01x08 - Scorched Earth

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "Flesh and Bone". Aired: November 2015 to December 2015.
"Flesh and Bone" follows a troubled but gifted ballet dancer who runs away from home to audition for a New York ballet company. Her talents catch the eye of the company’s artistic director but his expectations for Claire go beyond anything she expected. How far is she willing to go?
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01x08 - Scorched Earth

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Previously on "Flesh and Bone"...

You need to understand your power... your talent... your beauty.

I'm not an animal.

Prescott is just waiting for you to retire so he can breed you like one.

I think Mia's had issues with food for a long time.


I'm talking about the disease, the M.S.


Nice to meet you, Jimjo.

It's Bryan.

I trusted you, and you ruined it!

It's not your book!

Behold the dragon!

Trey. Please step in.


House seats on opening night, invitation to gala for myself and friends.

Don't you grab!

You want Claire.

Look in my eyes and say it.

Say it to my face!

It's all yours.

Come here.

I can't.

Bryan, I need you to see.




Romeo, are you up there?

Can you come down?




I...just want to talk.

Can we talk?

I read the book.

I think I get the story, Romeo.

Well, some of what you wanted me to know, anyway.

Especially... the part where the girl's struggling and she's at w*r.

You talked about me breaking the chains and freeing myself.

I don't know how you know so much.

I'm sorry for upsetting you.

You didn't deserve that.

I'm not myself.

Whatever that means.

You're the princess.

The story is scary as hell.

Ever had one of those days where you wish you'd never been born?

The story... sometimes it's hard to know what part you play.

I have a-a problem.

I do-- I don't know. That-- that's the thing.

I'm confused about-- about who I am in the-- in the story.

I thought I was the-- the middle man, that I-I was the facilitator, the sayer of things and the seer of things, or... maybe even-- maybe even... the prophet.

Now I'm concerned.

What if I'm...

God, I don't want to be.

What if it's me?

The dragon?


No, that's not you.

How can you be sure?


You're the hero.


What did you just say?


This is you.

You saved Mia.

Trust me-- you're the hero.

You're the hero, Romeo.

You are.

"The hurricane swirled fast and grey.

All of their blind, unblinking eyes beheld the hero, gleam and stride.

Through darkness into lullaby, as silence sliced across the land.

As sharp as shards of bottle green, as soft as snow and feather light.

When the hero carved the story clean and the fiery dragon fell."

Hey, get down here!

You got to see this!

Oldie but a goodie!

Bryan, Claire, are you guys hungry?

Hey, Frank, why don't you light the grill?

Hey, hey! Look at...

Baseball friend!

You f*ck' putz.

We f*ck' made f*ck' mincemeat out of them f*ck' f*g!

Watch your language.

1071, baby. f*ck yeah.

f*ck yeah, right?

Come on, Bryan. Show them how it's done.

What the f*ck you think you're doing?

Only a h*m* flexes somethin' he don't got.

Bunch of knuckleheads.

Why you hittin' yourself, huh? Why you hittin' yourself?

Why you hittin' yourself?

Frank. Leave him alone.

Shut your pie hole. He's fine.

Hey. Hey! Hey, come on, come on.

Man up, you little h*m*. Quit your sniveling.

That's right. Run away, you little h*m*.

We had some good times, huh?

Claire. Wave to the camera. Wave to mommy.

Hey, hot pants, point that thing over here, where the winners are.

You remember?



You going somewhere?



Pick me up some beer.

Sure thing.

Three, four.

I'm going to try Kiira again.

Oh, f*ck that relentless, conniving KBG diva.

She's a Ruski f*cking fossil.

This is our lucky day!


Will you call her?

Why the hell would I do that?

She'll answer if it's you.

Why can't you see that Kiira gave us the best opening-night gift ever?

f*cking merde!

Yeah, it's going to be an impressive sight when half our audience walks out.

Our subscribers paid to see Kiira Koval.

And all of them will witness the most exciting dancer they have seen in years.

Make sure those are redone.

Yes, sir.

How do you not see this is magic in the making?

You're myopic. Open your eyes.

Trying to keep it real, Paul.

You want to know what's real?

Half our audience will be d*ad in five years.

That's real.

We make art for the living.

Now stop naysaying.

You know I hate naysaying.

I'm going to get him a latte.

You want one?

I need a drink.

I do not need an emergency rehearsal right now.

My whole life is a f*cking emergency.

This blows.

Totally blows.

Like, we're gonna be so tired.

Going to be?

How am I supposed to be feeling right now?

As in you're trying to feel bad for Kiira but you're totally psyched?

You're not just another pretty face.

I'll keep it together. Don't worry.

As you may or may not have heard, Miss Kiira Koval is unable to be with us tonight, and I ask that you respect her privacy.

Moving on...

Miss Claire Robbins will dance in Toni's piece this evening and in all ensuing performances.

Miss Daphne Kensington will be performing Kiira's role in "Rubies."

Another 15 before I can turn on the lights.

Union rules.

I urge all of you to rise to the occasion.

Now go. Go and prepare, warm up.

And when Ivana gets here, we'll run "Rubies."

What the hell?


Clear the stage till I get it cleaned up.

Do you smell burning toast?



What happened -- here?

Should I be concerned? Is everything all right?

Why would you do this?

It just happened.

It certainly did. Good lord.

Yes, you're going to be fine.

Just fine. Perfectly fine.

I just... need you to take deep breaths.

You know I have every faith in you.

You know that, right?

This is the most momentous moment for you -- for us.

But don't let expectations weigh on you.

Just...do what you do, my darling. Do what you do.

Yes? Yes?




We'll figure out the hair.

Can we please get some lights on in this dungeon?!

Give me one minute.

So, after the first penché in the second pas, if you could really help me get some lift on those low leg crosses, that'd be great.

Can do.

Must you wriggle?

And on your mincy promenade thing, do you want my hand here?


Palm to palm, fingers on my wrist.

f*ck. Right.

I know that. I do.

I just want to nail this.

Almost finished.


So, you know how I'm the only girl in the company you haven't f*cked?

If you make me look good tonight, there is an epic blowjob in your future.

We pull this off, it'll be better than the best sex you've ever had.

Trust me.

How about we leave it all onstage?

Works for me.

All right.

Ross, be on your way now.

God, Matilda, I don't care.

I'll give it a quick stitch and be back in a jiff.
Okay, so, we go...

And then after that, I need just a little breath to ease into that preparation, okay?

Got it.

No, no, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.

Can we work through that little waltzy bit with the hips?

You know where I mean?



Come on. Let's move now, yes?

Five minutes, we walk around hall.

Maybe there's handsome doctor out there.

You will get bedsores.

Not sexy.

Everything I have done, every f*cking day of my entire f*cking life is officially f*cking pointless.

Five years is lifetime for ballerina.

Every dancer retires young.

5 years left, 10 years left. who's counting?

I'll never be a prima.

You were never going to be prima.

But always, you will be smart and funny.

And world-class piece of ass.

What is gonna happen to me?

Who -- who am I supposed to be now?

You're a dancer.

And for you, I play.

This is what we do, who we are.

Now, wouldn't it be better to stop wasting time?

You gonna take your coat off or...?

You cut your hair.


It's for tonight.

So, tell me what's wrong.

I got everything I ever dreamed of.

I don't believe in it, you know?

None of it feels real.

I won't feel real unless you see me.

Sorry for the mess.

Haven't had any time.

Pretty sure there's a clean towel somewhere, though.

I have to be back at the theater in a couple of hours.

There's not much in the fridge.

There's coffee. I don't know what else.

Or a peanut butter and jelly. That's what I was gonna have.

You want a sandwich?


You can use this.

You could grab a bite around the corner.

There's a decent pizza place or --

I can't stay.


I-I got to go.

What do you mean? When?

Now. Now. I'm going now.

Then why did you come here?

Because you called me!

I'm not doing this.

I'm done.

And you should be, too.

That's what you wanted. That's why you're here.

And you were right. You were right to get away.

Why are you doing this now?

Tell you something else. I'm not going back home.

And I'm not staying in New York.

I'm gonna go far the f*ck away.


Somewhere. I don't know.



You know, I keep hoping that something good came out of all this.

I've been seeing her face -- or thinking that I do --

Everywhere I go.

I'm always looking at little kids and wondering, "what if she's mine?" 'cause I keep hoping... so much... that she's happy... and that people love her a lot and they wanted her for keeps real bad.

I got to hope that...

All in all... we made something good.

I used to punch my belly to try to k*ll it.

I used to hope it would shrivel and die inside of me.

I wanted to carve it out with a knife and throw it in the river.

I hated it.

I couldn't wait to get it out of me.

I never even looked at it.

You said she was beautiful.


It was a monster!

Because you're a monster, Bryan!

You're a f*cking monster!

How are you?

You outdid yourselves this year.

If I was reviewing this gala, I'd say "It simply glitters with glossy glamour."

You wordsmith, you.

Feel free to type that up, Kerwyn.

Oh, don't be ridiculous.


Wonderful. You?

Nice to see you.

Nice to see you.

Jessica, how are you?

Hello. Nice to see you.

Mr. Zelenkov. How lovely to see you.

"The divine woman slowly descended onto the clouds before me.

I had seen nothing in my life so beautiful."

Thank you.

And please -- I am Sergei.

This is Jessica Jordan.

She is responsible for all we enjoy here tonight.

Hello. Good evening.

Good evening.

Very good.

Happy to hear it.

Jessica, I very much would like to meet Mr. Paul Grayson.

Oh, I'm sure he'll make his way back over this way at some point.

I would like it.

Indulge me.

I don't recall feeling quite this electrified by expectation in quite some time.

I hope you brought your sunglasses.

You're about to be dazzled.

Excuse me. I need to whisk our hero away.

Excuse me.

Where are you taking me? Those people were money.

Please tell me the mayor is here.

Nice to see you. Hi, there.

Nice to see you, too!

One of our major donors wants a meet and greet.

You are a vision -- an absolute vision.

Ohh! Thank you.

So I don't know him?

I doubt it. That's him there.

God. His face looks like it was poured out of concrete.



Mr. Zelenkov. Pleasure to meet you.

Thank you so much for your invaluable support.

The pleasure is mine, Mr. Grayson.

I hope you enjoy yourself this evening.

Expect the spectacular.

Let us commemorate the moment. A photograph.

Certainly. I'd be delighted. I'll see you after the show.

We are here.

Let us strike the iron while it is hot, yes?

Photo, please? Over here.


Right this way, please.

Thank you. Together.

Thank you. One more.

Children. Children. Come to me.


Come, come, come.

I am... so proud.

So very proud of my babies.

I'm proud of your hard work and dedication, of your unflinching passion for this exalted, exhilarating art form.

You are the gods and goddesses from the heaven of our divination.

I am but your humble servant.

My darling angels...

Transcendence awaits!

Now go out there and f*ck 'em in the heart!

And one and two and three and one.

One and two and three and...

And one and...

Get it together.

Hey, you are going to be a wonderful, a wonderful mother.

Nailed it!


You are so funny.


That was better than sex, right?


Maybe not.

You have an admirer.


Sergei sends you his love.

Now that he is an official friend of the ballet.

Just look this way, honey.

What do you think -- the partial or the full?

Since we have the chance now, I'm inclined to go really "Wow."



Lush but youthful.



I need you to focus, honey.

30 minutes, miss Robbins. 30 minutes, please.

Five minutes, Five minutes, please.

Thank you, dancers.

I see you!

Crazy f*ck.

Yeah, hey.

I know who you are.

I won't call you Jimjo anymore.


I shouldn't have called you that.

I shouldn't have ever called you Jimjo.

Don't worry about it.

Well, thank you.

I'm not worried about it.

Previously, I was worried about it.

But I'm not now.

That's fine.

Listen, I'm not really up to hanging right now, okay, bud?

I feel bad that I made that mistake.

I truly do.

Yo! Lancelot!

I want to be alone, okay?

Seriously, take off, all right?

I want you to know that I didn't understand.

I didn't understand that you're not Jimjo at all.

I get it.

I get it.

I'm not Jimjo.

Now get the f*ck away from me.

I asked you nice, but now it's time for you to back the f*ck off.

Do not push your luck. You hear me?

Don't you know who you are?

Can it be that you don't know who you are?

Do you have a death wish?

Death wish?

Death wish?

What -- why are you asking me that?


I didn't mean that.

I'm sorry.

Behold the dragon.

You...are the darkness.

It was you.

I need to do the right thing.

I need to do the right thing.





You did it! You did it!

What a great job.


Tell me... Tell me everything you're feeling. Tell me.

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