01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "Midwinter of the Spirit". Aired: 23rd September, 2015.
"Midwinter of the Spirit" is a supernatural drama revolving around Merrily Watkins, a vicar with a remit a little more demanding than the stereotypical sermons and sandwiches. As one of Britain's few female exorcists, Watkins is called to assist the investigation of a particularly gruesome ritualistic slaying, coaxing her towards Hereford’s satanic underbelly.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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Denzil Joy is a powerful man.

Powerfully evil.

Need you here! Can't cope on my own.

Ready to chuck in the towel, lass. Not up to this deliverance lark.

Somebody's falling from the tower.

Someone you've lost who's so powerfully in your mind.

My father. Died in a car crash.

Who's this Angela, anyway?

She's a good person. A nice person and one who's been helping me.

Did you shag him, then?

We just talked.

About him being chosen as Boy Bishop.

I saw a little girl recorded on video.

Pawed and manipulated.

I put my own daughter into care, to get her away from him.

You're not going anywhere!

I am NEVER coming back here.

Oh, shit.

Hey. Let me go in first.

Try the diplomatic approach.


I want to speak to Jane, please.

No way.

I'm not here to cast blame.

OK? I just want to resolve this.

Her mother is going mad with worry.

I'm not bothered about her mother. I'm bothered about her.

Are you?

What's that supposed to mean?

I'm saying, secrets don't do you any good.

No, they don't do YOU any good because you want to be in control of me.

I care about what happens to you.

No, you want to control me.

Keep me. Have me all to yourself. I know you.

But what if I said you DID have me?

That you couldn't keep your hands off me?


Would that make you get the hell out of my face for once in your --



You can't come in.

Where is she?

She doesn't want to see you.

Out of the way.

Jane, where are you, love?


I've come to get you. Come to take you home.

Nothing else matters.

I've got nothing more to say to you.



Just go away.

Merrily. Hey, come on. Merrily.

Come on. Hey, let's go.

Don't worry. It's going to be all right.

I've just sneaked back for a crafty look because it's niggling me.

Why did they choose this church?

Why now?

Hm... Nobody reported adverse or negative feelings of any kind?

Apart from the bride's nerves, no.

There were tears. Tears are a good sign at a wedding.

It means you know it went well.

And the Christening?

Oh, joyous. Quite joyous.

Why do you ask?

Well, let's just say that not every exorcism removes 100% of stubborn household...

Oh, I see. So this is a kind of spiritual health check?

Well, MOT, more like.

Which it seems to have passed without so much as a broken sidelight.


What's this?

Oh, it's our little claim to fame.

St Thomas Cantilupe, legendary protector of Hereford Cathedral.

He was buried at Hereford Cathedral but he was baptised here.

I often wonder if he screamed the place down.

Most of them do. Babies, not saints.

She's staying with this girl.

Reverend Watkins, calm down.

No, I don't want to calm down. I just want someone to do something!

Do what, exactly? Go round with some uniforms and drag her back to the vicarage in handcuffs?

Excuse me.

Why is Denzil Joy's name up here?

Denzil Joy is Rowenna's father.


She's the daughter that Mrs Joy put into care?

Why didn't I know this?

Been trying to dig up all we can about the Joys but the records are incomplete.

I just want Jane out of there.

Let's speak to Rowenna.

If she's the girl in the video, she might be able to help us identify the other people.

And lead us to Sayer's k*ller.

OK. I'll be there.

Babes, I've got to go into town. Can I get you a taxi to Angela's?

I'm OK here.

No, you're not.

What if the Christian Fellowship of f*cking up your life come back?

Get your coat.

You going to be OK?

Denzil Joy is her father.


We'll sort things out.

We'll get her back.

You know about Denzil Joy?

I sat by his hospital bed, praying for his immortal soul.

But I keep seeing him.

In spite of the fact that he's d*ad.

I see him in my home.

My church.

We are conducting a m*rder inquiry and we are exploring various avenues.

We're well aware of what you've been through and we certainly don't want to compound that in any way.

It's all right. It was a long time ago.

If you're not up to speaking about this...

No, I'm fine. f*re away.



Does this place mean anything to you?

What about this man?

Do you remember the name Paul Sayer at all?

I don't remember anything about that time.

I think my brain helped me by making me forget.

Is that you?

I don't know. I don't have any photographs of me as a child.

Do you recognise any of these people?

Look at this one.

Do you recognise the man with the scar down his chest?

Why exactly did you return to Hereford when you did?

I wanted to be with my father in his last hours.

I thought it was my duty as his daughter to be at his side.

I hadn't seen him for years.

This was my last opportunity.

OK. I'm going to draw this interview to a close now.

One last thing.

I understand that Jane Watkins is staying at your place at the moment.

Yeah. Her mum's giving her a really hard time.

Thought it'd be good to give them both a bit of space.

It's no big deal.

You and your mum have had a terrible time.

I hope you can both put it behind you now that your dad has passed on.

She did a really brave thing back then.


Poor lamb. You look completely frazzled. Come on. Come on inside.


I was hoping you'd come back, now he's gone.

What did you tell them? The police.

I didn't tell them anything because I don't know anything.

What about ten years ago? What did you tell them then?

Enough to send me away from my dad?

To destroy my life. That's what you did. I was seven years old.



No, you're not. You might be sorry for yourself but you don't give a shit about me. You never did.

I loved you! You're my baby.

Don't lie to me!

You abandoned me.

I had to!

If I'd have gone too he'd have found us both.

I stayed so that you could be free and now he can't hurt anybody any more.

No! No! No! No!


Argh! Argh! Argh!

You can't have him.

He belongs with me.


You're not going anywhere!

I am NEVER coming back here.

She's working for someone called Angela.

I don't know what's going on but there's something not right about that woman. I don't trust her.

She's just down at the bottom.

Can I speak to Jane, please?

Good evening, madam. Have you booked?

Can I speak to Jane, please?

Jane isn't here. Very pleased to meet you, by the way.

You might not be when I've said what I have to say.

Oh. Why's that?

I'm less than happy with the ideas you've been putting into my daughter's head.

Perhaps you should sit down and have a drink.

I don't want a drink.

And what is your connection with Rowenna Napier?

Or should I say Rowenna Joy?

Is that her name? I had no idea.

I met them both in a pub one day and we got chatting.

It's as simple and obviously hard to accept as that.

No. What is hard to accept is that a woman, a complete stranger, would befriend a young girl.

We happen to have a lot in common.

Oh (!) - And these ideas you say I'm filling her head with, she's looking for something and I'm pointing her in the right direction.

By giving her messages from her d*ad dad?

I'm helping her to come to terms with her feelings.

Don't claim to be doing good because I know you're not.

Good and bad being your expertise, of course.

Your calling making you feel extra special in the world.

No wonder your husband called you an... What was it he called you?

A pious bitch.

Thank you. (ECHOES) Thank you... Thank you...


Oh, sweetheart.

I know you're feeling awful about what's happened with your mum.

But things happen for a reason.

And sometimes the worst things can turn into the best things.

You'll see.

Thank you.

I didn't know what to do. I...

Fate has brought him back to us.

Even in death he wants to play a part.

And he will.

I just... I need some time off.

I haven't been coping well with... erm... ecclesiastical matters.

I don't think I even unlocked the church this morning.

Merrily, if you have personal matters to deal with, as far as I'm concerned, everything else can go on hold.

And if you're not up to speed in a few days, I'll parachute in a locum tenant.

Thank you.

Of course.

It's important you put Jane first.

I just feel a failure.

My job and... my marriage.

I'm pretty sure that's nonsense.

Right. About the other night. I...


Merrily, it was... I was wrong.

No, no. No. It's just...

I sometimes think I'm not capable of a relationship because I will just muck it up and... and...

I'm sure that's not true either.

You're busy so I should just leave you to... erm... do that.

Will you be at the Boy Bishop ceremony?

I know you have other priorities but I would love to see you there.


Erm... Right, you've got to get your strength back.

It's like a virus, this. It's depleted you.

Thomas Cantilupe is the key.

None of this is coincidence.

You, Dobbs, the crucified man, sacrifice in the church. All roads lead to Tommy Canty.

We need to do some digging.

You do some digging.

Or go to the police.

This is far too serious to be wasting time on people with closed minds.

I don't want to know about that.

Well, you have to know about it because you're part of it.

I just want my daughter.


I know this is hard for you.

God knows...

But if you're weak, you're in danger.

And so is she.

Sit down. I've asked you to come in early so I can have a private word.

You've had a serious accusation against you.

Of sexual misconduct.


You deny it, I presume?

Look, the last time I saw her, her behaviour was... inappropriate, massively.

And what's more, she thr*at me with an allegation --

If that's true, why the hell didn't you tell me about it?

Because I didn't want to get HER into trouble.

Look, Rosemary, I swear, you need to look into her case history.

OK? Speak to Barry Ambrose in Salisbury.

Ask him about Hilary Pile.

OK. This is ridiculous. You know this is complete bollocks!

You know that I have to go through the right procedures.

If this blows up into a firestorm, it won't do you any favours either.

Which means what?

You know what.

I'll reassign your caseload and for the time being, you're suspended.

Hi. This is for Jane. It's just to say that I love her and I'm here when she wants to come back and...

No... No pressure.

It's just... Could you deliver it to her?

I don't know if I can.

You're her social worker.

I'm not any more.

She's bloody stitched me up. I'm going to lose my job.

That girl is...

I don't know what she is.

I'm so sorry.

I don't want you to get into any more trouble.

Last thing I want. I'm sorry.

What the hell? Give it here.


So, what have you got?

An expert. And on our doorstep. Come on, leave the car.

Amongst all our medieval manuscripts, this one is the most precious.

Thomas Cantilupe.

Bishop of Hereford in the late 13th century.

Died abroad on the way back from Rome to see the Pope.

As was the custom, the body was boiled to remove the flesh and the bones brought back to Hereford, where they began to attract pilgrims.

Thousands of them.

Then... the miracles began.

The crippled could walk, the blind could see and when news of the cures spread, it became the most important shrine in the west of England.

Put our comparatively remote cathedral on the map.

You could say after St Thomas Cantilupe and the pulling power of the shrine, it's never looked back.

Tommy Canty. Guardian and benefactor of Hereford.

Must have been a mightily good man.

Very much so.

And it didn't stop when he died.

Sorry, what do you mean?

Well, you know about the demon?

One of the best known legends. Also one of my favourites.

Supposed to have happened in 1290, ten years after his death.

A demon in all his unholy glory appeared in Hereford Cathedral.

The terror-stricken congregation prayed to no avail to be rid of it.

Then, in desperation, they appealed to St Thomas Cantilupe to save them.

Which he did.

By battling the demon and sending it packing.

So... do you want to see him?


When they started restoration work on his tomb, they brought him here.

It's not often our archaeologists get the chance to examine a saint.

They removed his bones from the cathedral.

How could we have been so stupid?

This is what they want.

He's not in his tomb.

Not protecting the cathedral.

It's ALL about the cathedral.

They're planning something like... the crow sacrifice times a thousand.

Something horrific.

A blow to the heart of Christianity.

Oh, I haven't worn that in years.

I knew it would look fabulous on you.

Here. Take this. It'll help keep you calm and focused.


Hi. I've got something to give Jane.

Erm... There was no-one at Rowenna's. I asked at the bistro.

They told me where to find --

I'll give it to her.

No. I will, thanks.

Jane, your mum's really worried about you.


If you want to open it, open it.

A demon.


It's too biblical.

I prefer squatter.

Call it evil in residence.

Whatever it was, it thr*at the cathedral in 1290.

What, you think it'll be thr*at again?

Yes. And this time they've made sure Thomas Cantilupe is no longer protecting it.

Hold on a minute. You...

You believe any of this?

That's not the point.

The important thing is that THEY do and they believe it fanatically.

You actually think something demonic will manifest?

Evil manifests itself every day.

Every hour, lass. Just a question of what form it takes.

People fly planes into buildings, people walk into schoolyards carrying samurai swords.

That's the truly demonic.


You have to picture the cathedral not just as bricks and mortar but the accumulated force of centuries of prayer and devotion.

It's like one vast psychic engine but one that can be stopped in its tracks if people's faith is shaken.

If Hereford Cathedral is forever defined by an awful event, then the place will be a spiritual ruin.

That's the poison that them playing for the other side want to inject into the system, - (PHONE RINGS) to corrode it and destabilise it.


"Merrily. I've just seen Angela walking into the cathedral with Rowenna and Jane."

I don't know what they --



They've taken...

Oh, my God.

What is it?

James, her boyfriend, is Boy Bishop.

On St Nicholas Day, the Bishop of Hereford hands over power to the Boy Bishop enthroned in his place.

So technically, on this day every year, the cathedral is without its spiritual head.

Today it will be more vulnerable than ever.

Get back inside.

I'm coming with you.

You are not. Oh, get a bloody grip, lass.

Until you sort your own demons, you're sod-all use dealing with anybody else's.

I am not taking a crippled bloody gazelle to the water hole.

I'm going. They've got Jane.

You are prey, Merrily.

You always have been and they use that crack in your armour.

Sean. You can't forgive him. You know you can't.

Right. I'll go in my own car.


Listen... Listen... Listen.

Merrily, you are not ready. Spiritually or mentally.

Well, I have to be. She's my daughter. Are you coming?

Are you coming?







James, you have been chosen to serve in the office of Boy Bishop at this cathedral church.

Will you be faithful and keep the promises made to you in holy baptism?

I will.

What an honour and privilege it is to stand here in the ancient tradition of Boy Bishop of Hereford.

But today I'm going to break with tradition...

I need to speak to Bishop Hunter.


I'm going to ask somebody else to address you...

It's important.

.. about what Christianity means to them.

Wait till after the ceremony.

Oh, my God. I have to stop this.

My name is Jane Watkins.


My mother's a vicar.

She made all the decisions about me when I was growing up.

Including what I was supposed to believe in.

I wasn't born Christian.

I wasn't born anything. I was born a human being.

And what do I get?

The stupid rules and ideas of a church built on lies and hypocrisy.


She stands in the pulpit and talks about love and forgiveness.

And she's not capable of either of those things herself.


Jane. These aren't your words, love. I know they're not.

They are.

No, no. They're not. These are lies.

These are lies to hurt me because I have done things wrong and...

And... maybe you're angry about that.

Maybe I can't change that but I so want to.

I hate you.


I hate you!


Now. Now.

Eternal Lord God, who created the holy angels... (VOICE FADES)


Christ be with me. Christ within me, Christ before me.


Where's your god now, eh?

Why isn't he helping you, helping her?

Why aren't your prayers working?

Cos he abandoned you. He abandoned you a long time ago.

He doesn't care about you!

I can see him holding the knife, Rowenna.

I can see your dad.

It's him doing this.

Not you.

You don't want to hurt her.

It's him.

Why would you want to hurt someone who's shown you friendship?

Who's trusted you and loved you? I don't understand.


You think this is an act of love?

I know deep down you hate him.

You always had to please him.

I know.

He's d*ad.

He's got to stay d*ad.

Not festering in you.

A good dad protects from harm.

You are not like him.

You don't have to do this, sweetheart.

Please let him die.

Let him die.

Fuse box.

I'm going to go with Rowenna.

Everybody in her life's already given up on her. I'm not going to.


So, James Lydon is getting counselling, apparently.

James Lydon is a bastard.

And Rowenna was a lying slag.


She's also a victim of something terrible.


It wasn't her fault.

She's in the best place to get help so...

Vicars are great at forgiveness.

Some are really bad at it, aren't they?

I do have really good memories, you know.

They just got lost in the... the grief and... the anger.

I really don't want to hate him any more and I really love you.

And I'm really sorry and I will give up my job.

We'll go to Leeds. We'll do whatever you want.

You've got to have a life, Mum.

You asked to do this job for a reason.

Oh, sweetheart!

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Getting close to the CEO?

Something like that.

Sophie said you were here.

You might be up here having a quick f*g.

I just always wonder, Mick, why you chose me.

For this job.

Why replace a much more experienced deliverance minister with a poodle rather than a Rottweiler?

Was it because you thought a woman might be weak?

You? Never.

Because the choice of Boy Bishop must have come from you.

Do you know what? I called the museum.

They said you didn't just give permission to move the bones.

You actually suggested it.

And then I wondered if you knew a young girl called Rowenna when you were Canon at Salisbury.


Lovely Rowenna.

It's through her you met her father and his... people.

Maybe that's what brought you to Hereford.


Thrill-seekers, dabblers.



They needed a coherent leadership.

We came so close to achieving so much.

You must have jumped for joy when a newly widowed vicar moved into the parish with a 16-year-old daughter.

Pity she cut short her sermon.

It was you that k*lled Canon Dobbs, wasn't it?

I told him I would come to pray with him and he let me in.

You crucified Paul Sayer.

We all did.

Christianity has run its course, Merrily.

Angela and the likes with their superstitions don't change things.

They don't understand that nothing can be achieved in this world without seizing the reins of power.


You don't have the power, not any more.

You'll go to jail.

You'll be found out.

The names of friends in high places.

You'll all be destroyed and you will have destroyed it.


You've learnt nothing, have you, Merrily?




Well, pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Proverbs 16, verse 18.

And Angela Purefoy's done a runner.


Cleared out her bank account, scarpered, apparently.

A network of like minds to help them disappear into the woodwork.

Well, they're united in trying to cause the church immeasurable harm.

The church survives.

What will you do now?


Back to the Brecon Beacons.

Bit of desolation. Good for the soul.

I might pop in at the cathedral on the way back.

Light a candle or two for Tommy Canty.

Now his bones are back where they need to be.

Yeah. Keeping the badness at bay.

Fending off demons.

It's a funny old job, in't it?


You stick at it, lass.

The new bishop might not like me.

Oh, he will.

Might not be a he.

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