01x13 - Truth

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Olympus". Aired April - July 2015.
Set in the world of humans, Gods and monsters. Olympus tells the story of how a few brave men and women banished the Gods to the realm of the unconscious - a place they called the Underworld or the Kingdom of Hades. It centers on a fresh-faced and raw young man who, through the dramatic experiences of betrayal, love, disappointment, empowerment and exile, transforms into a ruthless leader of men, and a match for the Gods themselves.
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01x13 - Truth

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Hero: I have brought the sacred Lexicon here to the door of Olympus.

Tell me how to open the door.


You must choose, me or her.

Hero: I've k*lled the only woman I've ever loved.

Medea: As an immortal god, you will have the power to bring mortals back from the underworld.

Hero: How do I find Zeus?

Once inside Olympus, you must cross the Bridge.

Hero: Who will lead us over the Bridge?

Medea: Someone who sees clearly without her eyes.

Hero: The Oracle of Gaia.

The gods don't work with one mind.

They battle each other just as much as mortals do.

You must kiss the living mouth of Gaia.

[panting heavily]

We have shared much, you and I, travelled the long road together.

We are brothers now, united by a sacred bond.

Whatever you think of me now, whatever trust you feel has been broken... my heart has never wavered, not once.

[rope snaps]


[rope stretches, choking and gasping]

Where is it?

Let me go... or I will use it.

Even one tiny knock can bring this world down.


[gasping for air]

You would end it all here?


In one moment of madness?

Madness... or genius?

[groans in pain]

[blows thudding]


[grunting desperately]

Touch it, and you will die.

[groaning in pain]


[tone singing and whistling]




[heavy rumbling]

Time has stopped still.

[low growling]

I watch you.

You're brave, wise, headstrong.

Our kingdom is yours.

Cross the bridge over Tartarus... and find your heart's desire.

Oracle... will you lead us over the bridge?

It worked.

Why did it work?

Our kiss was true.

No, that's impossible.

I do not love you.

Are you sure?

Do you love me?

We struck a deal.

Will you take us over the bridge?

What is your heart's desire, Mercenary?

What do you hope to find in there?

My love.



You've brought me here to lead you to Ariadne?

You will find your heart's desire, too, Oracle.

No, I have no desires... but to end this once and for all.

What does this mean?

It's solid.

Another test?

You're supposed to lead us there.

You must know what this means.

It is the will of God.

Can't you see?

If you put aside your jealousy and rage, you will find your own redemption, too.

Don't you want to save your brother?

My brother lies in Gaia's sweet embrace.

Oracle can only help us cross the bridge.

It is up to us to get her there.

When this is over, Oracle, I hope I never lay eyes on you again.

When this is over, I hope you burn in everlasting damnation.

We must keep our temper and use our heads.


What does this mean?

Is that really me?



Good God.

What have I become?

An old man.

Old? I...

I can't be that old.

I must be in my 40s.



How old are you, Oracle?

22, 23? I don't know.

If we don't even know our age, what else has passed us by?

What difference does that make now?

Don't you want to know?

Know what?

The truth.

Our truth?


Why would the gods care anything for our truth?


This must have something to do with the ring.

May I take another look at it?

[Tone rings and whistles]

"The Tone."

That's why Hermes called it "the Tone..."

It makes a noise... which, in our world is harmless, but here in this speed of time, oh, we must be very careful with this.


What are you talking about?

The noise it made shook this great temple.

It moved so fast, the vibrations of noise caused the earth to, well... move.

It's a w*apon of the gods.

A w*apon from another world, far away in our universe, which kills with sound.

So if I were to throw this at the doorway...

The noise would be so devastating, it would probably bring this whole mountain crashing down.

Perhaps we shouldn't try that.

Perhaps not.

Do you see that?


In the distance there, behind our reflections.

Another door.

But we'd have to break through this wall to get to it.

Where are you going?

To see what's on the other side of that door.

You're going the wrong...

Look at that.


Come on.

[wind howling]

Don't look down, Hero, or the forbidden world will burn out your eyes.

[wind howling]

What's wrong?


I must listen to the black light.


We're going to have to jump.


There's a break in the bridge.

I don't think it's a big gap, but...



One... two... three!

[grunting with impact]




It's, uh, not what you think.

Come on, we don't have much time.

Hurry, hurry.

I'm so sorry, daughter.


My holy mother.

[hammers clanging]



[soft keening]

[woman humming softly]

I don't blame you.

If I were in your position, I'd want to know the truth, too.

Was it all worthwhile?

[chuckles smugly]

Believe me, it could have all been so different.

Now, if you look out there, Daedalus, my boy... you'll find the truth you're looking for.

[crying] I've missed you so much.

I am so sorry, daughter.

You have suffered too much, sacrificed your life, your love to me.

No, I have given myself willingly.

Truth hides in the corners of our souls, but you shall see it in all its iridescent glory.

[soft humming]

[goats bleating]

[humming softly]


Who are you?

Don't you know me?

Were you sent by my lord and master?

I am your love.

My heart belongs to Dionysus, dark god of mystery, father to my beautiful children.



[engine roaring]

[whispering] Is this the work of the gods?


[laughing] Jesus, no.

They're a thing of the past, thank God!

This is the work of men like you, pioneers at the frontier of brave new worlds.

Men who simply finished what you started.


Was it worth it?

Child: Where are you taking us?

Out of this terrible place.

We can't leave!


I'm scared.

Oh, no...

No, you don't have to be scared anymore.

I will never let you out of my sight again.

Alcimenes says we don't exist anymore.

He says that the truth is we only live in your imagination.

The truth, Oracle, my darling daughter, is that there is nothing for you here but dust and death.


You can only find solace in the world of the living, not the d*ad.

But... but I have devoted my life to serving you, holy mother.

I am so sorry, sweet child.

You must make heaven in your world, not expect to find it in ours.

I've come to rescue you.



But you are a child who knows nothing.

Why would I want to follow you?

You are no match for Dionysus, master of oblivion.

Give yourself to him, stranger.

Set yourself free.


We've, uh... cleared the forbidden world of the bridge.

It is time.

For what?

That is the call of Aiakos.

The gods sit in judgment.

Of us?

They want to judge us?

But the gods only judge the d*ad.


We're not d*ad, not yet.

It appears the Lexicon is nothing more than a false promise.

I did not sacrifice my life for this.

Oracle, take us back.

I cannot.

This makes no sense... to come all this way for nothing.

Why would the gods send me on a quest with no meaning?

Accept your fate, Mercenary, and set your soul free.

I have no soul.

And I will not be judged by them.

Man does not need gods.


There is still time.

Only to choose the manner of your departure, that is all.

Take my hand.


I only wish we were parting under better circumstances.

I will go first.

What difference will that make?

Wait here.

This isn't over yet.

I may have a surprise left for our gods.


We have shared much, you and I, travelled a long road together.

We are brothers now, united by a sacred bond.


Whatever you think of me now, whatever trust you feel has been broken, my heart has never wavered, not once.
Hades: You have come far, Queen.

Am I to be judged by you, Hades?

I am not fit to judge you, but they are.


Have you come for us, Mother?

I will stay with you forever.

If we'll let you.

Listen to me.

I am here to make amends.

I will show you more love than you can imag...

You abandoned us.

She didn't mean to.

She loved us too much.

Is that yours?

Is it?


Why did you use it?

A moment of madness.

Where is that madness now?

Have you brought it with you?

All I have left is love and regret.

How will you show that love?

With all my heart.

Do you see?

She loves us still.

How can you trust her?

She's my mother.

She's a bad mother!

She's all we have.

We're better off without her.

My judgment is damnation.

And mine is salvation.

Lykos: Then it is up to me.

Lykos, don't you dare stand between me and my sons.

And what am I?

A court jester?

This has nothing to do with you!

If you are saved to spend eternity with us, Mother, will you love me, too?

The truth, Mother, or you will go down.

Of course, she will love him.

He's her son.

Quiet, Tisander!

Let us hear it from her lips.

I always looked after you, Lykos.

Only because I was a means to an end.

Never once did I feel your love.


I ask again.

Will you love me now?

I will try.

What is your judgment, Prince Lykos?

You're a good man, Lykos.

Please don't hurt my mother.



What does this mean, Oracle?

Are we to be judged by the gods here?

Where is Daedalus?

Did you leave him behind?

He chose a different path.

[gasps softly]

He was your ally.

I have no allies.


Hero: Am I to be judged by you, Gaia?

I am not fit to judge you, but she is.

My sweet, darling daughter, your moment has finally arrived.

Fulfill your destiny, and avert my terrible vision.


One word,

"damnation," and your judgment is done.

Mother Gaia, why must this fall to me?

I am no executioner.

Follow your heart, daughter, and you will choose wisely between your love for god and your love for man.

How is this fair if I do not love this man?

It is not for you to question the will of God.

And who will judge the Oracle of Gaia?

This is her test.

I see.

If she proves her faith by damning me, she will be saved.

And returned to a quiet corner of my Earth to live the rest of her life in peace.


I am damned already.

Save yourself.

Let me go.

You hate me, Oracle.

I disgust you.

I am a mercenary, an assassin without heart or soul.

But if you finish me now, send me down to pay my penance, I will go happy in the knowledge that you are saved.



Take me instead.

You have turned your back on your life, child.

I am not worthy.

Oracle of Gaia, do you choose mortal man, the man you say you don't love, over me, your god?

I do.

And do you, son of Aegeus, accept the love of this woman, my heavenly daughter?

I do.

I am proud of you both.

You are finally ready.

[Hermes, voice echoing]: The truth...

A life of peace, love and contentment.

This will be yours for all eternity when you fulfil your destiny.

What destiny?

We cannot k*ll our father, but you can.

The Lexicon was our way of finding a mercenary capable of k*lling his god, a man prepared to sacrifice his love, his heritage... and his soul.

You want me to k*ll Zeus?

We have imprisoned him.

The Tone is a w*apon of our enemy.

If you f*re it at his heart, he will go quickly.


Will you guide your beloved?

Will you stand by him now that you have chosen man over god?

[crying out in pain]

[crying out]

[screaming] Gaia, please!

Will you help him fulfill his destiny?

[grunting in pain]




[moaning in pain]


[gasps, sobbing]


Are we d*ad?

We are kept alive to do what the gods cannot.


Why did you save me?

Does it matter now?

It matters to me.

I don't know, except when I was forced to choose, I suddenly trusted you over Gaia.

Do you trust me still?


Why not?

Because you are cursed, Mercenary.

We are both cursed, Oracle.

I know.

You must lead me to Zeus' door, help me find the courage to face him.

I know.

I must k*ll him, Oracle.

I know.

Will you help me k*ll our creator... father of the gods?

We are both mercenaries now.

Oh, I have made a terrible mistake.

[laughs mirthlessly]

I have wasted my life.

[laughs mirthlessly]

The gods are not our conscience and our guide, they are creatures like you and I, who care only for their own selfish appetites.

Aphrodite just feeds on our love, Ares on our pain, and Hades will feed on our death.

We must trust each other, Oracle.

The door to Zeus' prison pit.

Another riddle?

The golden apple of discord.

Taste it.

[stone grinding]

Have you come to k*ll your father?

k*ll me, and you destroy the force of nature that drives you and all mankind.

Or I set us free.

Are you a puppet of my children, gods who lack the courage to do what you do?

I act on my conscience alone.

You are more than this, my son.


[heavy rumbling, crying out in panic]

Are you god or devil?

Like you, I am both.

You are my hope, my dream for a better world, a union between night and day, balancing the forces of good and evil.

You created us to feed the gods our suffering and sorrow.

Oracle of Gaia.

What is your name?

My given name is Pandora.

You, like the first woman I created, are my eve, between night and day.

And what is your name, Mercenary?

My name is cursed.

Cursed to carry the burden of modern man.

A cruel twist that you, the one grown to k*ll your creator, should share the name of the first man.

I am not here to k*ll you, Mighty Deus.

I have come to set you free.

If you help me destroy your children, gods led by their selfish appetites, and let mortal man govern himself.

I am your one true god.

Release me, and you shall see my light.

Will you help me bury your children as they have buried you?

With all my power.

[Tone whistling and singing]

I am the light!
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