03x12 - Obscura

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Crossing Lines". Aired: September 11, 2016 to present.
A special crime unit investigates serialized crimes that cross over European borders and to hunt down criminals to bring them to justice. A global FBI is born.
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03x12 - Obscura

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BERLIN - Germany

Kyla, why are you still up that late?

Mom, I had a nightmare.

What nightmare?

With a bad man in it. He ran after me.

Maybe speak in English.

It might not be so scary that way.



Now listen to me, no bad man will ever harm you.

How do you know?

Is your mama smart?


Is your mama strong?


You are the same as your mama.

Smart and strong, ***.

And both of us will not let any bad man harm us.


Do you understand?

Yes, Mummy.

Now I want you to go to sleep.

Mama has to get back to work.

You work too hard, Mummy.

Soon my work will be finished.

And then you will come home?

Yes, then I will stay home.

And I will never have to leave you again.

Good night, Mummy.

Good night, my angel. Sleep tight.



I need to talk to you.

What's up?


I know it took a while, but I think I may finally have something on your sister's case.

I thought you said you hit a d*ad-end?

You know I don't like d*ad-ends.

I had put out a virtual dragnet of the Europol database, and last night, I suddenly got a catch.

The Belgian police recently got around to digitizing their old reports from the 80s.

And one case in particular, stood out for me. Have a look.

This is from the Antwerp PD.

Inspector Victor DuBois was the investigating officer.

This is from 1986. This one is even older than the last one!

Have a read.

A narcotics tr*ffick describes a kidnapping ring in Hungary.

Can I speak to this Victor DuBois?

He retired last year, but he said he's willing to speak to us.

I told him we'd go see him this morning.

Sebastian, how can I ever thank you?

Buy me breakfast.

Guys, sorry to interrupt, but Dorn wants to see everyone in his office right away.

A situation of many complexities has arisen.

Are you familiar with the Romanian Freedom Party?

Extreme right wing, anti-EU, anti-immigrant, anti-everything, really, led by Josef Solbak.

Solbak, isn't he the guy that said gays are a national thr*at?

That's the one.


And don't tell me, someone k*lled him.

No, not Solbak.

His press attaché.

Adrian Vassili.

His body was found by a chamber maid at the Imperial hotel in Berlin.

He'd been strangled by a garrote.

That looks rather unpleasant.

What was he doing in Berlin?

There's a conference this week.

Two hundred nationalist politicians gathered together to discuss policy.

Fun crowd.


The sheets were pulled, the rug was vacuumed.

The walls were wiped down with sodium hydroxide.

They didn't even leave us a fingerprint.

The work of a true professional.

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to k*ll this man.

And leave no evidence So is she or he done?

Or could they just be getting started?

We don't know. But if it does turn out that we have an assassin of great rigor in the midst of two hundred of the most reviled politicians in Europe, then we have an exceedingly difficult conundrum on our hands.

How do we find out who hired the assassin when everyone claims they want to get rid of those people.

How do we identify the target when each of them in their own right could be the target?

I presume you start from the top.

Yes. Let's get to work.



Can I have a word?

Of course.

Sebastian may have a lead about my sister.

That's great.

Yeah, but the timing is not.

We need to go see this detective in Antwerp.


Well, he's expecting us this morning, and I know you want us on this case.

Uh, uh, no... um...

OK, I'll send Luke and Arabela ahead, they can get the ball rolling. Go.

I owe you one.



Good luck.



Don't you just love the smell of peroxide in the morning?

Shame to waste all that caviar.

Not if you're vegan.

I guess spewing hate speech pays well.

Police report says nothing was taken apart from his smartphone.

Late model Blackberry.

Didn't even take his wallet.

Who gets in bed with a man, and then kills him with a wire?

It's so brutal.

A cold-blooded k*ller that's who.

Maybe we're looking in the wrong place.

Why is that?

Well, he arrives in Berlin from Bucharest yesterday, right?


So, whoever took him to bed had to make pretty quick work of it.

Don't worry, I'm not implying it was a woman.

It's broad-minded of you. What's your point?

Mr. Vassili had to meet his k*ller somewhere.


Can I help you?

I need a room.

Hm. How many nights?


Your passport and credit card.

Your passport, Miss Greppt.

It's 4F.

Upstairs and turn to right.

You need help with that?

I've got it.


Inspector DuBois?


Sebastian Berger.

Marco Costante.

Very nice to meet you, Inspector.

Appreciate your time.

Retired inspector.

Inspector Berger told me you're looking for your sister.

Is that right?

She was abducted when I was twelve years old.

The report said you arrested this woman for narcotics tr*ffick.

Alma Bremer, yes.

You told me she claimed that her ex-boyfriend was part of a child kidnapping ring, back in the 80s?

Tobar Ziga, Hungarian Roma?

That's right.

She said, um, he was connected somehow.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this woman, Bremer, I never put much credence in her story.

I think she was just looking to give me something to reduce her sentence.

Do you know where we can find her?

Just maybe to ask some more questions.

She was a heroin addict.

She OD'd, a few years after serving her time.

I'm sorry, Inspector, I know that's not what you want to hear.

Well, thank you for your time, Inspector. I really appreciate it.

Oh, um, I don't know if this will be of any help, I did manage to dig up my original notebook on the case.

I don't know if there's anything in there that might be useful, but you're more than welcome to keep it.

I'm afraid it's in Dutch.

Thank you very much.

We'll figure something out.


We need to speak with anyone who was working last night.

Ulrika, she's that way.



You got a minute?

Inspectors Wilkinson and Sieger with the ICC.

The what?

The International Criminal Court.

In The Hague.

What can I help you with?

The Imperial hotel said that one of their cars dropped off this man here last night.

You recognize him?

Sure. Russian guy, wasn't he?


He didn't make much of an impression.

But the girl he was with, wow.

Could you describe her?

Blonde, great body, and very hot.

How old?

Late 20s, early 30s, I guess.

Do you have surveillance cameras in here?

This is a strip club, babe, not a bank.

Did they leave together?

I was surprised.

She didn't look like a working girl, but I just don't understand how that guy could leave with that girl, lucky right?

You have no idea.

A woman, blonde, in her twenties.

That narrows it down a bit, doesn't it?

Well, he would have taken her to the hotel in a cab, so with any luck, the taxi rank outside has some CCTV.

She was pretty fit.

Maybe you should go back and get her number.

I have a better idea.

Why don't you piss off?



CCTV footage from Berlin?

Yeah, from the taxi rank outside the strip club where Vassili met our mystery woman.

I've been stepping through it frame-by-frame, but she's got her back to camera, until here.

What's that?

Looks like a camera glitch or something.


Everything else is in focus.

It's her glasses.

Her glasses?

They looks like they're emitting some ultra-violet light.

To defeat facial recognition software.

A garrote wire and now this.

I wonder what else she's got up her sleeve.

Not restricted anymore, assh*le.

Are you the deputy chief of the Freedom Party, Mr. Coga?

Look, can we make this quick?

Mr. Solbak is waiting for me upstairs.

You do know that we're trying to find the person that k*lled your press attaché?

I know you claim to be.

Come now, you can't blame me for being cynical.

My party stands for a European nationalist unity.

And you two, work for a Cross Border Unit, and you look like a Benetton ad.

We're sworn to uphold the law no matter how much we detest our victims.

The only thing that the k*ller took was his Blackberry.

Do you know why she might have taken it?

You can imagine how many death thr*at Mr. Solbak receives.

His schedule was a closely held secret.

Are you saying his schedule was on Mr. Vassili's phone?

He was his press secretary after all.

If you'll excuse me, I've got to go help Mr. Solbak write a speech.

Why don't you, um, pull a couple of pages from Mein Kampf?

Save you some time.

You are the people!

You are the people!

I will not stop fighting!


This is your country.

Apparently, our assassin k*lled that man to get a hold of Solbak's itinerary.

So you think that Solbak is the target?

I do.

And you have advised Solbak's people of the thr*at and that he must cancel all his public appearances?

I have.

He refuses.


Apparently, the ICC is using this thr*at as an excuse to muzzle him. He would rather die, a martyr than have his voice silenced.

You know that if he is k*lled that is the story that his people will put up.

It's very difficult to prove a negative.

They're not interested in proof.

Just in propaganda.

What kind of security does he have?

He has a team that travels with him, but how effective they are, I don't know. I expect not very.

I asked the German police to provide additional people.


I will talk with Mr. Solbak.

Here you are.

What's that?

A translation of DuBois' notebook.

How are you doing?

Good, I've been searching for this ah, Roma boyfriend Tobar Ziga.

Found an address in Budapest.

You're sure it's the same Tobar Ziga?

No, no, but how many can there be?

What did you find?

We got a name of someone who may have seen Marco's sister after she disappeared.

And also an address in Budapest. It's the first new lead I've had in months.

Thanks to Sebastian.

We need to leave for Berlin.

I'll get my things and meet you there.

Not you Marco.

What are you looking about?

You just said this is the first real lead you've found on your sister in months.

And you've got an assassin out there.

When you joined this unit, I promised the full resources of the ICC. That means you.

Go to Budapest. Track down the lead on your sister, meet us in Berlin.

Not asking.

Today we went to the zoo.

Did you see the new baby panda?

No, he was sleeping in his den.

When I get home, we can go and see him.


I just have one more meeting.

Mama has to go now. Love you.

I love you too, Mama.

Who is this?


Sorry. I forgot to bring a towel. May I?


I noticed your passport. You're from Ukraine?




Me too!

My mother lives by Alexander Square.

When was the last time you were home?

I'm sorry, but I've got a lot of work to do. I'm on a deadline.


Chattering on like that.

Have a good day.

Thank you, you too.

OK. Keep me posted.

Luke and Arabela managed to get Solbak's itinerary from RFP.


Seven public appearances in the next three days.

That's seven opportunities for the assassin. Where's Costante?

On his way to Budapest.

Sebastian found a lead on his sister.

Were you aware that he was going there?

Yes, I made him go.

A Blackberry goes missing and your team leaps to an assassination plot.

We leapt?

Your press attaché, suffered a viciously brutal cold-blooded death so that the professional who k*lled him could have your minute-by-minute Berlin schedule.

We did not leap.

But you have no proof.

It is just a theory.

A theory that will be proved by your death.

Which we are trying to avoid.

If you could tell us who you think wants to assassinate you.

It could be many people.

You could try your politically correct left-wing friends in Brussels, who are flushing Europe down the toilet.

You find this amusing, Mr. Dorn?

Amusing? No.

Not at all.

Do you actually believe your rhetoric?

Be honest, Mr. Dorn, your team hates me and everything I stand for.

You don't really care about saving my life.

Oh, on the contrary.

That your politics that are an anathema to us, gives us all the more reason to want to protect you.

I refuse to be cowed by fear.

My message needs to be heard.

Your message will not be heard if you are not around to deliver it!

Then I'll die a martyr to the cause.

You have two little children, don't you?

Don't you think they deserve a father?

I will move my meetings.

Thank you.

But not the speech at the theater.

It's to be televised, I won't cancel that.
BERLIN - Germany

Solbak has agreed to cancel all his future public appearances except for his speech at the Adler Strasse Theater tomorrow.

That still gives our assassin a target of opportunity.

Yeah, but one, that's better than seven.

Who's the second opportunity?

He has an interview with a journalist this afternoon, Bistro La Gare at four o'clock.

Do you really think she's going to k*ll him there?

I don't think she'll hesitate.

Well, then we have to tell Solbak to cancel the interview too.

No, I think we should tell him to keep it.

She won't know that we're onto her. We may have the element of surprise.

And technically, that is not a public appearance at the café.

I mean, yes, there will be members of the public there, but...

But, there'll be more at the theater and we can control the café a lot easier.

We post people outside, I don't even think she'll make it into the café.


The SWAT team are in position.

Target arriving now.

Target's in the room.

Yeah, I see him.

Luke and Arabela, anything going on outside?

Nothing yet.

Watch out!

Suspect running.


You OK?


Get him out of here.

This way.





You OK?

Sorry boss.

Protect that car, she left a print.

She touched the car?

Back right.


I think she knew we were here.


The garroting, this close-range sh**ting, this woman has a strong motive, and it's personal.




How's the patient?

Depends on how you look at it.

They say he's gonna make a full recovery.



Listen, before we go, I, uh...

I just want to say sorry.

For what?

For everything I guess.

For being a prick mostly.

So you don't think I led you on?

I don't think that you meant to.

The only reason I got upset was because I care about you.

What's brought this on, Inspector?

You could have die today, when that woman sh*t at you, and, I just realized how much I would have lost.

I'm still gay, you know.

No, you're not.

I am.

I really am.

I know.

So, you're not going back to London?

Not if you don't want me to.

It's the last thing I want.



What do we have?

A name.

Courtesy of the fingerprint she left on the car.

Former Spetsnaz lieutenant, Valentina Mickailova.

Birthplace: Moscow, USSR, 1984.

Last know address: Prague.

Widowed, one child.

A child?

An assassin with a child?

Yeah, haven't you seen Spy Kids? Erik loves it.


If she's turned g*n for hire, she could be very expensive.

So, maybe our Valentina is on someone's payroll.

I think Coga's a viable target.

I still think Solbak is the target.

Mr. Coga has a rather lengthy list of enemies himself.

He's ex-military, he's suspected for brutalizing numerous dissidents in the 90s, just saying.

No, ah, I agree, but it would suit Valentina's purposes to make us think that she was after Coga.

Well exactly. Solbak has been on all the morning news programs.

Accusing the unit of gross incompetence.

He said that we were "idiots".

And you said that Coga, was the target and that he was home-free.

He may very well be home-free.

But we're not. We have a lot of work left to do.

Our attention goes to Solbak. The thr*at is not over.


Costante, it's Dorn.

I believe we have identified the assassin.

Everything points to her attempting the m*rder of Solbak tonight, when he speaks at the theater.

I have sent you a file and, ah, I would like you to examine it.

And give me your thoughts as quickly as you can, will you?

Sure, I will.

Thank you.

And Costante?


Good luck with what you're doing.

Thank you, sir.



Mr. Ziga? Tobar Ziga?

Inspector Costante?


Come in.

As I said on the phone, I'm here about a woman, you used to date, Alma Bremer?

In 1986, she was picked up in Antwerp for drug possession.

What's this about?

Well, when she was arrested, she told the police you were involved in a kidnapping ring in Hungary, that's what this is all about.

That's crazy! I never said I was involved.

It makes me sound like I was part of it.

You weren't?


Was this girl one of them?

It's my sister.


I remember her.

So, her mother died in childbirth, and she was raised by her father.

A high-ranking Spetsnaz agent.

And then she later join the organization.

She got her first assignment when she was seventeen, k*lled an arms dealer from the Middle East, blew up his car, just as he was about to close a deal.


Poor girl didn't stand a chance.

Luke and Arabela got a hit on our false Ukrainian passport.

They're on their way to a hotel in Berlin now. You found something?

Oh, potentially a motive for k*lling the press attaché, Coga and Solbak.

Valentina has a daughter.

The girl's father's name is David Ferras, a medical student from Angola.

OK, and where is he?

He was m*rder six months ago, at a political rally in Bucharest.

Romanian Freedom Party?


It seems he was on his way home from university when he got cornered from Solbak's supporters.

He was beaten to death.

Solbak, of course, denied any responsibility, and even suggested that Mr. Ferras provoked his own m*rder.

For being born black, presumably.

How old's their daughter?


And when was the last time she was implicated in an assassination?

Seven years ago.

Yeah, she went into retirement to look after her daughter.

And came out of it to avenge her husband.






Too late.



What is it?

Names, names. Germany, Italy, Russia, UK...

It's a press list.

This is the press list for Solbak's speech.

She's going in as a journalist.


I'm arriving now.

No, absolutely not. Thank you.

Thank you.


We've ID'd four female journalists.

They're all cleared.

There were six on the list?





Do you have anything in your pockets?


Anything metal?


Can I see your bag, please?

Thank you.

Next time, please take the service entrance.

Thank you. Go ahead.


Thank you.

Every victory begins with one step, one small step.

Thank you. Thank you. Welcome my fellow Europeans.

So nice to see so many of you here with us tonight.

And now, it is my honor and pleasure to introduce the man himself...

Mr. Josef Solbak!

You cannot go on.

Not this again.

We believe the assassin is in the building.

I have a speech to make.

My men will protect me.

Mr. Solbak!

Europe... Europe is on a slippery slope, my friends.

Everything we have held dear for centuries is at stake.

We've got migrants flooding our borders, depleting our coffers and burning our...

I'm gonna take a look up in the rafters.

... ghettos, where even police dare not tread.

They've got Jews, h*m*, socialists, and Roma desecrating the very fabric of our national values, while the hoodlums in Brussels turn a blind eye.

Yeah, Solbak!



I have a message for our EU overlords: we will no longer passively sit on the sidelines.

We will no longer accept the austerity mandate which has been shoved down our throats.

We will no longer watch in despair as our very identities are swallowed up by the * machine.

We've had enough!

The time has come for us to take action.

From Prague to Romania, from Hungary to Slovakia, our candidates are gaining power.

Every victory begins with one small step.

Place out the *.

Take part in the challenge. Take part in your...


Place the w*apon slowly on the floor.

Now slide it over.

... For we will not stop until we have our victory.

... country and people...


She sh*t at Josef Solbak!

It's up there!

There she is. Run!

Run, run, run, run!

Come on, come on, come on, come on!


Come on!


Stay back!

Back! Police!

Go! Go!

This way!


Oh, shit!


Keep going!

Ellie, over here.

Come on, this way.

Don't sh**t!


Arabela? Somebody talk to me!




Come on!

Is everything okay?

It's time to stop running, Valentina.

Valentina, stop! Kyla's safe!

She's being looked after by the ICC.

She already lost her father, she can't afford to lose her mother too.



My baby.

Well done.

Everyone's got an Achilles heel.

You OK?


Just fine.



What are they saying?

That Solbak's supporters rioted and that the ICC's Cross Border Unit saved his life.

He must be infuriated.

What about Valentina?

Well, I've spoken with the Romanian prosecutors, and they are going to re-open their investigation into the m*rder of her husband.

I mean, they have to, after all the press that this has received.

Hmm, I think that's what she wanted.

Justice for her daughter's father.

But, she's paid a heavy price, she'll go to prison for a long time.

And you Costante?

Did you find the answers you were looking for?

Not exactly, no.

You spoke to your... your suspect?

Tobar Ziga? Yeah, but, uh...

Mm-hmm. he didn't have anything to do with my sister's abduction.

Actually, he wanted to help her.

Help her?

He was just a kid himself.

One day he was in, ah... in the woods, and saw Ana and... some other kids being held behind barbed wire.

By whom?

Some men, with g*n.

That's all he knows.

Then the men came and took the children away.

So, y-you believe that she is still alive?

Can't give up hope, Mr. Dorn.



Uh, sorry to interrupt, could you all come out here with me please?



What is this?

Your birthday.

My birthday was last month.


Make a wish.




Thank you.

We also got you this.

Oh my goodness!

A day-off.


Actually, it was Marco's idea.

I noticed you haven't had one at least not since I got here.

Come on, Carine, a toast.

Um, no, I... I... I don't.

May I?

You were all part of a dream I had when this started.

And I never for a moment thought that it could be realised.

But you have gone so far beyond it and I am so very proud of you.

So to you, Costante, Sieger, Wilkinson, Berger, dear Ellie, and Carine, the birthday girl, congratulations.


Thank you.


The cake!

The cake!
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