01x02 - The Art of the Deal

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Recovery Road". Aired January 25 – March 28, 2016.
"Recovery Road" revolves around Maddie, a party girl and a highly functioning addict who makes the difficult decision to live with other recovering addicts at a rehab facility, while facing the daily pressures of her teenage life.
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01x02 - The Art of the Deal

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Narrator: Previously on Recovery Road...

24 hours of detox and 90 days at a sober-living facility, and I won't tell the headmaster.

Hi, I'm Maddie.

You can go to school by day and spend your evenings getting sober.

Curfew is strictly enforced.

We're old friends.

Cynthia: You're going to be under constant supervision.


My dad gave that to me. He's d*ad.

Craig: You and Maddie can't happen.

I'm Cynthia.

Don't you think it's a little hypocritical of you to call me out when you're an addict too?

Nice to meet you.

My ugly past keeps coming back to haunt me.

Maddie: This is a tale of two best friends, two years ago, too high to know that their friendship was about to take a big h*t.

(rock music playing)

Oh, Maddie.


I only have $38 to my name. How depressing is that?

Now you're just bragging, 'cause I only have 14.

It's time, Maddie.

It's time for us to become prost*tute.

You totally just read my mind.

Dude, I mean, everyone is gonna be going away this summer, and we're gonna be stuck here raiding the couch cushions for cush.

Actually, Luther's going away to Amsterdam for the summer.


(Mimics trombone)

Even our drug dealer's life is more exciting than ours.

I have an idea.

We break into Luther's house, steal his stash, and then we sell it.

I'm so into this idea.

Wait. It gets better.

We blame it on a Czechoslovakian cartel.

Okay, well, that's gonna be hard to do, babe, because that's not even a place anymore. It's the new Pluto.

(mimicking Eastern European accent) Forgive me.

I'm a geographically-challenged drug lord.

You know... we could sell my Ritalin.

(person approaching)

Seriously, where do you buy these?


Good morning to you, too, Maddie.

It is not a good morning.

In fact, this morning sucks big, fat...

Do not finish that sentence.

Now, let's take a deep breath, start from the beginning.

It pretty much started to go south from when I acquired consciousness.

I woke up to find the figurine my dad gave me when I was a little girl, was gone.

Trish, get up!

I very calmly and politely asked my roommate what had happened to it, and she had no idea.

So, yeah. People at Springtime Meadows steal. Shocker.

Well, I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation as to what happened to your figurine. And I'm sure it'll turn up.

And Rebecca was being a total bitch at breakfast.

And... and... my friends were acting super weird around me.

Maddie, it may feel that way, but...

How could they not be?

I didn't talk to one person this whole entire weekend.

Do you get how weird that is?

Because I don't have my phone.

And since my curfew corresponds with the first spin on Wheel of Fortune, it's only a matter of time before everyone realizes that something is up.

Ugh! This is a nightmare.

The best thing you can do right now is focus on your sobriety.

And make my life even bleaker and less fun than it already is?

No, thanks.

Hey, being sober and having fun are not mutually exclusive. In fact...

How could I possibly expect you to understand?

What constitutes a fun night for you?

Doing Kegels and watching Oprah's online manifestation class?

Giving yourself a mayonnaise facial and talking to your imaginary dog?

Organizing your Paula Abdul jewelry?

Bingo! How did you know?

I have no idea... how I'm gonna make it through the next two and a half months.

No one can find out that I'm in this place.

Look, I get what you're going through.

The first weeks of sobriety are very challenging.

No, sobriety is not challenging.

Living away from home with no phone and a curfew, that is what's challenging.

The first weeks of sobriety are challenging, which is presently why you're behaving very aggressively.

But the most effective way to combat that is with some structure.

So, this is what we are going to do.

You are going to create a list of goals for the day.

It's a tool that will help you feel more centered and in control of things, and we'll discuss it in the car after school.

(theme music playing)

♪ This time is my own time, so step aside ♪

Rebecca: So, then, my mom... and my whole family... said that that they can't talk to me anymore.

I was on speaker.

And they all agreed.

It's too hard for them.

They're angry and too depleted.

That is the word that my sister used.

She's too "depleted" to even think that I'll ever be okay.

That I won't just end up right back here again.




Your family, they're having a hard time being empathetic to your struggle.

That's human nature.

And even though it seems as if they're shutting the door on you right now, I'd encourage you not to shut the door on them.

Sometimes people just need a...



No. They're being jerks.

They are. And it sucks.

And it's wrong, and it's unfair.

And it's exactly what you don't need right now.

But, hey, listen to me.

Don't you dare ever change you and who you are and where you're going.

You're crushing it, Becks! You are.

Hey, you almost done?

(whispers) Yeah?


Yeah. He's all yours.

Thank you, Craig.



So I was thinking I'm going to get an apartment just for the two of us, that has a swimming pool, like on The Hills.

And I was also thinking, maybe I should homeschool her while she's auditioning...

Yeah. I...

You're making tremendous progress, Trish.

But there's an awful lot that has to happen before you're ready to get your daughter back.

Like what?

I think a year sober would be a good benchmark.

And have you thought about how you're gonna pay for all this?

I mean, fighting for custody and raising a child, it's not cheap.

You really need to think harder about getting a job.

You've got to get your phone back, Mad, it's k*lling me.

k*lling you?

Yes. I text you 20 times a day!

Try 50.

Exactly my point. Nobody else wants to hear my jokes, or see selfies of me working out or eating burritos or...

I don't recall asking for those, either.

Seriously, though, when are you getting your phone back?

Before the end of days, but not before this weekend.

That's all I've got in terms of a time-frame.

Since when does your mom care if you get a "C" on a Calculus test?

Let's just say she's taking a more active interest in my life these days.

Hello. I have a delightfully salacious piece of intel for you.

Mr. Von Straaten being a furry is old news.

Better. It's better than that.

But before we let you in on this little secret, we must travel.

Who's driving?

I'm down. Let's go.

I can't.

I promised I'd be home after school.

For what?

I've got nothing. Let's go.

You just trust me. Trust me. It's worth it.


(reggae music playing)

What are you doing?

Hey! Aren't you guys in my class?

Which one?


With Colker?

Yeah! Yeah!

Yeah, I'm in that class.

I knew you looked familiar.

What's your name again? It starts with a "J," right?

It's Tobias.

Tobias! Right!

T-Dawg! T-Bird! Sweet T!

So... do you guys like to get high?

(rock music playing)

(whispering) Wow. This was all just from that one guy?

Hey, he's throwing some big frat party or something.


Now that our work is done for the day, we can play.

What are these?


Isn't it ironic that the girl who sells uppers loves downers?

You know what? I take that back.

I'm an equal opportunity ingester.

Why are you taking Oxy?

I don't know. Why do you toke before gym class?

Do you want it or not?

Beck, I think we've made enough. We should probably stop.


I mean, things are getting...

No way. We finally have enough for the plane tickets.

But where are we gonna stay?

There's no way our parents are gonna let us go to Mexico by ourselves.

Maddie, come on. We can do this.

We're being so careful and smart and efficient and organized about all of it.

Well, yeah...

Okay, so stop worrying.

We've got this.

Trust me.

Okay, don't laugh. But I made a spreadsheet.

Of course you did.

Okay. Never have I ever...

This is hard for me. Once you've ticked off heroin, as*ault, and public nudity at a Cinnabon... the game kind of shuts down.

It seems like it's the really innocent things that are the things we've never done.


Okay. Never have I ever told anyone my middle name.

Seriously? Never?

Yeah. It's like I...

I just can't seem to get it out of my mouth. It's awful. Trust me.

What's yours?


Rebecca McDowell Granger?


Generations of fancy.

I was set to inherit the monogrammed silver, but instead I ended up here.

The family was thinking Princeton and law school, but a career in concessions is close.

Hey, hey, hey.

Anyone that doesn't see the value of a job with popcorn benefits ain't worth worrying about.

Wait for it.

Look who we found.



You work here.


I work here.

(whispers) This is messed up.

You signed off on this?

Benji: They made me.

Hi. I'm Ellie.


This is my friend, Wes.

Have you met Wes?

No. I don't think so.

Nice to meet you...



Mad Dog Maddie.

What have you been up to?

Same ol' same ol'.

Really? And they still let you roam the streets.

You look good, Rebecca. Are you...

Sober? Yeah, I am.

I have 218 days.

I was gonna say "happy."


Well, then I guess I am happy.

How about you, Maddie?

Are you happy?

Right, but we're in limbo until we get those building permits.

I'm frustrated, too, trust me.

I know.

I know.

Believe me.

You're not wrong, Phil.

I have so much time on my hands, I don't know what to do with myself, it's awful.


Phil, I'm gonna call you right back. Okay, sounds good.


Charlotte Graham.

Oh, my God! You look sensational. I hate you.

You look sensational.

Did you...

Can you tell? God, I hope so.

They look fabulous.

How are you? How's Maddie?

She's really good. She's really, really good, Bri.

Yeah. She's buckled down.

She's doing a lot of volunteering, she's getting really good grades.

I mean, there was a point when I was worried that, you know, she lacked focus, but she's really stepped up to the plate and...

She's just really... thriving.

I couldn't be more proud.

If Jason can manage to make it through his teen years without getting a girl knocked up, I'll be proud.

But it sounds like you don't have anything to worry about.

Maddie's always been such a good kid.

She is.

Let's go get facials. Or a drink! Or 12.

(Cynthia sighing)

Maddie, it's Miss Moli...

Cynthia. Where are you?

You're supposed to be in front of school and I'm supposed to drive you...

You don't have your phone. Never mind.

I'm not happy.

Oh, my God. It's essentially rubbernecking.

What do you mean?

Like, when you drive past a car accident or a really bad train wreck or something, and you can't help but stare.

Your bloodlust is touching.

A little schadenfreude never hurt nobody.

Ritalin Rebecca. You guys, come on.

We've all wondered what happened to Little Miss Perfect.

I heard that she was whoring for heroin on the streets, but it's even worse.

She sells popcorn at a movie theater.

What happened?

She got caught selling dr*gs in the girl's bathroom.

Remind me again why we are watching this lame movie from the mid '90s?

Because you brought us here.

Yes, I did.

What is that?

Champagne cocktail.


No. It's a half an inch off the top of every bottle on the first row of my dad's liquor cabinet.


Since when do you care?

I've seen you lick coke off the ladies room floor.

Alcohol is not permitted in the theater, so I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

You're kidding, right?

I'm afraid not.

A convicted drug dealer is asking us to leave an empty theater... for drinking?

Please go. I wouldn't want to have to call the police.

You're old friends, the police. That's right.

Yeah. Did one of them slip you their card while they were handcuffing you?


Come on, guys. Let's just go.

Cautionary tales don't usually have happy endings.

(both laughing)

What the hell was that?

That was Rebecca. Clean and sober.

I liked her better dirty and messed up.

Which one's her car?

Zack: What are you gonna do?

This is her car, right?

Ellie, don't.

I'm just gonna leave her a little thank you note.

Seriously, Ellie. Let's just go. It's not worth it.

Ellie, stop!

What, Maddie?

Okay, I'm sorry that Rebecca is riding g*n on the hot mess express, but that doesn't give her a reason to be a complete bitch to us.

Please, guys. Let's just go.

I'm gonna do it.

You know what? Maddie's right. Let's go.

Yeah. She's tragic enough.

Why is it that when Maddie wants to do something unhinged, it's cute and adorable, and I offer up one little revenge plot...

Let's go, Ellie.

We can hang at my place.

Come on. Come on.

I can't.


Is everything okay?


I'm cool. I just got stuff.

Okay. Well, I could drop you off at your house.

I'm feeling kind of funny. I think I'm...

Stomach thing.

I think I'm just gonna walk, is that okay?

She didn't drink though, right?

No. But she might have if I hadn't busted them.

Dude, what's the deal with you two?

Maddie is a liar and a manipulator, and worse, she's a coward.


I mean, did you see the way she acted with her friends?

Pretending as if we don't live in the same house?

A sober house?

In her defense, though...

Look. I get it. I get the allure. Trust me.

She's fun and cool, but the minute that something goes wrong, she's nowhere to be found.

Stay away from her, Wes.

This is her first full week in this house.

She was supposed to meet me right after school, like she should every day.

That is our agreement.

I feel like I've been more than fair with her.

Don't you think I've been more than fair?

Of course I think so. But I'm old and responsible.

You are not old.

We are not old.

Yeah, we are.

We used to go to raves. In the '90s.

You used to wear baby doll dresses and suck on pacifiers.

I used to be able to smoke indoors.

And now we're picking out which font is better for your wedding invitation.

I guess we are old.
(door opening)


Look, I'm not telling you not to give Maddie hell or anything, but she is a kid.

Remember what we were like.

Only too well.

I'm worried. What if she got into trouble or I don't know...

(door opening)

Hold that thought.



Margarita wanted me to ask you if you would switch kitchen duty with her.

Is that cool?

Yeah, sure.

Trish, where did you come from?

Because you're acting a little weird.



No, I'm not. (Laughing awkwardly)

Look at me.

Trish, did you use?

What? That's crazy!

Look at me.

Vern. I did not use.


(door opening)

Cynthia, she's here! Use Craig's office.


This is unacceptable behavior, Maddie. You can't just disappear.

You know you have to be back here at 4:00 p.m. every day and that I am supposed to drive you. Where were you?

Sorry. I was working on my American history project, you know, and I...

You know what?

I was with my friends, okay? We went to see a movie.

I just wanted to have a normal day.

But, you know, karma has officially unfriended me on Facebook, so that didn't happen.

And when we got to the movies, it turns out Wes and Rebecca work there, so I was almost found out.

Then, someone had a flask, so Rebecca made us leave.

And Ellie tried to mess up her car, and I stopped her.

And now things with my friends are even worse than they were before, and I wonder how long I'll have a best friend or a boyfriend.

And I really want a donut.

Did you drink?


Were you going to?

I don't know.


So what are you gonna do now? You're gonna put me in prison?

You've already done that.

Well, you didn't drink, which is huge.

And you just told me the truth, which is the most important part of recovery.

So, I'm gonna let this one slide.



But this will not happen again. Understand?

Yup. Got it. My life is over.

Did you make any headway on your list?

No, not yet, but I'm about to.

Craig: Maddie! How was your day?

Sunshine and puppies, Craigger.

Sorry to inv*de. I was just talking to Maddie.

Lucky you. She's... she's a tough one.

Believe me. I know.

But she made some real progress today.

Good. Good. That's good.

She reminds me so much of me when I was her age.

Really? That's...

That's nice.

No, it's terrifying. I was horrible.

Come on. I'm sure you weren't that bad.

When I was Maddie's age, I borrowed my uncle's car without asking.

Not so bad.

And I sold it.


It gets worse.

I used the money to pay a group of thugs to b*at up my ex-boyfriend.


Still not done.

He d*ed of internal bleeding.

Craig, I'm kidding.

I know. But I was pretty bad.

I snuck out of my house once.

It was at school, you know, so...

Where is it, Rebecca? I know you took it.

(rock music playing)

♪ What you gonna do when they come for you? ♪
♪ What you gonna say when they make you pay? ♪
♪ Oh, what you going, what you going ♪

Oh, Rebecca. Some things never change.


How are you holding up, pumpkin?

Fine, I guess.

I know it probably seems like the end of the world right now.

But it's not.

You're resilient. You'll get through this.

And we'll always be right by your side, okay?

Thanks, Dad.

Treatment involves a lot of discussion.

Just out of curiosity... what are you gonna tell people about your situation?

I don't know.

That I was stupid enough to get hooked on medication that I didn't need.

Sweetheart, you did need the Ritalin.

That's why I prescribed it.

Dad, I don't have ADD.

But weren't you able to study better?

I don't think you would've got the grades you did if I hadn't helped you out.

I guess not. I don't really...

I think that it's best that we not tell anyone that I was the one who gave you the pills.


I know it may seem like an unfair position to put you in, but if I were to lose my license, I'd also lose this house.

And I wouldn't be able to take care of your mother or your brothers or sisters.

Or you.

Nobody wants that, right?

No. Of course not.

Please remember that you are very lucky that I play golf with the judge.

Things could have been far worse.

I didn't raise you to break the law or to take dr*gs that you don't need, Rebecca.

Dr. Carlson informed me there were traces of opiates in your system as well.

I am very disappointed.

Well, I think we've both learned a very valuable lesson, but it's important that we keep all this just between us.



(Marcus sighing)


I'm sorry.

Honey, I forgive you.

(all laughing)

Okay, so, let me get this straight.

A stripper showed up at your seventh birthday party?

Yes. Dressed as a clown.

My dad accidentally called the wrong kind of party place and...

Vern: I'm just trying to picture this.

So, like really big shoes? And a red nose, someplace?

Was your mom, like, super upset?

Hey! Hey!

Where is it?

I'm... I'm sorry, Rebecca.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Don't play dumb with me, Maddie.

I think you know exactly what I'm talking about, and I need it back.

Just like I need my thing back?

What thing?

Now look who's playing dumb?

I suggest if you want it back, you remember where my thing is!

Oh, my God, Maddie, I cannot even begin...

I don't know what's going on here...

You know what? All right.

Do you guys remember my ex-best friend?

The one that I always talk about in group?

The one that used to sell with me, and then when I got busted was nowhere to be found?



Maddie's the evil ex-bestie?

Look, I tried to get you to stop.


You tried real hard.

Where'd the money go, Maddie?

Let me guess, you gave it to charity.

Come on. Come up with a good lie. It's your greatest talent.

You know what I should have done with the money?

I really should have just shoved it up your ass!

Hey, hey, enough, enough. Both of you calm down now.

I hate you.

Do I have to finish chopping up the carrots?

No. No, go on.



You are entering a very difficult and challenging phase of your life.

You're gonna need all the friends you can get. Remember that.


(door opens)



Any good?

Well, Vern did the cooking, so no.

But Cray-Cray's gonna go get us all fast food, so yay!

So, I have a question for you.

About the thing you were talking about earlier.


Were you talking about the figurine that your dad gave you?

Trish, have you been watching CSI again?

Because your deductive skills are right on.

I'm sorry. I'm really, really sor... I was just dancing.

And I knocked over the figurine and then it broke, and I didn't know what to do.

You had so many dr*gs in there.

I mean, there were joints, there were pills, there was blow...

Did you tell anyone?


Use them?


I sold them.

You did what?

I sold them. And?

I hired The Bulldog!

The Bulldog! Milo K. Spevacek.

He's famous. Attorney at law.

You may have even sat on his face at a bus stop.

Look, Maddie.

No one thinks that I can do this.

No one thinks that I can get my little girl back.

No one believes that I can raise her by myself.

But The Bulldog does.

And for a $250 retainer and a reasonable hourly rate taking into account my income and strange circumstances, he's gonna help me.

Plus, I was helping you.

You know, I was afraid that you were gonna use them, so I had to get rid of 'em. You're welcome.

Trish, I am grateful you didn't tell Craig, but I asked you point-blank, and you lied to me.

Your lying thing and stealing thing? Not okay.

Oh, so you bringing a stash of dr*gs into a sober house is okay?



Why is this day not over yet?



Yes, it was great seeing you, too.

I was just, you know, calling to... let you know that...

I didn't tell you the truth today.

Maddie, she's not volunteering... or... getting good grades.

She's actually kinda going through it right now.

We're okay. I mean, we're just... dealing with things.

And we have a plan that we're following through on.


I'll talk to you later.


(knock on door)


You need to go.

I'm too depleted to argue with you anymore today.

I'm not here to argue.

I'm here to apologize.

I know you didn't take my thing.

And I know these are yours.

You're gonna learn that a true friend wouldn't give pills back to a recovering addict.

(whispering) Maddie. Maddie, stop. What are you doing?

Doing what a true friend would do.

Maddie, don't. I take it back. I'm sorry. Please.

Maddie, stop. It's not what you think.

It's exactly what I think.

It doesn't matter if I flush these down the toilet, it doesn't matter if I smile at you or scowl at you, because I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't, So, you know what?

Maddie, no, don't. It's not like that. I need them.

Spoiler alert. Addicts need dr*gs.

They're not for getting high.

It's called Suboxone. It's used to treat addiction.

Why are you hiding them?

Because it's controversial in the recovery community, and it's banned from the house.

Craig thinks that it's too risky.

And the withdrawals can be very dangerous, which is why I needed them back.

I cannot miss a dose. Please.

They're really helping me stay sober.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell Craig.

You kept my secret. I'll keep yours.

I didn't rat you out.

But you didn't have my back, either.

What was I supposed to...


You should have done something.

But that's not your thing, is it?

I mean, you did nothing today when everyone was going on and on about how tragic I was.

You know I'm getting better.

I just didn't know what to...

No, you didn't know. You never do.

Please, just stay as far away from me as possible from now on.

Wes: Hey.


Can't sleep?

Never can.

Me neither.

Pretty sure I've been an insomniac ever since I was in the womb.

This is actually one of the best parts of the movie.

Gets better at the end. When Sonny Chiba kills the guy on the boat.

Big fan of kung fu movies.

Me, too. They're awesome.

Wesley Hector Stewart.


That's my middle name.

You do know I'm the evil bitch who destroyed your girlfriend's life, right?

'Cause you're kinda hanging with the enemy here.

Rebecca's not my girlfriend.


And you know what?

There are always two sides to every story, so no judgment here.


I just thought that was the reason you were avoiding me since we snuck out.

Not why.


I'm not ignoring you now?

Am I?

(rock music playing)

♪ I can't see a single face or a worthy cell ♪
♪ Everybody here's too far up everyone else ♪
♪ When you find truth cut it out with a razor blade ♪
♪ What they say when ♪
♪ What they say when ♪
♪ What they say when ♪
♪ What they say when ♪
♪ What they say when ♪
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