01x01 - Pilot

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Casanova". Aired: March 2015.
18th century Venetian Giacomo Casanova escapes from prison and flees to France.
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01x01 - Pilot

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I'm going to die here, Balbi. I'm going to die here. Alone.

I desever it. I do.

But believe me, it was real.

It was real.

Casanova! Open the door!


It took longer than I thought.


Now what?

You said you had a failsafe plan if I got us through the roof.

Did I?



Help me out.


You know, this is much more comfortable.

Come on!

The Inquisition's guards will comb the territories.

We will only find immunity abroad.

What about Strasbourg?

Yeah, you will love Strasbourg.


We have to split up, Balbi.

It's safer that way.

But you said... if I broke us out you'd take me with you.

I know. I'm sorry.

I want to live like Casanova.

There is no Casanova.

Not anymore.

In the 18th century Giamcomo Casanova was Venice's most notorious citizen. He lived a live of pleasure and debauchery untill his arrest in 1755. In the spring of 1757 Giacomo Casanova escaped the leads prison and fled to his homeland with nothing deciding to start his life over in...

PARIS Hold still!

How I wish they had sufficient sense to recognise your excellence You have much cause for indignation.

And it angers me daily to see that nothing has been done for you.


Mrs. Balletti.

The rumours of your escape are true.


You came straight to me.

You have always been like family.

You look...

I know.

Madame! Three minutes!

Quick. Get me out of this.

How long will you stay?

As long as it takes.

I thought this could be a good place to start over.

Well, you know, Paris isn't always very kind to outsiders.

Yeah, I know. I just have to find a way to support myself.

Last time you were here, you were only interested in pleasure.

I come with greater ambitions.

Do you know I speak four languages?

I'm a writer.

I was a student of mathematics.

A duelist.

You're a man of many talents, Giacomo.

I'm a joke.

I have nothing.

This might be my last chance.

What happened to you?

Tell me.

Two years in a dark cell... eaten alive by fleas... just because I...

I couldn't stop indulging myself.

Silvia, I hate to ask but...

I need a place to stay.

Just for now.

The wig maker from the theater has a basement across the alley.

I'll ask him.

Thank you, Silvia.

Don't thank me.

Places, Madame!

I'm on.

Welcome to Paris.

The King's library is now up to 3.500 volumes.

My hope is that the great artists and thinkers of Europe will come to Versailles, like they have flooded to the salons of Paris, for discussion and debate.

They never seem to recapture the beauty of their first bloom.

Madame! Madame!

It's the King. There's been an att*ck.

I didn't see him.

Shh, shh, shh.

Look at me. Look at me.

It's all right.

It's all right.


Get her out of here. The royal family is on its way.

What happened? What happened?

Madame, please.

Tell me.

It's a three-inch wound.

It's superficial.

And the assassin?

I'm sure you'll be briefed on all of this.

Please, I need to know now.

A disgruntled servant named Damiane. I don't know more.

Some people don't love him the way they should.

The people are paying high taxes to fund an unnecessary w*r.

Find out if this servant has any accomplices.

I'm sorry. Do I work for you?

You work for the King, you arrogant prick.

Don't forget how you got there.

Monsieur de Bernis.

This came for you.

There we go, gentlemen.

See you next door. Adieu.

Play on, play on.


Love without love, it's worthless, don't you think?

The average woman pays me no attention.

No is an unacceptable answer.

I can't tell you how many women have initially refused me.

You must have a secret.


I have an abnormally long tongue.


Truth is...

I make them feel...

I'm falling in love with them.


Because I fall in love with them.

So, where is your pain?

I saw you clenching your teeth and your hands.

At the beginning, I thought it was a tell, but no, you're in pain.

If you must know, it's the agony of a sciatic nerve.

It's your back or your legs?

Are you a doctor?

It's the string of amber around your neck.

You have access to a lab?



Draw a pentagram on your leg using a mixture of sodium nitrate, yellow sulphur, quicksilver.

Just try it.

If it works...

If it works, you'll pay me your winnings from tonight.

Fair and square. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Well, well, well, you don't waste much time.

You're late.

It's been a busy day.

There was an attempt on the King's life.

Was it successful?


No? Pity.

Your escape is quickly becoming the talk of Paris.

I haven't even started to embellish it yet.

Let's talk alone.

This note. You want to work.

You know everyone in Paris full of power, influence.

Just find yourself a wealthy patron to live off.

You're very good at that.

No, I want more.

I need more.

But can you give up your exhaustive list of bad habits.

You did.

They made you minister.

Don't they know how you behaved in Venice?

You were a terrible influence.

How's Marina?

I don't know.

She won't see me. She won't respond to my letters.

She left the abbey, and I fear she's fallen into a depression.

I'm sorry.

If you want to work, I have something well suited for you.

You've heard of Madame Pompadour?


You will. She's the King's mistress... a libertine and a commoner like you, though she fights like hell to hide it.

The King noticed her during a masquerade and made her his paramour.

She's quickly become a thr*at to the state.

A thr*at?

He'll do anything she says.

Two years into a w*r with Britain, and the treasury has been bled dry because of her.

After you.

So you were saying, Madame...



I'd like you to get to know her.

Make her an intimate ally.

Find out what her plans are.

Think of it as a spy mission.

Sounds more like seduction.

Is there a difference?

I cannot do that.

A man should not be defined by one thing his whole life.

Suddenly, you're more than your cock?



You're also a peasant who's lived by his wits his entire life, a gambler, and a con man, whose ability to charm women is the envy of every man.

It's not a curse, it's an asset.

Use it.

If money, power, respect, is what you want, all that stands between me and the future of France is this one woman.

Think of what that could mean.

For you.

For both of us.

I'm going to need new clothes.

Perception is everything in Paris.


Good afternoon.

So sorry. I wasn't expecting you.

You don't recognise me.

I am Manon.

Mother sent me to neaten up.

Manon. Oh, my Lord.

Last time I saw you...

I was 13.


I'm sorry for my...

No, please. Please, let me help you.

You're far above neatening up after a slob like me.

I've heard so many stories from my family about you.

And your adventures.

Well, don't believe them all.

Oh, sir, I love the stories.

I've been nowhere.

That's why I read so much.

I'd do anything to see Venice.

It's so wonderfully crowded.

At night, you can hear people dreaming and laughing and making love.

I've heard it is a city where women are free to be as they wish.

For a hundred years.

Paris is making strides, but it'll be too late for me.

What do you mean?

I'm to be married in a month.

Congratulations. To whom?

Monsieur Claremont, My harpsichord teacher.

A good, safe match, mother says.

And are you a good safe girl?

I don't know what I am.

I have felt like that most of my life.

You better go.

I'll walk you out. Come.

Good to see you, Manon. Go home.

Here. So you don't forget about me.

Oh, thank you.


Go home now.

Stay away from her, Giacomo.

Silvia, I would never do anything...

Please. I know you.

I promise, all right?

This came for you.

You're here. Great. Come in.

When I told my aunt about your remarkable cure for sciatica, she said she had to meet you.


Well, I'm so glad I could help.

You're not as handsome as they say.

I... I tend to grow on people.


This is an incredible place.

Yes, it is.

Marquis d'Urfé.

Of course.

So this is what you do all day?

Well, I would prefer to play with my salts than worry about my coiffure.

Or have conversations with vacuous courtiers who only care about the colour of their rouge.

Do I smell sulphur?

Very good.

It's been on a f*re 15 years.

Needs another four or five.


Until a powder... that accelerates the natural progression of metals into gold.

The quintessence.

Ah, you know it.

You know it.

I might.

The highest goal of alchemy.

I knew I knew your name.

Friends in Venice.

Fellow cabalist. Freemasons.

You're a believer.

I believe in many things.

And that is why I invited you for dinner.

I thought you might fit in.


I've just come from Lorraine. Spent the day with Voltaire.

Showed him how I can melt diamonds.

You see, from 12 small diamonds, I can produce one large one without any loss in weight.

He called me the wonder man.

No, really.

Bravo, I'accord!

And then showed the stone to the exquisite Madame Pompadour.

Naturally, she wants one for herself.

Madame Pompadour, the King's mistress.

That's right. Are you a friend of hers?

No. No, no.

Well, I am of longstanding.

I have a strong connection to the monarchy dating back to the baptism of Louis XIII and his sisters Elisabeth and Christine.

It was at the Corrival.

Sorry, but that was 150 years ago.


Well, how old are you?

At least 300 years, but I can't be sure.

Well, you look great for your age.

Thank you.

What has this most impressive man promised you?

Oh, promised. Um...

The ferrite around your neck, said to entice a bolt of lightning.

And elevate ones...

That's right!

The Tablet of Hermes. Quite right.

Has he promised you eternal life?

My friend, these things are no joke to us.

You are not the friend of anyone here.

Especially not the Marquis.

I'm sorry. I don't fit in at all.

It was very nice meeting you.

Monsieur Casanova, wait.

I know an imposter when I see one.

Such hostility.

It is one thing to capture a woman's heart.

But you... You have hijacked her common sense.

How much do you want?

You know the Marquis has a fortune so great, there's enough for both of us.

You disgust me.

Do not interfere in my friendship with the Marquis.

I know many people across Europe, and you will find yourself back in chains... or worse.

Why are you following me?

I had to make sure it was you.

I come with word from Bragadin.


I'm sorry for the rude welcome.

He was eager to get this information to you.

His contacts on the inside acquired details about your arrest in Venice.

He thought you want to know.

Tell him I already know.

It's why I came to this wholly mediocre city.

And tell my dear, old friend to come visit.

I will soon be on my feet, and eager to entertain him as always.

You sent for me, Minister de Bernis?


Madame Pompadour will be at her libertine party tonight in the fourth.

My associate, Claude Patu, will make the introduction.

I'll have to check my schedule.

I would not joke, my friend.

She is a formidable woman.

Is it true the King's assassin has been sentenced?

A public execution is being planned.


Then Madame Pompadour should be in a fine mood.

Excuse me.


I'm looking for Claude Patu.


Thank you.


Five? In one night?

Throughout the night.

And then once after breakfast. I call him Count Six Times.

Egg whites are the secret.

Egg white help the man ej*cul*te forcefully, five or six times.

Is that right?

You must be Monsieur Casanova.

If you'll excuse us.

My God.

What has happened to the women of Paris?

The Libertines have denounced all religious convention: chastity, monogamy.

Paris is becoming an erotic playground.

"The infernal serpent, he it was whose guile, stirred up with envy and revenge, deceived the mother of mankind.

What time his pride had cast him out from heaven, with all his host of rebel angels, aspiring to set himself in glory above his peers."

Madame, may I introduce Giacomo Casanova?

This is the man who escaped the Leads?

Yes, Madame.

You're an Italian.


Ah, Venice.

Venice exhausts me...

The masks, the unspoken smugness.

At least Parisians abide by their own moral code.

We know what life is and make the most of it.

So what is it like?



I assume you are now a free man.

Yes, indeed.

But a man is not at liberty to do everything he pleases.

He becomes a sl*ve the moment he allows his actions to be ruled by passion.

Are you flirting with me, Monsieur Casanova?

Women across Europe may be drawn to the dangers of a travelling Venetian like yourself.

A man more gallant, more sexually adept than his peers.

But if you ever speak to me again in that tone, I will have you eviscerated.

Wait. Please accept my apologies, Madame.

It's rare that I find myself nervous in the presence of a woman.

But I've been eager to meet you.

Why is that, exactly?

We both come from humble beginnings, being told what we cannot be our entire lives, and yet look where we are.

You don't know me.

I'm tired.

Possibly tired of you.

Mm. That's lovely.

Unfortunately, I'm taken for the evening.

Monsieur Patu has already paid.

But I know someone else.

Come in. Don't be shy.

Make yourself comfortable.



You have a guest.

We awaken you.

Yes, sir.

You call this a bed?

I have no other, sir.

No sheets or anything.

You normally go to bed with that on?


Well, not tonight.

I'll pay you a Louis.


And I want to see you get undressed.

There's nothing more beautiful than a woman... when you can actually see her.


I cannot submit for less than 25 Louis.


My sister says that's the going rate for a virgin in Paris.

C-Can you make sure your sister is right?

I'm supposed to let you do all you please, sir, but not that.


All right.

I understand.

We can't do that.

But I can do this.

You know, a woman of your elegance should not be selling herself for money.

You could be destined for better things.

You're just saying that.

I will prove it to you.

I just need to get some money together.

Yes. Anyway...



"Transmigration is illegal in a Catholic country."

When I was a boy, I had terrible nosebleeds.

My grandmother took me to Murano to consult a witch.

And is that where your fascination with magic began?

I believe so, yeah.

And what of your mother, Giacomo?

What about her?

I barely knew her.

I love gladiolas.

Oh, what a shame there are none here.

I lost a husband, a son, a daughter, and two granddaughters.

That's why I put so much faith in the existence of other worlds.

Your outburst at dinner was so genuine. Be that way with me.

My mother didn't die.

She left.

Ah. I'm sorry.

Don't be. She was an actress.

Travelling was her livelihood.

I know what you've been brewing for the last 15 years in your lab.

Thousands across Europe are searching for the Philosopher's Stone.

Ah, but I am ahead of them all.

Says whom, Saint Germaine?

I believe the Count doesn't have your best interest at heart.

He sees you as a lonely and lost woman in search of an heir.

The Count entertains me.

But let me help you.

You know the Stone can only be possessed by males, right?

I know.

You're planning to regenerate your soul.

You think it's possible?

I do.

But transmigration is illegal in a Catholic country.

I don't want to end up back in jail.

I could protect you.

I could make it worth your while.

I feel a strong connection with you.

Shh. Shh shh shh shh shh.

Are you the artist Gustaf Lundberg?

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

We're going to flaunt your assets on the amorous stock market of Paris, improve your standing by finding you a man...

A significant man.

I'm impressed that you could encounter such youth and beauty in a woman and seek to improve her.

It shows shocking self-control.

There's beauty in promise.

Rescuing a young woman from an uncertain future can be just as gratifying.

Isn't the new Casanova above this kind of thing?

It's not for me. It's for the King.

The King?

I met your Madame Pompadour.

She is, as you said, a worthy adversary, far too intelligent to surrender her secrets, even to me.

The key is to find her vulnerability.

And as far as I can tell, she only has one.

I'm listening.

Her age.

The King will eventually tire of a woman in her 30s and start the search for a new mistress.

What if you were to present him with another option...

One that looks this good, and a virgin to boot?

A replacement... removing Madame Pompadour entirely.

You are a perfect scoundrel.

I knew I could trust you.

Well done, Giacomo. It's a good start.

A viewing party has been arranged for the execution of Robert Damiens.

Anyone who's anyone will be there. You'll come.

I wouldn't miss it.

Oh. It's you.

I was just practising a sonata. Can-- Can I play it for you?

No. I'm sorry. I'm pressed for time.

Actually, I was looking for your mother.


Is she at home?

I'll get her.

Oh, no, no.



I've been invited to this party on Saturday, with a guest.

I know your mother would never approve.

I have ways of sneaking out.

I cannot condone something like that.

But if you happen to be in Place de Rêve at noon.



You look tired.

I have a fever, but I'm fine.

What is it?

I have to ask you for one last favour.

If only that were true.

Can you get me into the opera at Fontainebleau?


You have to admit it.

French music is inferior to Italian.

It's the melody. Hasn't changed in a hundred years.

I was told you have something urgent to tell me.

Urgent No.

No, not at all.

I just wanted to get you alone.

You have 30 seconds.

First I want to apologise for our last meeting.

I have spent a lifetime trying to cross borders and barriers with a humble background.

While I take pride in how far I have come, I should not have made assumptions about you.

I live with a constant barrage of royal courtiers who deem it a disgrace that the King compromise himself with someone like me.

It exhausts me.

It's not you.

There are men in this city who fear a woman in power.

One of these men has hatched a plan to extricate you from the King's embrace.

Who would be so sick?

The new Foreign Minister.

De Bernis?

He asked me to recruit a young girl, one he could introduce to the King.

And have you found the girl?

De Bernis is in a very good position to help me.

I'm in a far greater position to help you.

I agree.

So I delivered a young prost*tute to de Bernis, one who will surely be rejected by the court.

She... can't be compared to you.

De Bernis is your friend. Why would you betray him for me?

When I was in prison, I learned that my so-called friend... had me arrested.

I would have died there if it were up to him.

Was it over a woman?

A nun.

I need you to help me destroy him.

I do love tales of revenge.

I want to watch the rest of the opera, but I will consider your offer.


I don't know you, nor do I trust you. Yes, I'll consider it.

Well, thank you very much, Madame.

Thank you, Monsieur Casanova.

Can I get three?

Sometimes I just can't stand it.

What, exactly?

How much I want everything.

Let's look.

Come here.

I've been thinking about your situation.


Your impending marriage.


I'm willing to speak with your mother about it.

Help me reason with her.

You have the soul of an adventurer, the unquenchable thirst for all life has to offer, good and... And bad.

The King!

Please excuse me just for a moment.

My old friend, welcome. I've been waiting for you to arrive.

I had the painting of sweet Helena delivered to the King's court.


It was rejected.

Good but not great.

I'm sorry to hear that.

It begins.

Of course, a virgin like Helena is a valuable commodity, so I was able to deliver the girl to a higher standing.

How do you mean?

Come see.

The court is full of wealthy old man with sadistic sexual appetites.

Your plan remains a great one.

We will find a mistress to replace Madame Pompadour, a better one.

In the meantime, I'd like to arrange a meeting for you with the King's Controller of the Treasury.

About what?

Didn't I promise to help you if you helped me?

I'm going to pay my respects to the King.

Would you like to meet him?

No. Not today.

I know I should feel nothing but friendship towards you, but I feel uneasy when a day passes and you don't come by the house.

Well, then I will come by the house more often.

And we think that compassionate women can watch such horror with ease.

I've always thought bad people deserve what they get, and I believe that in my heart.

What about change?

People are capable of change.

We are who we are.

It's undeniable.
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