02x04 - The Mystery of the Convict Mentor

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Mysteries of Laura". Aired: September 2014 to March 2016.
A single mom NYPD homicide detective cracks case after case while raising wild twin boys and locking horns with her less than helpful police detective ex-husband.
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02x04 - The Mystery of the Convict Mentor

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I usually count to three in these situations, but I'm feeling a little jittery, so I'm just going to go with, "Drop it now!"


Question. How is it that second graders have 10 pages of math homework a night?

They have 10 pages a week. I just make them do all 10 on your night.

How is that fair?

Next week, I'll send their dirty laundry instead.

Just don't forget you need bleach to get out their skid marks, and you really just... You gotta get in there.

I am good with math.


Homicide, Diamond.

Hauser: Hello, hotshot.

Although standard procedure was to wait for a hostage negotiator before opening f*re.

Standard procedure is for douchebags.

Come on. Follow me, hotshot.

Wrong number?

As wrong as they come.


I'm gonna count to three and then I'm coming to cuff you.

Don't make me do this, Laura.


I mean it.


Laura. Laura. Laura, please.

Laura, Laura, Laura. Laura!




You'll never ever in a zillion years guess who's on my phone.

Captain Hauser.

Good guess.

It's for you.

Uh, sorry.

Tell him I'm in the shower.

He says it's about the Irish.

What about the Irish?

Hauser: Hey. There she is.

It's good to hear your voice.

It's not good to hear yours, and you have some nerve calling me.

Come on, Laura. It's been over a year.

Oh, I am well aware of how long it's been since you committed m*rder and then tried to k*ll me, which brings us back to, "You have some nerve calling."

I am also well aware that the second biggest scumbag m*rder I know, Tommy the Irishman has been transferred into Wakefield with you.

So, if you are calling to break that news, I already read it in the Post.

Speaking of which, it's too bad they are closing down that pub.

What pub?

You know, the Irish pub next to the apartments.

Broke up that off-track betting ring.

There was a furniture factory next to those apartments.

That's right.

Is this about the Irishman's case?

Laura: Is someone eavesdropping on you?

Yeah, you never know.

Go back and see what's on the menu these days.

Best tables were downstairs, remember?

In the basement of the factory?


I hear the corn beef is still a little tough, though...

You'll need more than a knife and a fork.

Oh, son of a bitch.

The bodies?

Are the bodies in the factory basement?

Okay, I got to go. Don't be a stranger. It's always visitors' day here.

Santiani: Oh, Diamond.

Got an incoming call. Body at a Laundromat, on Broome, s*ab, drugs. You and Roger.

Oh, Captain. I would love to, but I just got hit with an avalanche of cramps.

Is your little friend visiting?

Because I'm usually next week. Maybe our cycles have synced up, unless you don't... anymore.


Hard to imagine the day when you and I will sync up on anything.

Billy, Meredith, we got a body at the Laundromat on Broome. Go.


We're on the move.

Did I just get cramps, too?



Not to b*at this into the ground, but isn't it a bit anti-feminist to farm out the math homework to the man?

What... What message does that send the boys?


I am pretty sure the boys know who wears the pants in the family.

Uh, before we commit to trespassing, do you want to give me some small sense of what it is that we are searching for?


Or not.

Sarah Price and Gary West.

That rings a bell.

Disappeared six years ago along with 10 million bucks.

I remember that case. Perp took down an armored truck moving old currency to the Fed for destruction.

Old unmarked currency.

Two guards k*lled, money never seen again, Sarah Price was the Fed employee who set up the money transfer, Gary West drove the truck.

Almost every cop in the city believed they plotted the ambush, took the money and ran.

Let me guess, every cop except you.

Sarah had a husband and two little girls.

Maybe you'll leave a guy for 10 million bucks, but your own daughters? There's no way.

Then what happened to them?

I think they were k*lled, bodies stashed, and then they were framed so the world would blame them and the real perp would get away with it.

And, that would be?

Thomas Mullens.

Tommy the Irishman?

He is doing 15 in Wakefield Correction Facility.

For unrelated charges. The m*rder, the money, never able to pin it on him.

So, suddenly you think that the bodies are buried here.

Got a tip from a CI.


I'd need more than a fork and a knife.

Excuse me?

I'll take that drill again.

Be my guest. You wear the pants.



Gary, still in his uniform.

And Sarah. I recognize that charm necklace from the photos her husband gave me.

Her kids' names are engraved on it.

Yeah. We need Forensics down here.

No. Help me with the panel.

What? Why?

Because we are sealing it back up.

The hell we are. Laura!

What exactly is the plan here? This is a crime scene, Laura.

Protocol is to immediately call the ME.

We will, soon.

What's the problem with now?

If my CI knew where the bodies were buried, chances are he knows more than that.

Something that we could use to prove that Mullens k*lled Sarah and Gary.

So, you go to your CI while we exhume...

That's not an option.

Why the hell not?

Because when Tommy the Irishman hears that we're exhuming the bodies, it will expose my CI.

He could be d*ad in an hour.

Your CI is on the inside? Who the hell is this guy?


As in Captain Hauser, your old boss? Are you kidding me?

He is a convicted m*rder himself.

His tip panned out, but he told me the information in code, which means that somebody is watching him.

Laura, he k*lled a man right underneath your nose.

He lied to you. He manipulated you.

He tried to sh**t you, for God's sake.

Can we just focus on the present and not the past?

He gave us the bodies.

'Cause he wants to lure you to him.

No. Because he wants me to trust him.

And how the hell did he earn that?

You're not listening. He... He earned it today.

This is so hypocritical.

What are you talking about?

I am there every day, doing my best, by the boys, by you, but the second I violate the Laura Diamond code of conduct, I get my past thrown back in my face.

This is different.

No, it's not. You trusted both of us. We both let you down.

Why am I the only one who doesn't deserve to be forgiven?

I am nowhere close to forgiving Dan Hauser.

And, like it or not, he is our source.

And he has to be protected, which means that until we nail Mullens, no one can know, not even Santini.

Jake, this case kept me up all night for a full year of my life.

If there is a chance that I could finally close it, I have to try. Help me.

So, what now?

Thank you.

Now, I go to prison.


Hey. You look good, kiddo.


So, how are the little guys doing?

I wanted to send them something for their birthday.

Can we not do this?

What are we doing?

You lost the right to a friendly conversation with me when you stuck a g*n in my face and pulled the trigger.


You're still dining on crap?

I am going to die in prison and I watch what I eat.

Oh, that's very thoughtful.

Unfortunately, you're forgetting what pork rinds do to me.

I'll have to set up camp in the john.

I remember.

So, speaking of dining, I, um...

I hit that Irish pub.


You were right.

It was exactly what I was looking for.


Glad to hear that.

The only thing is it didn't fill me up, left me hungry.

So, do you have any other recommendations?

No, I wish I had something else to report, but I don't get out much.

What's with all the Band-Aids?

Paper cuts.

Sitting in my cell all day, doing legal research on my case, unfortunately I hit a brick wall.

Not a lot of loopholes when you k*ll your wife's lover and then you try to k*ll your best detective.

I'll never stop regretting that.


Hauser, time's up.

Is that it? I didn't get anything.

You will, hotshot. You will.

God, I miss you all.


Don't ever change, Hal. You're an inspiration.

You can feel free to lick the salt off my neck instead.

In front of 50 cops? I don't think so.


Yes, we did.



Sounds sexy. What we hicimos?

Closed that Laundromat s*ab you punted to us.

In eight hours flat.


Okay. I liked you both better before you were a couple.

We're not a couple.

Not at all.

Whatever. Donde esta Jake?

Esta alla.

Ah. Gracias, amigo.



What did you get out of Hauser?

Not a thing?


Thank you.

Well, the visitor room isn't exactly a safe space to tattle on your fellow prisoner.

Nosy parkers everywhere.

So, what do we do about the bodies?

I don't know. Hauser wanted me aware for a reason.

You know, there has to be more to the story, he implied as much.

Well, of course there is. He wants you to go back there and keep him company again.

Something's nagging at me about this.

Just give me the night to figure out what Hauser is up to.

Fine. Unless something hits you like a ton of bricks, we will file the report in the morning.



What are you doing?


Don't try and dance with me.

I am not.

Oh! Clearly, you are.

Why would I dance with a woman who runs for cover the second I try to engage her in a direct conversation about our relationship?

Excuse me!


I called you out for being a stubborn pain in the ass, for acting like there is nothing I can do to redeem myself in your eyes.

It wasn't the right time to have that conversation, we were working.

Work day is over.

Also, I didn't have a good answer, which I still don't have, given that I am exhausted and I really, really, really have to pee.

But I will think about it.


Good dance.

We weren't dancing.

What are you so happy about?

I am not happy.

I am sleep-deprived and my back is k*lling me.

I know happy when I see it.


Did you get some last night?


Well, either you did something nasty or you're thinking about doing something nasty.

I... I am not thinking anything.

So, can you just please get the boys out the door?


School time.


Make sure you look out the window.

Anyone who rings the bell this early is not a nice person.



You may wanna withdraw that last comment.

What are you doing here? I thought we were driving in separately.

You haven't had the TV on?

And risk these boys falling down the Bugs Bunny rabbit hole when they're supposed to be getting their reading minutes?

That would be a no.

That would be a no.

Male newsreader: ...power tools to tunnel under the prison wall...

Is that Wakefield Correction?

Where they were then able to exit...

Again, the escapees are 48-year-old Thomas Mullens aka Tommy the Irishman, a career criminal from Queens, New York, and 52-year old Dan Hauser, the former NYPD captain convicted last year of k*lling his late wife's lover.

Oh, my God!

It seems like there is more to the story after all.

Based on the rotation of cell block security personnel, we know the fugitives fled the facility between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m.

Now, my deputies and local PD are conducting a fingertip search in the surrounding field.

Our colleague said they will be here any minute now. They'll be happy to join in.

Oh, we can use the bodies. If the fugitives are on foot, that places them within a 10-mile radius.

Roadblocks are set up in case they've acquired a getaway vehicle.

No, there's no way Hauser walked 10 miles.

According to my partner, he's got a bad disk, bad knees.

He couldn't do it, even running for his life.

It's good to know. Speaking of your partner, I understand that she paid a visit to Dan Hauser just yesterday.

Any idea what brought her out?

Yeah, she was chasing down some intel on a cold case that resurfaced.

The day before he bolts?

That's some coincidence.

Oh, good. Someone who's actually in charge.

My partner, Detective...


I am aware.

Can I help you with something, Detective?

Yes! You could tell Mr. Smiles here to open up the cell, so I can conduct a search of the crime scene.

Oh, my deputies have already combed through every inch.

Just the same, Major. With your permission, we would like to see it.

We record all activity within the crime scene.

You'll need to sign in.

Too bad Hauser wasn't watched this closely.

Could have avoided the whole prison break thing.

How armed and dangerous can they be?

A couple middle-aged galoots with a spoon and a chisel.

Billy: You're fooling yourself if that's what you think this is here.

Nobody can escape without help and help could include w*apon.

And Hauser would put a b*llet between your eyes if you get in his way.

He was on the job, he's not gonna sh**t a cop.

The hell he's not.

A little harsh on that guy, don't you think?

Not at all. And the warning goes for you, too. Hauser is a loose cannon.

Stay close to me.

I have a fragile stick around me somewhere?

Canine assist over here.

Watch out, Captain. Here we come.

He dug out right behind the bunk.

To hide with all the illegal boxes.

We just assumed he was working on his appeal.

It looks like he really was.

Notes in the margin, dog-eared pages.

Why prepare an appeal while you prepare to escape?

Change of heart and decided he couldn't win the appeal?

He was never going to win the appeal.

Unless he just found another way.

Yeah. He did, through here.

No. He figured out another way to redeem himself.

Hauser escaped to redeem himself?

For Hauser and me, Tommy the Irishman and his $10-million stash, it was like Moby Dick, the one that got away.

If Hauser thought that if he escaped with Mullens, he could recover that money...

He'd do it and then disappear to some far-off island.

No, he wouldn't. He would deliver Mullens and the money to me.

It's a hell of a stretch.

Hauser was my sergeant before he was my captain.

We rode for two years, you don't know him the way I do.

The way I did.

Well, regardless of how he bolted, we need to find out where he bolted to.

And who helped him on the inside.

If you're implying that there's a dirty corrections officer, can I remind you that there are two COs within spitting distance?

They are suspicious of me. I am suspicious of them.

Laura: Max.


Mullens and Hauser must have turned one of the prison guards, possibly a woman like up in Clinton. I need you to run background checks.

I am fairly certain they background check guards before they're hired.

I need you to check again with Max Carnegie depth.

Something wicked this way comes.


Give me that.


I assume this is the rogue detective?

Oh, I get it.

Tell Max, "Touche."

No! I am telling you, "Get back to this precinct." Now!

This better be important. You're wasting valuable time dragging me down here.

I am wasting time? Huh.

I wonder who wasted time yesterday abandoning her post so that she could go visit her m*rder friend in prison.

I was investigating a cold case involving Tommy the Irishman.

Hauser reached out to me with a lead.

And you felt the need to lie about it.

Well, I wouldn't call it...

Don't talk.

That lie made me wonder what other lies you have up your sleeve?

Riddle me this. Why did you buy a power drill yesterday?

How do you know...

I ran your credit card.

Excuse me?

Funny thing, Hauser used a power drill to bore through the grading of his cell.

Obviously, it wasn't the same drill.

Not obvious to me or to the State Police Major on the grounds at the prison, and word on the cell block is that Hauser had a female cop, an old friend of his, that he could rely on if need be.

This must be part of Hauser's plan.

How does that even make sense?

Hauser knew if he reached out to me, Tommy the Irishman would find out.

So, Hauser covered by making it look like I was dirty.

Here's how it looks.

Two options, either you are a fool who got played by Dan Hauser or you're in on it with him.

Oh, that's outrageous.

Save your outrage for this. You're benched.

You can't do that.

Pending internal investigation.

So, why don't you go park your ass at your desk and catch up on paperwork until further notice.

Badge and g*n.



I already ate.

(SOFTLY) Ahem.

Oh, actually I am starving.

Well, then, may I offer up a seasonal vegetable salad on a bed of background checks for every Wakefield prison guard.

Oh! It's delicious.

Anything of note?

No red flags, but three sad sack women do seem ripe for a little male manipulation.


Well, let's see how well they can be manipulated by a certain male, blue-eyed detective.

So, movies and ice cream are a lot less trouble than romance, huh?

I thought so, too.

Then I met Milt.

He's 70, but with proper medication, he can still please a woman.


So, you ever figure you'd find a soul mate at work?

I've had three live-in boyfriends.

One screwed my best friend, one took my savings, and one quit his job to find himself while I paid the bills.

I am done with men.

So, you don't have much of a social life?

I know what people are saying, but I am nice to all the prisoners.

This place needs a little sunshine. Not every man in here is a bad guy.

Especially a man like Dan Hauser.

Goes nuts while grieving, kills for revenge, it's a sad story.

I heard you and Hauser were close.

Not close. We crossed paths.

He used the library to work on his appeal, I escorted him, gave us time to talk.

Must have meant a lot to him to have a friendly ear.

Of course. Being an innocent man behind bars is hard.


So, Hauser convinced you that all he needed was a chance to clear his name, and you came through.

I bet he never mentioned that Tommy was busting out with him.

A good woman like yourself might help an innocent man escape, but she'd never free a violent criminal like Mullens.

Of course not. Mullens is an animal.

He belongs here, not like Dan.

Mmm. If you helped Dan escape, then you helped Mullens, too.

And if that animal hurts somebody while he's out there, Vicky Lynn, that's on you.

It's... It's okay, Vicky.

You can tell me.

It was only a few tools.

That's a start. I need to know where they are going.

You don't understand. I was trying to fix an injustice.

You're going to jail for aiding and abetting an escapee.

It's a felony, seven years.

You want to fix an injustice, then fix the one you did to yourself.

Cut a few years off your sentence. Tell me where they are headed.


I was supposed to meet Dan there once the coast was clear.

He used the library atlas to plot their route through the woods.

We have you surrounded. Fugitives, come down now.

Hell are we waiting on? If they're up there, we should go get 'em.

Dial it down a notch, cowboy. We're support here.

We'll f*re. Last warning.

All right. End of the line, Hauser.

I don't think so.


It's just a decoy. Dislodge.


Damn it.

Officer: No find. We have no find.

Unscented baby wipes. Classic move.

k*ll the scented trail, change clothes. I'll bet you Hauser thought about it.

Yeah, this is search team one, go.

Man: We've got verified intel that our fugitives are headed to Canada via Derby Line, Vermont.

That's a long way from the border. They are not going to make it.

Yeah. I'd feel a lot better about that if Mullens did not have an ex-cop on his side.

We got a thousand cops on our side. We will find them.

If we made a run for it, where would we go?

Someplace without cold, hockey or Justin Bieber, so definitely not...


Based on that tone and expression, you're unconvinced.

There's no way they headed to Canada.

Jake says Hauser's prints came back on an atlas in the prison library concentrated on pages detailing the Vermont-Canada border.

Hauser was one step away from committing the perfect m*rder.

He's too smart to give the actual destination to his prison love bird.

The way you follow his logic is a little bit scary.

Well, you learn a lot about a guy when you drive around all day with him in a patrol car.

I never spent the whole day in a car with...

Oh, does a chauffeur count?


Well, let me tell you, it's monotonous. You make up things to talk about and Hauser's favorite way to pass the time was, "What would you do if you won the lottery?"

Oh, well, I know your answer to that. Full-time masseuse, every Food Network chef on speed dial.

Oh, God, yes, but not Flay.


Hauser's fantasy included a fishing boat, sunshine, small-batch tequila in Mexico.

So, if they are heading north, it's only so that he can pull a U-ey and run for a southern border.

Hey. Are you doing something investigative, because you know what she said.

To hell with Santini. I am closing my damn case.

Jake, I need you to go back to Hauser's cell.


I am telling you. We didn't miss anything.

This time search it like you believe he's on our side and he wants to leave us a clue.

(SIGHS) Okay. I don't know.

It's the same stuff that was here before.

Books, legal files, there's some bloody tissue in the trash.

He must be having nosebleeds again. Allergies used to kick his ass.

Yeah. I don't know how much pollen could get in here.

What's with all the Band-Aids?

Paper cuts.

Sitting in my cell all day, doing legal research on my case, unfortunately I hit a brick wall.

Jake, I need you to luminol the cell.

I'll be damned!

Charlie. Hauser wrote Charlie in his own blood and wiped it off because he knew traces of it would appear in the black light.

He hit a brick wall.

He left us a bread crumb.

The question is who is Charlie?

Charlie isn't a who, it's a where.

Charlie sector. Our usual patrol b*at when Hauser was my sergeant.

He is sending a message. This is where they are going.

You're telling me that one word written on a prison wall is enough to magically convince us that Hauser is working an angle for you instead of against you.

It's not magic, I have proof.

Well, I hope it's visible in the real world and not just inside your head, because State Police aren't gonna move their perimeters based on a coded message that only you seem to understand.

Sarah Price and Gary West.

Uh, suspects in the cold case armed robbery. What about them?

They didn't take the money and run, they're d*ad.

Hauser tipped me off to the location of the bodies, a furniture factory in Charlie sector.


I was protecting my informant.

(SNICKERS) We will discuss the finer points of procedure later.

Convince me.

Mullens planned the heist, then he k*lled Sarah and Gary to make it look like they fled with the money. For that scheme to work, Mullens had to be confident that Sarah and Gary's bodies would never be found.

Well, technically they still haven't been, thanks to you.

You hide bodies in a basement, the only way that you know for sure that they will never be found is if you own the structure.

Max, break it down.

On it.

In 2003, Mullens sold, complete with air quotes, a property to Stateside Holdings. Stateside transferred ownership to Clarke Properties who flipped it to...


Break it down a little faster, please.

An offshore entity known as Guild Trust. Bam! Guild Trust owns the furniture factory where Laura found the bodies.

It's Mullens' building.

We didn't find it back then because the warrant didn't cover all of Mullens' finances.

Guild Trust owns an additional six properties in Charlie sector.

South of Houston between Pike and Montgomery, the missing 10 million has to be hidden in one of these six buildings.

In other words, Laura was right.

I am somewhat convinced.

Ooh, don't even think about being smug.

Copy that.


We'll hit all six buildings with full tactical teams.

Thank you.

No. Don't thank me. Just be right.


0 for 5.

Six. Got nothing in mine.


Maybe Hauser and Mullens were here earlier and we just missed them?

All right, head back to the precinct, I will have patrol on aviation, start a canvas, and, Bose, pull video from every camera in this sector.

Um, maybe we can scrub it and try and dig up where Mullens is hiding.

I got to find him.

It was a good hunch, Diamond.

It just didn't pan out. We'll keep looking.

Damn it, damn it.

Officer (on radio): Central, this is seven Charlie.

Dispatcher: Seven Charlie, go with your message.

Officer: Downgrade the armed robbery call at the Dollar Bin, East Broadway Montgomery, to a petty larceny.

Victim now states no w*apon was seen.

South of Houston between Pike and Montgomery.

This is Detective Diamond, 2nd Precinct. What was stolen?

Officer: We've got it, Detective.

Your theft is in my search perimeter, Officer. What was stolen? Now.

Officer: Witness says a flash light, trash bags and a package of pork rinds.

You're forgetting what pork rinds do to me.

I'll have to set up camp in the john.

Come on, you wily bastard.

One more bread crumb, just give me one more.




In the back.

All right. Where is it? What did you do?

Waterproof eyeliner. Would last on any surface.



Come on, baby. Please be there.


And there's my breadcrumb.

Laura: 22 Rivington. That's where they are headed.

That isn't one of Mullens' buildings.

I can't explain it, but that's where the money is hidden.

Laura: Hauser left me another message.

22 Rivington. Max, what can you tell me?

The building suffered mondo damage in Hurricane Sandy.

The owner is unresponsive to repair notices so the city got a court order to demo the building.

That's why Mullens had to act now before the money was found or destroyed in the tear down.

The owner is T. Rosario.

Wait, Rosario? His mother's maiden name.

That Mullens is a slippery snake.

Okay. I am headed to Rivington now. Have Santini roll out the troops.

We'll be there as soon as we can. Laura, do not go in there alone.


I promise, but hurry.

Put it all in.

Sorry, Jake.

Afraid it is time to say our goodbyes.

You don't have to do this.

Many apologies, friend, but I do.

Freeze, Mullens.

Hey, hotshot. Took you long enough.

Been a while. My rhythm's a little off.

You take one more step and I will blow his brains to kingdom come.

(SIGHS) Really? Is that the best you can do?

He loves a cliché, he's been spouting 'em since we broke out.

How about you both shut up?

You toss that g*n on the floor, dearie. Now!

Now it's my turn for a cliché.

You know I can't do that.


You see her?

Negative, she's probably already in there.

I thought you told her to stay outside.

Of course I told her to stay outside. Damn it, Laura.

Mullens, listen. You're out of prison, you got your money.

Maybe you could still get away.

But if you pull that trigger, I will sh**t you.

That is just lovely. She doesn't want you to die, Hauser.

I suppose that makes you my ticket out of here.

Oh, he loved to talk about you. Oh, training you, your first homicide case and on and on and on.

It's... It's nauseating.

You couldn't find another topic?

Well, I had to convince this guy that I was his ticket out of prison.

You got a better sales pitch than knowing the best homicide cop in New York City, having her wrapped around my finger?

It looks to me like her wheels are turning.

Trying to figure out a way to get you out of here alive.

Here's my offer, Detective. You turn around and you walk out.

Let me and my money go.

Only if Hauser walks out with me.

Nonstarter. He stays with me.

You save your breath.

You shut the hell up!

All right.

Just take the sh*t.



I don't have a sh*t!

Laura, you always have the sh*t.

It was never my plan to make it out of this alive.

My life was over the minute I k*lled Eric Walden.

You know this to be true, so just take the sh*t.

I won't be the reason you die.


The damn thing won't budge.

We gotta make it budge.


Not happening.

Look, the SU will be here in two minutes.

They will boom the door.

We may not have two minutes.

What are you... All right.

Detective, do your job.

Oh, shut your damn mouth...


I usually count to three in these situations, but today I'm feeling really jittery, so I'm just going to go with, "Drop it now!"




Looks like we got the bad guy.

You good?

I gave my statement to the borough sh**ting team. They said no worries.

sh**t looks clean.

Great. Report's all done, I just got to print a copy.

Oh, I got it.

What was that about?

That's what you did to me in the warehouse today.

Yeah, I was just protecting you.

And it better never happen again.


Meredith, you're my girl.

I am not just your girl. I am your partner.

And in case you have forgotten, I am damn good a cop.

I haven't forgotten. I promise.

Then remember this.

I stand beside you, not behind you.

You go right, I go left. You hold me back in the field one more time, there will be hell to pay.

Roger that.


That was really hot.

It was?


Let's get out of here.

Roger that.

I never thought I'd see this place again.

I imagine this place thought it'd seen the last of you, too.

Hey, tell me the truth, how is she doing?

You'd have to ask her yourself.

Got it from here.

I have a call out to the DA.

I will make sure that they know that you broke out in order to help me get Mullens.

I doubt that it will take any time off your sentence.

But maybe they'll waive any new charges from the escape.

Laura, I made a choice to k*ll a man that I felt was responsible for my wife's death.

I can live with the consequences.

This wasn't about, "Let's make a deal."

Then, why?

The look on your face when you arrested me.

I... I can't get it out of my mind and, um...


You were my family and I betrayed you, and that's the part that I will never be able to live with.

My choices cost me you.

You cracked the case from inside prison.

You were...


A hell of a cop.


We got to close the book on this one together.

That's how we should say good-bye.


I'm so sorry.

We were able to get this.

This is what she was wearing.

It has both of your names on it.

You didn't have to do all the paperwork yourself.

True, but now you owe me a beer and I intend to collect.

You were right yesterday.

About me and forgiveness.


Oh, I bet that hurt.

You need something for the pain?

You are there for me every day and I appreciate it.


And the forgiveness part?

I thought I was there.

Some days the hurt just hits all over again.

I am working on it.

Well, that's all I can ask.
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