01x03 - Surrender

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Recovery Road". Aired January 25 – March 28, 2016.*
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"Recovery Road" revolves around Maddie, a party girl and a highly functioning addict who makes the difficult decision to live with other recovering addicts at a rehab facility, while facing the daily pressures of her teenage life.
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01x03 - Surrender

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Maddie: Previously on Recovery Road.

It's vodka. We found this in Maddie's locker.

24 hours of detox and 90 days at a sober living facility effective immediately.

Look what I got us. Ta-da!

You're kidding me. I'm committed to my recovery this time.

Why the hell do you think I'm here?

I can tell you like her, Wes, so you and Maddie can't happen.

Are we clear?

We're clear.

What happened?

This was in my car.

I don't remember what happened on Thursday night.

I've never had sex before.

No one thinks that I can get my little girl back.

Charlotte: Maddie, she's not volunteering.

She's actually kind of going through it right now.

Rebecca's not my girlfriend.

I just thought that was the reason you were avoiding me.

I'm not ignoring you now.

Am I?

(rock music playing)


Maddie: I don't know this girl.

But I can tell she wasn't always the way she is now.

The way he looked at her.

The way she looked at him.

He wanted desperately to help her.

And even though she couldn't admit it... she wanted desperately to be saved.

Wes: I don't know, it's like they're all mixed up together in my brain... sex, dr*gs, love, alcohol.

It's hard to figure out where one starts and the other one stops.

I guess they kind of feel the same... don't they?

Love? dr*gs?

Craig: Good share, Wes.

All right. You're up, Maddie.

(clears throat) I'll pass.

Hey, Maddie, no more passes now.

You've got to start sharing.

It's time for you to take an active role in your recovery.

(clearing throat)


So I was thinking...

(sing-song) What's your name?

Hi, I'm Maddie.

So I was thinking...


And I'm Maddie.

You're supposed to say you're an alcoholic.

And I'm Maddie.

All: Hi, Maddie.

So, I was thinking about Springtime Meadows and how it all works here.

That's great!

It is.

Anyway, I was thinking how if everyone in the house chipped in so we could hire a service to clean the bathroom once a week.


It would give me lot more time to focus on my recovery and helping the economy by giving someone a job. Win-win.

All right. Time's up.

Everyone remember to check the weekend chore sheets, and since we won't be hiring a cleaning service anytime soon, I do believe you are still on bathroom cleanup, Maddie.

Vern: Good stuff in group today.

I'm really proud of you, Wes.

You're really making really good discoveries.

Thanks, man.

Lots of progress.

What did Socrates say?

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

But then again, Socrates wasn't a meth-head.

That we know of.

(cell phone vibrating)

What's that?

Wrong number.

Your girlfriend is here.



Please forgive Margarita.

She still hasn't quite grasped the concept of me being really, really gay.

Well, I was your girlfriend... in high school.

Yeah, back when I was still really, really gay.

I have to say you were fun... you got all my musical theater references... you were actually the best boyfriend I've ever had.

That is really sad.

I'm gonna pray for you.

Both of you.

And Jesus loves attempted m*rder too, right?


I can't with her.

Where's Paul?

Oh, you teach me the steps, and I'll just teach him.

So he couldn't make the time to come and learn the first dance to his own wedding?

He had already committed to a golf game, and he couldn't get out of it.

Meaning, he doesn't really like me.

You're not exactly a member of his fan club either.

I like Paul.

(haltingly) He was almost fun that one time.

You don't have to like each other.

So I was thinking maybe a waltz.

Ew, Cinderella. No.


I have an idea.



Harper: Baby, I need you.

I... I need help. I don't want to keep using.

Please, baby.

Can you come get me?

(theme song playing)

♪ This time is my own time, so step aside ♪

Harper: I need help. I don't want to keep using.

Please, baby.

Can you come get me?

I'm going to try and talk her into coming back here.

Oh! No. You're not.

Did you hear her? She needs me.

No, Wes.

She needs treatment.

And you need to be focusing on your own sobriety right now, not Harper's.

Aren't we supposed to be of service to others?

Okay. I'm going to send somebody else.

Maybe couple of the women in the house can go.

She called me.

She won't come back here for anyone else.

Fine. I will go then.

She hates you.

We're done here.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

She's probably holding.

I'm not letting you go alone.

(Spanish music playing)

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

Turn, two, three, four.

(rhythmically) First I want you, then I have you.

Shake your maracas, girl.

Now you can sit.

Yeah, impressive.

Oh, you should see me pole dance.

Well, I'd rather not.

Wes and I are gonna go out.

Will you give Jamison his discharge papers?

Oh, and make sure Margarita takes it easy on the spice.

Last time she cooked dinner, I lost the feeling in my tongue.

Where are you guys going?

12-step call.



Harper? Wes's Harper?


Whoa, you're gonna let him see her?


You think that's a good idea?

Oh, no, no, no. I think it's a terrible idea, but tell me how I can stop him.

Want me to go?

No, no, I've got it.

Wait, wait. How's Maddie doing?

Well, let's see.

Last night at the dinner table she pretended to overdose.

So, that wasn't funny.

It was a little bit funny.


She's not taking it seriously, Cynthia.

And I'm afraid I've got to the point now...

Hey, why not take Maddie with you?

It might be good for her.

Maybe she'll learn something that'll really look at the disease.



Plus that's some reality check.



Laurel, this is the best day of my life.

You got the job at Urban Sheik?

No, I didn't.


Oh, you didn't? So why is today...

Because that's the universe's way of telling me that I'm meant for something bigger.

Okay, so I filled out, like five applications at the mall, right?

But no one would even look at them because I don't have any retail experience.

And did you know that shopping does not count?

Okay, so I went to Orange Julius and guess who I met?

The manager who offered you a job?

No. A lady whose son is one of the casting directors of Fool House.

My favorite show!

And she said she would give my audition tape directly to him.

Oh, I hate to tell you this, but that show has been off the air for several decades.

No, not Full House. Fool House.


F-O-O-L. Fool House.

The reality show.

Oh, my gosh, I love that show.

What is it?

It's like Big Brother, only not as classy.

Oh, dear.

And I'm not classy at all, so I'm perfect for this.

I've always wanted to be on this show, and now I have an in.

And if I got the job at Urban Sheik, I wouldn't have been at Orange Julius and I would've never met that lady.

You guys, it's a sign from my higher power, who I choose to call Beyoncé.

Ah, Maddie, you're coming with me.

I am?

Mmm. Field trip.

You're letting me leave the house?


Can we go to Sephora?




I'll get my bag.



Harper, pick up the phone.

(dramatic music playing)

Let's go. What are you waiting for?

Oh, Maddie. Yes. She just went to get her purse.

You're joking, right?

Oh, yeah, that's me, the eternal jokester.

Why in hell are we bringing her?

Mr. Stewart...

"The primary purpose of every alcoholic is to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers."

Maddie has no message.

She has no program. She doesn't even think she has a problem.

Yeah. Exactly.


All right. Ready.

Chivalry is officially d*ad.

Okay. Tips for audition videos on Fool House.

Ugh! Boring.

Okay. Okay. Start filming me.

I've seen every season of this show, so I know exactly what they want. Okay.

So here's my plan.

I'm very likable.

Hell, I'm lovable, so everyone in the house will want to be my friend.

But... surprise.

I'm a conniving, backstabbing b*tch, too.

I'm all about big moves and a social game.

And maybe even a showmance.

Wait, what's a showmance?

(knocking on door)

Ooh, maybe it's a new admit.

Film me while I'm opening the door.

Um... I'm... Hi. Charlotte.

Trish: It's just you!

Maddie, your mama's here.

I think that she left.

Craig told me to come by and see her.

Craig forgets things sometimes.

Like passwords, birthdays.

Ooh, and he left the oven on last month and almost b*rned down the whole damn house.

(Trish laughs)

Maybe she's collecting money for UNICEF.

Or maybe she went to the farmer's market for kiwi.

Maybe she went on a journey of self discovery.

No, Craig specifically said to swing by.

Ooh, I smell conflict.

This would be an excellent opportunity to, as we say in reality speak, "stir the pot."

(shouts) Vern!

Maddie's mom is here and she is pissed.

Just play along, okay?

(Spanish music playing)



Do you know where Maddie is?

(clears throat)

You must be Maddie's mom.

Same beautiful eyes.

I'm Vern. Do you want me to get this stuff for you?

Craig must've forgotten you were coming.

He took Maddie on a 12-step call.

Yeah, uh... he took her with him to help out a girl who started using again.


He took her to hang out with an addict without consulting me?

Well, sometimes seeing the truth of addiction can really help with recovery.

How is... taking her to a place where there are dr*gs helping her?

Oh, look, there's Naked Guy.

Jasper! Upstairs!

He feels really oppressed by clothing, so he gets to be naked every third Saturday of the month.

Sorry about that.

Should we take this to Craig's office?

Yeah, good idea.

Why'd you have to kick her out in the first place, man?

Because the house has zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use.

You use, you lose, you move.

Uh. Sorry to interrupt. But where exactly are we going?

We're going on what is called a...

We're going to help someone who should've never have gotten where she did in the first place.

So, what am I supposed to do?



Then can we go to Pinkberry?

I don't really buy the whole...

God thing.

Hey, it doesn't have to be an old man with a beard in the sky.

It can be anything.

You know, it can be nature.

Like the ocean or it can be the group.

All you have to believe is that there is a god, and it isn't you.


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

You don't know me.

You don't care about me.

None of you do.

Baby... come with me.

Okay? We don't need them.


Well, you know where to find me when you realize that all of this is a joke.

(door opens)

(door slams shut)
I have to go to the bathroom.

Come on. You've got to be kidding me.

Nope. True story. I have to go.

I'm also breathing air. The audacity, right?


I'll pull over, okay?

Thanks. (Sighs)

Mouthwash contains alcohol.

Can't have it at Springtime Meadows.

Perfume. Same thing.

People drink perfume?

Both: Yup.

(scoffs) I highly doubt my daughter has any interest in drinking perfume.

Cynthia: Maddie isn't the only one who lives here.

It's just better if you take that stuff home with you.

Someone going to drink her jewelry, too?

What do you get when you sober up a horse thief?

A sober horse thief.

Can you and I talk in private?

Oh, just pretend I'm not here. It'll be kind of like my adolescence.

You completely misrepresented this place.

It is total chaos here.

There is no one in charge.

There are thieves and naked people, and perfume drinkers, and worst of all, they are putting my daughter in danger by taking her to rescue some junkie God knows where.

I understand how this looks.

But despite appearances, this is the best place for Maddie to be right now.

And yet, she isn't here, is she?

I'm going to call her and just make sure that she's okay.

Sorry, she hasn't earned her phone back yet.


I will wait right here until Maddie gets back.


Bringing her was a bad idea.

This isn't about you, Wes.

It's about a girl who needs our help.

What? By showing her just how far someone can sink? By rubbing her face in it?


I wasn't talking about Maddie. I was talking about Harper.

Reception here sucks.



Was she his girlfriend?


How long were they together?

I don't know.

So why did they break up?

Come on, answer me.


What was she like?

She was a girl who thought she had it all under control.

Wes: She's not picking up. Let's go.

Now I need to go.

Are you kidding me?

All right, Wes, you need to listen to me right now.

I go on several of these a month.

It's my job. I'm good at it.

If Harper goes off the deep end in the 45 seconds it takes me to go and urinate, I will spend the rest of my life with that regret.

But right now I'd rather do that in dry trousers.

So, if you would very kindly shut up and let me go and pee, I would be ever so bloody grateful, mate.

Thank you.

I hope your friend is going to be okay.

You sure you don't want anything?


Look, I was a resident myself at this house 12 years ago, and I've been sober ever since.

I've sent other people here and it's helped a lot of them... and it can work for Maddie if she's willing to work it.

Personally, I think the best solution might be to take her out of here.

Then I'm afraid she's going to be expelled.

Well, then I'll home school her.

And she can go to AA meetings at night.

What makes you think she'll follow through with it?

Because she said she would.

Of course she did.

What is your problem, Cynthia?

Maddie is not your child.

I'm aware of that, but you did ask me to watch out for her.

And even though I have a lot of experience with addiction, Maddie managed to hide her drinking and using from both of us.

She's smart and manipulative, and who's to say she can't fool us both again?

Laurel: Hello, Trish.

You have a very fun personality.

But sometimes you can also be a conniving, backstabbing... b*tch.


Well, maybe, you and I should start a secret alliance.

But what if your boyfriend Rick... I mean, Ron, with the muscles and the tattoos finds out that you're secretly working with me?

Well, I will just tell him that our secret alliance is fake.

But it won't be, it will be real.

Okay, can you add like a sparkle thingy when I wink?

Yeah, I can add effects. Maybe 3D titles.

Color correction, I was thinking maybe an L-cut on the dialog about Naked Guy.

Mmm. Okay, um...

Is there any way you can add some decent acting?

Aw. I thought you were pretty good.

(clicks tongue)

Kids drink. Kids party, and most of the time they grow out of it.

If you think Maddie is fine, then why did you call me to begin with?

(sighs) Why am I even trying to have this conversation with you?

You don't even understand what it's like to be a parent.

I have over 300 kids at Parsons-Bell.

And you have the luxury of turning that off every night.

If I was a mother, I don't think I would pull my child away from the help she needs and take her home with me just because I was a little lonely.


This conversation is now over.

(scoffs) This is a drug den?

I'd live here.

Hey, Maddie. Do you think you can do me a favor and, like, not talk for the next several minutes?

You think you can do that? Thank you.

I missed you so much.

We don't ever need to go back there again.


You know what? You're pretty enough to be on that cover.

I can be a model.

You can be my manager.

(both laughing)



What are you doing here?

You called me.


What is he doing here?

It's okay.

Who the hell is she?

It's nothing.

Look who's here.

Hello, there, Wesley.

I want both of these two out.

Harper, we are here to try and help you.

Been looking for you, man.

You owe me.

Yeah, I...

Here's what I got. All right?

This ain't gonna cover it.

It's all I got.

I'll get you the rest, I promise. I just gotta...

Hey, I have some cash.

Wait. Hey, hey, hey, no. Hey, hey, here.

That enough, hmm?

Yeah, for now.

Let's go.




(guys chattering)

We'll help you, okay? Just come with us.

No, I don't want to go anywhere.

Can't you just... can't you just stay here with me?

Okay, there's a bed waiting for you at the hospital.

No! No hospitals, okay?

Wes, can you make him leave?

We can do this. Just the two of us.

Just get in the car, we can talk a little more about it.


We can just check it out.

You don't have to stay.

Craig: Hey, Harper...

Okay, listen to me...

They'll get you on meds.

You won't feel any of the withdrawal symptoms.


Remember when it was just you and me?

I miss you. (Chuckles)

Come back to me.

You know what?

They'll get you straightened out, and then you can decide what you want to do.

(chuckles) Okay.

All right, everybody.

Um, I just... I just have to pack some stuff.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I don't think that's a good idea.

Um, Wes and I will go and pack for you.

Okay. Be back in just a tick.

Watch her.

(clears throat)

It's really good. You're gonna get some help.


Are you his new me?

Come on, you're using the basement or the attic?

Gosh, how messed up are you?

You know, he loves a damsel in distress.

He's here, isn't he?

They made me call him.

He owed them money.


You tricked him into coming here, so they could ambush him?

Everybody has to pay up eventually, right?

You're disgusting.

What do you know?

I know he doesn't deserve this.


I know he happens to be a good guy who is unlucky enough to care about you.

You got your money, just leave him alone.

Good idea.

You know what, Missy?

One day, you're gonna look at yourself in the mirror, and you're gonna realize that you're nothing.

Okay? You're just some girl just like every other just some girl, and you're not special!

And you don't matter!

When you realize that, well, you just come find me. We'll get high together.

Where is she?

Uh... She... She left. I...

(shouting) You couldn't keep your eye on her for one second?

Hey... Wes!


My girlfriend's OD'ed.

All right.

(monitor flat lining)


(monitor bleeping)


Charlotte: Excuse me.

Can you tell me where the glasses are?

Ah! You want some lemonade?

I just made some. On the counter.

I'm making Jamaican stew.

The secret is the white vinegar.

Ah, smells great.


Wow! That's fantastic.

So you're new here?

How long you got?

Oh, no, I'm not... I'm Maddie's mom, Charlotte.


It's nice to meet you.

Are you the cook?

(laughing) You think I would be cooking in a crappy place like this with stew tastes like that?

You want good Jamaican food?

You come to my restaurant, Margarita's.

Oh! So you're a patient here?

Resident. Court mandated.

Cynthia: There you are.

Listen, I want to make amends for what I said about your parenting.

That was way out of line.

I agree.

The thing is, there are no teams here.

We are both on Maddie's side, right?

Well, I have to go with my gut and do whatever I end up deciding is best for my child.

Charlotte, I may not be a mom, but I do understand what it's like being an addict with a mom.

Okay, okay, okay. This is the testimonial part of the video.

So, Margarita, I need you to tell them how awesome I am and how everyone in the house loves me!

Okay? All right. Go.

You know, you should be on this Fool House, because you are one big fool.

I know, right?

Why don't you stop all this trying to be famous, when you got nothing to be famous for?

Hmm? And get your life together and get your daughter back.

Stupid girl.


Cut, cut, cut.

What did that guy whisper to you?

Forget it. Nothing important.

Who was he?


I had this teeny little problem with meth...

Oh, I'm sorry. I just wanted to bring some things in for Maddie.

That's okay.

I like that sweater.

Sometimes I wish her school had uniforms.

The money I spend on clothes for that girl.

Ugh! She's always been so messy.

No wonder Maddie doesn't know how to clean the restroom.

She has to clean the bathroom?

Yeah, and make up her own bed, and do her own laundry, and take a turn once every two weeks and cook dinner for everyone.

I'm not really looking forward to that, though.


I've never been able to get Maddie to do anything.

(slow jazz music playing)

(sighs) I'm worried that she's going to pull Maddie out of here.

She doesn't listen. No one takes direction.

Powerless over people, places and things. Let it go, Cyn.

Am I doing that thing?

You're doing that thing.


So I should just... (sighs)

Let it go.

You're right.

I'm going.

Hopefully, Maddie's mom will make the right decision.

Practice your steps.

Salsa steps or "the" steps.


Have you ever been on a 12-step call?

Sure. Lots of times.

Are you worried about Maddie?

'Cause they're pretty safe.

We always go with another person, and Craig wouldn't let anything happen to Maddie.

He may seem like a big goof, but he's a really good guy.

Thank you.

You don't drink perfume, do you?


Never mind.


She reached out for help. That's a good sign.

Do you think we can make a stop on the way back?


I do, I do. Okay, look... the Kn*fe and the spoon go right, so the fork left.

Great, you know what you win?


Another one.


(chuckles) Nice work.


What? I'm setting the table.

What is this reality show mess really all about?

What do you care?

I'm asking, aren't I?

If I get on Fool House, I'll be famous.

And famous people don't get their kids taken away from them.

I just want my little girl back.

You really want your daughter back?

Then you need to get yourself a real job.

Show everyone you got your life together, you know.

Well, how am I supposed to do that?

I can't even get hired at Urban Sheik, and their clothes suck.

You can start waiting tables at Margarita's.


Go set the table. It won't set itself, you know?

Stupid girl.

♪ Let your heart be bright ♪

(indistinct talking)

♪ Let your heart be bright ♪

You know, the truth is I don't know...


Hold it like I have. Place one right here.

All right.

Then you put this on top.

Oh, no. Uh-uh.

You know what? Never mind.

Sit down. I'll teach you later.

Craig and Wes are gonna miss dinner.

Maddie asked to go to a meeting.

(all gasp)


(all applauding)

Good night, everyone.

You're not staying?

Tell Maddie I'll see her soon.

Good night.

Maddie: And there I am...

I don't know this girl.

I can tell she wasn't always the way she is now.

♪ Let your heart... ♪

The way he looked at her.

The way she looked at him.

He wanted desperately to save her, and even though she couldn't admit it... she wanted desperately to be saved.

I... uh... blacked out a couple of weeks ago.

I have no idea what I did or where I was.

I might've done something I can't ever take back.

But I don't know...

I'm not sure if I ever will.

And every minute of every day since, I have to live with that.

♪ Holding on ♪

I really hope she gets the help that she needs.

You have another minute.

No, I...

I'm done.


♪ Holding on ♪

Here's my number.

You can call me anytime.

Day or night.

And keep coming back.

♪ Holding on ♪
♪ You find yourself ♪
♪ You find yourself ♪
♪ You find yourself ♪
♪ Holding on ♪
♪ You find yourself ♪
♪ You find yourself ♪
♪ You find yourself ♪
♪ Holding on ♪
♪ Let your heart be bright ♪



Look, I'm sorry I was a jerk today.

No, I get it. It's intense stuff.

Yeah, it's intense.

Um... (clears throat) Well... 'Night.

Are you okay?

Uh... Mmm-hmm. Yeah.


Good night, Maddie.
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