04x08 - Requiem

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Banshee". Aired January 11, 2013 to May 20, 2016.
A ruthless Ukrainian gangster hunts his former top thieves: a woman living in the small Pennsylvania town of Banshee under a fake identity, married to the District Attorney, and her former partner, a recently-paroled master thief who assumes the identity of the town's new sheriff.
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04x08 - Requiem

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[birds chirping]


How are you today, Mr. Proctor?

That depends.

You brought me another head?

[chuckles] No.

Thinking I might leave with one, though.

You k*lled my men.

You stole my drugs.

You know, there's nothing more annoying than an old guy thinking he's still running things.

Bunker, you little shit.

I believe you know our mutual friend Senator Mitchum.

Put that knife away before I cut out your f*cking eyes with it.

[knife clicks]

Mr. Mitchum, what are you doing here, sir?

What am I doing here?

You m*rder my f*cking lieutenant is what I'm doing here.

Sir, he was selling us out.

He was acting on orders.

You and Proctor? Sir, I don't understand.

That's 'cause you're a f*cking idiot.

This little insurrection stops here. Do you hear me?

Do you hear me?!

Men: Yes, sir!

You have been misled by this imbecile.

The minute he k*lled one of our own...
you should have torn him to pieces.

But maybe it's time to remind you that the Brotherhood goes way beyond Banshee, Pennsylvania.

You're part of a national movement, one that not only shares your beliefs, but is willing to do something about it.

This is Monty.

He's gonna be running things from now on.

Make sure things go smoothly from here on out.

You cannot come here... [slap]

Smartest thing for you to do right now is shut the f*ck up.

Do you hear me?

Your first and only priority is Mr. Proctor's delivery.

Once that happens, Monty will evaluate the chapter, choose a new captain. Any questions?

Okay, go on. Get out of here.


Is he gonna be a problem?

You have my permission to sh**t him if he is.


[theme music playing]

4x08 - "Requiem"

I didn't think you'd come.

I wanted to make sure I said good-bye.

Feels like that's pretty much what we do, right?

Yeah, it's kind of a bad habit, huh? [chuckles]

So, college.


I give it about three months.

With everything that's happened, I just don't know how I can possibly fit into someplace as normal as college.

Nah, you're gonna do great.

I don't know.

I think normal might not be in my repertoire anymore.

Hey, you know what's great about being your age?

You got all the time in the world to figure things out.

You do. And you will.

You're strong, Deva.

You're a fighter. Like your mother.

And your father.

You're gonna do great.

And now I'll always know where to find you.

And will you? Find me?


Good. You might be a shitty father, but you're the only one I got left. [laughs]

Dawson: So Declan believed that the Devil spoke to him.

Satan did speak to him.

Okay. So you believed it, too.

Something that's true doesn't require your belief.

Well, I guess I can't argue with you there.


You need to understand he didn't choose this.

He was chosen.

So how did he pick 'em?

He chose girls that seemed to him to be pure.

He called them blessed.

Blessed girls.

Well, he did want to offer me and I don't think he thought I was blessed.


You were a surprise.

But I wasn't the only surprise, was I?

[sighs] What do you mean?

Well, Declan was k*lling on a lunar cycle.

Not every month, but always on a new moon.

When the night is darkest.


Except for... her.

She was k*lled on the 21st.

Not a new moon. Not a full moon.

Just an unremarkable night.

[clears throat] We had our reasons.

So you were in on it?

Of course I was. We were in it together.

So then tell me, why did you choose her? Rebecca Bowman.

What was it about her that made you and Declan decide to break out of the lunar cycle?

Was she a surprise, too?


I don't want to talk anymore.

You did the final count?


It's all there.


Bring the truck to the designated point and wait for my call.

We'll be ready.


Man: Close it up.

We're set.

[closing doors]

That is a lot of d*ad skinheads.

Looks like a b*mb went off in here.

Any idea where your brother is?


Still looking.

You get the feeling there's something going on that we don't know about?

[phone buzzing]

Excuse me.


This is Bunker.

Proctor's deal of the century is going down now.

This is a really bad time.

I'm sorry. Should I try and stall the Colombian men who just flew in on a private jet?


That would be my guess if I cared.

Jesus. Where are you?

I'm at the old Municipal Airport.

All right, I'll meet you there.

Can I see that for a sec?

Mrs. Hopewell, I presume.




How's the interrogation going?

It's going.

You okay?

Uh, yeah. I'm just kind of... rolling through it, you know?

You made pretty good backup, by the way.

Guess I always thought you were my backup.

[laughs] Yeah, no.

Well, I just came to say good-bye.

Hey... Declan Bode didn't k*ll Rebecca.


Bode was k*lling on a lunar cycle.

Now, Rebecca's k*lling stood out because it wasn't on a new moon.

Now, I pressed Lilith about it and... she made a bunch of noise, but behind it all, I don't think she knew anything about it.

Well, maybe Bode didn't tell her.

No, it doesn't make sense that Bode would break his routine.

So, what, you're saying there's someone else out there k*lling girls and then cutting out their hearts?

I'm telling you that someone k*lled Rebecca and made it look like it was Bode.

They'd have to know details about the other m*rder, right?


They haven't been released.

Right, so we're looking for someone who had access to BSD files and who's capable of a sadistic, ritualistic m*rder like that.

Oh, f*ck.

Can you think of anyone?


[doorbell rings]

Hey, maybe you should let me do the talking.



They're not home. Let's take a look around.


Mr. Proctor.

Senor Loera.

Good to see you again.

I must admit I'm a little surprised that you were able to pull this off.

I don't promise what I can't deliver.

Bring it up.

Loera: Show me.


[all gasp]

[g*n cocks]

As long as we all whipping our shit out...

Emilio Loera, I take it?

Who the f*ck are you?

I'm nobody.

You know my name, so you know who I am.

Which means you know what kind of a mistake it would be to try to steal from me, right?

I wouldn't dream of stealing from you.

No, I came here to provide you with a valuable service.

Oh, yeah? Which is what?

I came to show you that Mr. Proctor was mistaken when he told you that Banshee was a safe place for you to set up your manufacturing.

Very mistaken.

I mean, if he had it so locked down, how did I steal this truck full of all these drugs?

I'm gonna f*cking slit your throat.


I suppose you have some fee in mind for this service.

No. Sometimes a service is its own reward.

Just let my friend and me walk away right now and we'll call it even.


Start walking.

Proctor: You're not just gonna let her walk out of here?

Shut up.

Hey, Miss Nobody.

Did you really think that I was gonna let you leave?

No, actually, I didn't.

[approaching whistle]


That's right. Someone just blew up your f*cking drugs.

[tires squealing]

Carrie: Nice sh*t.


You know, you really need to stop doing this shit.

You invited yourself.

I'm serious.

It's become like a bad habit with you.

This was the last time.

I've heard that shit before.

This is a very nice car.

[f*re crackling]


Son of a bitch!



[tires squealing]


Oh, come on. No one really knows how to do that.

It's just a matter of applying the right torque and then a little bit of scrubbing.


Look at you.

If there's one thing I've learned lately, it's that there's always a basement.

Right over here.

We got blood.


What do you think?

I think nothing good happens in basements.




Dawson: You find anything else over there?

No. No, nothing.

All right, well, I say we head up.

I can get forensics down here in a couple hours.

I want to find out whose blood that is.

Sure. You mind if I don't stick around for that?

I got to check in on someone.

You got to check in on someone?


Hey, you want or need company?

Not this time.


Burton: The cartel will come after you.

I know.

And what then?

There'll be time to negotiate.

But before then...


[Proctor groans]


That looks broken.


What the hell are you doing?

Oh, what the f*ck? Hey!

That's Rebecca's necklace.

Yes, it is.

I don't understand.

Bode didn't k*ll Rebecca.

You? You k*lled her?

I found this in your shed.

You think I k*lled her?

That's right.

Are you out of your f*cking mind?

I loved her. I would have died for her.

Yeah, maybe you loved her a little too much.


When you found out she was pregnant, you realized you couldn't control her again, so you took her down in that weird little dungeon of yours and you butchered her.

What the hell are you talking about, dungeon?

You k*lled her!

What the f*ck are you talking about?

You found out she was pregnant and you k*lled her!

No! No, I didn't!

I didn't k*ll her.



What the f*ck?


You son of a bitch.

Rebecca: He'll k*ll you for this.








And will you? Find me?




[bone cracks]





[Burton coughs]

Ev... Everything I did... [gasping] ...I did for you.

Rebecca: Untie me!

Untie me, you son of a bitch!

You're ruining him.

I can't let that happen anymore.

He loves me. You... You don't understand.

Don't do this.

He doesn't see you... but I do.

I see you.

Burton, please.

[yelling] I see you!

[whimpers] Please.

I'm sorry.

I'm... I'm sorry.

Rebecca: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. [crying]

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm... I'm...

[crying continues]

It's okay.

It's all right, Burton.

I'm sorry.

It's all right.

[neck snaps]



[scream echoing]

Did you hear anything?

Nothing yet.


I know.

Calvin: Kurt!

Oh, my God, Calvin.

Maggie, go inside.

[door opens]

Calvin: So you and Maggie, huh?


Oh, I guess I should have seen that coming.

She was always a sucker for wounded birds.

Just walk away, Calvin.

No, I'm not going to walk away, Kurt.

I can't. I mean, a man can only take so much, can only swallow so much shit before the time comes to address it, right?

I'm sorry. I didn't expect this to happen.

You're sorry? You're sorry you ever joined the Brotherhood?

You're sorry you brought me into it?

You're sorry you f*cked my wife?!

You're just one sorry piece of shit, aren't you?

I will sh**t you.

Go ahead, Kurt. sh**t me.

Then you get Maggie free and clear.

You can move into my house... raise my son.

Come on, Kurt.

Why build your own life when you can just steal mine?

Shut up.

sh**t me.

Shut up.

sh**t me!

Please just walk away. [laughing]



Do it. Go ahead.



[grunting] f*ck.

Give me that f*cking g*n.

God damn it.

Oh, shit.

[both grunt]


[both shout]







There's nowhere you can go, either of you.

I will find you and I will make you pay!

Even if you lock me up, the Brotherhood will hunt you down.

You know it. They will slit your throat in front of her and then tear her ass to pieces!

There's nowhere you can go that we won't find you.

I will k*ll my own son before I let you raise him.

I'm gonna k*ll you, you bitch.

[g*n echoing]

As long as I'm alive, I will...

♪ Roam ♪


♪ You're on your own ♪
♪ The world is new ♪
♪ Infinite oceans of blue ♪
♪ Now that you're free... ♪

[music continues play]


Well, I should have known better than to let you go off like that.

How'd your forensics team do?

They found some skin samples.

Probably gonna match Proctor's.

It turns out it wasn't actually him.


It was Burton.


Yeah. Guy with the glasses.

His butler or whatever.

The butler did it? [chuckles] Seriously?

Well, I should probably go arrest this butler Burton, no?

Right. Should have guessed.

Then I guess my job here is done.

Yeah, me, too.

Me, too.

It's about time I moved on.

It's been time a couple of times, actually.

[both sigh]

Well, if you're ever in D.C.... look me up.

I will.



[door opens]


Oh, thank God.

Real coffee. Yes.

How's Maggie doing?

She's okay.

They'll be out of your place by tonight.

No rush.

Let me see if I got this straight.

Calvin got the jump on you, b*at the shit out of you, then somewhere along the way, you remember you got a g*n and you sh**t him from 20 feet away. Is that it?



Sir, ahem, I'm not sure what you're trying to imply, but...

I'm not implying anything. I'm saying it.

You b*at the shit out of Calvin and then you k*lled him for good measure.

Hey, Bunker, relax.

It's just you and me talking here, okay?

Come on, sit down.


I don't know what it is about this town, Bunker.

What geographic phenomenon makes us a magnet for every scumbag and criminal East of the Mississippi.

But what I do know is that to do this job, sometimes you've got to take off these badges and get bloody.

It's happened before and it'll happen again.

And I got to know that I can trust you.

And you can trust me. You understand?

Yes, sir.


A little trust would be nice around here.

Kurt Bunker, that's your real name, right?


So what about Proctor?

You can place him at the scene of the drug deal.

Yeah, we could arrest Proctor. But I got a feeling that the cartel's gonna want a few words with him about their d*ad men, and when they come, I'd just as soon he's as far away from the police station as possible.

If you take my meaning.

That makes sense.

Time and experience, son. Time and experience.

So, you go write up that bullshit report so I can sign it.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Thanks for the coffee.



[birds squawking, chirping]

Look at your face.

You just can't help yourself, can you?

I gotta be me.

I know.


Max comes back tomorrow.

That's great.


Job tells me you're heading out to New York.

Yeah. Well, he is.

I'm gonna take the scenic route, catch up with him.


Where are you headed?

I don't know. I'm gonna... hit the road and see what happens.

You want to come?



You be careful.


Lucas: Yeah. I will.

You know, the whole ti...

all those years in my cell, you were always there with me.

I'm still there with you.

And I'll always be here.

No one else... nobody ever really knew me.

I know.



Please don't forget about me.




Good-bye, Ana.

It's Carrie.

[engine starts]


This was a hard car to find.

Yeah, sorry.

I should have figured that once I loaned it to you, odds were that I wouldn't be getting it back in one piece.

How you plan on getting out of here?

Same way I came in.

Sugar: It's gonna be mighty quiet around here.

Don't even pretend like you're gonna miss me.

I was talking to Hood.

You know, I think I'm actually gonna miss this place.

Job: I know I'm not.

Sugar, it's been a thin slice of heaven.

I know you don't mean that.

It's true, I don't.

You in a rush?

Damn right.

Every time I try to get out of this f*ck place, some shit goes down and I get stuck in it.

I'm getting while the getting's good.

But before I do... figured I'd pay my tab.

Where the hell did you get this?

Now, you know better than to ask.

Point is, you spent your retirement fund getting me out.

Well, you're too old to be slinging drinks, so...

Thank you.

You know how to reach me?

[scoffs] No one knows how to reach you.

He does.

Yeah, I do.

This is where I leave you.

Banshee, Pennsylvania... [scoffs] ...suck my tit!


[alarm beeping]

[glass clatters]

[humming sound]

[g*n f*ring]

[engine whirring]


I was just remembering the first time you walked in here.

I never could have imagined.

You know, some might say [music] you weren't all that bad at that whole sheriff thing.

[chuckles] Yeah, and other people might say

I was the worst f*cking thing that ever happened to this town.


You got a place to stay?

Putting that badge on the way you did,

I never thought you'd be walking out of here on your own two feet.

Lucas: Neither did I.

You know, I probably wouldn't if it wasn't for you.

Sugar: You know you hid up on that mountain because you felt the need to atone for something.

And for all we know, you'd still be there if Brock hadn't come and pulled you down.

We are cons.

We're made to believe that you pay for your sins by getting locked up.

But maybe the way to redemption isn't hiding on the mountain.

Maybe it's about choosing another road
down here with the rest of us.


Sugar: The past has kept you locked up long enough.

Today there's really only one question left to ask yourself.

What are you going to do now?

[music playing]


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