01x10 - #EveryPictureTellsAStory

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Becoming Us". Aired June - August 2015.
"Becoming Us" is a reality series about a family where a teenager named Ben learns to live with his dad becoming a woman.
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01x10 - #EveryPictureTellsAStory

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Previously on Becoming Us...


Oh my god, I'm here.

Oh my god, so happy to see you.

Thank you.

There it is.

Look at that.

I'm very recently engaged to my fiancé, Kevin.

Let's get this on a wall. You want to do a gallery?

So are we breaking up?



Ben and I just started dating recently.

Floyd just got diagnosed with leukemia.

There's a chance that you might not make it to the wedding?

It's all up in the air, we...

It's all... it's all unknown.

Oh my god, Carly had a heart att*ck.

It's not supposed to be like this.

The big question is...


Can you go to the wedding?

I don't know.

I'm Ben, I'm sixteen years old and I'm a junior in high school.

I grew up with loving parents, I have an amazing sister and I have an awesome girlfriend named Danielle.

If I fall, you're always there to pick me up.

I've got your back.

I thought I knew exactly where my life was headed, until she came along.

Her name is Carly and Carly was my dad.

What now?

[Theme music playing]

♪ Whoa, oh, oh ♪
♪ whoa, oh, oh ♪
♪ it's a big ♪
♪ big world ♪

[music playing]



How's Carly?


Is... is she...

I... I don't even like to go this far but like, you know?


Yeah, is she coming to the wedding?

I don't know, I mean...

I mean... like it's way too soon, of course.

It's so not...

It's really soon.

It's so not important, the wedding.

I know.

It's exactly how I feel...

Well, with your dad, too.

It's exactly the same thing.

It was like, it's... I don't know, things are so put into perspective.

Yeah it is.

How's Dad?

All his blood counts are back to normal and so that's good.

He still has, but he's still got knee problems, That's so great.

And so they have to maintain the chemo, right?

We don't know if he can leave the hospital to come to the wedding, but I don't know...

We need him, we need him at our ten-year anniversary.

Totally. Yeah.

Not necessarily...

Oh god, I'm so glad you're here.

Me too.

I'm so glad.



How are ya?

I'm alright.

Do you know when you're gonna get out?

Um, I think Monday, I'm pretty sure.

Is that Carly?

Yeah, it's Carly.

Hey Ben.

What's up?

You miss giving us heart att*cks?

Yeah, right? You gave us a real scare.

Mm hmm.

Yeah, I know. Sorry.

Ben was really worried.

Yeah, I know, it was great seeing him.

And you, and you, too.

I have my gallery tonight.


I don't feel like I should be doing that if you're not there.

Oh no, why?

Just because you should be there.

Well yeah, I should be there but I can't be there.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't still do it.

So are you saying that I should still do it?

Yeah, absolutely.

You can FaceTime me from there.


That's a good idea.

Or something like that.

Alright. Love you.

Love you too.


[Music playing]

Finley, you gonna get the ball? Go and get the ball.

What kind of a... what kind of a wimpy throw was that?

Hey, I know, I know.

I could never throw.


You two have seen me kind of come out a lot more and dress more feminine and be a lot more comfortable with... with who I am.

I'm... my plans is to... to come out even more.

And I'm gonna start identifying my name as Sally Dan.

When I was a child, I thought of myself as a young girl, and just Sally at that time just seemed to fit.

One of my very best friends one day called me "Sally Dan, that's who I'm gonna call you from now on is Sally Dan," and I like it.

So you want us to call you Sally Dan?

No, not unless you're comfortable with that, you know?

I mean that do you want me to call you "Mom"?

No, because I am still your dad, always will be.

If we're having girls' night out, you can be Sally Dan.


That's fun, I want you to be happy with who you are.

I mean, you... you're just much happier the more I think you identify with becoming Sally Dan.


And we're... we're fine with it.

Yep. You okay with that too, kid?

Yeah. Yeah, Dad.

Like, whatever you wanna do is fine by me.

Okay, I appreciate it.

The past couple months, my dad has definitely embraced who she is more.

And I'm glad that my dad finally found a name that she can identify with.

I've never seen her this happy.

The girls. We're the best.

[Music playing]

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Sorry.

I told you about the guy on New Year's Eve, right?


Have you talked to him at all?


I'm not really interested.

I just wanna like, date a cute, artsy guy that actually draws and paints.

That actually cares, you know?

Yeah, that's who I thought Ben was like, two years ago but LOL.

Ben kind of invited me to like, his gallery.

Is that gonna be weird?

I feel like I should go.

Are there gonna be a lot of people there?

I don't know. I don't know.

I don't know if he's bringing a girl, I don't, I mean, I don't really care and he can do what he wants but I... I feel like I should go, because we're still trying to be friends, you know?

Do you wanna go with me? I don't wanna go alone.

Yeah, I get it.

I'll go, I don't really care.

I mean, I'm friends with Brook and Ayton and everybody but still, it's still gonna be weird.


Like, is it too much to ask for, for like, a civil boy in your life?

You know that one movie, Boyhood?

That guy. That guy, that guy.

[Music playing]

Yeah. Woo hoo hoo.


Hi, how are you?

Hey, what's up?

This is Gavynn, Lathan.



How are you?

I'm Jennifer.


Look at them.

Look at you guys.

Hi, I'm ...

Hello. Ben, nice to meet you.

That's actually really nice, look at that.

Alright gorgeous.

Looking hot, Sally Dan.

Thank you.

Hey, hey, hey.

Sally Dan, darling, you look gorgeous. Hey.

So today, I put a lot of work into looking the way I do.

Gavynn, this is my ex, Mandy.

We're... we're like best girlfriends now.


Although she is kind of prettier than me tonight, I am kind of feeling, I don't know.

Oh shh.

I love presenting myself as Sally Dan.

I'm just happy that they see me as being something other than how I was born, period.

That day. It's freezing.


Ben wasn't there yet.

I remember appeasing you and you were like, "where is he, I am so mad."

And I was like, "no, that's fine, it's fine."

That's such a beautiful picture of you.

I like that as an engagement, um engagement photo.

Oh yeah? Because guess what?


In a week from today, you're gonna be my husband.

By now, we will have been married.

You're gonna make me cry.

[Music playing]

To be out in public with Chris, it's wonderful, I can kind of like, show... show him off in a way.

We can just kind of embrace each other publicly and not really care.

Yeah, I'm a female-trans-male.

Yeah, I spent a lifetime, I'm 50, almost 55, so I...

You know, that's amazing.



To see Sally Dan that confident is amazing.

It makes me feel like our world right now is becoming so much more compassionate, so much more open and accepting of people.

This is actually one of the first times I actually got to really get close to Carly.

I really wish she was here.

I honestly, I want you to meet her.

She is someone that you could really aspire from, just listening to her talk.

I hope I still get the chance to meet her.

Yeah, I... I honestly, it needs to happen and it just breaks my heart that you can't because of what happened.

This is crazy.

All these people are here for you.

Yeah but I'm here for you and you're here for me.

Like, I don't care.


Well this is the first time I'll see Gavynn and Danielle together.

I feel like Danielle respects me enough to be respectful to her.

How are you?


Nice to see you. Oh, oh, fine.

I am not happy with you.


What's up with you?

I'm Brad, nice to meet you.


Hi, I'm Gavynn.


I think it's weird being there with Ben and his new girl, but it's... it's fine, like, I'm glad he's moved on.


Alright, go look at some artwork.

First meeting her was honestly really awkward and unexpected.

I did not think she would act like that at all.

That was really awkward.

She obviously does not like me and she obviously likes you.

And I obviously like you right now.

Wow, what a great picture.

Yeah, that was... that was an amazing day, taking those pictures.

I'm so happy that I...

I'm getting this opportunity to come out more and be more myself.

You look awesome tonight.

You look beautiful.

I know.

Thank you, honey.

You've come a far way.

I love you, I love you a lot.

You know, I want to thank you for inviting us.

Rob is an older man, he is twelve years older than Ayton and oh man, he is a breath of fresh air, that is for sure.

I was kind of worried it would be awkward, but you have some really good photography.

It's my passion, so...

It's amazing.

Yeah, I like surfing and like, skating, so...

Ben probably thinks I'm like, poisoning you right now.


No, I... [Inaudible]

What I mean, we're friends, it's just like...

There's still a lot of tension between you two.

It's just such a weird relationship, because you know, we dated for a really long time, we broke up.

I'm not as close, and I don't think I will be able to be as close.

I mean, you guys look cute together, you're both like, artsy people.

I mean, you're artsy as well, you dance and you're... you like photography.

I think me and Gavynn would be friends if like, she wasn't dating Ben but you know what?

Actually, screw that, we could still be friends.

You know, whatever.

You captured Carly here in a way that I have not seen her.

Yeah, truly feminine.



Yeah. Ben, I will say, I know I have issues with Carly but when this happened, wow.

Changed my thought and feelings about her.

Unfortunately, I think it takes something like this, where you think somebody almost is gonna die, to just realize what's important.

And so Ben has two moms, okay.

He lost his dad but he's got two moms.

What, it's better than none.

Oh, she'd be so... she'd be so proud, she really would.

This photo's really nice.

Your hair was all over the place.

You know, I'm really sorry to hear about Carly.

I am too. I mean...

I mean, I... I hope she's doing okay.

She's... she's alright, she's just hanging in there, you know?

You know, I actually got the chance to talk to Gavynn and I really like her. She seems nice.

She is. I'm glad you like her.

I didn't...

I didn't poison her mind too much, too much.

Key word, too much.

Too much.

[Music playing]

Hello. I would just like to start off by saying thank you for everybody that came, um.

There is someone that isn't here tonight and I would like everyone to keep Carly in their prayers and in their thoughts, because um...

Yesterday she had a heart att*ck.


But she is still here.

And she is still here, yes.


She is still here.

His choice of words made it sound like she died.

And if we could just keep her in your thoughts and prayers, that would be very appreciated.

Thank you so much for coming.

[All cheering]

[Music playing]

I feel great about the gallery.

Everybody was happy and everybody was perfectly nice to each other and everybody came out and supported, and it was awesome.

It was just weird, just because there was one thing missing and that one thing was Carly.




How are you?

I'm okay. We're not out of the woods yet, but it's all good.

No more heart att*cks.

Okay, good.

Stand back, let me see what you're wearing.

Wow. Dude, you are like, styling.

When did you go growing up and getting all handsome?

I don't know.

Did you have fun?

Oh yeah, it was really fun.

Did you have a good turnout?


Way to go.


So, alright.

Talk to you later, love you.

Alright, love you too.

Sometimes, it just takes really big, scary events to make you realize how much you love someone.

* And so *

* and so *

♪ I'm told... ♪

I just want Carly to know that she's beautiful.

I feel like if she hears her son say that she's beautiful, then she knows that I'm coming full-circle.

* Come home *

* come home *

♪ come near ♪

[music playing]

It's always so weird to walk in here and see all this stuff.

I have the same feeling when I come to your place.

So how do you feel?

I feel alright.

Tired all the time.

Yeah, not surprising.


It's been a little bit of a challenge.

I kind of fall into this place where I'm like, feeling sorry for myself because X, Y and Z.

I can be really angry at Carly and I can be really irritated, but I spent 20 years with this person, so I'm not gonna just erase that, you know?

It's very important that she be okay.

Is this any good?

Yeah, it's good.

It's kind of a hodgepodge.

A little bit of ice cream.

Just a tich, just a little bit.


No, just a like, one scoop... spoonful.

You can't have ice cream.

No, you substitute that for...

No, the doctor said I didn't have to like, stop eating things.

He said I just need to be smart.

I really hope you take it seriously.

I have to have another surgery.

So I'm gonna get a second opinion.

I'm starting physical therapy when we... well, that's if I get to go to the wedding, but...

Yeah, what's the update on going to the wedding?

Not sure yet, I'm waiting to talk to a cardiologist and wanna make sure I can fly.

Well, I love you.


I love you too.

There's still a connection there between us.

Beneath all that hurt, there's still a lot of love, so...

Are you gonna propose to me?

Uh no, we did that already.

No matter what our differences and um, I'm happy that you're finding a place that makes you happy.

And we're still Ben's parents and hope we can be friends.


I hope you come to the wedding.


I'm hoping, too.

[Music playing]

I'm really excited about going to New York for the wedding.

Dude, I am so excited for this wedding.

Ahh. Ahh.

Check it out.

Oh my god, it looks amazing.

You're getting married tomorrow.

So what I'd really like to do is just go through all of the stuff.


The decor and all of that.

What's that?

Oh, the table numbers.

Oh, the table numbers.

Oh, I can't wait to see them.

Which I've never even seen.

Oh, those are really cute.

They're beautiful.

These are for the sweetheart table.


So those are Romeo and Juliette quotes on hearts.

Got it.

So I know it's kind of weird to have a Romeo and Juliette themed wedding, because if you've read it, you know it doesn't end very happily. But my hope is that it ends just, you know, slightly happier than that.

It's funny, I'm sweating, I'm so nervous.

You're kneeling on the floor.

Well, there's a lot going on.

The cake is gonna be on its own round table, probably over here.

And then where are we? Where's the sweetheart table?

Alright, I was gonna say, "on the altar, getting married."

Where am I? Where... am I in?

The sweetheart table's gonna be right over here.


It'll all get done and it'll all be good and...

It's gonna be perfect.

I know, I know, you're so good. You're so good.

No, it really is, it is.

What are you, worried?

Is there anything that...

Never, I'm never worried about anything.

So I know everyone says that planning a wedding is a lot and it takes a lot, and they're right.

But it's just a little bit more stressful with Carly and Floyd sick.

We had a cancer scare, a heart att*ck, it's a lot.

Are you crying?


You're crying.

No, I'm not.

I love you. I love you so much, Mommy.

I'm not crying.

It just feels like something Carly and Floyd should be at and it just feels like something's missing.

I think we're in really good shape, I think.

I think so.


You are, I promise.

Okay, good.

Oh my god, did I forget anything?

I don't know, did you?
[Music playing]

What are you doing?


Ew, that's not attractive.

I still think it's cute.

Look who's here.

Oh hey.

I guess you made it.


Hey, how are you?

You made it.



Yeah, you know I made it.


"You know I made it" she said.

How do you feel?

I feel alright.



I couldn't imagine missing the wedding.

I don't like missing anything and I certainly wouldn't wanna miss her wedding, that would've been just, really a bummer.

A, I'm lucky, really lucky to be alive and, you know, I was just lucky to actually get to go, so...

You look great, you need to eat some food.

Thanks. I will tomorrow night.

Skinny girl.

We have an agreement, after the wedding, full carb overload.

I've got to go check in.


I didn't even know that doctors would allow someone to fly after a heart att*ck but whatever, she's here, my family is gonna be together.

Hi, welcome to Manhattan, NYC.

Look who's here.

They made it.


Oh my god.

So happy you're here.

You made it.

I'm so glad you made it.

How are you?

Are you crying? I'm so happy.

'Cause if you're going to cry...

Hey, how are you?

You made it.

We made it.

Great to see you.

It's great to be here.

Yeah it is great to be here.

I'm feeling great, today's a good day. Do I have color?

You do.

Yes you do.

You look good, you look great.

You have color.

Well yeah, they're here, they made it.



I lost it a little bit.

When we walked into the lobby, that's when it really hit me that he was actually gonna be there and he was alive and he was gonna walk down the aisle and I would get to see him smiling up at me, um and that was... it was beyond words, it really was.

Oh, you look so beautiful.

I'm so happy.

It was a relief and it was beautiful and amazing and courageous and it makes me really happy that he's in my life.

I'll get the bell guy and we'll... and we'll get the bags upstairs and this is it, it's beginning.

Let's get the bags and get up there.

Yeah, let's go.

[Music playing]

A girl after my own heart.

Oh my god.

Everybody's amazing.

That's my "everybody's amazing" dance.

It's the morning of my wedding and I am so happy and so thrilled and so excited.

Everything is amazing.

What's that?

Oh, it's just a little diamond bracelet.

What? It's my borrowed, right?

Yep, it's from your grandma.

That's so sweet. Thank you, Mommy.

Sutton's head is just like, in the clouds.

She's just like, floating, waiting for this day, you know, to come.

Are those?

Oh my god.

My role in the wedding is just to be supportive and loving.

You know, I'm just glad to go, glad to be there.

Have you ever worn a tux before?

Never worn a tux before.

Oh wow.



Oh thank you. Oh, this is great.

So like, the buttonholes, they have like, two holes and that's why it's that way. So like, in case next time you wear one and I'm not here, you can...

I'm very proud to be Ben's brother, definitely.

I've seen him grow from a boy to a man and he is a good man.

So how you feeling?

I couldn't be more excited to get married to Sutton.


I think your sister, she'll be happy.

Oh, no matter what she'll be happy.

Yeah I know.

She's getting married.

She's gonna be like, "wahhh," like, totally.

Awesome. How do I look, Mama?

Don't even ask me that question because you know what will happen.

When Sutton put that dress on, she looked like Juliette, which is who she wanted to emulate.

That's who Sutton was when she was little, a princess.

Thank you for being the best mother in the whole world, okay?

Oh my god.

Thanks for being the best princess.

This is it. Let's go.

Ben, who's getting married he this room is a little fancy.

Bigger than our apartment.

I hope this suite isn't fancier than ours, or maybe it is, I don't know.

I like it, it's pretty fun.

It's massive.

Wait, what is that?

Yeah. It's a present.

I'm only a teenager, so I couldn't really afford anything.


But I made it.

You ready?

Oh my gosh, are you kidding?

Thank you. I don't know.


Oh my god.

It's beautiful.

That's really, it is such a beautiful picture.

Thank you, Ben.


I love you so much.

I love you too.

Thank you.

Kisses all around, Ben.

[Music playing]

Floyd standing for me as I came down the aisle, that was... that was sweet.

He's a class act.

I'm still a little old-fashioned, I still kind of like some of that stuff.

Thank you. I'm gonna sit you.

Would everyone please rise.

When the doors open and they first walked in, I lose my breath.

And I'm unprepared for it.

I'm telling myself, "don't cry."

I focus on her and it's like a magnet coming towards me.

Sutton and I had so many wonderful experiences.

I saw her take her first step.

I saw her... I heard her first words, you know.

To have that honor of walking her down the aisle, it's... it's a culmination of all, everything that's happened up to that moment.

Welcome, Suzy, Ben and Carly, Peggy and Floyd.

What a proud and profound day for you and your families.

Sutton and Kevin have chosen to express their commitment and love to one another with words of their own.

Kevin, you may begin.

I, Kevin David Thomas, stand here and now, ready to take you, Sutton Morgan Crawford, as my wife.

My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep.

For the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.

That's it.

That's beautiful.

Kevin David Thomas, I have loved you from the moment we met in the audition room at Ripley-Grier in 2011.

I know you don't believe that things happen for a reason, but this did.

And how you could still not believe that things happen for a reason, I don't understand.

I know. I know. I know.

You're the person I have been searching for and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, Kevin David Thomas.

And that's the end.

[All cheering]

Kevin David Thomas, do you solemnly declare that you take Sutton Crawford to be your bride?

Do you promise to love, honor and cherish her for as long as you both shall live?

I do.

Sutton Crawford, do you solemnly declare that you take Kevin David Thomas to be your greem...


And greem.

And greem.


Do you promise to love, honor and cherish him for as long as you both shall live?

I do.

If all of us believe in this union of Sutton and Kevin, two people whom we cherish and to whom we give our unquestioned support, please all of us now respond by saying, "I do."

[All] I do.

I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Kevin David Thomas.

You may kiss the bride.

[All cheering]

I love you.

[Music playing]

I can't even believe how lucky I am and I don't even, I don't even have words for how happy I am.


Thank you.

I love you.

Love you.

The party starts here.

That's right.

That wedding was so amazing, that was like, I was so emotionally connected to that one, I don't even need one now.

No, you do.

That was like, mine.

Let's find him tonight.

Is there someone here?

Let's find him tonight.

It's a wedding.


Everyone's gonna be in the mood.


I'm drunk.

Like, let's make this happen.


I need you real quick.

You do?

Hey Ron, I kind of want you to take a picture of us.

Real quick.


Alright, let's do it.

You're stretching my capabilities.

When are we gonna get the rest of the party going?

It's nothing different.

Where the hell's the button?

Here we go.

There it is.

You ready?

I just, I had this like, out of body experience standing there.

And it was just kind of like, this is the next chapter of my life and I'm so proud to be with these four people around me.

That was nice to be able to feel like we were able to make a connection.

Kind of put all that other crap aside and just be in the same room and be okay.

I mean, we love each other.

Thank you.

I would just like to thank this wonderful family that we have created.

And although we may have hard times through our life, at the end of the day, we all still love each other.

And we are proud to call you a part of this family.

And I love you and we love you, and yeah.

Thank you, I'm proud to be a part of it.

Thank you guys.

What about this kid right here?

Love you all.

What about this...

He's a good man, he's a good man, good job.

What about this man?

We love him.

I love you.

I do think Ben has learned a lot, I think he's learned about trust and truth and love and forgiveness and understanding and what it means to be an adult.

It's like he kind of snapped into who he was ultimately going to be.


Best party ever.

If anybody knows how to party, let me tell you this, people.

My family knows how to party, okay?

♪ We shine bright like a midday sunlight ♪
♪ stars in the middle of the night sky ♪
♪ I fly ♪
♪ open to the bright new day ♪

You could say that our families are, you know, have come from two different worlds, perhaps.

♪ Break away from the crowd ♪
♪ name it out loud ♪

But these two families joined together and everyone had a blast.

♪ Forever, wherever will be... ♪

The day couldn't have been more perfect.

It was everything I ever dreamed of, and having Carly and Floyd there was just the icing on the perfect wedding cake.

[Music playing]

Hi, how are you?

I'm here.


Give me a hug.

Nice to see you.

Nice to see you.

I'm sure I got lipstick on your cheek, sorry.

Maybe not. So...

I got you some stuff.

I would say that this picture basically just shows how happy you are.

Aww. Sweet boy.

It's just really cool, just because you look so happy.

I was happy that day, that was a really nice day.

I... I never saw that when you were a guy.


You're who you are now.


So it's...

You're right.

You're happy.

I've learned a lot the past couple months, with this whole...

Thing going on?

Thing going on, so...

Like what?

At the end of the day, none of that stupid, little stuff matters.

And like, loving people for who they are, like I love you just for who you are.

And no matter what, we always love each other.

I was angry about so much at the beginning of all this.

And I was angry about Carly's surgery and I was angry about Carly transitioning and I was angry about all these things.

Her not letting me call her "Dad" and now I'm just...

I'm letting all that go.

And I'm just thankful, I'm thankful.

I love you.

Love you too. You're shaking.

Yeah, well. That's great.

Yeah. You look so pretty.

That's a nice picture, that is a nice picture.

I mean, you're a model, so...


Maybe I have a new career.

You can model, maybe.

I'm the right size.

[Music playing]

One thing that I've learned in life, everybody changes.

We all grow old, we all get wrinkles, so we're changing.

But it's crazy how much things can just change in three months.

It's so beautiful out.

It is.

Um, where do you see yourself, like five years from now?

New York, Queens with a four-flat.

Me, my mom and my sister and we all have our own floor and just live in the same building for the rest of our lives and enjoy each other's company and probably work at a photo studio.

What about college?

Are you gonna do college?

Probably not.

What do you plan on doing?

Umm, I got into Columbia in Chicago.

So it's a great art school.


It's like a place where you would go.

You could get a scholarship of some sort for your photography.

Like, you're really good at it and I think that schools, art schools would recognize that.

No definitely, I mean, mainly is I just see myself in New York, doing what I love.

Why are you hitting me?

Stop hitting me.



So what do you think about us, like... ?

We're basically family.


I can... I can, No it's not even that, it's not even that.

It's just like, no matter what ends up happening between us, that I would always love you.

I told you that from the beginning.


I got you, on whatever you do.

See that's that smile. Alright?


Alright. Come here.

I've come a long way these past couple months.

I've learned a lot about myself, _

I've learned a lot about my friends.

Ben and I have this connection.

We're like family and I love him.

Like, I'm always gonna be here for you, no matter what.

And even if we're together or not, I mean, who knows what will happen.

So I feel like my old wounds are healing and that I did get to help my brother find happiness, and that makes me so happy.

There was a time in my life where I thought that I could never be fully understood.

And now I've met Chris, my soul mate and the love of my life, and how crazy is that?

I think the biggest thing that I've learned...

You look gorgeous.

Don't be afraid to be who you are.

It feels better to be who you are than hiding.

Yeah, my family doesn't really look like everybody else's.

But really, I just don't care.

I just have parents that love me and that want the best for me.

Everyone in our family has chosen to move forward and change.

That has brought us all closer together.


I'm really, really thankful for that.

There is nothing more important than your family and love.

It's a wacky, crazy world and sometimes it's dangerous and sometimes it's scary, but it's really good and really beautiful.

I'm... I've changed a lot.

I gotta long way to go. I'm by no means perfect.

But I'm a lot more real than I've ever been.

Because you look so happy.

I... I never saw that when you were a guy.

That feels pretty good.

And if there's one thing that I've learned in all this, it's that if you want to be truly happy, then you just have to be who you truly are.
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