01x08 - Goodbye Norma Jean

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Wicked City". Aired October 27, 2015 – December 30, 2015.
"Wicked City" initially follows two LAPD detectives as they search for a pair of romantically-linked serial killers terrorizing the Sunset Strip.
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01x08 - Goodbye Norma Jean

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Previously on "Wicked City"...

This k*ller has made it personal.

Because of you, we can't feel safe in our own home.

Now that the cops know that I'm alive, we need to cover our tracks.

I have to make it look like Jimmy had a connection to Edgeway Upholstery.

He brought his truck to that auto shop.

[Voice breaking] That monster took my Jimmy from me.

How do you do it, man?

You always k*ll it with the ladies.

That Dianne has so many layers.

Peel them back, what you will find is an undercover police officer.

Excuse me. You're Detective Roth, right?

I've been looking for you.

I'm Kent Grainger.

I... I'm not this k*ller that you think I am.

I'm not this Hollywood Slayer.

I... I don't know what's going on, if somebody's trying to frame me or set me up or something.

You're... you're the only one who can help me, Detective Roth... please.

Okay, look, I want to hear your story.

Why don't we head down to the precinct? You can tell me all about it.



Emcee: Ladies and gentlemen, Whisky a Go Go welcomes...

No, I... I don't have the answers.

I... I... I told you I'm not... it's not me...

Joan Jett!

[Cheers and applause]

I'm not the guy.

♪ Cry at night, no one in sight ♪
♪ and we got so much to share ♪

Hey! Wait! Stop him!

♪ Talking's fine if you got the time ♪
♪ but I ain't got the time to spare, yeah ♪
♪ do you wanna touch? ♪


♪ Do you wanna touch? ♪


♪ Do you wanna touch me there? ♪


♪ Where? ♪
♪ Do you wanna touch? ♪


♪ Do you wanna touch? ♪


♪ Do you wanna touch me there? ♪
♪ Where? There ♪


♪ Oh, yeah, oh, yeah ♪


♪ Yeah, oh... ♪

[Horn blares]

[Tires screech]

[Horn honks]

Out of my way!

[Tires screeching]

[Indistinct shouting]

Woman: Easy!

Hey! Dude! Watch where you're going!


Stop! I will sh**t!

Don't sh**t!

[Breathing quickly]

Don't move.

Paco: I just don't get it.

We've been looking all over for this guy, hunting him for weeks on end, and he just walks into the same bar as you?

It wasn't by accident.

He was looking for me.

The question is, why?

I just got off with the D.A.

The case against Grainger not exactly rock-solid.

Come on, Captain, what about all the blood at the auto shop he works at that matches a victim?

Matches the blood type of the victim.

It's a blood type shared by millions of people, including a couple of other guys that work there, so it can't be tied to anybody.

You've got no witnesses to the m*rder.

You've got no forensics that ties him to the bodies.

Captain... you got to trust me. This is our guy.

Just give me some time, and I promise you I will turn everything they consider circumstantial into something concrete.

You got 24 hours, Jack, but the chief is not gonna accept any more missteps.

You got to handle it perfectly.

You cross every "T," you dot every "I,"

'cause if you screw it up, whole case goes up in flames.

This guy thinks he's gonna play me, but I'm gonna b*at him at his own game.

I need you to find everyone that's laid eyes on him...

The forger he used, Mallory Kharchenko's roommate, Karen McClaren... I need them all to I.D. him as the Slayer.

And I got Dianne tracking down the dealer she thinks sold to him.

We got 24 hours.

I'm on it.

If I tell you something, you swear not to tell anyone?

He called again.

Let me guess...

k*ller Kent wants us to run that piece on the affair to mess up the case.

You want to?


It was actually my conversation with him that convinced me not to...

Because I... I realized it's a matter of life and death.

She's an undercover cop.

The k*ller told me that himself, which means...

Which means that her life is in danger if her cover's blown.


So it's... it's not information I can just sit on.

But what do I do? Who do I tell?

No one.

Then my only option is to go to her directly.

I have to find her before I do that TV piece.

Yeah, she needs to know.




Vicki? You up?

Vicki? [Knocks on door]

Vicki, I'm coming in, honey.

Hey, what you okay?

What's going on, bub?


Is it Mitch?

Whatever. I don't care about him.


You slept with him.

Do you really expect me to tell you that when you don't even know who your own husband is sleeping with?

That is no way to speak to me, young lady.

Sorry. I just...

No, no. Wait, wait, wait.



How did... how did you even...

Does it matter?

No, but I really... I really wish that you didn't.

This is between me and your father.

This has nothing to do with you or how much we love you.

Did you kick Daddy out?

I wouldn't blame you.

Well, I asked him for some space.

But he's gonna come over...

[Inhales deeply]

... to talk to us about what comes next.

Only, he hasn't shown up yet, right?

Oh, he's probably just running a little behind.


Mom, get a clue.

He's not coming.

You better make use of this phone call you asked for...

If there's anyone out there that gives a damn about you, which I doubt.

You might want to tell them you're not gonna be seeing them for a very long time.

Stop me if you heard this one, Jack.

This serial k*ller walks into a bar...

[chuckles] Yeah, good one, Peyton.

Yeah, I'm planning on delivering a punch line he won't find very funny.

Where are we with anyone who can I.D. Grainger?

Vice said aunt Bobby skipped out on bail, probably running for her life since she can I.D. the k*ller.

Yeah, and Mallory's roommate, Doug, got some bit part in a movie filming in Chicago, something called "Risky Business"... bad title.

Yeah, well, get him on the next plane back here.

The k*ller came to him impersonating an officer, for crying out loud.

He's gonna be essential in I.D.'ing Kent Grainger as our k*ller.

Will do.

So, there's no answer L.A. Notorious, but I sent a uniform down there.

[Sighs] Okay.

We're gonna get Karen down here and the guy that Dianne knows...

Whatever it takes to get this done.


For now, we interrogate him.

You need me in there with you?

No, I'm good.

I just don't want him getting under your skin.

He's done enough damage already.

Well, that's 'cause he knew we were closing in on him.

He was feeling thr*at.

And he was right to be.


Thank you.

[Telephone rings]


[Clears throat]


Oh, you made it.


God, I hate that you're in there with that monster.


But I'm ready.

Just know that I love you... always and forever.

Come on. Come on.

Whatever it takes, by the end of this day, I'll make sure that you are free and that Jack Roth's life is a living hell.

[Receiver clicks]


[Receiver clicks]

Just my luck.

No one picked up.

This is shaping up to be a hell of a day.

Peyton: Guy's claiming he's got nothing to hide, even waived his right to an attorney.

Yeah, that's because he's guilty as sin, and he probably knows calling in a lawyer is gonna only help to uncover that faster.

Won't matter, though.

He's met his match.

Look at them.

I know you want acknowledgment for your work.

Look... at them.

[Sighing] Oh, g...

It's just so awful.

I don't know how...

Something wrong?


I just need you to believe me that I did not k*ll these women.


Well, there you go.

How about this one?

Miss Bennett.

That's right. Yes.

Thank you... Vera Bennett, the kind librarian who befriended you, until... well, you know... you k*lled her.

Otherwise, how would you be able to recognize her corpse?

I recognize her necklace she wore it to church every Sunday when I would go with her.

Well, you've got an answer for everything, don't you?

Not everything. I... thought she left without saying goodbye.

I never knew what happened to her.

No, she was brutally m*rder by you because she didn't love you the way you wanted her to.

That is not true. That is not what happened.

I cared about her, yes, but I did not k*ll her.

Then who did?

Someone cruel.


Someone deranged.

Maybe someone like my grandfather.

Your grandfather?

Okay. So your grandfather k*lled them.

Out of curiosity, just, uh, what would you guess his motivation was?

Same reason for every evil thing he ever did.

To hurt his bastard grandson.

He hated me.

Well, there it is, then... your grandfather is the one that's framing you.

He's d*ad.

Ohh. My condolences.

I guess we'll have to keep looking.

Maybe we'll get lucky... and the real k*ller will leave us a riddle... to lead us to the truth, like the ones he's been leaving Karen McClaren.

Karen McClaren? No?


Come on, man.

The reporter girl that you met at the Whisky when you were posing as John, the big mogul.

Okay. I... I... I remember her. I met her.

I read her articles, actually, sometimes.

She's... she's a really good writer.

[Sniffs, clears throat]

But I... I never saw her again.

"St. Jerome meets St. Monica."

I like that one... where St. Jerome meets St. Monica.

That's clever, clever stuff. You should take credit for that.

I... I... I don't know what you're talking about.


I... I really don't know much about saints.

I... I'm an atheist.

An atheist?

What about all those Sundays at church with Miss Bennett?


I wanted... to believe there was something watching over us.

But after she went away, I just...

I couldn't.

Well, there certainly is no one looking after you, is there?

I mean, you get framed for a series of m*rder you didn't commit, and then your house ends up getting b*rned down, along with possible evidence that could convict...

Pardon me... exonerate you.

Now, why didn't you report that, file an insurance claim for your loss?

No, I... I wanted to.


Oh, I... I... I wanted to, but after my house was set on f*re a few days ago, I've realized the police thought that I was...

Their guy, this... k*ller.

And [Sighs] the public... they consider me armed and dangerous.

I was worried that someone would sh**t first and not give me the chance to explain... or not explain it... just to get help to prove that I am innocent.

That's why I came to you last night on my own... to show you otherwise.

[Bangs table]

Come on! Stop it!

Stop denying it!

This is your chance to to claim your fame.

I mean, we've got more than enough evidence on you.

The people who have seen you...

Mallory Kharchenko's roommate remember him.



Or your... your little forger buddy, Aunt Bobby?

Karen McClaren, who...

Oh, yeah, that's right you only met once, except for that evening that you dropped by her house.

And what about the blood... the blood that we found on the upholstery in the drain at your place of work?


Yeah, Edgeway.

You know, that place that, uh, Jimmy Lovett, another victim of the Slayer... I.E. you... was last connected to before we found him b*rned to a crisp in your little house f*re.

I know who's framing me.

I know who the Hollywood Slayer is.

You hear that, ***?

It was Dave, his co-worker at the auto restoration place the whole time.

Get me everything we have on Dave Keller.

And the transcripts from when we interviewed him and the Edgeway staff about Grainger.

You got it.

I know you don't want to believe it, Detective, and quite frankly, I don't, but now that I think about it, everything points to Dave.

He was always making comments about my dating life.

I would sometimes meet girls and get numbers.

He must have followed me, seen the girls I talked to, and doubled back on them.

Right, and m*rder them out of revenge, just to make you out as a serial k*ller, right?

Well... and I know you're the professional here, but [Clears throat] I would theorize that he k*lled them because they rejected him.


And didn't I read in the press that the k*ller you profiled had a military history?

Dave was in the armed forces.

I wasn't.

Weren't you?

Oh, that's right... washed out in boot camp.

But even a couple weeks in the military, you could've learned to tie those knots you used to restrain your victims.

Which brings me to the other hole in your little story...

Your lair.

Where you drained and dismembered these poor girls, otherwise known as Forrester Fabricators, Granddaddy's old upholstery business.

How, pray tell, is Dave Keller connected to that?

Come on.

I don't know.


A few years ago... Dave fell on hard times.

I think he was gambling.

He lost his apartment, and I... I let him crash there.

I hadn't been in years.

He must have never given the keys back.

You're a generous guy, aren't you?

k*ll me... I like to give back.

[Door opens, closes]

Wilkinson needs to see you.

Karen: There's been a twisted fascination with the Hollywood Slayer.

In the weeks since his k*lling spree started, tourism on the Sunset Strip has increased... people coming from all over to walk in the k*ller's footsteps, on his hunting grounds.

Some have even taken to calling this "The Hollywood walk of maim."

And the Strip's venues are capitalizing on the notorious connection.

Its infamous tattoo parlors are now designing Slayer-inspired tattoos for their customers.

And a local U.C. student is getting in on the act, too, selling these k*ller-centric T-shirts from the sidewalk.

[Chuckling] Yeah! Oh, yeah, you want one?

But this is no laughing matter.

Whether you're new to this town, as I am, or you're part of the fabric of the Strip, like the cocktail waitresses at its fanciest clubs, this k*ller... he knows you...

Knows what you want, what you love, and that's how he'll get you.

So be careful, please.

And... That's a cut.

That was great, Karen.

Making women feel like they could possibly be a victim... that's gonna land ratings.

Well, I... I hope it accomplishes more than that.

I hope, if... if enough people are vigilant, we can stop the Slayer in his tracks.

That's good. Use that in the next segment.

Okay, let's get Karen back to base for her quick change for the piece at the Whisky.

After wardrobe, could I make a quick call before we roll?

I can just find a pay phone.

Sure. Whatever you need.

Thank you.


[Door opens]

[Cell door opens]

Jack: Ah, that's fine. Right there.

Thank you.

[Cell door opens, closes]

Have you found Dave yet?

Oh, I don't think we'll be needing to do that.

You see, I know... you're the k*ller.

And you know how?

Because I understand your need to k*ll.

All those girls... they remind you of someone, don't they?

Someone very special.


Man: Please state your name and age.

Your mother.

Rita Forrester.

And, uh... a lady never tells.

So let's say... 29?

See? Not bad, huh?

Ma'am, please. The scene.

One second.

The woman whose big dreams for her future did not include you.

Oh, that's... that's not true.

She... she loved me.

It was all for us.

No, you don't believe that.

We were successful.

She only cared about herself and her... delusional dreams...

... and her drugs.

Pretty pathetic in the end.

Don't you look at her!

... lost our way.

You're angry.

And you have every reason to be.

Who wouldn't?

But you don't have to confront her anymore, Cooper.

You can confess and find peace.

Days, years, until we ended up wrinkled and...

You can find Dave.


Because no matter what you think about my mother... she loved me, and I loved her, and that does not make me a m*rder.


Nor does changing my name. I wanted a clean start.

Wouldn't anyone who came from such tortured beginnings?

I mean, you've succeed at it, after everything you've endured... losing your mother.

How would you know that?

I had to do my homework before coming to you.

Look into the man who was... looking into me.

And that's when I realized just how similar we are... both losing parents at such a young age.

The only difference is how you managed to move on.

Unlike me... working a menial job, no next of kin.

You... successful career, a loving family.

I envy you.

Is that why you went after my family... because you're jealous of me?

Or was it because you always knew that I'd get you and I would destroy you?


Why are you making this so personal?

I've done nothing to you.

You know what? Deny it all you want.

It doesn't matter.

I've got you now, and you are never gonna be able to get anywhere near the people I love.

Named him after one of my favorite actors.

You really should stay.

Oh. Well...

I know you'll just love him.

This is my son Cooper.

Say hi, sweetie.


[New Wave music plays on radio]

Daisy: So, what movie did you tell your mom we're seeing?

"Officer and a Gentleman."

I'll just get the lowdown on it from someone who saw it already...


In case she asks.

But look, all that I care about right now, though...

Both: The Sunset Strip!


I can't believe we're gonna sing at a real club.

♪ Forget why you came here ♪

Hey, Oscar, have you seen Calvin around?

Not today.

Only people who've been here been looking for you.

Really? Who?

Some girl.

Something about a photo of you?

Karen McClaren.

Said she's here on the Strip all day.

Okay, I'll track her down.

Who else was asking about me?

Some blond chick... kind of a frumpy housewife.

Just wanted to know if you'd be working tonight.

Apparently, you're popular with the ladies.

Jack: This is Roth. Go.

Jack, we found fly brand coke in Dave Keller's car.

[Sighs] So maybe he's a user.

Yeah, but that's not all. There was a... a piece of jewelry wedged under the passenger seat.

It's a ring... shape of a human skull.

Natasha... the girl that's still missing.

Yeah, and it's exactly like the one that her family said that she used to wear all the time.

Grainger must have planted it.

And Dave... where the hell is he?

He's M.I.A.

Luckily for us, he left his car here, unlocked.

Look, Jack, he's got a record... as*ault and battery, grand theft auto.

I mean, both things jibe with our Slayer's M.O.

Look, I'm not saying that he's the k*ller, but we really need to look into...

He's not, Paco.

Grainger was ahead of us at every turn.

You know he wouldn't have come to me last night if he didn't have an exit mapped out, right?

All right...

Well, this... this is it.

Look, if... if Dave is Kent's exit strategy, we need to do our due diligence to cut off his escape route.

All right, we need to bring him in and question him to confirm that he's being framed.

All right? Then we can dismiss him.

Well, get him the hell in here, and before my time with Grainger runs out!

[Receiver slams]






Let's face it... the Sunset Strip is changing.

What with the new hard rockers fighting for turf with the punks, it's like the wild, wild west out here.

Didn't you just have a riot at the Whisky last week?

Yeah, during that Black Flag concert.

People have always been prone to bad behavior, far as this stretch of street goes.

But this... This Slayer...

Well, he sure has been attracting them.

And with every new victim out there that's been found, more and more show up, desperate to be part of the story.


Even me.

I've been a part of his story... even gotten it out there for him.

Is that a question?

I don't want to do this anymore.

[Breathing shakily]

I'm not your voice.

I want you to know that, John, Kent, Cooper.

I'm the voice of the women you've k*lled...

Vera, Wanda, Emily, Mallory, Natasha.

And I'm going to make sure they haunt you forever.

Yeah, you will. You put that animal in his place.

[Static crackles]

Dispatcher: Any available unit... report of a possible 187 victim...

Ocean Avenue and the Santa Monica Pier.

L.A. County is en route.

Contact is L.A. County Lifeguard...

Do you know who the patron Saint of libraries is, Mr. Keller?

Sure. St. Jerome.

Bible study every Sunday.

I know my saints.

Believe you me... I'm gonna be calling on St. Jude to get me out of this mess.

Oh, yeah? What's he the saint of?

Desperate cases.


Well, he's definitely your guy.

Tell me... how do you account for the cocaine that was found in the vehicle registered to your name?

I don't... know how it could've got there, man... really.

Though you have a record of drug use.

Well, yes, sir.

But that stuff that you found today, that... [Chuckles]

It wasn't mine. I swear.

And this matchbook we found on you...

How'd you come by that?

You don't need to answer that.

Look, I'm a pack-a-day smoker.

Matches are just a means to an end.

Yeah, not when they have the phone number of a girl who's been stalked by the k*ller.

Detective, people borrow cigarettes and bum matchbooks all the time.

It doesn't incriminate my client.

Now that I think of it...

... I got 'em from Kent.

You think he's been trying to set all this up on me?

Yes. We do.

Paco: Jack.

Yeah, yeah.

He must have been playing you for a long time, buddy, knowing he would need a fall guy eventually.

Jack, that's enough, all right?

Contreras, come on.

The guy was busted for pot, not cocaine, and it wasn't his mother that died of a drug overdose.

And I'd also like to venture to guess that your mom didn't have hopes of becoming the next Marilyn Monroe, did she?

No. That is what is at the heart of the Slayer's signature, and that is just not here.

Well, it doesn't look like you need me to defend you.

Detective Roth here is doing a bang-up job of it.

What the hell are you trying to do, Jack?

You're gonna get the entire case thrown out, lose Keller and Grainger!

Yeah. We're just wasting time, Paco.

Nobody's gotten to Karen yet.

Dianne isn't answering my pages.

What's it gonna take to nail this guy?

We've got to find our witnesses!

But we've got people working on that, all right?

You are the one that needs to decide what's important here...

Stopping a serial k*ller or taking down Kent Grainger.

Stay focused, man. D... don't make it person.

He's k*lling young women, Paco... people's daughters, not a whole hell of a lot older than my own.

It can't not be personal for me.

We've got a new victim... decapitated female found under the Santa Monica Pier.

Could be our missing Natasha.

The Santa Monica Pier... that's... that's where they found the second k*ll, Wanda Phillips.

That is why he got himself taken into custody... he dropped the body before he showed up at the Whisky to make it seem like he couldn't possibly be the k*ller.

He used me.

Will you just let Miller respond?

[Door opens]

I'll accompany. Radio back with intel.

[Sirens wailing]

[Camera shutters clicking]

[Sirens stop, vehicle doors open, close]

[Police radio chatter]

Great. Diver's here. Talk to him.

Find out where Karen is. We need her to I.D. Kent.

Don't let on that we have anyone in custody.

All right. Will do.

Diver. We need to talk to you.

We're looking for Karen.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Jack: What do we got?

Body temperature indicates she's been d*ad under three hours.

Well... if it was refrigerated, that could affect your time estimate, right?

Mm, possibly, but this cadaver, unlike the other ones in the Slayer case, shows no evidence of being refrigerated postmortem or drained of blood.

This... this is a fresh k*ll.

So it's not our missing girl Natasha, then?

She's been missing for over two weeks.

Then who is it?

And if it's a new k*ll, who the hell did it?

Well, that settles it.

Our new Jane Doe was k*lled and dumped while Kent Grainger sat right here in this department.

And before we caught up to Keller.

Are you... are you kidding me? It... it wasn't Dave.

And it wasn't Kent.

Not this k*ll, anyway.

I'm sorry. Does anyone remember the Hillside Strangler case?

The trial is still going on downtown, if you need a refresher.

We didn't realize until late in the game that, all along, Bianchi was working with Buono.

He had a partner, and so does, apparently, our Slayer.

I mean, he drops the first corpse at the same spot as the strangler...

Makes even more sense.

And that... that that phone call, the one that apparently didn't go through...

He was signaling his accomplice, right under our nose.

Look, you're looking at every piece of evidence through your own agenda.

Yeah. Yeah, I am.

That agenda is to catch a k*ller... who is named Kent Grainger.

Or he isn't.

Look, I don't know who the k*ller is.

But I know this... he's made it personal to you.

He drug your family into it.

Now, Jack, you can't lose your objectivity.

He's got a partner.

And it's not Dave.

But I sure as hell am gonna figure out who it is.

I did what I had to do... for my family to survive.

[Voice breaking] Please forgive me.

Jack, I can't give you any more time with Grainger.

Now, we've got this Dave.

He had time to commit the m*rder of the new victim before we nabbed him.

He had the ring of a d*ad girl. He had fly brand coke.

He had the matches that connected to Karen McClaren.

Now, I don't see how you're gonna prove otherwise.

No, there's a way. There is a way.

Where the hell is Karen McClaren?! Anyone?!

Okay, I had officers go to where diver said she was sh**ting, on sunset, but the TV crew said she wrapped already.

Well, then she's probably back at L.A. Notorious.

Isn't it possible that it's Dave?

Just consider it.

No. I... I... I need Karen.

She can prove that Kent Grainger is our guy.

Well, you got one hour, Roth.

One hour! Or Grainger goes free!

[Button clicks]

[Elevator bell dings]

I know where the k*ller left the head.

I found this at L.A. Notorious.

Ver: This is the place. Goodbye, Norma Jean.

[Indistinct talking]



It's Karen.


♪ I saw him dancing there by the record machine ♪
♪ I knew he must have been about 17 ♪
♪ the b*at was going strong ♪
♪ playing my favorite song ♪
♪ and I could tell it wouldn't be long ♪
♪ till he was with me ♪
♪ yeah, me ♪
♪ singin' I love ♪
♪ I love ♪
♪ rock 'n' roll ♪
♪ I love rock 'n' roll ♪
♪ so put another dime in the jukebox, baby ♪
♪ I love ♪
♪ I love ♪
♪ rock 'n' roll ♪
♪ so come and take your time and dance with me ♪

[Echoing] Excuse me.

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪
♪ ohhhhh ♪
♪ he smiled, so I... ♪

[Echoing] You k*lled Karen, you son of a bitch!

Paco: [Echoing] Jack!

♪ "That don't matter," he said ♪
♪ "'cause it's all the same" ♪
♪ he said, "can I take you home ♪
♪ where we can be alone?" ♪
♪ and next, we were moving on ♪
♪ and he was with me, yeah, me ♪
♪ singin' I love ♪
♪ I love ♪
♪ rock 'n' roll ♪
♪ I love rock 'n' roll ♪
♪ so put another dime in the jukebox, baby ♪
♪ I love ♪
♪ love ♪
♪ rock 'n' roll ♪
♪ I love rock 'n' roll ♪
♪ so come and take your time and dance with me ♪

Reporter: These are the last images of Karen McClaren filmed for our station earlier today before she was brutally m*rder at the hands of the Hollywood Slayer.



I lost him.

♪ Yeahhhhh ♪

The k*ller's back out there.

And, uh...

[Door closes]

And Karen...

Karen's d*ad because of me.

I'm so sorry.


♪ Ohhhhhhhhhhh ♪
♪ ohhhhh ♪

[Indistinct conversations, telephones ringing]

You don't think so?


Yeah, it's good. It's fine.

All right. Huh?

I got a lot to tell you tomorrow night.

Oh, really?


Have a good day.

All right. You too.



[Latches click]

You two are so cute.

Zip it, Contreras.

I have a reputation to uphold, you know?

Oh, is that right?

Yeah, well, everyone still knows you're a cranky son of a bitch.

Yeah? Good.

So, what do we got on tap?


It's time, Jack.


Jack: Can't believe it's been six months.

It kills me that we did not catch this guy.

Well, at least he hasn't k*lled again.


You know, with monsters like this, sometimes, there's a cooling-off period.

Fits the profile.

You been, uh, reading your serial-k*ller handbook again?

Nah. Just learning from my partner.

So, uh, a cooling-off period, huh?

Yeah, that's right.

These two... they're just laying low.

They can't hold off forever.

When they resurface and they go to make their next k*ll, we'll be there.

Damn straight.

Let's wrap it up.


[Sighing] Ohhh.

I miss L.A.

It's the first time it's been warm enough to even eat ice cream.

Yeah, but in L.A., the kids couldn't make snow angels.


I love you for always being able to see the positive.

And I love you.

Both: Always and...

All: Forever!

That's right.

Look at you! You've got ice cream on your face.

Oh, my goodness.

That's better. Okay.

[Heart beating]

Deejay: Good afternoon, Chicago. Finally, spring has sprung in the windy city. And we have a dedication to make. It's Foreigner's "Feels Like the First Time" to Monica P., from her secret admirer.

["Feels Like the First Time" plays]

♪ It feels like the first time ♪
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