01x08 - The Weaklings

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Recovery Road". Aired January 25 – March 28, 2016.
"Recovery Road" revolves around Maddie, a party girl and a highly functioning addict who makes the difficult decision to live with other recovering addicts at a rehab facility, while facing the daily pressures of her teenage life.
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01x08 - The Weaklings

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Previously on Recovery Road...

I don't know if I trust Cynthia.

It just feels like she's trying to steal my daughter away from me.

Sponsoring Maddie was never part of the deal.


Charlotte Graham!

Maddie... she's not volunteering.

She's actually kind of going through it right now.

We don't need parents. I got your back.

Why are the police after you?

Back up! Back up!

Nobody got sh*t or anything.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone you shouldn't be?

I can't help but wonder if there's something going on there.

You are very lucky that I play golf with the judge.

Things could've been far worse.

My whole family said that they can't talk to me anymore.

I didn't rat you out.

But you didn't have my back either.

You could've told us about this. We would've been there for you.

Like we were there for Rebecca?


(both laughing)


(distorted laughter)

(no discernible dialog)


Maddie's voice: I guess we all run from pain... and from the things we are afraid of.

Except it's like when you're a kid and you close your eyes at the scary part of the movie.

The images in your head are far worse than the reality could ever be.




Good morning, Rebecca.


You excited about your sister's graduation?



I was really touched that Maddie and I got an invitation.

I haven't seen your family in...

Yeah, I haven't seen them in quite some time myself.

Oh. Well, this'll be nice then.

I'm the bad seed, black sheep, drug addict who's locked in the attic and only allowed to come downstairs to show everyone else how really, really supportive my family's being during this difficult time.

That's literally the only reason I've been asked to attend this thing, so yeah, "nice" isn't the word I would use.

Oh. Well, I hear they hired an excellent caterer.

(laughs) I'm sorry.

Do you mind telling Maddie that I'm down here waiting?

I'm here. All right?

I really don't wanna go to this thing.

Then don't.


That was rude.

What? It's not like she wants to go either.

Besides, I hate the Grangers. You do too, Mom.

Don't... don't pretend like you don't.

(sighs) Okay, I admit it, I'm not their biggest fan, but Marcus is doing an entire office building remodel, and I'd really like to put a bid in.

I got outbid on the last three jobs.

It is still a recession. I'd like to keep my team working.

You don't wanna work for them.

That's like making a deal with the devil, or worse... an office remodel in hell.

We are being a tad dramatic, aren't we?

I don't know. They're pretty bad.

Well, be that as it may, this would still be a big win for me.


And what if I told you X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes was playing at the Olympic today and Wes and I were gonna go?

I'd say I have no idea what you're talking about.

It's X. The Man with the X-Ray Eyes.

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory.

Maddie, I really don't want...

Wes, tell my mom we need to go to the movies, and I shouldn't have to go to Rebecca's sister's graduation.

No, you should go.


Go support Rebecca.

Et tu, Wes?

Thank you.

Oh, you know, in case you haven't heard, Rebecca hates me.

And I think her family's a bunch of hypocritical...


Well, you know what Oscar Wilde once said, "We're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

Gosh. I don't see how that applies here.

Okay, Maddie, get your purse.

All right, fine. I'll go, since you're all against me, but I will not be perky.

(scoffs) When have you ever been perky?

Good point. Let's roll.

Paul: I mean, sure. There might be a world in which Marcus and Pamela Granger are not the most vilely repellent people on the planet, but this is not that world.

In this world, they're on the board of directors, so we gotta go.

(sighs) I know. How many of them are there?

Well, the youngest one is a h*m*, and when she's gone, they'll all be gone, but until then...

A Granger Walks Among Us.


Granger Danger.


Grangers on a Train.

Okay, stop.

Grangers with Candy.


Never Talk to Grangers.


Okay, come on. We gotta go.

We're fine.

We're gonna be late.


(doorbell rings)

Hi, Wes.

(theme music playing)

Is Craig here?

No, umm... he actually went to help Vern clear out his storage unit in Palmdale, so we're without a house manager, and I'm without a sponsor... right when there's absolutely nothing remotely triggering happening in my life, so... I mean, it's cool, you know? Really.

They couldn't have picked a better time to leave.

Hey, it's all right.

I'm clean. Okay?

I'm not holding.

I actually got clean right after the last time I saw you.

You got clean how?

Chambers Street Detox.

They let me out yesterday.

Doctors when I was there were like, "Seriously, with the amount of dr*gs in your system, I don't even know how you're even alive right now."

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I had a seizure, too, from all the benzos I was taking.

That stuff's evil, man. I swear to God.

It wasn't even getting me high or anything.

I just had to keep taking it so I wouldn't get sick.

Coming off that can k*ll you.

I know.

(haltingly) But you're clean now.

Cross my heart.

Well, good. Good. I'm really, really happy for you. I really am, but... what are you doing here?

(rock music playing on radio)



Do Rebecca's parents know about you being in Springtime Meadows with Rebecca?

I don't know. Probably not. It's not like they visit her or have anything to do with her. It's super messed up.

I'm sure they have their reasons.

Nope, they don't.

They suck. That's about it.

Well, will your friends be at the party?

I don't know. I hope not.

But they don't know about you and Rebecca being there.

Yes, they do. Didn't I tell you?

No. What? What happened?

Ugh! God, it's too annoying to even talk about.


I don't know. I mean, I guess Elle found out first, then she told Nyla, and of course Nyla told Zack, and Zack came to the house, then he broke up with me.

You and Zack broke up?

True story.

Why didn't you tell me?

Ugh. I have to talk about myself and my feelings and all the cruel injustice of the world in group all of the time. It's exhausting.

Yeah, but... I'm your mom!

Oh, and Zack... Zack was like your first real boyfriend.

You should've confided in me.

Confide in you? That would suggest that my break-up with Zack was some kind of secret.

Like I said, I'm not allowed to have any of those.

My personal life is scattered all over that house for everyone to dissect and analyze And seriously, if one more person asks me how I'm feeling, I swear to God...

I just think that you and I should be able to talk about these things.

Yeah, I know. I know you do, really.

But, honestly, do we really have to tell each other everything?

Woman on phone: Ma'am, your daughter's probably just at a friend's house.

It's five o'clock in the morning. Her curfew is at midnight.

She doesn't always make curfew, but she always calls.

She always calls.

Have you tried calling her?

Of course, I have! I'm not an idiot!

Look, something must've happened.

I just need you to do your job and help me find my daughter, now.

Ma'am, my kids are at home in bed. I've done my job.


And it was like...

I looked in a mirror and... it was like... "If I don't get clean, I'm...

I'm gonna die."

I thought it would just be better to live a few short years blissed out on dr*gs...

Yeah, yeah, "than a whole life totally depressed and miserable."

We've had this conversation so many times before.

All those other times, I never wanted to get sober for myself.

But now I do.

How am I supposed to trust you?

I know why you called me to your apartment.

And I'm not stupid.

That's why I'm here now.

You're already making your amends, huh?

No. I'm here because there's something that you need to know.

Last week, when Asa came by...

Harper. What are you doing back here?

Can we go somewhere else to talk?

Please? It's important.


Could you please try and not look miserable?

Well, recovery's about honesty.

And having to go to a party honoring Rebecca's snotty, little-miss perfect-princess sister is just about the definition of misery, so, yeah, I'm just doing what I've been told.

Maddie, please, I don't ask you for much.

Fine, but this goes into the Pantheon of Asks.

"My dearest, suffering daughter, could you please come to an event feting the sibling of an old friend who happens to hate your guts and pretend like nothing is wrong? Oh, and could you possibly enjoy yourself?"

All I'm asking is that you have my back like I've had yours.

God. You're right, Mom. I'm sorry.

Okay? I was being selfish.

This is gonna be fun, and I actually like Rebecca's parents and siblings and they love me, so let's go in there and have a good time, okay?



If I can convince you, I'm guessing I can convince them too.

Oh, let's just go in.

(people chattering)

(piano music playing)


Maddie! I'm so happy to see you both!

Look at you, Maddie, always so pretty.

Thank you.

How's school, Maddie?

Fingers crossed for an early acceptance to Yale.

I know somebody there. I would be happy to make a call for you.

Oh, I don't... I don't even know what to say.

That would be... (beep)ing remarkable.

Oh, look, I see Ms. Molina with the headmaster.

I should go say, hello. Would you please excuse me for a second?

Yes, of course. Oh, it's so good to see you, Maddie.

Oh, and you, Bri. Thank you.

See you later, Mom.

It seems like you two are really back on track from whatever it was you were going through.

It's good to see.

I'm sorry. What?

Are you okay, Charlotte? You seem not okay.

What? No. I'm fine, and we're doing so much better.

Bri: That's good to hear.

(whispering) Hi.

(whispering) Hi, hi.


Thank you.

Hey, Dad.


I haven't been down here in...

Two years.

Something like that.

Something like that exactly.

Looks pretty much the same, though, huh?

Looks exactly the same.

You know, when you left the first time and I ran after you, then I came back to the house, I couldn't come down here for like six months.

But no, I... I don't know, it was like... you haunted this place.

And it's taken me a long time to even start to let that go.

The dr*gs had me.

And they were stronger than anything.

But what you and I had... that was strong, too.


That's why I had to come back and warn you.

About Asa?

I was there when they sh*t him.

sh*t who?

What are you talking about?

At... at the pharmacy.

Diesel and your brother.

Someone got sh*t?

Asa told me that they pulled a g*n, but he said nothing happened.

No. I was there. I saw it.

(heavy breathing)

(heart b*ating)

(no discernible dialog)

Let's do this.


(bell jingles)

(Harper gasps)

(muffled shouting)

(panicky) No! No.

I can't... I mean...

What the hell are you talking about?

Are you telling me he just stood by while Diesel k*lled somebody?

There was nothing he could do.

Except not be there in the first place.

I was there, too.

Hey, look at me. Why are you telling me this?

Why is this my problem?

What the hell am I supposed to do?

It's not my problem!

Yes, it is.

Wes, the g*n... Asa's g*n.

Please tell me that you still have it.

(piano music playing)

(cell phone buzzing)





Excuse me. Can I borrow you for a second?

Yeah, what's up?

Yeah, okay. Just follow me.

Excuse me. What?


Trust me.

Where are we going?

Just trust me.

Come here, quick.

What are you doing?


Relax. Just... just relax.



Wait. No, we can't. Come on. No, no.

Yes, yes, yes.

Come on, not here, not here.

We can.

I mean it. I mean it. I mean it.

What's your problem?

What's my problem?


There's a roomful of parents and students out there.


What? Are you not attracted to me anymore? Is that it?

What are you talking about? You turned me down this morning, remember?

Yeah, and I am not turning you down now.

Stop, stop, stop. Stop it. Stop it.

What's... What is wrong with you?

Come on. Jeez.


I was trying to have some fun.

I... I can't...





(cell phone chimes)


(phone camera clicks)

Pamela. Marcus. It's so good to see you.

Thank you so much for inviting us.

Of course.

Maddie Graham. You are so grown up.

Thank you, Mrs. Granger. It's really good to see you.

This is a wonderful party.

Bri and I were just saying that we have to get the name of your event planner, because it's just so gorgeous.

Absolutely. Did you see the vegetable carvings?


There were done by a local artist.

Aren't they exquisite?

Uh, yeah.

(sighs) We are just so proud.

Of the vegetables?

Of Penelope.

You must be. You must be very proud.

I mean, this is just such an accomplishment.

A doctor. It's just so impressive.

You must be overjoyed.

She'll be doing her residency at St. Carmine's, then she'll be shadowing one of my colleagues at the office.

She's thinking about specializing in proctology.


So, we are proud.

(jazz music playing)

Is that Rebeccca Granger?

Ms. Higgins.


I haven't seen you since you were eight years old.

I know! My God, it's been forever.

You know, I taught all three of the Granger girls.

Yes, you did.

I remember you were all so proficient in math, reading, and science.

Well, I was a very good third-grader.

Oh! Why, yes, you were.

And what a lovely young woman you've turned into.

Thank you.

It's a shame about your sister, Heather.

I heard about...

(softly) the dr*gs.

What a waste. She had such a promising future.

Heather's outside.


She turned out just fine. I'm the one who did the big, bad dr*gs.

I'm the waste.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

No, no, no, there... there's no need to apologize.

I just want to make sure that you don't feel responsible.

Why would I feel...

I know how adults in leadership roles can often feel like they didn't do a good job in shaping our young minds.

They lie awake at night, worrying that they didn't do enough.

You know, couldn't they have just taught us some real-world stuff along with all that crap about Christopher Columbus and the Pythagorean theorem?

But it's important for you to know... my drug addiction... it's not your fault, Ms. Higgins.

So, that stuff about our mom being sick was just...

A lie.

So, it was all just a setup.

It was Diesel's idea, if it makes you feel any better.

He told Asa to plant the g*n on you.

Oh, that makes me feel a whole lot better. Thanks.

It wasn't his idea. Great.

Diesel's crazy.

There's nothing that your brother could've done.

There's a whole lot he could've done, like not frame his brother for someone's m*rder.

I know.

But you still have the g*n, right?

So, it's all gonna be okay.

Yeah, I do.

Now, we get rid of it.

Do you know a place?

I think I do.

Of course, with the American diet, proctological problems are at an all-time high.

They're just... rampant.

And she's such a people person, I'm confident that her practice will take off in no time.

Charlotte: Mmm. Uh-huh. Well, that's great.


And I heard you're taking bids on a remodel.

Gonna be a big project.

Yes, it is.

I thought about reaching out to you, but I figured medical buildings probably... they're not your thing.

Well, actually, we have been branching out into commercial properties over the last few years.

We just did the Grandi Building remodel in January and the add-ons to the Hasko Business Park in the fall.

It's a new direction for us, but it's one that we're very excited about.

Really? Well, that's interesting.

I would love the opportunity to sit down and talk to you about it.

If you have time.

Well, yes, I don't see why not.

Why don't you call my secretary in the morning?

We'll put something in the books.

Okay. Sounds great.


She's really great. You'd be lucky to have her.


(softly) Maddie.


I'm so happy that you're here.

Must be a bit weird for you, though.

What do you mean?

It's no secret that you and Rebecca are no longer friends.


Sort of breaks my heart.

Well, you know, people drift apart.

Rebecca made some very bad decisions.

I know that it put a strain on a lot of her relationships, but you were someone who always was a good influence.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that Rebecca disappointed you.

Trust me. And I hope that you don't think less of us because of her bad choices.

I always thought of you kind of as... well, one of my own.


That... that's sweet.


(softly) Hey.

Well, this is pretty much the seventh ring of hell, right?

Is that an expression or did I just make that up?

There are nine rings of hell, and actually, I think they're called circles.

And yeah, they're pretty much all represented here.

Your sister's gonna be a proctologist.

There's about 500 jokes I can make up about that if that'll make you feel any better.

You're not helping.

Look, I just... I... I feel...

Oh, please, don't tell me how you feel.

I don't care. How about you just leave me alone?

All right?


I will. Happily.

(people murmuring)

(mutters) Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

Ah! Oh, come on.

I'm sure you're... that's not true.

I mean, you're probably an excellent cook.

No, she's not.


Excuse me.

Hi, Charlotte.


Uh, do you mind?

Of course not. Excuse me...

Marcus: Sure. for just a minute.

(clears throat )

I'm sorry, I just...

Listen, I know things have been awkward between us, and I just want you to know that I only want what's best for Maddie. I promise.

I have no ulterior motives. I only wanna help her.

And help you too, if I can.

You don't have to go through this alone, Charlotte.

Well, thank you. I appreciate it.

In fact, actually, I've been going to a few Al-Anon meetings, and I found them very informative.

Wow. I am really so happy to hear that.

What a wonderful thing for you to do for Maddie, especially after everything that's happened with Zack and the breakup and all the friend stuff.

Yes. Of course. The breakup.

Only Maddie said that things hadn't been working out with Zack for a while, so... it was probably for the best.

Yeah, yeah. No, no, I know, but it's still been hard on her... having to figure out who she is now that she's sober and how she fits in... it can be really tough.

I've been trying to help her navigate through the whole thing, the best I can, but you know it's... it's not easy.

Uh-huh. So, have you found her a new sponsor yet?

I mean, one who isn't her guidance counselor?

Because I can imagine that the sooner she can start doing all this with the right person, the better off she'll be.

I just want what's best for Maddie, of course, just like you do. What's best for Maddie.

Of course. And yeah, I... I have a few feelers out.




This is you and your brother's hiding spot.

Won't he know where to look for this?

Trust me. He doesn't remember this place.

Excuse me, everybody. I'm sorry to interrupt.

If I could have everybody's attention.

Thank you all for coming today.

Of course... we all know why we're here... to celebrate the graduation of my lovely, brilliant daughter, Penelope Anne Granger.

Your mother and I were talking just this morning about her first day of kindergarten.

You got up three hours early and you were waiting by the door.

She was so scared that she was gonna miss it.

You were always the perfect daughter.

And I love my boys, and I love all my daughters very much.

But some apples do fall a little closer to the tree than others, huh?


We are the luckiest parents in the world.

Pam and I tell each other that every day.

Although, we obviously did some things right, too.

There was a lot of love in our house.

We cared for each other so deeply, and we always supported all our children in all their endeavors.

Yeah, except when it came to your other daughter, Rebecca... who your turned your back on.

I... I'm sorry?


Did you forget about her? No, of course you didn't.

You didn't forget, because you love punishing her.

You love treating her like she's garbage, even though she's doing everything she can to turn her life around with absolutely no help whatsoever from you... or you or you.

I live with Rebecca at a sober living house.

And I can tell you she's there for people when they need her.

People count on her. She stands up for them every day, and she does not deserve to be treated like this.

'Cause even though we may be a bunch of rejects with drug and alcohol problems, at least we're not a bunch of uptight, self-righteous, self-important douche bags who care more about some ugly ass vegetable carvings and stupid flower arrangements than they do their own daughter.

Who has a disease, by the way, and is getting better.

You all are doctors. You should know this, although maybe you're too busy looking up a lot of rich, old people's asses.

Are you gonna stop your daughter or not?


The hell I will.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

And you. You're her mother. How could you?

Let's go, Maddie.

Every person in Rebecca's life turned their back on her, even me.

And I wish to God that I could go back and fix everything, but I can't.

Whether she hates me forever for that or not, I have to live with it.

But you people, you don't deserve Rebecca.

Maddie Graham is at Springtime Meadows with Rebecca Granger?

Did you know about this?

I love you.


(both laughing)


God! Did you see the look on his face?

Oh, on all their faces.

I can't believe I did that.

I can't either.

And you're not mad at me.

Are you kidding?

I am so proud of you.

That was... awesome.

Mom, I really appreciate you standing by me, sticking up for me, all your support, everything.

Of course.

I'm your mother.

Yeah, but not all moms do that.

No. No, that's true.

And I'm sorry for the way I acted today.

I mean, for everything.

I know it's been hard for the both of us, but for you especially.


But you had my back.

I appreciate that, Maddie. I do. I really, really do.

I just... I love you so much.


(Maddie laughs drunkenly)

♪ Cold nights and roses ♪
♪ They always give way ♪
♪ To hard lines and hard times ♪
♪ And hard things to say ♪
♪ When something's open ♪
♪ It won't go away ♪

(water running)

♪ You can't believe that you disagree ♪
♪ Till you see heartache and pain ♪
♪ No matter where we land ♪

(sniffs, sighs)

♪ We'll survive ♪
♪ No matter where we land ♪
♪ We'll survive ♪
♪ Come give me something ♪
♪ I can't understand ♪
♪ I hide it away for another day ♪
♪ When I need to feel it again ♪
♪ I'll let you whisper ♪
♪ Your greatest regrets ♪
♪ I'll hold you close when you need it most ♪
♪ When you need someplace to rest ♪

Ms. Molina. This is Charlotte Graham, Maddie's mom.

Cynthia on phone: Oh, hi, Mrs. Graham. Is everything okay?

It's so early.

I... I need your help.

Do you think you could do a search of my daughter's locker this morning?


Something's going on with her. I don't know what it is.

She... stayed out all night last night, and she finally came home... seven o'clock in the morning.

And... I know she was drinking... and I don't know what else, but...

I'm really scared for her.

And I don't know what to do. She needs help... and I can't be the one to... I mean...

Please. You have to help me.

And listen...

I do have something that I need to tell you.

I... I... I just... I needed to tell you that.


I'm sort of seeing someone.

It's new. I met him at Al-Anon.


Wow. I... I think that's great, really.

Because I'm...

I'm kinda interested in someone too.

Oh really? Who?


Mmm. Yeah. I kind of thought that was happening.

He's pretty great, huh?

He's a very... interesting young man.

You don't like him.

No, no. I do. I do.

Let me guess. You're worried because he's a former addict.

No, that's not it. I just... well, I mean, he works for me.


That's your only concern?

Well, yeah.

All right. I... I think we can work with that.

We can?


Wha... Don't you think that that would make Wes uncomfortable?

No. He's not like that. He's cool.

So, what do you think?

Think I should do it?

Well, I mean...



So, what are you gonna do now?

Do you have anywhere you can go?

Not really.

I need to get away from this place.

Have you checked out sober livings in LA or San Francisco?

I can't go back to another one of those places.

Why not?

The meetings and everything.

Group therapy is just not my thing.

I really... I...

I want to stay clean. I just can't handle all the rules.

I do actually have friends I can reach out to.

Friends where?

Do you remember Alexandra?


She just moved to Austin. She really likes it there.

You could come with me... if you wanted to.

It'll be fun. (chuckles)

No. I can't.

Someone once told me that there's something in knowing where you belong.

Well, I belong here.

It's because of that girl, isn't it?

No, it's not.

Then why?

Because this is my family. Not Asa, not my mom, but the people in this house, my sponsor.

You may not need the program like I do, but I do.

I need it.

And I can't just walk away from that.

(whispers) Okay?

Bye, Wes.


♪ Good-bye. ♪

That was kind of weird, right?


(cell phone buzzes)

Yeah, I guess.

(stammers) I'm really proud of Maddie.

No, I... I wasn't talking about Maddie.

The janitor's closet, the...

Oh! (sputters)

That. I don't know. I was just...

I was just trying to have a little fun.

That's all. It's no big deal.

But you're... you're okay? Everything's okay?



Of course. I'm... I'm great.

You're sure?


I promise.




(sighs deeply)

(folk music playing)

Marcus on phone: Are you gonna stop your daughter or not?

Charlotte: The hell I will.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

And you. You're her mother.

Maddie on phone: Every person in Rebecca's life turned their back on her, even me.

And I wish to God that I could go back and fix everything, but I can't.

Whether she hates me forever for that or not, I have to live with it.

But you people, you don't deserve Rebecca.




I'm sorry.
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