01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cuffs". Aired: October 2015 to December 2015.
"Cuffs" follows the lives of front line police officers within Brighton and the surrounding area of Sussex serving within the fictional South Sussex Police service. The cases are both surprising and exciting.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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You're quite sure this isn't a complete waste of time?

No, sir.

No, you're not sure, or no, it isn't a complete waste of time?


Just turn it on, will you?!


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm sorry I couldn't be with you this morning, but I want to talk to you about something which is important to me and, I hope, important to you too. -- Risk and responsibility.

Control, this is Kilo Two Two Zero.

Request assistance on Roedale allotments.

In this job we must always be prepared to take risks.

Suspect is armed with a samurai sword.

I repeat, armed with a sword...

To go to places that others would fear to go, to put ourselves in situations that others would fear to put themselves in...




We are the face that people look to for reassurance...

Support your fellow officers.

Support each other in supporting the community.

I am arresting you on suspicion of as*ault, possession of an offensive w*apon, criminal damage and extreme gardening without a licence.

Risk and responsibility...

How's that for risk and responsibility?

Let these not just be buzz words, let them be your mantra.

Thank God for that.

The hat on the table was the best bit.

I liked the medals.

What have I got to do to get all those medals like that?

Probably got to win a w*r or something... Sorry.

Sorry, mate.

I wish he'd have warned me he was going to do that.

Don't take it personally.

It's all right. He was uniform, though, you know.

Did his time. Now he's driving a Merc.

The rest of these will be stuck in Panda cars till they retire.

We don't drive Panda cars any more.

It was a figure of speech.

Any patrol, please, for an immediate graded call to Roedale allotments, man seen with a sword...

Control, this is Kilo Two Two Zero.

Show us state five to that call, over.

You wanna take the Rolls or are you all right in the usual car?

Getting busy already.

Ooh, it's going to be an enjoyable evening tonight.

They might all behave themselves.

Oh, yeah, you're right. Probably finish early.

In bed by ten.

Nice cup of cocoa and a book.




Here we go. Kilo Two Three Zero, show us State six, over.

Are you the one who called us, madam?

Yes. They've taken my van!

( She speaks her own language )

Can you give us a description of your vehicle and the men who took it?

Look! It's bloody there!

Think there's a way of doing this without looking ridiculous?


I'll try and cut them off.


Cut the engine...


Cut the engine...

Get out of the vehicle. Cut the engine.

You two -- out!

We was going to give it back.

Was you? Well, we'll never know now, will we?

Come on, you as well.

Come on, mate.

What are you waiting for? Let's go.

Can't you do something a little bit more interesting with your study leave?

You haven't got any dr*gs on you or anything like that, have you?

This your idea of fun, is it?

You OK? You look like you sprained your arse back there.

Oh, she's a physiotherapist as well, now, is she?

Another string to your bow!

Just checking. Let me know if you want it kissed better.

Hey... Workplace harassment. Shame on you!

( TV is on )

( Loud bangs and glass breaks )

Get down! Shut up!

What do you want?

Shut up!

Wrong house.



Oh, mate. Leave the paper cut alone, will you?

What do you mean?

I took on a guy with a samurai sword. I'm basically a warrior.


( Phone rings )


Jake, it's Dad. Just a quick one.

I am just trying to find out when you are working till tonight.

I'm on call so I'm wondering if you could check in on Mum.

Yeah, I'm on lates but I can go in and check on her when I get back.

OK. Thanks, I appreciate that.

I heard you had a bit of a run-in earlier?

It was nothing. Just a guy with a really big sword.

We dealt with him.

Well, I hope you're not in too many pieces right now.

You know, the trick when someone has a w*apon like that is to use it to your advantage -- wait for them to swing, and when they're off balance and vulnerable, you knock them down.

Use their own body weight against them.

OK, nice one.

Um... how did my video briefing go down this morning?

Video briefing...

Yeah, it was good.

It was terrible then, yeah?

Morale is at an all-time high, Dad. You really rallied the troops.

Yeah, right... I'm hanging up now.

Good luck tonight.



What's that smell?

Cadaverous, isn't it?

The neighbours said the smell's been there all week.

They thought it was a drain somewhere but it's been getting worse.

Who owns it?

The Mason family own it, but they're away at the moment.

They've got a gite in the Dordogne.

They've got a house in France.

Oh, second shed we've had to break into today.

This "shed" is worth £13,000.

It's going to be a lot less in a minute.

Step back, please.

Are you going to kick it in?

Actually, why don't you take this one, warrior?

Yeah, all right.

( Flies buzz )

( He retches )

Belt's still round the arm.

Control, this is Kilo Two Two Zero.

We have a dr*gs death at the beach hut.

Request CID to come down and confirm, over.

Are you all right?


Can you think of anyone who would want to scare you?

Anyone who would want to send a message?


We haven't any enemies. We're just normal.

Hello. South Sussex Properties. How can I help?

Yes, I'm just calling to enquire about the house on Leckford Road, Patcham?

Of course. Just a moment.

Thank you.

I'm afraid we don't have any properties on that road at present.

Don't worry. My mistake.

There was fertiliser, lamps... consistent with a cannabis farm.

Rival g*ng tried to turn it over, ended up in the neighbour's by mistake.

That's unfortunate.

Perhaps not. If I can just get a RIPA, I can do a raid.

On the right house, I assume.

Yes, sir.

You're 100% it's a farm?

Fly-by with a helicopter and a heat sensor could confirm it.

I can get you a walk-by with a dr*gs dog.

That'll do. Thank you, sir.

Dawn raid it is, then?


Enjoy your lie-in. I'm off.

DC Hawkins.

Hi... Carl.

Fiona Glendon.

Licensing committee.

Nice to meet you... So shall we, er...

Shall we head in?

Erm, we don't actually go into the stadium.

How do we watch the dogs, then?

( Race commentary )

Budget cuts. Sorry.

Stadium has got a bar.

I'll remember that I owe you a drink.

Er, here's our suspect. Remember Betty.

Technically, the dog is not the suspect.

Of course.

Not unless she's got prior convictions.

Er, no. But she has come last in her previous four races.

So if she wins this one...

I'd start arresting people.

Assuming I can leg it back to the stadium before they all leave.

I'm sure it won't be much of a problem. You seem pretty fit to me.

Do you remember the first time you threw up on the job?

I'll let you know when it happens.

Evening, Sarge.


Well. She's definitely d*ad. You were right to call.

We do what we can.

Any ID on her?

All right... we'll have to see if CSI can get a DNA match.

I'll need the syringe and the crime scene photos as well.

And I will try and get hold of any next of kin on Monday.

Oh, hello... Who threw up?

It was one of the rubberneckers.

That'll teach them.

Do you know there's waiting lists to get in one of these, you know?

What a way to go, eh?

Anyway, that's me done.

Have a good weekend, Sarge.

You too.

'And as they approach the final bend...'

Bloody hell! What did she do, swallow a rocket?

In a manner of speaking.

Whisky November Two One Seven. Hope you had a bet on that.

I'm heading to pick up the owner.

Have uniform meet me en route, over.

Right, I, er... See you in a mo.

Good girl... Good girl.

Jason Lyle?


Hiya, mate. I just wanted to come and congratulate you and furry Lance Armstrong here.

PC Carl Hawkins.

Oh, come on... Lads!

Cover the gate. Cover the gate.

What? She had a good race!

Come on, mate. She nearly broke the land speed record.

At least make it look believable.

Jason Lyle, I am arresting you on suspicion of committing an offence under section 42 of the Gambling Act.

What did he give her?

Cocaine, most likely.

What does a greyhound look like on a come-down?

You might find out.

The kennels are full so we're going to plonk her at your station, see if you've got any space there.

I always wanted a dog.

I doubt anyone would put up much of a fight if you wanted to take her home.

Speaking of...

How about that drink?

I can't.




Maybe see you at the next one.

( He sighs )

Just out of interest.

Why Remember Betty?

I named her after an ex-wife.

Another mad b*tch who lost me all my money.

Radio: 'Kilo Two Three Zero, respond to a fight in progress on Ship Street.'

Kilo Two Three Zero, state 5, over.

Saturday night in Britain.

Kebab Beirut.

Kebab Beirut.

( Mobile rings )


Yes, sir...

It's quite busy out here tonight though, sir.

I think we'll be missed...


Thank you.

They need us for a surveillance job.

Plain clothes.

Bloody stakeout.

What's wrong with that?

I hate stakeouts.

You've been briefed?

Yes, sir.

Right, call us if anything happens.

Yes, sir.

( Shouting from the street )

How are you enjoying your evening?

You never take me anywhere nice on a Saturday any more.

Oh, you love it really.

Radio: 'Any patrols, please?

'Assistance required at Cauldron nightclub.

'Young woman as*ault, one of the bar staff.

'The bouncers are holding on to her.

Kilo Two Three Zero, show us state 5, over.

Let's do it.

( Muffled music )

Lead the way.

( Voices drowned out by music )

Why did you call them?

What's your name, love?


You're a grass, mate.

Right, Bethany.

We've been told you as*ault one of the staff, so what we're going to do is take you outside.

It's a bit loud in here, isn't it?

And we'll go and have a chat about it, OK?

Look, this is stupid, yeah?

I gave the barmaid a £10 note and she gave me change for a 20.

I gave her a £20 note and she gave me change for a 10, which is technically theft, so you should be arresting them.

OK, let's go outside and have a chat about it. OK?

Where are we going?

We are going to pop into the station.


No. I can't go there.

Unfortunately you haven't got much choice now.


Just... Look, put that down.

Piss off!

Leave me alone, you fat pig.

Just put that down...


I'm not going to tell you again.

Put the shoe down.

( Screaming )

Let's get her out of here before there's a bloody riot.

( Raised voices )

My eyes hurt, you nonce!

You're going to be so sorry you did this.

My dad's a detective. He's going to k*ll you.

He's going to k*ll you!

What a charming young lady.

She stabbed Lino with a shoe.

But not without her merits.


( Door buzzes )

This is Jason Lyle, arrested on suspicion of committing an offence under Section 42 of the Gambling Act.

Bethany: Let me out!

Saturday night.

You have no idea.

Let me out of this cell right now!

Lino had to pepper spray her.

That must have been satisfying.

A little bit.

Bethany: I want my dad down here!

I want my dad. He's a cop.

He's a cop and he's going to arrest you.

POLICE OFFICER: Keep it down in there, will you?!

Let me out!

That's Bethany.

That's my daughter.


Carl, you can't go and see her. You know you can't.

Shut up.

My eyes hurt.


My eyes hurt!

You pepper sprayed my daughter.

She had a shoe...

She's got size three feet.

What did you think she'd do?

He used reasonable force.

Did he?


You get a medic down and get her checked out. I'm looking into this.


( Door buzzer )

Sit down!

I had a greyhound called Bethany once.

Both: Shut up!

Book him in, Mel...

Someone left that dog here for you.

They tell me it's on cocaine.


I just need to see Webb about something, then I'll sort it.

I'll need you first thing tomorrow. Dawn raid on a cannabis farm.

Depending on what we find we'll want to pursue it quickly.


Er, thanks, sir...

Hey, are you coming?

You're all right... You go on.

Radio: 'Kilo Two Five Four, requesting assistance on Duke Street, multiple fights breaking out. Over. Control to Kilo Two Five Four, no units available at this time.'

It's a bad one tonight.

I hate stakeouts.

( Mobile rings )


'Hello, can I speak to Jake Vickers, please.'

You're talking to him.

'Your mother was brought into hospital.'


'Earlier today.'

What happened? Is she all right? Is she talking?

'She is in a serious but stable condition.

'We would recommend you come down to the hospital as soon as possible.'

I'll be there as soon as I can.

'Thank you.'

What is it?


My mum's been taken to hospital.


Yeah, I need to be there.

Control, this is Kilo Two Two Zero.

My colleague needs to go state 11.

First day...

I threw up on the first day of the job.

It was a neglect case.

A couple had let their drinking get out of control.

They'd forgotten about the kids.

There was a baby.

I thought I was ready for it, but I wasn't.

It happens to everyone.

( Siren wails )

Do you think that if I shut my eyes and pretended everything outside this room didn't exist...

.. it would come true?


But would you like it if it did?


What's this?

These are the most expensive peanuts in the whole world.

And I bequeath them to you...

As a symbol of my undying affection.

Both outside and inside of this room.

I don't know what to say.

You don't have to say anything.

Hello, love.

Mum. I'm sorry I took so long, I...

Don't be silly.

It's not as bad as it looks.


It's much worse.

So what happened?

Oh, I just felt a bit faint.

I had a bit of a spell.

They said you're going into surgery in half an hour.

Mm-hm. That's right.

That's more than a bit of a spell, Mum.


You're always such a worrier.

Right, Mum, I'm not going anywhere, OK?

I'll be just outside.

You're not alone.

How is she?

( Jake sighs )

Can you get on the radio, try and get hold of my dad?

He's on call tonight.

Control, this is Kilo Two Two Zero.

Can someone check on the whereabouts of Chief Superintendent Vickers, please?

'Kilo Two Two Zero, the Chief isn't on duty tonight.

'Do you need the on-duty Gold Commander?'

No, he's on call tonight. Ask them again.

Control, can you double check that, please?

'He's not working tonight. Kilo Two Two Zero, do you need assistance?'

No need. Over.

No, someone must have made a mistake.

He asked me to check on her...

Look, just don't worry about him right now.

Concentrate on your mum.


'Any patrol? For an immediate graded incident on West Street.'

You should go, get back out there.

All right?



Jesus, Jake, how is she?

She came out of surgery 20 minutes ago.

She had fluid in her lung.

They had to drain it.

Gave her something to help her breathe better.

And the cancer?

They've sent biopsies off for testing.

How was work?

I'm going to go in and sit with her.

Why don't you go home and rest.

ID of the beach hut body came back. Her name was Maggie Neville, local.

So I am going to need you to chase up her next kin for me.

Check local hospitals, ask the street drinkers if anyone knew her.

And if she had people, I want to call them, let them know.

Yes, Sarge.

Thanks, Mish...

What are you doing in this early?

What are YOU doing in this early?

Felix made me.

There's the dr*gs dog, sir.

That's the sign. Let's go.

Strike. Strike!

We are go.

Police! Nobody move!


They've rigged the stairs, be careful.

( Indistinct message on radio )

( Indistinct message on radio )


No worries, sir.

( He shouts in his own language )

Calm down. Calm down.

( He continues to shout )

Calm down.

( He continues to shout )



Take him out.

Romeo India Four Eight Two.

House is secure.

Large quantity of plants recovered.


( Siren wails )

You know, I think if you just let me explain...

Shut up.

If you just let me explain, I could show you why this really isn't my fault.

You att*cked an officer.


No, Bethany, you could have had his eye out.

Why do you have a dog?

I was going to take her in.

What happened? Did Cruella try and skin it?


Don't talk about your stepmum like that.

She doesn't think we've got the room, especially if she...

If, you know, we...

If the family grows.

Mum would have let you keep her.

Well, Mum always had a soft spot for the waifs and strays.

She still kicked YOU out.

Everyone has their limits.

How much trouble am I in?

Serious trouble.

Can you get me out of it?

Not even if I wanted to.

Oh, Mum's going to be so mad.

Bethany, in the car, now.

I'm sorry I h*t your friend with a shoe.

You let her spend the night in a cell?

There was nothing I could do.

Nothing you could do?

Why doesn't that surprise me?

Karen, she was out of control.

Your kids need you, Carl.

You need to be there for them.

Hey, guys.


Do you want to give that to him?

( Car engine starts )

Come on.

No! No, you don't pay.

It's free for you.

All right.



No problem.

There you go.


You look knackered.

Did you get any sleep?

How's your mum?

Can we just get this shift over with?

He wants asylum.

Tell him if he helps us track down the people in charge...

.. then the Border Agency will look much more kindly on his application to stay in the country.

( She translates )

Tell him...

.. we want to help.

Tell him he's safe now.

( She translates )

( He speaks his own language )

He says you can't protect him.

Not from the man he works for.

You're wrong.

Tell him he's wrong.

( She translates )

( He speaks his own language )

( He speaks his own language )

He says, "What happens if you try and arrest him and he gets away?

"What happens to my family then?"

The safest thing for you and your family is for him to be behind bars.

I can put him there, but I need your help.

Will you help me, Min?

( She translates )

Have people been talking about it?

About what?

What do you think?

Last night.

Carl's daughter.



No, I think people understand.

It's not... You know, it's not a thing.

Don't worry about it.

'Any patrol please, we have a report of a disturbance between a traffic warden and what appears to be three drunk men.'

( Indistinct rabble )

Kilo Two Three Zero, show us state 6, over.


Hey! Pack it in.

Hey, get over there.

Get over there, now.

Are you all right, mate?

Right, come on. Hand them over.

Hand what over?

This and the hat.

This is MY hat.

No, it's not.

I'm pretty sure it is.

All right, what's your name?

PC Zack Glazebrook. Met police.


That's right.

That's funny. I don't see Buckingham Palace anywhere around here.

Do you see Buckingham Palace, PC Prager?

Not seen it all morning.


It must be because we're not in London.

Look, if you're going to break the law, break the law on your own patch next time, eh?

Sorry, were you using that, mate?

Give that back, right now.

Or what?

Are you...?

Right, you're coming with us.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

And the rest of you can piss off before this gets worse. Go on.

Lads, I'll meet you back at the pub, all right?

Yeah, don't take too long. We'll be there.

So, are you what passes for police down here, then?

Mate, you would never, and I mean never, get into the Met.

How'd you like being in the back of a police car?


Yeah, calm down, Lino.

You know you're wasting your time arresting me, love.

You'll still be filling in the paperwork while I'm back on the streets conducting real police business.



That looks ripe.

It's fine.

Let's begin by making it known Min's handlers booby-trapped the house, he wasn't involved.

My client is a victim of people trafficking and...

Forced to work against his wishes.

Are we on the same side?

OK, Min...

.. what we need you to do now is to formally identify those in charge of the g*ng who trafficked you.

( She translates )

( He speaks his own language )

He doesn't know anyone's names.

Anything he can give us?

( She translates )

Oriental supermarket.

He said it's where they took him his first day.

What, and he couldn't give us any more details?

Don't need to.

Criminal masterminds.

I'll call them in. Jo? Jo?

Yeah, right behind you, mate.

Yeah, we're good to go.

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go.

Right, coming.

On my way.

Calm down.

Traffic warden didn't want to press charges and you know what?

I've never liked paperwork much.

The town's back that way.

If you leave now, you MIGHT make the last train to Victoria.

I suggest you be on it.

Go on...

All right.

I hate the Met.

'Control, this is Inspector Webb. I need all available units to Yun Feng Oriental Food Store on Southwick Street, ASAP.'

( Siren wails )

'Please ask individual call signs to acknowledge. Over.'

You OK?

( Inaudible )

( Phone rings )

You up for this?


Cos if your head ain't in the right place, I need to know.

This ain't the nutter in the allotment.

There are serious criminals in there.

Just get me in there.

'OK. Strike! Strike!'

( Siren wails )


Everybody stay where you are.

Right here. Stand there.

Come here!

Can you take over?


What's going on, guys?

Clear back here.

The vehicle is a grey BMW.

One, X-ray Romeo Bravo.

( Siren wails )

I am a standard driver, response and initial phase pursuit trained in a marked police response vehicle.

( Siren wails )

This is Romeo India Four Eight Two. Show us state 5, over.

'Romeo India Four Eight Two, we've already got two units at the scene. Hold your position until further instruction.'

Kilo Two Three Zero heading North on Menton Road.

We are heading east on Upper Russet Road.

Take a left here, left, left, left.

'Suspect has left his car.'

He's out on foot.

Suspect heading onto Russet Common.

Don't move, mate! Don't move.

Hey! Hey, Jake! JAKE! What are you...?

You got something to say, Lino?

That's just a bit much, mate.

You can pepper spray him now if you want.

Control, this is Kilo Two Two Zero.

Can you please inform custody that we have an adult male coming in for dr*gs and people-trafficking.

We are en route now.

We'll be about ten minutes.

Come on.

In you get, mate.

Mind your head.

There you go. Feet in.

Jake, come here.


I'm sorry things are bad for you.

I'm sorry your mum's ill and your dad's an arsehole, but you leave that at the door.




Good. Come on.

Night, then.

Yeah, night.

I had a fight with Mum.

She told me to come and stay with you.

Come on then.

Did you find a home for the dog?

No, I had to have her put down.


Nah, not really.

Kennels took her.

Waifs and strays, love.

Waifs and strays.

I've got to take you to social care.

Come on.

( Door closes )

Jake, I want to talk.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Why not?

Because if we start talking, I might tell you how little I think about you.

I might tell you how pathetic I think you are.

I might tell you how everyone at the station laughs at you, how they don't respect you and how neither do I, so I don't think it's a good idea.

And you were right, by the way, about the whole self-defence thing.

Wait till someone's vulnerable, then knock them down.

Good advice, Dad.

What's the matter?

Why are you crying?

It's over now.

Stay here.

I always envy other people.

They all seem to walk around in this blissful ignorance...

.. perfectly content with the world...

.. but you know the truth, don't you?

'You know that the greatest lie adults tell children is that... everything's going to be OK, that good always triumphs evil... that things will be all right in the end.'

'Parents tell you you're safe in your bed, and, when you wake up, the world will be just as you left it. Truth is... if you added it all up at the end, you'd probably see it's just as much bad as it is good.'

'We are not in control of our own destinies. All we can do is... hang on.'

'Hope that everything we love doesn't get taken away from us.'

Life is tough.

'Mean. Unfair. If I'm honest, I don't know if you're going to be OK.'

I don't...

That's the truth.

But I hope you keep hanging on.

I hope you make a go of it.

( Buzzer )

This is presumptuous.

No, it's not.

This is Kilo Two Two Zero, we are in a pursuit of the male robbery suspect.

Ryan, I've got him.

Where's he going?

It's a punishment. It's not meant to be a fun day out.

It's embarrassing. This is my work, these are my colleagues.

I don't have to listen to this.

Yes, you do.

Can I have a word?

Put that down, right now.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Do you want a hug? Or would that be weird?

A bit.

You can't keep ignoring me.

This is not your battle to fight.
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