01x13 - New Holy Ground

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Hunters". Aired April 11 - July 11, 2016.
"Hunters" is about the disappearance of a decorated FBI agent's wife, which leads him to a secret government unit assembled to hunt a group of ruthless t*rrorists called "Hunters" who do not come from this world.
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01x13 - New Holy Ground

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announcer: Previously on "Hunters"...

Why did McCarthy single out the new agent?


He has the scar.


Losing you was the worst thing that ever happened to me.

I know what you are.

Emme, I'm still the same person.


You're not a person.

You're launching a nuclear att*ck on us.

Abby: We're not planning an att*ck.

We're trying to leave earth.

I'll tell you where the launch is.

In exchange, I get immunity.

Finnerman: This is a k*ll mission.

(sonic blast)

All Hunters are to be sh*t on sight.

We drove straight from the hotel, got here as fast as we could.

He should be healing, I don't understand.

There are traitors everywhere.

Jackson: Regan is inside.

Agent Regan can't be trusted.

She's my agent, not yours.

(sonic blast)

You are no longer in command here.

(sonic boom)

Briggs: How'd you know?

Jackson: I suspected Finnerman when the b*mb went off.

I knew for certain the minute she sent me here.

Finnerman: Briggs betrayed me.

I'm sorry, Ruth.

♪ ♪

♪ This time tomorrow ♪
♪ Where will we be? ♪
♪ On a spaceship somewhere ♪
♪ Sailing across an empty sea ♪
♪ This time tomorrow ♪
♪ What will we know? ♪
♪ Will we still be here? ♪
♪ Watching an in-flight movie show? ♪
♪ I'll leave the sun behind me ♪
♪ And I watched the clouds as they sadly pass me by ♪

(cell phone vibrates)


It's me.


Are you all right?

I'm alive, at least.

We have McCarthy.


He came to us.

Says he'll tell you where the launch is, but only if he gets immunity.

Do you believe him?

I don't think we have a choice.

He says the launch is in 48 hours.

All right, bring him in.


What about Finnerman?

Don't worry about Finnerman.

She tried to have me k*lled.

Flynn went AWOL with me.

It's safe, I'll explain...

What? No!

I'll explain later when you get here.

What's wrong?

Are you all right?

It's been a long night.

Just bring McCarthy in.

We need to stop this launch.

Mankind dreams of leaving their home planet.

They build machines to take them.

They know not how these ambitions will end.

How many Hunters have arrived?

Lots of families.


They're gathered in the hangar.

Liana's sending out a message to any stragglers using the old system.

We purge in two days.

I must go to them.

Musa, no.

It's not good for them to see you in this condition.

I'll only worry them.

You need to take your medication.


Get that away from me.

I should be healed by now.

They are amongst us.

Who are?

The Exalted, the traitors.

I k*lled as many as I could find.

But some must have survived.

You k*lled other Hunters?

They must be stopped before this retched flesh takes me.

You need to rest, Musa.

They are... inside.

I must regain my strength.



Take me to my Feelers.

I am weak.

I must feed.


(guttural growls)


(both shriek)


♪ ♪

♪ I'm calling for you ♪
♪ You are why I'm still breathing ♪

The prodigal Hunter returns.

Truss, long time no see.

You're looking... not so good.

Upstairs, training room.

Lionel came to us, he is our guest.

We will treat him with respect.

I'm sorry about what happened in the hotel.

I tried to stop it.

So you squared it with Finnerman?

There is something you ought to see.

No shit.

It wasn't us.

I know.

Hunters got to her.

Local P.D. found the body dumped a few miles from here an hour ago.

They used the syringe, tissue extraction.

It's a warning.

They can get to any of us any time.

She deserved it.

Flynn, I want you to talk to McCarthy, get negotiations started.

Yes, sir. Gladly.

Nobody deserves this.

She wanted to genocide an entire species.

You gonna defend her now?

You disobeyed a direct order when you helped that Hunter family escape.

They were innocent.

There are gonna have to be some changes around here if I'm gonna let you back on the team.

You don't get preferential treatment anymore.

Preferential treatment?

Are you serious?

Briggs treats me like a leper and Flynn only likes me because I saved his life.

I mean from me.

You're a soldier, Regan.

You do as I say when I say it, otherwise, I can no longer consider you one of us.

Human, you mean.

Do we understand one another?

Yes, sir.

Flynn: Here's the deal.

If what you say is true, we need answers and we need them now.

We're offering protective custody.

A security detail.

Your movement will be restricted, but you'll be comfortable.

Hunters have our own ways of making a pact.

Get me a dagger, the blood of six rabbits, and a gyroscope.


We don't need papers, Flynn, old boy.

Come on, man!


After everything we've been through together?

I trust you.

Then tell me where the launch location is.

I'm not just gonna tell you where it is.

I mean, where's the fun in that?

I knew it.

I know you're playing games with us.

I'll take you to it.

Field trip.

All right.

But if you try anything, I'll k*ll you myself.

Old dog, old tricks.

You don't have it in you anymore.

Don't make me prove it.

We're already tapped into Prism, call-mining for clicks.

They can't hide an entire launch site.

Then we search quadrant by quadrant until we find them.

Thought we were rid of you, Guano.

(cries out)

Get out of my face, or you will end up like Finnerman.


You haven't heard?

Hunters bagged your cougar.

Body's in the lab.

Where's this supposed spaceship supposedly going?

Why, to Saturn, of course.

Where the Hunter colony ship lies in high orbit.

The colony's ship will take everyone back to the Hunter home planet and so ends Hunter-human relations.

Except with me, of course.

If this checks out, McCarthy, you got yourself a deal.

There's just one small detail.

Conventional human technology is too slow and inefficient to travel to Saturn quickly enough, so the ship that Musa built... it's like your project Orion.

Go on.

Papa will explain.


I need to call the Defense Secretary and warn him now.


What's going on?

Project Orion was a spaceflight program from the 1950s.

The technology called for an...

The technology called for nuclear energy to be used to launch a space ship.

Like nuclear subs?


A nuclear expl*si*n launches the ship.

Not just one nuke, dozens of them, one right after the other.

The fallout...

Will cover an area far greater than the airspace cleared by Bob Brecke.

It will cover the entire continent.

What are you doing?

I'm pulling you out of school.

You're not serious.

I am.

Close the door.

You're gonna stay with your Aunt Josie in Canada.

What? No!

She's like 19 and she lives in the North Pole.

She's 26.

She lives in Saskatchewan and it's just for a few days.

Maybe longer.

It doesn't matter, I'm not going.

What is this all about?

It's too dangerous to stay here anymore.

I need you far away.

From what?

Is it those scary guys at your work?

Flynn, I promise, I didn't tell anyone about Abby.

I know.

And that's not what this is about.

Emme, you're leaving.

This is not up for debate.

Then you're gonna have to drag me out.

Emme: Abby's gone.

I'm not leaving you, too.


I can't do this anymore.

I can't pretend to be your dad anymore.

You're better off with a real family.

But I love you.

I love you, too.

Jackson: We are less than 36 hours away from a nuclear disaster.

Yes, we have confirmation on the intel.

Our informant says the launch site is in northern Mexico.

A Hunter sleeper agent disabled satellite response for that region.

I've briefed my team, we're deploying immediately.

Roger that, yes, sir, we will.

What is it?

McCarthy's playing you.

I know that.

But he's the lesser of two evils, so we're playing along.

Even if he's leading us into a trap?

You have a problem following my orders?

Dr. James thinks that Finnerman might have already been d*ad when the Hunters took a tissue sample.

All the other victims were still alive during the extraction.

So it's a pity that we can't ask Finnerman what really happened.

You had me call her to the farmhouse and now she's d*ad.

Yeah, well, Ruth made a lot of enemies.

But only one took her out.

We're moving out in 30.

Be ready.


So why are you ratting out on Musa now?

He's leaving. It's now or never.

Then why bother?

I did Musa's dirty work, you know?

k*lled and terrorized while he Elon Musk'd it and played philosopher king.

Revenge. How primitive.


We understand each other.

Not even close.

Oh, but we do.

Musa abandoned me.

Liana abandoned you.

Musa abandoned your father.

Circle of strife.

Come on.

You're Simba and Mommy is big bad Scar.

Hakuna fu... matata!



Hello, kitten.



Why don't you just go back to your home planet and save us all a lot of grief?

To be honest with you, I kinda like it here.

You know what I'm talking about, Agent Alison Regan.

Oh, look who's here.

Ha! It's the same with Abby.

I tried for years to get her out from her cover, your sham of a marriage.

But she kept making excuses to stay.

Star-crossed lovers.



All she really wants is to be with you.

Soon, we shall leave this cursed planet, Liana.

All our hard work finally coming to fruition.

But I'm worried about you.

Your health.

Abby said she took you to the Feelers to feed, but you still look unwell.

Do you need another injection?

Perhaps I look unwell because I feel under thr*at.

Am I under thr*at?

The humans have proved more resilient than we thought.

No thr*at from within?

They're all devoted, Brother Number Four.


And you? Who are you devoted to?


My own kind.







Get away from him!


Abby, no!

He is no danger!


Liana is trying to k*ll me. What?

No, that isn't true.

She's been taking care of you.

I thought so, too. But look at my body. It is getting worse. The medicine she gave me. Poison.

No, that can't be.

You're not well, Brother.

She m*rder one of my loyal feelers.

Why would she do that?

She is Exalted.

We must stop her.
(radio chatter)

Flynn: Finnerman was right about the Hunters, all that talk about innocence.

A whole lot of nothing.


So, everything okay with you and Regan?

That's none of your business.

She was pretty rattled that Finnerman turned on her.

Can't blame her.

Quite the betrayal.

We've all had our share.

Abby was telling the truth about the Purge.


But she didn't say shit about the launch frying millions of humans.

McCarthy said the only Hunters who knew were Musa and Liana.

Inner circle.

Yeah, well, McCarthy's not exactly forthcoming.

If Abby knew or not, doesn't change the mission.

So you are prepared to stop her if it comes to that.

I wouldn't be sitting here if I wasn't sir.

You get Emme to someplace safe?

Safe enough.

McCarthy: You look excited.

To see your mom again.


Your mom's strong.


You should look up to her.

Young women need positive role models.

My mom is weak. Musa's pawn.

That's where you're wrong.

Everything Liana's done has been for the good of her kind.

Of our kind.

You're not one of them, and you never will be.

But, of course, you already knew that.


Knock that lizard shit off, or I'm putting your gag on.

We're here.

Briggs: He's screwing with us.

Give him a minute.

Flynn: We don't have a minute.

That way.

Carroll, check it out.

McCarthy: Safe for now.

Hunters only fly at night.


Put the restraints back on it.

Restraints? I gotta do restraints?

If McCarthy's lying to us, we should take him out for good.

Hell, even if he's telling the truth, we should take him out.

I heard that.

Bat-eared freak.

Not very nice.

I made a deal.

McCarthy keeps his end up, I'll keep up mine.

He's a risk.

The longer he remains alive, the more we're all in danger.

The decision's been made.

Oh, shit.

Jackson: Carroll, what do you see?

The ship.

Do a head count, get back here.

Roger that.

And you doubted me.

Oh, ye of little faith.

I'm a man of my word, just like you are, Elder Jackson.

Why did you come to me with this information?

Why me?

I've spent over 30 years studying humans, the good, the bad, the ugly.

I've seen 'em all.

The difference between your kind and ours is that humans aspire to something beyond primal hungers.

In that regard, you're the humanest human I've ever met.

No. I am hardly perfect.

Of course not.

You're a sinner, just like I am.

This is our redemption, Truss.

Musa's blood spills and together, we save mankind.

Or at least a few million Mexicans.

Thank you.

De nada.

We may need more intel.

Keep Mr. McCarthy in the vehicle until after the raid is over.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.

man: Ground to control. Cargo is currently being loaded.

woman: Copy, ground. Pre-flight alignment complete. Launch window has been determined. 14 hours and counting.

man: Copy, control. 14 hours and counting.

All right, listen up.

The Mexican government is preparing an evacuation plan for the surrounding area.

We strike, once civilian contingencies are in place approximately 0300 now.

Our two auxiliary units will be providing backup support.

Once that emergency signal goes out, we'll have to move fast.

If the Hunters get word, they'll know we're coming.

So Carroll, Regan, you'll take team one into the main compound, draw as many Hunters as possible away from the ship.

Briggs, you will wait for them to confirm the path is clear then take team two to the ship, disable the launch.

Potassium iodide.

This will give you some protection from the radiation.

God willing, we won't need it.

You, ethnic sidekick with an attitude.

You got a snappy comment or you here just to look cute?

You think you're so smart?


You know what I call you?


You're not going anywhere.

I got what I wanted.

Musa and his followers captured by the humans and me into the wind before you fools even...

(sonic burst)


(weakly clicking)

(woman speaking Spanish over radio)


The evacuation is underway. Where are we with the breach?

Regan: We're approaching the hangars. There's guards posted at the perimeter.

man: Sir, McCarthy's down.

Down? Down how?

Sonic blast. Briggs was the last one with him.

It had to be done.

You disobeyed a direct order.

The order was bullshit.

Someone around here needs to start doing the right thing, putting these freaks down like the monsters they are.

And if you don't have the balls for that, I'm happy to handle it.

You're way out of line.

No, I know what you did to Finnerman.

You want me to keep my mouth shut.

So from now on, in this unit, I make my own decisions.

You can't prove who k*lled Finnerman.

I don't have to.

And if you come after me, I'll bury you first.

We got a launch to stop, sir.

McCarthy was sh*t on my command.

Clean it up.

man: Yes, sir, right away,

Deploy your team, Agent.

Whatever you say, Commander.

woman: Auto launch sequence initiated.

man: T-minus 15 minutes to fuel cell ignition.



man: Hello?

Everyone's boarded the ship.


What are you doing out here?

(sonic blast)

(sonic blast)

Flynn: Jackson, we're inside the hangars, dividing up the search.

(creatures shrieking)

Hold up. You're bleeding.

Are you okay?

Our security's being breached.

We're being raided.

Move that truck now!

Make sure all the travelers are out of the hangar and inside the ship.

Then bring Musa to join them.

When you did the head count, did you see my mom?

Abby, too.

You heard Jackson's orders.

Clear Brigg's path to the ship.

Disable the warheads.

k*ll anyone who gets in the way.

(sonic blasts)

Watch yourself.

man: T-minus 13 minutes to fuel cell ignition.

What are you doing?

You're a traitor.

You tried to k*ll Musa.

Musa betrayed us first.

You're Exalted.

The enemy.

We are the true Hunters.

This flesh is not an accident.

It is what was always intended.

He's our brother and you tried to k*ll him.

Musa kept the truth from you, but you remain his loyal soldier.

Your experience with the humans is irreplaceable.

You understand love, how to use it against them?

man: T-minus 12 minutes to fuel cell ignition.

I won't help you.


You're pathetic.

You think the humans want you?

That Carroll loves you?

You were a warrior once!

I still am.

Briggs: Carroll, we're almost there.

Copy that, hangars are clear.

(creature clicking)

Wait, I hear something.

man: T-minus 11 minutes to fuel cell ignition.

Musa: Flynn Carroll.

You have come.

I knew you would.

Uh-uh. You keep that thing back.


I won't let it hurt you.

Flynn: Jackson, I found Musa.

Copy that.

Detain him if you can.

I only want to go to my ship.

You can protect me.

One more move, I'll sh**t.

Your w*apon don't work on me.


You're just like the rest of them.

I am not and neither are you.

You are not like the other humans.

No one on earth has ever survived the Great Hunt.

Except for you.

It is the sign.

You are the one who can stop my enemies.

They are here.


The ones who went astray.

(alarm sounding)

Musa, where are you?


man: T-minus ten minutes to fuel cell ignition.

(Liana clicking)




(sonic blasts)

(cries out)

man: T-minus nine minutes to fuel cell ignition.

(sonic blasts)

Briggs: Jackson, the Hunters have all boarded the ship.

We're heading for the control room.

What do your enemies want?


They will devour your planet like locusts, but we can stop them.

It is your fate.

I sent an angel from above to watch over you.



So you can save my kind.

You've been sh1tting on my life for the past six years, b*mb, k*lling.

It had to be done.

So does this.


We... are... going home!


(sonic blasts)





(cries out)

(sonic blasts)

man: T-minus eight minutes to fuel cell ignition.

Briggs: Jackson, we've reached the control room.

The launch has been disabled, but we've got a bigger problem.

The ship's grounded, but the nukes are still set to blow.

The sequence for detonation has already started.

(motors whirring)

I can hear the module mechanics.

It's already underway.

We've got seven minutes until boom town.

They'll go off on the ground, not in the air.

Smaller radius.

Two kilotons is still gonna leave a hell of a crater.

We need to get out of here.

And the Hunters?

Fail alarms are going off.

The Hunters inside are trapped and they know it.

They'll all die in there. Get 'em out.

Doors are sealed shut, we stop to break 'em out and we're not gonna make it.

man: T-minus seven minutes to fuel cell ignition.

Abandon the mission.

Evacuate now.

We can't outrun the fallout.

No, but we can survive it.

Gear up and get your team out as quickly as you can.

My arm, it's burning!

It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

Jackson: Carroll, Regan? The launch has been sabotaged, but the nukes are still set to blow. Get everyone you can out of there right now.

We gotta move.

The Hunters are still on board. They're all gonna die.

Abby, there's no time!

Please, we need to save them.

Hold up, Briggs!

Hey! Hey!


Oh, son of a bitch.

man: T-minus six minutes to fuel cell ignition.


It's okay, I'm here!


(sonic blasts)

Abby! Come on, we gotta go!

Come on!

They're all gonna die!


Come on, it's too late!

We'll die trying to save them!

Come on!

Then I die!


We can't just leave them!


Hands up. Step away from the truck.


There you are. You found me.

Musa sabotaged the launch.

I tried to stop him, but he was too strong.

Jackson: Regan, are you still in the compound?

Why would Musa do that?

He gathered us all together to destroy us.

He wasn't our Moses, he was a monster.

Jackson: Regan, do you copy?

I have a plane a few miles away and this truck will protect us from the blast.

Evacuate now, that's an order!

The humans have no respect for you.

You're just a skin puppet to them.

I can save you.

Save us.

We die here or we live together.

man: T-minus five minutes to fuel cell ignition.

Regan, please, if you can hear me, have you found a vehicle?

Are you headed to safety?

Carroll! Carroll, do you read me?


And Regan, any word?


Where's McCarthy's body?

♪ ♪

(newscaster speaking in Russian)

The president says that the nuclear blast in Northern Mexico two weeks ago is now being confirmed by the "Washington Post" as a failed att*ck by t*rrorists, and that the entire leadership of the organization died in the expl*si*n.

(all clicking)

Welcome home.
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