01x02 - Control

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Submission". Aired May 12 - June 16, 2016.*
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"Submission" follows Ashley leaving a damaged relationship, moving to a small town with her best friend, and her awakening when she discovers the popular erotic novel "sl*ve".
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01x02 - Control

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Previously on "Submission..."

I'll only be here for a few months.

It's not like you can go back to that shitty relationship.

I faked it for an entire year.

You're in a situation where there's an abuse of power.

She couldn't take her eyes off of us.

Oh, my God. That's her.

That's Ashley.

I'm Dillon.

I was wondering about the job.

Done. Yours.

Did you find a girl yet?

Not yet.

That's a shame.

"My name is Mara and I was his sl*ve. My road to sexual freedom could only be found through my submission."

Turn around.

Don't look at me.

Don't look at me.

"Should these ropes he used to tie me down suddenly break, I would not have moved. I was enslaved to him, and it was neither rope or cuff or belt that kept me there."

Where are your eyes?

"It was my unwavering need to feel his breath against my bare skin."

"I waited for the pain that I knew would come, not from the flame, but from the inevitable waning of emotion that seemed to take hold of every man. I was defenseless and..."

Good morning.

Oh, my God. you scared me.

That's my book.

I'm sorry. I was just skimming through it.

You were drooling.

No, I wasn't.

I don't really like books like this.


But if you change your mind, I'm having some girls over on Thursday night to talk about it.

Book club thing.

You know what? That actually sounds like fun.

Okay. You can have my copy.

It looks like you wore out the pages a little bit anyway.

Thank you.

"Nolan Keats paints a provocative picture of the BDSM underworld."

Give me that. Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.

I never took you as a closet freak.

I'm not, and didn't you promise to be more professional from now on?

Oh, I lied.

Of course you did.

So what is this?

You don't strike me as a girl who likes to read smut.

It's for Dillon's book club, and it's not smut.

Oh, okay. "His penis throbbed."

Okay, you can stop embarrassing me.

"I want to cum..." to the book club.

Well, you can't. It's for women only.

Oh, too bad. I'd love to find out why sex books have suddenly become hip with chicks.

It's gospel.

It's a poorly written smut story.

Oh, just because the writer has a better understanding of women?

I have plenty of understanding of women.

Okay, then explain Dillon to me.

The chick's crazy.

Yet you slept with her.

Guys don't have a problem banging crazy if crazy is hot enough.

Oh, no, she's not crazy.

Three months ago, she f*cked a complete stranger in that bathroom over there.

I'd say that's crazy.


Yeah, some guy's girlfriend.

Never even spoken to her before.

You know, I think that we might need to go industrial.

You know, I mean, it's modern, it's gorgeous.

It would fit really well in our apartment.

It would just make...

Whatever you want.

I'm cool with anything.

Yeah. I mean, maybe we could even go for some kind of polished concrete look.

You know, maybe get some abstract art.

You know, I love those columns, and I love the beams overhead.

Oh, and then we could get some really big sofa cushions, and then it would be more functional comfort, you know, instead of being actually showy.

Although, I do like to be showy.

Maybe we could get some big, green, leafy plants, you know?

Oh, but then do we do big metal lamps or do we do track lighting? 'Cause I feel that's too modern.

We need to be a bit more urban, not modern.

I got to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back.

Okay. All right.

Urban. That's the way to go. I'm telling you.

Lock the door.

What that?

Here, take this off.


[whispers] Shut up.



Yes. Mm-hmm.

Oh, my God.





Don't get me wrong.

There's nothing wrong with casual sex.

Casual sex is f*cking great, but Dillon's weird.

Why, because she's as emotionally unavailable as you are?

Pretty much, yeah.

I don't know. I think it's kind of cool that a woman can be that spontaneous.

Oh. Well, maybe you should try it sometime.

Who wouldn't want to get nailed like that?

I wouldn't. It was textbook abuse.

It was not.

Mara was clearly a victim of Stockholm syndrome.

Oh, okay, that's extreme.
It was full on coercion.

He was in a position of power.

Who cares if it was a position of power?

Kim, he used a riding crop on Olivia like she was some kind of animal.

Okay, so it's kinky...

And he yanked that other one around with a leash.

Suck it.

Calm down. It was just role-play.

It was not just role-play.

He forced them into actual sl*very.

And yet they couldn't stop fantasizing about him.

Of course they couldn't, because it was written by a man.

So they say.

Please don't tell me you are buying into that "it was written by a woman" bullshit.

Well, maybe it was.

So if a woman wrote it, then we should be completely okay with misogyny, right?

No, that has nothing to do with it.

That has everything to do with it.

Society wants us to believe that women are like these pathetic little creatures that live and die by a man's happiness.

Why is it pathetic if a woman wants to submit to a man?

Are you serious?

It isn't pathetic, and more women should give it a try.

I'm just saying that it's fun to give up a little control in the bedroom, that's all.

Dude, you can't just say that and not elaborate.

No. We're here to talk about the book.

Which is about sex, and so is whatever you're not telling us, so...

Oh, you're all so annoying.

Okay, so it involves my husband Anthony and his best friend.

Love it already.

Yeah. So for years, Anthony had this fantasy.

Get over here.

You like that?


Oh! Oh!

Oh! Oh!

Dude, that's f*cking crazy.

I know.

And you enjoyed it?

How could she not?

It wasn't even her fantasy. It was her husband's.

Who cares? It was fun.

You are delusional.

Well, no man is going to control what I do or who I f*ck.

Sometimes losing control has its own kind of power.


"The current identity of Nolan Keats is unknown. Many have suspected that the writer is actually a woman working under a pen name. Keats literary agent recently announced that there will be no book tour for 'sl*ve,' further fueling suspicions about his or her identity."


[horn beeps]

I'm rolling around in your bed right now so I can smell you.

That's how bad it's gotten.

So have you had the conversation yet?

Okay, then when?

Do you know how hard it is to be here in your bed when your motocrossing all the way in f*ck?

Who gets... whatever.

How am I supposed to know how to pronounce a place halfway across the world?

[cell phone buzzes]

Oh, sh*t. That's my roommate. Hang on.

What up?

Dillon just put Chelsea in her car handcuffed and blindfolded.



So you don't think that's a little bizarre?

Dude, it's Dillon. I told you, she's into some freaky sh*t.

But what was she doing?

Who knows? Who cares?

I'm dealing with an actual crisis right now.

Why? What happened?


Are you still there?

Of course you have to go.

You always have to go.

And I'm just here alone smelling your sheets impaled by a bunch of swords.

It's a metaphor.

So when you get back, you have to have the talk.

I'm slowly dying here without you.

Oh, my God. I am so glad you're here.

Yeah, well, told you she was crazy.

Give me one logical reason why somebody would do that?

Dillon's not a logical person, so I can't.

But, I mean, that girl's going to be okay, right?

Yeah, of course.

Do you realize how crazy you sound?


Okay, you need another beer.

Okay, you can make fun of me all you want, but Keats writes men that women actually want.


It's like aggression is this lost art form.

Men have become these like passive little boys.

Oh, have they?


All right.

Women just want a guy who can, you know, like, throw down and get dirty, you know?

No, no, no. No, no, no.



We are not doing this.

Why not?

Because I'm drunk.


And you're kind of drunk.




[both laugh]

Wait. Where are you going?




Oh! Oh!

[both laugh]

Am I going to regret this tomorrow?

Not a word until you're spoken to.

There you go.

Is that too tight?

I like it tight.

Sit forward.

There you go.



I told you I'd find one.

What do you think?

She's pretty.

Chelsea, I'd like you to meet Elliott.


Let's begin.

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