01x06 - Heaven Backwards

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Recovery Road". Aired January 25 – March 28, 2016.
"Recovery Road" revolves around Maddie, a party girl and a highly functioning addict who makes the difficult decision to live with other recovering addicts at a rehab facility, while facing the daily pressures of her teenage life.
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01x06 - Heaven Backwards

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Previously on Recovery Road...

What is this reality show mess really all about?

I just want my little girl back.

I have her tattooed on my thigh.

Not her face, but her name. You want to see?

Maybe later.

You want good Jamaican food?

You come to my restaurant.

My priority is us.

Mine, too.

Is that right?

Is it?

I messed it up.

Messed up what?

The job I had those last six months I was sober.

Wes, this is my mom.


Please go.

I wouldn't want to have to call the police.

Cautionary tales don't usually have happy endings.

Look who's here.

Hello there, Wesley.

It's okay. Let him in. This is Asa.

He's my brother.

My daughter is missing!

My little girl is missing!

Maddie's voice: They tell you to liveyour sober life one day at a time.

But sometimes you have to live it one hour at a time.

Or even one minute.

Or even one second at a time.

What do you mean? What do you mean, she's missing?

She took her! She took my baby!

Who? Who took her?

My mother!

What the hell's going on down here?

Trish's mother took her daughter.

I went to tell my mom that I got a job, but her house was empty, her number disconnected.

She took her.

But she has custody, right?

No, she had physical custody.

She is not allowed to take Nevaeh outside of county lines without my permission.

That's kidnapping.

You guys, we need to call the police.

Wait, Laurel. Laurel, wait.

I already called the cops. They're on their way.

She can't do this. Where is she?

What if she took her out of the country?

What if I can't find her?

What if I never see her again?

Shh, shh. Okay. Breathe.


We will find her.

We're going to find her.


Where's Craig?

He's outside.

I'll go get him.

You don't understand.

Maddie's voice: They say that when a child is abducted, the first 48 hours are critical.

I can't be here.

Good. Then leave.

Why are the police after you?

Don't be stupid, Wes.

Craig's out there.

And plus, there's a fence.

Not a good idea to be seen by the cops climbing a fence.

The basement?

I don't want him to distract the police from Trish and her daughter.

Downstairs, now.

Let's go, okay?

In there.

Maddie's voice: There are times that fly past you at breakneck speed.

Good evening, we're looking for Patricia Tomlinson.

My little girl has been taken.

She's been kidnapped.

Good evening, officers.

Maddie: And there are times when every second counts.

(music playing)

I don't know where she was taking her.

We're talking about a kidnapping, not a playdate.

We just need to clarify that this wasn't some misunderstanding.


Do you want to know what a misunderstanding is?

That you're not getting that this woman ran away with my daughter.

How long has it been since you've seen them?

Just a couple of days.

And was it at your mother's residence?

Yeah, they were there, and now they're gone.

You were just at your mom's Thursday, right?

Everything was fine.

And you are?

Why does that even matter?

It's okay, Trish.

They're just trying to help.

I'm sorry. Your name?

I'm her roommate.

I'm her friend, Maddie Graham.

Why are you guys wasting all this time?

Shouldn't you be out there looking for her?

They could be halfway to Mexico by now!

They could be anywhere!

We called in the description of your mother's vehicle to the CHP, Ms. Tomlinson, and they're on it.

See? They're on it.

We just need a photo of the child.

Nevaeh. She has a name. It's Nevaeh.

How are you going to find her if you can't even remember her name?

We need a photo of Nevaeh so we can enter her into the National Crime Information Database.


I'll find a picture.

You stay here and talk to the detectives.

(whispering) Hey, hey. How's it going up here?

Trish is freaking out.

Rightfully so, but she's not exactly helping the situation.

How's it going down there?


I'll let you know when they're gone.


They're going to be here awhile.

This is messed up.

No, harboring a fugitive in the basement of a sober house is messed up.

What did you do?

It's not my fault.

Diesel was picking up Oxy with a fake script.

No big deal.

But then he decided to hold the guy up for his stash.

Whoa, whoa!

He's a pharmacist!

He dispenses medicine for people with real prescriptions.

It's not a stash!


I only pulled my g*n after Diesel fired his, and that was because that pharmacist started waving a bat at his head.

(both shouting)

Back up! Back up!

Nobody got sh*t or anything.

You really don't know how upside-down you are.

I don't get it. Dad's gone?

Yeah, baby. He's gone.

He gambled away all of our money and he took off.

He sucks.

But he'll be back, right?

You know what? Screw him.

Life is going to be way better without him getting pissed all the time.

From now on, we are going to have fun, because now we can do whatever we want.

We can play all day and we can stay up all night.

Come on, let's draw on the walls.

I always thought this room needed some color.

Come on. Come on, let's draw!

Come on!

Welcome to the funhouse.

What do you need me to do?

Um, stay? Help?

Vern took a bunch of the residents to LA for a big Sunday night meeting.

I could use some help.

Yeah, I was planning on it.

Trish is working with this lawyer on her custody case.

She gave me his card, but I can't find it.

I moved some files to the basement. BRB!


Wait, Craig, I...

What the hell is he doing here?

I remember you.

Yes, and I remember you.

Maddie's voice: When I look back on all that happened tonight, it's baffling to me that we didn't see it all coming like a freight train.

But none of us had the time to really think.

A magician's greatest trick is distraction.

Trish: I don't know what to write!

Any impressions that come to mind would be useful.

I know this is...

What's going on?

We're looking at online missing children support stuff.

Good, and Trish?

Well, they asked her to write a detailed description of Nevaeh...

It's bad. She can't write. She can't even talk.

What am I supposed to tell you? I have no idea.

Why are we even doing this?

Just go find her, please!

I can't find any pictures of Nevaeh. Sorry.

Can you come up and help me, Trish?

They're wasting time.

If anything happens to her, I'm suing the whole damn city!

Trish, they are trying to help.

We are all trying to help.

You need to calm down.

No, no! They're not trying to help!

They know I'm an addict!

The system doesn't care about people like me!

They think that she's better off!

But they don't know what it's like to be with my mother.

If she was truly fit to be a mother, you think I would have turned out the way I did?

What is that?

A Xanax.

My aunt gave one to my mother the night my dad d*ed.

She told her she needed to be strong for her daughter, for me.

It helped her deal.

Where did you get that?

It doesn't matter.

Now you need to be strong for your child, okay?

Listen to me, I know you don't believe it, but those cops, they want to find Nevaeh.

That's what they do. We all want to find Nevaeh.

But you can't help us do that if you're freaking out.

If you need this to pull yourself together...

I won't say a word.

There you go.

All right.

Now, take a deep breath. All right.


Oh, my God.

She's beautiful.

She looks just like you.

It's "heaven" backwards.

What is?



That is really pretty, Trish.

I named her that because... she's my salvation.

This little girl right here, Maddie, she's my salvation.

I don't know if I trust Cynthia.

It just doesn't seem right that Maddie's high school counselor should have that level of involvement in her recovery.

It is a bit unusual.

See? I thought so.

That's why I'm here. I needed to talk to another mother about this, somebody who gets where I'm coming from as a parent, but also knows the program.

Glad to be of service.

Now, your sponsor is supposed to be somebody you tell everything to.

You don't want that to be the same person trying to get you into a good college.

Right? And...

Go ahead and say it.

It just feels like she's trying to steal my daughter away from me.

You tell her she needs to mind her own children.

She doesn't have any.

See? There you go.

Tell her, "No stop a donkey where you no own."

That means mind your own damn business.

Shut it down.

Oh, I did. I put an end to it.

Good. Everyone always thinking they know how to raise a child, but meanwhile, they have no idea.

Tell me about it. And being a single parent? It's even worse.

Amen, girlfriend.

Come talk to me after you heard a baby curse you to the devil for taking away their candy.

We're a lot alike, you and me!

Okay, you need to leave, right now.

If the cops see him leaving, the house will be investigated for harboring a fugitive.

Oh, well, thank you very much, Wes, for making a bad night horrendous.

He'll be out of here the second they leave.

The very second, okay?

You got it, Harry Potter.

We have already contacted the Center For Missing And Exploited Children, and they had a link to this website, Team Hope.

It's a support network for families with missing kids.

It says we should make a flyer with Nevaeh's picture on it ASAP.

That is what we're doing.

(cell phone ringing)

I don't know this number.

Answer it.

Maybe someone, like, saw your post.




Hi! How are you?

Who is this?

It's Ellie.

I really don't have time for your stupid antics today, Ellie.

Could you hear me out? This is important.

I really can't...

It's about Maddie.

I'm worried about her, and she's been acting weird.

Don't know, don't care.

So you haven't spoken to her?


My spidey-sense is telling me you know more than you're saying.

I haven't seen or talked to her, nor do I care to.

Satisfied? Now, if you don't mind, I really have to go.

Rebecca, please, just don't...


Yeah, well, thank you for taking the time to talk to me, regardless.

All right.

Attorney-client privilege, but he intimated that he was no longer working with her.



I don't know. It's just a bizarre phone call.

Maybe he... please don't take this the wrong way... but maybe he doesn't think Trish should be a mother right now.

I've certainly had the same thoughts.

I don't think a guy named "The Bulldog" turns down cases out of altruistic beliefs.

Craig, this may not be a bad thing.

The girl has been taken from her mother.

Months ago.

She was taken from her mother months ago.


This is a pretty accurate description.

I put down what food she likes, what she likes to play.

Good. That's good work, Ms. Tomlinson.

I know it's a lot to handle.

We'll call this in right away.

Biological mothers are a slam dunk In custody battles, so why would he drop her case?

Who knows?

We've only heardone side of the story, and that's Trish's.

Who knows what that lawyer found out?

There could have been some abuse or serious neglect.

Yeah, but what if it is a case of Trish getting a raw deal because of her past addiction?

Definitely a possibility.

Oh, my God, they're still here.

Look at these.

These are mine.

I was counting...

Counting your days.


Every morning I would get a mug and I'd make a mark knowing that I made it through the day before.

You were here 86 days.

You counted them?

Yeah, of course I have.

I've always wondered if that person stayed sober.

She did.

And now I know who vandalized the cabinet.

I'll send you the bill, of course.

Of course.

You're not upset that...

I'm not condemning Trish. I'm just...

Looking at all the angles.


I know.

Sometimes children should be taken away.

Hmm. Yeah.

But by Child Services, not like this.

Okay, you're right.

The way you just said that, it doesn't sound like you say that a lot.

I don't.

We should get this coffee to the detectives.


Maddie stopped by today with a boy from Springtime Meadows.

I'm sure he's a good kid, but I don't know anything about him.

They're living under the same roof. His name's Wes.

I can't help but wonder if there's something going on there?

You can't give me anything?

Can you blame me for being worried?

I mean, they met in a sober living facility.

There's no telling what problems he has.

First of all, better she meet him in a sober house than one of those wild teenage parties, believe me.

The stories those teen drunks tell in meetings.

Oh, well, good, I guess.

Wes is not a bad boy, but you should keep a hand in that poker game.

Boys will be boys, so my son, he works for me.

Because with young men, better to keep them under your thumb than out of your sight.

Suspect's name is Jackie Olivia Tomlinson.

She's 45 years old.


We're uploading a photograph to the site now.

No priors, that's right.

Are you sure you don't want anything, Trish?



Do we have any more ginger ale in the fridge?

Yeah, I'll get it.



They're still here?


How's Trish?



I know it's probably none of my business, but I...

Go ahead. Ask.

I saw him att*ck you.

Brother or not, why do you just let him back in your life?

Hiding him in the basement from the cops doesn't exactly constitute letting him back into my life.

Doesn't it?

Look, I know this is all messed up.

I don't like it either.

Like I said, it's none of my business.


I just don't want to see you get hurt.

No! No! No!

Woman: He just doesn't get me, you know?

I mean, we don't like the same music, the same movies.

He seemed like kind of a douchebag.

But he is good for dinner, so maybe I'll go out with him a few more times, mostly because your daddy hated him so much.

Tony's dad is letting him see this movie on Saturday, but it's R-rated. Can I go?

Now, why would you ask me a question like that when you already know the answer?

Of course you can.

Don't worry, it's rated R for v*olence, not for sex.


Can I go?

Sure! Oh, come on.

Take your brother with you.

We got to stick together, us three.

You boys know that, right?

Why is mom all of the sudden so interested in finding Grandma?


She wrote Grandma off years ago.

Now all of the sudden she's tracking her down?

She just wants to know who has power of attorney since she doesn't.

She figured you were always Grandma's favorite, so...

That's all Grandma means to her now? Money?

She's broke.


Did she run out of insurance scams?

She's sick, Wes.

Seriously sick.

Trish: See, I'm totally clean now.

And I started a new job today so the state might give me more visiting privileges and my mom just... she can't deal with that.

Why is that?

She thinks I'm a bad influence for Nevaeh.

She's been really religious lately.

She said she needed to find a way to cope with life after "losing me to dr*gs."

Thank you, Maddie, for everything.

I don't know. My mom has tried, like, so many different things, like meditation, Buddhism, 'The Secret."

She's doing something new now, where, like, they don't believe in doctors or medicine or anything.

It's, like, the Path of the Fellowship or the Light of the Pathway?

Path of Light Fellowship?

Yes, that's it.

The Path of Light... whatever.

Something stupid.

Do you have a landline in your office we could use?

Yes. Yes, of course.

Um, just through... through there on the table.

The Path of Light Fellowship has a compound in Nevada, and they are very resistant to law enforcement.

Both California and Nevada authorities have had a very hard time getting children out of there.

Oh, dear.



I need to tell you something.

Trish was so freaked out.

I wanted to do something to calm her down.

So, I...

I gave her a pill.

What? What kind of pill?

I found a Xanax on the floor under her dresser.

You found a Xanax under her dresser?

Don't worry. It's not hers.

Okay, we'll get back to that later.

So, you gave Trish a Xanax.

No, I gave her an antacid and I told her it was a Xanax.

Sorry, you did... you did what?

It's the same color.

I just didn't give her a chance to really look at it.

You have got to be kidding me.

It's like... like a placebo.

My friends and I read about it online.

We did it to somebody at a party once. It totally worked.


She thinks she's on something, but she's not on anything.

Thank you.

I am familiar with the placebo effect.

But it calmed her down, and technically she did not take any dr*gs.

Yes, but she thinks she did, so technically she did take dr*gs.

Um... this was the real Xanax.

I found it.

It was a remnant.

You were wrong, Maddie, okay?

You... you were wrong.

You were wrong twice.

We'll deal with all this later.

I'm going to have to test you.

Are you going to tell Trish?

No, not right now.

She's, um... fragile.

Do you think they're going to find her?

Yes, I think they will.

I'm sorry.


How's it going?

I think the font is too small.

Don't worry about that. We just need to get them out.

Where are we supposed to find the money for a $500,000 reward?

Okay. I'll cut that part.

Then I just need to scan the photo of Nevaeh and insert it.

(cell phone ringing)

Hey, Paul. I know. I'm so sorry.

I should have called.

It's a long story.

I'll be home soon.

I have to go.

Oh, yeah. Of course, of course.

I feel really bad about...

Let me cancel this thing I have.

No, no, no. Honestly, don't worry about it.

Go on, go. I've got things under control.


No, I really want to be here.

The font's a little small. I don't know if it's readable.

I thought you had a thing tonight.


I was eavesdropping.

Oh. Good.


You okay?

Just worried.

I think I might have done something really stupid tonight.

A couple of stupid things, actually.

Looks to me like someone being of service.

Really, Cynthia, you going to do that now?

I'm just proud, that's all.

Can I talk to you, Wes, in private?

Sure, I'll be right up.

This your new girlfriend?

She's not my girlfriend.

Why did you come here?

I think your girlfriend is down on me because I was hanging with your ex.

I'm not his girlfriend, and I'm down on you because I know that you and Harper set Wes up so that Diesel could get his money.

I'm sorry, Wes, I just wanted you to know what kind of a liar he was.

Your new girlfriend is being a bitch because she's jealous.

I'm not his girlfriend.

She's not my girlfriend.

I'm sorry. Your new slut's jealous.

Stop! Just stop!

This is so stupid! What is wrong with you?

Um... uh...

You okay?

Yes, I've just... never seen a g*n fly out of someone's pocket.

Go upstairs, Maddie.

You're not going to...

sh**t him? No.

I think I can restrain myself.

You don't owe this dumb-ass anything.

Not true. I owe him an amends.

Maddie, I'll be okay. Go upstairs.

Hey, remember the cops are right upstairs.

We'll keep Miss Tomlinson updated on everything as it comes in.

You have our card, so keep us aware of any developments.

Will do. Thank you for everything.

Laurel and Rebecca made some flyers with Nevaeh's picture on it.

We're going to go out and put them up.


That's nice.

Why don't you run yourself a bath?

I bring you some yerba mate.


That's... something.

This the same g*n you used to rob the pharmacy?

I was not robbing it.

Is it the same g*n?

I'll deal with it.

No, you won't.

Asa, I know you.

You're likely to hold onto it or get caught trying to ditch it someplace stupid.

Screw you. Give me the g*n.

I'm sorry, man.

There's something I've needed to tell you for a long time now.

You remember that Stone Cold Steve Austin action figure you used to have when you were a kid?

The one dad got for you when he brought you to Las Vegas?

When we went to see Wrestlemania.

Yeah, and I had to stay home with mom, got really bummed.

Where you going with this?

Remember how it got all melted and you always blamed me and I always denied setting it on f*re, but you didn't believe me?

You even threatened to push me off the roof if I didn't confess.

I didn't push you.


But I did end up falling off and breaking my arm anyway.

You never let me forget that, always held it over me head like I was the worst big brother ever.

I didn't set it on f*re.

I know.

I nuked it.

You what?

I put Stone Cold Steve Austin in the microwave.

I wanted to blow it up, but it only sort of smoked and melted.

Anyway, I did it, I k*lled Steve Austin, and I apologize.

You really think this crap between us is all about a doll?

That's not all there is to this, and you know it.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of a d*ad man, I shall fear no evil people.

That's not how it goes.


What's wrong with Mom?

She's not like other kids' mothers.

What do you mean?

It's not like Mom's a bad person, she's just lonely.

So, why doesn't she just call Dad?

I doubt she even knows where he is. He's gone and so is she.

Just forget about them. We don't need parents.

I've got your back.

You've always thought you were better than Mom and me.

I don't need your apology.

Okay, then. I forgive you.

For what?

For giving me meth... for the first time.

All right, well, the police are gone.

And so are you.

Get out of here.



Is he...

Gone? Yeah, he's gone.

And the...


The g*n's gone, too.


And you? Are you all right?

I'm, uh...

I'd rather not get into it right now, if that's okay.

You're going to eat all...

All at once? Yeah.

It's my comfort combo.

Don't judge me.

It's a vestige from my childhood.

I'm sorry... my brother called you my girlfriend today.

I took more offense to him calling me your slut.

Yeah, I'm sorry about that, too.

We're "so-bros."

We're sober bros.

"Sobros." I like that.

How about one of those awkward hugs you're so good at?


It's not a sexy hug.

No. Nothing sexy.

It's a sober hug. It's a bro hug.

Sure, man.

(cell phone ringing)

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Oh, yeah.

(cell phone ringing)

Hey, Mom.


I was just calling to say it was really nice to meet Wes today.

Wow. I'll tell him you said that.

Oh, that's good.

Yeah, actually, I was calling to get his number.

I have some work for him if you think he's interested.

Um, really?

I mean, he's right here if you want to tell him yourself.

Hello, Mrs. Graham.

Call me Charlotte, Wes.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with you.

All that stuff about Jim Leeno?

I was wondering if you'd want to come work for me.

That would be amazing.

Actually, I need someone tomorrow.

I know it's short notice, but...

No, no, no, no. I can make it work.

Well, get my number from Maddie and text me, and I'll send you the details.

Thank you, Wes. You are totally saving me.

No, no. Thank you.

I'm going to be working for your mother.

That's not weird, is it?

Are you kidding? That's amazing.

Thanks, "sobro."

See, I'm already starting to hate "sobro."

We got to think of something else.


Crazy night.


You should know... just a heads up... that phone call earlier, it was... just some shady credit card BS.

I think they got the house phone list or something.

Total rip-off.

Thanks. I'll keep an eye out.

Or an ear out, or something.

It's a masterpiece.

I made the pic bigger, so you can really see Nevaeh's face.

Can you zoom in on the picture a little?


That's Disneyland, right?

What's that ride in the background?

It's the old submarine voyage ride.

I used to love it.

Except the sea serpent.

Didn't love that part.

But it's Finding Nemo now, right?

Yeah, has been for years.

I also really like the teacups.

Maddie's voice: There are times when you wish that you could unknow something.

Like you could go back in time before the thought enters your mind.



This water's taking forever.


I know they're going to find Nevaeh and bring her back.


It's just... this whole thing has reminded me of how much Nevaeh means to my life.


Remember how I told you I have a tattoo of her name on my thigh?

Well, when she gets back, which she will, I'm going to add Nevaeh's face to the tattoo.


Right here.

Maddie: And sometimes... time stands completely still.

Right along where her name is.


She's never really gone.

She's always here with me.

Maddie: Time may seem to stop, but it doesn't.

It keeps moving forward.

Ready or not, it doesn't care.

No matter how much you may want to rewind or flash-forward, you can't.

You just have to hope that the choices you make in the now... don't ruin everything that happens in the future.

I was just in the bathroom with Trish and you know that tattoo she always talks about?

The one of her daughter's name?

Well, she showed it to me and there's no tattoo.


She pointed right at it, like, "There it is," and there's no tattoo.

Why would a person who loves their daughter so much only have one photo of her?

See, the child standing in this photograph is standing in front of a ride that was closed in 1998.

This little girl looks like Trish, because she is Trish.

I think Nevaeh's not real.

It is possible that Trish has lingering delusions brought on by her meth use.

We shouldn't be diagnosing.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you're right.

What do we do?

Oh, Trish?

Uh, hi.

Could I ask you to come into my office, please?

I'd like to talk to you.

About what?

Just about this photograph here.

I already know what you're going to say.

I've heard this before, but I promise you, she's real.

My daughter is real.

I have to fight this battle all the time.

They're going to find her.

You'll all meet her. Oh, she's so cute.

The police will find her.

I have complete confidence.


I'm going to go to bed.

Okay? Good night, you guys.

And thank you so much for all your help today.

It really means a lot.

Really. I love you guys.

And so will Nevaeh.
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