01x10 - Protect and Serve

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Ties That Bind". Aired August 12 - October 14.
"Ties that Bind" revolves around a tough and experienced police detective, mother and wife in suburban Seattle. When she and her police partner have to arrest her brother, her world drastically changes as he's convicted and sent to prison, leaving his two teenagers teetering on the brink of foster care. Ultimately, she takes them into her home, ending up with four teenagers to raise as well as her demanding job solving local crimes.
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01x10 - Protect and Serve

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I can feel the guy from Lincoln Park is only two strides behind me, and all I can think is how you say "don't look back something can be gaining on me"

Something can be gaining on me.

You could see it in his face.

He did this thing.

And then leaned forward.

And I won.

Sorry I miss the camp.

But I... I'm glad that you love running track.

Sports are great.

Keeps you busy and out of trouble.

You don't want to get in any trouble.

You guys are already on a tough cellblock.

Toughest warden ever.

Guess that means I gotta work extra hard to get outta here, so I can break you two out.

So this place is kinda like a national park.

Gotta clean it up real good or the rangers get mad.

[Bell ringing]

It's not time to go!

Yeah, honey, it is.

I don't want to leave.

Bye, Uncle Tim.

Take care.

I'll see you guys. Thanks for coming.

Your aunt and uncle, they gotta get going.

Be good. Listen to your mom.

Mariah, Mom needs to say bye to Dad.

You know what you gotta do, right?

Find a job, find a place, find a program.

That's right, show my sister you're as good a mother as she is, any day.

I will.

I don't think so, we'll keep eyes on him though.

Take him in, please.

Your perp looks vaguely familiar. What's going on?

We responded to a break-in at Pine Ridge Lanes.

Is Ponytail the perp?

No, he's the manager.

That's it.

I used to take my girls bowling there.

He's gotten a little grayer, but I recognize him now.

If he's the victim, why did you bring him in cuffs?

Appears he's been selling heroin while renting bowling shoes.

Because those two things go so well together.

At the alley itself?

Yeah, we were doing a sweep of the building, determining if anything had been stolen other than the cash in the strongbox.

I noticed a loose floorboard in the manager's office.

Pulled it up and found enough drugs there to keep an entire league blissed out for a month.

Right there in the middle of the community.

How long has this been going on?

He wasn't forthcoming.

But he's shut down now.

One less drug dealer in Crestview.

Good work, detectives.

You need to help! I can't take care of mom by myself.

I thought the whole point of rehab is so she can learn to take care of herself.

Fine. I've done it before and I'll do it again.

Great, thank you for your service.

Look, you're the one that knows how to take care of her drama.

Maybe this time you can convice her not to start any for a change.

Uncle Matt, I talked to Coach Crandall and you were right.

I do have to wear a tie for the banquet.

What? You're going to a banquet, Cameron?

Uh, yeah. It's an end-of-season thing for track, that's all.

How nice!

Jackie, you should take my ticket and go with Cameron and Matt.

Why can't we all go?

Well, each athlete is only allowed to bring two guests.

It's a budget thing. Maybe you should go with Jackie.

No, honey you drove them all over the place to meets and stuff.

And it was really fun. I got to meet a lot of great kids.

I got to see this guy tear it up, meet after meet.

You should go.

But you were the one that came and cheered me on, Aunt Allison.

Whenever I could. But your mom and Uncle Matt should be there.

So it's settled!

Two handsome men taking me to a banquet!

Fred! Fred!

I'm gonna cuff you and put you in a room if you don't stop.

My girlfriend's in the hospital because of her boyfriend.


Todd didn't hurt anybody.

Fred, we spoke to the hospital.

Your girlfriend and a dozen other people are in the ER and doctors think it's because of bad heroin.

Are you saying that Delilah had something to do with that?

Her boyfriend sold us bad stuff last night.

Is that why you attacked her in Crestview Park?

It hurts...

Stupid junkie. Those drugs are gonna k*ll you man!

This is exactly why I drink.

I need a transport to the ER. Yeah. Thanks.

Delilah, you didn't take any of the bad drugs?

Heroin is gonna make your teeth fall out, honey, Don't do those drugs.


So why is your boyfriend selling poisoned drugs?

Todd didn't poison them.

Someone broke in and wrecked his stash without him realizing.

And then all these guys got sick and Todd freaked out!

He thought the bogeyman was after him and he took off!

Okay, so your boyfriend's no longer in Crestview?

Todd had to go far away where they weren't gonna k*ll him.

So far that I can't even find him.

Which means I'm free all weekend, if you want to party.

[Laughing] We can all party!

Can you help me? Stay there.

First, we have a break-in at the bowling alley that served to shut one dealer down.

Now we've got a poisoned batch of drugs that drives out another dealer?

Someone is trying to drive them out of business?

Certainly looks that way.

I think we have a turf w*r shaping up in Crestview.

You're sexy when you're deducing.

Sorry. I really try not to bring work home with me.

I know some of them stick more than others. What's up?

There's been this surge in drug-related crime like a break-in staged to take down a dealer and someone poisoning another dealer's stash...

You've had dealers knock try to knock each other around for territory before.

Yeah, but this is on a different scale.

It's like somebody from outside the current system coming in and trying to break it down.

There's this big power grab.

But not to tear it all down.

To build it up with a new guy in charge?

It's the escalation that worries me, but Wilkes is bringing in the DEA from Seattle, so that's going to be better.

I don't know, having these massive shifts right on our doorstep, around our kids. That's what I don't like.

I understand.

But as the number one fan of the Crestview Police Department, I have all the confidence in the world you can identify and neutralize this thr*at.

Oooh hello.

Oh! Cameron! Umm, hi! I thought you were sleeping?

Yeah, I was getting ready.

But then I got a text message from Zack, the high jumper...

High jumper guy.

Zack's dad is going out of town for business, and Zack knew I was asking everyone for an extra ticket, so... anyways, you can have his dad's ticket to the banquet, Aunt Allison.

That's great, that's fantastic! Thank you.

Will you please thank Zack for me?


Thanks for... thanks.

I'd no idea he'd care so much if I didn't go to the banquet.

Who knew? He's got a soft, chewy center under that little shell.


Detectives! Agent Rob McGee, Detectives McLean and Stewart.

Good to have you here.

Thank you.

Thanks for coming across the bridge.

My pleasure.

Hey, I'll show up wherever there's a turf w*r going down, and it looks like you might have a nasty one.

Okay Lieutenant, last one.

Detective Lee, this is Agent Rob McGee, from DEA.

Detective Peter Lee?

You're the one that made that bust at Evergreen Lake a couple years back, am I right?

I didn't know that news made it out of Crestview.

How did you figure out the supplier was using a seaplane to make a drop at such a secluded spot?

The pieces just seemed to fit together.

That's some inspired detective work. Congratulations.

I didn't know we were calling in the big g*n.

I could push off my vacation one week.

I'd love to see how the experts do the job.

Thanks, but if you don't take at least three of those vacation days, HR is going to come after both of us, so go, enjoy.

Pleasure to meet you, McGee.

Yeah, you too.

Have a good one.

Why don't you tell them what you were telling me?

We've been seeing a huge migration lately.

Drugs moving from the streets into the suburbs.

Your users are your usual classic junkies all the way to these suburban moms and dads.

How widespread is it?


It's a fallout from the use of oxycodone and users of other pharmaceuticals who are now using heroin and other drugs that we usually only see on the streets.

Agent McGee told me about a woman from North Seattle... mother of five, house with a view.

Died from a heroin overdose three weeks ago.

Those poor kids...

Yeah, we were trying to figure out where she was getting her stuff, but I found that she had a bunch of friends, including Crestview, so I came to talk to a group of women who I felt were using, too, but I couldn't get them to give up their source.

But I do have their names and I do know where to find them.

I was thinking you might be able to use his information to go after them. See if you can figure out where they're buying.

Okay, let's hope they'll talk to me.

You'll find a way.

How many of those are yours?

Only two. Do you have any?

None that play on swings anymore.

Are you okay?

I wish they made park benches that recline.

I'd pay extra for that.

I used to take something for the pain, but, wow, that refill three times sticker doesn't last as long as I hoped it would. Sorry.

No, I know exactly what you're going through.

Jessica sat on my sciatic nerve during my entire pregnancy.

There were whole weeks after she was born where I could hardly even move. The pain was excruciating.

What did you take for it? I'm sorry; that's a little personal.

That's okay, I'm always willing to help a fellow mom in need.


Oh, thanks, but I was hoping you'd tell me where I can get something a little stronger. You know, something with refills.

No, you don't understand.

There's a place just around the corner.

See Pam at Energy Yoga Studio.

She'll have exactly what you're looking for.


Jessica, stop eating the rocks!

[Phone ringing]

McLean residence.

Mrs. McLean?

I'm sorry, she's not here right now. Can I take a message?

Hi, it's Coach Crandall, the track coach from Crestview High School.

Coach Crandall! I'm Jackie Olson, I'm Cameron's mom.

Pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Olson.

I was just at the hotel, reviewing preparations for our banquet tomorrow, and I realized I needed some last-minute help.

Mrs. McLean is one of those moms who always says yes.

Well, whatever Allison was gonna help you with, I'm sure I can take care of it for you.

That's great, Mrs. Olson.

I need someone to pick up the centerpiece for the head table at Pine Avenue Florist tomorrow afternoon.

No problem at all. I can take care of that for you.

Is there anything else I can do?

Actually, I also need someone to type up the program, make it look nice.

I can take care of that as well. Why don't you send the information home with Cameron and I'll get it done.

Thank you, Mrs. Olson.

Cameron loves being on the track team, so anything I can do to help, it's my pleasure.

Great, we'll see you tomorrow.

Okay, bye.

Everyone has the address?

Energy Yoga Studio, Old Towne Plaza.

I checked possession busts going back six months.

Found a cluster in a mile radius of her location.

Easy customer access, centralized location.

And the owner fits the profile of the dealer from the North Seattle case.

You think she's the one behind the break-in, and the poisoning?

Falls in line with things that I've seen before.

Small-time dealer decides they want to be bigger-time, so they try to take out the competition.

That's why we're going after her, first.

Have each other's backs, and stay safe.

Pam, I don't understand. You can't just leave.

The four o'clock class: it's not covered!

Post a sign that says cancelled. Tell people I got called away for a few days; maybe longer.

Pam Randolph?

Crestview Police Department.

All of you guys at once?

I didn't think you'd all come together...

We're going to need you to come with us.

Pam! What... ?

Put the g*n down.

I'm not going to do what you tell me.

Nobody sh**t!

We've got a hostage situation at Old Towne Plaza.

No need for you to hold an hostage. Okay?

We just want to talk to you.

No, it's not too late, but you have to release that hostage.

Let me just talk... there's a better way for us to have this conversation, if you just do one thing for me.

Are you willing to do one thing for me?

Hey Matt, do you know where a good place to get balloons would be?


Yeah, Coach Crandall asked me to pick up the centerpiece for the banquet tomorrow, and I thought maybe balloons in team colors might be nice.

You talked to Coach Crandall?

Yeah, he called earlier asking for help.

He called for Allison?

I said that I would do it, and I'm also typing up the program for the evening.

That's fine, I just didn't realize you'd talked to him.

Try Party Perfect for the balloons.

They're over at the mall.

Mom, are you going to the mall?

Sounds like it.

I'll go with you.

It's okay I've got it under control.

Why don't you wait for Allison to get back?

She can take you.

Both of you: thank you very much, but I can do this, and I can do it on my own.

[Cellular phone ringing]


Matt, it's Devin.

Hey Devin.

Listen... there's something you need to know.

And you might not want to tell your kids.

I give up my assistant, and I get back a cop?

This feels like I traded up.

I wanted us to be able to talk, face-to-face.

Okay, how many of you are out there? Fifteen? Twenty?

Let's not worry about that right now.

The only thing that matters is you and me.

Are you working for him? Is that why you wanted inside?

Working for whom?

I heard about the manager at the bowling alley getting robbed, except they left how much product?

All so he'd get taken away. And Todd.

Where's Todd after they broke in and poisoned his stuff to put him out of business?

We heard that Todd left town.

What are you going to believe when his body turns up in Green River, k*lled by the dirty cop who's trying to shove us all out?

Dirty cop? You think a police officer is behind this?

Why would you say that?

Because he told me.

Wait, this police officer came to you?

You talked to this officer?

He came this morning and he told me I was going to work for him or... that I didn't have a choice.

I had until 5PM tomorrow, because that was when he's bringing in more heroin than Crestview had ever seen.

Once those drugs hit the streets, all offers of previous employment will be rescinded. Along with anyone who says no to his deal.

What does this guy look like? Did he give you a name?

He looks like... a cop. I don't know.

He didn't give a name, he just bragged about how he was going to be Crestview's own Rollo Tomassi.

Rollo Tomassi? Like in the movie?

I don't know. I don't know anything except, he'll k*ll me. I know that he will.

Do you have kids, Pam?


And my ex is worthless. My kids need me.

I need to be okay for them.

The best way to make that happen is if you come to the station with me, right now. We can get a sketch artist.

We can figure out who this guy is.

Are you crazy? If he thinks I've helped you, I'm d*ad.

If you try to do this by yourself, you're d*ad.

Every decision you've made has been for your kids. Right?

Do this for them.

We're coming out. Hold your f*re.

What if it's one of them?

It's okay, I'll protect you.

This is my partner, Devin Stewart.

Pam's gonna help us break this.

We appreciate your cooperation, ma'am.

We're gonna go down to the station and we're gonna figure this out. We're gonna get this guy, okay?

This goes a lot deeper than we thought.

Okay, let's go Pam.


Take cover!

Quadrant scan!

Watch your backs!

Anyone down?

Pam? No, no no!

No, no, no!

Hey sorry. I just had to see you.

How are you doing, you okay?

Yeah... it was tough.

Gotta go debrief?

Yeah, we do.

Alright, I have to go take care of something but, I'll see you back at home.

I'm glad.

Hey babe, thanks for coming to check on me.

Of course.
Hey Pete? I thought you'd be halfway to Idaho by now.

Lieutenant put out the word to everyone off shift.

I even called Victoria and she's trying to get a flight back from Jackson Hole.

That b*llet could have hit one of our best detectives.

We all want to help find whoever ordered the hit.

Okay people, let's put together what we know.

Angle of the sh*t verifies the sh**t was right here, but there was nothing at that site.

No casings, no footprints, it's like no one was ever there.

Drug dealers know the best shots in the business.

They do a lot of work together.

Detective McLean, did the victim share any information while you were together?

Pam said she was scared of the police.

That's why she took a hostage to begin with.

She said...

She said a new dealer in town is making serious thr*at, forcing everyone either to work for him, or not work at all.

That falls in line with your bowling alley hit, right?

And the reason that dealer left town.

She also said this dealer came and told her a big shipment is coming in tomorrow at five o'clock.

Once it hits the streets, he's in charge and everything's gonna get worse.

That gives us a deadline, and not a lot of time.

I want everyone to work their connections.

Informants, anyone who owes you a favor. Shake it out.

We need to figure out the location of this delivery, and the clock's ticking, so let's go.

Lieutenant, may I have a word?


I didn't want to say this in front of the whole shop, but the yoga teacher, she said this individual making these thr*at, these moves, is a cop.

Did she give you a name, any kind of proof?

She said...

No, nothing really, but...

Detective, I will vouch for members of this department.

I can't see any of them going dirty.

What about him?

Agent McGee is highly decorated, with a sterling reputation.

He's on our side, not theirs.

If we're going to figure out who this guy is, we need to be looking in the right places.

Let's focus on doing that.

Thank you for coming.

You wrote me such a nice invitation, how could I resist?

I can't talk to Allison, it's pointless. I know that.

I thought you and I could have a real conversation.

About what?

My wife. My kids.

You start.

I'm not even going to pretend that I didn't mess up.

That I don't wish that things were different.

Good start.

I want to do right by you. By all of you.

By giving your sister crap every time she tries to help you?

You don't think that she tells me what you do, what you say?

You don't think I see her heart break?

Her heart doesn't break.

You can pretend whatever you want to pretend.

She had...

But don't tell me what my wife...

You listen to me!


This is important.

Yes it is.

Nothing means as much to me as my kids.

Me too.

And Jackie, she's gonna find a place, and a program, a job.

Yeah, I recommended her to a friend of mine.

He's leaning towards hiring her.

Thanks. Thank you.

I appreciate it.

Because when she gets that part of it coming together, then it'll be that much easier for her and the kids to get on their own, where they belong.

Wait a sec. Where they belong is somewhere s*ab and safe.

Like exactly where they are.

Your house?

I thought Allison was crazy when she said we should take them in.

But I love those kids.

And I'm not gonna let them go anywhere until I'm sure that they're going to be happy and safe, and that goes for Jackie, too.

You trying to steal my whole family?

No, I'm just taking care of your kids the way you should have.

You don't know!

You want a fight? You got it.

Because you're such a better man than me?

And that's such a high bar.

The drugs are coming in tomorrow night to the freightyard.

All of our Intel points to it.

No cars can come in to and from it, and all directions with trails going off this way.

And from here, all roads lead to Crestview.

I talked to some day workers who said they were offered a huge payday to show up there tomorrow night for an unloading, as long as they didn't ask any questions.

And we have rail lines scheduled to stop there at five, the time that our yoga teacher said the shipment was being dropped off.

Shouldn't we be looking at other places, too?

Like private air strips, or truck stops?

Hardly anyone uses trucks for this kind of haul anymore.

They don't want to risk getting pulled over.

And the rail road fits the pattern.

The network we cracked in Tacoma did the same thing.

Pulled right into Union Station not thinking anyone was looking.

So we've got ourselves a time, and a location.

I'm gonna get my people on the horn for some assistance.

We're going to need some bigger g*n here.

You can use my office.


You think we missed something?

No, I'm sure they're right. I mean we need to trust the experts every now and then, don't we?

Cameron, I'm sorry, but I might be a little late to the banquet tomorrow night.

Work thing?

Yeah, but I'll get there as soon as I can.

It starts at six, right?


I'll be there early, Cam.

It's so much fun getting to know the other moms and your coach.

I'm really proud of you, honey.

I can help, too, Mom.

What do you still need to do for the banquet?

Nothing. I'm on top of it. I don't need any help.

I just mean that I've got it covered so...

Anyone who wants to help can just tell me what a good job I'm doing.

And you are, Mom. A great, great job.

Thank you, honey.

We'll follow Agent McGee's lead.

Get to the rail yard and make sure the ground support is in position before we go for the grab.

I have a strike team meeting us on the way, and I've got an air unit that'll fly in as soon as I give them the signal.

Let's remember we're dealing with someone who is responsible for at least one death.

We need to make sure we don't lose anybody else.

I won't let that happen again.

Everyone cool?

Okay, then. Let's get it done.

We've got every move planned out, every contingency covered.

It'll be a solid operation.

I'm not thinking about the bust, it's McGee.

How sure he is of everything.

He's a Fed. Those big-shots are always three words away from telling us that federal trumps state.

But I've been impressed with his work.

It's thanks to him you and I get to help take down Crestview's own Rollo Tomassi.

Rollo Tomassi? Who called him that?

Well, that got a reaction.

Devin, who called him that? Was it McGee?


Turn the car around. Now!

[Car tires screeching]

You going to tell me what you just put together?

Pam told me this cop came to her and told her that he was going to become Crestview's own Rollo Tomassi.

A Cop? Why didn't you tell me?

I'm still trying to figure it out. I didn't tell anybody.

But how would Pete know, unless...

He told it to her himself?

Yes! And did you notice how eager he was to come back in from his vacation?

To tell us to go to the train yard, instead of where the drugs are actually going to be?

Which is... ?

A place that's easy to drop in cargo.

And nobody thought of it until Pete did.

Inspired detective work.

Lieutenant? It's McLean.


Coach. Don't the balloons look great?

Very nice. But right now, I'm trying to find out where you put the centerpiece for the head table.

No one can find them.

Thank you. I'll have someone go to the florist right now.

Coach, I am so terribly sorry, I was Mom, did you type this out?

I did. I'm trying to be the best track mom I can be.

What is this? Best New Athlete, Cameron Olson.

Presented by Jackie Olson.

I know. I typed it up. I am so proud of you!

Aunt Allison was supposed to present me my award.

That's what I filled out on the form Coach gave me.

I know. I saw the form and I changed it.

You only put Aunt Allison there because you didn't know If I would be here.


She was going to do it because you weren't here. And she was.

When I was earning this. When I needed her.


Don't touch me!

Yeah. Yeah.

Looks like the delivery's right on time.

Hurry it up. Gotta get this thing back in the air, I've got a schedule to keep.

I give backup five minutes, then I'm taking him out myself.

We're going or he'll get away.

Okay, cover me.


Step away from the plane, Pete.

Allison. I guess if anybody was going to figure this out, it was bound to be you.

I'm not alone! You're surrounded!

Explain it to me, Pete.

Why would you do this to the department?

To your friends?

To the people of Crestview whose lives are going to be ruined after the stuff hits the streets?

Yeah, right and wrong is always so clear to you, huh?

It's about the law, Pete.

You're the expert on that, right?

In fact, you taught me so much of what I know.

Like never give a criminal a chance to grab their w*apon.

That was great advice.

[g*n f*ring]

[g*n f*ring]

I'm out.

[g*n f*ring]

It's over, Pete. Let's not make this worse than it already is.

It'll be over when I say so, Allison.

I'll sh**t you, if I have to.

Is that how you want this to end?

Cop Kills Cop. That's a headline to remember.

And I'll finally have my picture next to yours.

[g*n f*ring]

I didn't say I was going to k*ll you.

Maybe we should let him bleed.

Take his chances until back-up arrives.

No, I want him to survive.

I don't want him to miss his chance to enjoy prison.

They're going to love a cop like you in there.

Because that's what school sports should really be about, growing, and learning, and developing.




I'm so proud of you.


I don't know where Jackie is.

She might be backstage helping somebody, I don't know.


Can we talk about the kids now, please?

These beautiful kids, like my boy, Cameron.

I love you!

[Blowing kisses]

I love you.

No! We're going to miss the... come on!

Here you go.

No, I don't like coffee.

Take the coffee, Jackie.

If you don't drink that coffee right now, I'm going to call your rehab counsellor and he's going to come pick you up. Which only seems fair, since you just broke Cameron's heart.

I did not...

Just get yourself together long enough to watch him accept his award, then we'll go home and then we'll talk.

Oh, you mean, we'll go home and you can tell me how horrible I am at everything?

And how much better the two of you are than me at everything?

You know, you expect too much from me.

And now you're trying to steal my children.

No, we're trying to give them a home.

With some s*ab and some security.

And a lot of love.

Cameron's in there, waiting.

He should be so happy and proud of what he's done since he came here, but instead he's worrying about you.

About what you're gonna do next.

Tonight was supposed to be about him and you've made it all about you.

That's not what I wanted.

But that's what you did.

What are you going to do to fix it?

As a freshman, Beck said to me: that looks like fun. Can I try that?

And she now holds the county record in the long jump.

And she grins every time she jumps.

Glad it's still fun for you Becky.



And our next award...

Best New Athlete goes to a very special young man, Cameron Olson.




Hey Jeff!

Oh, I didn't even see you come in.

Where is everybody?

I think the girls are on the porch.

You're home already? How was the banquet?


Where's Cameron?

At the banquet with you?

What happened?

Mariah, can you check your phone, see if your brother texted you.

Dad. What's going on?

We had a problem at the banquet.

Mom. What happened?

Cameron left before we did.

Let's sit you down, let you take a minute.

It's all my fault. I ruined everything.

I didn't mean to, but I did.

It's all right, Mom. Everything will be all right.

I found his shirt and tie on his bed.

We didn't see him come in. We've been outside...

I didn't hear him Mom, honest.

I'm sure he didn't want you to.

His duffle bag is missing and most of his clothes.

Cameron ran away?

♪ I wait for you to come home ♪
♪ But I don't even know if I want you to anymore ♪
♪ This is a mess and I can't get my fingers on it ♪
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