01x10 - The Heart of Lord Trash

Episode transcripts for the 2015 TV show "Jekyll & Hyde". Aired 25th October - 27 December.
"Jekyll & Hyde" follows the grandson of the original doctor's quest to discover his real identity and the true nature of his family's cursed history. Set in 1930s London.
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01x10 - The Heart of Lord Trash

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Hyde has the power to open the Calyx. The heart of Lord Trash.

That's what all this has been about. They want Hyde to open it.

Ah! My favourite spy.

What have you got for me?

My love.


Now where's Olalla?

She'll come back, Robert.

She's family.

Find them!

They must be here. (GRUNTING)

Sniff them out!







You never know what you're going to catch when you go fishing.

I do love sardines.

(It's all right, Robert.)


Robert Hyde. Louis Hyde's little sprat.

Five years we've been looking for you. Your father hid you well.

Not quite well enough.

We are going to do great things together, you and I.

From this day forward, you will be my boy.

You won't remember a thing.


After them!

You're a fool, Hyde!

You can never defeat me.

We have your daughter!

We'll make her one of us.

And now you, my dear.

You have a great deal to learn.

You taught me well. Too well.



It seems our family has a long history with Captain Dance.

I have to bring that history to an end.

It won't be easy, Robert. He isn't human.

I'm not sure I even know what that means any more.

Am I human?

Was my father?

Whatever the case, Olalla claims I'm the only one who can destroy Captain Dance.

If that's my destiny, then so be it.

I just wish she was here to help me.

She has her own demons to fight.

You can't save her. She has to save herself.



What's the matter?


Did you feel that?

It's as if we ran over something.

Like a snake going over a stick.

Where are we?

Middle of nowhere.

It's the road home.

(DISTORTED VOICE) I... need... your love.



I... have them.

Bring me death.

I will bring you power.

The Incubus knows we're close. It's coming out.

We must hurry. It will need us.


I can't help you.

What's happening, Robert?

It won't let me turn into Hyde. It must be the Incubus.

We didn't destroy it after all.

You can't destroy me, because I'm not in your world yet.

Get out of the car, Ravi.

Look, you can do it.




I'm all right. Just save Maggie. - How?

You can't save her.

Who is she?


(DISTORTED VOICE) Lord Trash is rising.

You can't b*at this thing, Jekyll. It's bigger than all of us.

It wants life and I will give it life.

Come to Mother.



You have made this too easy.


Get the Incubus into the car and keep it safe.

If we start sh**ting people will get hurt.


Thank you.

Hm. Didn't come for you.

How did you know to come at all?

Telephone call.

From your sister.

So I knew what road you'd be on.

I might not have found you if you hadn't lit yourself up like Piccadilly Circus.

Olalla called you?


Said you'd need some help. Where is she? - I've no idea.

She took the Jezequiel book and she ran off.

Well, wherever she is... she's looking out for you, boy.

We're dealing with forces more powerful than you can imagine.

Huh. I've got a good imagination.

It's an Incubus.

Some type of demon. Or at least it will be...

...when it steals enough life and fully forms in this world.

Well, you'd better stop it, then, boy.

I thought we had done.

Thank you... for helping me.

Don't flatter yourself. I'm not here for you.

Nobody is.

I'm here for Garson.

I've known him all my life.

In his time he could have knocked out an elephant, but...

..he's getting old.

He don't like to show weakness.

He called me.

Scared for you, scared for Maggie.

Scared he couldn't do this alone.

I'm a danger to everyone around me.

Probably wasn't the best time to propose to someone, was it?


If you love Lily...

..you owe it to her to tell her the truth.

I don't know what the truth is any more.

Or what I feel... about her.

But I know she's not as strong as you, Bella.

I don't want her to get hurt.

Just tell her what you are.

What the hell's going on.

And stop... putting it off.

You did your best.

I failed.

Far from it.

You triumphed, my dear.

This demon...

Is the answer to all of Tenebrae's prayers.

We don't need Hyde. We don't need Dance.

With the power of the Incubus we can bring Lord Trash back... ourselves.

Then why does it feel like I have a mouthful of dust and ashes?

What has it all been for?

More power!

What else?

What is the point of power if I can't share it with him?

You're a strong woman, Fedora, and I like strong women.

Don't spoil it with a load of European angst. Huh?

Maybe I'm stronger than you think.


The demon...

Not yet born into this world.

When it takes its form, it will be unstoppable.

What does it need?

One more life...

Darling! No, no, no. No, no, Fedora. Fedora.

Let's think about it. We need to feed it a life.

Perhaps we should give it yours.

If your existence doesn't mean anything without Dance?


Yes. Yeah.

The ultimate sacrifice.


Should I lie with death, my husband?

Or we could give it Silas. I mean, he's not as pretty as you.


Let me show you what this pretty face is capable of.

What are you doing?

Dance is neither living nor d*ad.

And he is strong enough to consume the demon, take its power.

Stop it, you fool!

Come to me, my love!

I'm waiting to hold you!

Stop that!




I see him.

He's alive.


Captain Dance.

This is new.


That'll be the Home Secretary.

I think we're going to need more than umbrellas for this one.

Lord of the winds! I feel thee nigh, I know thy breath in the burning sky!

And I wait, with a thrill in every vein, for the coming of the hurricane!

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring.

Come on. Call everyone in.

We need to find out what this is all about.


Sir Marian?




Is there no part of my life you people won't touch?

You do anything to Lily and I will tear your arms off.

Now hold on a minute, Jekyll.

Lily? Lily?

Let me explain.

Where is she?



Calm down, so we can talk.

I thought I told you to get lost.

Not in so many words.

Get lost!

Don't go up there.


Find Sackler. Jekyll!


Jekyll? (ROARS)

Now, I don't know what you think...



We can't let you pull out now, Lily.

Have you no loyalty? It's gone too far.

We have to tell him the truth before he finds out for himself.

You want to tell him because you feel guilty. - He wants to marry me.

Are we really going to go through with the charade of a white wedding?

Who's going to give me away?

If I go to him and explain everything, he might understand.

But if he finds out...

Then don't let him find out.


Hello, Mother!


Tenebrae will not be pleased with this, Fedora.

Keres will want your blood.

Do you think I care about that?

You think I care about anything but him?

Mmm! That's better.

In fact, I feel...

I've never felt like this.

What's happened to me?

What have you done, Fedora?

I've made you the god you should have always been.


A demon escaped from Trash's realm - an Incubus.

An Incubus?

And she fed it to you.

You fool!

I thought you would be pleased. I saved you.

I mean nothing.

I am a servant.

And you've wasted the power on me!

What do you see? Is it Dance?

It's too painful.

But you saw Dance?

Leave him be, Garson.

Can't you see what it's doing to the boy?

I think it was him, but I only got a glimpse.

There's something terrible happening. I can feel it.

I have to try again.

So... everything...

...everything has been a lie.

You've been working with Bulstrode all along.

I should have known, really. MIO MI Other Mother.


Spying is what we do. We are a secret service after all.

We always have a man on the inside.

Or in some cases, a woman.

Pillow talk is so much more valuable than the tedious codswallop people spout in public, but, I must say, you did remarkably well keeping your other side from her.

The one thing we wanted to know about.


...how do you like it, hm?


Well, I must say, that's a shame.

I quite fancy the new, wicked Lily Clarke.

If that is even your name.

It's not.

My real name is Lily Carew.

Have you met my father, Sir Marian Carew?

And my grandfather was Sir Danvers Carew.

Why, Robert, we're almost family. (GRUNTS)

I should finish what my grandfather started and k*ll the rest of you.

You're a grown man, Hyde. Show some backbone.

The security of the nation is more important than... your privacy.

Lily's two people, is she? Hm?

Well, so are you.

And right now I need you both.

We have a common enemy in Captain Dance.

I need you to help me locate him and I need you to help me destroy him.

That might not be so easy, Mummy.


I'm sorry, didn't you know?

Tenebrae have their own pet Incubus now.



You're not quite as clever as you think you are, are you?

You know, maybe I made a mistake.

Maybe I should have joined Dance when he offered me.

You don't mean that.

I've seen you enough to know you do care about people close to you, even when you're like this. If we can't stop them, what do you think Tenebrae will do to your grandmother? To Garson? To Ravi?

To Bella?

What do you think they'd do to the whole bloody world, Hyde?

We are on the side of the angels.


When the angels behave as badly as the demons, there's no hope for any of us.


Hir yw'r dydd a hir yw'r nos, a hir yw aros Arawn.


What do you think we've been working for all these years?

To wake Lord Trash.

You had the means to do it. You had the power of the demon.

And you threw it... away.

I didn't throw it away.

I gave it to you.

I would have regrown eventually.

You were rotting.

I thought I was going to lose you forever.

It would simply have taken longer.

One year. Ten years.

A hundred years. - I would have been an old woman or... d*ad.

You're not like me.

I can't expect you to understand.


You feel that? How fast it beats?


You have done that.

And now, my love, might you not be able to set Lord Trash's heart beating?

We don't need the Incubus. You have his power now.

We don't need Hyde either.

You can open the Calyx yourself. Use it to destroy Hyde.

So... where is the Calyx?

We haven't seen a demon on the streets of London since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

And I intend... to keep it that way.

We have black monocane.

We must pray it is powerful enough to destroy an Incubus.

And Captain Dance? What about him?

We have to hope that Lily can persuade Hyde to step up to the crease.

He's the key to all this. He always has been.

He can lead us to our enemies.



I'm sorry. The accommodation here is not exactly five-star.


And the other guests are a nightmare.

I've nothing to say to you.

Won't you let me explain?

No, there's no need.

My grandfather k*lled your grandfather. You wanted revenge.

I grew up being told bedtime stories about monsters.

And the one who k*lled Sir Danvers.

I joined MIO as soon as I was old enough. It's the family business.

My grandfather k*lled Sir Danvers when he found out he was being used.

And I know the feeling.

Bulstrode set the whole thing up from the start, didn't he?

From the fake as*ault in Gravesend.


They were your agents, I suppose.

I'm sorry.

If I'd known you weren't a monster...

Oh, please, Lily.

Don't pretend you care about me. Spare me that.

You lied to me as well.

And not just about Hyde.

How exactly were you going to explain Bella on our wedding night?

You know, Lily, I think the wedding might be off.


It was Hyde. He...

No. You're right.

It was unforgivable.

And I can't even pretend that it was for national security.

Can we call a truce? At least until all of this is finished.

Am I free to go?

Of course.

But whether you'll ever be free... is another question.





What are you doing here?

I'm trying to understand.

There's always one more secret with you, isn't there, Renata?

We thought you'd run away.

I don't run.

But you know what this book really is, don't you?

You always have.

When did you realise?

I knew it couldn't be all that it seemed.

It took me a while, but I've only just put the parts together now.

Why did you leave without saying anything?

I knew Robert would try and talk me out of it.

You could help him in his fight with Dance.

He made realise I can't do that.

My feelings for Dance are... too strong.

But there is someone I can help.


You, Renata.


'I'll tell you what's coming - this!'


'You never saw that coming, did you?'

'That's not fair. That's not fair.'

'What's not fair, lad? I'll tell you what's not fair.'


'That's not fair.'

'That's not fair at all.'

'You have an opinion?'

'Yeah, I've got an opinion all right...'

You know exactly where the Calyx is?

I do not understand this film.

Nobody has been k*lled.

'Start again. Where's the hat?' - 'Where's the hat?'


Would have suited you well to have me turned to dust.

And Fedora all to yourself. Wouldn't it, Protheroe?

The thought never crossed my mind.

Sir, I have...



Was that really necessary?

I need more Vetala.

Yes, but all the same, we can't...


You have your uses, Protheroe.

For now.


How is he?

Hungry. Angry.


Having one of his good days, then?


Have you missed me?


You took your time.

Did you straighten things out with Little Miss Perfect?

Not exactly.

Lily Carew.

Bella Charming.

Wait a minute. Carew?

She's Sir Danvers' granddaughter.

I'm sorry. I should explain. Lily works for Bulstrode. She's an MIO agent.

I always knew there was something about you.

Bad luck, Robert. You've picked a wrong 'un there.

Chin up! We're not all rotten to the core.

Although my mother's a fright.

What you brought her here for?

I thought if we're all going to hell, I didn't want Lily to miss the ride.

Well, we thought you were gonna miss the boat. Ravi's got a link to Dance.

I did. But I lost it. I think he's moving.

Moving where?

I'll keep trying. I'll find out.

Yes. - Robert, I feel responsible for all this.

I mean, it was me that brought the Incubus here.

No-one blames you.

It was more difficult to defeat than we imagined.

Before we left, Renata said that you had to find something.

Something called a Calyx?

Of course. She said it was the key to defeating Tenebrae.

Captain Dance had it in the warehouse. - But we have it now, Robert.

It's at MIO headquarters.


I'm an idiot.

Robert, let THEM do it.

I need to use your telephone.

Do you have a plan at all, Bulstrode?

Forces are ready to go. We've never been more ready.

Communications are down.

Sound a high-security alert. Lock down all the outer doors.



Dance is risen!

And is all-powerful!


Come on!




Aim for the Cutter!

Get me out of here!

I'm afraid the Cutter's blocking our way in and out of here.

We are the flood! Dance has become a god!

And Lord Trash will rise again!

Let me out of here! Let me out of here!

You two cover us! Come on!


Get them in the lift!

Get them to safety! Go!


Get me to the lift!

Women and children first!

Your children are crying.

It's too late... They need you...

Night is coming... But you won't be there...

It's too late... They will never see you again...

Night is coming.

Stop it!

This is the gateway to Lord Trash's realm.

The city under the earth...

And the Jezequiels are the gatekeepers.

We always have been.

I would have handed down my role to Brant, but... there are none of us left now.

That's not true.

The Jezequiels and the Jekylls are the same family.

Olalla, no.

You don't know what you're offering. What it would mean.

You're dying, Renata, and the seal has been cracked.

Let me be the new Gatekeeper.

Is that why you stayed?

You need to tell me everything, though, before it's too late.

Hidden inside the book is another book, as you've discovered.

When I realised we were under thr*at I gave it to your brother to take away, but...

...it made its way back here.

It's a set of instructions, isn't it? Yes.

If you know how to use it, it tells you how to open the gateway and awake Lord Trash.

If Tenebrae got their hands on it... That's why they have to be stopped.

But they have a powerful w*apon. The - Calyx!

Yes. If he knew how, Robert could use it against them, but...

...there's a terrible risk involved.

Not just to him, but to everyone around him.

I told him to bring it here.

No, no, no. We don't have time for that.

You saw the storm earlier. Something has changed.

Oh, if only I could contact Robert.

Perhaps the book... We could use it and your powers.

Or Ravi's sight. - Or you could just call him on the telephone.

Ravi, try to get a link. We'll go back to MIO.

(TELEPHONE RINGS) - I'm coming with you. - I'll hold the fort here.

OK. Keep an eye out.

What for?

Anything and everything.


Not now, Garson.

Your sister.



Robert, listen. This is important.

Why did you run?

I never run.

Trust me.

I can't trust you.

I'm trying to help you.

I suppose you knew all about me.

And I suppose you knew all about me.

I bet you feel well proud of what you've done, don't you?

Not really. You?

He's two different men.

Oh, he's not, though, is he?

He always knows what he's doing. He always remembers. And I could never forget.

I sometimes wondered when I was kissing him whether it was your lips I was tasting.


We weren't about to fight over him, were we?


You have to find the Calyx.

You have to open it. Open the Calyx.

But that's exactly what Tenebrae want.

Why should I trust anything you say?

In your heart you know I wouldn't lie to you.

You are the only one who can open the Calyx.

And the only one who can destroy what's inside.

But the price might be too high.

What do you mean?

If you can crush the heart inside the Calyx... before a single b*at, you will be all right.

But the more it beats the stronger it gets.

Strong enough to k*ll, even you.

And k*ll all those around you.



He's coming.

He's changed.

What are you doing?

What did Olalla say?

I have to do this alone, Lily.

And I can't do it as Jekyll. The rest of you stay here, barricade the place.

No, we're coming with you.

I don't want any of you near the Calyx.

Do you understand? Hyde is going to end this.


And that's the thing.

He's always been able to do what I can't.

And not just physically.

His mind isn't tangled and confused like mine.

Do you know the story of the Gordian Knot?

So complicated that nobody could untie it.

And Alexander the Great simply cut through it.

With his sword.

Hyde is my sword.

And I am Hyde.



Well, that's enough speeches.


I'm gonna go break something.

Robert, I saw him. I saw Dance.

Good. Where?

He's close. He's very close.



What are you doing with that?

Boy needs all the help he can get.

Do you think you'll ever accept that you've grown old, Garson?


As long as I'm with you I could be a young lad again.

When I look in your eyes...

I see the same sweet, sassy 18-year-old I fell in love with.

I wish I'd known.


You knew, Maggie. Every man in London wanted you on his arm.

What good did it do me?

Did you ask for your chimney to be swept? - No.

Then I suggest you duck.




Well, well, well. This is an unexpected bonus.

I was hoping just to obliterate you, Hyde.

But the more the merrier, I always say.

As you can see...

I have the Calyx again.

MIO have been... careless.

Let me just sh**t the others and make this simple.




(g*n CLICKS)







Please desist. You're giving me a headache.


I'm afraid it's all over, Hyde.

We don't need you any more.

It's time to wipe the slate.

I know you can't open that.

Things have changed, Hyde. I have changed.

I have a demon inside of me.

If only your father were here now to see what I am about to do.


If you can't open that, then why have you brought it back here?

Well, I didn't want you to miss the fireworks.

You're like me, Hyde. Hard to k*ll.

But whoever opens this will unleash its full power.

And I will utterly destroy you and all your friends.

Nice try. But I still don't believe you can open that.


Are you really ready for this? A totally clean slate?


Olalla: You have to find the Calyx.

If you can crush the heart inside the Calyx before a single b*at, you will be all right.

But the more it beats the stronger it gets.

Strong enough to k*ll, even you.

And k*ll all those around you.

Forgive me.



They've gone! What?

Good luck.

Guard it well.

Can I do anything for you?

I would like to change... one last time.



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