01x05 - Episode 5

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV miniseries "Thirteen". Aired 28 February to 27 March 2016.
"Thirteen" follows Ivy Moxam, a 26 year old woman, after her escape from being abducted at the age of 13 and held c*ptive in a cellar for the next 13 years.
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01x05 - Episode 5

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You had to move on.

I'm so sorry, Ivy.

We don't really know each other.

Not any more.

Hopes for finding Phoebe are dimming.

Let her go. Please don't hurt her.

So why take Phoebe?

Maybe he plans to hole up and create what he had with Ivy.

Or he isn't finished with Ivy yet.

He has a ten-year-old girl with him.

Dylan was a 30-year-old man and he was k*lled.

Phoebe doesn't stand a chance.

What is it now?

White called the station.

He'll only talk to you, Ivy.

Where is Phoebe?

I've missed you.

Meet me at three at Cabot Circus by the cinema.

Just us.

What about Phoebe?

If you don't come, I'll k*ll her.

How are you doing, Ivy?

I'm OK. I'm OK.

Head to the second-floor cinema.

When you get there, stay put.

We've eyes on you the whole time.

That's it, Ivy.

Keep going.

If you see anything that worries you, just let us know.

Promise us she'll be safe.

We've over 40 officers inside.

The minute we've got visuals on White, he'll be picked up.

I promise.

Sorry, love.

Well done, Ivy.

It's gone three and there's no sign of White.

I can do this. I can do this.

Ivy, just try and keep calm.

I really need you to stay put.

What's happening, Ivy?


I've lost eyes on you.

Speak to me, Ivy.



Let her go.

Ivy, say something so we know you're OK.

We've found her earpiece, but no Ivy.


What's she doing?


Somebody give me eyes on Ivy.


I'm a policeman, all right?

You're safe.

I've got Phoebe, but no sign of White.

Something's wrong.

What's wrong?

She should be back by now.

Tell us what's happening.

Does anyone have eyes on White?

No, nothing.

Move out of Cabot Circus.

Cut off arterial roads around the area.

Search the car parks, the side roads, anything.

They've lost Ivy.


Elliott, he's got her.

All units, we've Mark White in a blue van, registration number Oscar Victor 06 Zulu Lima X-Ray, heading north towards the M32.






Chris! Chris! Chris!

She's not here.

What are you doing?

Saving Ivy.

He's not stopping.

He will.

Move the car, Elliott.

Move the f*cking car, Elliott!




Talk to me.

Can either of you hear me?



Sir, it's the commissioner.

Look at me.

It's just us now.

You going to be a good girl?



You're hurt.

I'm fine.

We need to get out of there.

Master of understatement.


You can't move, can you?

The cavalry are here, they'll get me out.

You need to go to a hospital.

I'm not leaving you.

Lisa, don't be so stupid.

Me? Stupid?

After what you just pulled?

We're with the f*re Service.

Stay still. Don't move your neck.

You're getting yourself in a state.


Drink it.

Here. Let me help you.

They're crisps, Tim.

I think I can just about bear their weight.

You're pissed off, I get it.

No, I'm done with that.

You obviously need time to get your head around whatever it is you can't get your head around.

Please, Yazz, none of this has been fair on you.

But I want to make it up to you.

You're my wife and this is my home.

You've found my daughter. Where is she? I need to see her.

We're not just sitting here again.

We'll look for her ourselves.

But the police said...

The police can do their thing, but she's my daughter.

I gave up on her once.

I won't now.

Where's Tim?


It's Ivy.

Sir, they're ready for us.

You should take the lead in there.

Phoebe seems to like you.

I think she'd have been the same with anyone.

Just get her talking. Only she knows who White is.

Any joy with his van?

It's been found abandoned.

We'll find him, sir.

We will.

I'm so sorry I wasn't there.

Was that a nice rest?

Don't worry, they're not coming.

Thinking they're clever, finding things... things that weren't meant to be found.

But you know that, don't you, Alison?

That was...

He was ours.

You're hungry.

That's all, isn't it?

I am, too.

It's been a big day.

Some of us should drive, look for the van, some of us on foot - retrace our steps.

Hi, I'm so sorry...

You've got a car, yes?

We're going out to find Ivy.


By looking for her.

Tell us where you need us.

Emma, you've got a recent photo of Ivy, yes? Good.

Text that around. We ask people, show them Ivy's face, someone will have seen something.

Emma - you come with me. Craig - you take Christina.

No, I want to go with you.

Better if we split up - double our chances.

We'll be home soon.

All of us.

Your foot is smashed up pretty bad.



But she's...

They've got her under obs - head injury.

They won't let me see her.


We found a van by Lowman Bridge, CCTV showed White switching to a Vauxhall Vectra.

No sign since.

You've got to be more careful.

You'll hurt yourself.

What do actions have?


Excuse me, you haven't seen this girl, have you? Ivy Moxam?

No, sorry.

Sorry, mate.

If you could just remember that face, that was Ivy Moxam, yeah?

Can I just have five minutes..?

Hey, no. No, no, sorry.

Excuse me, you haven't seen this..?

Not right now.

Hi, I'm just wondering if I can stop you..? - Watch it! - Dickhead!

They wouldn't let me come see you.


I'm impressed.


How are you feeling?

I want to get back to the station.


You're my pit stop and then I'm there.

Call me with any news on Ivy.



I'm fine.

Can we get a nurse in here, please?

You're not meant to be in here.

She's not feeling well, maybe you should be more concerned by that.

Right, you, out now.

Take it easy, OK?

Get yourself better. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Bearing grapes and...

I don't want to have to do that again.

It's not nice for me.

Still no sighting of the suspect's Vauxhall Vectra. Over.

Thank you.

Excuse me, love, sorry to bother you. Ivy Moxam - have you seen her?

Ivy Moxam, she's gone missing...


Angus will be ringing any minute now to say he's found her.

Then we can get back to normal.

Come on.

What do you say?

Thank you.

Good girl.

You could... untie me.

You left me.

You made me a promise, after... that you'd never try again.

I treated you well - you had everything.

I was scared.

I went outside to find you.

To find me?

I needed you back.

But the police, they came and they...

I knew you wouldn't leave me.

I wouldn't.

I won't.


Yes, Alison?

My wrists hurt.

I deserve it.

Never give me a choice, do you?

Do you?


But, now you know I didn't run...

You can trust me.

You've been out there.

All those germs... all those people... spreading their lies.

I bet you feel a part of it.

Of their world.

Don't lie to me.

I can see it.

They've got in.

In there.

What did they say?

That I was... wrong?




She always says that.


I looked after you.

I kept you safe.

All of them out there, they're the ones that let you down.

You see, that's the thing - it's only me and you.

Only we know what happened.

Only we have all those years.

You can't ever really be a part of out there.

You'll always be different.

Then I want it to be how it was this last year.

Not like this.

I had to know I could trust you.

You can.

She's back.

She's back.

Would you like your reward?

Come here.

We can make our home just as it was.

Would you like that?

That's his van.

I don't know.

Wait here.


Dad! Dad!


Dad, please.

She's here, I know she is. Is he here? Are you hiding him?

What are you going on about?

This is his van! I know it is.

Listen, I think you'd better leave.

Is that her?

What are you on about? - I can hear her. - I'm warning you, mate...

You've got my daughter!

I'm warning you. Listen to me. Back off!

What the f*ck's wrong with you?

Oi, get rid of him, all right?

Dad, you're scaring me.

I'm calling Mum.

You've found her?

What are you up to now?


I get that you are not the accepting-help type, but while you're in here, you've got to learn to.

Take my arm and let's leave this, shall we?

No, no, in case my partner rings, I need...

You don't need anything but to take it easy.

I'm sure your boyfriend is on his way in now.

No, it's not like that.

I'm a detective.

Right now, you're just my patient.

Come on, love. That's lovely.

Anything from Phoebe?

Well, the poor girl's terrified - barely confirmed her name.

You don't look exactly match fit.

Who's in there with her now?

She's with medical and then we're to wait until Dr Young says we're OK to proceed.

We don't have that kind of time.

Yeah, I hear you.

How is Lisa doing?

Back to work soon.

You should be at the hospital.

Let me interview Phoebe.

Absolutely not, you're not going anywhere near her.

I know the case better than anyone.

Let me talk to Phoebe.

Save your cockup and once we know where Ivy is...

You'll be the one to save her?

I am not the only one who has made mistakes.

It's just like it was, isn't it?

Just you to get ready now.

In front of me.



But I don't... I don't have any...

My Alison.

This is pointless.

There are a number of leads we have on White's car and the police helicopter is still up in the air.

We are doing everything we can to find Ivy.

The best thing you can do is sit tight and, as I say, anything that should be done is being done.

You're full of shit.

Excuse me, Detective Inspector?

We should be in there right now with Phoebe and we shouldn't leave until we get some sort of a lead. That's doing everything.

Consider this your last warning.

Come here.

"Perfect takes time" - that's what you always said.



I want us to try again.

To start a family.


I'd like that.

A chance for us to start over.

Don't be scared.

It will be OK this time.

I know it will.

Let's get clean first.

Bath time.

I'll see what I can cobble together from the fridge.

Whatever hour they get home, they'll need food.

What you did was idiotic. You endangered yourself, our daughter...

I took charge.

I thought that's what you wanted, but now...

Stop, both of you! It's just like the first time.

And it didn't bring her back then, did it?

Eyes, or they'll sting.

Time to wash off.


I have to go.

I don't want to use it, I don't want to hurt you.

You are hurting me.

13 years!


Everyone out there has changed and I thought it was them - their fault - but it's yours.

It's time to let me go.

You can't.

We're starting a family.

Our baby'd be 3½ years now.

You cried for so long.

I wasn't sad.

I was there.

I saw you, I helped...

I was relieved!

To bring a baby into that place with you as a father - that is why I ran from you.

You don't mean that.

I'm a good man.

I would never hurt my baby, I'd never hurt you, I'd never hurt anyone. - What about Dylan? - I forgave you.

I know you didn't mean it, it was an accident.

You k*lled him.

But it was your fault.

It wasn't.

The only good part of you and you k*lled him.

All those years I spent hating myself, thinking my family would never forgive me.

That was a lie.

Your lie.

My mum - she forgives me.

She doesn't, she is tricking you.

But yours...

You'll never get her forgiveness.

Don't talk about her.

She has been d*ad for years and you pretended all that time!

Put the g*n down.


Put the g*n down.


It was never loaded.

You're meant to love me.

I'll grab another tea towel.

Shit, sorry.

Do you know what I think?

I don't think life is cruel enough to take any more from this family, from Ivy.

I think she'll be safe and home and get a chance to have her own life.


Thank you.

I bet you're better at drawing than me.

Is this about right?


Now what about outside the house?

What could you see out there?

Could you see trees or other buildings?

What about a bridge?

Or a church?



Could you draw it for me?

What's that? Is that a chimney?

DI Carne, a word.

I'm getting somewhere.

Phoebe's doing really well.

With more than a little persuasion.

Interview suspended.

Have you, erm, found her?

Not as yet, but we are hopeful.

Excuse us.

You've given me no choice, Elliott.

That's Purdown BT Tower.

The house is in Lockleaze.

Let whoever it is leave you a message.

Chasing up those grapes, are you, Lisa? I've good news.

I'm coming.

You're not going anywhere other than my office.

She was OK when I left her.


That is where Ivy is - Lockleaze.

Ivy is going to come back to us, I know she is.

But I can't do this on my own again.

Come here.

That's it.

Come on.

That's it.

It's everyone else... getting to you.

I know you don't mean it.

I know you love me.

Don't do that.

Then please let me go.


The police will be coming.

Elliott, he'll be coming.

It doesn't matter now.

Sir, Elliott was on the money with Lockleaze - the chopper's got White's Vectra there on Enville Drive.

We have a strong lead on Ivy's location.

We're despatching units as we speak.

Can you take us there?

We will be a proper family.

Mother, Dylan, our baby, me... you.

What do you mean?

Is she OK?

We've managed to stop the bleed, but she is still unconscious.

What does that mean? Is that good news, bad news, what?

It's wait-and-see news.

The brain, it's a complicated beast.

Do her family know?

You're the one she put down as the point of contact.

Why don't you come in and sit with her?

I've f*cked everything up.


Good girl.






Out Of The Black by Billie Marten
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