01x06 - Season 1, Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Spotless". Aired: November 2015 to April 2015.
Set in London, "Spotless" is the story of a troubled crime scene cleaner, Jean, whose tidy life is turned upside down when his outlaw brother Martin crash lands into his world, entangling them in the deadly dynamics of organized crime.
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01x06 - Season 1, Episode 6

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Previously on Spotless...

I need your help.

It's not complicated.

Won't take long.

I'm taking over the Met investigation into the activities of DCI Tom Kendrick.

It's early days, but anything you know, photographs, logbooks, diaries... anything you think could help.

I know where your wife works.

I know where your kids go to school.

I am gonna make them bleed.

Do you lie to me much?

What? No.

What kind of question is that?

You didn't know that your husband had been in care, did you?

We were put in care, after my father d*ed, for a couple of years.

Where was your mother?

She was getting lost in drink around that time.

I'm offering you our services, in exchange for your protection against Nelson Clay and a little problem that has been following me from France.

We need payment, or our product back.

Show me.

Claire: I'm worried about you.

You look nice.

Who are you getting all dressed up for?

Uh, Michael Hillier.

Works in travel I think.

He saw my website and wants to meet up, he's interested in commissioning 3 pieces.

That's great.

I could retire early and be a kept man.

How many commissions is that now?

Including this one, a mighty 4.

You know, it's early days yet.

Maddy, Oliver, can you get a move please!

Go, I'll take the kids to school.

Julie, go. I can do it, please.




Ready to go!

What is this?

For lessons?

No, girls in my class are reading it.

Is it any good?


So, how do you like your new school?

It's OK.


It needs to be amazing.

It needs to be fun!

It's not the school.

All the other girls are so...

So what?

You know, it takes time to find your place. Until then, just fake it. Like those girls.

Nobody even knows who I am.

Wait for me here.

Excuse me?


I'm so sorry. It's entirely my fault.

Our accountant's insisting on it, I just can't seem to put my hands on the paperwork.

Right, so there are three... three loans, all secured against the house?

No, I knew that. That's exactly what I've got written down in front of me.

Thank you. Thanks so much.


The, uh, main door was open.

Mr Hillier?


I'm sorry, I'm a little early.

No, no, that's absolutely fine.

Please, call me Michael.

I'm Julie.


Thank you.

The spectrum of death.

First love.

A combination that is too much for a young mind.

Best to start early.

Avoid perpetual disappointment.

You're obviously choosing the wrong men.

I agree with that.

I can help you.

That's very kind of you.

I mean I'd f*ck you.

I would never fix you up with some other guys.

Uh, again, thanks for the clarification.

Can we stop with the sex talk? I'm having my hobnobs.

Would you stop doing that? I'm trying to study!

Education's overrated.

Live a little.

That's 'cause you're barely literate.

Will you stop irritating the girl?

As it happens I have a first in political philosophy from UCD, so literacy isn't an issue.

So you can put that in your pipe.

Good for you, man.

I don't like you just hanging around here.

Where do you want me?

Do you really wanna know?

What's that for?


For what?

Sometimes, when we work, I keep things.

What, like souvenirs?

Like a serial k*ller?

From jobs that a certain client makes us do.


b*llet casings, blood samples, fingerprints.

Anything that ties them with Nelson.

You're serious?


I'm gonna use this to find a way out.

This little CSI party you've got going on, isn't worth shit.

In two minutes in court, some smart-ass lawyer would rip it to shreds.

Fabricated, circumstantial, inadmissible, take your pick.

Well, at least it's something.

And when the time comes...

And when do you think that will be?

When you've collected enough fingernail clippings?

Oh, I got it.

I got it.



Hello my friend.

How you doing?

What are you doing here?

Don't worry, everything's going well.

D... don't be nervous, it's early days.


Did you find them?

You didn't find them?

Still alive, aren't you?

So, now...

I'd like you to return the favor.

I'd like to know how Nelson Clay gets his cocaine into the country.

Yeah, no, I don't have access to that kind of information.

So get access.

But, we don't do that kind of service for him.

I know, my friend.

But you'll get the information all the same.

I need a counter-sign on a contract for the Stoke Newington's job, and Padraig needs an extra pair of hands for tonight.

Call Clyde, he's always fishing for more shifts.

Anything I can help with?


There's certain things you're best kept away from.

Didn't think I'd hear from you again.


Going to your apartment, things I said.

I'm a tough girl, I don't scare so easily.

Thank you.

For what?

For just... being nice to me.

Nice is thin on the ground right now.

I wanna see you.


Gimme 20 minutes.

What about something like this?

That's Pennsylvanian cherry wood. It's very practical.

The color can be a bit flat, but I mean, given what you're looking for, it's got a really nice simplicity of form.

Yeah, it's beautiful.

You know, I really like the red of the Madagascar rosewood.

We used to have a piece in that, but don't think I could now, in all conscience.

There's a moratorium on trading it at all, isn't there?

Yeah, that's right. Um, yeah, I mean, there are still a few rogue traders out there, but I know personally I wouldn't go down that road.

My husband says that... that rosewood is coffin material.

He would not have it in the house.



Oh. Well, I'm a fan.

Is your husband in the same line as you?

No. God, no.

Uh, he's in forensics.

What, the police?

N... not exactly. Um, he works for the authorities, uh, cleaning up criminal activity, that kind of thing.

I think it can be pretty gruesome.

Yeah, not for me.

I'm very squeamish.

I'll duck and cover if somebody gets a splinter.

So what about you, do you have a family?

I did.

My wife passed away.

I'm so sorry.

We were very young when we got together.

Yeah, I think it's fair to say you are not your best self, at 19.

Well... she was.

I wasn't.

I didn't behave particularly well.

If I knew then what I do now...


God no, please, no, please...

No, don't apologize.

Right, what happens now?

Do I leave you a deposit?

Uh, yes.


I haven't heard from Victor in over a week now.

I can't help feeling it's just the calm before the storm.

Is it exciting?

What? No.

There's no part of you that gets a buzz out of it?


'Cause at the moment, you're winning.

Even if it doesn't feel like it.

You're alive, aren't you?

You've got more money.

You're here, with me.

Do you like surprises?

I want to take you to dinner.

Well, there's no surprises if you tell me.


This pop up restaurant in Hoxton, you... only pay what you think dinner's worth.


Well, in France, it would close after one night.

You never know what you're gonna get, it's a set menu, and apparently the food is out of this world.


Jean Bastière.


Inspector Squire, yeah, of course.

I could be there in half... half an hour.


Have to go.

But tonight, sounds good.

Um... Hackney?





Tits at lunch.

I love this country.

Could you leave us, Guillaume?


You too, Nico.


But finally, this is the good part.

Or of course it mean we do it old school.

Go on.


But don't let him, try and get...

Get the f*ck out of here!

You're both pricks, you know that?

One more minute with Nico, and I turn the g*n on myself.

You're still mad about that poker game?

I only took what was mine.

15 grand.

How is that the same as stealing a 100 grand of heroin?

What is this?

Dutch courage?

I hate the Dutch.

You hate everyone.

You never understood in all the years I've had to work with you.

Action leads to consequence.

You steal, we come after you.

One follows the other!

See the connection?

Don't you get it?

A man like you is just a part of someone else's bigger picture.

You f*cking ret*rd.

600 euros that cost me.

You got robbed.

f*cking dentists.

Why do you wanna draw this out?

From what I remember, you like things quick and clean.

For once, I don't want to feel detached.

Yassine lets me level the score how I see fit.


Do you think he cares about you?

You're just an att*ck dog.

Sent over here to do his meathead work.

You and me, we are the same.


Thanks for coming down.

No problem.

It's this formal now?

Should I have my lawyer with me?

No, not a all, Mr Bastière.

We're just having a chat, at this stage.

Do you ever meet to discuss work matters with DCI Kendrick at the snooker club on Milford Street?


And as much as it was social, a drink after work, with Kendrick, other police officers.

It's a cops pub.

We understand he met several associates there.

Does the name Eddie Morbury mean anything to you?

Douglas Trencham?

Karl Blakeley?


How about Nelson Clay?

Should I know any of these names?

I can't divulge too much.

These people are long-term targets for us.

Can you tell me if you recognize any of these people?

And take your time.

This one maybe.

Possibly another police officer?

DCI Kendrick's real skill was his network of informants.

Especially those with former links to Eddie Morbury or Nelson Clay.

All known to frequent the snooker club with Kendrick at one time or another.

It's a wretched position, informant.

Always the thr*at of danger.

And when exposed, they can disappear.

We believe all these men to be missing.

Possibly d*ad.

Bodies never recovered.

No, I've never seen any of them before.

Is that everything?

It was a very cloudy world, Kendrick moved in, Mr Bastière.


So I can totally understand if a person might feel nervous talking.

But I'm keen to reassure you or anyone who can help with my investigation, that I would give my full support.

No matter what.

Thank you.

Oh! f*ck!

She's not wasting much time trying to make new friends.

I'm just looking out for you.

With Kendrick gone, I still need to know what they think of me.

So what does she have to say for herself?


My dealings with Kendrick.

Payments for work.


I don't think I'm interesting to them.

She's obviously got a bee in her bonnet.

Your old tags needs sorting.
Nico: "How is it going?"

Expects updates?

He should stick to what he does best, b*lls deep in some whore.

All the time in London, he disappears...

Then, comes back... reeking of sex.

No class.

And the women...

Filthy street bitches.

You're kidding me, right?


You don't know?


Your boy is a cock jockey.

He likes d*ck.

You remember, his "cousin", on a job in Bordeaux?

Nico's gay.

What a pity!

What do you care, where he puts it, as long as it makes him happy?

I don't give a shit about that.

But when Yassine finds out, they'll cut his throat.

Anything that has the stench of weakness.

You know that.

I remember.

I keep on landing on my keys.

Three condoms?

You're an optimist.

I never leave the house without my jacket, man.

Is that what life's about for you?

You tell me something as important.

If you were ever late, or if we couldn't find you, always a woman was involved.

What's the record for missing in action?

Eight days?

Some of us are cursed.

As the saying goes, there is more pull in one single hair of a woman's vag*na, than there is in a thousand horses.


Your ulcers?

That's f*cking k*lling me.

Milk and rum, it's good for your stomach.

What is she, 20, 25?

I bet she bangs like a f*cking...

She's my daughter!

You f*cking animal.

I didn't know you had a daughter.


And swap family photos and Christmas cards?

In this business, I...

I need something just for me.

I tell myself I do this for her.

But by the time you realize your child cares nothing about it... she's grown.

It's always later than you think.

Last year, she got married.

Her stepfather gave her away.

He's a good man.

Smart enough to be wary of me.

Do you have kids?



With the amount of p*ssy you've conquered?

You can go.

You can go home and tell Yassine that the job is done.

I promise you will never see me again.

Like I said, it's always later than you think.

Now you're a philosopher.

Consider time with your daughter.

Living your life in a way that matters.

If you had any kind of smarts, you'd realize, death is the best option for you.

Who'd cry for you?

Nobody cares.

You don't matter.

I matter.

Your mother should have strangled you with the umbilical cordon at birth.

Don't talk about my mother.


Ah, the Mommy issues.

Was she sucking somebody's cock instead of taking care of you?


Oh, there you are. I've been waiting outside.

Come on, you're ready to go?

Hi, Mrs Bastière, I wonder if I might have a word.

Of course.

"Pallor mortis: paleness which happens in the 15 to 20 minutes after death."

"Livor mortis: a settling of the blood in the lower dependent parts of the body."

"Avoiding of the bowels is to be... "


All right, I get the picture.

Mrs Bastière, in my experience, when a boy of Oliver's age, shows an unhealthy interest in...

What's unhealthy?

I mean, OK, maybe... but... most of this if probably copied from Wikipedia, and...

I... I'll talk to him, but...

I don't want to make this bigger than it is.


This isn't everything.

It's what he's been telling the other children about what his father does for a living...

Thank you for seeing me, Mrs Kendrick.

Everyone's been so kind.

I'm sorry for making you come all the way out here.

I'm just not ready to go back there. I just can't face it.

I'm sorry I couldn't make the funeral.

There were 200 people.

Friends, colleagues...

And a few days later, some of the same old faces come crushing through the house like...

They took everything.

Computer. Files.

They even took some of his clothes.

Like it didn't mean anything.

I can't imagine. Losing Tom and then...

The shock of the investigation.

I'm not stupid.

Four holidays a year?

The necklace he bought me for Christmas.

Like all that's possible on a police salary.

I just thought him clever enough not to get caught.

He liked you.

He thought you were decent.

Why shouldn't you all get something extra, hmm?


Is DCI Squire all over you too now?

There... have been questions, yeah.

Does the name Fallowfield mean anything to you?

Fallowfield's got nothing to do with work.

No doubt he got all misty-eyed in the pub.

He always talked about it after a drink or two.

Taken on our honeymoon.

South Downs. Ten days in a run-down cottage.

Above the door.

The name of the cottage.


We decided if it ever came up for sale...

Luckily it did.

He loved that place.

He was doing it up, bit by bit.

It was... his escape, away from everything.

It's empty now.

Something else that's got to be dealt with.

What the f*ck have you done?


You should be d*ad. Not him!


What am I supposed to do now, uh?

You can save yourself.

Shut up!

They know.

They know.

Yassine, Romain, they know.

Know what?

They know that you're gay.

This is bullshit!

I'm not a f*g!

"Anything that has the stench of weakness... "

That's what he said.

f*cking assh*le!

They will k*ll you.

I'm not going back.

That's good.

I'm staying here.

I love London.

Yeah, that's right.

I could do something different here.

Like cook in the restaurant.

That's your dream?


I love it.

It's expressive but free, whether you're straight or gay.

Yeah, whatever.

You think I could?


Thank you.

You're welcome, mate.

Your teacher was worried.

About what you said to the other boys.

I didn't lie.

No, nobody's saying you did.

It was the truth.

Charlie was showing off about his dad.

He's a pilot.

I said that was boring that what my dad does is better.

He works with the police.

He tidies away d*ad bodies, once that have been k*lled.

Now that's not... that's not exactly true.

Or left for ages.

Can you see why that might upset people?

If you talk about it.

And you're gonna tell Dad?

No, I don't have to, if you don't want me to.

As long as you promise to talk to me about... anything.

Can I have some more ketchup?

Light finish, won't block your pores, and the tint is really subtle.

He won't be able to take his eyes off you.

Like they ever notice.

This one sounds like he would.

French and rich.

I didn't say he was rich.

I'd get a ring on it pronto.

He's already married.

There we go, all done.

Thank you.

I'll take the lipstick.


That's £20, then.

Thank you.

They never leave their wives, whatever bullshit they tell you.

I really don't want him to.

I did what you asked.

I didn't ask you to k*ll people. I asked you for protection.

Yes, and I'm very good at it. Look, I protected you to death!

He didn't need to die.

What should I have done? Give him a teddy bear?

Tell him his mother loved him?

He was about to k*ll you.

I was handling him.

Well, it didn't look like it from where I was standing.

Forget it.

f*ck this!

I saved your life.

I'll help you with these two.

And then you're on your own.

You look exhausted.

Hard day?

The usual.

Diner in half an hour?



Am I supposed to keep up the pretense that there's nothing going on?

About finances.

There's nothing going on.

I'd tell you if there was.

I don't think you would.

Not these days.

I'm just tired.


Oh, come on, don't be like this.

Just because I'm tired there's something?

I don't think I can trust you.

Not anymore.

What is that supposed to mean?


Don't ***!

No, get your hands off me!

Was it those horrible French men?

There was a plane crash, and...

I rescued everyone.

You did that one before.

Children, animals, a koala.

That's right.

But only because I'm a superhero, remember?

There's no such thing as superheroes.

That's just made-up stories.

Men in silly costumes.

Well, maybe sometimes the made-up stories are better than the real ones.

What is this?

Burglars came.

Made this man angry, so he sh*t them.

And, now they're all d*ad.


It's OK, we... we can fix them.


They'd been m*rder, because they were baddies.

So, it's good they're d*ad.


I don't want you to talk like that.

Once a man, k*ll another man, it's not just the man who dies that suffers.

I said don't!

I think it's time for you to go to bed, all right?


All right, dear, is everything all right?

You tell me.

Now this is what happens, when you make the decision to be dishonest!

Speak to anybody, I swear... !

Didn't your mother ever tell ya, honesty is the best f*cking policy!

No, Victor!

What do you got to say?


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Get out!

Get out!!


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