01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV miniseries "The Last Panthers". Aired: April 2016 to December 2015.
"The Last Panthers" is based on real events inspired by the notorious Balkan jewel thieves "the Pink Panthers". An independent claims specialist is given the job of recovering stolen diamonds... no matter what it takes. Also on the trail of the diamonds, is a police officer. The investigation takes them across Europe and into a world where shadowy figures control events.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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You can't hitch on the motorway.

Can I see your papers?

I can take you to the next petrol station.


I can't go on.

It's OK, he's not following us.

I said I can't go on, dammit.

He kept asking if you were still alive.

Since his dog d*ed, he's been obsessed by death.

He asks lots of questions.

We've missed you.

A lot.

Mihajlo, go and play in your room.


Go on. To your room.

To the airport.

New suit?

But you forgot to shower. You stink of p*ssy, man.

OK till I get back?


His brother's not home, but we'll find him, don't worry.

I was watching that. Turn it back on.

Mum's worried about you.

I am, too.

Know when I first saw you cry?

Did I cry a lot?

No, hardly at all.

When you played football...

Dad wouldn't get you the shin pads other boys had.

So. you stole some.

We found them.

You expected to be yelled at, but Dad went over there and told the trainer you couldn't play as you weren't fit to be in the team.

He made it so simple: right or wrong.

You have to do right. No half-measures.

Isn't it simple for you?

No, I have a problem.

The next time I saw you cry is when you left.

We all cried.

And the silence.

Everyone talked in whispers for weeks.

As if there'd been a tragedy.

Wasn't it?

Then, he d*ed.

You didn't come back. Mokhtar went off the rails.

As for Mum...

Are you saying Mokhtar was my fault?

I should've come back?

I was told to stay away.

To punish a d*ad man.

I came back on my own terms.

On a horse with all the cavalry. Ready to f*re at will.

Dad was always so sure of himself. Very proud, very self-righteous.

It hurt people.

And you take after him.

You think you can't help it. You can.

You have the choice.

You can be yourself.

Can you turn the TV back on?

Her left cheek said "Merry Christmas", the right, "Happy New Year".

I’ll come between the two!

I got your numbers.

One number is called over and over.

I’ll be right back.

So, the internal investigation cleared you of the Serb's death?

Any progress on the SIM cards?


Oh. yeah?

Yeah, really. You can count on me.

Yeah, sure.

Don't turn around.

Hi. brother.

You know I'm in deep shit.

What does Roman do for you?

He gives us information.

Like which flats we'd raid in Les Agnettes?

Son of a b*tch.

How much do you pay him?

We don't.


Believe it or not..

It's because he believes in us.

One king, to rule them all, One power that all can respect.

He thinks it'll stop the bloodshed.

Stop bullshitting me. Talk.

It's the truth.

It's got out of hand.

My boss k*lled the Serb with Roman's g*n.

Right in front of me.

Who's the boss?

Manu Esposito.

He'd k*ll me for saying his name.

You know people in other cities. I don't.

I just need to lie low.

I'm close to breaking. Help me.

You made your choices. I made mine. I can't.

I'm your f*cking brother.

Does that count for nothing?

Don't start bawling.


Help me bring down Manu and Roman.

Then. you don't need to run.

You have a chance to clean up your life, brother.


Been a while since you called me that.

Manu Esposito... What does he need?

What we need since the Serbs quit.


I can get them.

What's your plan?

A trap?

We’ll get Roman and Manu in one go.

Are you in?

You bet.


Still f*cking the evidence store girl?

Cut the crap. We're engaged. "f*cking"? Are you crazy?

You're joking?

No, I proposed.

I’ve heard weird things about her.

What did you hear? I never saw you with a woman!

You're calling me a virgin?

Seriously, I need a favour.

If I tell you, you'd be in deep shit.

But it could help us on the Belair case.

What do you need?

Hello, gentlemen.

You don't recognize us?

No, sorry.

You don't recognize us?

The Rachedis.

Find us somewhere to talk.

Why are you here?

You're going back into g*n. We need you to sting a guy.



Manu Esposito.

I got out 6 years ago.

It's OK. You know each other. You made the Serbian connection.

They’ll k*ll me.

They'll find you and they'll k*ll you.

No, thanks.

Let's do it differently then, You have no choice.

You still see his face.

Don't you?

You k*lled my friend.

So, sh**t me, you little shit. I’ll haunt the crap out of you.

Go f*ck yourselves.

Let me go, assh*le!

Don't think we're serious?

'Cause I’m a cop?

Think you have a choice?


Milan, they've found me.

Are you sure?

I saw Milomir. They've found me.

Did you give anyone the address?

Just to Nina.


She said she might come. I couldn't leave her alone there!

Get out of there now.

Hide somewhere.

Go on, you can do it.

I'm sorry, it's my fault.



So, why did you hang up on me?

I thought I’d found him.

Have you got him?


So, what do you want?

Listen, how long would it take to get 100 million euros?

Careful with it.

Thanks, Franck.

Did your boss buy it?

Got the g*n?

5 g*n. Tell him they're a sample.

You rock, brother.
Did he buy it?

It'll work. don't worry.

Is he ready?

You ready?

Are you OK?

Everything's cool.

Let's have dinner.


To celebrate the en of the internal investigation.

To make peace, you know.


I know I need to learn to work with you.


See you later.

Thanks, Milan You know, Zlatko doesn't understand the Panthers' values.

He never will.

He wasn't in the w*r like us.

As if that's a good thing...

We were the best.

Know how many times we got Arkan out of prison 3.

Those were the days.

We were Tigers.

And then Panthers.

We were never afraid of blood, of anything.

What Zlatko is doing now is shit.


The real Panthers are finished.

You were one.

You still are.

And you're the last.

We're the living d*ad, What was the point of saving you, then?

Because that's how you are.

You always were.


We're the same actually.

An maybe we'll win this battle but..

It's over for us. Over.

We're not the, same.

I was always your "animal".

My only goal was to survive.

Maybe you're finished, but I’m not.

He came to you, thinking you were his friend?

I found a better friend.

He's gone.

Adnan. listen.

It's a shit storm.

I'm coming for you.

We must warn Zlatko.

See the big guy there?


He's a director of the World Bank.

And him.., The Chinese guy?

He owns the Cayman Islands.

He's interested in our gas industry.

Most of the girls are high-class whores.


See the ribbon on their wrist?

Does that make them whores?

No. it's to distinguish them.

Pink is for VIPs.

Yellow is for important friends.

And blue is open season.

It's so well organized. I could get used to it.

They even keep note of how much they f*ck.

US and Chinese money, German rules.

Germans like rules more than their mothers.

Yellow for me, blue for you.

It's Jamezdin.

Milan is alive.

Tell our guys to get Adnan now.

We're staying for a while.

Come on, let's find one for you.

Are you sweating?

Can you promise I won't get sh*t?

You bet I’m sweating!

The plan's tight.

He'll disarm Manu and arrest Roman.

Then we'll disappear into the night.

Your brother's crap will get us k*lled.

Don't worry, it’ll be OK.

One day my father was judging a bankruptcy case.

A guy who manufactured washing machine parts.

The biggest firm he supplied went out of business.

So he explained this to my father.

My father said:

"lt's unfortunate but I can't prevent a foreclosure."

It was the early 70s.

There were no metal detectors in courts back then.

So. the guy stood up in court, pulled out a g*n and sh*t himself in the mouth.

In front of my father.


What's your point?

My father was helpless. But we can do something.

Marseille is a mess.

Guys k*ll each other, we go in, they k*ll us too.

It's getting worse.

They need more g*n. A vicious cycle.

And breaking it requires radical new methods.

I disagree.

We need to enforce the law harder.

Break them before they break us.

It's not the fight of good against evil.

It's a choice between bad and less bad.

And how does bad and less bad work?

Your offer of peace means something to me.

But that w*r you want to wage will k*ll many people for few results.

You have no strategy. You didn't think it through.

We need to encourage just one power.

One boss that everyone respects and who we can talk to.

For that we need to work together.

It's the office.


I'm with Roman. On our way.

g*n runners.

Go on. Meet you there.

Come on.

You go. It doesn't concern me.

I know justice isn't black and white.

But what about that?

We do nothing?

You go.

I can't go alone.

I'm over the limit.

Can you drive?

Pain in the ass!

Rachedi here. Got an ETA on the Commandos?

30 minutes, sir.

There's only 3 of them.

We gotta go in.

We wait. That's an order.

I'm going.

Khalil. dammit.

Where are they from?

Does it matter?

Sure it matters.



Who's your contact?

What're you looking at him for?

He told you I’m nervous. I am.

They're police knock-offs to be destroyed.

There are 200.

That's all I’ve got.

I’ll give you a good price.


Drop your g*n!

Don't move!

Drop it!

Roman, is he one of ours?



OK, let's calm down.

We'll work something out.

It'll be OK.

Drop it!

No way.


Take the bag.

Take the g*n!

Get rid of 'em.

Hurry up!


A lady wants to speak to Tom Kendle.

What happened?


He's d*ad.

He did what he could.

If I’m implicated. it's your fault.

Don't worry. you're safe.

We got 'em.

We're almost there.

It's the beginning of the end.

I'm parked over there.

Milan, they're here.

On my way. Hang in there.

I'm in that b*mb-out building on Prince Milos Street.

I'm coming I won't let you down, f*ck!

That wasn't how it was supposed to go.

I know.

What can you do now?

We've done all we can.

Let's get you out of Marseille.

That won't work.

It'll be OK.

I know people outside the city. I can help. Let me help.

They saw us together.

Don't worry. They trust me.

They're making me acting chief. You're safe.

Don't you get it? They saw us together. You and me.

You'll think they'll come after me? Let them.

When you came back, people wondered if I could be trusted.

If I go. it'll confirm their suspicions.

They'll come after you, Mum, Samira.

We get the family out, then we prepare.

For what?


They're coming for us.
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