05x10 - Reborn

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Falling Skies". Aired June 2011 - August 2015.
Survivors of an alien att*ck on earth gather together to fight for their lives and fight back.
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05x10 - Reborn

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[ Machine whirs, click ]

Girl: ♪ O beautiful ♪
♪ for spacious skies ♪
♪ for amber waves of grain ♪

[ Faint explosions ]

♪ For purple mountain majesty ♪
♪ above the fruited plain ♪

Matt: Our final fight with the Espheni didn't go as planned.

But one thing was clear -- this would be the bloodiest battle yet.

Man: Incoming!

Woman: ♪ God shed his grace on thee ♪
♪ and crown thy good ♪
♪ with brotherhood ♪
♪ from sea to shining ♪
♪ sea ♪

♪ Falling Skies 5x10 ♪
Original Air Date on August 30, 2015

[ Explosions ]

[ Gasps ]

Anne: They're circling back around.

That Espheni hub shone a g*dd*mn spotlight on this base!

They're dropping man-made b*mb!

Mark 82s from those aircraft carriers.

Bastards are using our own w*apon against us.

[ Explosions ]

Here they come!

[ Machine g*n ]


Maggie: They're retreating! Keep f*ring!

Take that, you sons of bitches!

[ Yells ]

[ Screeches ]

Whoa, Marty!

[ g*n, screeching ]

Marty. Hey, hey.

Damn it.

Don't you -- don't you die on me.

After I saved your ass...

[ Weakly ] I can't hear them anymore.

They're gone?

Yeah, they're gone.

We scared 'em off, all of 'em.

They're gone. We got 'em.

[ Labored breathing ]

We're a...F-force to be reckoned with.

Aren't we, Colonel?

And we never could've done it without you.

You know that. I couldn't have done it without...


I'll remember you.

I'll remember.

[ Whispers ] I'll remember.

Anne: [ Whispers ] I'm sorry, Dan.

Where the hell is this backup that we've been countin' on?

We sent a radio signal of Tom's speech as far and wide as we possibly could.

There's gotta be other militia on their way here.

They're probably en route to D.C.

It's where we need to be.

If the convoy leaves now, we expose ourselves to the hornets in the dark, on the road.

We stay another night.

We stay another night.

Tom: Depending on what happens tomorrow, this might be our last campfire together.

I don't wanna put anybody on the spot, but...

If somebody has anything that they'd like to say, this might be a pretty good time.

All right, I'll go first.

[ Sighs heavily ]

We began the last leg of this journey with me admonishing you to find your warrior...

As I felt I'd found mine.

To some of you, that may have been just the boost you needed.

And to others, I know it didn't sit very well.

And I understand that.

This has been a punishing journey, not just because of those who we've lost, but because of the parts of ourselves that we've had to sacrifice along the way.

Our innocence.

And our hope.

Maybe even part of our souls.

But if you ask me, it's been worth it.

You are why I fight.

And I don't know who's gonna cross the finish line, but I can promise you this -- it will be crossed.

This w*r will be won, because of you.

Anybody else has anything they'd like to say about anything, floor is yours.

I think you said it all, partner.

[ Murmuring ]

[ Bottles clink ]

[ Engines roaring ]

[ Blows air ]

[ Man shouts indistinctly, engines idling ]

We're headed to D.C., part of Mason's militias.

Looks like you guys are stocked up pretty good here.

You mind if we tag along with ya?

[ Wind whistling ]

Not at all.

I'm Tom Mason of the 2nd Massachusetts.

You're kidding me.

You're Tom Mason? [ Chuckles ]

Hell, I thought you guys would be a lot further down the road.

Yeah, we did, too.


Enos Ellis, 4th Maine. [ Chuckles ]

This is my crew.

Got a few leftovers from the 7th Connecticut.

This here is Jickjack from the Ozarks. [ Snorts ]

And this over here is Mothball from the Bronx.


[ Clears throat ]

Well, if you're Tom Mason, this is your charter and we're your backup, brother.

I say we move out now, while we got a window.

Tom, one of our militia leaders is on the radio.

He needs to talk to you right away.

[ Static crackling ]

Man: [ Over radio ] Our group established a position outside the border.

There's a wall, for as far as we can see, around the whole D.C. mall. Over.

What kind of wall? Over.

Man-made junk, and it's covered in slime.

It's about, like, 20 feet high with these... these things, these telescoping arms. Over.

Skitterized humans.

[ Static crackles ]

Stand by.

[ Receiver thuds ]

Hal: Well, we could go over it or we could try to find a weak spot and cut right through it.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

What about underground access?

Well, you got the subway tunnels.

Obvious traps.

What about the service tunnels?

They built them ages ago so politicians could cross this mall without having to deal with riffraff.

I remember 'em well. Born and raised here, sir.

You're from D.C.?

Can you map out these tunnels?

Tom Mason!

You want us to be part of this fight, you're gonna have to let us in on the whole game plan.

Listen, if we get cut to ribbons trying to breach this wall, there's not gonna be much of a fight.

The man's working on it. Give us a second.

[ Snorts and sniffs ]

[ Sighs ]

Look, the Espheni are protecting something big right here.

Lincoln Memorial.

We know they have a hive-like culture.

They all answer to a queen bee creature.

She has an organic connection with all Espheni forces on earth.

"Organic connection"?

Forget this Jickjack.

[ Sighs ]

Lincoln Memorial. This is where we think she's hiding.

And our plan was to storm it with overwhelming numbers, but that was before this wall.

So we do a surgical strike instead.

We need to take out the queen, and the Espheni forces will fall.

If my calculations are correct, that should occur almost instantly.

Enos: What about you, alien who's here for reasons I still don't understand?

Can't we just carpet b*mb these bastards... from your spaceship?

I'm afraid that is not possible.

However, Tom Mason has found another way.

My friend and I developed what I guess you can call...

A biological w*apon.

[ Squishing sound ]

[ Scoffs ] Gimme a break. What the hell's that gonna do?

Ben: It's like a network computer virus.

You infect the host computer, you infect them all.

It works. We've tried it.

And it's safe... on humans, at least.

This will k*ll the queen, and everything goes down with the queen.

[ Enos huffs ]

You know, I was in Saigon when the Tet offensive hit.

Yeah, I thought Satan himself personally tried to burn the g*dd*mn place down.

Only one of my company to crawl out of that meat grinder alive was me.

[ Chuckles ]

This is nothing.

We'll do it.

These are the service tunnels, here, here, and here.

All right, I hope you have a good memory, Lieutenant.


Think you can hold the fort, solider?

Yes, sir, Colonel.

I need somebody to hold this position.

You and a team I select will defend this base from the next attacking wave.

But with all due respect, Colonel, I'm here to fight, not babysit.

You could use me this last push if you would just trust me.

This is me trusting you.

And this is your last sh*t.

You're gonna have to do it with a clipped wing.

Don't make me regret it.

I'll take it.

You made me whole again, sir.

Assembly in the mess hall.

[ Clears throat ] Mr. Ellis. If you wanna do this, you and your team will att*ck that wall with every bit of a*tillery you can carry.

Make a distraction, get those forces away from the Memorial.

Meanwhile, our strike team will go through this service tunnel right here... [ Taps map ]

Which should take us right to Lincoln.

So who was the unlucky one to pull the short straw, gotta give this unholy bitch her booster sh*t?

Who do you think?

Nice to finally meet another son of a bitch who's as crazy as I am.

Weaver: [ Over radio ] 2nd Mass on the move!

Go, go, go!

Man: Don't let them engage!

f*re at will. Over.

[ Rapid g*n ]

Man: We've reached our destination.

2nd Mass going radio silent.

[ Door bangs open ]

Hal: No Espheni guards.

Ben: Don't jinx it.

Weaver: [ Whispers ] Okay, that should be it.

[ Whoosh ]

[ Clank ]

[ Screeching in distance ]

Whoa. Lights off.

[ Clicking ]

[ High-pitched sound in distance ]

[ Slithering sound ]

[ Whispering ] Easy.


[ Low-pitched roar ]

[ High-pitched sound in distance continues ]

[ Whooshing sound ]

Anne: [ Whispers ] What are they?

[ Whispers ] Do not touch.

[ High-pitched screech ]

[ Purring sound ]

[ Whooshing sound ]

Weaver: Great.

This had to be the road to ground zero.

I'm afraid it is not good.


Baby Espheni.

Cool temperatures and an absence of sunlight provide a perfect breeding ground.

When they are hatched, Espheni overlords are far more... violent than when fully grown.

Wait. So they're more violent when they're babies?

My broodmates disturbed a nest once.

The hatchlings tore through all of them effortlessly.

11 d*ad in seconds.

It is best we don't disturb them.

That's an important safety tip.

[ Static crackles ]

[ Man speaks indistinctly over radio ]

Shh! Shh! Shh!

[ Volume turns down ]

[ Warbling and groaning sound ]

[ Whooshing continues ]

[ Whispers ] We're gonna keep going. Lights on.

[ Click ]


[ Clicking ]

[ Panting ] We should turn back.

We should find another way into the city, even if it takes longer.

What's wrong?

[ Voice breaks ] Something about these eggs.

[ Inhales deeply ] The embryo.

The unborn child.


You know I just had to watch some freaky carbon copy of my own flesh and blood come back to life.

And I didn't just have to see her, but watch her be k*lled -- my own daughter.

That wasn't Lexi. You know that wasn't Lexi.

I know.


What is it? Tell me.

I'm pregnant.

You serious?

[ Sniffles ]

We're gonna be okay. [ Inhales sharply ]

We're gonna get through this.

[ Exhales sharply, sniffles ]

[ High-pitched sounds in distance ]

Keep following this east tunnel.

Should be a stairwell up here in a couple of seconds.


I mean, I'm almost sure that'll take us to the access point on the mall closest to Lincoln.

Nothing like hanging the fate of humanity on "almost," but...

We used to use these tunnels as kids.

Drink beer, chase girls.

City was alive then.

I thought you said these tunnels were fortified by the Secret Service for D.C. big shots.

And their kids.

Who was the big sh*t?

My mom.

She was always talking about the importance of service and sacrifice.

I wish I got the chance to show her. [ Groans ]

Like Martin, back at the base.

He died a soldier.

A hero.

Here we are. Here we are. This is it.


Lieutenant Marty died for one reason and one reason only -- that hornet got him before he could sh**t it, period.

Dying didn't make him anything he wasn't already.

We owe him a lot, but there's no heroism in being a martyr.

Getting yourself k*lled is not something you wanna do.

That'd just be stupid, wouldn't it?

Yes, sir.

Let's go.

[ Low rumbling ]

[ Whooshing, high-pitched sound in distance ]

I've never been so terrified.

You're gonna feel a lot better once we b*mb the shit out of this place.

Well, let's just hope that we replace it with something -- better. [ Chuckles ]

Yeah. I know.

You know, sooner or later, you gotta make up your mind, right?

I made up my mind a long time ago.

Thank you, Dr. Phil.

Let's just hope the lucky winner agrees.

[ Whooshing, high-pitched sound in distance ]

[ Whispers ] Hey! Don't touch that.

Yeah, I know. Not an idiot.

I just wanna see what, uh, one of these buggers looks like.

[ Whispers ] Matt!

[ Squishing ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Hisses ]

[ Screeches ]

[ Grunts ]

Stay down.


[ Shouting indistinctly ]

Cease f*re!

Cease f*re!

[ g*n stops ]

[ Whispers ] What's going on now?

[ Squishing continues ]

I'll take point.


Shh! Shh, shh, shh.

What is that?

[ Creaking ]

[ Whispers ] Hey, I'm gonna...

Shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

[ Slithering and creaking continues ]

What's that sound?


[ Creaking, shrieking in distance ]

[ Shriek fades ]

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

[ Crunch ]

[ Screeching ]

Oh, I got it!

[ b*ll*ts ricocheting ]

[ Shrieking ]


I'm out! Loading grenade!

Get back!

Everybody, get down! Get down!


Will you marry me?

[ Gasps ] What?

Tom! Get down!

I gotta know. Will you?

[ Click ]

Come and get it, you sons of bitches!

Wolf, don't!

Everybody, take cover!


[ Grenade whistles, expl*si*n, shrieking ]


[ rumbling ]
Hal: [ Muffled ] Dad?!

[ High-pitched whine ]

[ Muffled ] Tom! Wolf!

Anne: [ Muffled ] Tom?

[ Coughs ]

Weaver: Lieutenant?! Tom!

Anne: Tom? Tom!



[ Gasping ]

Matt: Dad?

Hal: Dad!

Make a noise! Say something!


[ Crumbling ]

Tom: [ Coughs ] Yeah?


Matt: [ Muffled ] Say something!

Tom: [ Coughs ] I'm okay.

Ohh. Thank God.

[ Coughs ]

I don't see Wolf.

Is he on your side? Ah!

Weaver: Yeah, he's on our side, but he didn't make it.

You took 'em all out, didn't ya, 2nd Lieutenant Demarcus Wolf?

Well...You made your mom proud.

Tom: Where's Anne?

I'm right here.

Are you sure you're okay?

Never better.

[ High-pitched sound in distance ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Whooshing ]

[ Lowered voice ] Everybody keep your voices down, though.

Doesn't look like we can get through to you from here.

Hey, we're all right, Dad. Don't worry about us.

You keep going. We're gonna find another way to get to you.

We're gonna find another tunnel to the mall.

Let's get out of here.

[ Sighs ]

A-all right, stick together.

Be careful.

[ Whooshing sounds ]

Weaver: Yeah. You, too.

Let's finish this job...

For the ones who didn't make it.


What? Okay.

[ Whispers ] Bye, baby.

[ Panting ] We'll find him.

[ High-pitched sound in distance ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Slithering, high-pitched sound continues ]

[ Slithering, high-pitched sound continues ]

[ Low-pitching beating sound ]

[ Low roar in distance, high-pitched sound continues ]

[ Screeching ]

[ Explosions in distance ]

My God.

They're moving in.

[ Loud whoosh ]

[ Screech ]

[ Clatter ]

[ Rumbling ]

[ Roar ]

[ Heavy running footsteps ]

[ Squawking ]

[ High-pitched sound in distance ]

[ Loud screech ]

[ Low rumbling ]

Female voice: [ Echoing ] Smell the blood.

Smell the blood.

[ Growls ]

Here we are.

[ Whispers ] Anne? Hey, you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just a little tired.

Almost there. We're going to find him.


We're going to get through.


[ Door bangs open ]

[ Rattling sound ]

[ Growls ]

[ Slithering sound ]

If you wanna talk to me, have the courage to look me in the eye!

[ Growls and roars ]


Aah! [ Grunting ]

Is this close enough?

[ Slithers ]

[ High-pitched sound ]

[ Distorted voice ] Do you even know what your people did to deserve this fate?

I don't care.

Aw. Has intellectual curiosity given way to your bloodlust?

We didn't do anything!

Please, allow me... to explain.

[ Whispering ] To explain.

To explain.

[ Beating sound ]

[ Whoosh ]

Queen: The Espheni followed our own prophecy.

We expanded our empire from planet to planet.

[ Voice echoing ]

But earth was unlike anything encountered before.

The only habitable planet in this galaxy.

Immeasurable strategic value.

1,500 of
your years ago, it was inhabited by primitives.

I sent my fiercest warrior to lead the invasion -- my prized daughter.

But you were far stronger than we ever imagined.

You slaughtered her.

[ Voice doubling ] I vowed to return a thousand times stronger to avenge her death...

And wipe out humanity.

[ Huffs ]

[ Stomping, shrieking in distance ]

Well, what did you expect?!

[ Stomping continues ]

You provoked us!

[ Distorted voice ] Those savages consumed the flesh of my daughter to gain her strength, so I am going to consume you.

I will leave your head for the spike.

[ High-pitched rattling ]

The snake of human rebellion will be without its head, and the rest will go, as you say, like lambs to the slaughter.

[ Slithering sound ]

You still don't get it, do you?

You can k*ll me.

You can put my head on a stick.

You failed to learn the lesson for the second time!

We will never surrender!

I think we're a lot further south than we'd hoped.

We'll get to him.

We can take point.

Weaver: Good. Good.

Think you can keep up with me, even without spikes?

I'll kick your ass.

Weaver: Watch your 6s. Watch your 6s.

Let's go.

Let's go. Come on.

Here we are.

Good, good.

[ Anne groans ]


No, no. No, no.

What's wrong?

No, no, don't stop for me.

[ Whispers ] I just need to catch my breath.

[ Echoes ] Oh!

[ High-pitched ringing, rapid heartbeat ]

[ Muffled ] Anne!

[ Groans ] What is it?

Uhh! [ Gasping ]

What's wrong? What happened? [ Panting ]

What's the matter with you? Huh?

[ Whispering ] S-s-- I'm sorry. [ Panting ]

Whoa. Hey, uh, somebody get a medic bag over --

I'm sorry. Over --

I think I got hit by shrapnel.

You got hit by shrapnel?

You -- you got nothing to be sorry about.

[ Whimpering ] Just...

Y-you're gonna be fine.

We're almost there.

I -- hey, I'm not gonna leave without you. Hey.

I'm sorry.

You -- you're all right.

[ Wheezing ]

[ Unzips bag ]

You're -- hey. Hey, friend.

[ Voice echoing ] Hey, friend. We're almost there.

We got you.

[ Whimpering ]

[ Gasping, wheezing ]

[ Weaver whispering indistinctly ]

Don't you go.

We can't go on without you.

[ Grunting ]

Come on. Come on.

[ Grunting ]

[ Stomping, slithering sound ]

Come on!

[ Rapid stomping ]

[ Distorted voice ] Smell the blood.

Smell the blood.

Smell the blood.

Smell the blood.

Smell the blood.

Smell the blood! Smell the blood! Smell the blood!

[ Grunting ]

[ Squish ]

Aah! Aah! Aah!

[ Wheezing ]

Uhh! Uhh! Aah!

[ Continues wheezing ]

[ Slithering and whooshing ]

[ Wheezing continues ]

[ Squish ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Screams ]

[ expl*si*n, scream stops ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Debris falling ]

[ Screams ]

[ Panting ]

[ Explosions in distance ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Whispers ] I'm not gonna go without you, Anne. Okay?

You can't go.

No. [ Gasps and inhales sharply ]

We got it. You're okay.

[ Gasping rapidly ] Don't you go.

Not you.

Don't go.

Don't go.

[ Gasps ]

My friend.

Hey. Hey.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Explosions ]


[ Rapid footsteps approach ]


Did it work?

They're all d*ad.

Every last one of them.

What is it?


[ Inhales sharply ] Anne...

[ Breathing unevenly ]

[ Sniffling ]

[ Crying ]

[ Heartbeat thumping ]

[ Voice echoing ] You are safe and sound.

We come in peace.

[ Heartbeat thumping ]

[ High-pitched ringing ]

Move back.

I have to do this alone.

[ Grunts ]

I did everything you asked!

I believed in you!

I delivered you vengeance!

You saved me so I could help you!

Now you're gonna save her!

Help her!

Help her!

[ Voice breaks ] Help her!

Well, well, well.

[ Grunts ]

The decent folks with the Tennessee, they took me in.

Some humanity.

Imagine that, Tom. [ Grunts ]

[ Groans ] In this day and age.

[ Grunts ]

Taking mercy on the likes of me.

Uhh! Ah!

She's gone, isn't she?

[ Grunting ]

You know...

All this time, I thought it would give me satisfaction... that your suffering... would make me feel better.

[ Clicks hammer ]

Seems only fitting.


I had the jump on you.

[ Wheezes ]

The w*r is over.

I'm done k*lling.

[ Continues wheezing ]

You're a pain in the ass, Mason.

[ Wheezes ]

[ Exhales slowly ]

[ Waves crashing ]

[ Whirring ]

[ Click ]

Woman: ♪ America ♪
♪ America ♪

Matt: And as the world's survivors emerged from the smoldering aftermath, we found that we reached for each other, bonded together in ways we never had before.

♪ And crown thy... ♪

Matt: We need a leader, of course, which is why we're gathered here today.

Matt and Tom: But that need is now truly informed by the consent of the governed, just like the Founding Fathers of America intended.

♪ Shining ♪

Tom: Differences, arguments, even impassioned debate -- these are all good things.

But in the end, we're all in this together.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

This is excellent work.

I'm very proud of you.

You wanna be Secretary of State?

Not really. I-I have a date.


[ Sighs deeply ] They're gonna love it.

They might even ask you to be president again.

I've already said no twice.

Well, you can say no a third time, like George Washington.

Just give a good speech. You know, no pressure.

No pressure.

I'm just a teacher.

Yeah, right.

Professor Emeritus at the new United Nations University. [ Chuckles ]

All the world leaders are gonna be coming around, asking for advice before they do a damn thing.

Well...Still just a teacher.

Watch your language.

[ Taps book ]

Tom: Despite the horror, the loss, the death, the w*r with the Espheni might have ultimately made us better human beings.

[ Indistinct conversations continue ]

We can actually christen a new melting pot -- a worldwide one.

Our first goal -- to welcome those, especially those whose methods we don't always understand.

[ Indistinct conversations continue ]

[ Speaks indistinctly ]

But our newfound openness, our egalitarianism, should never come at the expense of our vigilance.

[ Speaks indistinctly ]

For as the man said, "those who fail to learn from history..."

Good luck.

"...are doomed to repeat it."

And we will forevermore be keeping our eyes on the skies.

Now begins the work of rebuilding our world.


And in that work, we have both the responsibility and an opportunity to apply those lessons.

And if we do, we have a chance to maybe build it just a little bit better than we did before.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Man: ♪ This is my home ♪
♪ This is my only way ♪

[ Cheering continues ]

♪ This is our home ♪
♪ This is our only way ♪
♪ This is our home ♪
♪ This is our only way ♪

[ Cheering stops ]

♪ This is our home ♪
♪ This is our only way home ♪

[ Amplified voice ]

Once upon a time, there was a place called America.

[ Cheering ]

♪ This is our only way ♪
♪ This is our home ♪
♪ This is our home ♪
♪ This is our home ♪

♪ This is our home ♪
♪ This is our home ♪

[ Cheering continues ]

♪ This is our home ♪

[ Cheering continues ]

[ Cheering continues ]

[ Amplified voice ] But now, going forward, borders don't mean what they used to.

Because before we were countries, we were human beings.

And despite the horror, the loss, and the death, the w*r with the Espheni might very well have made us better human beings, because we have discovered we are not alone.

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