01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the TV mini-series "Black Work". Aired June 2015.
"Black Work" is about a policewoman that sets out to discover who m*rder her husband, an undercover police officer.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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It's your Dad. He's gone.

Tell me that you k*lled Ryan.

I'm terminating this interview.

Say it to my face!

There was a bug in the car. Someone was listening to us.

Be careful. This is a horrible world, Jo.

I'm trying to find Ryan's handler. I think he's hiding something.

When was the last time you saw your daughter?

Sian? She was a bit of sunshine, you know?

She worked at the cafe at weekends. Zoe used to pay her cash in hand.

They found Michael Parry in his cell, he's d*ad.

Is she...?

She's Neil's.

Look, I'm sorry but who are you?

I'm his wife.


Bastard. Lying bastard.


Where have you been?

You were right. It was too soon to go back to work.

You haven't answered my question.


Michael Parry was k*lled in prison a few hours ago.


Don't say that.

Well, what do you expect me to say, after what he's done to us?


Hal, play the space!

I never had you down as a soccer mum.

What are you doing here, Jo?

I'm sorry.

For taking Ryan away from you.

It's been nine years.

I know. But I think I know how it must have felt now.

He was cheating on me.


How long for?

Nearly three years.

They had a child together.

I've only just found out.

Jesus, Jo.

I er... Jo...

I'm so sorry.

Just don't make the same mistake I did.

I hated you for years.

But you didn't take him from me. He left me.

So blame Ryan.

Not the other woman.


Whoever she is.


Hal: How's Melly?

She been getting enough practice, yeah, for the gala?

Any more and she'll have webbed feet.


Are you gonna come and watch her?

Yeah. I wouldn't miss it.


Come on, then, goggles on.

(GIGGLES) You gonna show me?


What's that called?

My podium face.


You can smile a little bit, you know.

Winners have to stay focused, Mum.

Sorry. Is that right?




Where are you?

I'm at home.

There's been a development.

What's happened?

We've found Sian Glover's body.



How long has she been here?

Pathologist reckons about three weeks.

Before Ryan died.

What are you doing here?

You need to step back. This is a restricted area. Police only.

Take it easy.

Looks like it was Parry.

She was sh*t with the same calibre g*n used to k*ll Ryan.

That would be nice and neat, wouldn't it?

Put it all on him now he's d*ad and can't deny it.

He was a k*ller, Jo.

He loved Sian. Why would he k*ll her?

Relationships get screwed up.

You'd know all about that. Right?

That's enough, Lee.

Oh, I might have guessed you'd take her side.

Ryan's pillow still warm when you hopped in, was it -- mate?

No! No, Jack!

Get off me!

Get off him. Leave him.

You two deserve each other. Acting all heartbroken.

I know the truth. You two sneaking around behind his back.

Some nasty little liaison in a car park.

How did you know that?

That we met.

Have you been listening to me and my family?

I saw you... watching me in that playground.

How did you know I'd be there?

You bugged my house, too?

You're losing it, Jo.

Where did you take Tom Piper?

Who's he?

Stop playing games. I saw you packing up his flat.

Where did he go?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Now, if you don't mind...

You're on the wrong side of the cordon.

Where is it? Where is it?


Jo, what are you doing? Chloe's mum rang me.

You didn't pick Melly up.

What's the time?

Where were you?

I'll go now.

No, Jo.

Get your head straight.

You don't want her seeing you like this, do you?

I know you got suspended from work. Vicki told me.

So she's talking behind my back now, too? She needs to mind her own business.

She's worried about you. And so am I.

I don't want you talking to anyone down the station.



Parry didn't k*ll Ryan... or Sian, and he didn't k*ll himself either.

Well, who did, then?

I think it's someone on the inside.

Someone in the force.

You know you said about taking Melly away.

I can't risk anything happening to her or Hal.

No, nobody's gonna hurt them.

Please just take her away for me.



If that's what you really want.


Well, there's only one word. Tragedy.

Sian Glover was a young woman.

Smart, well liked, her whole life ahead of her.

Man: This comes in a week, Chief Constable, when one of your undercover officers has been m*rder and the chief suspect k*lled in jail.

You'd certainly be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of your office.

It's a large area to police and every day is a challenge.

But it's one I've worked my entire career to prepare for.

Chief Constable Jarecki, thank you.

Thank you.

"Overwhelmed with the responsibilities of your job." Pompous shit.

Do you think a man would have to sit here and be patronised like that?

Ma'am, I need to ask you. Jo Gillespie.

I think we should reconsider her suspension, or at least set a date for her return.

When this case is closed and not a day sooner.

I know you think you can do this job better than me, Will, but you have no idea what it takes to manage a situation like this.

I came to say I was sorry about the warrant card, but Jarecki didn't give me much choice.

Where is everybody?


Barbara's taken Melly away.

Jo, you shouldn't have gone to see Parry in prison.

I know why you did, but... that was... rash.

Now he's d*ad, I'll never find out the truth.

No. We've matched the b*llet in Sian's body to the g*n that we found in the backpack.

We think that Parry k*lled Sian and then he k*lled Ryan, too.

I looked him in the eye. He wasn't capable of that.

How did he die?

His throat was cut.

They think it was either su1c1de or someone in his crew thought that he'd grassed them up.

So what happens now?

Kapoor will send Ryan's file to the CPS.

And we expect that they'll be satisfied.

But I want YOU to be satisfied.

I want that too, but...

I've seen it so many times, Jo.

You think that as long as you can keep this investigation alive it means that you don't have to let Ryan go.

Then you do.

We all do.

Come on, don't stay here tonight on your own.

I'll get Jocelyn to make up the spare room.

No, thanks.

I've got somewhere I can go.



You found it, then?

No, I'm still driving round in the dark.


I was gonna ask you out, you know.

The week before you and Ryan got together.

No, you weren't.

I was.

I was all set.

I told myself next time I see you in the canteen or in a pub... I'd just come out with it.

Ryan got there first.

Ryan was living with someone in Bradford for nearly three years.

They had a child together.

She's called Esme.

I don't know who he was.

And I'm scared.

I'm not saying now is the right time -- or that it's anytime soon... but I love you, Jo.

I've loved you for years.

And I'll help you find who k*lled Ryan.

Because you need that and so do I.

But it doesn't change who he was.

Or what he did to you.




Melly: The hotel swimming pool is hotter than the bath.

I swam three times yesterday.

And for breakfast, you can eat as much as you want.

Gran went back twice for bacon this morning.

Did she? (LAUGHS)

Is she there? I'd better speak to her before I lose signal.

I miss you.

Aw, I miss you too, baby.

But you'll be home soon, I promise.

For the gala?

Yeah, course.

Gran, it's Mum on the phone.

What are you doing here?

I take it this is Esme's.

Did he buy that cottage for the three of you?

Was he leaving me?

I don't want to do this here.

Just give me a second. All right?

Who's gonna start, then?

How did you meet Ryan? I mean, Neil.


He... He came in for his breakfast one morning.

He made me laugh, asked me questions about myself.

No-one had done that in years.

How long before you two...?

No. It's my turn now.

A year ago, he erm...

He came back with a broken wrist.

Said he'd fallen down some steps outside his mam's place.

What happened?

He broke it dry-slope skiing. We went as a family.


The Christmas Eve before last, he erm... he suddenly had to go to work.

He didn't get back till teatime on Christmas Day and we had a big row.

He never told me where he'd been.

Was he with you?

That's when Esme were born.


Did he show you the cottage?

He took us up for t'day.

I'd had this um...

God. I'd had this dream of living in t'countryside.

Esme played in t'garden. It was...

It was all I ever wanted.

That place. Esme and him.

I know that Ryan were put here to watch over the g*ng and that I was just his cover.

And I know that I'll never really know if he loved me.

But the way that he looked at Esme -- that were real.

You can't fake summat like that.

Can you?

You know, the first time we met, you said somebody tried to shut you up.

I think that was Ryan's handler.

His name is Tom Piper. He's gone into hiding.

I need to find him.

I'm gonna find out who k*lled Ryan.

For both of us.


Did you text him?


Well, where is he?

Take it easy. He'll turn up.

Vicki, what are you doing here?

I hope you don't mind. Lee said you wanted to see him and I thought it would be good for the four of us to talk.

We've already lost Ryan.

We don't want to lose each other as well.

So are you two together?


We were just about to tell you, Jo.

Look, there's something you need to know.

It was me.

I told Lee what I heard on the CDs about you and Jack.

I shouldn't have done and I'm sorry.

Sit down.

I know you moved Piper. I saw you helping him load a van.


Jack: He was Ryan's handler. We need to find him.

Where did you take him?

Go on, Lee.

I erm...

I got a phone call off Piper, out of the blue.

He said someone gave him my number and did I want to earn a few hundred quid, helping him moving some stuff. That's it.

Move it where?

Most of it went into storage and some of it went to a boat that he owned.

Well, where was it?

Granary Wharf. It's gone now.

He took the stuff, paid me, sailed up the river.

Well, did the boat have a name or a number?


Jack: This is the last place he can dock before the estuary.


Jo, he thr*at you. He could be dangerous.

Let me get him off the boat.

You're a long way from home!

Do you know who k*lled my husband?

Get on.

I'm not doing this here.

And only you.

It's not safe. Jo, you can't do this.

I have to.

You coming?

Take this.

Where'd you get that from?

From a guy. Just take it.

What are you doing?

Where are you taking me?

Somewhere where we can talk alone.


Could I have your phone, please?

You must be cold.


(BEEP) This is Jo Gillespie.

Please leave a message.

I know about Ryan and Zoe.

Did you encourage them to have an affair? To have the baby?

Is it easier for you if I say yes?

Just tell me.

It was his choice.

When Ryan went undercover into that g*ng, he had to disappear.

It's the only way to survive.

You have to be who they want you to be.

Someone they can trust.

It's black work, Jo.

If you want a nice, easy life, you're better off pounding the pavements as a PC.

Except that's not what you're doing now, is it?

Bit out of your comfort zone, aren't you?

Just tell me what you know.

This was your fault, you know.

None of this would have happened if that girl at the cafe, Sian Glover, hadn't overheard Ryan on the phone.

To you.

You're lying.

Melly was ill, right?

She had a temperature.

And, usually, Ryan wouldn't take your calls if it wasn't safe but Melly was ill.

And he thought he was on his own.

She had a fever.


And Sian overheard enough to realise that Ryan wasn't who he was supposed to be.

A 17-year-old girl had figured him out when nobody else had.

And she blackmailed him.

Said that if he didn't get Parry out before the others were arrested... she'd expose him to the g*ng.

So you k*lled them. You k*lled Ryan and Sian Glover.

You don't have a very high opinion of me, do you?

Then who did?

I don't know. That's the truth.

Ryan asked my permission to agree to Sian's plan to get them out.

But I can't make those kind of calls.

I needed to go to the highest authority.

Someone I'd known for years.

She and I started out in the force together.


So you told Jarecki that Sian was onto Ryan, but she still left him in there?

Knowing that he was compromised and his life was in danger.

She made a risk assessment. That was her call.

There were only a few days before the arrests.

If we pulled Ryan out at the last minute and the g*ng got wind of it, the whole thing would have been for nothing.

Someone planted that g*n on Parry.

I looked through his backpack before he was arrested and it wasn't there.

Someone was bugging us.

Jarecki suspended me. She doesn't want me anywhere near this.

Did she ask you to clear out?

I'm on leave.

Until the case against the seven goes to trial.

Cos she wants you out the way too.

She's protecting me.

And the case.

I've known her for 30 years.

But you're starting to doubt her now, aren't you?

Jack: Jo!

He didn't hurt you, did he?

No, it's OK.

I'm fine.

What did he say?

Jo, I'm on a new case. I'm busy. You can't just call up and demand to see me.

Don't tell me you didn't have doubts about Parry's guilt. So did I.

But we didn't stop him going to jail on remand. Now he's d*ad. His blood is on our hands.

That's not true.

Isn't it?

Everything's being cleaned up to get a conviction against those seven men.

The only unknown now is that blue Corsa that was parked on the bridge to the warehouse.

Jo, I don't know what to say.

There was a woman.

She was part of Ryan's undercover life.

I didn't know.

Jarecki knew all about her but she was never interviewed after Ryan was k*lled. Why?

Tell Jarecki you want to bring in a Zoe Nash for questioning.

Just see how she reacts.

Jo, I can't do that.

She's already marked my card.

Will you forget about your career and do your job?



Please, sit down.

I erm...

I wanted to speak to you about Zoe Nash.

Who's that?

Apparently, she was an intimate friend of Ryan Gillespie while he was undercover.

Mm. I had no idea.

And yet she wasn't part of the information that was passed to us while we were investigating his m*rder.

In that case, she mustn't have been considered relevant to the inquiry.

Are we done?

Tom Piper knew Zoe Nash was a crucial part of Ryan's cover identity.

But she was never brought to our attention.

Who told you about Tom Piper?

Was it Jo Gillespie, by any chance?

Here she is!



Oh, I missed you so much.

Are you ready?



We're here to cheer you on, sweetheart.

I hope that's OK.


Everything all right, Jo?


Woman: OK, you may climb in.

Have I missed her?

No, you're fine, she's on next.

Swimmers, you're gonna go on my whistle. Are you ready?


Take your marks...




Come on, Melly! Go on, Melly!


Come on, Melly!

Kapoor: I found it.

Sorry, I can't hear you. Say it again.

I had another look for that blue Corsa.

There's a junction three streets away from the warehouse we never checked.

Come on, Melly!

I found it and I got the reg.

But the owner said he sold the car at a car auction about a month ago.

Who bought it?

Jack Clark.


I called the auction house.

Jack picked up the car at 8:30 the night Ryan died.

When Jack checked the CCTV, he obviously avoided the one camera he knew he'd be caught on.

He arrived there 40 minutes before Ryan died.

Jo, can you hear me?

Yeah. I got that. Thanks.

Jack: So... where are you going to put that, then?

I think I might just wear it.

All the time?

It's her choice. She can do what she wants.

I'm just having a joke with her, Hal.

You all right?

Just tired.

Why don't you drop Liam off at your mum's and come over?

I want to go for a drive.

What are we doing here?

I think I know what happened the night Ryan died.

What are you talking about?

Come on. I can't do this without you.

I know that blue Corsa was yours, Jack.

Did you buy it for Amy?

Was that the big present to make everything all right?

You were here the night he died, weren't you?

Answer me!

Ryan called me, after I picked up the car.

What did he say?

Please, Jo. I wanted to explain this to you properly.

Why didn't you? What were you waiting for?

He said that he knew about us.

And that he wanted to talk.

I told him there was nothing to say, but... he said his next call was to Amy unless I came.

So you k*lled him?


Were you working for Jarecki?

She wanted rid of him. What did she offer?

You don't mean this.

A promotion? A chance with me? Just make sure Ryan disappeared.

Did you k*ll Sian, too?

I told him... that you'd turned me down... that you wanted to make a go of it with him, but he didn't believe me.

Where did you get the g*n? From your guy?

I didn't k*ll him, Jo. I swear to God.

We had a fight... and when I left he was in a bad way.

But... he was alive.

I don't believe you.

You lied to me this whole time.

I wanted you to find out who k*lled him. I never lied about that.

I wanted to find out for me.

I would have told you what I'd done, when it was right, I promise.


I loved you.

Hal: Jo!

I've called it in. It's OK.

I'll take it from here.

Come home, Jo.

Come on.

I didn't do this. Jo.

Think about everything Piper said.

I didn't k*ll him.

How did you find me?

I rang DCS Hepburn and he put out a call.

They spotted your car. I was just worried about you.

How long were you there?

Long enough.


I just wanted to thank you.

I don't know what I'd have done if you hadn't shown up.

You need to tell me everything now.

And, this time, let me help you.

You've been shouldering this on your own for far too long.

I'm so sorry. Can I use your bathroom?


You f*cking bastard!

What are you doing?

Get away from him, Lee.

You were the Family Liaison Officer.

Jo gave you a set of keys to her house, didn't she?

While you were there. Did you ever give them to anyone?

Did you ever let anyone else in?

Of course she didn't. Did you, Vic?

Well, someone got in to bug the house.

He said he wanted to help her -- to head off anything that might land Ryan into trouble -- so I gave him the key.

Who, Vicki? Tell me.


And where is he now?

He went back home.

Said he'd be back in a couple of hours.

Jack! Jack!





♪ God Save The Queen ♪





You should ask, you know.

Jocelyn: Will, I'm off.

Jo, stay for some food. I should only be an hour or so.

OK. Drive safe, sweetheart.


How long were you listening to my husband?

Ryan was out of control, Jo, and Piper was keeping it from me.

That much I knew. But... what I didn't know was how much of a mess our boy was making.

Until I started listening.

And then I could hear it all just slipping away.

You even bugged our house.

Not until after he was d*ad.

Because you just wouldn't leave things alone.

Police officers aren't allowed to follow their own agenda.

They're not allowed to make up their own minds.

Not you, not Ryan.

Piper went to Jarecki over your head.

She knew she only had two options.

Pull Ryan out and abort the operation or trust him to do a deal with Sian.

That wasn't her call to make.

She should have known Sian had to be removed.

I would never have trusted the success of a major operation in the hands of a 17-year-old girl.

That's why you had to do something about it.

You k*lled three innocent people.

Michael Parry belonged to a g*ng of g*n dealers.

How innocent do you think that makes him?

Do you know how we win things like this?

By doing the things that need to be done.

Maybe Ryan didn't have the stomach for that, but I do.

Ryan found these CDs when he came over here, didn't he?

After Sian disappeared, he came to you for help.

He shouldn't have been prying about, then.

And neither should you.

So you were waiting for Ryan after Jack left.

You sh*t him with the g*n you used on Sian and then you planted it on Parry.

You hung this whole thing round his neck.

You know, those CDs are actually police property, Jo, and I'd rather like them back.

Are they in your car?

Can I have your keys?

You know, it's lads like Hal that end up with their hands on those g*n.

Kids from broken homes, disaffected.

Two years from now, it's them that are gonna be holding up corner shops or k*lling each other in the streets.

How many kids' lives do you think I've saved by putting guys like that where they belong?

Sian Glover didn't deserve to die. Neither did Ryan, and you know it.

She was risking everything. So was he.

This was a three-year investigation.

No loose ends.

Jo, no! Not like this, Jo!


Officer: They're on their way.

Are you all right?

I wanted you to find out the truth. I needed to know, too.

I love you, Jo. I never lied about that.

Kapoor: He obstructed the course of justice, but that's all.


DCS Hepburn has been charged with the m*rder of a police officer and a 17-year-old girl.

He will be prosecuted as an example to every officer in this force.

But he cannot be allowed to undermine what's been achieved here.

And I want you to know, directly from me, that we have the same goal and that you are guaranteed our full cooperation in the prosecution of DCS Hepburn and the seven men we arrested in Bradford.

We have nothing to hide.




There we go. Oh.

What's this one?

Thank you.


Do you want to have a go?



Am I doing it right?

Looks good to me.

Hello. I'm your big brother.



You wanted to see me, ma'am?

Sit down, please.

I've been impressed with your performance these past few months.

I think you would be a good fit in CID.

Most people are happy to be promoted, Sergeant.

As long as I'm not being bought off, ma'am.

Jo, whatever you might think of me, I do recognise talent when I see it.

You've earned this.

That's all.


I'll have to keep my eye on you.

I hope you know that.

And I'll do likewise, ma'am.

I hope you know that, too.


Welcome back. I hear you might be joining us in CID.

Good for you, Jo.
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