01x13 - Path to Paradise

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV miniseries "Containment". Aired April 19 - July 19, 2016.
"Containment" follows an epidemic that breaks out in Atlanta, leaving the large city quarantined and those stuck on the inside fighting for their lives.
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01x13 - Path to Paradise

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Over the last 16 days, you have been misled.

The Syrian national Sayid Nassir was not patient zero.

This virus was created by a scientist
named Dr. Victor Cannerts.

How could she do this to me?

We're up against a woman who just threw the only doctor with a hope of finding a cure under a triple-decker bus!

How do you think we'll fare?

Somebody's got to put a b*llet in the man's head.

You and your guys can be first in line for a vaccine.

I'm nowhere near having a vaccine, and you know it.

I said you were working on one.

That's the only reason I'm protecting you.

He's the reason I'm sick.

Cinco, Cinco. Stay away from my brother!

We should, uh, disinfect your cut again.

How's it looking?

Not so great, Bertie.

Cannerts didn't create this thing.

You set Henry Burns up with a new facility to recreate the virus.

God knows how many people are d*ad, all because you kept going, putting the entire world at risk.

Lommers: What can I say, Lex?

Guilty as charged.

Jana, what are you doing here?

Escaping the Cordon.

Meese has a way to get out.

I'm here to see if you'll take two more.

I promised your mom I'd get you out.

And I think this is the way.

There was a breach of the Cordon.

The escapee made it to the DMZ before he was caught.

We can't let our guard down now.

No one in, no one out.

You coming?

No, but he is.

It's time to start your quarantine.

Everyone follow me.

(indistinct over intercom): ...tunnel 0-1-8.


(indistinct chattering)

We're a go.

f*re in the hole!

Lex: expl*sives are not the answer (angry shouting) for preventing the escape attempts.

Sealing the manhole covers, setting the DMZ, that was bad enough.

What about the people inside?

What if there's someone down there when the expl*sives go off?

My men haven't seen any movement or sign of life since the escapee was sh*t two days ago.

Look, Lex, we're proceeding methodically.

Shutting down one tunnel sector at a time.

Any possible escape route will be neutralized by day's end.

Man: Major Carnahan.

OPS wants to talk with you. Immediately.

Internal affairs?

(lock clicking)

Quarantine's up.

Everyone all right?

Nobody's sick? How's the baby?

We're fine. She's fine.

All right, now you give me the rest of the payment.

Then we'll go into the tunnel. We meet our contact at 2:30.

Uh, what?

You paid half. Now's the time to pay the other half.

That's not what we agreed on. We pay when we get out.

It's my escape plan, my rules.

It's only your escape plan if we get out safely.

Unless you don't think we're actually gonna get out safely, in which case, why the hell are we doing this?

Fine, but I'm still calling the shots.

Now, let's hurry.

♪ ♪

Jana: All right then.

Here we go.

Cannerts: I must declare the virus as highly contagious and fatal in 100% of its victims.

Lommers: I recommend we institute a cordon sanitaire to contain the spread of the virus.

Lex: What I need is the truth.

Jake: We are in the middle of the damn hot zone. (screams)

Lex: Jana! If we let anyone out, we're risking the lives of everyone in this city.

Dr. Cannerts?

Trey, have you seen Cannerts?


Hey, what's going on?

He's fixing Cinco.

Dr. Cannerts, what are you doing?

I'm drawing the antiserum from Thomas's blood, mixing it with interferon, and introducing it into Cinco's bloodstream in real time.

The combination creates a drug cocktail that could save him.

Thomas, you're okay?

I'm okay.

Shut it down.


He's hurting the kid. You're hurting him.

I don't care.

My brother needs it.

Cannerts: I'm monitoring the boy closely.

Once I mix the next vial, we've got what we need.

Thomas is doing great.

He's really helping.

Last vial, that's it.

Hang in there, Thomas.

This is what superheroes do, right?

That's right, buddy.

How does this feel?

(grunts) It still hurts, Bert.

I'm feeling a bit dizzy, and my stomach aches.

Bert: I'm gonna go out and search for more medicine.

Micheline: No, Bert, it's too dangerous out there.

Besides, you can barely walk yourself.


Not another word.

And I'll pick up a split of champagne and a dozen oysters on my way back as well.

Jake: How is he?

He's resting.

He's fine.

Risking a kid's life to save a thug.

(monitors beeping)

Doc, what's going on?

Cannerts: He's crashing!

Get in there and fix it!


Get the kid, Doc!

No! No more Thomas!

It's too late for that!

I'll try more Interferon.

Trey: Hang on there, Cinco! Cinco!

He's not responding.


Meese: Come on.

Through here.

These tunnels were laid out on a grid.

We keep moving north until we pass the Cordon boundary.

There's a manhole just outside the Cordon.

We wait for my contact there.


Sooz, you okay?

I knew what this was gonna be before I came down here.

I'll be fine.

(boom, rumbling)

(Leanne crying)


Must be outside the Cordon. Probably maintenance.

Seemed a lot closer than that.

I need to speak to the rest of the group.


About what?

About whether you're the right guy to get us out of here.

Knock yourself out.


So, normally we'd weigh out risk versus reward, but everything is unknown, everything is risky.

Xander: Okay, so, we're weighing the risks down here versus the risks of the Cordon.

We can go back.

We really can.

We'd like to keep going.

Keep trying to get our baby out.

All right, so we continue on.

Blake: Lex Carnahan,

I never expected to see you under investigation.

And yet you called me in.

I don't remember getting your name.


And, Lex, I'd like to look at this as a conversation between coworkers.

We want the truth to emerge, and I would imagine you want that, too.

We want the same thing.

And your cronies watching from that camera in the ceiling, they want the same thing, too?

Yes. Yes, they do.

And what we all want is to try to ascertain who facilitated the breach of one of the sealed manhole covers to allow the escape attempt two days ago.

Coordination is taking place from someone on the Force.

So you're accusing me.

You did try to break in, didn't you?

Word is you tried to reach your... girlfriend inside.

Look, I'm not the criminal here.

From where I'm sitting, this looks bad.

I'm trying to help you.

No, you're trying to nail me with something I didn't do.

Are you placing me on a code 16 hold?

Not yet.

But I'd sure love to continue this conversation.

Walking out on OPS never looks good.

From one coworker to another, if you're not forcing me to stay, then this conversation is over.


Trey: I'm gonna make you suffer.

Break it up! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Let me go.

Get off me. Get off me!

Stop! I need you to stop!

Get off me!


I lost somebody, too, okay? And I'm angry.

But it's a question for both of us, man. What are we gonna do with that anger?

I don't know.

But I got to do something.


Don't k*ll the one guy who could get us out of this mess.


(loud clang)


Lucky you came by.

I've looked at a lot of bodies.

Too many.

And they-they all look the same... red, bloodshot eyes.

It's like at the end, they cried blood.

Yes, orbital hemorrhaging.

An unfortunate and dramatic late-stage manifestation.

Yeah, well, Cinco didn't have that.

And his-his nose and his mouth were clean, too.

He looked different.

I assumed he'd bleed out posthumously.

That's not uncommon.

You're saying he didn't?

Were his clothes wet?

Yeah, soaked.

Like he dove in a pool.

All right, I know it means something, but what?

It means Cinco didn't die from the virus.

He's exhibiting the classic traits of a Cytokine storm.

He died from my treatment.

He outlived the virus.

If we can tweak the right cocktail for the treatment, we could be on the road to a cure.

Roy: But you can't do this.

You guys don't have a warrant!

Hey, wait a minute, you got my recipe box.

You can't take my recipe box!

Lex: Hey, Dad.

Dad, let it go.

Let my recipes go?!

Let it all go.

It's Lommers trying to smear my name.

Trying to get us to make a false move.

Get emotional.

(door closes)

You were right about them coming around.

I pocketed this before they got here.

You didn't tell those jackals anything, did you?

Hey, if there's one thing I learned from having you as a father, it's that you don't trust OPS.


Any luck finding Leo?

No, not yet.

Thing I don't understand is you got all this intel against Lommers, you're waiting on one guy.

I got OPS watching my every move.

This is bigger than me.

I need his help.

Lommers is on the att*ck.

That means you got her scared.

You need to att*ck back.

I can't just go to any paper, hoping that they publish this.

Got to be careful.

The guy's good.

He's trying really hard not to be found.

When you were on the force, you, um, used to say how you were better than the detective white boys' club.


Closed more cases than any of those fools.

Then close this one.

Either we take down Lommers or she takes us down.

We got one sh*t at this.


What is that?

(Leanne crying)


Is she all right?

She's okay?

Yeah, yeah.

All right, we gotta move.

(crying continues)

Shh, okay.



Jana: Oh, my God!

Meese: Get back!


Jana: Teresa! Xander!

Are you guys okay?



(Leanne crying)

We're good, but we can't get around that.

Okay, we'll figure out a way to circle back.

Just stay there, okay?

No! It's too risky.

Meese: They're trying to cut us off from the outside.

Clock is ticking.

There must be another way.


Look, you guys go on.

We'll be okay.

What? No, no.

Teresa: Please, your job is to get out and send people in to save the rest of us.

We're counting on you, all right?

Come on, let's go. We gotta go.


You guys just be safe getting back, okay?

(crying continues)

We will.

Let's go.

This test should tells us the exact mixture of interferon to go with Thomas' blood profile.

With the proper proportions, we may be able to extend life for those who have the virus exponentially longer.

That's good, right?

Only one problem.

There's only one Thomas.


And at the rate we need to draw blood, we'd end up k*lling the boy.

We'd still never get ahead of the virus.

Could there be another source?

Anyone in the Cordon?

The odds.

Based on these types of antibodies... (sighs) about one in a thousand.

Still, out of all the people in the Cordon, that's-that's four possible candidates.

Well, then we'd have to test them all and hope that we find a match.

Then we test them all.

Guys, keep to the outside.

(indistinct chatter)

Let's go, keep 'em back.

Officer: Keep 'em clear of those vehicles.

Captain Scott.


Thought you were having a powwow with Internal Affairs.

Powwow's over.

I need a list of the APD liaison schedule for the last week.

Trouble in the ranks?

Why don't you worry about your own men.

There you go.

Keep me posted of any changes.

Will do.


What is it, Major?

What are you doing on shift?

Says Walden's supposed to be here.

Yeah. He and I switched up morning and afternoon details this week, sir.

Then why didn't you change it on the assignment schedule?

Come on, Major, you know the red tape that creates.

It's easier just to do the straight swap.

Next time, change the schedule.

Yes, sir.

Sir, I'm with the Atlanta police. We'd appreciate your cooperation.

Can't help you.

Would you please help?


Hey, you two, would you come to the hospital with me?


No, I got to get home to my kids.

Hey, everyone needs to get their blood tested. It might be the way to a cure.

We need your cooperation.

Bunch of liars.

Hey, listen, I'm not infected.



Walden, good morning.

Lex. What are you doing here?

What I'm doing is not taking a fall for your scheme.

You were always bellyaching about how the afternoon shift cuts into your family time, and now here you are, switching with Coukos to get back on it.

You're letting people out the Cordon.

Lex, no. Come on, I stopped the guy.

You sh*t the guy.

What happened?

Something went wrong?

What, did he sneeze?

Oh, he sneezed, so you sh*t him.

Which means you must realize how dangerous this is.

We're being more careful.

Who's we?



Meese got screwed when you threw him in the Cordon.

This is a way for all of us to do some good.

Everyone quarantines 48 hours.

I'm not sick, I swear.

I would never let that happen.

Oh, really?

And you and Meese have your MDs, right?

What happens if there's another resistant blood type like that kid we had to send back here?

And Meese didn't get screwed.

He went in voluntarily.

He got paid, too.

Oh, you didn't know that.

We're helping people get out who don't need to be in there, Lex.

We're doing what's right.

Right or wrong, it stops today.

They're blowing up the CSO system.

They're what?

Lommers' orders.


There are gonna be more people escaping.

They're already down there.

Any success in rounding up donors?

The people are scared.

Scared of the virus.

Scared of each other.

I'm not the right person for this.

Any of this.

You're a good police officer, Jake.


The fact that you're here, that you stayed behind... speaks volumes about your character.

Kate always gave me a hard time when I thought about giving up.

She always saw me as... more of hero than I saw myself.

She had a way of seeing the good in people.

Yeah, she did.

I have an idea.

Suzy: Another one?

There's no way we're gonna get through here.

We're going this way.

You have no idea what you're doing, do you?

Yeah, I do.

We're paying you a lot of money and you're gonna get us k*lled down here.

Look, I got a family I'm trying to back to as well.

(muffled expl*si*n)

Go, go!

Damn it!

What's going on, Meese?

I don't know.

So now you admit you don't know.

And we're trapped down here and you don't know?


Quentin: Jana...

Are we gonna be okay?


I'm not going to let anything happen to you.

(rumbling continues)

(indistinct conversation)

Ann Scott.

Jeff Joseph.

Oscar Welch.

Carl Pierson.

Ashley Bowen.

Timothy Hall.

What's this about?

George Owens.

Katie Frank.

These names... these were fathers, mothers.

Sons, daughters.

These are the names of the people we loved.

And lost.

The list and-and the pain goes on and on.

But what can we do to keep the list from growing?

There may be one thing, and I'm-I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.

It's a long sh*t, but it's a sh*t.

I know what I'm asking here goes against everything we've been told.

And we've heard it all: Stay inside.

Keep four to six feet apart. We've had it drilled into us.

But I'm asking everyone, please, gather as many people as you can and come back here at 3:00 p.m. to be tested for a possible antibody.

This could lead to a cure.

The hope may lie in one of us.

Which means it lies in all of us.

Pundit: I, for one, am glad the president apologized.

Pundit 2: Hold up. Just because they didn't do this att*ck doesn't mean they're never going to attempt one like it in the future.

I think an apology like this is just an invitation for more aggression.

Pundit: Missing the bigger point.

We were all so eager to lap up this story...

What does that say about America? About us?

Pundit 2: Even you...

Dr. Lommers... a word.

Lex, I'm sure you're angry about the inquest but after our last conversation, I had to make certain decisions.


The cop you sent into the Cordon to clean up your mess?

He's the one helping people try to escape.

And he has people in the tunnels right now.

So what do you want?

Stop the implosions.

Let me and-and a team of my guys go in there and send back the people trying to escape before they get k*lled.

You have one hour to do what you need to do in the tunnels and then I'm going to do my job.

You mean blow them up.

I mean secure the Cordon, Major.

Whether you're out of there or not.

Suzy: It's been about ten minutes since the last expl*si*n.

How much further to the extraction point?

We're here.

We need to get here.

We need to go around this way because of the main tunnels being cut off.

I studied the layout diagrams.

Can you get us there safely?


Okay. Then let's go.

But keep moving. We don't stop, okay?

Hold my hand! I got you.

I only made it a few blocks.

It's all right, Bertie. It's all right.

I was so sad and missing you.

The important thing is we're together.

But there must be something I can do for you.

No, there isn't Bertie.

We both know what this kind of infection means.

Actually there is something you can do for me.

Open the good bottle of wine.

The one we've been saving.

(indistinct chatter)

Uh, maybe people are still on their way.

Come on, it was always gonna be a big ask.

Let me handle this.

What do you want?

Check my blood.

Maybe I can help.

(indistinct chatter)

Everybody synchronize your watches.

40 minutes until those tunnels are destroyed.

(phone chimes)

Dad, I can't talk right now.

Son, I found him.

I found Leo.

That's great, Dad.

You know I never doubted you.

Sure you did.

But all is forgiven.

Dad, I need you to do something.

You meet Leo. I'll catch up.

Okay, what are talking about?

I got a job to do.

Screw the job! This is more important.

You know I have a duty as a police officer to help the people inside the Cordon.

If for whatever reason, I don't make it back, finish this with Leo.

What are you talking about?

Promise me that you'll carry the torch and take down Lommers.


I promise.

See you soon, Dad.

(siren wails nearby)



Anybody in here?

(rat squeaking)

(baby crying)


Don't look, baby.

Is she d*ad?

Looks like she tried to find shelter when the virus got her.



You all right?


Let's go.


This is my mom's store.

Been my home since I was a kid.

What are you saying?

We stay.

We clean it up, and we stay.

I'm done running.

Man: I'll take him over to this side.

(indistinct crowd chatter)

Man: Just press your finger.

See? Just a pinprick.


Man: Don't worry. This won't hurt.

Thank you, sir.

Man: Ma'am.

(indistinct, overlapping chatter)

Dr. Cannerts?

Dr. Cannerts?

Take a look at this?

Whose is this?

That guy in the white.


You there!

Stop that man.

But don't touch him!


Hey, Father? Stop.


Your blood... you have the antibody.

We found you.

The Lord has found me.

(speaking indistinctly)

All right, we split up, cover as much ground as we can. Walden, I want you here at the original egress point.

Now, you see anyone, you send them back, whether they look sick or not.

Anyone resists, you call for backup.

We cannot afford to mess this up.

Everyone back here in 30 minutes!

Yes, sir.


All right. Move out!

(garbled radio transmission)

All right, getting lights?

Go. Go on.

Yeah, this is it.

We're here.

I'll see if my contact's here.


(siren blaring in distance)


Leo Greene?


I'm Roy Carnahan.

Okay, I was expecting your son, too.

Yeah, well, you just get me.

Yeah, sure, come on in.

Nice to meet you, too.

Lex wanted me to give you this.

What is it?

It's Lommer's head on a platter.

How's that sound?

Pretty damn appetizing.

(garbled radio transmission)

See something.

(overlapping chatter)

What is it, Lex?

(indistinct chatter)

Looks like a baseball hat.

It's a kid's.

There are kids down here!

Stay focused, Lex.

20 minutes.

Hey, stop! Don't move!


We're ready.

Forget that.

Did you put yourself on the inside on purpose?

Doesn't mean what we're doing isn't the right thing.

But it's too risky. They're blowing the tunnels.

We've got to stop.

It's too late for stopping!

You've got to go back.

You know that.

I agree.

We've got to make this right.

♪ ♪

♪ It's not the pale moon ♪
♪ That excites me ♪
♪ That thrills ♪
♪ And delights me ♪
♪ Oh, no ♪
♪ It's just ♪
♪ The nearness of you... ♪

Did you put it in?

Yes, Michi.

As you asked.

Are you really sure you want to do this?

I'm tired, Bertie.

This is the best way.

We usually don't have control over moments like this in our lives.

This is how I want to do it.

♪ Nearness of you... ♪
♪ When you're in my arms ♪

To you.

♪ And I feel you so close to me ♪
♪ All my wildest... ♪

Now, take me dancing like you're always promising you will.


We're at the Ridgemore Lodge.

Outside there's a light snow falling on the lake.

And as we come down the staircase to the ballroom, all eyes are on you.

Are you wearing a tux?

Of course.

As we take the dance floor, the band strikes up a familiar song, "Nearness of You."

And as I pull you close, I whisper something in your ear.

Don't keep me guessing.

♪ I need ♪
♪ No soft lights... ♪

Why don't we make ourselves comfortable?


I was never gonna let you dance alone.

(crying): Oh, Bertie.

Bertie, you didn't.

You didn't.


(crying): I love you, Michi.

I'll see you at the Ridgemore Lodge.

I love you.

♪ Nearness of you. ♪

(indistinct chatter)

People of the Cordon, do not come any further!

For the health and safety of others, you are not permitted to leave the area.



Lommers: Lex?

Lex, come in. Do you hear me?

I can't believe it's you.

I've wanted to see you so badly.

Look, I know what you're thinking. We're not sick.

We were quarantined before heading out.

Look, no one needs to know. We can keep it a secret.

We can hole up at your place until we figure it out.

We can be together.

It's not that simple.

Why can't it be?

Because if I let you out... all of you... everything I've done means nothing.

The sanctity of the Cordon is all that separates the rest of the city from exposure.

The rest of us are left in here to die?

I know...

I know...

But this virus is unpredictable.

It can mutate... any one of you could be a carrier.

Any one of you can take it out of these tunnels straight to the other side and I can't let that happen!

So, do you want us to go back?


I don't know.

What do you want, Lex?

Lex, what do you want?!

What do I want?

The only thing I've ever wanted. To be with you.

Lex, time is up.


We've lost the walkie signal.

Resume implosions.

Dr. Lommers?


Major Carnahan understands the concept of time.

He knew the risks.

Resume implosions.

Newscaster (on TV): The stunning allegations about Dr. Lommers were posted by the controversial blogger Leo Greene.

These charges seem to have merit as they are corroborated by secret recordings made of Dr. Lommers.

Lommers (on TV): Americans want security from their enemies without the responsibility for how it happens.

And if takes every last person in the Cordon dying to increase our odds of survival, then so be it.

Guilty as charged.

Newscaster: We expect congress to call for immediate hearings.

Dr. Lommers is sure to face sharp questioning from both sides of the aisle.

This stunning turn of events represents a radical shift for Dr. Lommers, a respected scientist, who was thrust into a more public role due to this outbreak.

(continues speaking indistinctly)

Jake: The neighborhood where I grew up, nothing much changed.

People rarely left, rarely got rich, never got out of their lot in life.

The person you were born as was the person you died as.

This sickness... this virus and this wall we built to stop it... has changed people.

It makes all of us see things differently.

Some people have caved under the pressure.

(reporters clamoring)

The difficulties they faced only brought out the worst in them.

Other people have risen up, and surprised even themselves.

Will you?

(quiet laugh)

(newscaster speaking indistinctly)

New, and sometimes unlikely, alliances have formed.

In the search for truth, some found not only answers, but redemption.

The very concept of what it means to be a family has been reshaped.

Sometimes for the better.


And then there are those who felt they needed to chose between their heart and their duty.

And in the end, found a way to choose both.

This Cordon has changed me.

The one thing I never thought I'd find in all this sadness and sickness and death is love.

And I'm going to try and honor that.

And be one of the people who rises up.

I love you, Katie.
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