01x13 - Houston, We Have a Problem

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "The Messengers". Aired: April 2015 to July 2015.
"The Messengers" centers on a group of seemingly unconnected strangers who die from the energy pulse after a mysterious object crashes down to Earth. They awaken to learn that they have been deemed responsible for preventing the impending Apocalypse.
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01x13 - Houston, We Have a Problem

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Joshua: In the beginning, a star fell from heaven and changed us. Made us angels and gave us a new destiny: to stop the Apocalypse and the Devil himself. We must pass God's test and prove humanity is still worth saving. For we are the Messengers.

Previously on
The Messengers...

I've collaborated with the Horsemen in the past.

w*r, Pestilence, Famine, and Rose is the Horseman of Death.

So, why are you telling us this just now?

The man: The Apocalypse is good for the Horsemen, but very bad for you and me.

They want to break all the seals and bring about the Rapture and the end of humanity. I don't.

I'd be bored to death.

How are we supposed to know who the Antichrist is?

The Antichrist will lead you to the Lake of f*re.

What to see my drawing?

That's the Lake of f*re.

Oh, my God.

Michael. Michael.

He's alive.

How am I even supposed to be sure that you have my son? (squeak)


Sweetie. Give me back my daughter.

You lost the right to call her that when you dragged her halfway across the country.

Stay away from her!

$1L$2: They're probably gonna use the Genesis element as some sort of w*apon to break the Fifth Seal.

This element in the right hands... our hands... it could be a force for good, I know it.

When I was distilling it, I felt this rush of positive energy.

Just being near it healed a wound that was on my wrist.

Mark: It's the perfect w*apon.

(yelling) ROSE: Rest assured, the Fifth Seal will bring death like the world has never seen before.

(indistinct, distant shouting)

(truck engine revving)

(indistinct shouting)

Cindy: After all this time, after all we've been through.

It's hard to believe, isn't it?

We're almost done.

I always hated the city.

Then it'll be nice to wipe one off the map.

We have three more seals to break before the Rapture.

We cannot fail the prophecy.

Who said anything about failing?

(helicopter whirring)

Never underestimate the Messengers.

All right, we know the Horsemen have already broken the first four seals.

From this point forward, they'll be working together to break all the rest.

And the Fifth Seal will be the worst one yet.

According to prophecy, it will be some kind of violent act that will begin a terrible period of fear and tribulation.

Anybody care to translate for the new guy?

Secretary Richards, the Horseman of w*r. We know she turned the Genesis element into a deadly w*apon.

Erin: And Mark Plowman, the Horseman of Famine, is gonna use his drones to deliver it.

Leland Schiller's the Horseman of Pestilence.

And I bet he's gonna use his hacking skills to make sure no one can find out what he's up to.

And then there's Death.

The Horseman in charge of 'em all.

Okay, the thing is, now that she's united with the others, how do we even stop them?

It's not like we can k*ll a Horseman.

Remember who said that?

Rose. It's probably just another one of her lies.

Erin: But we know from Eliza that the Horsemen have definitely been stopped from breaking their seals in the past.

So, what are we trying to stop?

You ask me, based on what I know about Plowman's drones, they'll use the same technology to launch an att*ck.

Instead of seeding the clouds with Smart Rain, they could release the Genesis element.

Joshua: And pretty soon, it'll be raining hellfire.

And everything it touches will turn to dust, just like my vision.

Vera: How many drones are there?

According to my research, seven.

That's a hell of a lot of hellfire.

If we can figure out where these drones are, I might be able to get close enough to neutralize the element... you know, turn it from red to blue.

Maybe we'll even get a sh*t at destroying the drones altogether if we're lucky.

We're gonna need a lot more than luck.

(Joshua groans)

You do this on purpose, don't you?

(high-pitched whirring of plane engines, humming)


(siren blaring)


Mom! Mom!

(thunder crackling)

(hissing, humming continues)


The target is Houston.

So, they're gonna wipe out an entire city and break the Fifth Seal while they're at it.

It's because we're here. They want us d*ad.

I saw the airport... a radar screen, seven objects moving across the sky.


I saw someplace called the Sunbowl Motel burning to the ground.

Michael was there.

(computer keyboard keys clicking, computer chimes)

That's here in Houston.

Joshua: He was calling out for you.

What? What? He's here?

There is something else.

I saw every last one of us dying.



(crow cawing)

(chirping and dinging)


Tell me what I want to hear, Leland.

I'm only one firewall away from being able to remotely erase any object we don't want air traffic control to see.

No one will know our drones are in the sky until it's too late.

That's my boy.

Now, hurry up and come join us.

You don't want to miss out on all the fun.

I wouldn't miss it for the world.



You ready to go?


Erin and I... we both really appreciate you getting Amy out of town.

No big.

Where are you going?

We're gonna follow Joshua's vision to the airport.

We have to figure out a way to stop these Horsemen once and for all, Nadia.

I know.

But could you do me a big favor?

What's that?

Try not to die.

Oh, don't worry.

I always come back.

I love you, Dad.

I love you, too, sweet girl.

(phone rings)

Want to know the best part about getting your ribs broken?

Apparently, if you're a nice guy, the hospital throws in a six-pack and some pec implants free of charge.


I need your help.

What's wrong, V?

I need to get out of town. The Horsemen are about to use the Genesis element to launch an att*ck on Houston.

Well... if you're staying, I'm staying.


Not if you care about me.


Look, I need you to...

I need you to go get Michael for me.

What? You...

You know where he is?

Yeah, I think so. Um, Joshua had another vision.

He's at a motel across town.

I'm just afraid that if I go get him instead of trying to stop the Horsemen... millions of people are going to lose their lives, and I'm gonna lose my little boy for good.

You really are an angel, you know that?

(voice breaking): Just promise me you'll get Michael out of town?

Just tell me where he is.

All right.

There's one more stop I need you to make on the way.


Jeff: How could you just let him go?

Because he's not our son, and you know it.

It's bad enough the Devil turned us into kidnappers, but now we're-we're killers.

I held the bag over that woman's head, Kay.

I don't need to be reminded.

Oh, baby, listen to me.

Now, you know there is no end to what the Devil will try to make us do.

He will never stop coming after us.

I can't live like that anymore.

What do you want me to do?

Kay, I've been all over Houston, damn it.

Every single address listing I can find for Vera Buckley.

I can't find her anywhere.


Keep looking. If we're gonna burn in hell, at least we can go on our own terms.

We have to give Brian back to his real mother.

(engine revving)


Would you knock it off?

You're gonna get me k*lled.

You worry too much, Ronnie.

Just do what I told you to.

What did these people do to you, anyway?

Outlived their usefulness.

Don't make the same mistake.

You promise me, if I light this place up and k*ll the Fairburns and their kid, I'll get Erin and Amy back.

I swear to God.

Look, it doesn't matter who I am.

All I'm telling you is, someone may be trying to hack air traffic control at Texas Metro Airport.

(Amy humming This Little Light of Mine)

Check all your systems.

This is not a joke!

(humming continues)


Eliza: If you want to save the world from the Devil's dominion, you must k*ll the Antichrist.




Look. It's you and me.

Ah, I see that. (laughs)

What are those?

Those are flying spiders, but you're keeping me safe from them.

You always keep me safe.

Erin: Hey, sweetie.

Ready for a little adventure with Nadia?


Bye, Joshua.




(airplane engine revving)

So let me get this straight: the preacher has a vision and you all just... follow it.

Along with the other signs that God shows us.

Allah, for Muslims, I guess.

Sure, why not?

I mean, Koa's a Buddhist.

I'm Catholic, Joshua's evangelical.

Erin's Jewish, Peter's Presbyterian, and Vera, well...

Vera believes we came from monkeys.

It's like my old man used to say... we're all on our way to Disneyland, we're just taking different roads to get there.

Covered every back room and security center in the entire place. No sign of Schiller.

At least I didn't have to take my shoes off.

You put the word out anyway?

Yeah. After Joshua's anonymous call, they were already on high alert.

Then I told them Schiller was on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Might be targeting the airport.

After what he did at Nero Health, I hope they take it seriously.

They did a full security sweep. If he's in this airport, no one's found him.

Then where could he be?

Vera: Maybe we can find

Leland somewhere in the terminal.

Do you think Joshua's vision is true?

Are we really gonna die?

Scientifically speaking, we're all gonna die someday.

But not today. We have too much work to do.

Sucks having to save the world.

Hey, maybe when we get done, you can take out Nadia.

And you can finally find your son.

I'll look around on this level, you cover the next.




Woman: Vera Buckley, please proceed to the nearest white courtesy phone.

Vera Buckley to the white courtesy phone.

Who would be calling...?



I'm so sorry.

Don't be. There's nothing you could have done.

Take my word for it.

Why did you take him from me in the first place?

What makes him so special to you?

Did you ever think why you named him Michael?

Is it a family name?

Has it always been a favorite or did it just come to you?

You see, Vera, every generation of Messengers has a Michael somewhere among them.

Your son is an archangel.

What's that supposed to mean?

What do I look like, a theology professor? Read a Bible.

In the meantime, know this: you're not getting him back.

He belongs to me.

I know how you feel.

No, you can't imagine how I feel.

Believe me, I do.

'Cause now I have a child of my own.

That's right.

For the very first time in my long, miserable life, the Antichrist has finally arrived.

A messiah of my very own.

Someone I can watch over.

Just like God watches over you.

What is that?

The GPS coordinates for the Horsemen's launch site.

I strongly suggest you get the hell out of here and stop those drones, Vera, because if you don't... you're gonna have a whole lot of blood on your hands.

Okay, Professor.

You want the good news or the bad news?

Uh, wow, let's get the bad out of the way.

You're not going home.

Vera asked me to come get you, so you're gonna have to leave your car here; I'm driving.

Okay, then... where are we going, and-and why didn't she call me herself?

Well, hopefully, that's the good news.

It's about Michael.

Car's loaded and ready to go.

Thank you.

Did you put your crayons in your backpack?

Yup. I expect a lot of drawings when you come back, okay?

Why can't you come?

I really want to.

I just... I have something important that I need to do.

Angel stuff?

Yeah. Angel stuff.

I love you so much and I'm gonna see you soon, okay?

Love you, too, Mom.

Okay, come here.

Be good for Nadia, okay?

You're gonna go join the others?


Well, we'll call you when we get to Tulsa.

My mom said we could stay there as long as we need.

Oh, thanks, Nadia.

You're a godsend.

(short laugh) Coming from you, that's pretty high praise. (soft laugh)



I'm sorry.

Rose: How touching.

But you know what they say: the family that cries together dies together.

Raul: They sure circled the wagons on this one.

But I can definitely see why. I'm counting all seven drones.

Peter: And at least 20 mercenaries.

Vera: They probably don't even know what they're defending.

How do we get past them to disable the drones?

Maybe you can shape-shift into one of the guards.

Get me down close enough to where I can spirit-walk in to figure out how they're launching those things.

Raul: Yeah. Then we can have you blow the power so the drones can't take off.


Cindy: Great idea.

But I'm gonna have to pass.

(horn honking)

Alan: Whoa, hang on.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Excuse me. (honking)

Coming through!

Damn it, Alan, where's the f*re?

Uh, right here if we don't get the hell out of this town.

You said this was about Michael.

It is.

Seeing as how Vera's his mother, and she wants us both alive long enough to find him.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, your ex has got a whole lot on her plate right now.

Believe me, I'm still trying to wrap my head around half of it.

But I can tell you this much.

I think you guys are this close to finding your kid.

How do you know?

'Cause I was with her in Albuquerque a couple of days ago, when we found the home of Michael's kidnappers.

It was obviously left in a hurry.

That means they're on the run, and sooner or later, they're gonna slip up.

You must be pretty important to Vera if she's got you involved in all this.

Tell you the God's honest truth, I think I'm in love with her.

(tires squealing)




(horn blaring)

Are you kidding me?


Welcome to Houston.

I always said I'd probably die in traffic.

(horns blaring)

Be careful what you wish for.
(indistinct radio transmissions)

Zahir Zakaria.

Good to see you.

What? One dry desert wasteland wasn't enough for you?

Do you know how many innocent people you and your brother k*lled with your so-called Smart Rain in Mali?

Good people.

My people.

I know.

And I felt bad about it, I did, but honestly, it's small potatoes now.


My eyes have been opened to a far greater purpose.

So have mine.

Look out!

I'm going to k*ll that son of a bitch!

Zahir, no!

Go, we got him! Go.



You okay?

Leave me.


We leave no Messenger behind. Come on.

(mechanical humming)

You thinking what I'm thinking?

Hell, yes.

Leland, the Messengers are here.

Just keep them away from the drones and out of this command tent, and we won't have any problems.

Oh, and tell Rose that we're good to go.

Go where?

Back home to your mother?

Remember me?

I should have done this a long time ago.


I suppose you should have.

(crows cawing)

Stay close.


Sorry, boys.

That's the end of the road.

Rose: Step away from the drones, Vera.

Don't worry about us.

I'm-I'm sorry. I can't.

Rose: Of course not.

Aren't you an angel?

Move it. Let's go.

Everybody down!

On your knees!

Rose: It's so nice to see you all again.

It's a shame we don't have time to catch up, but... we've got a Fifth Seal to break.

The man: If I could just interject for a moment. I know how God works.

He loves to give humans all the tools they need for their salvation and destruction.

That's clearly what he did with the meteor he cast me down in.

I'll be the first to admit, the whole Genesis element, I didn't see it coming.

But you're just like me in that respect.

If you think God's gonna reward you for blindly following the prophecy and launching those w*apon, you're about to fail the biggest test of all.

You dare speak to me of failure?


It's like I've always said, we're stronger than you.

Go for launch.



Please don't do this.


That's the problem with mankind.

You always think everything's being done to you.

You never hold yourselves accountable.

My son's been taken.

My husband's abusive.

My father was m*rder.

My parents abandoned me.

My brother was k*lled.

My village was destroyed.

My daddy screwed my whore of a wife.

You're all weak.

You always have been.

And that is why it is finally time for you to die.

Humanity deserves everything that's coming to it.

(beeping) They've reached the cloud barrier.

Then release the Genesis element.


(lightning crashes)

We're almost there.

(thunder rumbles)

Come on, come on, come on.

(people exclaiming)

Why are people leaving their cars?

Uh... they're just trying to stretch their legs.

I have never seen anything like this.

Neither have I.

Look, Professor, we gotta get out of here.

(people shouting, screaming)

It's too late.

(woman screams)

(thunder rumbles)

Looks like there's a f*re up ahead.

Brother, you have no idea.

Where's my mom?

I... I don't know, sweetie.

But... don't worry, we're just gonna stay put.

(thunder crashes)

You're wrong about us.

We're not weak.

And we fought to stop you at every turn.

And we don't live in the past anymore.

So if the future's too late to save, let me tell you this much right now.

It was all worth it.

My faith has been restored.

In God.

In myself.

And in every last one of these people.

Joshua: Now... if it's the last thing we do, we're gonna pray.

Vera: Really? We're just gonna pray?


Listen to me.

We can still do this.

How? The drones have already launched.

There's a generator by the command tent.

If we can get Zahir close enough to k*ll it, we would stop the drones from doing their job.

But there's about 50 g*n between here and there.

We have to be a human shield.

It's the only way.

For ourselves, for each other and for everyone we love.

You really think that God is watching us?

I know He is.

Then I'm in.

Me, too.


Let's do it.

I can't think of a better reason to die.



♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


♪ ♪

I knew you were watching.


♪ ♪

Does this mean we're not going to Tulsa?


Thank you.

Oh. Oh, God.

I'm so sorry for... for everything I've done.

(siren blaring, indistinct shouting)

(garbled radio transmission)

(thunder crackling)

What do I do now, V?

Please tell me you did it.


I can feel my legs.

I can walk.


(siren blaring)


Oh, my God.

(soft groaning)

(coughs, groans)



(coughing and gasping)



We did it.

Thank God.

We finally b*at the Horsemen.




It's over.


(in distorted, deep voice) It's just beginning.

(whirring and whooshing)

(phone ringing)

Alan. Alan, te-te-tell me you're okay.

(siren sounds and toots)

(garbled radio transmission)

(garbled radio transmission)

(indistinct shouting)


Wait. How...

(siren blaring)

It's a miracle.

(siren blaring)

But that's not all.

Vera... there's someone you need to meet.

I'll be right back.

Hi, sweetie.

Look, I know you don't know me, but I promise I know you.

(voice breaking): I've been looking for you for a very long time.

(siren blaring, car horns tooting)

Vera: Slow down, silly.

Don't drink it all in one sip.


Want to play on the patio?

Is that okay?

Of course you can. Now go have fun.

How's he doing?

Remarkably well for a kid who's been through what he has.

We've been, uh, seeing a therapist.

It's gonna be a journey.

It'll take some time.

Probably a few more Shirley Temples.

And how about you?

To be honest...

I'm happier than I've ever been.

(billiard balls clack)

(video game chirps and chimes)

You know, I can see in the reflection that you're staring at me.

You're just gonna keep doing it?

If you're lucky.

(both laugh)

What about cell phones?

Bet you don't even need a charger, do you?


No way. That is so cool.

(laughs) ERIN: No matter how many times I read it, I just don't believe it.

Well, all that matters now is that he turned himself in, and we're done.

Maybe now you can move on.



(laughing): What?


Look, I know it's not Alaska, but it's still beautiful.

And now that my record's clear, there's a DEA branch in Denver that I can transfer to.

You and Amy can come with me.

Nadia, too, if she wants.

We can find a house, you can go back to work... if you want.

We can start a whole new life together.

Does that sound good?


It sounds great.

Dude, you're stripes.

What are you talking about? I'm solids.

Plus, you scratched. Give me the damn cue ball.

You want to come get the damn cue ball?

You do realize I can walk now, right?


We can remedy that.

Fine. Keep the cue ball.

I'm really proud of everyone.

We gave it everything we had and made the ultimate sacrifice to stop another seal from breaking.

Yeah, we kicked ass.

You're right we did.


Guess the question is: what do we do next?

Think I'm just gonna focus on being a mother.

Yeah... well, I'm not telling you you shouldn't.

God knows you've earned it, Vera.


But we still have our gifts.

So, what? Aren't they supposed to just fade away?

Eliza said we won't lose them till we were truly finished.

But the thing is... is we're the seventh group of Messengers.

And I just can't shake this feeling we still got work to do.

Look I...

I know you and I aren't very fond of him.

But when I was at the airport, the Devil told me something I haven't been able to forget.

What did he say?

That Michael's an archangel.

I'm not saying that I believe him.

I don't, I don't even know what that means...

An archangel... is a powerful warrior of God.

Maybe we still have our gifts 'cause we need to protect him.

Protect him from what?

The Antichrist.

The Antichrist is a human cloaked in darkness who can do things the Devil can't.

Like what exactly?

Destroy an archangel.

Now, look.

I might be wrong about this.

I sure as hell hope that I am.

But I think Amy is the Antichrist.


She showed me the Lake of f*re.

Now, that is written in prophecy...

This is crazy!

They're not demons.

They're not warriors.

They're kids.

High one!

So, I'm sorry.

But the prophecy has to be wrong.


Yeah, you're right. (laughs)

God's been good to us.

Why would he stop now?

Here you go, my child.

Thank you, Father.
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