01x08 - Episode 8

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Jericho". Aired January - February 2016.
Dubbed a "British Western", "Jericho" tells the story of the shanty town that springs up around the construction of a railway viaduct in 1870s Yorkshire.
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01x08 - Episode 8

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The best access site to quarry the stone is...

Over there.

We need to put the quarry on the land where the graves are now.

It's rich in sandstone. Quarrying our own stone will save a fortune.

Johnny Blackwood's innocent. I k*lled Red Killeen.

Red caused the expl*si*n. I saw him stealing from t'expl*sives hut.

He k*lled Skinny and Jack.

So I'll ned a spare key to t'steam truck and the blast cart.

There's only one and I hold it. I've earned this position.

There's been more then one secret unearthed here in the past two days.

I know what happened between you.

Charles, I... I...

Let's set a date, Davey. Make me an honest woman.

Seems whatever I do, my life gets tangled up with yours... Johnny Blackwood.

And is that so terrible?

It's not what I had planned.

Is this the fair hearing that your promised me?

You set me up from the start.

I had to give this town its justice.

You served yourself into the bargain.

You've got a week to work out your notice.

And I want you gone.

You sleep safe, now.


Your quarry fella was right, there's good sandstone here.

We've tunnelled through to t'rock face.

Watch your step.

A great seam of it here, look.

I reckon we just saved ourselves a fortune.


Listen here, all of you.

I need a team of men to go into the ground.

You want to work a mine where d*ad men have lain.

I know how you all feel about digging sacred ground, but... we'll pay a shilling on top of what's regular.


I ain't superstitious like some of these fools here. I'm in.

You look after yourself.

It's your last day, isn't it, Mr Coates?

Yeah, just saying my farewells to the men.

I reckon some of them will miss me.

I don't want you thinking that I'll be one of them.

You meant to let these men string me up, right here on my land.

I wouldn't have let you swing. You're a gentleman.

I did what I did to keep the peace.

No, you did what you did to suit Ralph Coates.

You think you can build a railway... you and your brother?

You're just boys.

You think you can just hammer out a mine in those hills?

You got another think coming.

It ain't that easy.


Isabella: Charles... I have to leave.

It's better for everyone.

Where will you go?

To my uncle's for a time.

And after that?

I don't know. Does it matter?

People will gossip, I suppose.

Damn their gossip. I don't care about it.

I want to remain a partner in this business.

But Blackwood House...

...it isn't my place any longer.

I remember the first time I saw you was in this garden.

Don't, Charles. Please, don't.

The sun.

It caught your hair so brightly that when I looked away I still had the image in my eyes.

There's never been anyone else.

I can't be the person that you want.

Better to admit it than go on like this for years.

Please, tell me you're not going to him.

So, this mine's gonna make you a fortune, is it?

Aye. There's stone enough to clad the whole viaduct, I reckon.

Some of the men were talking... saying this place is cursed.

Dagger, all this time Jack and Skinny have been guarding a treasure house.

Folk will talk if you get married in that.

Good, then.

That's the idea.


Easy, easy. Whoa!


You'll rip it.



Annie: Look at you!

Behind that desk.

You look like a proper agent.

Trying to learn the business as fast as I can.

Are you going to build this viaduct on your own, then, Johnny?

Maybe I will.

What are you doing?

I come to see the agent to buy what I need for the canteen.


It seems I'm going to have to negotiate with you now.

Don't be soft.

Oh, don't brush me off, Johnny. Let's do this properly.

I need a side of beef.

And a small barrel of molasses. How much?

Just take what you need from the barn, will you, and leave the money?

You'll not make much profit that way.

Come here.

No-one's watching.

I'm your customer now, not your fancy woman.

Is this how you're going to treat all the traders that come knocking?

I don't think the butcher will be too impressed.




I'll leave you two alone, shall I?

I came to say goodbye.

You're leaving Blackwood House?

Yeah. Today.

This evening.

I can't stay here. He wants me gone.

I suppose you'll never come back to this valley.


Would that matter so much, John?

I was never any more than a little distraction for you, was I?

Isabella... I'm sorry.


I don't need an apology.

I'm not the same woman any more.

I've built a business.

And I'm determined to stay a part of it.

You'll be seeing me again.



Anybody there?

What are you doing?

What is this money you've been keeping?

Tell me didn't you steal it.

I was given it as payment. Honest work.

Who by?

Mr Coates.

He pays me for running errands.

You are still a servant here.

I don't get no money from it, do I?

They treat you well. They give you a roof.

It's no better than a sl*ve's life.


It's honourable wages. Nowt wrong with it.

Oh, then, I'll tell Mr Blackwood, shall I?

Tell him that my brother has two masters.

You can't.

This money here... was taken from the body of Red Killeen.

Mr Coates give it me.

Johnny: Come on, Dagger, let's get back to work.


Did you hear that?

Something's not right here, Johnny.


What's that?

Get out! Get out!



What's the matter?

It's Johnny.

The mine's collapsed on him. Dagger's with him.

I heard folks yelling. We need to go and get the agent.

There isn't an agent any more. There's no one in charge here.


If you're about to give me advice, I already know what happens in bed.

I daresay you could teach me a thing or two.

What are you doing, holding my hand?

Just remember, love.

Davey's your best chance at happiness.

Make sure you make this one stick, won't you?

What are you doing in here? It's supposed to be a private ceremony.

Where's Davey? There's been an accident at the mine.





Dagger, are you all right?

Annie, don't get too close!



Johnny, can you hear me?


Those Blackwood boys - they're just children.

They don't know the first thing about the work they're doing.

Hm. I don't suppose you can patch it up between you.

Well, where will you go?

You've got family back home, have you?

Not my business. Forgive me asking.

My wife...

...she died.

I've got a son.

He's lodged with a woman... who takes care of him.

And I send back what money I can.

Like you do for your boy.

That's why you've taken a shine to the Quaintain lad.

Where will you settle after Jericho?

Who says I'm going anywhere?

I ain't done.

Woman: Push back.

Mind how you go.

Woman: Let the cart come through.

Come on, quickly.

Annie: Mr Blackwood!

The tunnel's fallen in.

The struts have broke loose and fell.

Your brother's stuck inside with Dagger Watkins.

It's not safe to go inside. It could collapse at any moment.

Do we know if they're alive still?

We can shore it up again. It will just take a while.

Mr Blackwood, I know that there's bad blood between you and Johnny, but someone needs to go in and help him, sir.

Someone needs to go in there and search for them.

There's no guarantee they'll be alive when you get to them.

I'll go into the tunnel.

The roof is set to fall.

You could be crushed if you go inside.

If there's a chance, we have to try and save them before it subsides.

Who's with me?

No, not you, Davey. You're getting married.

We can't have you going down there alone, can we, Mr Blackwood, sir?

Right. Let's get those men out of there.





Dagger? Are you all right?

Say something.

I can't breathe proper.

I reckon you've got broken ribs.

We'll get you sorted as soon as we get you out of here.

Does anyone know we're here?

Johnny? Johnny, can you hear me?





I should have told him I loved him. I meant to.

Well, happen they'll drag him out soon and you can tell him t'truth.

Thank you.

I'm so sorry, Mrs Quaintain.

It's kind of you to be here.

Well, I'm here for my husband.

Johnny and all.

I expect you're worried for both of them.


John, can you hear me?

Charles! Charles, is that you?

John, are you all right in there?

Dagger's wounded bad.

We need to get him out.

Right. I'm coming.


The whole thing could give way at any moment.

You'll be crushed under the weight of it, Mr Blackwood, sir.


Quickly, Mr Blackwood, sir!

Move! Get out!


What's happening?

Where's Mr Blackwood?

We lost him in the tunnel, we did.

Some of the roof came down. We couldn't get to him.

What? Do you think he's alive?

Please! Tell me the truth!

Davey: There's no way of knowing, Mrs Blackwood.

Annie: Somebody has to do something.

Seems like you folks have a whole lot of trouble on your hands.

There's a great wall of boulders blocking the tunnel.

Mr Blackwood and his brother are trapped down inside.

Want my advice?

Aye. Aye, we do.

The only way to shift it is to blast it.

You could k*ll them all in there.

You asked for my expertise and I'm giving it to you.

The thing will break apart if you put powder under it.

Let's do it.


Get on down to the blast cart.


Mr Blackwood, he keeps the key.

I had a copy made. It's under my mattress in the steam truck.


Johnny: You're a fool.

You shouldn't have come for me.

I didn't want anyone thinking I wasn't as brave as my brother.


Here we are.


My whole life I've been following behind you.

Never as brave, never as strong.

You're smarter, John. Smarter than I ever was.

Here we go.


Not smart enough to save myself from a premature burial.

We need to bind his wounds.

You're all right.

This is madness, surely?

It's the only way to get them out of there.

They'll be right in the path of the expl*si*n. They'll have no idea.

This is the best chance they have of not suffocating.

Get those people behind the crow line.

Move back. Come on.

Tell me you're trying to save them and not just bury them all.

What do you think I am, Mrs Quaintain?

Move back!

Johnny ordered you off this land. Everyone knows it.

There are only two men who are your masters here, Mr Coates, and they're both in that mine tunnel.

It would suit you to bury them both.

Mrs Quaintain, I don't have a master.

That man in there is my employer who hired me to be a railway engineer.

And I'm telling you, this is how you save them!

You just have to trust me.


It was my fault.

You mustn't blame Isabella.

Do you love her? Tell me that much, at least.

What answer would make you content?

Do you want me to say that I ruined both your lives over an affair that meant nothing?

I never loved her, Charles.

Not for a single moment.

He found out about us.

Father, that is.

He was the one.

He sent me away to work abroad.

And he made Isabella break off your engagement.

I never knew. I just assumed -

That she'd fallen out of love with you?

You thought that I was just some profligate who turned his back on his family?

What happened... is he sacrificed me to protect you.


Come on.

We can't just wait for the air to run out.

Holy God. They're blasting us out.

Get down! Now!


Coates: Mr Blackwood?

Is there anybody alive in there?


Charles. Charles.

Oh, no. No, Charles, can you hear me?

Get him up on the cart.



I thought I wasn't going to see you again.


You're a marvel, Mr Coates. You saved them all.

I reckon we all owe you, Mr Coates.

Maybe you can find a way to pay me back again.



I need to go with him.

I'll come as soon as I can.

We don't want your dirty money.

Beer, is it?

Don't mind me.

It's only my wedding day.

You made it, then.

I love you, Davey Sharpe.

Don't you ever go forgetting that.


Doctor: I've done everything I can. I'll visit tomorrow.

Isabella: Thank you, Doctor.

It's bad.

The bones are shattered. The doctor's done what he can.

My body may be broken, but my hearing's still functioning.

You don't have to pretend as though nothing's wrong.

This viaduct. It mustn't fail. I want them to carry on building.


Stay. Please forget what I said.

I'm relying on you to do this.


Moving back in, Mr Coates?


Just till those Blackwood boys are well again.

You're to be married this evening, I hear.

Are you free to attend?

Of course, Davey. I wouldn't miss it.

Something else on your mind?


That key. The one for the blast cart under your mattress.


Why did you have it made?

I'll see you at the ceremony.

I should go. I'm a trespasser in this house.

No, not any more, John.

Stay. You need to be a part of this family now more than ever.

Another accident?

The bankers will be nervous.

Someone needs to be by my side when I meet with them tomorrow.

A Blackwood son.

I'm not the person to do this.

I need you to be with me if I'm to take charge of the business.

Help me, John.

Do what Charles can't.

After today, you owe him.

I was hoping I'd see you alone.

Oh? What business do you have with me?

I reckon you know right enough.


You stay away from my brother, you hear me?

I'm the only person he has to look out for him, so you do as I say.

Miss Epiphany... a child has got to find his own way.

When I was a young man, I fought with the North for the freedom of our people.

My regiment was decimated down there in Virginia.

I was captured... and branded...

...as a runaway sl*ve.

You were taken to a plantation.

I know exactly what goes on there.

Young girl gets pregnant out of wedlock... no husband to look after her...

...oftentimes the family takes in that child, adopts it as its own.

It's a common practice.

Now, you just listen to me...

He's not your brother.

He's your son, ain't he?

(SIGHS) And he doesn't even know the truth.

If you ever tell him... if you ever speak a word...

What are you going to do?

Tell master?

Don't worry. I know how to keep a secret.

I reckon you can do the same for me sometime.

You make sure he gets that.

The man earned it.



Martha? Is that you?


Oh, I've been so worried about you.




Some of the women have come, love.

Brought some offerings for you.

Oh, where is she? (GASPS) Oh.

Look at her!

I've brought you some lace. Well, I'm hardly going to bring owt else, am I?

This is mine.

I wore it when Jack and I got wed.

Here. Polly.

Oh, here.



Thank you.

I don't have much that's precious, but here you are.

Me and my mam have made you a petticoat.

Take them ribbons out your hair.

I'll not be upstaged by no-one.



My brother's sick.

They say he may not soon recover.

I promised him I'd do what I could to help him.

You're going back to the house, aren't you?

Annie. Annie, listen.

Will Isabella be there?

Aye, she'll be there because she's part of the business.

But I've already told you, I don't want to lose you.

So, you'll pay me a visit every now and then.

I'll just be your fancy woman in the valley.

I don't have a choice right now.

If I don't do this, the viaduct will fail.

And you won't have a roof or a business.

There must be some way that we can be together.


What if...

What if we were to get married?


Don't joke with me, Johnny.

I'm the mother of two children.


Well, then, marriage it is, if you want to keep things respectable.

I want us to be together any way that we can.

Do you remember when you put 14 shillings in my hand?

It paid for bed and board.

And that was the only contract we had.

What are you saying, Annie?

I'm saying I've found something in this town...

...I've not had before.

I've found freedom, Johnny.

I... I don't think I want to be just someone's wife again.

Not any more.

I'm sorry.

I love you...

...Johnny Blackwood.

I do.

And I know you must go back home.

But I can't come along with you.


...where does that leave us?

I don't know.


What are you doing here? You're about to get married, ain't you?

Oh, sorry. Sorry to bother you. My boots need cleaning.

You erm... You got polish, have you?

Boy, you look nervous.


There's no need to be.

That girl of yours is a feisty one.


You'll be all right with her by your side, mark my words.

Been thinking about that key of yours.


Red broke into t'blast cart.

But there were no sign of damage.

So he must have had a key to do it.

I mean... you had one made, so...

...he could have one too.


Still, he wasn't too bright, mind.

Maybe someone helped him to do it.

Or maybe someone persuaded him to plant that powder at the scaffold.

Who'd do a thing like that?

Someone who would see the viaduct fail.

Or maybe someone who wanted advancement.

Men lost their jobs that day.


It's a brutal way to get a promotion.

(CHUCKLES) Come to think of it...

...you were one of those that benefitted from that.



And erm... you too... Mr Coates.

(LAUGHS) Yeah.


...you got a bride waiting for you.



What's the matter, Mum?

Oh, it's just the wedding.

Don't mind me, anyway.


Come here.

Oh, love.

I can't believe he's late.

She'll be trawling round for another candidate in a minute.


♪ Where is my wandering boy tonight? ♪
♪ The boy of my tenderest care ♪
♪ That boy was once my joy and light ♪
♪ In love with my heart, I swear ♪
♪ Oh, where is my boy tonight? ♪
♪ Oh, where is my boy tonight? ♪
♪ My heart o'erflows ♪
♪ For I love him, he knows ♪
♪ Oh, where is my boy tonight? ♪
♪ Oh, where is my boy tonight? ♪
♪ Oh, where is my boy tonight? ♪

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