01x09 - Season 1, Episode 9

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Spotless". Aired: November 2015 to April 2015.
Set in London, "Spotless" is the story of a troubled crime scene cleaner, Jean, whose tidy life is turned upside down when his outlaw brother Martin crash lands into his world, entangling them in the deadly dynamics of organized crime.
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01x09 - Season 1, Episode 9

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Previously on Spotless...

I know where your wife works.

I know where your kids go to school.

I am gonna make them bleed.

Who's Casey?

It's her avatar. On her laptop.

For f*ck's sake, can't I have any privacy?

Hey, language please!

This could k*ll you. Where is it?

I flushed it down the toilet.

I can sell it for you.

Good money.

I just wanted to say goodbye.

He was mad messing around with that girl, when he had you. Why risk it?

For the sake of a distraction?

It's time to get Jean out of your life.

Oh my God. I'm so sorry.

And these things happen.

You and I have nothing to do with your husband.

You don't understand the kind of damage this could do.

You were late last night.

Recognize this?

Victor knows.

Whose party is this?

It's my mate, Nutmeg's.

Most are college kids, I think.

Here. Look what I got.

300 quid.

For the gear you gave me.

I took a couple but it's still a good deal.

Can you get more?

I don't even know you.

Then what are you doin' here?

You invited me here.

It's a party.

I'm your mate.

And now you're here... let's have some fun.

Let's get you somewhere quieter.

Here... it's Nutmeg's bed.

He'll be cool.

Can I be any more embarrassing?

It was hot up there.

Thanks for looking after me.

I'm really glad we met.

Sleep if you want.

I'll take care of you.

You OK?


Yeah, it's just...

Maddy didn't come until twelve o'clock last night.

On a school night?

Well, on any night, Jean. She's 13 years old.

I'll have a word with her.

So you're gonna be bad cop for once?

Well, it doesn't have to be a battle.

I'll treat her like an adult.

Do you want a cup?

Hey sweetie.

Had fun last night?

Twelve o'clock is too late.

Yeah, sorry.

Much too late.

I went to a film with Orla. It was really long.

Well next time, phone. Your mom and I were pretty worried.

I'm so sorry, you must have been freaking out.

I won't do it again.

It's not plugged in.

I'm faking it.

"Last night you were drunk. You naked - pic 1"

"You naked - pic 2"

What happened?

I don't know.

You're the parenting guru.

You're busy today?


Can I buy you lunch?

Well, I have a deadline.

I can bring something to the workshop.

Thought we could talk.


Let's talk at lunch.


You ready?

It's immaculate.

The motor's back.

Any damage?


It's been serviced, valeted, And they've even sent round a nice case of Scotch in hope they don't get kneecapped.

Do you want me to send someone 'round?


Let's give them a job, see if they measure up.


We got the car back.

No harm done.

I love it when you wear this.

You chose it, it's my lucky suit.

You got meetings?

Lawyers and planners today.

Slow but sure.

What's to stop us jumping on a plane, right now?

No business.

Just us.



What's the story?

27 applications being considered.

Ours is number 9 on the list.

Wait to see how it goes.

We'll meet and greet, fake and phony.

Businessmen and hippies, nothing in between.

What's the time frame?

Should be done by lunch.

Our men behaving themselves?

They f*cking better be.

But if not, I'm here.


Be charming.

I'm always f*cking charming.

The commercial license for Buckingham Gate.

Gets final planning approval today.

We become part of the establishment.

Victor's babysitting the meeting.

You in the establishment?

This is big leads.

This means they can never hurt us again.

You don't have to be here.

You should take some time.

And see this place go to the wall.

We've drawn a line.

Everything's behind us.

We're a normal company, and we do what normal companies do.

Work hard but legitimate.

We're already the best, but we're going to be better.

Good, I'm glad.

What do we got?

Right, um...

Another hoarder house, boss.

Morning, Padraig.

It's "Porrick".

Morning, Porridge.


I know it's dull, but this is our bread and butter work.


Cleaning d*ad people's shit.

That's the job.

I want to ask your advice.


I met this girl.

Oh, that's good.


It's early days.

That's how every relationships start.

We h*t a... a tricky patch.

But you got feelings for her?

Yeah. I guess, yeah.

Then you gotta stick at it.

She's married.

That's not good.

Well, maybe it's convenient, you know, you can avoid commitment.

She's married to Nelson.

Does anyone know?


I'm going to... I'm going to end it.


This is your problem.

You're on your own.


Our stiff was a jazz cat.

Bits of instruments too.

Mouthpieces, finger buttons, valves, music composition books, programmes.

He's beautiful.

Yeah, he is.

How do you get from there to this?

Mental health.

People get in a little bit of trouble, and they can't find a way out.

The brief is to clear the place. So be professional, do your job.

300 quid? How did you get it?

I found some dr*gs in my uncle's bad.

Steven sold it for me.

You're lying.

It was cocaine I think.

So what's wrong?

I think he spiked my drink.

I passed out.

And this morning I got this chat.

"Want to know what you did next?"

Is it from him?

I don't remember anything.

"My favourite :) "

You were really mashed.

He keeps sending other pictures worse each time.

"You're moving well!"

God, you were doing a strip-tease!

What if he doesn't stop there?

What if he's got more? What if he posts them?

It's a badge of honour.

There was this girl in Year 11, before you came. Total dork. Everyone hating on her.

Her boyfriend posted photos of them doing it, and suddenly, like "what?", little Miss Popular.

Everyone loving her, everyone interested.

Heard she got scouted to model.

It's the 21st century, M.

Everyone's bare naked online, even fat people!

So, this is good news?

It's so "what news?".

Can we do geography now?

I tried to get him to come away somewhere.

Just the two of us.

Somewhere remote.

How does that solve anything?

Were you thinking of an accident?

I don't want Nelson d*ad.

He's my husband.

What about us?

I just... wanted to get Nelson out of the way, so Victor couldn't get to him.

He hasn't told him yet?


He'll make us squirm, tease it out.

It's much more fun that way.

So that gives us what?

A day? A week?

I can't leave this in Victor's hands.

I'm gonna tell Nelson myself.


He respects honesty.

I'll talk to Victor.

He's the problem.

Just give me a couple of days, that's all.

For what?

I don't wanna know.

Please be careful.

We have to finish.

You know that, don't you?

Can I help you?

This is lovely.

It's 18 carat yellow gold with moon stones.

Would you like to try it on?

Yes, sure, why not?


I've got it.

She's a new designer.

Couple of years out of Central Saint Martins.

That's beautiful.

Is it for a special occasion?

Uh, no, I just... a little treat.

I, uh...

I've got a couple of kids, and a husband who works all hours, who I never see.

Thought I'd spoil myself.

Good for you.

I'll take it.

How would you like to pay?

I thought we should meet.

Thank you.

Some milk, and Darjeeling for you.



Why did you come into my shop?

Wouldn't you want to know in my position?

I deserve the insults if you wanna f*re them.

No, I don't.

How would that serve anyone.

I'm sorry if you're hurt.

I don't know you, I don't wish you any harm.

But I can't help you.

Your marriage is between you and Jean.

Yes, it is.

I think I'm trying to decide whether it's worth fighting for.

What do you think?

I don't have an opinion.

Oh, I think you're uniquely positioned.

He's been under terrible pressure.

Everyone's under pressure.

It's just... the fear of what these people might do to your family if they're prepared to k*ll someone in front of him.

You didn't know?


My husband doesn't confide in me.


Can I ask a question?

So we're talking now?

Shouldn't you be in school?

What's wrong?

I went to a party last night, and...

And what? Boy trouble again?


Sort of.

Look, you shouldn't be talking to me.

I would like to help, but not on this one. You have to ask your parents.

I never made a good relationship decision in my life.

Trust me, I'm not good at it.

There were two elections in 1974, February, and October.

Argh, well, that's wrong, 'cause there's one election every five years.

No, we do not have a fixed term in this country.

You could have an election every week if you wanted to.

What would be the point in that?

There wouldn't be a f*ck' point in it. I'm just saying, theoretically, you could if you had to.

Politics is bollocks, ain't it?

Yeah, bollocks.

Oh, f*ck!

15 % of Buckingham Gate is set aside for low-rent affordable commercial tenants.

Well, that is punitive for you.

I don't mind that.

Well, as your lawyer, I recommend you challenge it.

There are 12 partners in this development and your exposure is disproportionally high.

It limits your potential for profit.

Profit isn't everything, Peter.

Explain, Victor.

My brother was brought up in the north.

He has a... "how many dinners can you eat" mentality.


We'll make good money from the tower.

If we're not greedy, people might leave us alone to get on with our business.

Very good.

Oh, that's impressive.

Thank you.

You're creating from scratch. It has... not many people get that chance.

Well, it's not a living yet.

I got sushi.

We need to talk.

Yeah, you must have so many questions.

I got involved in something bad.

I got dragged into...

They k*lled a man in front of you.

How d...

Why didn't you tell me?

That's not the kind of thing you share over dinner.

It's Nelson Clay.

Well, you took me to his house!

You weren't in danger then.

He's a... an honourable guy in a... in a... f*cked up sort of way.

Is it that yo don't trust me or that you don't respect me?

No, I trust and respect you more than anyone I've ever met.


I love you.

Are we safe?

Me and the children?


There no more secrets?


I swear.

You've told me everything?



Well, you didn't even blink.

Well, I met Claire today.

You can pick up your stuff from home.

And then leave.

The London property market is free money.

Domestic is fine if you can be bothered with the minutiae but commercial properties in long term, is permanent wealth.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

Now, I want you to be more involved. But you got to earn the right.

Where are you at with Jean Bastière?

Well his wife is making me a couple of pieces.

She must be nearly done by now.

Wrap up your business with her.

We don't need any noise around us right now.

What about his brother?

Leave them all alone.

Buckingham Gate.

One of the poorest street in London back in the day.

Now, it's money for generations.

For the lucky few.

For us.

Victor, I'm taking Sonny to Portugal.

I'm gonna take the time, spend the money to restore the place.

Plant some olives.

Now I rescued about 4,500 olive trees from some old place in Tuscany.

We'll transplant them.

For how long?

For good.

She knows nothing about it, so say nothing, OK?

I need to put the pieces in place first.

What's your dream, Victor ?

Never really thought about it.

Do you want this?


You ready?


Well, live right, be smart, you can have it.

I will.

We're in the big leagues.

Looks good, don't it?

Everything pivots on this. Be smart.

"I like your hair. Come closer."



Stop freaking me out.

It's not funny.

I didn't mean to scare you.

Well you are. All of this, everything!

You like a bit of fun, don't you?

What else did you do?

Did you...

Oh, I didn't touch you if that's what you're accusing me of.

I'd never do that.

I'm your mate.

You drugged my drink, took my clothes off that's not how mates behave.

It's just business.

You've never needed money, have you?

For me it's everyday!

I want you to delete the photos.

Nobody else ever had to see them.

But I need you to come to The Mason's Arms, on Templeton Road at 6.


There's a bloke I want you to meet.

The first time's tricky.

But swear down, it's not so bad.

The people I work with, they know how to behave.

I really liked you.

And I like you, you're a nice kid.

But if you're not there at 6, these go online.


You as well.

It's my lucky day.

Two minutes?

I've got a train to catch.


The clock's running.

I'm sorry you had to go through this with Julie.

I would have warned you but I had no idea.

Turn around.

Come on.

Turn around.

I knew what I was doing.

Well, it was my responsibility.

Don't patronize me.

There's no drama here.

We had a laugh, played like it was real.

You were a few hours of my week, not a big part of my life.

I cared for you.

Me too. But...

So what?

In the bigger picture, so what?

It wasn't going anywhere.

It was... fun.

Time's up.

Where are you going?

My mom d*ed last week.

Oh, that's...


I'm so sorry.

We bury her on Tuesday.

Anything I can do?

No, thanks.

What do you want?

Have you told him?

He adores you.

He won't thank you for it.

You're only bringing him unhappiness.

He values loyalty.

I could be useful to you.

You got nothing I want.

He'd like you to wear the black dress for him tonight.

You've come all this way to deliver a message about a black dress?

That's his message.

You've already told him.

You've k*lled us.

It's home study. Check with school.

Well then why aren't you at home?


Come on, honey, I've got a client coming in a minute.

How many clients have you got?


It's a start-up, takes time.

Like Orla's mom training to be a yoga teacher.

Aisha's mom a writer.

I'm not even sure if they're real jobs. They're just rich and bored.

Well, I am neither.

What's going on?

I went to a party last night.

Well, I'm not an idiot.

I knew you weren't to Orla's.

Were you even with her?

Why does everyone keep lying to me?

It is very very hard not to take it personally!

I'm sorry, I've had a horrible horrible day.


Ugh, Maddy, come on!

Oh, hi Michael.


Good to see you.

You too.

Come in.

So, the pieces are through here.

I've tried to keep the lines as simple as possible.

I mean, Hepplewhite to Ercol, the fundamentals stay the same.

It's beautiful.

That's like a single piece of wood.

That was the intention.

So, the other pieces will be be finished in another day or so.

Where would you like them delivered?

I'll have someone collect them.


So I suppose this is goodbye.

It's been a pleasure.

Your hands... they're so soft.

No callouses.

Well, give it time.

Have dinner with me.

You know I really am flattered.

I-I really am.

Just a goodbye dinner.

Nothing else.

I'm s... I'm so sorry, just let me deal with this.

Yeah, what is it?

There's a guy up there with you.

I'm with a client.

Get out of there now.

This really isn't a good time.

I swear to God, get the f*ck out of there now!

Is everything all right?


I think you're mistaken.

Julie, listen.

That guy is a k*ller. He's Nelson Clay's brother.

You put the phone down, and get the f*ck outta there.


Yeah, no, I'll deal with this straight away.


I'm so sorry. I have to go, there's a... a family emergency.

Nothing serious I hope.

Oh, no.

Not at all. Just, you know, stuff with the kids.

I will see you tonight?


8 o'clock?

Of course.

Yeah, I'll call you.

After you.

I'll see you tonight.


Thanks for everything, Michael. Bye.

Come on.

No, I am fine on my own!

He knows who you are. His name is Victor.

He's very sick, very dangerous.

What? I thought he was client?

You need protection.

What? From them?

Or from you and my husband?

Wait, wait, wait!

You know what? Get off me!

Did he tell you his wife d*ed?


Did he tell you that he k*lled her and f*cked her d*ad body for a week?

And he did it to other girls too!

That's who you were kissing right now!

No! You know, f*ck you!

I have done nothing to upset these people!

You know, the more I am involved with your family, the more I seem to need protection.

Why is that, do you think?

"Call from Dad"

"Call from Dad"

Where are you?

I'm not angry, I'm just really worried.

Could you please call me straight away?


Here she is.

Where you been?


This is Maddy.

She's been looking forward to meet you.

Maddy, it's a pleasure.

What would you like to drink?

Do you like vodka?




What did you and Maddy do last night?

We hung out at mine.

Don't lie to me!

She said you went to see a film.

Yeah, that too.

Stop f*cking around!

I can't get a hold of her.

Is she in trouble?

Answer me!

OK, she wasn't with me.

You need to talk to Maddy.

Where did she get this money?

It's nothing to do with me.


She went to a party.

A friend of mine has got a flat around the corner.

It's really smart.

I can show you.

She knows the drill, doesn't she?

She knows.

Why don't we go now?

I'll just go to the bathroom.

Don't even think of running away.

I'm waiting right here.

If you're not out in two minutes, I'm coming in.

Dad, please, I've done something stupid.

What are you doing?

Trust me.

I'm your husband.

Don't get spooked.

I'm probably more nervous than you are.

One more drink please.

I've never done this before.

Get your f*cking hands off her!

Take it easy, friend.

I'm her father.

You're going nowhere.

What's a grown man doing giving alcohol to a 13-year-old girl?

He's the one who took the pictures.

Give me your phone.

Make me an offer.

Don't play games, kid!

The pictures are already out there.

There are people spanking on them right now.

You better hope not, you sack of shit!

If that's true, I will find you, and I'll cut your f*cking b*lls off!

Dad, it's enough.

Come on.

Just tell me.

Where are we going?

Well, that would ruin the surprise.

Does Mom know about the pictures?

I've tried to tell her.

Can we keep it to ourselves?


We tell each other the truth, from now.

However painful.

Where did you get the money?

Did they make you do anything?

It's not what you think, I promise.

I sold something, that's all.


Are you going to work?

No, I...

I can't come in right now.

Things are not great.

Nobody's fault but mine.

I love you, and Oliver, and Mom.

We're gonna be all right.


I'm not coming for dinner.

I know who you are.

That's a shame.

What were you doing?

I was enjoying myself.

I didn't have to be me.

Did you like me?

When I was Michael ?

I will never see you again.

Well, if that's what you want.

But I will see you.

Take the blindfold off.

It's for you.

You OK?

Where did you think I was taking you?

You're a miserable drinking companion, you know that?

I f*cked up.

That's an understatement.

Sonny was more than a liaison, you know.

Don't compare your humping in a cupboard to my marriage.

We didn't hump in a cupboard.

We humped in lots of other places.

And if Victor hadn't found out, we might have had a chance.

I've been trying to deal with it.


k*ll him before he talks to Nelson.

You'd stroll up, finish him, and Nelson would never know?

You know what? Feel free to help, any time.

How come it's all on me? Uh?

It's you Victor hates.

He sent me this.

You're kidding me. He was at the house?

Why does this happen to us?

It's our inheritance.

Victor has to die.

He's a danger to everyone.

I'll k*ll him.


Nelson will k*ll him for us.
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