got much time.

Listen, I'm gonna be home soon. I promise.


[Suzanne crying]

I promise. I promise.

Photographer: Go. Go!

Okay, I have to go, honey. I promise I'll be...

No, please, don't.

I'll be home soon.

I promise.


[both crying]

She's gotta go, Suzanne. She's gotta go!

No! No!

She's gotta go!

I love you so much. I'm so sorry.

[Suzanne sobbing]


Where is she going, Ron? I need to protect her.

We trusted you and you lied to us.

You son of a bitch!

You don't understand.

You stay the hell away from us!

[frantic music]


All set?

[cell phone rings]



But why?

Yeah, okay.


Yeah, got it. Okay, thank you.


There has been a change.



What has happened? Is she okay?

Yeah, yeah, she's fine, but, um... she wants me to take you back to Sassel Beach where you will stay with Luc.

I'll call him.

But... but no.

I'm... I'm going to America with Odelle.

[telephone line ringing]

Let me talk to her.

No, you cannot.

You cannot. You cannot!

That was the reporter of the New York Times delivering a message from her.

You're not going to America.

Not right now.

But why?

Did she change her mind?

[telephone line ringing]

Come on, Luc!

Was it her family? They don't want me to come?

No. No, that's not it.

She just said we must go now.

Okay? Aslam...

[phone beeps] Aslam, where are you going?

Aslam. Please, come back.


Something is not right. I have to find her.

Where are you going? Come back!

Just leave me alone.


[Harrison groans]

Hey, Harrison.

What are you doing here, Bob?

I'm here because you're here.

Your mom said you spoke to the cops.


The Odelle thing is really blowing up.

About Odelle Ballard as she eludes capture in Barcelona, Spain.

Military sources tell us she is a deserter...

Harrison, you see what they're doing here?

male reporter: And subject to court martial as a traitor...

Bob: I mean, do you hear this?

Harrison, we need to do something, don't we?

Bob: Hi, Anna.

Hi, Bob.

Harrison, you okay?

What do you want, Anna? What do you...

We're worried about you.

[whispers] Go... away.

Just go away.

What happened to him?


[voicemail beeps] Hey, Sarah.

Um, this is message number...

[scoffs] I don't even know anymore.


I guess you heard the news.

I just... wanna talk.

Now that it's over.

Look, I know I can't undo what I did, but...

Maybe we can start over.


Call me back when you can.

[soft music]

I've been dreading this good-bye all day, so I thought I'd get it over with now.

At the beginning of our evening.

Thank you...

For everything you have done for Greece...

And for me personally.

I know I enticed you into all of this.


[both laugh]

I did what I wanted to do.

Oh, it's been an ordeal.

I'm glad we went through it.

In a way... it has brought us closer again.

The last time we parted in shame, but tonight we part as dear friends.

You will always be in my heart, Peter.


[soft music]





Isabel Rainey.

What is the purpose of your visit?

I'm here to see an old friend.

We got a lot of catching up to do.

Welcome to the United States.

Thank you.


[dramatic music]

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