01x12 - What Took so Long?

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "The Family". Aired March 3, 2016 to May 15, 2016.
"The Family" follows the return of the mayor's son, who was presumed m*rder after disappearing over a decade ago.
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01x12 - What Took so Long?

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Previously on "The Family"...

That's a Windsor knot.

I had a 2-year-old. They took him and put him in the foster system.

What was his name?


Gus, it worked. I got the mom.

Dr. Kleiner: Just wanted to let you know that you missed your hormone injection today.

Once the drug's out of your system, the urges will resurface.

Where's Agent Clements?

I don't know.

What did you do with him?


What did you do with him?

You have to make them stop looking for you.

Did you hurt my brother?!


I'll give you the money back... the $10,000.

Is that what my brother's life is worth?

Is that him?

No. It's not him.

Let him take another look.

We know that he's been wrong before.

Why did he lie?

The man who took your son didn't k*ll Adam.

Ben did.

My mother is honored and she will give her acceptance speech as soon as she's well.

Ben: Picture your life.

A series of moments stacked up like a house of cards.

If you could re-live any one of them, would you do it different?

Help! My name is Adam Warren!

Help us!

Want to play?

My name is Adam Warren!

Help us!

Help me!

I tried that. No one can hear us.

Someone saw him take me.

You can be red this time.

They're gonna find us.

No, they won't.

Yes, they will.

They never found me.

No one was looking.

No one's looking for you, either.

That's not true.

We stopped looking for the mouse.

What was her name again?

It's not the same.

It's been too long.

They think you're d*ad.

Shut up.

Connect Four! I win!

Shut up!

I've never tried that.

[Knock on door]

Willa: Mom.

There's a photographer downstairs.

You need to take a sh*t for the papers.


Open the door.

The press already thinks something's wrong.

I'll take care of it, okay? I'll get rid of him.

We just need to get through the next few months, and then it'll be like he was never even here.

I thought he'd be different.

You thought he would be your brother?

I'm sorry.

Well, that makes it all better.

Good morning.

I still can't do it.


Don't call me that again.


I know what you did to my son.



Windsor knot.

[Indistinct conversations in distance]

[Indistinct conversations echoing]

Welcome to the circus.

Can I get you to stand over here?

[Camera shutter clicks]

Acceptance speech is at 5:00 tonight.

Woman: The photographer is ready for you, Mrs. Warren.


Why don't you sit down? Um...

[Door closes]

Forensics got traces of Scarlet Oak off the bastard's boot.

It's a sh*t in the dark, I know, but it only grows in this little pocket in the North Woods.

There are cabins up there.

If we could just get a team on the ground.

Clements: Hey, babe.

I'm an idiot.

Sorry I haven't called.

I'm just gonna lay low till I even out.

I love you.

He called his husband last night.

He's fine, Nina.

Jane: Ravioli, corn, and a few protein shakes.

Um, I'll open it up so you can get to it all real easy.

Where's your monster taking you?



Once we're there, I'll call the police.

I will let them know where to find you.

I'll be nice and d*ad by then.

I don't want to go with him.

Then don't.

I have a baby to protect.

Kids become their parents, Jane.

[Vehicle door opens]

[Vehicle door closes]

в™Є в™Є


Adam: Hi, Mom.

What took you so long?

Honey. Oh.

My sweet boy.

Why are you crying?

[Inhales sharply]

Because you're not real.

I'm just imagining you.

Why does that make me not real?

Oh, God.

I miss you so much.

I was right here.

I didn't know.

I didn't know.

I'm... I'm here now.

[Inhales sharply] Oh, God.


We'll start over, dig another tunnel.

We're bigger now.

We'll dig faster.

It won't take as long.

Bear or Rabbit?

We're gonna get out of here.

You're right.

But we're not going that way.

Well, which way are we gonna go?


Are you okay?

I don't know what happened.

Oh, your... your scarf got caught in the wheel.

My granny made that.


It's Granny's fault, then.


Be careful.

Could you give me a ride?

I just live a few miles from here.

Where's your mom?


But I'm not supposed to go this far.

She'll be pissed.


Well... we can't have that.

What's your name?


What's yours?


What grade are you in, Devan?


That's a good one.

Morning, sunshine.

Do you have a nervous stomach?


Legal is shaking in their boots.

His name is Ben Murphy.

I've got his biological mother.

I've got his birth certificate. It's airtight.

She's the governor now.

Run it.

Hell is gonna rain down.

Run it.

2,000 words and all your research to back it up on my desk, 5:00 P.M.

Above the fold?

Above. Below.

"Adam Warren is Ben Murphy"... you got the whole front page.

Michelle: And how about this political news out of Maine?

Yeah, what's the story there?

Soccer mom parks her minivan at the governor's office?

That's the story?

Yeah. You know what?

The woman's been through hell with her family and instead of just, like, awling under the covers like you and I would do, she runs for offise.

On what platform?

You know what? I'd vote for her.

Why? Based on her son?

Yeah. Based on her son.

You know, for 10 years, this poor kid... he was kept in some kind of a dungeon.

I mean, what was it even? A hole?

A... A pit.

It was a dirty, disgusting underground pit.

[Echoing] Disgusting underground pit.

Happy to help.

Nina: Forensics got traces of Scarlet Oak off the bastard's boot.

It only grows in this little pocket in the North Woods.

There are cabins up there.

[Echoing] Some kind of dungeon.

Clements: Sorry I haven't called.

I'm just gonna lay low till I even out.

[Echoing] Some kind of dungeon.

Some kind of a dungeon.

You all set?

You put the car seat in?


You put it in right?



Where's the g*n?

I don't know.

Where is it, Jane?

Why do you need it?


You know why.

You promised.

You did this to him, not me.

He has a family.

So do you.


It's outside in the trunk.


в™Є в™Є

[Door opens, closes]

[Car alarm chirps]

Detective Meyer, Red Pines PD.

Well, you took a nice drive.


How many cabins like this in the area, would you say?

At least a dozen.

Any of them have basements?

Cellars or storage vaults?


The person I'm looking for likes to keep things underground.

Sorry. I don't know of any.

Thanks anyways.


[Wings flapping]

♪ ♪

How did it happen?

He had a dog.


I wanted to give it a treat.

He took me to his truck.

How many times have I told you never get in a car with someone that you don't know?

But he had a dog.

I don't care if he had an elephant.

You never get in a stranger's car.

Ever, ever. We have gone over this.

Your father and I have gone over and over and over this with you...

Mom... since you were 5 years old.

So what the hell were you thinking?

You... you just... you just went with him like... like a lamb to the slaughter, and you were smart!

That is the worst part. You were so smart.

You were such a bright boy.

How in this one moment could you be so stupid?!

I'm sorry. No.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I love you.

Doug: Bracelets.

Adam: What'd you bring?



Ben hurt his hand.

What happened?

Rat bite.

I told you we need traps.

I was asking Ben.

Looks okay to me.

Under the shirt, it's all gross.

Now! Get the key!

[Grunting, groaning]

It's in his pocket.

Just get his key!

Ben, come on! Ben!


Help me!

Help me, Ben!


The key!



[Breathing heavily]


That isn't on me.

Oh, my God.

Hey, kid.

You got my message.

Did we get him?

Jane sh*t him and left.

So we got him.

Not on the Warren kid.

Why not?

It doesn't matter. We got him on you.

Hey, this is Detective Meyer.

I need back-up, ambulances, North Woods eastern edge by Lake Harriet.


Agent Clements needs medical attention immediately, as well.

Meyer, we don't have him.


What are you talking about?

I can't ID him.

I never saw him.


He sent her.

He always sent her.
[Chips clacking]

Bets, please. Place your bets.

What are you playing?

Texas Hold'em.

What's that?



You want to play?

Come on.

All right. So, you get two cards.

And you want to assume that the other guy already has a pair, but we've only got an ace high and a five.

So, not a pair.

You want to raise or stay?


Ooh. All right.

So now we got a pair of fives.

So do we want to raise or stay?



I like it.

[Chips clacking]

It wasn't your fault.


It didn't matter that you walked away from Willa that day.

He knew who he wanted.

He would have just taken him another time.

What... What are you... What are you talking about?

The guy who took him.


And if I wasn't at an arcade that day, he would have just taken me somewhere else, too.

Dude, you weren't at the arcade.

You were at the park.


That was Adam.

My name is Ben.

[Bell chimes]

We've got a winner.



I have to go now.


I have to.


Please don't.

I can't stay here forever.

Just one more minute.


Just one more.

♪ ♪

I can't find my mother.


She's gone.

Where'd she go?

Why do people say that when you say you can't find something?

I don't know. That's the point.

What do you need? Why am I here?

My story's running tomorrow.


Your brother not being your brother?

[Scoffs] How are we back here again?

Because I found his mother.

She works at a truck stop. Her name is Sally.

Did you tell her about Ben?

Not yet.

Do you want money?


What do you want?


A comment.

This is absolute nonsense.

This is tabloid journalism at its worst.

And timed right after an election, it's clear the reporter's goal is only to malign and further hurt a family already in unspeakable pain.

That's it?

No, I'm not done.

You'll get your 15 minutes.

They'll do your hair and makeup for CNN and "Good Morning America" and they'll give you free bottled water, which you should load up, and for one week, they will make you feel very special and very pretty.

And then it'll be over because one story doesn't turn you into a legitimate journalist.

It doesn't build a career.

One story makes you a hot flash in a dirty pan.

What's the offer, Willa?

Unprecedented access to the Governor's mansion.

First dibs on anything and everything, exclusives.

You will be the boss of us until the end of time.

Why would you ever do that?


Give up control when it's the one thing that makes you happy?

Desperate times.

I'd own you.

You already do.

Thanks for this.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Good boy.

Come here, boy. Come on.

That's a good boy.

[Ball squeaks]

Davis: Nothing yet.

How does a man keep a child underground and have nothing in his house to show for it?

He's a respectable homeowner.

Give me kiddy p*rn or something.

Plays a lot of "Candy Crush."

[Dog whimpering]

What's wrong, boy?

Here, boy. Come on.

Get the ball.

[Dog whimpering]

Get the ball.

Come on.

There's an electric fence here.

It shocks him if he crosses it.

Davis: So?

So it usually stops the dog from getting out, not from getting in.

What's he trying to protect there?

Something he doesn't want dug up.

Devan: Thanks for the slushie.

You're welcome.

Mom doesn't let me have it.

You're not a diabetic, are you?


I like your car.

I like your house.

[Both chuckle]

You should go on inside.


Go on. Get out of the car.

I-I can't.

Just get out of the car.

I can't!

Get out of the car!

[Breathes unsteadily]


I canceled the rest of your day.

If you're not planning on giving an acceptance speech tomorrow...

I'll give the speech.

You look like a chimney sweep.

I'll shower.

Where have you been?

I guess it's called an oil tunnel or a bunker.

I don't know.

It's not a place that deserves a name.

That's where you went?

You should see it, too.


For 10 years, he was kept in a dirty cage like an animal.

It's not his fault if he became one.



[Breathes deeply]

So where is he?


He's gone.

[Knock on door]

They got your guy.


The guy you told her about.

Oh, g-good.

Yeah. You were right, so...

What are you doing here?

Well, I thought we could throw one back together to celebrate.

Do you want a glass?

I thought it'd feel different.


Catching him.



So, what was he like?

Long, pointy tail, carried a pitchfork.


How do you take a kid, an innocent child, his whole life ahead of him?

What kind of a monster does that?

You're asking me, John?

No. No.


It's just... desire.

That you know you shouldn't have.

But you want it anyway.



Yeah, but taking a kid is not like eating a Hershey bar.

You've never had an urge?

Not like that, no.

What about her?


The detective.

You shouldn't have done that, but you did it.

Are you trying to compare me to...

I'm just talking about wanting what we shouldn't want.

Well, that's different.


She's a consenting adult.


Have you ever wanted to have sex with a woman that didn't want to have sex with you?

That's r*pe.


That's wrong.


I'd never do it.

Neither would I.

Wanting it doesn't make you the monster.

Taking it does.

[Elevator bell dings]


Is the story on my desk?


All the research, too, right?

Everything I got.




You should have given me a byline sooner.

[Elevator bell dings]


Claire: Oh.

What are you doing?!

Trying to hitch a ride.

Do you know how dangerous that is?


Come home.




I did something.

[Indistinct conversations]

Two more, please.

Um, again.

This time, something that takes mixing.

You were right.

I was going to tell you.

No, I wasn't.

It brought you back home. There's that.

Can you just give me a rope burn?

When I broke your Optimus Prime, you gave me one that was red for days.

You said, "Close your eyes and roll up your sleeve."

And... And I was so dumb I thought you were gonna give me a sticker or something.

But at least it made it okay again.

I love you.

Close your eyes.

Nina: Sorry to call you in so late.

I have to give an acceptance speech in the morning.

I think I found your son.

I... I'm sorry.

We found human remains in the suspect's backyard.

All Forensics has got is that it's an adolescent male.

I'm gonna put him in a hole, Claire.

For what he did to both of them.

He should rot in a cage smaller than the one he locked them in.

That's what he deserves, and I'm asking you to help me do it.

What do you need?

Your DNA to confirm it's Adam.


It's the only way that you can get him?

It's all I have left.

This will go public.


I just won an election.


Is there enough of my son left to bury?


Do it.

You ready?

I just ran for Governor, right?

And governors run for President.

[Camera shutters clicking, indistinct shouting]

Good morning.

I would like to thank you all for coming, um...

Governor Lang for his gracious words last night, and all the voters who came out on a very cold day and participated in the political process.


I would not be here without the support of my family.

And it is for them that I want to make our state a better place, a safer place.

Because we all have the right to feel secure in our own neighborhoods.

We deserve a world in which we can send our children off to the bus stop in the morning without having to worry they won't come back.

That is my commitment to the people of Maine.

Here today, I will make that world a reality.

But great change doesn't come without great sacrifice, and believe me, we know that better than anyone.

The next four years won't be easy.

Nothing important ever is, but I am ready to roll up my sleeves and do whatever it takes for the brighter future that we all deserve.

No matter what stands in my way, I will never stop fighting for you, for your families, and for your children.

I am so honored to be the next Governor of the great state of Maine.



It's not him.


Forensics came back on the bones.

It's some other kid.

He was k*lled before Warren was even taken.

Then what happened to Adam?

[Baby crying]

[Crying continues]

Is there a bottle back there?

[Crying continues]

I'm gonna run inside.

Man: Help you with something?

Do you have a phone?

Over there.

Ben: Picture your life.

I've lived two of them.

Did you even try it?

The Governor-Elect doesn't have time to taste all the food.

Well, she should, because it came from the pet aisle.

[Laughter, telephone rings]

Every moment precious.

Claire: Someone get that?

It's the press.

Lang's concession speech isn't bad.

Come on. My hands are wet.

Let the machine get it.

Oh, now it's bad. Listen to this.

He says, "It has been an honor serving the people of Maine, and I look forward to doing it again in the future."

It's just so blatant.

I didn't think he'd be this disrespectful.



We have to go right now.

There's something I need to do first.

You took my life.

I'm coming to get it back.

Who was it, honey?
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