01x04 - Winter

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV miniseries "This Is England '90". Aired September 13 - October 4.
"This Is England '90" looks at rave culture and the 1990 FIFA World Cup.
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01x04 - Winter

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( Door clicks )

Andrew, hi.

Hi, love.

Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Come on in.

That's OK.

It seems the more hurry, the less of the day, sometimes.

Here, grab a seat.

So I just have to take a few details to get our files up to date.

It is Gascoigne, isn't it?

Yeah. It is, yes.

Am I right in saying you have moved from Lorraine's, have you?

Yeah, I've got my own place now.

My probation officer helped me get a place just round by the garden centre.

Lovely. How is that going?

Yeah, good, it's OK, yeah.

Once you have a bed and a kettle, that's it, really, isn't it?


The rest will come. So what's the address there?

It's 53...


Brookehay Drive.

H-A-Y, is it? Brookehay drive? Grand.

So just the formal bit now.

Just to tell you, it's a clock in, clock out system.

So we sign everybody in and everybody out, so just, for insurance reasons, if the place goes up in smoke, that I don't go down with it!

So we get everybody registered in the morning, and then again when they go out, and that's it.

So you can do it yourself.

Just like clocking off?


Exactly, just sign in. So when you come in every other day, do it yourself, you're here today, we will get that done before we give you the tour around.

So I'll just get you to sign there for me.

Yeah, sure.

There. That's great.

Official now, that's it. You're locked in!

There is a forgotten word, no -- an almost forbidden word, a word that means more to me than any other in the world, that word is "England".


( Applause )

Once we flaunted it in the face of the world, like a banner.

It was a word that stood for respect.

A word that stood for power.

A word that stood for influence.

A word that stood for freedom.

Now we are scarcely allowed to mention the name of our own country.

I want to revive that word.

I want to revive a grand old word, and that word is "Englishman".

( Shouts of agreement )

( Applause )

Now, people have tried to marginalise us.

They call us cranks.

We are not cranks.

People call us r*cist.

We are not r*cist, gentlemen, we are realists.

There's a reason for this.

There's a reason why the press, and the powers that be attempt to pigeonhole us.

Put us on the margins.

There's one word.



They fear us, gentlemen, because we are the true voice of the English people.


f*cking king, yeah? I'm talking!

It is time, gentlemen, to stand up and be counted.

( Applause )

The game is afoot.

I can see you straining like greyhounds in the slip.

The time has come to stand up and take our country back, which is being stolen from beneath us.

( Cheering and applause )

Gentlemen, are you ready to return to the fight?

All: Yes!

Are you thirsty for blood?

All: Yes!

Are you ready to defend this country with your last breath of life?

All: Yes!

Then join this band of brothers and sign for the National Front, now.

( Cheering and applause )

You f*cking n*gg*r!

So it's nice to have Lisa back, then?

Oh, God, yeah. It felt like forever.

I bet.

No, it's good. She's doing great.

She's got a bloody appetite on her though, and I'm worried it's because she has been with Ant.


Honestly, like, you know, wanting something straight after her breakfast.

Oh, God.

Got to nip that in the bud. But no, she's great.

You'll have a lot of fun today.

She can't wait to see you.

Aw! Bless her.

Jimmy's walking, so that'll be fun.

Oh, delightful.

Thanks for doing this.

No, it is all right, no bother.

So, what are you actually planning today then? Just going round...?

Yeah, just sorting out the wedding, getting everything organised.

One thing I do know is obviously you are going to be my bridesmaid, which goes without saying.

Thank you. Half expected.


Something else I wanted to ask you.


A little favour.

But say no if you don't want to do it, because it might be a bit weird.

But I haven't got anyone to walk me down the aisle.

I wondered if you'd do it.

Really? Really?

Yeah, do you mind, or...?

I would love to!


Course I would!

Thanks, mate.

Oh! Thank you!

It means so much.


Oh, that's lovely. Cheers. Thank you. I'm well chuffed.

It'll be good, won't it?


Radio: Waterfall by The Stone Roses ( Music continues )

All right, bud, I'm off to Fresh N Go, get all the usual bits and bobs.

I was thinking, them Sunday lunch microwave meals we had the other day, shall I get a few of them?

No, they're disgusting. Made me have dribbly bum.

Why don't we go fresh? I'll cook something.

What we going to cook?

We'll cook chilli. We can have it tonight, and for the rest of the week we can just dive in, can't we?

How do you cook a chilli?

I know how to cook a chilli.

Do you?


I've never seen you cook a chilli, mate.

I know how to cook a chilli.

Right, OK, so what do I need to grab?

Uh... Mince. Tomatoes. Beans.

And some hot powder.

All right, sound.

See you, mate.


( Knock on door )


Are you decent?


All right?

Yeah. How you doing.


How's it going?

Yeah, good, yeah.

How is college?

It is good.

Really enjoying it. I didn't think I would be.

But I'm really getting into it.


Me and Mr Sander have got you a little gift.

It's an early Christmas gift.

And, uh, yeah, anyway, open it.

It's not a new one, mind, but it's as good as.

The man in the shop said only one person had had it before, and...

Jesus, Mum. I bet it cost a b*mb!

Do you like it?

Love it!

Well, it don't matter, it's worth it, it's an investment in your future, Sean.

I know you have been working hard, and it means a lot to me, that.

It must have cost you a b*mb.

No, it's nothing, is it, money?

You can practise.


Some good Crimbo pictures.

It's got all the bits and bobs with it.

Jesus, even got some lenses.

Yeah. They do wide ones and stuff!

Thank you.

You're welcome, love.

So I don't know about you but the most important thing on day one anywhere, is where's the tea?

So that is through here.

Pool table there, as you see, the kids come in and use it occasionally, and sometimes people in town pop in for a cup of tea and a chat...

OK, so they just come in off the street?

Exactly. Yeah.


So this is our children's library and we have story time in the morning with the kids.

There's a mother and baby group, after-school groups sometimes, and the adult library is down here.

Actually, I was going to talk to you about this, sometimes the older ones have literacy issues, I don't know if you have any background with that?

Yeah, when I was in prison, I used to help some of the young lads learn to read and write and stuff.

Brilliant, great. So that is one job I have for you!

OK, nice one!

Sometimes they are very basic problems, sometimes they have more profound dyslexia and they can't...

You know, they have to start from scratch.

OK. Yeah.

So obviously that is brilliant that you have a bit of background, so whatever you feel you can do with them, I don't imagine you'll be here all that much in this area, except for that, but it's just to show you that area, so that's that.

I'll show you the hall. The ladies here have the tea if you need it.

♪ Neighbours ♪
♪ Everybody needs good neighbours... ♪

( Breaks wind )

You f*cking dirty bastard.

It's actually the first time that I'd done it. Oh, aye?

Say something.

Can I take it off you? Is that all right?

Take that off your hands before a problem occurs?

Just what I got told, it'd calm my nerves.


So I thought I'd give it a go.

You're going to have to go now, Kell.

Can't we talk about it?


You don't need to be like that, mate.

Take your stuff, Kelly, and f*ck off out my house, now.

You f*cking idiot, man.

f*cking hell.

What's she waiting on the corner for?

What's wrong with her?

What's up?

What time do you call this?

You said f*cking quarter past.

It is quarter past!

It's not, it's 25 past. Come on.

I'm f*cking freezing.

All right, listen, before we go in there, you can't smoke inside the house, you know.

Right, I can't smoke.

And don't swear.

Yeah, I'm not five. I've been out before.

Where are we going, to see the f*cking Queen?

All right.

Kind of, yeah.

All right! How am I supposed to get my arse in here?

Just have to squeeze in. Come on, hurry up!


f*cking pigsty.

How are you getting on, love?



That's yours, isn't it?


That's your stuff down here.

What are you going to tell Gadge?

I'll tell him I caught you doing heroin in the toilet, Kelly.

I'm sorry.

There's something about immediacy which is really, really important, and what we're going to talk about now is the decisive moment.

So, in 1952, when Cartier-Bresson produced his first book, it had a French title but the English translation was "the decisive moment".

And this actually came from a cardinal in the 17th-century.

His name was Cardinal de Retz, and this cardinal, for some reason or other, wrote that every moment in the world has a decisive moment.

And this struck Bresson, Cartier-Bresson, as defining what, for him, photography was about. So, there was no setup.

It was just a 50 millimetres lens on a Leica, and he quite often wrapped the Leica in loads of black tape, so that, so there were no sort of shiny bits, it wouldn't stand out, so he could really get in amongst people and places and just take pictures.

He wouldn't crop them, he wouldn't edit them, he would just take them as they were.

And I suppose the trick is really to take that photograph in the moment, you know, in a fraction of a second, it's composed, the event is captured.

And, somehow, something of meaning's captured in it.

And that's what I want you to do.

So, you're going to go out, and you're going to look for that decisive moment.

Right, six, four, one and seven.

Yeah? Six, four, one, seven. Where's six, four, one, seven?

Who's six? Come on, lads. It's not rocket science. Who's six?

Who's six?

I'm five.

Who was six?

I'm seven.

Who was six? Come on, who was six?!

Right, so what, what, right, yous lot, we're here. Yous are down here.

Yeah? Yous are down here.

Right, Annie, you throw it off, love.

You threw it to us, yeah?

Right. Ready?

Annie, come on.

Come on, then.

Well in!

Hiya, girls.


( Shouts and cries )

So, thank you, everybody, for coming, uh, to the meeting.

Um, shall we start?

Shall we, uh?



OK, so why don't we start with Woodford Hall.

So, this is this place that we've visited.

It's absolutely lovely, isn't it?


Have a look at the brochure.

Oh, thank you.

Brought you one of those back.

And, um, look, you tell them about Woodford Hall.

Well, I've discovered recently that I'm actually related to the Woodfords of Woodford Hall.

I've been doing a little bit of research into my family, to the ancestry. I've gone down to London and checked the records, and apparently I'm the... great, great, great, I think it's, uh, great, I think it's six or seven greats.

Something like that, yeah.

Uh, grandson of Sir Richard Woodford, who was actually with Wellington.


At the Battle of Waterloo.


And, uh, so therefore I'm related to the Woodfords of Woodford Hall, and as a result of that, we have been able to do something of a deal.


They've given us a reduction.


So, usually, if you're just a normal person, it's £2,000.

But because of the family connection...

Because of my, uh, connections, as it were, they've reduced it to £1,200.

£800 cheaper.

£1,200. It's still quite a bit.

Well, it is but it's a very...

It's a huge reduction. - .. exclusive.

I, uh...

It's lovely.

I haven't got £1,200.

Oh, no.

No, no, you don't have to worry about that, love, because we can, uh, yeah, we can pay for it, can't we?


We're all right, yes.

I'm, you know, I'm the bride's mum, so I pay for the wedding.

Yeah, but you don't need to.

Honestly, we're happy to do it. Really, we'd really...

That's nice of you but...

We'd love to.

We'll pay for it.


Music: Here Comes Your Man by Pixies So, where are you heading off to?

Um, I'm going to go up to the flats, I think.

You know, just behind the train station, the big high rise ones.

Not really!


I don't really know the area...

Oh, do you not? - .. if I'm honest.

Oh, yeah, it's good up there. It's nice.

Whereabouts are you going?

Well, I wasn't sure.

I wondered if maybe I could tag along with you.

Yeah, of course.

If that's OK.

Yeah, course it is, yeah.

Yeah, it's nice up there. It looks really good on the camera and stuff.


You free now?

Yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah, let's do it.


Thank you.

That's all right.

Hey, mate.

What's happening, mate?

I couldn't get any of them little cherry tomatoes but I got some big 'uns. We can... cut them up and that.

What's up with you?


What's up?

Nothing, mate.

Where's Kel? She still in bed?


Where is she? She gone out?

She don't live here no more. She smokes heroin.

She f*cking smokes heroin, where have you heard that, dickhead?

I didn't f*cking hear it, mate, I saw it.


I caught her doing it.

I went to the toilet and she were there, mate, sat on the f*cking bath, burning that foil, sucking in that f*cking smoke, doing heroin, basically, Gadge.

So, what have you done, you've just f*cking thrown her out, have you?


Yeah, in middle of winter.

Who gives a f*ck?

Chucked her out, she's got no-f*cking-where to go, Harvey, yeah.

I'm sure she's warm.

I'm sure she's warm.

What do you mean you're sure she's f*cking warm?

It's freezing out there!

No f*cking heroin in here, man!

No f*cking heroin! My f*cking mate!

She's my friend, Harvey!

What the f*ck does she do for us, Gadge?

Why is it give and take?

She takes the f*cking piss, man!

How does she take the piss?

How does she take the piss?

Are you f*cking blind?

She's your friend!

Are you f*cking -- you f*cking mug!

( They shout unintelligibly )

I'm telling you, mate, she'll f*ck anybody but she won't f*ck you, will she?

f*ck off!

You f*cking mug.

f*ck off!

You f*cking donkey.

You f*cking joey.

f*ck off!

I swear to you, you fat f*cking prick.

f*cking hit me, knobhead!

You f*cking prick.

Prick! f*ck off!

f*ck off.

f*ck OFF!

f*cking DICK!

f*cking... f*cking prick.

It's a shame we can't get all the way up to the top and go into the flats and check.

Are you not allowed?


I think they're locked now.

Rather than being closed, I think.

It looks pretty quiet around here.


What are you doing, you nutter?

Do you need a life model?


Do you need a life model?

( They giggle )

I started just with a colour palette really, thinking about what might work for us bridesmaids.

So, although the peach and the cerise are quite clashy on the page, actually, when you see them in person, I think they work really well.

Yeah, stands out, doesn't it?

So, I thought about that for maybe dresses, sashes.

Bouquets, obviously, you can bring in different colours there.

The flowers can be matching the dresses.

Erm, cake.

Everybody's favourite bit of the wedding.

Cake, and my Auntie Karen's actually a professional cake maker.

So, if you wanted something knocking up in this similar sort of style, we could look into that.

Perhaps go a little bit modern and not have fruitcake, have different cakes, chocolate, lemon, Madeira.

That's something to think about.




Here we go.

So, I've kind of, I've done a real mix.

Why are there no heads on them girls?

I was thinking of Lorraine, and thinking she might want to imagine herself on the bride, and it wasn't very helpful having really beautiful girls getting in the way if you're imagining...

Yeah, I'll take that with a...

So, there's a few different choices.

Er, she picks her dress. Jennifer, she picks her dress.

Yeah, of course. I mean, it's just ideas.

It's a real hotchpotch.

A bit of research really.

Spent ages on it. She won't admit it.

But, Jennifer.


This is, you know, a load of effort's gone into this and I do appreciate it.

One thing I want to talk to you about is what you said at the start when you got up about being my bridesmaid.


I haven't asked you, Jennifer. I don't mean to be...

It's just a bit unusual, isn't it? Because we went out, and then...

I know, but I thought, with me being part of the family.

Part of the family.

Not my family, though.

You're not family, are you?

It's quite traditional to have a sister-in-law as the bridesmaid.

You're not family, Jennifer.

I've never asked you.

She is.

No, she's not.

To us, she is.

Yeah. But she's not.

I mean, I've started planning the hen party, I've got a few ideas for you there.

Some good ideas.

You are very...

I want to put this really nicely, and just be really direct, Barbara.

Richard, just be really honest with you all, because this is the first wedding meeting. And it's going great.

And it's just some decisions that can be made now.


So, I don't want you as my bridesmaid.

I'm sorry if it upsets you. I can see the amount of work you've gone to.

This is probably great for your wedding, when you get married one day.

This is lovely, but it's just not me, really.

And also, we're not really friends, Jennifer.

I have to be chief bridesmaid.

I don't really know you, do I?

Just as my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.

Jennifer! Let's get this clear, you're not a f*cking bridesmaid.

( They talk over each other )

I'm trying to be nice.

( They all talk at once )


There's no need to swear. No need to swear.

Why are you upset?

I'm just telling it as it is.

What's she on about? She hardly knows me.

Why is she trying to be my bridesmaid?

Are you happy now? Happy now?


Upsetting somebody, reducing somebody to tears when she's put in so much work?

Barbara, we don't need it. It's down to them two.

Actually, the person who sent her out the room crying, that wasn't Lorraine. I've not heard Lorraine speak, actually.

You seem to have a lot to say about yourself about this wedding.


I seem to have a lot to f*cking say? You never shut the f*ck up.

Excuse me, do you have to talk like that?

Yeah, I do.

( He knocks at the door )


Hi, love.


Some great old footie players in there.

You look a dab hand yourself.

Is it all right if I nip out and grab a bacon butty? I'm starving, I had no breakfast this morning.

Yeah, sure.


Do you want me to grab you anything?

Erm, no, thanks.

I've my lunch in the fridge, I'm grand. Thanks a million.

See you in a bit.

See you, take your time.



Ward one r*cist.

I'm only joking.

Hi, Milky.

Hi, Combo. Long time no see.

Mate, I've been meaning to come and see you.

I'm here now.

You look different with hair, don't you?

Look, mate, can we do this another time because I've just started a new job?

I know, I know.

It's your first day today.


No, we've got to do it now.

Do what? I mean...

What do you want to do, kick the f*ck around with me or something?

No, Combo.

Look, we live in the same f*cking town.

We're going to bump into each other eventually, aren't we?

I just think, you know, have a man-to-man, over a cup of tea or something.

I ain't going to do it here, it's f*cking freezing.


All right.

There's a few things I want to say to you as well, do you know what I mean?

I imagine there is.

Shall we jump in the car?

You don't have to come.

No, yeah, yeah, let's do it. Yeah, yeah.

( Engine starts )

Shut up! Just for a minute.

Watch your voice!

I have got enough money to pay for my daughter, my daughter's wedding, Barbara, not your f*cking daughter, all right?

What sort of wedding would that be for £200?

Some skanky little working men's club or something?

There's nothing wrong... Listen!

You're just a tweed-clad snob, in my opinion.

( They all shout )

Can we calm down?

Don't put your f*cking hands on me!

Do not put your hands on me, I'm telling you now.

Just calm down, love, just calm down, no need for all of this. Absolutely no need.

You're quite different.

Yes, aren't I? Thank God for that.

That's fine.

I don't mind you're a lesbian.

Oh, here we go!

Oh! Is this what it's all about?

I've got nothing against lesbians.

I just think, no, I'm not surprised, to be honest, given the sort of men you used to hang out with, I'm not surprised you're a lesbian, I'd probably be...

Don't f*cking dare!

( They all shout )

Get your f*cking hands off me. Don't you f*cking touch me.

Sit down, you f*cking cretin.

f*cking touch me.

What the f*ck?

You all right, Mum? Oh, dear me.

I can't believe you've done that, Chrissie.

Why would you do that?

What did she have in her hand?

Wow, look at this.

Yeah, it's different, isn't it?

What are you thinking about doing after college?

Are you going to go to uni or something?


Maybe fashion, St Martin's.


With photography. Maybe.

I'm still kind of deciding, to be honest.

That would be good, combining the two.

That's a very good idea.

This is really good, you know. I'm really enjoying it, this term.

Yeah, I am. I'm really enjoying it, I'm getting into it.

Oh, wow.

Yeah, it is really good.

Look at the light around here.

You can see straight through, it's so strange.


Gadge, mate, what's up?

Mate, f*cking hell.

Just looking for Kelly, mate, that's all.

Wait, what's going on?

Mate, f*cking hell.

Harvey's kicked her out, the shit's hit the fan.

I'm just going to go look for her, mate.

Mate, Gadge, no, I'll come with you.

No, Shaun, honestly, don't.

Mate, I'm coming with you.

Listen, you don't mind?

No, go.

You know the way back and everything?

Yes, the way we came when we got the train.


Don't worry about it.

I'll see you tomorrow at college.

I hope your friend's OK.

Thank you.

See you later.


Gadge, f*cking hell, mate, what's the matter?

What's been going on, mate?

I can't even f*cking say it, mate.

Gadge, help me out, pal, what's going on?

Harvey's kicked Kelly out of the flat.

f*cking heroin.

I'm not being funny, Milky, but where are we going?

We're going for a cup of tea.

We could have stopped at about five or six cafes back there in the town.

If you didn't trust me, Combo, then why did you get in the car?

Because I want to talk to you.

Just sort of, you know, thrown around the room, wasn't I?

Didn't know where I was.

It's an actual handprint there.


On my face?



Oh, it does feel really sore.
Oh, Mummy.



Hello, love.

Hi, Dad.

Are you all right?

Chrissie, I don't want any more trouble.

You've made your point.

She's come to say sorry, just chill out a bit.

Stop being such a drama queen.

All right, Barbara?

I will be, thanks, love, yeah.

Go on.



I'm sorry.

Can you not hear it? Just you stand there for projection.

Swap places.

Are you listening now?


I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Thank you, love.

And, Chrissie, I'm sorry too for what I said about you and... your lady friend. Is that all right? Lady friend?


We all say things we don't mean sometimes, don't we?

Yes, we do, Dad.

Yeah, we do. Now, I think it's time to discuss the wedding, right?

It would be nice to get those things sorted, wouldn't it?

And then we can all... Yeah?

Right. So, starting off with the service...


Me and Woody have agreed that we'd love a church wedding.

Oh, oh, that's lovely.


And we'd love it if you would look after that side of things -- the cars, the church. -- Of course, yeah.

I know it's expensive but you've offered -- and it's such a kind gesture. -- We'd love to.

It's nothing. It would be our pleasure.

Yeah, and the next thing is the reception...


.. which my mum's going to sort out.

At Woodford Hall.

Not at Woodford Hall.


Because we just felt that it wasn't right for us and the Miners Welfare Club means a lot to me.


Yeah, it's where my grandad used to drink a lot and I just think...

We can relax there. It's what we're used to, Mum.

And my mum's going to do the buffet because she's, you know...



It's a cold buffet. She does a bloody brilliant buffet.

She's brilliant at it.

Oh, really!

And she can cover all that cost, it's all in budget and we've spent quite a bit and we're going to tart it up and make it look lovely so that's sorted.


That will be fine.

So next bit... Jennifer...

I thought about you being my bridesmaid and because of you two and the thing you had, I'm going to find it a bit hard, if I'm honest.

It comes down to the fact that you two were together and I've got a streak of jealousy in me and I just...


Woody's told me that you two were really close and that you did things together that we've never done together and because of that I can't let you be my bridesmaid, but I would love for you to be my flower girl with Lisa.

Chief flower girl.


That's fine, I think.


You don't seem that happy about it.

No, I...

Flower girl could be lovely.

Yeah, that would be really nice.

Thank you.

It's such a big job.

Really, you don't need to feel thr*at by a me at all.

All I want us to be is, like, family, we were just saying.


I'm sure once we're married I'll feel differently and we can build on that.



So, everyone's happy, we've all got our jobs.


And we can crack on with the day.


Thanks, guys.

Thank you.

We'll speak soon.

Yes, we bloody well will.


-- See you later, guys. -- Cheerio.

Bye, then.

Love you, son.

Love you guys.

Love you.

All right?

Yeah. Yeah, it was really great.


I thought you was going to put me in a ditch before.

Crossed my mind.

And now we're here.


And I want to thank you for this opportunity.

What I did to you that night...

No man should do that to another man.

It was despicable.

It was evil.

Combo, I was...

I wasn't a man.

I know you was a boy.

What kind of a man does that make me?

That makes me a coward.

Wasn't even about the colour of your skin.

I was jealous.

I was jealous of your family... the love that you had in your life.

It's no excuse but... you know, I had f*ck all.

But I'll never forgive myself for what I done.


And I know you'll never forget.

And I promise you I will spend the rest of my life trying to earn your forgiveness.

I just want you to know... from the bottom of my heart... I'm so sorry.

What this?

f*cking hell.

There's promises, Combo, that were made.

All my family sat around my bed, didn't know if I was going to make it.

You did that.

I'm sorry.

I forgive you.

I just hope one day you'll be able to forgive me.

So I'm with you boys, then, yeah?


Let's get in.

f*cking hell, Kel, you all right?


It's f*cking freezing.

You all right, Kel?

Yeah, cheers, Shaun.

This is where you scattered your dad's ashes, innit?


No f*ck comes here, though, do they?

Oh, come here.

No, I'm all right, I don't really want a hug, thanks.

Kelly, I'm not the one who's throwing you out, you know that?

I didn't say you was.

Kel, what Harvey's done was bang out of order.

I've gone f*cking mad at him.

He was right for what he did.

No, Kelly.


Kelly, he wasn't f*cking right.

Not one bit.

Look, you don't have to defend me all the time, so stop doing it.

Kel... I've been thinking and my gran's always on about how she'd love to have me back at the house and that, helping her out and she f*cking loves you and she's got a boxroom you could decorate, you could put your things in... It'd be like home.

I don't really want to stay at your gran's, Gadge, but thanks.

You know you're always welcome at mine as well, don't you, mate?

My mum's always said, you know, that...

Yeah, thanks, Shaun.

I've already rang a mate anyway, so I'm kind of sorted in that regard.

What mate have you rang?

It's none of your f*cking business.

I have got other mates, Gadget.

I know you've got other mates, Kel.

Well, that's fine, then. Let's leave it there.

Look, Kelly, Harvey told us what you were doing in the bathroom and that.

Yeah, I'm sure he has.

Kelly, we're your mates, us lot.

It's just a problem, Kel, and we'll help you get through it.

In a year's time, we'll look at this and we'll be laughing at it.

Is this funny to you? Is this hilarious? Oh, brilliant(!)

You know what I mean.

Kelly, just...

Don't f*cking touch...

I don't understand why you're touching me.


Why did you do it?

Just move up the bench and just leave me alone cos you just keep coming in and you're really starting to piss me off.

I don't know what to say to you.

You're acting like my mam, just shut up!

Kel, we're only here to help, we're not...

We're not here to get on your back or...

Thank you.

You know, we're not here to piss you off or tell you what to do, we just f*cking worry about you, mate.

Thank you, Shaun.

You know how much we love you.

We do love you, Kel, cos we go f*cking way back, don't we?

Eh? How far back do we go? How far back do me and you go?

So you know me really well, do you?

I'd like to think...

Do you know me really well?

Yeah, Kel. What? Yeah.

Mate, even I don't know what's happening up there so if I don't f*cking know, how do you f*cking know?

So stop sitting there and saying that you know me cos you clearly don't, cos I don't.

I won't lie to you.

So, I'll tell you what, if I want to take something to get remotely rid of all this shit I have got on my back, then just be a mate and let me do it cos that's what I'd do for you cos I know what you're doing.


Yeah, he's being manipulative. He's being manipulative.

How am I being manipulative?

You're pulling on my heartstrings with your gran and f*cking how long you've known me.

Do you know...

It's manipulative behaviour, pulling on my heartstrings and it's not f*cking fair so just let me do it.

Do you know what I'm doing?

I'm doing the exact same thing that I f*cking know you'd do.

If I was sat there with me problems, I know you'd be sat right here, f*cking helping me...

Mate... telling me everything will be f*cking OK.

That just shows you how f*cking stupid you are, because if you were sat here with a f*cking bag, I tell you where I'd be, I'd be f*cking long gone.

I would not be sat here pathetically crying like a little f*cking girl, is what I would do, so you know me that well? You obviously f*cking don't, do you?

Obviously f*cking not, no.

Obviously f*cking not, no.

Obviously not.

Oh, thank God.

Are you ready?

Is this your mate, Kel, yeah?


That's your mate?

Problem, sunshine?

No, mate.

No, no problem, no?

No problem.

Are you sure, cos by the sound of your voice there's a f*cking problem.

No, no problems, Kel. You get on your way, yeah?

Yeah, I am.


Let's just go, Crutch.

You f*cking n*gga!

You f*cking...

You f*cking...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

You horrible twat! You f*cking...

Get on your feet. Get up. Get up. Get up!

Political speech over action: '.. is for the people of Britain, the register of the widest possible...' ( Combo screams ) .. against an evil and repulsive doctrine, an evil and repulsive doctrine, which says that a man's legal status, a man's political rights, a man's economic opportunities, a man's social position 'shall depend solely upon the colour of his skin.'

( Combo wails )


( Combo continues to wail )

( Door slams )

I don't want to die.

I don't want to die!

Please, please, please!

We have come together in the presence of God to witness the marriage of Richard and Francis, to ask his blessing on them and to share in their journey.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was himself a guest at a wedding in Cana of Galilee. And through His spirit, He is with us now.

Would you all please stand?

So, say after me. I give you this ring.

I give you this ring.

As a sign of our marriage.

As a sign of our marriage.

With my body, I honour you.

With my body, I honour you.

All that I am, I give to you.

All that I am, I give to you.

And all that I have, I share with you.

And all that I have, I share with you.

Within the love of God.

Within the love of God.

Father, son and holy spirit.

Father, son and holy spirit.

And if you'll take this, sorry...

I give you this ring.

I give you this ring.

As a sign of our marriage.

As a sign of our marriage.

With my body, I honour you.

With my body, I honour you.

All that I am, I give to you.

All that I am, I give to you.

And all that I have, I share with you.

And... And all that I have, I share with you. ( She laughs )

Within the love of God.

Within the love of God.

Father, son and holy spirit.

Father, son and holy spirit.

In the presence of God and before this congregation Richard and Frances have given their consent and made their marriage vows to each other.

They have declared their marriage by the joining of hands and by the giving and receiving of rings.

I therefore proclaim that they are husband and wife.

( Laughter )

Join your right hands together, please.

And that which God has joined together, let not man divide.

You may now kiss the bride.

( Cheering )

( Hubbub of conversation )


Hi, there.

All right, mate?

We've just come to say congratulations.

Thanks, man. Cheers. Where have you been?

We were just playing snooker next door, and, er...

We've got you gifts.

f*ck off, you have!

We've got you gifts.

That's one for you, Woody.

Can we open them now?

Absolutely, Lol, yeah. Get stuck in, Surprise!

Ooh, it's got cash in.

Eh, that's not bad, cheers.

Tits and arse.

Tits and arse.

Tits, and arse, arse and tits, tits and arse, arse and tits, do that one.


Can I have a kiss as well?

You can have a kiss, mate. Thank you.

When you get smashed, you're a tender kisser.

Listen, I just wanted to, er, just wanted to come over and I just want to say sorry about everything that...

You know, that happened at the rave, and all that shit.

Just wanted to say, there's no hard feelings.

That's good, man.

He doesn't mind.

Like, you've not scarred him or anything.

I weren't out to scar him, was I?

You're not going to fight him now, are you?

No, Smell. Why would I fight him now?

No, no, I'm just saying because... I... we're not officially going out, and, like, you two, I don't know what, who she is, or...

That's me girlfriend, Juliette.

I'm Juliette.

Hi, Juliette!

We good?


God, what, Harris is getting all tetchy now.

I just came over, just, to say sorry.

Why are you going all angry with me?

I accept his apology but I don't understand...

Yeah, but I'm having a private conversation.

I never came over to speak to just you.

It's both of you. I just wanted to clear the air.

Why? Do you fancy him?

No, I don't fancy him! I'm with Juliette.

You're not with Juliette!

Yes, I am.

Yes, we are.

We are together.

What, you're together?


Don't look at me like that.

I'm not looking at you in any way.

Stop looking at me like that. That's f*cking rude!

Smell, stop it.

We only came over to say sorry. If you're going to be a f*cking idiot, then...

No, I don't appreciate being stared at like that.

No, she was staring at me like a f*cking gore!

What?! Hold on. When?

I don't know, she just stared at me, like, looking down her nose at me.

She's harmless! What you on about?

No, she's a hot mess!

What?! What do you mean?

A hot mess!

No, I won't. I wouldn't. I won't.

( She screams )

Bloody hell!

Lol! Lol!


Pack it in, you twat!

( Boys chatter, house music plays )

f*ck off, there's no need for that.

All right, then, f*ck off.

Now, now!

Give me a little blow on it, mate.

Hey, I know she's upstairs, man.

Let's give her something.

Get her down here. She can have my seat. Get her down here.

( They chatter )

If you could put down any animal and get away with it...

You know what, right...

If you could put down any animal and get away with it, what would you put down?

Have you ever thought about that?

It's a stupid question.

No, I've not cos it's a stupid question.

( House music permeates from downstairs )

Music: She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals ( Door opens )

There you are.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm good.

Oh, I just need a break.

It's f*cking mental in there.

From the madness.


( She sighs )

I haven't been in here for a while.

I know.

I just thought I'd come in here and take five.

Just reminisce a little bit.

There's a lot of memories in here.

Yeah, there is.

It's where we met.

Many years ago.

What were we, eight or nine?

Something like that.

Mid '70s. God.

We've known each other a long time.

Are you having a good time?

A brilliant time.

Are you pissed?


You seem it.

Yeah, real pissed.

Are you having a good time?

Yeah, it's been brilliant.

I've had a great day.

Everything you imagined it would be?


I can't lie, I am gutted Kelly's not here. But...

You tried, Lol.

Maybe I didn't try hard enough.

It's like my grandma always used to say.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink it.

That's very true.

Anyway, the day's nearly over. And I'm a Woodford.

And you're in a dress.

Yes, I know.

Something I never thought I'd see.

No, me neither.

I quite enjoyed it.

You've been really quiet all day.

Everything all right?

I dunno. It is just weddings and... Just...

They kinda make you feel a little bit lonely.

It hasn't bothered you, has it, me and Woody getting married?

Not in the slightest. I'm f*cking happy for you.

You're my best friends. I've known you...

f*ck, I've known you longer than anyone.

Just feeling lonely then?

Yeah, that's what it is.

What do you reckon, Milk?

About what?

About where Combo is?

I don't know.

Something just doesn't seem right to me.

He came out of prison a changed man, I know you don't want to hear it but he did. He came out to a brand-new life.

I know how excited he was about his job, and the first day he gets there he didn't come back after his dinner.

He has just vanished off the face of the earth. It just... it don't add up.

What do you want me to say?

I don't know.

I'm just wondering if you've seen him, spoke to him, I know he wanted to speak to yer.

I know that he wanted to sit down and apologise to yer and talk things out.

It's not my business, Lol. Not bothered.

Well, you say it's not but you two have got history.

So I'm going to be a bit suspicious and after the way you were at the dinner table, I'm just saying, like, if you've spoke to him, or seen him, or thr*at him, scared him off...

What are you, a detective now?

No, I'm just trying to work it out.

It's just, you know... I know you don't like it but he's one of my f*cking closest mates.

And I don't know where he is.

I ain't got a clue, Lol.

Well, fine.

Look me in the eye and tell me you don't know where he is, and I'll leave it at that.

( Door opens )

( Gadget and harvey enter arguing )

You all right?

Yeah, you?

Who's playing?

You playing?

I'm going to pass.

We were, I just kicked her ass.

No, he didn't, he wishes.

Do you want a game?

No, I am all right, I'll leave you to it. See you in a bit.

Are you sure?


Well, if Milky won, I've got to play him now.

( They laugh and chatter )

( Music blares from inside )



Just came to drop a card off. I didn't... know that you'd be outside.

I might as well give it you.

Sit down.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

What are you doing sat out here on your wedding day?

I'm just having a minute.

It's a bit of a mad house in there.

How are you?

Yeah, I'm all right.

Just... sat thinking in my room... about everyone here... and you.

I've been thinking about you all day.

So glad you're here.

I thought you hated me.

I could never hate you, Kelly.

I just want you to be OK.

I'm getting there.

I think.

You have no idea what this means to me.

It's been so long since I've seen you.

I know.

( She sighs )

It's just all that... all that shit that cracked off at the table, that was a lot to take in.

Listen, I... f*cked up royally there.

I don't know why, but it just seemed like the right thing to do and it was the wrong thing to do.

I should have spoke to you one on one.

I'm sorry.

You don't have to be sorry.

I am, massively.

Because I can see what it's done to you.

I kind of thought about it a bit more.

I was so stupid because it was starting to make sense, everything that happened.

And I knew you and Trev wouldn't lie.

I would never lie to you, Kell.

I know.

I just wish I was there for you.


And I've not been there for you.

Do you know how f*cking hard it is, hearing from everyone where you are and what you're up to?


And I couldn't come and save you.

I didn't want saving.

Please don't cry.

I'm just sorry.

Please, don't be.

Please don't be sorry.

Are you still doing it?


I haven't done it for a few weeks now.

So, hopefully...

I just...

It got to a bad place.

Did it?


Was you... just smoking it or was you injecting?

Might as well be honest.

Yeah, of course.

I just want to... see a future with everybody.

There is one. I promise you, Kell, there's a future.

Why are you not in there?

I want to be in there.

Then that's what we'll do.


And you know what? This is a new start.

We're going to get back on track.

I'm glad of that.

I love you.

I love you.

Come here.


I've got you, Kell.

I'd rather not spend too much time outside of that room.


People are going to think I've run off.

I'm ready.

Give me your hand.
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