01x01 - Episode 1

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "Prey". Aired: April 2014 to December 2015.
"Prey" features quite different story lines from one season to another. Season 1 follows a Manchester detective on the run from his former colleagues. Season 2 follows a prison officer, who finds himself on the wrong side of the law.
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01x01 - Episode 1

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Wake up.

(BANGING) Wake up!

Wake up!

I can smell petrol.

The guy's injured.

Come on!

Get with it!

Get us out.

You need to open the door.

(BANGING) Hurry up!


I need your belt.

OK, here you go.

OK, you need to pull this tight and hold it.

Got it, yeah?

Got it.

Oh, my god.

Get back, get back.

I need a hand here.

I can smell fuel.

I need some help mate.

Woman: I'm a nurse.

That's it.

Hello, can you hear me?

Try again.


Hello, can you here me?


Can you hear me?



Get a kebab.


You like a kebab.


Come on, you like a kebab.

No, apparently I'm banned.

Having apologised twice to Azif.


(LAUGHING) I forgot about that.

Well, he hasn't, obviously.



I'm gonna have this. 'Ey?

Getting tasty.

Come on.

He's getting tasty.






Get up.





I seen ya!

I'm getting old.

I thought I'd have kids by now.

Look at me.


Please, come on.


I don't want to be too scared to have a knock about in case I become a cr*pple.

That's not fair on the kiddy, is it?

You're great with kids, you.

Yeah, I just don't think I could hack it full time, you know?

That's what everyone thinks.

And then you have 'em.

It's like a switch gets flicked.

Do you want a cuddle, mate?

You just get to thinking sometimes, don't you?

Maybe that's what's missing in my life.

Woman: Shaun Delvin?

Every time.

It's Devlin, love.


You all right, Shaun?

Yeah, I'm all right.

I just might not be immortal after all.

Can you hop on the chair for me, please?

I'll leave you to it.


You think too much.



Voice on radio: A woman at Milford station reports possible...

Man: Phil!

Morning, ma'am.


Who's this?

We don't know.

He's not said much.

It's cold.

There's not much oxygen.

Could have been down there years.


Bit early.

Oh, look, Mac.

Blunt force trauma.


Is that Shaun?

Marcus, it's me.

I hope you're still OK for tonight cos the boys are really looking forward to it.

And actually, I was wondering if you fancied taking Max to football practice tomorrow.

A couple of the girls from work have asked me out and Finn's at a sleepover so it would just be the two of you.

No worries if you can't but it'd be great if you could.

So, just let me know.

OK, love you.

I don't know where that came from.

Force of habit.

So, just let me know.

Ma'am, can I have a word?

Just a minute.

Yeah, call me back.


He's not answering.

He's had to see a specialist.

He's taking the piss.

What's up?

Tattoos of two dates on the body on the moor.

What, birthdays?

I ran them through the PNC.

Asil and Aidan Hassan.

The father was Omar or Omer Hassan.


You knew him?


Going back a couple of years.

Fancied himself as the Turkish Godfather.

Proper nasty bastard.

That's if it is the same bloke.

I mean, Omer Hassan is hardly Engelbert Humperdinck, is it?

Well, this Hassan disappeared 2001.

He's got a police record.

Fraud, money laundering, as*ault.

I've ordered the case files from the salt mines.


Tell Shaun to pick 'em up.

He's going to be on desk duty for a couple of weeks.

You can help out with the leg work in some of his cases.

Thanks, ma'am.

Heavy lifting, ditch digging...

It's my dream.


There you go.

Is that everything?


How the hell am I supposed to read these?

Anyway, thank you.

Come on! (BANGING)


(BANG) Ow!

You all right, love?

Yeah, I'm fine, thanks...


Are you sure?

Yeah, it's just one of those days.

Here you are.

Oh, no, no.

It's fine.

It's all right.


Well, let me...

Don't be daft.

It's only a quid.

What do you want?



I've had plenty of those days myself.

Pay me back next time.




No, thanks.

I'm not stopping.



We've been patient.

More than patient.

It's been over a year now.

And after last night, enough's enough.

You're still using Reinhart?

That's my name.

Look, you've got to start moving forwards.

I don't want to take formal action but I will.

Do you understand?

It looks beautiful, your baby.



I've got to go.



You took my football.

I haven't touched it.


Yeah, you have.


You nicked my football.

I don't wanna touch it.

I don't care. 'Ey!

Have you got it?


Yeah, he has.

No, I haven't.

He says he hasn't.

Leave it.



It's just a football.

It's my orange Casey.

It'll turn up.

Now, come on, bed.

Don't nibble our fingers when we feed you.

Dad, stop.

I'm ten. "Sorry", says Boris.

Kissy, kissy, kissy.


Calm down.

Calm down, Boris.

Kissy, kissy, kissy!

Shut up!

You shut up.

Calm down, Finn.

Calm down, Finn.

Shut up, Max.

Give us a kiss, Finn.

Kissy, kissy, kissy.

Calm down, Finn.

Are you playing on your iPad?


I thought you were supposed to be going to sleep.

I was getting to sleep but you keep waking me up.

Oh, no, you're not asleep.

Here, don't do that.

OK, we won't do that any more.

I haven't got any more left.


Where did Max go?

He's asleep.


Yeah, he's asleep.

Look, I've got to collect the suns.

So I've got to get more of them.

I've got a new car.

Is that you?



Omer Hassan.


Absconded the country and returned to Turkey.

Are you busy?

No, no.

Just this weird case.

It's almost 10:00.

Oh, Christ, sorry.

It's all right.

It's just getting late, you know.


I'll get this back in the loft before I get off.



Where are you off to tomorrow?

Oh, it's just a birthday.

Pizza in town, I think.

You got my message then?


I love you too.


I don't know where that came from.

I didn't mind. (LAUGHS)

I liked it.

Marcus there's something I've got to...

I've started seeing someone.


It's no one you know.

Jesus Christ.

I thought...

Oh, what a d*ck.


What did you think, Marcus?


We'd been getting on.

Yeah, we've been getting on better, that's great.

And I love the fact that you can come over here and be with the kids but there's nothing.

There's nothing?



There's nothing.

Hang on.

That's not where Finn got his iPad from is it?


Some bastard trying to buy my kids.

Oh, God.

Listen to yourself.

Listen to yourself.

No one is buying the kids, OK.

No one.

Just tell me it's not that prick.

That John.

John's actually...

It is him, in't it?

He's quite nice.

Oh, my God!

It is him.

He treats me really well.

Oh, my God.

Why tell me that I don't know him when I do know him.


And he's a twat.

Because I knew exactly how you would react.

Oh, shit!

(GROANS) Give me your hand.

Right, you need to go.

You need to go.

This is my house.





Come on, mate.

Thank you.

No, worries.

You can piss off.

Oh, leave him alone.

OK, everyone, that's it.

Gary, by 2:00, yeah.


Did Shaun get those case files?



One on one it this morning.

Is he coming in?

He'd better.

He's broken his wrist, he's not had a stroke.

What's up with you?


I'm fine.

Sorry, ma'am.

It's um...

It's Abi.


Well, leave it outside, yeah.

Man: Look who's here. (APPLAUSE)

You have missed me.

I knew it.

How are you feeling?


(WHISPERS) I'm still pissed.


I'd better go check in with Mac.

Then we'll go get a brew, yeah?


Christ, Marcus.

I can't believe you forgot the disks.

I'll pick 'em up tomorrow.

Let's go now.


She's at work.

You've got your keys.

No chance.

She'd go ballistic.

Well, Mac's gonna do her nut.

You can handle Mac, golden bollocks.

Is it serious with this John bloke then?

I don't know.

What's up with him?


He's a nasty bastard you know, this Hassan.

A string of convictions.

as*ault a copper.

So you have had a look at them then.

Just the headlines.

And I had a look at the case file into his disappearance.

The whole case is on those disks.

There's no paperwork, nothing.
All right, Shaun?


You got that Zimmer frame parked outside, have you?

Oh, yeah.

Very funny.

That's the last time I spill my guts to you.

I said I was too old to have kids not get upstairs.



Shut up, you two.

The other thing about the Hassan case is there's only one witness has him leaving the country ten years ago.


A guy called Christopher Lomax.

Known as Topher Lomax.


He used to work at a few bars down the Northern Quarter.

Do you not remember him?

Right nasty little bastard.


I don't want to muscle in, but he still hangs out in some pubs around Salford.

I was thinking maybe we could take a trip out there.

OK, we'll go.

But we keep it low key and he's a witness not a suspect.

Cancer, just about everywhere.

About the only thing that's holding me together.

Never mind the smoking ban, 'ey?

You're lucky I come in here every day.

Drinking this piss.

So your statement claimed he'd gone back to Turkey.

I thought he had.

You thought he had.

I told 'em what I knew.

Well, tell us.

Hassan liked acting the big man.

He was a bully.

Pissed on shoes all over Manchester.

He was bound to get a clip.

He knew he had to get out of Dodge.

But he didn't sod off back to Turkey, as you claimed he had.

He was m*rder.

And I think you know more about that than you're letting on.

I wish I could admit to k*lling Hassan but it wasn't me.

I can't imagine who'd mourn him, though.

Well, he had a family.

So do you.

What's that supposed to mean?

Don't mean anything.

I'm just saying you should pick your fights.

Are you thr*at me?


Hang on...

Marcus, leave it.

Just leave it.


Don't you ever talk about my family.

Do you understand me?

Come on.






Oh, my God.




No, don't touch it.

Don't touch it.


Don't touch it.



No, no!

No, no!




Morning, everyone.

Can we quieten down please, it's not Grange Hill.

Can we all gather in this office, please?

Thank you.


Morning, Neil.


Thanks for coming in so early.

Has every one heard the news?



Right, divisions assigned us the job.

We don't have a DCI yet.

Yeah, cos I'm acting SIO till Mike gets back.

You are joking.

Thanks, Ash.


We'll be setting up shop at Longsight.

Warner's sorted some temporary digs.


Thank you.

Listen, you don't think you might be biting off more than you can chew?

I'll be fine, thank you.


I'm acting SIO.

The husband's one of mine.

Marcus Farrow.


Do you know him?

I don't think so.

I had to see her.

I'm sorry.

I'm Andrea MacKenzie, DCI.

How's the boy, Finn?

Well, he's not great.

We haven't told him everything yet but he's a smart kid so I'm pretty sure he's worked it out.


Let us work.



We don't have to do this right now.

No, no.



It's good.

I'm glad you came.

Thank you.

I know, I know.

OK, then.

So, if you're sure.

So, you didn't call the police.

It was the neighbour.

Your neighbour who - I couldn't think...

Just take your time, Marcus.

I just couldn't understand what I was...

What I was seeing.

I couldn't... process it, I suppose.


Where are the boys?

I should be with the boys.

Well, Finn's with his grandparents, he's fine.

That's good.

I should be with them.

Max is very sensitive.


He'll be...

I should, um...

We found Max at the house.

Marcus, Max is d*ad.





He's d*ad, Marcus.



Right, we'll be in touch in due course.

Thank you.

Once we have the results of the post mortem, we'll need the bodies formally identifying.

Do you think you'll be able to do that?

OK, Marcus.

This is the situation as I see it.

We know Abi had started dating a Johnathan Riley from work.

And the two of you were seen arguing about him the other night.

You're not listening to me.

I am, Marcus.

You've admitted that Abi was alive when you found her.

She was dying.

Who let you in?

I had a key.

How could you think that I could hurt - A neighbour saw you knocking.

My own boy.

Why would you knock if you had a key?

What kind of person would think that?

Where's the key now?

What kind of person would think that I - We haven't found a key, Marcus.

I don't know where the key is.

I've told you.

I dropped it in the stream.

No, Marcus.

We've looked.

We haven't found any sign of forced entry.

We have your finger prints on the Kn*fe that k*lled Abi.

Your clothes are covered in her blood.

There's damage to the wall.

It looks like you punched it.

You've got cuts.

Scratches on your neck.

You felt everything was slipping away.

I understand that.

We need to know the truth.

I'm telling you the truth.

Are you?

You're really going to put Finn through all that?

Why don't you just tell me what happened.

Just tell me what happened.

Come on.

I didn't do it!

I didn't do it!


I didn't do it!

I didn't do it!

He's got cuts on his hand where he punched the wall.

He's got fingerprints all over the scene.

He said he fled the scene to get his phone but it doesn't add up.

You think you've got enough to charge him.

I do.

But you don't.

So much is circumstantial.

He did it.

No question.

When you told him his lad was d*ad...

It was a hell of an act.

We've all dealt with the Oscar winners.

I'm not denying he's upset but he put on a show.

Sir, he did it.

All right, charge him.

I'll talk to the CPS.

Thank you, sir.



Look, if you want to take a couple of personal days.

No, I'd sooner stay, to be honest.

I don't want to leave them short handed.


But, look, if you change your mind.

Thanks, sir.

Marcus Antony Farrow, you are charged that between Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th September at the city of Manchester in the county of Greater Manchester that you did m*rder Abigail Rachel Farrow contrary to common law.

You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention something you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be given in evidence.

You are also charged that between Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th September at the city of Manchester in the county of Greater Manchester that you did m*rder Max Shaun Farrow contrary to common law.

You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention something you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be given in evidence.


You k*lled that kid.


Mace, get off him, now!


Mace, get off him!


(CAR HORN) Shit!


Ma'am, PM reports CSCs are winding up at the Farrow's place.



(SIRENS) Reinhart.


Good afternoon, incident room, team three.








(DOOR OPENS) MAN: We'll have to see when we get back.

Let me know.

Yeah, see ya.

Cheers, Alan.


Listen to me, listen to me.

I'm not going to hurt you.


I'm not going to hurt you.

Listen to me.

Now, listen to me.

Listen to me.

I need some painkillers.

OK, I need some strong painkillers.

and I need disinfectant and a bandage.

Have you got any of that?

Have you got any of that?

I-I've got Germolene i-in the kitchen.

Show me.

Under the sink.


Stay there.

Are these painkillers?

(SHOUTS) Are these painkillers?






Don't move.

I'm sorry about this.

What's your name?

What's your name?




Listen, Alan.

I promise you I'm not going to hurt you, OK?

I need you to do me a favour.

Have you got anything like a bandage or something?

I've got some leccie tape in other room.

Show me where it is.



I'm looking for Topher Lomax.

I know you.

You're that copper that did his family.


I was in here yesterday, remember.

I was talking to Lomax.

I had an argument with him, he thr*at my family.

How is that anything to do with me?

None of my business.

Listen, my son was called Max.

He was ten years old.

Someone m*rder him and s*ab my wife to death.


Now, Lomax knows something about it.

Have you got kids?


And grandkids.

That kid he was in with, he runs around for him.

He lives up Burn Street.

Top end.

There's a lamppost outside.

Opposite there's a big statue of a dog.

Best I can do.

Thank you.


(SIGHS) Oh, shit.


Finn, it's Dad.


(PANTING) Listen, son.

I need to tell you something.

I love you very much.

I love you very much and I would never do anything to hurt you or Max.

Dad, what did you do to Mum?

Please, Dad.

Just tell me.

Finn, I...

I didn't do anything.

I didn't do anything, son.

You've got to believe me.

I swear to God I would never - (HANGS UP)




It's the NCA for you ma'am.

John Murphy.


Put him though.


(WHISPERS) Marcus.

Is that you?





The disks.

What are you doing with the disks?

Look, just listen to me.

Are they why Abi d*ed?

Are they why Abi d*ed?




♪ There's no need to argue any more ♪
♪ I gave all I could but it left me so sore ♪
♪ And the thing that makes me mad ♪
♪ Is the one thing that I had ♪
♪ I knew, I knew I'd lose you ♪
♪ You'll always be special to me ♪
♪ Special to me ♪
♪ To me ♪
♪ Will I forget in time? ♪
♪ You said I was on your mind ♪
♪ There's no need to argue ♪
♪ No need to argue any more ♪
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