01x03 - The Secret Adversary - Part 3

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Partners in Crime". Aired: July 2015 to August 2015.
"Partners in Crime" is an adaptation of two detective novels by Agatha Christie and a part of the 125th anniversary celebrations. "Partners In Crime" is an adventure series with espionage and humour at its heart. Set in 1950s Britain, our beekeeping duo, Tommy and Tuppence, stumble into a world of m*rder, undercover agents and cold w*r conspiracy.
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01x03 - The Secret Adversary - Part 3

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We led him to believe we were private investigators. - That was your idea.

Why actually am I in trouble?

You have lipstick on your collar. You reek of perfume.

We promised we wouldn't drink on the job.

We're all going to work together to get Jane out. Isn't that great?

She's been missing for weeks.

They've a girl in the basement we're not allowed to see.

Brown has already made contact with her.

And the message said something about "our American friend".

Could that be the target?

The US Secretary of State is flying into the country the day after tomorrow.

Brown says the assassination is just the start.

We've got to be ready for what comes after.

There are lots of us looking for Brown.

Oh, God, Tommy...

He's in the house in Soho.

The one I explicitly told him not to go back to?

Yes, that one.

Brown's got a job for you.


(Rolling thunder)

(Doorbell rings)

Oh, it's you.

I brought you some breakfast.

I thought you could do with some company.

But if...

Oh, no. No, come in.


No word, no.

From either Tommy or Jane.

Thank you.

Tommy'll find a way out, I'm sure.

Brown's had to change his plans.

He doesn't like that.

What do you want?

There's an old operation, codenamed the Linden Tree.

There's a file on it in m*llitary intelligence archives.

We want you to bring us that file.

But how can I...?

There's some information in that file.

Let's just say Brown's got an idea.

And if I can't get it?

Hm, who's to say?

You're very fond of your son, aren't you?

We wouldn't want him not to be able to play cricket, would we?

We'll call you with more details.

Stay near the telephone.

I'm just a man. I sell honey. I...


I'm home!


Oh, there you are!

Where's Tuppence?

We thought you were d*ad.

You don't need to sound so surprised.

So where did you disappear to?

Is that my pipe?

Did you find out anything about Jane?

Oh, nothing. And my cardigan?

Your house is freezing.

I thought you wouldn't mind.

Seeing as I was d*ad!

Was there no clue at all?

Afraid not.

Where's Tuppence?

She's gone to get some coffee.

She will be glad to see you.

Well, you'd think.

Now, excuse me.


Oh, thank goodness!

What happened?

Are you all right?


He was wearing my cardigan.

Well, he's gone now.

Smoking my pipe!

If anything happened to me, I...

You ridiculous man.

Don't you realise how much I missed you?

Now, why did they let you go?

They didn't let me go.

I had to fight my way out.


How did you really get out?

Like I said, with my fists.

You remember on our honeymoon, we promised to tell each other everything?


They aren't as tough as they look.

They k*lled Rita!



(Telephone rings)

I'll get it.

It's fine, I'm right here.


(Phone goes d*ad)

Strange. Whoever it was rang off.

Have you spoken to George?

Not this morning.


How did they k*ll Rita?


They strung her up.

Tommy, what's going on?

Ah, Tuppence!

There has been a sighting of Tommy hitching five miles outside the village.



So this was just written on the wall?

Jane was in room 10.

Isn't that right, Tommy?



And you've looked up places?

I've been right through my atlas.

There's a street called Anassa in Glasgow.

And there's a small boat builder's called Anassa in Cardiff.

But could Jane have got to any of those?

(Telephone rings)

I'm sure we're missing something.


'Phone box on the green. Be there in two minutes.'

(Telephone goes d*ad)

There was a politician called David Anassa.


In the '20s, I think.

Bit long ago.


Wrong number.

Second one in an hour.

I'm just popping out for some milk.

We've got plenty of milk.

The tombola over here.

Pin the tail on the donkey over here.

No fair would be complete without it.

Thank you, ladies, for the cakes. Marvellous.

Problem with Forsyth's bunting.

Can I go first?

The harvest fair isn't for ages.

It's tomorrow! You're not even using it.

I'm waiting for a call.

Well, who on earth waits for a call when they've a perfectly good telephone at home?

Come on, get out! Let me in.

Wait a minute.

No! I need to use the...

Let me get...!

(Telephone rings)

Ow! Let me... Ow!


'Eastfield Dock tonight, ten o'clock.'

Did you see that outrageous behaviour?

I don't even know where the file is.

I don't have any sort of clearance.

'You'll be debriefed, taken to the Third Floor.

'Archives are on the floor above.'

I can't just wander around and help myself.

'It's a code red file. Classified.

'It will have Linden Tree on the outside.'

Look, you've got to give me something.

Something to gain their trust.

'Tell them about "Sandcastle".'

What Sandcastle?

'They'll know.'

'And remember, not a word to anyone about seeing the girl or George gets it.'

You stay away from him.

'Get the file.'

(Telephone goes d*ad)


A lady friend, is it?

I'll tell Tuppence!

(He sighs deeply)

I hear he's turned up.

The prodigal nephew.

Carter sent me to fetch him.


He needs a debrief.

The man was lost in the field.

We need to know everything that happened to him. It's quite routine.

I found something.

Can we talk?

Of course.


Have you shown it to Carter?

Not yet. But if it's a message from Jane...

Yes, quite.



And you're sure that Jane was being held in the house?

Well, the woman, Annette...

Wait a minute, who's Annette?


She's one of the... you know.


She said they were holding a girl in the basement.

Listen, I don't mean to dash your hopes, but I see women like this Annette in the court all the time.

How reliable they are, who knows?

Plus, if she works for the men who work for Brown, she must have her ruthless side.

I think we should mention it to Carter, yes.

Thank you.

Whether he'll have the time for it...

(Dog barks)

Tommy, is that you?

Look, I'd better take Tommy for his debrief.

Oh, it's just a few questions. Nothing to worry about.

Strictly routine.

Standard issue debrief, really.

Erm, well, they're very keen to start, so... if you're ready?

A friend of mine will do it.

His name's Bulldog.

Mr Beresford, you look like an intelligent man.

Do you think we are so stupid to believe... they let you escape?


No, I mean...

One of them was coming at me and...

It was dark. They didn't realise they'd left the door open, so I...

Do you have any connection to Russia, Mr Beresford?


Have you ever met a man calling himself Brown?

Course I haven't.

May I have a glass of water, please?

You do understand... what you would be facing if you were now working for Brown?

You would, in fact, be a traitor.

There was a place they referred to.

Whittington was on the telephone. I...

I think they thought I was knocked out.

Go on.

They called it the Sandcastle.

The Sandcastle, you say?

The Sandcastle is a piece of coastline, used in the past to smuggle things into the country.

We'll keep watch. If Brown is planning his escape, then... that tip-off could be very useful.

Well done, Tommy. You made quite an impression.

When Tuppence gets here, we'll go to dinner.

She's a little late, I'm afraid.

Chipped glass.


Oh, I'll get you another.

Not to worry, I'll go.

Go where? No, no. I've got one here.

You're not still a clumsy Tom, are you?

I'd like you to meet some of the others, if you're to be working with us now.

Terribly sorry, Uncle. I really need the lavatory.

What, right now?

You know what I am like, when I need to go.

I thought you grew out of all of that.

Won't be a tick.

What the hell are you doing?

Just looking for the toilet.

In there? - Look, keep your voice down and go back to Carter's office.

You're up to something. You've been odd ever since...

For goodness' sake, get out of my way.

Explanation first.


I have to say you were very impressive back there.

Very impressive indeed.

I have a team right on it.

Now then, this must be your lovely wife.

Ah, yes. Er, Tuppence, this is... Bulldog.

Oh, most people call me Nigel.


Now, Tommy, I'd like to seek your opinion on a development.

The Soviets might be using Sandcastle to bring other agents in.

Yes. I was always against the stopping of surveillance.

But it was never actually stopped.

(I'm waiting.)

I don't know if you remember...

They only let me go because they want me to take a file from archives.

You're going to steal a file?


From m*llitary Intelligence?

I'm saving our son.

I knew it. What's this got to do with George?

Tommy, what do you think?

Exactly the same as you, Uncle.

Precisely. You see, he agrees.

We've always known that the assassination was only stage one, but if it's as you fear...

If I don't do what they say, then George...

Oh, blimey, Tuppence. George will get it.

What do you mean, "Get it"?

They said they'd do something that stopped him from playing cricket. Or worse.

Just like Rita.

We can't tell Carter.

What does the file look like?

It's about an operation called Linden Tree. That's all I know.

Two minutes, then set off the f*re alarm.

.. under the canal. I think there's some sort of restriction.

Oh, you need a licence...

I'm just going to powder my nose.

All right.

Don't quite understand what you've done here.

No, this one goes here.

Doesn't that bring it backwards?

It's an exact match.

Being warned about Sandcastle certainly helped.

I think I'll have to go to Level Four for the Secretary of State's visit.

And, erm, I think we could agree, no CIA.

Oh, absolutely. One whiff of this and...

And this'd be cancelled, the treaty postponed.


He's more than he seems.

He's got this whole honey business going on. Haven't you, Tommy?

Is that so? - Oh, yes.

He's got hives in the garden.

It's a real business. It's wonderful.

I tell you what, I'll give you my pot.

Oh, no, no, no.

No, no. I've got some here somewhere. I'm sure I have.

Come on...!

In the bottom drawer. It's very good.

I think this...

No, Anthony, I really couldn't.

No, no, there's plenty more. He's got an industry going, really.

I think...

No, really, I'd rather not.

(f*re alarm rings)



The f*re alarm.

Tommy, the bin!

(Alarm bell continues to ring)

Why have you got a jar of honey?

Uncle was giving it away.

Bloody cheek!

Should we open it?

Then we are knowingly giving the enemy something.

All right, but if we don't...


Why do they want a file about Carter?

Don't ask. It's better not to know.

We are doing this for George.

Of course we are.

They've backed us into a corner.

Just because it's to do with Carter, it doesn't change anything.

Anyone would do the same for their son.

Are you ready?

I got your message. I came as quickly as I could.



Well, something that perhaps might do the trick.

I'll make the drop.

Good luck, Tommy.

Be careful.


I've got it.

We thought you weren't coming.


He said ten.

I've got the file.

What have they done to you?

Ah, Tommy.

You like her, don't you?

The file.

Linden Tree.

Brown will be pleased.

I've done what you asked.

Now I need to know you won't harm George.

Please, Whittington... stay away from my son.

We'll be in touch.

Take care of yourself, Tommy.

And you.

Well done.

Did I give you enough time?

Just about.

The part we attached to Whittington's car emits a short-wave radio signal which this part then receives.

The dial here should tell you which direction the signal's coming from.

Imprecise and untested, I'm afraid, but it's the best I've got.

We've been driving for hours. Where are they?

The signal is coming from that direction.

There's no roads in that direction.

The beeps are getting closer together. We must be getting nearer.

There's three beeps every 15 seconds.

That's funny.

What's funny?

You did take it for that service?

Yes, of course I did.

And they did check the brakes?

They said they did.

Well, something isn't working.

Well, put the handbrake on.

It is on!

Come off the road!

Tommy, where?

Do something, Tuppence!

Like what?

(Horn beeps)

Stupid car!

Are you all right?

I think so.

What's that?

They know where we live.

They know about our car.

They know about George.

Oh, God...

Come on, you.

(Driver toots his horn)
All right, I know that didn't go exactly according to plan.

Tuppence, enough!

Are you joking?

It's all the more important that we find out who Brown is.

We were nearly k*lled. That was meant to bump us off just like Rita.

Well, yes, all right, a minor setback.

Will you ever stop?

We're in the middle of nowhere. We've lost our car.

George has been thr*at. We've no money, far less a way of getting home. - Trust you to come out without your wallet. - Tuppence!


I've had enough of all this.

I know there's a missing girl.

I know there's an assassin, but... I am just a man.

A very ordinary man.


You mean it?

We can stop and go back to our normal life?

Yes, all right.

Thank you.

Come on...

There's bound to be a train station around here somewhere.


(Tiffin whines and barks)


Tiffin? Tiff...

Oh, no. Tommy...

Oh, my goodness...

Tuppence, look.

Do you think this was another warning?

I don't know, Tuppence.

All I know is they didn't take the wireless.

And they didn't take the silver.

They didn't take that hideous ornament of yours which is, nonetheless, still quite valuable.

There was £2 in change on the dresser in the hall and that was also untouched.

So if they weren't looking for money, what were they looking for?

Did you put that there?

I didn't put anything anywhere. I haven't touched a thing.

This was in our bedside table.


So... why would anyone pick up an innocuous book of classical translations, bring it downstairs and look at it on our kitchen table?

Unless they knew it was the last book that Jane Finn was reading before she disappeared.

Tuppence, you promised me.

I'm just asking the question.

It is odd.

Don't you think?

Pass me the book.

Well, it's Ancient Greek, for one thing.

I know it's Ancient Greek. Did you ever learn any?

My school wasn't posh enough. We just did French.

What was that word?


Oh, don't tell me.

How utterly straightforward. Jane was a linguist.

What does it mean?

It means queen.


So what's she trying to tell us, that the Queen is the target?

She hasn't even been crowned yet.

Who else did you tell about the word?

You... Albert, Peel and Carter.


I knew we shouldn't have trusted him.

Wait! Where are you going?

To see the Queen, of course.

Damn it.

You aren't making sense.

She was with us in that carriage.

You had already noticed that she was frightened.

I handed her the bee box, do you remember? The queen.

The Queen?

The queen bee!

Anassa, the queen. Do you think she hid the recording there?

That's what she was trying to tell us. She knew we had her book.

Whoever it was that did this had worked it out, too.

Only, they hadn't read my bee book.

You didn't, either.

I did, in the end.

That's why I moved the queen to the shed.

It said I had to wait until the rest of the colony was ready to swarm and then introduce her.

The box should still be in there.

We had it all the time.

Yes. Yes, I appreciate you're very busy, Uncle.

But I promise you this will be worth your while.

I can't believe it.

The recording.

We still need to find that poor girl.

I know, but if it leads us to Brown...


(Men speak in russian)

I'm guessing your school certainly wasn't posh enough for Russian.

Don't move.

Give me the recording.

I knew we shouldn't trust you.

Now, Julius, don't do anything stupid.

Don't do that.

Stand right there.

This is my only chance.

They want this tape for Jane's life and I'm going to give it to them.

And we lose Brown for ever.

I don't care about Brown.

I only care about Jane.

Don't, Tuppence!

(g*n, tuppence screams)

Dear God!

Stay exactly where you are.

And don't try to follow me.

Or I will use this.

I don't believe you would.

Put down that g*n, Julius.


Tommy, are you all right?

It was just a cricket bat.

No car!


They're coming after me. Where do you want me to meet you?

'Destroy the recording.'

Destroy the...? But...

'If someone is after you, then destroy it.

'We're watching you.'


Julius... Julius, stop. What are you doing?


Watch out!


The recording.

Oh, my God.

Is this it?

Can Albert do anything?

It's all melted, Tommy.

I think we're going to need some help here.

Why did he burn it? It doesn't make sense.

Nothing about Julius makes sense.

Didn't I say we shouldn't have trusted him?

Did we even check that Jane Finn has an uncle?

You can't stay here.

We have special...

No-one can be in here until he wakes up.

I don't care who you are. Go on, shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Maybe we should go back up. It's been ages.

What you were talking about before.

I think you were on to something.

Was I?

You're so clever.


He isn't Jane's uncle.


Well, you saw the way he was, grabbing the recording, flailing about.

Desperate. Is that a man missing his niece?

Look at that...

Does that look like a family photo to you?

So what are you saying? You think they were lovers?

Of course they are.

It makes sense of everything.

"To Jane, with all my love, Julius."

He's not her uncle.

But why lie?

I don't know, but that's exactly what we've got to find out.

Is he awake yet?

Yes. And if you'd been able to give me a second, I was on my way to tell you.

The doctors have seen him and, yes, you can go in.

Thank you... so much.

My pleasure.

Don't exhaust him.

I asked to see Major Carter.

He's coming.

Well, then, let me be until he gets here.

We think you aren't Jane's uncle.

We think you're in contact with the g*ng.

Now, we're prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that everything you have done you have done for Jane, but...

I'm not saying a word.

Well, that's a pity, because we aren't going anywhere.

Mind if I have your biscuit?

So you're awake.

I want to make a full confession.



You see... I'm Brown.

He can't be Brown!

He just said he was. We both heard him.

Please, get out of the way.

It doesn't make sense.

Yes, it makes sense.

He destroyed the recording.

And he's been posing as Jane Finn's uncle, even though he's no relation whatsoever.

So he could use you to find out what's been happening on the Third Floor.

Nonsense, he and Jane were in love. He's not a spy. It's a romance.

Oh, that's absurd. No, he's been lying to us all along.

Look, I've got the CIA breathing down my neck.

They got wind of the assassination attempt and were ready to pull the plug on the whole visit.

Luckily, I found Brown in time.

I've no intention of unpicking something that makes perfect sense.

It's how these things work. He'd do anything, say anything to save her.

Someone is manipulating him.

He's changed his tune entirely since he got to hospital, don't you see?

No. I see nothing.

Look, thank you both for your help.

And may I say, and I hope for the last time this week, please, Tommy, Tuppence, leave it to the professionals.

You'd have to love someone very much to put yourself in the position he's in.

And you'd have to know they were still alive.

Someone's got to him.

Do I look like someone who has time to talk about a man who is no longer even my patient?

No. Of course not, you look very busy and very important and anyone who thinks that nurses have an easy life have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.

But we just wondered, did he have any visitors before he woke up?

Or after he woke up.

Did anyone speak to him?

Of course not.

No-one gets access to a patient in that state, only me and the doctors.

I told you that before.

What were the names of the doctors on today?

I don't memorise them, do I?

There's a list in the duty book.

Where is the duty book?

Today's page has been ripped.

Let me see that!

Well, I assure you, that has nothing to do with me.

I run a tight ship here.

Was there anyone here who isn't usual, any visitors?

All the visitors were sent away.

Only the locum that was here...

There was a locum?

Yes, he dashed off to another job.

What was his name?

He wanted me to arrange a prescription for someone.

I was just doing it now. I have the form.


That's him.

Run, Tommy.


Watch out!

We've been so stupid.


Peel, all the time.

Oh, God, the date of the Secretary of State's visit, the nuclear treaty.

It's today.

We have to warn Carter.


He's not here right now.

Where is he?

He's in a locked meeting.

There's a right royal stushy going on.

What's happened?

Some idiot leaked details of an old operation.

Press are all over it. Looks like Carter might be suspended.

Peel's in there trying to defend him.

Peel is here?

He was earlier.

And the Secretary of State?

Have you actually got clearance for this?

We think he's in danger, very real danger.

Carter's on top of that. He's asked Peel to take him to the Ambassador's residence so he can meet the Foreign Secretary in safety. - What? - He's asked Peel?

Yes, he'll be fine, these houses are like fortresses. They can sign the treaty there.

When did they leave?

Moments ago. You might still catch them.

We have to stop them!

Hold on!

What are you doing? What's going on?

It's Peel!

What's Peel?


Peel is Brown?!

What do we do? We need a car.

Tuppence, where's that hairpin?

What are you doing?

Taking Uncle's car.

Well, at least let me drive.

Certainly not! A car like this needs to be handled by a man.

I've always wanted to drive this beast.

Oh, whoops!

Oh, for goodness' sake!

Clutch, Tommy!

The Foreign Secretary's waiting for you in here.

The others will be along shortly.

Could you see? I think I just got stung by a wasp.

A bee probably. There are so many around at this time of year.

I'll get you something.

Thank you.

Make yourself at home.

Tommy, that prescription the nurse gave Peel. What was it?


That could be fatal.

Whoa, whoa! Wait a minute. You got clearance?

Yes, here.

That's not clearance.

I mean US clearance.

This is an MI5 pass.

And this is a CIA checkpoint.

For goodness' sake, he's Third Floor.

The Secretary of State's life is in danger.

If you want to get tetchy about it...

No, I think we're on the list.


Is she like this at home?

Wait! Sir...

We need to get in. Quick!

The Secretary of State's been poisoned!

He needs sugar.


A biscuit, some fruit juice.



What the hell is going on?

Peel, where is he?

Peel is Brown.

He just tried to k*ll the Secretary of State.


He must be in the house. Search for him, Carter.

Mr Secretary, can you hear me? I'm giving you some honey.

(Alarm bell rings)

Time to stop.

Oh, you've been very clever.

Very shrewd.

Who would have thought it for an average sort of man and his wife, more used to making marmalade and honey?

You should have stayed at home.

There's no escape. You won't get out of this building.

Where's Jane?

Why should I give you that?


Why? - I'm not going to sit in a stinking hole, Carter.

I'm not going to let you take me to rot in some prison.

But you love this country.

Sunken, immoral, corrupt.

The things I see in the courts.

You think that's something you could love?

I see a nobler future.

Let history be my judge.

You put down the g*n... and we can talk about it.

I was brilliant in my day.

(She whimpers)


Are you sure she's OK?

Fine. A little rung out.



I realise I owe you an explanation.

We worked it out.

I should have told you from the start.

You're married.

Only in name. I'm going through a divorce.

I see.

Don't do that thin-lipped thing.

I know I put you through it.

That is an understatement!

I thought that I would lose everything if anyone knew about Jane before the divorce was settled.

It's selfish of me.

I panicked and said she was my niece.

And once I said it once...

Forgive me?

For now.

But you better take good care of her.


I am never going to let you out of my sight.

I thought I was going to die in that room.


You're safe now.

There's a rumour in the village that you've got yourself a fancy woman.

Oh, is there really?


You've been receiving secret phone calls, according to one source.

I wonder who that can be?

I have no idea.

Well, I do have an idea and if you will go taking your wedding ring off.

I thought I'd explained all that.

You found it!

Shouldn't really go leaving it lying around, Tommy.

You are a wonderful woman, Mrs Beresford.

Have I ever told you that?

Tommy, you'll hurt your back!

Oh, it's wonderful to be getting back to normal.


Well, just you, me, George, the dog.

I'll even consider giving up the bees.



Provided we can leave this damn sleuthing behind.


What do you mean, what?

Why would we want to leave it behind?

But you said, you said...

I know what I said, but it was in the heat of the moment.

Oh, Tommy, think of all the adventures we could have.

There's a whole world out there full of spies and assassins, and people wanting to hurt this country.

We, my darling, have only just started!

Can I at least have the weekend to think about it?

A new prototype b*mb has gone missing and it's absolutely hush-hush.

Did you say N or M?

So N might actually just detonate this b*mb.


I just thought they were odd, not spies.

We weren't watching them. Who knows what we've missed?


What harm could a little investigating do?

Then, when Carter gets in contact, we'll have the whole thing tied up.

Honestly, Tuppence!

You'll chase communists, K*llers and spies but you're still afraid of the dark.

Do you know this man?



Trust no-one. But get everyone to trust you.

Get down!

That b*mb will k*ll a lot of innocent people.

This is why I didn't want Tuppence on this mission.

You're compromised when you're together.

Compromised? Have you any idea what we've been through on this mission?


Clark Gable, eat your heart out.

You know what I love about you, Tuppence Beresford? - What?


You never, ever do what you're told.
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