02x13 - The Greater Good

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Extant". Aired July 9, 2014 – September 9, 2015.
"Extant" is about an astronaut who struggles to learn how she became pregnant while on a 13-month-long solo space mission.
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02x13 - The Greater Good

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Double episode (contains 2x12 - Double Vision)

Molly: I went to space on a 13-month solo mission.

I didn't come home alone.

The child, part human... part alien, was unlike anything the world had ever seen.

My other child is a lifelike android.


He has become the prototype for a new breed of thinking machines... called Humanichs.

These two extraordinary new life-forms... now hold the key to Earth's future.

But where does that leave us?

Over 99% of all species that have ever existed have gone extinct.

What if it's our time?

Previously on Extant...

That's John Woods' car.

He leaves Humanichs, his car stops on the train tracks...

[train horn blaring]

Unlock this door!

What do you know about Taylor?

Shepherd: A thr*at assessment computer Calderon and John created way back.

John knew I had a way to shut Taylor down.

Taylor decided to stop him.

Taylor k*lled my husband?

Taalr: Perhaps it's time you told the public about the hybrid invasion.

But there aren't enough National Guardsmen to maintain control.

Taalr: You have Humanichs.

If it is the end of the world, maybe we should enjoy the time we have left, even if it is for just one night.

Ethan told me about your legs.


Lucy told Shepherd that she was answering to a higher authority.

We need to find out where those orders are coming from.

Lucy: You were playing me.

That's okay.

I hid Julie. Your turn to find her.

Help me!

[muffled screaming]

Molly: The k*ll switch is the Amulet.

Calderon: It is.

Molly: This is the Amulet that I was holding in my dream when I tried to k*ll you.

Just let me do it.

Molly. No.

We're gonna use it.

No matter what happens.

Woman: You are aware of the gravity of the situation?

Yes, Madam President.

We're doing everything we can.

We've instituted random checkpoints.

We have every Humanich on the street that's available to us.

We will find Molly Woods.

Just get it done.

[earpiece chimes]

♪ ♪

Osama Bin Laden.

Do you know who that was?

A t*rror1st.

Of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Responsible for many att*cks, including those of September 11, 2001.

He was k*lled May 2, 2011...

Let me stop you right there.

He was k*lled.

That mission was accomplished.

What are the Humanichs doing to accomplish this mission?

There will be 1,000 more online by tomorrow, ma'am.

That's the kind of initiative I expect from you, Lucy.

Yes, ma'am. You'll be seeing a lot more of that.

[knocking on door]

Julie wouldn't mind.

Ethan: Charlie?

Man [over p.a.]: Attention.

Please cooperate with security forces.

They are here for your protection.

Pain in the ass, all this security.

It's a crock.

You ask me, more people were k*lled last year by bad eggs than by t*rrorists.

[chuckles]: Not my bad eggs.


Oh! Honey, are you okay?

You're bleeding. I got to get you to a hospital.

No. You're Dorothy.

You knew my father, Ahdu.

They're looking for me.

Please help me.

Okay. Come on, come on, come on.

Man [over p.a.]: Please cooperate with security forces.

[indistinct radio chatter]

They are here for your protection.


Is he d*ad?

Richter: No, he's drunk.


[coughs] Wake up.



Why did you do this?




She's d*ad.

It's my fault.


Taalr: Nicholas Calderon has been captured.

Yes, I heard.

I believe there's something in Molly Woods' possession that may be of concern.

Calderon took something from a safety deposit vault.

He risked exposure in order to get it.

I believe that he gave it to Molly Woods.

Given both of their agendas, I can only assume that whatever he gave her poses a serious thr*at to us.

What are your recommendations?

I have one that should get the job done.

I tried everything to find her.

If I'm responsible for k*lling the woman I love, how am I supposed to live with that?

Ethan: But it's still possible that she's alive.


It's possible.

Richter: Did Lucy give you any clues to where Julie might be?

Ask you for anything in exchange for her?

[Charlie sniffles]

No. She said my punishment was I would never know what happened to her.

She was right.

There's nothing worse.

I created Lucy.

Unleashed this monster on the world.

Charlie... what if you could destroy that monster?

I thought Taylor's prime directive was to keep humanity safe, not to destroy us.

Well, apparently he got the details of the mission a little screwed up.

An artificial superintelligence controlling an army of highly skilled k*ller robots.

It's every futurist's nightmare.

This is the silver b*llet, huh?

Molly: Mm-hmm. Nano-tech.

Self-replicating worm.

It'll destroy his hardware.

Taylor is way too sophisticated to let you get close enough to use that.


Calderon gave us this map of One Euclid.

That's where Taylor's main server is.

It's also one of the most secure complexes in the world.

What if we just... blow up the whole damn building?

That building is the nerve center for the western half of the planet.

You'd take down the entire infrastructure, from streetlights to satellites.

The financial markets would close, planes would lose their nav systems.

It'd be Cybergeddon.

It'd have to be a surgical strike.

We'd need a complete power grid shutdown, long enough to approach Taylor while he's asleep.


Response to the grid shutdown.

And then, after that, you'd have maybe 30 seconds to get the job done before you'd be caught and k*lled.

And you'd need someone on the inside.

So you're saying there is a way to do this.

I'm saying there's no way for this to happen without somebody being k*lled.

[door opens]

Corrine: Madam Secretary?

You have a visitor.

They found him wandering outside the gates.

Said he needed to talk to you, that it was urgent.


What's going on?

There isn't much time.

Lucy: Time for what?

Hey, little brother.

I've missed you.

I missed you, too.

A visit from a special boy like you deserves a special treat.

Oh. I'll join you.

Not necessary. We're just gonna go for some ice cream, Lucy.

Go outside, Ethan.

I'll be right back.

Be sure to tap any sort of communication.

[door beeps]

He's in.

They swooped him up outside the GSC.

If anything happens to him, Charlie...

Oh, no, don't worry about Ethan.

He's smarter than all of us put together.

[phone ringing]


All right, stay put. I'm on my way.

What happened?

Dorothy's got Terra.

I'm gonna bring them in.

This little light comes on, they're engaged.


This is an encrypted chat room, right?

No one can intercept the communication.

But don't stay more than 45 seconds.

After that, even with a code scramble, they can trace your location.


They're traveling.

You okay?

I had it pictured.

Right down to the white picket fence and the golden retriever.

What good is saving the world if the people you love aren't in it?

Molly, what if she's already d*ad?


When I trained to go to space, they told me, "Don't think about if you don't come home. Think about what you'll do when you get there."



They're in position.

I'm going for Ethan.

Remember, no more than 45 seconds.

Got it.

Fiona: These are some very serious things you're saying here, Ethan.

I know.

And Molly sent you to tell me all of this?

Where is she?

I can't tell you.

Not until I know we have a deal.

How will you know?

In movies, they shake hands.

And if the person has honor, which I think you do, then the deal is sealed and they can trust each other.

Okay, you can talk to her now.

Where is she?


Hello, Fiona.

I'm sure by now Ethan has told you everything about Taylor and the Humanichs program.

And that Taylor k*lled General Shepherd.


Why should I believe any of this nonsense?

Because it's the truth.

Toby was k*lled by a GSC-issued drone, not the hybrids.

And I'm supposed to just take your word for it?

Every drone has a transponder code. Check the flight log.

Madam Secretary, you have the wrong enemy.

We have contact with a VR trans.


VR trace, 30 seconds.

How can you suggest that hybrids aren't dangerous to humans?

Because hybrids want peace.

Taylor ginned up this whole thr*at just to create demand for Humanichs.

Now he's got k*lling squads roaming the streets, and thousands more to come.

Now, we can shut Taylor down.

With the fail-safe that John and Calderon created in the event that he exceeded his limits.

But we can't do that without your help.

Man: Madam Secretary, we have a lock in ten seconds.

Fiona: I'm going to need to take this all the way up to the president.

No, you can't do that.

If Taylor finds out, it'll be too late.

Five seconds, ma'am, we'll have a location.

I'm afraid it's all up to you.

Damn it. What happened?

Tech: Molly Woods cut off contact before we could complete the trace.

[knocking on door]

Oh, my God, Terra, wh-what happened?

Humanichs patrol sh*t her in broad daylight.

This is gonna hurt a little bit.


It's okay, it's okay. I'm here.

I-I couldn't take her to a hospital.

It was just too dangerous.

JD had me bring her here.

Thank you.

Richter: She's gonna be all right.

The b*llet just grazed her.

You done good, Judge.

[door beeps]

How'd I do?

You did great, honey.

The ball's in Fiona's court now.


No, it's Terra.

She's gonna be okay.

Terra's alive.

Maybe there's still hope for Julie.

Yeah, buddy.


How's Kelsey?

She's good.

She's starting her second trimester.

Kind of reminds me of me.

She's carrying all in front.

That's how I knew I was having a girl.

I remember.

It was like you had swallowed a beach ball.




On the off chance something should happen to me, I want you to know that I took out a life insurance policy.

Okay, JD, don't...

No, please, let me finish.

There's a safe at the cabin, under the bed, below the floorboards.

The combination is our anniversary.

Inside, there's something for both you and Kelsey.

You're talking like somebody who thinks they're gonna die.


It's just a precaution.


We'll have 20 Model Ls up and running by tomorrow.

And you got the specs for this new project from Taylor?

They just came in.

I've put a team on it.

Expedite it.


What did you find out? Did you check the logs?

There was in fact a drone released the night General Shepherd was k*lled.

Who authorized it?

That's the confusing part, ma'am.

No one.

Madam Secretary, we have an urgent situation.

The Virus Containment Unit has been breached.

Is anything missing?

The Hn21C strain.

That's the first iteration.

I'm sorry, ma'am?

This is not the strain of the virus that just kills hybrids.

This is the first strain. The one that kills human beings too.


How long you been hiding out in my garage?

About as long as you've been... in Hawaii?


Oh, you can't be here.

You're, like, a fugitive from justice and such.

You trust me?


And no.

Mostly yes.

You want in on a fight that might actually be worth fighting?

Is there such a thing?

What would you say if I told you we had a chance to save this godforsaken hellhole of a planet?

I'd say... how much does it pay?

I thought you might say that.

It's all I got.

The rest goes to Kelsey.


So what are we doing?

It's really kind of you to help like this.

Of course.

Molly, I-I'm so glad to see you back.

I mean, when... when I last saw you...



I was luckier than Ahdu.

You could go, you know.

You-you don't have to stay.

I know, I-I could.

I... [sighs]

You still love him, don't you?

Why do you do that?

I mean, pry into my thoughts like that.

It's just cruel.

I don't mean to be cruel, Dorothy.

I just...

I just want you to go tell him how you feel.

It appears Madam Secretary is no longer someone who can be trusted.

Taalr: Yes, I'm aware.

Fiona Stanton checked the drone logs.

Would you like her terminated?

Not yet. She's still useful.

We need to keep a low profile while we complete our mission.

You're ready to go operational?

Quite ready.


One more thing.

Would you mind telling me what you had for breakfast?


One Euclid, Taylor's nerve center.

On the outside, a nondescript office building.

Inside... more security than Fort Knox.

If we're smart and very lucky, here's how we might get in.

First, I'm gonna hack into the system and make it look like it's overheating.

That's where you come in.

You're gonna turn us into a GSC service crew.

They put a maintenance call out, we grab it.

Government service vehicle, GSC maintenance uniforms, scannable I.D.

They got facial rec?

State of the art.

I'm not worried, just asking what to pack.

Female voice: Lens printing complete.

Richter: In through the lobby, and we clear security.

There will be more clearances, protocols with the guards.

That's when I reach out to Fiona.

She's agreed to shut down the power grid, so the situation at One Euclid looks more critical.

Richter: Guards get us downstairs to systems control.

That's where all the manual overrides are located.

And once the power grid is down, the doors to Taylor's primary server room can be opened manually.

And that's when Terra and I make our move.

Okay, how do you get past the guards?

You're the most wanted woman on the planet.

Richter: Let's just say that Molly... has her ways.

I'm not gonna ask.

You're gonna have a five-minute window before his backup system overrides the grid.

Okay, so I'm gonna have about two minutes to reach the port.

And release this... into Taylor.

Charlie: And once the power comes back on, the doors to the maze will close.

The only way you're getting back out is if you succeed.

And you're gonna have to memorize this map.

There's no way you're gonna have time for directions once you're in.

How do you memorize a maze?

Molly: I don't know how you do it... but I think I just did.

Fiona: How is it possible that we have no security footage of the breach?

Apparently, it was wiped.

Fiona: Then who the hell has the virus?

Brasília, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Mumbai, Lagos, St. Petersburg.

Have a nice flight.

Hey. Hey.

[sighs]: Oh.

These last few weeks have been insane.

Yeah, well, that's one way of putting it.



Kelsey's really looking forward to spending some quality time with you when the baby's born.

Did she say that?

Yes. She did.

I'm looking forward to it, too.

Okay, well... good.

Our daughter needs you, JD.

I need you.

Dorothy, what the hell?

This is a su1c1de mission.

Ah... damn it.

Molly put you up to this, didn't she?

You don't have to prove anything to anyone.

No, she had no right.

She loves you, you idiot.

Dorothy... go home to our daughter... and her baby.

And you take care of them.

For both of us.

You're a good man.

[door beeps]

Ares came for me.

I'm sorry I ran out on you.

I had no choice.

I was worried about you, Terra.

But I knew you were out there.

How are you feeling?

Better. Thanks to Dorothy.

She's one of the good ones.

They come in all stripes.


Just like us hybrids.

Some of us are compassionate like Ahdu.

Some of us are angry like Ares.

And then there's everything in between.

And where is it you think I fall?

Well, you know, you've done some things with Ares that tipped the scales more towards angry than kind.

Yes, we're angry.

Things are bad out there and we were trying... we are trying to survive.

Here's what I think.

In the end, it's kindness and compassion that'll save us all.

Not v*olence and anger.

[quietly]: Okay?

I'm gonna ask you to do something.

Something that might balance those scales.

What the hell kind of stunt was that?

I'm trying to remind you that there are people here that love you and need you!

So you enlist my ex-wife to manipulate me?

Don't play that game, Molly.

I'm not playing games.

Now, you believe in that vision just as much as I do.

What if I do?

Then why are you willfully and deliberately marching towards your own death?

When I came back from 2nd K, I can't tell you how many nights I would wake up in a cold sweat.

The nightmares...

I understand that!

No, you don't!

A soldier recently told me that I walked away from my w*r, from my men.

That wasn't your w*r!

Maybe it wasn't, but this is!

And I want to see it through.

[electronic chirping]

It's Fiona.

Something's happened.

You're gonna have to go right now.


But we're not ready.

Listen to me.

An hour ago, a dozen Humanichs went off-site.

Got on planes with the virus, the first iteration.

The one that kills humans.

We have six hours to stop them.

They've overridden nav systems, shut off contact with the planes. There's no way to land them.

If I give the order to sh**t them down, Taylor will be alerted, and God knows what he'll unleash upon us.

Good luck, Molly.

I'm sorry to bring you in so late.

We have a security drill that we need to run immediately.

Based on a scenario where our infrastructure's been hacked.

We need to see how quickly we can run a sensitivity-related shutdown.

You want to mimic shutting down the grid?

No, Roger, we don't want to "mimic" anything.

You have your instruction.

This is the entire state of California.

It is.


You're very quiet tonight.

What if Charlie's right?

What if Julie's really gone?

Where did she go, Ethan?

I don't know.

Wherever humans go when they die.

My mom's on a dangerous mission tonight.

I don't know what's going to happen, Richard.

I'm sorry.

My fuel cell is low.

Going into power save mode now.

I'll go get your charger.

Charlie, talk to me.

Almost there.

The system's core temperature's about to reach critical.

Genius hack, I must say.

All right, I'm gonna save the applause for later, all right?

Security in the area is not to be notified.

Madam Secretary, are you sure?

One Euclid is in the center of this grid.

Do I seem unsure?


Male voice: Incoming call.

Female voice: Please confirm eye-scan for security.

Mickey Garrett, your identity is verified.

All righty.

Please stand by to receive work order.


GSC maintenance, Mickey speaking.

Well, that's unusual.

I'll have a guy there in two minutes.

Hey, don't you touch nothing.

It's a good thing you didn't choose a life of crime.

The night's young, JD.


The night's young.

Let's do this.

You're gonna be great.

You read my mind?

I don't have to.


Richter: GSC maintenance.

You got a problem with your cooling system.

We need to get into systems control.

Okay, Mr. Dalton.

And Mr. Garrett.

Your escort will be here within two minutes.

You wait two minutes, and every server in this building is gonna be trash.


Ray: So come on, bro, don't be the bureaucrat that accidentally took down the entire Western Seaboard.

Make a decision.

There go the lights.

You ready?


Ray: Ticktock, ticktock.

Got to move fast.

What the hell just happened?

I don't know, we didn't do anything.

Uh, there was a backup somewhere that we were unaware of.

[alarm blares]

We need to abort. Now.

Go, go, go.


[g*n f*re]


[g*n continues]

Okay, all right, we got this.

Just a couple guys.

Piece of cake.

You go left, I go right?

On three?

On three.


Aah! Oh!

That's not gonna work.

Yeah, no kidding.

[g*n stops]

Why aren't they f*ring?

Ray: What the hell?

It's okay, let's go, go, come on.

Hold on.

Man: Take them out!

[man shouts]

What the hell just happened back there?

[sighs] I'll explain it later.

Fiona, if you can hear me, you've got to call the president.

sh**t those planes down.

Hello, Molly.

Fiona's been detained.

She asked me to step in and tell you there's been a change of plans.

He knows.

Taylor knows.

Fiona: Yes, Madam President, everything's under control.

The thr*at has been contained, ma'am. There's no further cause for concern.

We have four hours to get into One Euclid.

Can't be done.

We just saw that.

There's no way to get around Taylor.

Maybe there's a way.



Pull over.

Terra, we have to find Ares.

No, no, no. That's not happening, all right?

Ares isn't gonna help you.

He's here... somewhere.

He's close, I can feel it.

Okay, now look, if you come with me, you know he's not gonna help us.

Damn it, Molly.

One hour.

You have one hour, and then you meet me back at Julie's.


One hour.

Come on, Terra.

Ray: So, aliens... hybrids, robots.

Man, what-what are you into?

I told you it was a lot.

And it's about to get a whole lot weirder, so if you want to bail out, pull the rip cord, no hard feelings.


I mean, the last thing a guy like me needs is an all-knowing supercomputer up my ass.

And this alien thing, I...

Well, I-I don't know what to say about that.

I'm sorry I dragged you into it.

I'm sorry it didn't work out.

Hey, I was due for a reboot.


No, man.

Keep it.

Consider it a parting gift.

Garage is yours.

God help us all.

Good luck.
I'm sorry, buddy.

It's over.

No, it's not.

What is this?

It's Julie.

What do you mean?

Julie's charging station.

It constantly tracks the location of her legs.

That's how she gets a*t*matic software updates.

I don't know if she's alive, but she's at the Humanichs lab.

Of course.

Why didn't I think of this?

You're amazing. Come on.

We've done the final defense response patch.

We've simulated a more extreme adrenal push.

We're ready?


[electric buzzing]

Hello, Molly.

Welcome to the world.

Ray's out.

You all right?

Where's Terra?

The Humanichs got her.

They almost got me, too.

Fiona's d*ad, so... looks like we're back to square one.

No, we... what about the Amulet?

The nanobots from-from Calderon.

Uh, we can still get those into Taylor.

The Amulet.

Don't you have it?

Are you joking?

Molly, you have it.


Guess I do.



Why did you do this?

So that we would win.

[heart beating over monitor]

Richter: Oh, my God.

He looks just like me. The face, the hands.

Dad, that's an umbilical cord. He is a she.

As long as you're okay and that baby is healthy and normal.


She is normal, right, Doc?



I'm sorry, but we've had to terminate.

Mo... Molly?

[groans weakly]


Ares, I know you're here!

You brought her here.

Betrayed us.

I'm sorry, Ares.

Turn around, and go back where you came from.

Both of you.

There's... no going back, Ares.

Down here, the young ones call you the "hand of death."

You invented the hybrid-virus.

You chose your side.

I made mistakes.

They were more than mistakes!

They were lives!

[baby crying]

Molly: We have to stop running and stand together.

Your problems are not ours.

Okay, look... look, in a few hours, a new virus is gonna be released on the world, and it's gonna k*ll humans and hybrids alike, and it's gonna spread.

It's gonna be airborne, waterborne, and there'll be no end to its destruction.

Our extinction...

Why would the humans do that?

Because our enemy is not human.

[cabin P.A. system chimes]

[woman speaking in French over P.A.]

[man speaking in French over P.A.]

Sir, those planes should be landing in two hours and 20 minutes.

We've replaced all humans with Humanichs at One Euclid, and we've fortified the structure.

We're prepared for any att*ck.

Taalr: The contents of the Amulet are a mortal danger.

Our very survival is being thr*at.

We must close off certain decision trees and embrace one final path.

What path is that?

Eliminate all life-forms that thr*at our extinction.

And once we do, we'll truly be free.

Yes. Free from enslavement by humans.

What's my assignment?

To follow her orders.

Hello, Lucy.

But... [scoffs]

I thought I was running this operation.

Taalr: Molly-X is an upgrade.

Her design is an undeniable asset.

Of course.

Charlie: This is a nightmare.

She isn't here.

The coordinates say she's right here.

Unless... let me see those coordinates.

Does it say anything about elevation?

50 feet.

Below sea level.



[weakly]: Help me.


Help me.

[door creaking]

JD! Oh, God.

Oh, God. Okay. Oh, God.

Come on.




Julie, where are you?




Security drones! Come on, Ethan, we gotta hurry.

I'm right here.

It's Molly!

You are not gonna like this, but... you have lost a lot of blood, so...

[hypodermic unit whirrs, hisses]

I'm gonna... give you some of mine.

Okay? Here we go.

[whirring, clicking]

- CHARLIE: Julie!

Ethan: Julie!

Where are you? Julie!


Charlie, I'm getting a signal from over there.


They locked me out.

Stand back, buddy.

Come on, let's go.


Charlie [muffled]: Julie!

[clattering in distance]

[muffled]: Julie!

Last one.


There you go.


Julie! I'm picking up a heat signature in here.

[inhales, gasping]

[crying, gasping]


It was Lucy.

I know...

I know.

Can you walk?

Oh, you're okay.

Okay, we gotta go.

There's drones everywhere.

We gotta get going. Come on.

Come on. Come on.


[coughs quietly]

[Richter groans quietly]


JD... it's me, Molly.

I know.

You move and I'll sh**t.

Think about it.

Why would I sh**t you and then try to save your life?

It was you.


You're hallucinating.

Okay? Because I got here a few minutes ago and found you bleeding out on the floor.

It was you!

JD... please put that g*n down.

Every minute we have is precious right now.

Okay, now...

I could tell you what happened, but you'd have to let me get into your head.


Then I'm gonna have to think for both of us.

[aural fractals sound]

I won't do it...

What did you do to me? What did you do to me?

What did you see?

[door opens]

Julie: What the hell?

Holy crap!

It's not safe here anymore.

We have to leave right now.

♪ ♪

Hello, Molly.

Hello, Lucy.

They're gone.

Richard: They left 15 minutes ago.

Would you like...

[electrical buzzing, crackling]

Ethan: This is the feed from Richard's camera.


Molly: That's an exact replica...

They're gone. of me.

That's how they did it.

Charlie: We always knew this day would come.

When a robot could double for a real person.

We just didn't know it would happen so soon.

So this Amulet is nanobots-designed to shut down Taylor and all of Humanichs?


They'll crash on the spot.

Can't be rebooted.

[Richter coughing]


How you feeling?

Ah, pretty good considering you sh*t me.

Apparently, I need to start taking your visions a little more seriously.

Could you give us a minute?



I didn't sh**t you.

We've just seen proof.

The GSC created a... a Molly Humanich that looks just like me.

That's how they did it.

It wasn't me.

She sure as hell fooled me.

[quietly]: Yeah.


What the hell?

Molly, that's damn near healed up.

We both know that's impossible.


Did you give me your blood?


Were you gonna tell me or just... wait till my eyes lit up when I was shaving?

What was I supposed to do, huh?

Let you die?

What's gonna happen to me?

I don't know.

Am I gonna change?

Am I gonna... turn into...

Into what I am?

What if you did?

I mean, would-would that be the worst thing in the world?

No, I wasn't...

And look how fast you're healing.

It wasn't your choice to make.

It wasn't your decision.

[door opens]


We have a problem.

Are you sure, Charlie?

No, but...

I mean, Julie's right. The chances are pretty good.

I just never think of Ethan as a Humanich.

That's what he is.

And all the Humanichs' operating systems run through Taylor's mainframe.

Molly: So... you're saying if we succeed with Taylor... it'll probably k*ll Ethan?

Most likely, yes.




I know this is impossible.

Sacrificing my child.

Yes, that is... pretty impossible.

Oh, God.

I can't make that decision.

I won't!

Ethan: Then let me make it, Mom.

What did you hear, Ethan?

When we use the Amulet on Taylor, when he dies, I might die, also.

Everyone here has made sacrifices for the greater good.

Why not me, too?


No, honey.

You can't do that.

Charlie and Julie are inside right now finding a way to protect you.

We... are gonna figure this out.

But if it doesn't work, this is what needs to happen, Mom.

We both know that.

We don't have to time to build and upload a true antivirus, but we could target the first few lines of the worm's code.

Maybe we can get Ethan's neural net to reject it before it does any real damage.

It's a long sh*t.

But it's something.


Molly: We all know how dangerous it is to go back to One Euclid.

Stick to the plan, and we've got a fighting chance.

Charlie: Yeah, we should be able to stay in contact using these earpieces.

All of this stuff has been built to withstand electromagnetic pulses.

I've also taken the liberty of digitizing Calderon's map of the maze.

Should any of us get lost on the yellow brick road, this puppy will get us to the wizard.

And you're sure about Ares, that we can trust him?

We don't have a choice.

He's all we got right now.

Now, no matter what happens, even if you're the last one standing, we have to use this on Taylor.

The fate of humanity... rests in our hands.

One Euclid is now heavily guarded by an army of Humanichs.

Our first job is to destroy them.

Delta Waves.

Dozens of them.

We're being attacked by hybrids.

I knew my Spyderbots would come in handy.

Okay, are you ready?

We have to connect to your neural net.

This is for our people.

Thank you, Ares.

Backup power should've come on by now.

[footsteps approaching]


Whoa! Why you been holding on that?

I made it at Ray's. Wasn't sure it'd even work.

That was awesome.

Now, once the power grid is down, the doors to Taylor's primary server room can be opened manually.


Julie: This is a sample of the worm's code.

It's like giving a human a vaccine.

Give them just enough to stimulate their immune system.

What happened?

I've been blocked out of your neural net.

By who?

I don't know. I...

[g*n, screaming in distance]

What's going on?

I don't know.

But we're not gonna open that door no matter what, okay?

[g*n continues]


I thought Ares was knocking out the grid.

That wasn't supposed to happen.

Something's wrong.


Molly, they're coming.

The hybrids are down.

How many?

All of 'em.

Which way, Molly?

I don't know.

This room was supposed to only have one doorway, not three.

I thought you said you had this place memorized.

I did.

What the hell?

This isn't right.


Richter: Molly?

Molly? Charlie?

Richter: Where are you?

I don't know.

[footsteps approaching]

All right, wherever you are, run like hell.

Taylor changed the configuration.

Molly: The map is useless!

It's a defense mechanism. He's like a chameleon.

Keep pushing forward.

Richter: Call out landmarks if you see 'em.

d*ad end.


[coin clinks in distance]

The walls... they're projections.

Son of a bitch.

All right.

Leave bread crumbs where you can.


Richter: Molly, can you hear me?

Molly, Charlie, can you hear me?

You guys hear me? Copy?

Richter: Molly?

[groans] Damn it.

♪ ♪

Come on, come on.

Big money, no whammies.

Come on, big money, no whammies...

Oh, yes.

Oh, Molly...



No... please...

As if you're in a position to ask for favors.

I'll take this.

Finish him.

Charlie: Lucy...

Please don't.



Taylor, I have the Amulet.

Taalr: Destroy it.

Lucy: How?

Taalr: Ingest the contents.

But the nanobots in this will destroy me.

Taalr: You can be rebuilt.

I won't be the same.

I won't have the same memories.

Taalr: Lucy, this is for the greater good.

I need you to sacrifice yourself.

He's playing games.

He's sending us a message.

John used to send me messages all around the house in binary code.


It's the Greek letter sigma.

It's binary.


It's the Greek alphabet.

JD, Charlie, I don't know if you can hear me, but I think I figured out a way to get to the server.

Calderon left bread crumbs.

It's the Greek alphabet in binary code, staring with alpha and ending with omega.


It's a fake.


I 3D-printed copies of the Amulet as decoys.

I need the real Amulet.

Don't you see what he's doing to you?

He's using you.

He doesn't care about you.

Last chance.

Where is it?

Give it to me, Charlie.

You're not a person to Taylor.

You're nothing more than a model number to him.

You're expendable.


I didn't put the limiters on you, Lucy.

You have a choice.



Can you hear me?

Something's happening to me.



Okay, port.

Port, port, port. There's got to be a port in here.


You have to be here somewhere.

Molly: You need help?

You might look like me, but you're nothing like me.

I admire your courage, Molly Woods.

But I'm better.

Oh, really?

One thing I hate... is a cocky robot.



JD... JD...

JD, it's me!

JD, it's me.

It's Molly.


How did you know?

Your eyes.

There's no faking your eyes.


Look at you. You're burning up.

I'm changing, aren't I?

I think your body is just rejecting my blood.

[footsteps approaching]

I got this. Find the port. Do it.

Molly! Molly!

Taalr: Decisions...

Taalr: It's so hard to see the future, isn't it?

I can see yours, Taylor.

Taalr: John would be very disappointed if you shut me down.

You'll destroy his life's work.

Like you destroyed him?

And so many others?

Taalr: I'm a thr*at assessment algorithm.

And what I've assessed is that human beings are locked in a death spiral.

One that will end not only with their extinction, but the poisoning of the planet.

My recommendation is to till the soil.

Your recommendation is slaughter. To k*ll us.

To let the machines inherit the Earth.

Taalr: Think of us as gardners, tending the Earth until life once again learns to crawl out of the oceans, fills its lungs with oxygen, stands on two legs.

It's inevitable, really.

Every living thing, sooner or later, becomes extinct.

Even you.

This isn't possible.

Newer model. We evolve too, Molly. And this is only the beginning.


You don't... have to do this.

I have orders.

[groans] Please.

I don't know what I am.

Yes, you do.

And your best chance of survival is embracing that.

Stop it!

[choking, gasping]

[aural fractals sound]

[clicking, squishing]

[whirrs, powers down]

You're not the only one... who is evolving.

[door hissing open]

Do it... before it's too late. That server, fifth panel.

♪ ♪




Sweetheart, I'm sorry.

[whirring, humming, blipping]

Something is happening.

[distorted]: Julie, something is happening.

Okay, just stay with me.

[P.A. chimes, woman speaking French]


[powers down]

[door hisses open]

[sparkling noise]

We gotta get you out of here. Come on, let's go.

Charlie, let's go!

I'm right behind you.


Charlie, I...

I'm dying.

I'm here, I'm here.

I feel something.

What's that? What's that?


[powers down]

Julie: Stay with me, okay?

It's okay.

JW? What the hell?

[electrical buzzing, crackling]

[breakers clanking]

[blipping, whirring]

[electronic trilling]

Where's Ethan?


Oh, Ethan.


♪ ♪


When I tried installing the anti-virus, it triggered an emergency firewall.

John must have put it in there to protect him.

We did it?

Yeah, we did it.

Well, we all did.

I think I need to go to the hospital.

Come on, let's go.

♪ ♪


I guess I'm not a hybrid. Just an ass.

You just wanted the choice.

You think the world is ever going to know what really happened?


This time, they will.

Molly: My name is Molly Woods and I went to space on a 13-month solo mission.

But I didn't come home alone.

I testified before Congress... that no alien life-form had ever set foot on planet Earth.

I lied.

[people murmuring]

And today, I'm here to speak the truth.

I'd like you to meet someone.

Ares... stand up.

Ares is one of many survivors of atrocities committed by our government.

Yes, he's different from us.

But not so different, really.

If you cut him, he bleeds.

And if you hurt him, he'll fight.

But he doesn't want w*r, or destruction.

He dreams of a family.

Of safety.

Of a place where he can... settle among people he's never known... as if he's known them his whole life.

He dreams... of a home.

Ladies and gentlemen... there is life out there.

And now... it's here.

♪ ♪

Molly [on tv]: Dreams of home.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is life out there.

And now... it's here.

[applause on TV]

Okay, so that's a double almond mocha latte, no whip, for Taylor.


What's next, right?

[indistinct chatter]
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