01x05 - Ghosts of Quitman

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Game of Silence". Aired April 12 - June 5, 2016.
"Game of Silence" revolves around a rising attorney, who finds his world is turned upside down when his long-lost childhood friends unexpectedly reappear after 25 years and thr*aten to expose a dark secret from their past.
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01x05 - Ghosts of Quitman

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Previously on Game of Silence...

I told you not to kick this rock.

Take another step, and this life you built, it's torched.

Get out of my office.

Jackson: The plan's back on.

I say we take the warden down, every son of a b*tch that hurt us.

(indistinct shouting)

All in.

All in.

So, is your new man someone from Darryl's g*ng?

Who is he?

His name's Marco.

(gasping) Oh, please...

Drop it, Terry. Now.

Winters: This wasn't our deal.

I can't watch you k*ll.

Terry: As long as you want your brother protected in prison, you will do whatever I ask.

Jackson: You need to forget about Red Tyson.

'Cause I k*lled him.

(g*n fires)

I sh*t him and I buried him; you won't find him.

I want in. If you guys are moving forward with this plan and putting yourselves at risk, then I want to help.

It's not your fight, baby; I don't want you involved.

Excuse me, ma'am? Can I help you?

I'd like to volunteer for Mr. Carroll's campaign.

I can´t just make sure that these numbers are still valid.



Hey. What's all this?

This is Holden v. Stockman Semiconductor, also known as the last 36 hours of my life.

Ah, that explains the late nights.


Sleep is for associates, right?

It's a wrongful termination case for a new client.

They fired their lawyers midstream.

They want us to take over.

That's why Aaron called the meet and greet?

We're trying to make an impression.

I wanted some partner-sized wattage.

This could be huge business.

So smile pretty and say smart stuff, okay?

I'll do my best.

Here we go.

Diana, these are my partners, Marina Nagle and Jackson Brooks.

Good morning.

Diana: Hello.

Jackson: Pleasure.


Let me tell you about this lady.

Diana is CEO of Stockman Ventures, third largest company in the Southwest.

Oil, gas, real estate, technology, they do it all.

She's also chair of the Petroleum Council, founder of an autism charity, and number ten on the Forbes list of top businesswomen in the country.

Did I leave anything out?

I'm also a member of Costco.


And there's that.

Marina, Aaron's told me all about you, and I just want to make sure that you're okay with all this.

I know it's very last-minute.

Totally up to speed and ready to go. I just need to sit with you for a while before we take the deposition this afternoon, if that's okay.

Well, I'm all yours. As long as there's coffee.

Well, it's great meeting you. I have a site inspection in Beaumont, so I'm gonna step out.

And leave you in these very capable hands.

Aaron: All right, then, I'll let you two get to it.

Can you make sure Ms. Stockman gets her coffee?

(laughing): Oh, I love it.

Cream and sugar, please, Aaron.

Go on, move along, now.


And you call me Diane.




What are you doing?

It's a long ride. I ain't sitting in the back seat.

Why should I sit in the back seat?


'Cause it's your turn.

Come on! Hey, hey!

Hey, morons, will you just get in?

g*n throwdown on three.

Ready? Come on. Come on.

No, let's settle...

One, two, three.

He's got rock. Get your ass in the back.

Let's go.

Look, I don't know what you think I can do.

You'll figure something out.

Witnesses get cold feet all the time.

Dooley's case is already with the DA. I can't make it go away.

I think you've got a short-term memory problem.

(wry chuckle)

Your brother's still doing time in Huntsville.

You don't do for me and I don't do for him.

Now, I got my lifer to take the fall for shanking that white boy, so... now it's your turn.

I want Dooley out of lockup.

If anything happens to Robby...

I've got eyes on him 24-7.

I'm protecting him, for now.

You don't cooperate, well...

...things can go down pretty fast in that yard.

So, we clear?

Dooley's out.

By tomorrow.

(engine starts)

Jackie, let me borrow ten dollars.

Yeah, what for?

Gift shop.

Buy myself a T-shirt, a mug or something.

I'd like to see that slogan.

How about "Quitman Youth Detention Center: Every Child Left Behind... All of 'em."



Hey, Gil, slow down.

What the hell is all this?

New Quitman... the private prison industry at work.

What happened to the old one?

Let's go see.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

This is crazy. Never thought I'd be breaking into this place.

There you have it. Problem solved.

Back in.


I-I shouldn't have brought us back here.

Yeah, maybe this wasn't the best idea.

What? Wait... What? Come on. We drove all the way out here.

Got to do what we got to do.

It's like Jackie said: We walk through everything that happened to Petey, step by step.

You know, we got Bobby's story, we got Amy's story.

See what fits and what doesn't.

It's the only way we're gonna figure this out.

Time's wasting.

(indistinct conversations)

That's for you, okay? Thanks.

This is so exciting.

I love it when the candidate comes in.

Yeah, I was beginning to wonder. I've been working here for, like, a week and I still haven't met him.

Oh, you'll love him. Ray Carroll is a wonderful man.

Ray: Hi, how are you?

Oh, here he comes.

Hi, how are you?

Mr. Carroll.

Burt! Looking good.

How you been?

Thank you, everyone, for all the hard work you're doing.

It really makes a difference.

Thank you.

Hi, Mr. Carroll, I'm Jessie.

Jessie, how you doing?

I really admire your...

Martha, this is, uh, what, third time, right?

That's right.

Terrific. Thank you so much.

Keep up the good work, everyone.

Really makes a difference. Thank you.

(lock buzzes)

How you doing, baby brother?

I'm good, I guess.

You put on some weight.

I don't think so.

Yeah. I can see it in your face.

You look healthy.

That's how you want the parole board to see you.

And you're clean?

You ask me that every time.

'Cause it's important.

We need to get you out of here.

I haven't used once.

Been to all my counseling sessions.

I'm straight, sis.

I'm straight.

I know you are.

It's just...

You need to hear it.

How's little Jay?

He's good.


Can't wait to see his daddy.

(laughs) Look at all that hair.

You're going to see him soon.

You got this today, Robby.

You are not the same person you were when you got here.

You're doing all the right things.

Be sure you say that, okay?


It's almost over.

For all of us.

This is your attendance record for the last year.

You missed a number of days of work. Is that a fair statement?

A few days, yes.

43 days. Is that "a few" to you?

I had doctor's appointments.

43 doctor's appointments?

Obviously they weren't all doctor's appointments.

So, well over a month of missed work.

And during that time, with all those absences, did your sales drop?

It was a slow year.

As director of outside sales for Stockman Semiconductor, you fell dramatically short of your revenue target.

Isn't that right?

Object to the characterization.

Well, I'm looking at three different performance reviews that say exactly that.

Did your sales drop by 40% or did they not?

It's a simple question.

(sighs) Yes.

I wasn't the first pregnant employee she's fired, you know.

There's a pattern here.

I'm only interested in one employee, ma'am. That's you.

I was lucky enough to meet my husband, get married and get pregnant all within the space of a year.

And that's when everything changed.

Suddenly, I'm out of the loop.

I'm not invited to the client events with the big boys anymore. Just frozen out.

She fired me because I got pregnant and she knows it.

This was personal for her.

She felt betrayed.

Everything was fine until...

You stopped doing your job.


Diana knows.

I had a boy, by the way.


...and what I'm saying is that immigration is an economic issue.

What good is it to create jobs if they go to citizens of a foreign country?

It makes no sense. So what we have to do is make sure that our jobs...

(whispering): That's Mrs. Carroll, right?

Okay, thank you.

Ray: And it's about American culture.

It's about preserving American culture, protecting us from all the elements out there...

Mrs. Carroll?

You look like you could use this.

Oh, thank you.

And maybe this.

Oh, aren't you an angel.

No telling how many hands I've shaken this morning.

Ray: ...we're a strong, powerful...

That is gorgeous suit, by the way.


St. John's?

It is.

I don't think we've met.

I'm Jessie.

Carol, but everyone calls me CeCe.

Well, it is so nice to finally meet you, and I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of your husband's campaign.

Well, I'm glad one of us is.

I'll just be happy when this thing is over.

(sighs) Sorry. Attitude.

Well, the wives don't get much credit, do they?

No, they don't.


So what do they have you doing, Jessie?

Oh, I stuff envelopes, work the phone banks, stock the fridge, all that kind of office stuff.


I just wish I could do more, you know?

Are you free this afternoon, sweetie?

Yes, ma'am.

We're doing a little VIP fund-raiser at the house, and I think we need to put you in front of some real live donors.

Ray: ...America for Americans.

(door creaks open)

(door creaks shut)

You smell that?


Rubbing alcohol.

Those were the showers Nurse Amy was talking about where they rinsed Petey off.


Poor kid. I can't even imagine.

You okay?

Spent a lot of time in this room.

Saw some awful stuff.


Shawn: What's weird, it's the only place I felt safe...

...'cause of Nurse Amy.

(lock buzzes, latch clicks)

I thought they gave you gloves after what happened to Petey.


Sorry. There you go.

Nice and snug.

Swallow these down, okay?

This is for the pain, and this'll help you sleep.


How's he doing?

He'll be okay.


I'm gonna need him on stump detail tomorrow, so...

Warden, No. This one's done.

Just leave him be.

Listen, if you ever need a safe place, you come see me.

I'll always be here for you.

(lock buzzes, latch clicks)

This'll be our little secret.

Don't ever say where you got these.

You know, those pills saved my life.

I used to trade 'em whenever I got into a tight spot.

Yeah, I remember those pills, too.

You used to hook me up with 'em.

Well, you needed 'em more than I did, bro.

Jackson: Mm...


Amy said they brought Petey in here to rinse him off.

Then Bobby pulled the van up outside.

That's... that's right here.

(tires squeal)

Look at this.

Nurse Amy said that she stepped out, they loaded Petey in, but they wouldn't let her in the van.

That's when Bobby took off.

(Petey crying)

It's best you stay here.

(engine starting)


Petey. No. Petey. Petey.

(tires squealing)


So check it out.

The van leaves through the sally port, which Amy saw, but then, according to Bobby, the van stopped right outside the gate, and the warden climbed in.

(tires screech)

Amy's standing right here. She must have seen it all.

What's your point?

My point is, she's lying to us, Shawnie.

No way.

Why would she do that?

To protect the warden.

She hates the man! You saw her.

If anything, she's afraid. The man's got her scared.

I know she's your friend, but that is too important a detail to leave out.

She didn't tell us that she saw the warden on purpose.

She's probably still working for him.

Just like Bobby was.

I've worked hard to take responsibility for my actions.

To be a better man and an example to my son.

I don't just want to pick up where I left off when I'm released.

I'm gonna go move in with my sister and get a job.

She's been helping me out, taking care of my baby boy. Look, sir, I'm ready. Promise.

Man: Mr. Winters, I have a report here stating that one-point-two ounces of cr*ck cocaine was found stuffed inside your mattress during cell check this morning.

What?! No. No.

No way!

Man: Obviously, possession of a controlled substance is a violation that prevents us from granting your request at this time.

No!, No! That, I did... That's not mine! I'm clean!

Man: Your parole is hereby denied. You're to be remanded back to your unit for the remainder of your sentence.

Liz, you got to believe me, I'm clean!

That is not mine! I swear to God that's not mine, Liz.

Man: Call the next case.

I really did envision Tammy as president one day.

It's just insult to injury that she, of all people, would file a lawsuit.

So it was personal?

Of course it's personal.

When I met Tammy, I saw a younger version of myself.

I spent time and energy grooming her for a leadership position, and she let me down.

There's nothing worse than having to f*re someone, especially when it's another woman.

(laughs): Yes.

You know, I have a philosophy, and it's pretty simple.

Women need to help women.

We need to raise each other up, and reach down the ladder when we can.

That is the only way this system changes.

I totally agree.

What about you?

You're a partner at your own firm.

Surely a woman reached a hand down to you?

Not a lot of women at the top.

That gets old, doesn't it?

Being the woman among the men?


Yeah, thank you.

My client, my treat.

(sighs deeply) I know it's the donations table, but with those legs, let's not have you sit.


I want you to mingle with the guests, swipe as many cards as they'll give you.

No clue how to use this.

Oh, I've used one before.

It's really easy.

Ah. Perfect.

And try to keep folks corralled into the living and dining rooms... they don't need to see our dirty laundry.

Of course.

Well, you keep a beautiful home, CeCe.

Oh, well, that's sweet of you to say, Jessie.

Only thing I would suggest... route as many people by the bar as possible.

More drinks means more money.

Excellent point. (laughs)

I'm gonna go check on the caterers, so you make yourself at home, okay?

I'll see you in a bit.

Woman: Hi.

♪ ♪
Man: Can I help you?


Hey, uh, I was just looking for the bathroom.

It's right there.

Thank you.

Who the hell do you think you are?!

I know what you did to Robby.

You had dr*gs planted in his cell so you could keep me in line?!

It doesn't matter.

This arrangement is over.

Yeah? I don't care who knows it.

I'm done with you, Terry!

Feel better now?

Got that out of your system?

This is my brother's life we're talking about.

It's just business, Detective.

Always protect your investment.

I got people in every lockup through South Texas who will do anything I say.

So you and me... we're together as long as I say we are.

I want Dooley out, and if you don't do it, next person who visits your brother in prison ain't gonna be some guard on the take.


You owe me a shirt.

You really think she's one of them?

At this point, I think we have to assume the worst.

Jackie, check it out.

♪ ♪

(muffled groaning)

Young Gil: Let me go!

You better stop fighting me, boy.

I don't like being embarrassed in front of my guests, young man.

I think he needs to learn how to cooperate!

I think you're right, Warden.

♪ ♪

(quiet, trembling breath)


You okay?


Shawn: What the hell is that?

Tornado shelter.

G, did they put you in there?

♪ ♪



(door slams shut)

Five days.

They were trying to break me.

I hope we have an understanding now.

All right, get him out of there.

Why didn't you tell us?




He's lucky he didn't die.

Hey, Shawnie, look.

(beep, click)

Gil wasn't the only one.

♪ ♪

Thanks, T.

Don't thank me.

Hope you're ready to work, Dooley.

What's this?

Job one. Need you to make a delivery for me.

After that... we'll discuss job two.

(engine revs, tires squeal)

Earlier today, you said, "It was personal," the reason why you were fired.

Because it was.

Okay. Let's talk about Diana Stockman's personal interest in you.

Didn't she pay off your student loans when you started at Stockman Semiconductor?


And didn't she cover your graduate school expenses so you could get a master's degree in business?

Well, to get to a senior sales level, you need a master's, so...

So Ms. Stockman paid for the graduate degree that allowed you to move up to a senior position?

Maybe that's why she was so upset I got pregnant, after all of that investment.

Or maybe it was your job performance.

(papers rustling)

One of your responsibilities was to bring in new clients, correct?


And wasn't it also your job to attend conferences, build relationships and create new leads for the business?

Of course. That's Sales 101.

Can you tell me what this is?

It's a list of leads.

Canned leads, right?

That you purchased off the Internet so you could look like you were doing your job.

Okay, so I took a shortcut.

Who hasn't bought leads at least once in their career?

I haven't.

Object to the sidebar.

Yes, I'm sure you will.


I told you I'd make my way back to you.

Did we get you topped off?

We did.

So, what do you say?

I knew I could count on you.

You look like a maximum kind of guy, Levi.

Can I put you down for the maximum?

You can put me down however you want to, sweetheart.


You throw a nice shindig, Ray.

Oh, that's all CeCe.

With the help of this little girl right here.

Isn't she something?

You keep her around, you're gonna go all the way to the White House.

I might just do that.

Jackson: So the warden takes off with Petey, he leaves Red behind... why would he do that?

They were joined at the hip.

Didn't Amy say that Red went back over to E block?

Oh, exactly. Why wouldn't he go to the guard station or back out to the field?

Maybe he was coming to get Petey's belongings, you know?

Destroy any evidence.

Petey lived in A block, right?


So why would Red go to E?

(girl screams in distance)

Dude! What are you doing?




...the walls, man!

Tag the walls!

Girl: Do it!



You think this is funny?


All right, get out of here.

You know where you are?!

Get out!

You know where you are?!

Get out.

Do you have any idea where you are?!

Get out.

Get out of here.

G... they're just stupid kids, man.

I don't know what happened here, Gil.

Nobody does.

This is just an old shell of a building that... doesn't mean anything to anyone.

Except us.

♪ ♪

(crickets chirping)

(lock buzzes, latch clicks)

Come on, Gil.

Take me instead. Please.

Warden doesn't want you, Jackie boy.

(crying quietly)

♪ ♪

(train whistle bl*wing in distance)

(train wheels clacking)

♪ ♪

(lock buzzes)

(latch clicks)

(door closes)


(lock buzzes, latch clicks)

(door closes)

(whispers): Gil.


Let's get out of here.

Well, there's the mailboxes, just like Bobby said.

Ah, see? I told you guys he was telling the truth.

So this is it, then... this is the last place we can track Petey to.

I mean, the warden could've taken him a hundred different directions from here.

(train slowing, wheels clacking)

(train brakes hiss, squeak)

What? What's wrong?

The train never used to stop here before.

(men chattering in distance)

(truck reversing, alarm beeping)


(indistinct shout, man whistles)

(beeping continues)

Man: Let's go. Come on.

Shawn: That's the field where we cleared all the stumps.

I know.

So they could put up a bunch of... warehouses?

What's that about?


Listen, thanks for doing this.

I'm on the board, so, at some point, we're gonna have to mingle.

So, how long have you and Jackson been engaged?

Not that long, actually.

Is it that obvious?

It's not obvious.

But that small planet on your finger suggests that you are engaged to someone.

Are you married?

I was once.

Only once.

And honestly, it was a mistake.

I don't think I'd be where I am today if I was still with him.

Really? Why?

We worked together.

And some people can do that well.


But our careers... they took different paths.

He did not handle it well.

Mm. I've seen that before.

Men can be very defensive if they're not secure.

Well, lucky for him, I didn't ask for a prenup.

So he did very well for himself.

Anyway, don't get me wrong, I'd love to have had a successful marriage...

'cause I don't like to fail at anything.

I'm sorry.

I'm not.

Women say "I'm sorry" too much, don't you think?

Actually, yes.

Enough talk about my ex-husband. Come on.

I want to show you off.


Okay. (chuckles)


Ah, what a great night.

If this doesn't call for some bubbly, I don't know what does.

Hm. Shouldn't we toast with Ray?


We'll just be waiting forever.

He's always off doing something campaign-y, bless his heart.

It never ends.


To you.

(chuckles) I don't think we've ever raised this much money in a single event.

Well, you throw a lovely party, CeCe.



You know, I might just take this up to the bathtub.

You do that. I'm gonna grab this stuff and get out of your hair.

Thank you, Jessie.

You were terrific.

You're welcome.



(motorcycle arrives, turns off engine)

One of these men ended your husband's life.

It's just a matter of time till we find out which one.

(crickets chirping)

(motorcycle engine starts)


(clicking repeatedly)

Hey. Welcome back, bro.

Good to see you, bro.

Time for job two.

7-7s moved in on your territory while you were gone.

You're taking it back tonight.

(crickets chirping, indistinct chatter in distance)

It's sl*ve labor, man.

It can't be just for the prison.

No, it's run by CSA now.

First with the stumps. Now who knows what it is?

They can contract these kids out to whoever they want.

(engine rumbling)

(reverse alarm beeping)

Oh, my God.

Bausch Nursery.

As in Terry Bausch? Quitman Terry?

Yeah. What the hell are his vans doing out here?

No idea. But I'm guessing it's not cow crap in those bags.

Guard: Hey!

Can I help you?

No, sir. No, sir. We're good.

This is private property.



Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What the hell are you guys doing? Hey!

(engine shuts off)



Jessie: This is the same guy in the mug sh*ts Detective Winters showed Annie.

Same red hair. Same stupid face.

Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, can we just... back up here a second?

What the hell are you doing at a Ray Carroll fund-raiser?

I'm volunteering at his campaign.


I told you, I'm a part of this, too.

I want to help, see what I can find out.

I can get close to Carroll.

Already have.

I don't want you anywhere near the warden! What are you...

Look, I saw this guy handing Carroll an envelope, so I followed him.

You followed him?!

Yes, I followed him.

To some gardening place.

Bausch Nursery.


This guy's working for Terry, playing courier between him and the warden, and he was in the same cellblock as Boots.

That is not a coincidence.

This is the guy that shanked Boots. Has to be.

Jackson: Right.

Gil: Listen to me, this is over. It's done.

Listen, I don't want you anywhere near Warden Carroll!

Gil, it's not done.

Well, if it involves that prick, it is!

It's not up to you!

Gil's right, Jess.

No, he's-he's not.

What's that?

The warden knows us.

He doesn't know Jessie. She can help us.

She has a right to help us.

And we need to take advantage of it.




Hey, Jessie... hey, you want to do this, all right, he's got a point... you have to be careful.

I know. I will.

But we need answers, right?

Yeah. We do.

(crying quietly)

Oh, honey.

I'm sorry.

I can't believe that Robby's using again either.

How many chances does he think he's gonna get?

Robby is that baby's daddy.

He'll get his act together.

There's nothing you can do to help your brother, if he won't help himself.

It's not on you, Liz.

Don't b*at yourself up.


The size of that corporation.

Did you know that Diana runs eight different tech companies alone? And she took me to a party tonight at the modern art museum. And she's been on the board forever. I just... I don't think I've ever met someone so accomplished.

Well, she certainly looks great for her age.



That's your takeaway?

It-It's a compliment.

Diana Stockman is a wildly successful CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation.

A CEO who could make our firm a lot of money.

I know. (sighs) I get it. I'm...


Did you just get out of the shower?

Yeah. Yeah, I had a late run.

I did you a favor, trust me.

So, how did the, uh... how did the deposition go?

I made a great impression.


And... I should probably put in a few more hours on my motion to compel.

I'm gonna go back to the office.

Marina, don't.

Why not?

You do it all the time.

♪ Let's go, girl, let me see you twerk that ♪
♪ Let's go, girl, let me see ♪

(indistinct conversation)

♪ You twerk that, let's go, girl ♪
♪ Let me see you twerk that ♪

(engine rumbling)

(tires screech)


(music stops)

(tires screech, engine revs)

(crickets chirping)

(dog barking in distance)



You sure this is okay?

After today, I just kind of needed to talk.

Me, too.

(wry laugh)

He wouldn't talk to you at all?

Said there was nothing to talk about.

There's not a lot of middle ground with Gil, is there?

No. (chuckles)

No, not really.

He'll come around.

He loves you, Jessie.

I know.

He was just really upset with me, like he's never been before.

I just worry what this is gonna do to him... dredging up the past.

What it's gonna do to all of us.

How it's gonna end.

It's gonna end the way we want it to.

'Cause we're the ones who are gonna end it.
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