01x06 - Into the Black

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Game of Silence". Aired April 12 - June 5, 2016.
"Game of Silence" revolves around a rising attorney, who finds his world is turned upside down when his long-lost childhood friends unexpectedly reappear after 25 years and threaten to expose a dark secret from their past.
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01x06 - Into the Black

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Previously on Game of Silence...

Good morning.

Diana is CEO of Stockman Ventures.

Marina: We're trying to make an impression.

This could be huge business.

I wasn't the first pregnant employee she's fired, you know?

There's a pattern here.

Gil: What the hell is all this?

Jackson: New Quitman.

The private prison industry at work.

They can contract these kids out to whoever they want.

Bausch Nursery.

As in Terry Bausch, Quitman Terry?

Hi, Mr. Carroll. I'm Jessie.

What the hell are you doing at a Ray Carroll fund-raiser?

I'm volunteering at his campaign.

I want to help.

Saw this guy handing Carroll an envelope.

This guy's working for Terry, playing courier between him and the warden.

This is the guy that shanked Boots.

Has to be.

Winters: Dooley's case is already with the DA.

I can't make it go away.

Your brother's still doing time in Huntsville.

You don't do for me, and I don't do for him.

I want Dooley out of lockup.


I just kind of needed to talk.

Me, too.

♪ ♪


What's this?

I love you.

Very much.

I love you, too, baby.

♪ Produce and canned goods ♪
♪ We getting dough like the cake that your gram cooked ♪
♪ Onstage, they treat me like a celebrity ♪
♪ First place ♪
♪ Don't come in second, the letter B ♪
♪ Like Paul and them ♪
♪ I tell them, "Let it be"... ♪

Oh, hell no.


It ain't right.

You shouldn't have to sell this place.

Yeah, well, I don't have a choice, Shawn.

Boots didn't have life insurance.

We could barely keep up with the payments in the first place.

I can't do it on my own.

Annie, this is where you belong, okay?

Wasn't but a month ago, Boots was talking about bl*wing that back wall out for a second bedroom.

He had big plans for this place.

Yeah, well, I had plans, too.

None of which included being a widow at age 36.


(baby fusses)

It's okay. Come here, come here.


Come on!


Hey, the, uh, peacock chairs are up for grabs, too.

What are you not getting rid of?

She's letting me keep the cow rug.

Oh, at least she's got some taste.


Shawn: What happens when you break up and your broke ass is left sleeping on the floor?

That's not gonna happen, 'cause, uh... we're getting married.

I asked her last night.

Whoa, whoa, h-hold... You did what?

Guys, when you know, you know.

You do understand this is it.

I mean, from here on out, you're done, man.

Listen, uh, Annie's cool, uh, but it's not about her.

Why are you gonna chain yourself to one vag*na for the rest of your life?

'Cause I'm tired of running around.

I'm ready.

Look, I-I want kids and a family, and I want it with her.

All right, if you're happy, we're happy. It's just...


We didn't think we were gonna lose you first.

Guys, hey.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.


Hey, I'm not dying.

What? I'm just getting married. Come on!

All right, if you insist on ruining your life, then I'm gonna make sure you go out swinging.


I'm taking point on the bachelor party.

All right.


To the future Mrs. Gary Nolan.

God help her.


So are you gonna talk about this?

It's pretty simple, I don't want you working for Ray Carroll.

It's too dangerous.

I'm one of 32 volunteers at that office.

Besides, he has no idea who I am.

Not yet, he doesn't.

What happens when he figures it out though? He won't.

I know what I'm doing.

You have to trust me.

Shawn and Jackson don't seem to have a problem with it.

You don't come home to them, you come home to me.

I'm sorry, but I don't plan on quitting.

If you loved me, you would.

(phone ringing)

What is it, Mom?


No, just stay there.

Yeah, I'm on my way.


What's going on?

Alice Ann is at a bar.

Well, it's after 8:00.

At a bar in Houston.

Hey, Jessie, this conversation isn't over.

I know.

(door slams shut)

Obviously the warehouses are connected to Quitman, 'cause they're using inmate labor.

The question is: what were Terry's trucks doing there?

Well, maybe he's running dr*gs into the prison, bigger version of 25 years ago.

Jackson: Yeah, maybe. We need to divvy this up.

I'm gonna look into New Quitman. You guys stake out Bausch Nursery.

Y'all missing the headline here.

This... is what we need to be focused on.

This dude k*lled our brother Boots, and we know he's out now.

Finding him should be first up, period.


I know people.

I got my ways.

Jackson: All right, you find him... then what, Shawnie?

Now we don't need another Bobby Marks on our hands.

I ain't about k*lling nobody.

Not personally.

But there's a whole lot of ways a man can wind up d*ad.

You feel me?

All right, Shawnie.

I know you want him to pay, we all do, but the best way to get justice for Boots is to nail Terry.

Now, we take him down, they all fall!

Jackie, why are you...

We do this wrong, we're in prison.

You're the one calling for a stakeout.

I did, but that is observation only.

And I mean it.

All right? Whatever this is, whatever you're feeling, I don't want you to...

I heard you.


Jackson: All right.

♪ Hopin' to find a friend and a lover... ♪

Seven bucks for a Jack and Coke.

(laughs) I friggin' hate Houston.

The traffic, the noise, the minorities.

Not you, sweetie, you're one of the good ones.



What's going on?

Me and Billy are on the outs.

Which one's Billy again?

Caught him with the neighbor.

Says he's in love.

We got into it; it got ugly.

Did he touch you?

Not this time.

I ain't goin' back, no matter how much he begs.

So what's your plan?

Thought I'd crash with my girl Ellen.

Okay, so then why'd you call me?

She ain't answering the door.

Probably got a job or something.

♪ Oh, you lookin' for love ♪

Do you want to stay with me and Gil, Mom?

Well... don't want to barge in without permission.

♪ Too many faces... ♪

How much longer are we gonna do this for?

Till we see something.

Hey, you know what's happening here, right?

It's not a stakeout, it's a time-out.

Jackie's got you on a stool in the corner with me.

He's just looking out for us. That's what he does.

Gil: Screw this. I say we bail and go find a bar, get hammer...

Hold on.

Does that look like the same bike to you?

Could be.

Hey-hey, whoa- whoa-whoa-whoa.

What happened to "observation only"?

I am observing, up close.

All right, well, I'll come with you.

No, no, no. G, we don't want to attract attention. You hold tight here.

I got this.


♪ ♪
♪ ♪

Terry: Excuse me.

Can I help you?

Uh... hey, I got a quick question.

Is this your bike out here?

No, afraid not.

You know who the owner is?

Can't say that I do. Never seen it before.

You looking for anything in particular.

No. No, I think I got... exactly what I need.

See you around, boss.

(horn honks in distance)

(phone ringing)

Okay, who here has a client doing time in Quitman?

Christina, can I see you in my office, please?


Man: He used to come in all the time.

Dooley. Don't know his first name.

Has he come around the club lately?

Not since he got thrown into county a few months ago.

I got a buddy doing time for possession.

Told me the crazy bastard shanked some guy inside.

Who'd he k*ll?

No idea.

Supposedly Terry Bausch ordered the h*t.

We know this guy Dooley is out.

I need to know where to find him.

Good luck.

Galvan's looking for him, too.

Galvan Robles? Used to run with the 7-7's?

He's top dog now.

Dooley wasn't out 24 hours before he took out one of Galvan's stash houses and three of his boys.

So he's laying low.

Wouldn't you?

Not after three months of lockup.

Lot of pretty girls in here.

Which one is his favorite?

That one.

♪ ♪

Shawn: Kandee.

Gil: You know her?

Yeah. So do you.



Boots' bachelor party.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sh*ts.

No, no, no!

(loud music playing)



(loud music playing)

(glass shatters)


(whoops, shouts)

♪ ♪

Ladies and gentleman!

Let's have a moment of silence to mourn the death of this good man's penis!

Yes, everybody, I'm talking about my brother man Boots, who's taking the big plunge and getting married way before his prime.

Here to give him a sweet taste of what he'll be missing.

Let's give it up for Miss Kandee.

(crowd cheering)

Out of every ten of these we send, how many do you think wind up in the trash?

Oh, about nine.

(chuckles) I-I'm sorry.

We were just...

No, it's okay.

I've been in the game long enough to know that mailers don't win elections.

Am I right, Martha?

I actually enjoy this.

Well, and you, little lady, I have plans for you.

We have another fund-raiser tonight.

Ton of money in the room. Some big game.

What's on your schedule for today?

Uh, just a few hundred more envelopes and a couple hours at the phone bank.

Not anymore. You're coming with me.

(quietly): Go.


Jackson Brooks to see Nate Whitehead.

I'm his lawyer.

(clears his throat)

Thank you.

Nate Whitehead, please?

Guard: Open visitor admit!

(lock buzzes, latch clicks)

(door opens, closes)

I want to hear about the work details.

What kind of things do they make you do?

Well, we had to help clean up the oil spill last year.

Which sucked.

Sometimes we cut weeds on the highway.

What about the, uh, the warehouses behind Quitman?

What do you do there?

What does this have to do with my case?

Okay, Nate, if there's anything illegal happening in those warehouses, Christina and I might be able to use that to get you out of here.

We just unload boxes.

Shirts and shoes.

Junk like that.

What about the Bausch Nursery trucks?

I don't work on those.

Why not?

The trustees handle them.

And why are the trustees allowed to touch them and not you?

I don't know! Ask the guards.

All right, I want you to listen to me.

That nursery's owned by a drug dealer.

And we suspect that those warehouses are tied to his business, but what I can't do with a suspicion is take it to the police and use that as probable cause to look into those shipments.

So I need something specific.

Something you've actually seen.

I don't want to get in trouble.

You don't know what it's like in here.

Actually, Nate, I do.

You don't have to be afraid.

Everything you tell me is confidential.

It's all attorney/client privilege and no one will ever know, okay?


There was this one time.

The train came in and they were moving the bags, and... and one got dropped.

It spilled and the stuff that came out, it, it wasn't fertilizer.

It was bricks wrapped up like... like cocaine.

How often do these shipments come in?

Twice a week.

Mondays and Wednesdays.

Wednesdays as in today?


Usually late afternoon.

Marina: So, I was in Dallas yesterday interviewing our field office manager.

You worked with Kurt Hayley, correct?

Oh, no, we're not here to answer more questions.

You said you wanted to talk settlement.

So, is there an offer or not?


We're offering not to pursue our defense if you drop your case.

We drove all the way over here for this?

We know about David Such, Ms. Holden.


Married father of four.

Deacon in his church.

Resident of Plano, Texas.

Your client is having an affair with him.

You bitch.

Tammy, don't say anything.

Even if it's true, it's absolutely irrelevant to the claims in this case.

Not true.

We have eight instances so far where your client claims she was at work, when she was apparently with Mr. Such.

If she lied about her whereabouts, we're entitled to explore that by taking Mr. Such's deposition.

Or you can drop the case.

We will sign this release form, keeping it all confidential.

No one will ever have to know.

Gil: I'll tell you what, she better be charging a premium for all that effort she's putting in.

It's got to be Dooley's, right?

I mean, unless she's turnin' tricks with Bigfoot, I'd say it's a lock.


(door opens)


We got him.

(door closes)

(exhales) Still got the g*n in the truck?

You sure you want to know?

G... the guy in that house k*lled Boots.

Well, what is it?

You telling me you want to do something here, with Stripper-gram still inside?


All right, you know what? We wait.

Hang back until she leaves.

(phone rings)

(phone beeps on)

What's up, Jackie?

We were right. It's all connected.

The warehouses, prison labor, Terry.

That's how he gets his coke into the country.

How-how do you know?

I talked to a kid inside. He saw it for himself.

He brings it in by train in fertilizer bags, and there is a huge shipment coming in today.

I had to go ten rounds with the DEA, but I got 'em on board.

They're fast-tracking a move as we speak.

I'm on my way now to be there when it happens.

Slow down. When what happens?

The DEA's raiding the warehouse.

When that shipment comes in, we have Terry d*ad to rights.

This is huge. We're about to put Terry away.

This is everything we've been working towards.

Not-not everything.

We found Dooley.


The redheaded prick who shanked Boots.

We got eyes on him right now.

Well done. But, no, you have to stand down.

Why? For... What for?

We can't risk him seeing you.

It might alert Terry that he's being watched.

Shawn: Jackie, it took some doing to find this guy, man.

We might lose him again.

Doesn't matter, Shawnie.

Not when we're this close to blindsiding Terry.

So we're supposed to just let him walk?

No one's walking.

When Terry falls, Dooley goes with him.

We just have to sit back and watch it happen.

It's out of our hands now.

Congrats, boys. That's one down.

All right, copy that.

All right, I'm gonna call you when the dust settles. See you later.

(phone beeps off)

Hey, listen.

Whatever you want to do, just know I'm with you.

Let's get out of here.

(starts engine)
Man (on TV): That's why he called me over to the hospital.

Alice Ann!

(chuckles) Oh, hell.

Oh, good. I see you found the bourbon.

Mm. And I see you are getting a little soft in the middle.

Oh, well, what can I say, life's been good.

I see you're keeping it tight though.


Wh-What's the secret?

Cigarettes and Kegels.

I should write a book.

(both chuckle)

Hey, so, where's Jessie?

Said she was going to work, last I saw her.

Oh, yeah?

I just stopped by the cafe.

They said they hadn't seen her all day.

Maybe she's running out on your ass.


Ray: Hopper's playing hard to get.

He agrees with me on policy, but he's stalling.

He's always slow to write a check.

That's why we're bringing Jessie here.


Can't catch bear with a bulldog.

Hang on. We're flying to Austin?


The mayor's hosting a little get-together.

It's a short hop.

(phone ringing)


You need to take that?

Sorry. No.

Here we go.

How'd my assistant do?

Well, I was wondering where all those donations I've been raising go.


All right, come on.

If we hurry, we might have time to h*t my favorite barbecue place before the party.

Have a good trip.

Wait a minute, you're not coming with us?

No, the boss wants you all to himself.

Don't worry. I'll get you home before bedtime.

(indistinct chatter, phones ringing)

I'm looking for Jessie West.

And you are?

Her boyfriend. I need to talk to her.

She's with the candidate right now.

Come again?

At a fund-raiser in Austin. They'll be back later tonight.

Hang on.

Jessie's in Austin with Ray Carroll?

Are they alone?


He really likes her.

That's quite a gal you have there.

Uh, here's what's gonna happen... Martha.

You need to tell me exactly where this thing is taking place right now.

Well, it's a private event, and I'm not sure...

Martha, come on, listen, if you can't tell me, then just point me in the direction of someone who can.

Uh, I-I don't even know...

Hey! Hey, hey! Who can tell me where this fund-raiser's taking place?

Excuse me, sir.

Some kind of problem here?

There's no problem.

♪ ♪

¿Qué tal?

¿Qué tal?

¿Quieres la blanca?

No, I ain't buying nothin'.

Quiero hablar con tu jefe.

Hey. Hey, bro.

I want to talk to your boss.

I want to talk to Galvan.

I got some 411 for him that's legit.

Real talk.

I never heard of no Galvan, puto.


Tell him I know where he can find a guy named Dooley.


Oh, he's gonna talk to me now.

No games, nothin'.

I'm-a post up right here, waitin', as long as it takes.

(indistinct conversation)

♪ ♪

(whooping, cheering)

Shawn: Make this quick.

Glad I caught you, man. My girl promised her whole sorority they were gonna get turnt up this weekend.

I don't hook her up, she ain't giving me nothing for months.

Hey, whatever, man, $200.

All they gave me was $150.

Look, I ain't got time for your nonsense.

$200... take it or leave it.

Roland, you got to meet Jessie West.

Jessie here is the reason we're gonna win this thing. She is our finest volunteer.

Committed, passionate, smart as a whip.

So, you must really be into Ray's policies.

Oh, when there's an open bar, of course.



You know, Roland's daddy was one of the first men to pull natural gas out of the Pecos fields. Now they have a string of shopping centers and car dealerships all over the state.

You're burying the lead. If I'm not mistaken, you underwrote the new cancer clinic at Tech, right?

Oh, was that us?


I can never track of what buildings have our name on 'em in this world.

So... where are you from, Jessie?

To an excellent settlement.

To many more.

Look, um, we have a slick PowerPoint presentation ready and we're more than prepared to give you a full dog and pony show, but I feel like we're friendly enough to drop the pretense.

We want your business.

All of it.

I have to ask... if Tammy hadn't dropped the case, were you really going to depose her lover?

Honestly, I doubt it would have come to that.

It could have.

Were you really willing to go that far?

To damage two innocent families?

Well, obviously, I would have discussed it with you first and decided how we wanted to move forward.

But, bottom line, our priority lies with the client and doing whatever it takes to win their case.

What's this?

Closing documents on an A building that we're buying in Phoenix.

Litigation's one thing, but I'm looking for a full-service firm.

(sighs) This is one long audition.


Well, it's an important hire.

Can you stay for dinner?

You mean now?


I hate to eat alone.

I can have my guy whip up something.


No, that... that sounds great.

Let's do it.


I'm sorry, sir, we're closing down.

Oh, I'm sure we could squeeze in a couple more.

How about two of whatever you got in that bottle right there?

Thank you.

Why stop now, right?

Thank you.

I've seen you making your rounds, and you can relax.

Ray already has my check.

Wow, if only everybody was this easy.


But don't confuse me with these other suckers.

Unlike them, I know what my money's buying.

So... long-time supporter?

25 years.

He likes you.


I can tell by the way he looks at you.

He's, uh, how we say... invested.

I'm not really sure what you mean by that, but to be clear: I am just a volunteer.

And you seem like a nice girl, but do yourself a favor, don't get too comfortable.

You make one mistake around Ray Carroll, he never lets you forget.

(footsteps approach)

You don't mind me stealing her away for a minute, do you, Jud?

Whatever you say, Ray.

It's your night.

We got this. Wait back here.

DEA! Everybody on the ground!

DEA! On the ground!

On the ground, now!


Right there!

Just like that!

Back, get back.

Move away, move away!

Don't move.

Go ahead, start another.

Code 4. Code 4, nothing here.

What happened?

Your informant sucks is what happened.

Either he lied or somebody knew we were coming.

No, that's not possible.

Yeah? Take a look around.

(car approaches)

That's him.

What you want with Galvan?

I need a face-to-face.

He don't do appointments.

What about Cesar Cruz? Ramon Delgado?

How them names ringing out to you?

Cesar... big homey's cousin, right?

Eso familia.

Well, I know who murked him out.

And I know where to find him.

Find who?

Terry Bausch's goon. Guy named Dooley.

Look, the rest I say to Galvan, and Galvan only, you feel me?


(tires squealing)

You come to my territory, throw my name around.

I don't even know you.

And you expected... what?



You're right. Respect.

Look, I get who you are and I ain't trying to come at you sideways, man.

I-I ain't a part of your w*r. And I ain't po-po, I'm just trying to tell you what you need to know.

Other than that, I'm nothing to you.

Exactly, which is why it means nothing if you die.

You can't say the same thing for Dooley.

He's hiding at a house about 20 miles from here.

Middle of nowhere.

Got nobody with him... no g*ons, nothing.

How do I know I'm not walking into anything, huh?

Honestly, you don't.

But y'all the ones with the g*n.

You believe what you want. All I'm saying is I want him d*ad just as much as you do.


'Cause he k*lled my homey.

And I'm gonna pay him back for that.

Take him to the house.

If he's lying... (clicks tongue)

...k*ll him.

Hold on, like, now?

I-I... I can't guarantee that he's there right now.

What if he ain't?

You better pray he is, carnal.

(alarm beeping)


Oh, come on.

(laughs) These... stupid thing.

(beeping stops)

Go knock.

Why me?

I'm with y'all, but I ain't, like, with y'all.



I'm gonna need a burner.

No. Just you.

Dude answers, what... what am I supposed to say?





What do you want?

Have you heard the good news?


My name's Jermaine and I'm one Jehovah's Witnesses, and I'm here to bring you some good news, brother...

How did you get out here?

Well, if this is a bad time, I can always come back another time.

Get in the house.



(g*n stop)

(hinges creaking)

(soft grunting, moaning)

Didn't know who you was messing with, did you?



Something you should know.

The guy you shanked in prison, his name was Boots.

He was my best friend.

Hundred times the man you ever were.


Now go ahead and die.


(crickets chirping)

Marina: Hi. Sorry.

Is Jessie here?

You a friend?

Yeah, I'm Marina. Is she inside?

No, but she'll be home soon.

You're welcome to wait if you want.

I could use the company.

I'm her mama.

Alice Ann.

Sit, have a drink.

Oh, no, you don't have to do that.

It's okay.

Who's the lucky fella?

I'm sorry?

That rock on your finger.

You gettin' married or did the divorce go well?

No. Um...

Yeah, I'm engaged.

To a lawyer. His name is Jackson Brooks.

Jackson Brooks?

Son of a bitch.

You know him.

He's a lawyer?

Yeah. We both are.


Well... (chuckles) that's a long way from Quitman.


Juvenile detention.

Yeah. I, um... I know what it is.

You didn't know he went there.

(chuckles) Figures.

You wouldn't have slid that ring on your finger if you knew half the things I do.

What things?

(crickets chirping)

Good God.

I told you.

You had it coming.

Yeah, he did.

And I made sure he knew it, too.


This is crazy. We should probably get going.


Hey, you okay?

How much you think that is?

That's more than Boots made in a year.


Damn straight. Get it all.

Come on.

I got you.


(dog barking in distance)

Where the hell have you been?

That's funny. I could ask you the same thing.

Well, I heard about what you did down at the campaign. Are you kidding me?

I went down there looking for you, Jessie!

You didn't tell me you were gonna be in Austin with Ray Carroll, alone!

Because I didn't know!

It was last minute.

All right, well, we talked about this, and I told you I don't want you working there.

Did we? Because I just remember you telling me what I can and can't do.

Jessie, you don't understand. I know this guy!

Do you seriously think he's not gonna find out who you are?!

No, I don't.

He's the warden!

He finds out everything!

And what happens when he does?

What happens when I'm not there to protect you?

I get that you are trying to protect me, okay?

And I love you for that.

But you can't tell me everything that happened and then not let me help you. It's not fair.

You think this is helping?

Yes, I do.

And I'm not gonna sit around and do nothing.

I'm-I'm on your side, Gil.

So wh-why are you pushing me away?

I love you, Jessie, but you have no idea what I'm going through.

How can you even say that?

I have stood by you through all of this.

You seriously don't think I understand what you're going through?

If you understood, then you would stop.

'Cause that's what I need.

To not worry about what he might do to you.

If you don't get that, then you don't understand me at all.


Because I never, ever have to worry about you.

What is that?

It's nothing.


I don't want to talk to you!

(turns off engine)


Boots: That was a hell of a party.

(Boots chuckles)

Yeah, well, you know me. It's what I do.

You know I've got to ask, right?

Oh, man. It was just a little Molly, all right?

Nothin' to worry about.

Well, it started off at Quitman as nothing, too.

Quitman was Quitman.

That was about surviving.

I ain't hurting nobody out here.

Just doing a little something to get by.

Maybe... maybe it's time to start thinking about more than just getting by.

What, like you do?

Settle for taking whatever crap jobs just 'cause they're hiring?

Settle for some girl just 'cause she's there?

Um, I didn't... I didn't mean that. All right?

Look, I'm not saying that my way's the only way.

But I love Annie.

I'm lucky to have her.

At some point, I just want you to have something that you can come home to.

Something that stops you from going to that place.

What place?

The place where you think that you got nothing to lose.

You want to go back to jail?

Come on, Boots. Man, you know me.

You know me better than that. I... never stepped into something I can't handle.

You're getting damn close.

This comes easy to me, all right?

That's just an excuse.

You're not a drug dealer, Shawnie.

Look at me.

Cut it out.

(alarm beeps, lock clicks)



(door closes)

So, listen, I've been thinkin'.

I want to help out.


I know Boots would've wanted you to be happy and safe, so... (exhales)

I'm helping out.

Don't know exactly how yet but... you don't have to sell.

This is your home.

Marina: Nothing more that you want to add to that?

Jackson: I am telling you everything.

I was 14 when we were sentenced.

We each got nine months, we did our time, and then we got out. That is it.

All right? What-what else do you want to know?

Why didn't you ever tell me?

Because it was 25 years ago. That... Because that has nothing to do with who I am today!

Well, how would I know?!

Do you know how stupid I felt hearing this for the first time from a complete stranger?

Screw Alice Ann.

She's just a drunk!

Who knows more about you than I do!

Why don't we just add her to the list, huh?


No, I mean it. When we were in Brennan, everybody knew except me, right?

"Poor Marina. But we can't tell her the truth, because she's not one of us."

Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I don't walk around just telling people about...

I am not people!

I am gonna be your wife, for God's sake!

So what else are you keeping from me?!



10:17, two nights ago.

I was at the office, and you said that you turned in early.

So why didn't you tell me that she came here?

She just... she wanted to talk.

About what?

About... nothing.

About... stupid childhood stuff. It's-it's...

This is... not a big deal.

You need to get out.


I am done with the fighting!

I am done with this lying!

Okay, Marina, don't...

I deserve the truth, and until you can give that to me, we can't be together.


Just get out!
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